SAP ABAP Function Module - Index J, page 6
Function Module - J
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 J_1BNFE_TRACE_CHK_EXIST NF-e: Trace Existence-Check 
2 J_1BNFE_TRACE_DEL NF-e: Delete Tracetables 
3 J_1BNFE_TRACE_INS NF-e: Trace incoming XML Data 
5 J_1BNFE_VALIDATE R Pre-check of incoming XML 
6 J_1BNFE_VALIDATE_2 R Check Main items and components, convert to ERP UoM and Material 
7 J_1BNFE_VALIDATE_COMPONENTS R Return of subcontracting components 
8 J_1BNFTAX_4DEC_CHECK Check, if 4dec rate (reporting) is ok for existing 2dec rate 
9 J_1BNFTEXTS_DANGERGOODS_APPEND Appends NF messages (texts) for dangerous goods 
10 J_1BNFTEXT_DANGERGOODS_DETERM Determines the NF text for dangerous goods w/o internal comments material 
11 J_1BNF_CFOP_NEEDED_FOR_SERVICE Check, if CFOP is required for NF item that contains service 
12 J_1BNF_CHECK_BADI_TABLES Check BAdI tables for duplicates and item references 
13 J_1BNF_DETERMINE_DUEDATE Fill Operation Payment Form Indicator 
14 J_1BNF_FILL_ADDITIONAL_FIELDS Fill the additional header fields, derived from NF Type 
15 J_1BNF_FILL_COD_SIT Fill Document Status Code 
16 J_1BNF_FILL_HEADER_FROM_BUPLA Fill the additional header fields, derived from NF Type 
17 J_1BNF_FILL_IEST_BUPLA Fill IEST for Business Place 
19 J_1BNF_FILL_NATOP Fill Operation Nature Description 
20 J_1BNF_GET_PRINT_CONF Determination of the print configuration 
21 J_1BNF_MERGE_BADI_FIELDS Move additional fields from BAdI to NF 
22 J_1BNF_TAX_DATA_GET Brazil: Taxes: Get tax data for Nota Fiscal from global buffer 
23 J_1BNF_TAX_DATA_OFF Brazil: Deactivate collection of Nota Fiscal tax data 
24 J_1BNF_TAX_DATA_ON Brazil: Reset Tax data and activate collection of Nota Fiscal tax data 
25 J_1BNF_TAX_DATA_RESET Brazil: Taxes: Reset tax data buffer for Nota Fiscal transfer 
26 J_1BNF_TAX_DATA_RESET_PART Brazil: Taxes: Partial reset of tax data buffer for Nota Fiscal transfer 
27 J_1BPIS_GET_CUSTOMIZING_CFOP Gets the information about CFOP for credit or revenue 
28 J_1BREAD_BANK_DATA Separates bank group code, bank branch number and control digit 
29 J_1BREAD_BRANCH_DATA Read branch data 
30 J_1BREAD_CGC_COMPANY Read CGC company of a company 
31 J_1BREAD_PLANT_DATA Read plant data 
32 J_1BSA_COMPONENT_ACTIVE Component active check for South America - Company dependend 
33 J_1BSA_COMPONENT_ACTIVE_SHPP Country-specific component active check for shipping points 
34 J_1BSA_COMPONENT_CHECK Component Check (South America) 
35 J_1BSA_SCREEN_COMPONENT_ACTIVE Check for available screen fields for country of supplied company code 
36 J_1BSDICA_READ Buffered Read of SD Item Category 
37 J_1BSDIC_READ Buffered Read of Nota Fiscal Relevance Table 
38 J_1BSET_TAX_APPLICATION Brazil: Taxes: Set calling application for tax calculation 
39 J_1BSGTXTCHECK Check reference in text field 
40 J_1BSPED_APPEND_RESULT Append Lines to Buffer Table 
41 J_1BSPED_BUFFER_READ Retrieve Data from Buffer 
42 J_1BSPED_CLUSTER_CLEAR Clear Cluster 
43 J_1BSPED_CLUSTER_READ Read Cluster Table to Buffer 
44 J_1BSPED_CLUSTER_SAVE Save Buffer Table to Cluster 
45 J_1BSPED_COUNTER_INCREASE Increase the counter of one register 
46 J_1BSPED_COUNTER_READ Returns a table with all the register and its quantities 
47 J_1BSPED_GET_COD_CTA Get Debited/credited analytical account code 
48 J_1BSPED_GET_COD_SIT Get value of COD_SIT(status code of fiscal document) 
49 J_1BSPED_GET_IND_PGTO Get NF Payment Indicator 
50 J_1BSPED_OUTPUT_INIT Initialize Output Options 
51 J_1BSPED_OUTPUT_LIST Output Listing 
52 J_1BSPED_OUTPUT_SAVE Output Saving 
53 J_1BSPED_READ_FSV SPED: Read Financial Statement Version 
54 J_1BSPED_RECORD_FORMAT_CREATE PIS/COFINS: Formating routine to output file 
55 J_1BSPED_SET_REGSEQ Set the registers order in the output dynamically 
56 J_1BSPLIT_CGC_FROM_BRANCH Splits the Main CGC/CNPJ number from the Branch part 
57 J_1BTAXJUR_DETERMINE_NEW Brazil: Taxes: Determination of tax jurisdiction 
58 J_1BTREGX_READ Read Tax Region 
59 J_1BTXSDC_READ Buffered Read of Brazilian SD Tax Code Table 
60 J_1B_APPEND_PO_CONDS Hinzufügen PO-Konditionen 
61 J_1B_APPEND_TAXINPRICE Append Line to Table With Tax Groups Included in Prices of Items 
62 J_1B_APPEND_TAX_FIELDS Hinzufügen Bras. Steuerfelder während IV 
63 J_1B_BARCODE_CONTROLDIGIT Calculates control digit for bar code required for bank file 
64 J_1B_BARCODE_CONTROLDIGIT_DDA Composition of numerical Barcode for Brazil_DDA 
65 J_1B_BARCODE_CONVERT Convert Barcode to Two ISR Number Fields 
66 J_1B_BARCODE_REVERT Revert Barcode from ISR Nnumber Fields in BSEG 
67 J_1B_BRANCH_DETERMINE Determine branch from organisational units 
68 J_1B_BRANCH_IPICONTRIBUTOR Determination of IPI contributor 
69 J_1B_BRANCH_READ Read branch data 
70 J_1B_BRTAX_CHECK_DIGIT Verify Brazilian check digit using Module 11 
71 J_1B_CALC_INTEREST_ON_ARREAS calculates interests based on arreas considering various tolerances 
72 J_1B_CBT Condition-Based Tax Calc. Brazil 
73 J_1B_CFOP_CHECK Check CFOP Consistency 
74 J_1B_CFOP_CONVERT Converts 5 digit CFOP to 10 digit CFOP if necessary 
75 J_1B_CFOP_GET_TEXT Get CFOP Text (Versioned) 
76 J_1B_CFOP_GET_VERSION Get Valid CFOP Version 
77 J_1B_CHECK_CBT_CALC Check if Taxes are Calculated Condition-Based 
78 J_1B_CHECK_CONDITION_BASED_TAX Check if condition-based tax calc. is active 
79 J_1B_CHECK_DATE_RANGES Prüfen auf überlappende Gültigkeitszeiträume 
80 J_1B_CHECK_DYNAMIC_KEY Check Dynamic Key Field of Brazilian Tax Records 
81 J_1B_CHECK_LPP_FOR_STO Check / Get LPP for stock transfer orders 
82 J_1B_CHECK_NEW_PERIOD_CLOSING Prüfung: Ab wann neuer Periodenverschieber 
83 J_1B_CHECK_NFE_NUMBER_RANGE Check number range for NF-e 
84 J_1B_CHECK_SD_ACTIVE_TAX Check the SD WHT taxes 
85 J_1B_CHECK_TAXGRP_IN_NET Get Line From Table With Tax Groups Included in Prices of Items 
86 J_1B_CHECK_TAXINPRICE Check: Tax groups inlcuded in basic-price condition 
87 J_1B_CHECK_WHT_ACTIVE Check if the WHT taxes are active 
88 J_1B_CIAP_CREATE_CHANGE_DOC Create Change Document 
89 J_1B_CIAP_INSERT insert data to tables 
93 J_1B_CODE_SHEXIT Search help exit for internal code of condition generation 
94 J_1B_COLLECTIVE_NF_CREATE Add data for collective Nota fiscal 
95 J_1B_COMPANY_DETERMINE Determine company from plant 
96 J_1B_COMPANY_READ Read company code data 
97 J_1B_CONDITION_TABLE_UPDATE Updates a condition table 
98 J_1B_CONVERT_BANK removes bank control digit and non-digit characters 
99 J_1B_CONVERT_BANK_ACCOUNT removes bank account control digit and non-digit characters 
100 J_1B_CONVERT_DATE Converts date 
101 J_1B_CONVERT_DYNAMIC_KEY Convert Dynamic Key Field of Brazilian Tax Records 
102 J_1B_CONVERT_DYNKEY Convert dynamic key field 
103 J_1B_CONVERT_DYN_TAX_EXC Change tax group assigned to dynamic tax exceptions 
104 J_1B_COPY_DYN_TAX_GROUP Copy dynamic tax exception group to new one on database 
105 J_1B_COPY_NFE_IN_CONTINGENCY Cancel and copy NF-e without cancelling the source doc. 
106 J_1B_COUNTRY_DATA_GET Determination of country data (T005) for BUKRS 
107 J_1B_CTE_BAPIRET2_MAP_TO_LOG Transfer BAPI Return to the Error Log 
108 J_1B_CTE_CONTING_ALLOWANCE Check if contingecy is allowed 
109 J_1B_CTE_CREATE_EXT Send CT-e 
110 J_1B_CTE_MAP_CTETYPE_TO_XML Map internal CT-e type to XML-format 
111 J_1B_CTE_MAP_TO_XML Map NF-date to XML Structures Model 57 
112 J_1B_CTE_PARTNER_CHECK Check Required CT-e Partners 
113 J_1B_CTE_READ_PAR_MAP Find CTe-partner mapping 
114 J_1B_CTE_SD_COM_ITEM_CHANGE CT-e: SD Change Communication in Pricing 
115 J_1B_CTE_SERV_TAKER_DETERMINE CT-e: Service Taker Determine 
116 J_1B_CTE_XML_OUT R RFC call to XI for Conhecimento de Transporte Eletrônico 
117 J_1B_CTE_XML_OUT_200 R RFC call to XI for Conhecimento de Transporte Eletrônico 
118 J_1B_CT_MODEL_VERIFY Conhecimento - verify if it is a valid model for Conhecimento 
119 J_1B_DISPLAY_IMG_DOCU Display IMG documentation 
120 J_1B_DOCUMENT_SELECT_BY_USER User Selection for multiple references (NF/NF-e) 
121 J_1B_EFD_CHECK_ACTIVE_SERVER Check Active Server for Electronic Fiscal Document 
122 J_1B_EFD_GET_ACTIVE_SERVER Get Active Server for Electronic Fiscal Document 
123 J_1B_EFD_SERVER_DETERMINATION Determine Active Server for Electronic Fiscal Document 
124 J_1B_EXPORT_BLOCKS_I_L R Extract information for MANAD - blocks I and L 
125 J_1B_EXTEND_ACC_SEQ Extend Access Sequences by Tax Group 
126 J_1B_FBRA_POSTING_AUFRUFEN Transaction calls FBRA and FB08 
127 J_1B_FIFO_GENERATE Prepare DB update for FIFO relevant movements 
128 J_1B_FIFO_QUANTITY_CHECKCANCEL Check actual quantity = original for cancel 
129 J_1B_FILL_DYNAMIC_KEY Fill Keys for Dynamic Exception Table Access 
130 J_1B_FILL_KOMV Fill Komv for Pricing 
131 J_1B_FILL_TAX_INFO Fill interface for external tax calculation from PO 
132 J_1B_FI_NETDUE To calculate only net due (in contrast to J_1B_READDUEDATE 
133 J_1B_FORM_DETERMINE Determine form parameters for a branch 
134 J_1B_GET_BARCODE_BADI Get BAdI interface reference for barcode conversion 
135 J_1B_GET_CALCULATOR Get or create reference of tax calculator 
136 J_1B_GET_COUNTRY_KALSM_MWSKZ Get the country of the tax calc. proc. from J_1BMWSKZKALSM 
137 J_1B_GET_CTE_ACTIVE Read CT-e active flag based on PO conditions 
138 J_1B_GET_DATE_RANGE_DDA Get Dates from a Date Range 
139 J_1B_GET_DATE_SHELP_EXIT Suchhilfeexit für invertierte Datumsfelder 
140 J_1B_GET_DISCOUNT Discounts lesen 
141 J_1B_GET_DISCOUNT_TAX_FREE Icms discount für Anzeige im NF Writer 
142 J_1B_GET_DYNAMIC_KEYS To be deleted 
143 J_1B_GET_FREIGHT Fracht lesen 
144 J_1B_GET_INTEREST_RATE_PER_DAY Calculates interest rate per day (in Percent) from standard customizing 
145 J_1B_GET_ISS_WHT Get ISS flag for withholding postings 
146 J_1B_GET_KALSM Determine Pricing Procedure 
147 J_1B_GET_KALSM_MWSKZ_FROM_KONV Ermitteln von Steuerschema und Kennzeichen 
148 J_1B_GET_KNUMH_WITH_DYN_VALUES Get KNUMH for tax tables with dynamic key fields 
149 J_1B_GET_KOMV_OF_WITHT Get Tax Lines That Modify Base of Specified WHT Type 
150 J_1B_GET_MANAD_BLOCKS_I_L R Extract information for MANAD - blocks I and L 
151 J_1B_GET_MESSAGE_CONTROL Determine Message Type 
152 J_1B_GET_NEW_TAXAMOUNTS Get tax amounts for ISS, PIS; COFINS; WHT 
153 J_1B_GET_PIS_COFINS_BASE Wert aus XML-tag vProd lesen 
154 J_1B_GET_POCOND Flexibel Wert aus POCOND lesen 
155 J_1B_GET_REC_ACC R Gets Reconciliation Account Data 
156 J_1B_GET_RELEVANT_WHT Get WHT tax groups that are relevant 
157 J_1B_GET_SERVICE_TYPES Get Official Service Types For Material / Generic Service Type 
158 J_1B_GET_STBASEMOD S.T. Basismodifikation lesen 
159 J_1B_GET_TAXDATA Get taxdata from condtax for APPL IV & IM 
160 J_1B_GET_TAXINNET_FOR_ITEM Get tax inclusive flag for NF item from involved tax items 
161 J_1B_GET_TAXINPRICE Get Line From Table With Tax Groups Included in Prices of Items 
162 J_1B_GET_TAX_FIELDS Lesen Brasil. Steuerfelder 
163 J_1B_GET_TXJCD_SE_FROM_PO Get Jurisdiction Code of Loc. Where Service is Provided From PO Item 
164 J_1B_GET_VAKE Get VAKE stored in this function group 
165 J_1B_GET_VPROD Wert aus XML-tag vProd lesen 
166 J_1B_GET_XML_IPI Wert aus XML-tag vProd lesen 
167 J_1B_IM_CHECK_BRAZIL_MD Check whether mat.doc. belongs to Brazil. comp.code 
168 J_1B_IM_MSEG BR: Set value for issuing plant 
169 J_1B_IM_NFREL BR: Check NF relevance for movement type of material document 
170 J_1B_IM_NF_CANCEL_TAXES BR:MM-IM: Fill in manual adjusted tax data values from Nota Fiscal 
171 J_1B_IM_NF_CHECK_RETURN_MD Check if mat. doc. belongs to a return of stock transfer 
172 J_1B_IM_NF_CHECK_RETURN_TF Check if return of stock transfer process 
173 J_1B_IM_NF_COMPARISON_CLEAR BR: Clear comparison data before creation of Nota Fiscal 
174 J_1B_IM_NF_DATA NF document data 
175 J_1B_IM_NF_DOCUMENT_FUNCTION BR: Function Nota Fiscal 
176 J_1B_IM_NF_DOCUMENT_FUNC_CHECK BR: Check if Function Nota Fiscal is relevant 
177 J_1B_IM_NF_DOCUMENT_GENERATE BR: Generate a Nota Fiscal 
178 J_1B_IM_NF_DOCUMENT_SAVE BR: Save generated Nota Fiscal 
179 J_1B_IM_NF_EXBASE_CHECK check exbase : mandatory 
180 J_1B_IM_NF_REFRESH Initialisieren Nota Fiscal Handling IM Brasilien 
181 J_1B_IM_NF_SCREEN_RULES BR: rules for screen control 
182 J_1B_IM_NF_SCREEN_RULES_TS BR: rules for screen control 
183 J_1B_IM_NF_VALUES BR: set MD docnum data 
184 J_1B_IM_STORE_RETDOC Store Document Number and Year of Outgoing Return 
185 J_1B_IM_SWITCH_TAXCODE_IN_OUT Steuerkennzeichen zw. ein-/ausgehend wechseln 
186 J_1B_IM_SWITCH_TAXCODE_MIGO Switch tax code from outgoing to incoming 
188 J_1B_IM_TF_BWART_GI_REL Check whether bwart is for GI - TF with STO 
189 J_1B_IM_TF_BWART_GR_REL Check whether bwart is for GR - TF with STO 
190 J_1B_IM_TF_BWART_RELEVANT Check movement type transfer relevant 
191 J_1B_IM_TF_CHECK check entering PO or Delivery document transfer relevant 
192 J_1B_IM_TF_DETERMINE_MAT_PRICE Determine mat price - Material master price or sales price 
193 J_1B_IM_TF_DLVR_CAN_CHECK Check for cancellation delivery doc 
194 J_1B_IM_TF_GET_GI_TXCD Get GI Tax code from giving dlvry 
195 J_1B_IM_TF_GET_GLOBAL_VAR Get global var 
197 J_1B_IM_TF_PREPARE_CAN Update data before cancellation 
198 J_1B_IM_TF_SET_GLOBAL_VAR Set global varialble 
199 J_1B_IM_TF_TO_ZF_TYPE Type of transfer to ZF : with or without SubTrib 
200 J_1B_IM_TX_ACCOUNT_ASSIGNMENT BR: account assignment for tax posting strings 
201 J_1B_IM_TX_CALCULATE_INIT BR: initialize the item before any taxes are calculated 
202 J_1B_IM_TX_CALCULATE_TAX BR: calculate tax item for transfers 
203 J_1B_IM_TX_CALCULATE_TAX_NEW BR: calculate tax item for transfers 
204 J_1B_IM_TX_MWSKZ_CHECK Check tax code : mandatory 
205 J_1B_IM_TX_NBM_CODE_SAVE BR: Save NBM code before any taxes are calculated 
206 J_1B_IM_TX_NF_TAX_DATA_READ BR: Read the calculated tax data in NF format 
207 J_1B_IM_TX_REFRESH BR: initialize the item before any taxes are calculated 
208 J_1B_IM_TX_SET_MD_DOCNUM BR: set MD docnum data 
209 J_1B_IM_TX_TAX_BASE_GET Lesen Steuerdaten Brasilien 
210 J_1B_IM_TX_TAX_BASE_SET BR: set the tax base in tax posting items 
211 J_1B_IM_TX_TAX_CODE_CHECK Check tax code : consistency 
212 J_1B_IM_TX_TAX_PROC_SET Set tax procedure 
213 J_1B_IM_TX_YMSEG BR: transfer ymseg to J1BN 
214 J_1B_IM_T_J_1BIM01 J_1BIM01: MM-IM - Steuerbuchungsstrings für Bestandsführung Brasilien 
215 J_1B_IM_T_T156 T156: Brasilianische Bewegungsarten 
216 J_1B_IM_T_T156B T156B: Brasilianische Bewegungsarten - Bildauswahl 
217 J_1B_IM_T_T156N T156N: Nächste Bewegungsart für brasilianische Bewegungsarten 
218 J_1B_IM_T_T156S Access for table T156SC; T156SY 
219 J_1B_IM_T_T156T Fill table T156T with Brazilian values 
220 J_1B_IM_T_T156W T156W: Brasilianische Bewegungsarten - Buchungsstring Werte 
221 J_1B_IM_T_T156X T156W: Brasilianische Bewegungsarten - Buchungsstring Werte 
222 J_1B_IM_T_T157H T157H: Brasilianische Bewegungsarten - Hilfetexte 
223 J_1B_IM_T_T158B T158B: Brasilianische Bewegungsarten - Prüftabelle zu Transaktionscode 
224 J_1B_INDX_SCREEN_CONTROL Screen control for indexing 
225 J_1B_INT_ANA calculates interests based on arreas considering various tolerances 
226 J_1B_IREC_SCREEN_CONTROL Vendor/material infor record screen control 
227 J_1B_ISS_WHT_SWITCHES Switch debit / credit and posting key for WHT 
228 J_1B_IV_SRV_DATA_CHECK Check of service-relevant data in LIV 
229 J_1B_KALSM_CBT_OR_CLAS_SHEXIT Search help exit for calculation procedure 
230 J_1B_LAST_DAY_OF_MONTHS HR-D: Ermitteln letzten Tag des Monats 
231 J_1B_LOTM_SCREEN_CONTROL Screen control for indexing 
232 J_1B_LPP_CALCULATE Calculation of Last Purchase Price 
233 J_1B_LPP_CANCEL Ermitteln der Preise vor Storno 
234 J_1B_LPP_CHECK Check if LPP must be used 
235 J_1B_LPP_GET_PRICE Get last purcharsing price 
236 J_1B_LPP_GET_PRICE_FOR_UPDATE Get internal price table for update DB 
237 J_1B_LPP_UPDATE Update LPP table 
238 J_1B_MAP_CONDITION_VALUES Mapping of tkonv conditions into NF fields 
239 J_1B_MATERIAL_READ Read material master hierarchy for material attributes 
240 J_1B_MATERIAL_READ_MAIN Call for read Material for Brazilian specific fiels 
241 J_1B_MEPO_NBM_CHECK NCM-Code Check for MEPO 
242 J_1B_MESSAGE_INSTALLMENT Sets status for Bank account item 
243 J_1B_MM_TX_CANCEL BR:MM: Fill the tax table for external tax calculation procedure 
244 J_1B_MM_TX_COMPARISON_CLEAR BR:MM: Tax data comparison, clear all data 
245 J_1B_MM_TX_COMPARISON_GET BR:MM: Tax data comparison, get comparison result for item 
246 J_1B_MM_TX_COMPARISON_INIT BR:MM: Tax data comparison, save initial data 
247 J_1B_MM_TX_COMPARISON_START BR:MM: Tax data comparison, compare with new data 
248 J_1B_NFE_ACCEPT_REJECTION NF-e: Accept Rejection of Cancellation Request 
249 J_1B_NFE_BAPIRET2_MAP_TO_LOG1 Transfer BAPI Return to the Error Log 
250 J_1B_NFE_BAPI_GET NF-e: Read Data From BAPI Utility 
251 J_1B_NFE_BAPI_REFRESH NF-e: Refresh Data in BAPI Utility 
252 J_1B_NFE_BAPI_SET NF-e: Transfer Data to BAPI Utility 
253 J_1B_NFE_CANCEL Cancel NFe based on teh source document 
254 J_1B_NFE_CANCELR_MODEL_CHECK Check if contingency reason is valid for model 
255 J_1B_NFE_CANCEL_CONTINGENCY Set cancel for contingency in active and history table 
256 J_1B_NFE_CANCEL_PRIOR_AUTH Cancel NF-e prior to Authorization 
257 J_1B_NFE_CANCEL_REASON_TEXT Read Texts: Reson for Contingency 
258 J_1B_NFE_CANCEL_W_UPDATE Cancel NF-e source document and update ACTIVE table 
259 J_1B_NFE_CHECK_ACTIVE_SERVER Check active server 
260 J_1B_NFE_CHECK_CANCEL_PR_AUTH Checks if Cancellation Prior to Authorization is allowed 
261 J_1B_NFE_CHECK_CANCEL_STATUS Check if NFe status allows cancellation 
262 J_1B_NFE_CHECK_DOCUMENT_FLOW Check document flow for stock transfer 
263 J_1B_NFE_CHECK_NEXT_SCSSTATUS Check if NFe status allows cancellation 
264 J_1B_NFE_CHECK_NEXT_STATUS Check if NFe status allows cancellation 
265 J_1B_NFE_CHECK_RFC_DESTINATION Check connection to RFC destination 
266 J_1B_NFE_CHECK_TPEMIS Check issuing type and determine contingency flag 
267 J_1B_NFE_CONTINGENCY Switch document to contingency 
268 J_1B_NFE_CONTINGENCY_CHECK Function for checking the contingency status 
269 J_1B_NFE_CONTINGENCY_READ R NF-e: Contingency Mode ON/OFF? 
270 J_1B_NFE_CONTINGENCY_RESET NF-e: Reset Contingency for a switched NF-e 
271 J_1B_NFE_CONTINGENCY_SET R NF-e: Switch Contingency Mode On 
272 J_1B_NFE_CONTINGENCY_UPDATE NF-e: Update Contingency-Control Table 
273 J_1B_NFE_CONTINR_MODEL_CHECK Check if contingency reason is valid for model 
274 J_1B_NFE_CONTIN_BUFFER_READ Read buffered table J_1BNFE_CONTIN 
275 J_1B_NFE_CONTIN_REASON_READ Read reason for contingency 
276 J_1B_NFE_CONTIN_REASON_TEXT Read Texts: Reson for Contingency 
278 J_1B_NFE_CREATE_CHECK_DIGIT Create check digit for access key via modulo 11 
279 J_1B_NFE_DATA_READ NF-e: Read Data transfered to J_1B_NFE 
280 J_1B_NFE_DATA_TRANSFER NF-e: Transfer Data to J_1B_NFE 
281 J_1B_NFE_ENQUEUE_VBRK_BKPF Set NF-e number in XBLNR of Billing and FI-Documents 
282 J_1B_NFE_ERROR_PROTOKOLL Writes error protokoll in standard routines 
283 J_1B_NFE_FILL_ACTTAB_FROM_BAPI Fill Monitor Table From BAPI 
284 J_1B_NFE_FILL_BAPIRETTAB Append message to table of BAPI Return Information 
285 J_1B_NFE_FILL_MONITOR_TABLE Fill monitor table from header data 
286 J_1B_NFE_FILL_TEXT Fill XML text field INFADPROD from NF text table 
287 J_1B_NFE_GET_ACTIVE_SERVER Get acive server 
288 J_1B_NFE_GET_CANCEL_AUTHCODE Get the authorization code for cancel NF-e 
289 J_1B_NFE_GET_CANCEL_DOCNUM Get the document number to be cancelled 
290 J_1B_NFE_GET_IV_MODE Is invoice simulation mode active yes/no? 
291 J_1B_NFE_GET_NEXT_STATUS NF-e: Determine next internal status from message type 
292 J_1B_NFE_GET_SIMULATION_FLAG Read the simulation flag for incoming NF-e 
293 J_1B_NFE_GET_TPEMIS Access Key: Determine tpEmis 
294 J_1B_NFE_HISTORY_COUNT Check how many entries for key exists in the History 
295 J_1B_NFE_IN_IS_ACTIVE Check if NF-e incoming is active *** obsolete *** 
296 J_1B_NFE_MS_REQUESTS_DATA R NF-e: Messaging System Requests Data 
297 J_1B_NFE_OUT_OK Processed when NFE is OK -> calls update functions 
298 J_1B_NFE_OUT_OK_NORFC Processed when NFE is OK -> calls update functions but not the RFC 
299 J_1B_NFE_PREPARE_SCAN Prepare NF-e for sending to SCAN 
300 J_1B_NFE_PRINT_LASER Print NFE contingency on security paper via laser printer 
301 J_1B_NFE_PROCESSING NF-e related processing steps 
302 J_1B_NFE_PROCESS_OUTBOUND Central outbound function for NFE 
303 J_1B_NFE_READ_ACTIVE_W_ACC_KEY Read NF-e Active Table using the Access Key 
304 J_1B_NFE_READ_LATEST_HISTORY Read latest entry in history tab for docnum 
305 J_1B_NFE_READ_REF_DOC_CONTING Read the reference document no. for contingency 
306 J_1B_NFE_READ_STATUS_CODE Red table with status codes 
307 J_1B_NFE_REFRESH_ACTIVE Refresh active table from NF Writer 
308 J_1B_NFE_RESET_AUTO_SERVER Reset global tables 
310 J_1B_NFE_RFCBATCH_DELETE Delete table entries J_1BNFERFCBATCH 
311 J_1B_NFE_SEND_AUTO_CANCEL_REQ R Send automatic cancellation/skipping request 
312 J_1B_NFE_SEND_C_NFE NF-e: Send a NF-e posted under contingency 
313 J_1B_NFE_SEND_REQUESTS Send requests depending on NFe status 
314 J_1B_NFE_SEND_REQUESTS_CHECK Check if request can be send to government system 
315 J_1B_NFE_SET_ACTION_INDICATOR NF-e: Set Action Indicator for NF-e Monitor 
316 J_1B_NFE_SET_CANCEL_SIMULATE Set flag for simulate the cancellation 
317 J_1B_NFE_SET_DELIVERY_NUMBER Set Delivery note number 
318 J_1B_NFE_SET_IV_MODE Set invoice verification simulation mode yes/no 
320 J_1B_NFE_SET_NUMBER NF-e: Determine NF-e number and send a NF-e 
321 J_1B_NFE_SET_SIMULATION_FLAG Set the simulation flag for incoming NF-e 
322 J_1B_NFE_SET_STATUS Update from XI of single NF-e Status 
323 J_1B_NFE_SET_STATUS_IN_BACKEND R xNFe sets NF-e Status in Backend 
324 J_1B_NFE_SWITCH_CALLRFC Switch CALLRFC in case of no NF-e numbering 
325 J_1B_NFE_SWITCH_MODEL Contingency process - Model is switched 
326 J_1B_NFE_UPDATE_ACTIVE Update history table 
327 J_1B_NFE_UPDATE_ACTIVE_W_LOCK Update active table with lock 
328 J_1B_NFE_UPDATE_INVALID NF-e: Store invalid status changes 
329 J_1B_NFE_UPDATE_XBLNR Update XBLNR of Billing and FI-Documents 
330 J_1B_NFE_VERIFY_PRINTABLE Checks if the document may be printed / Reprinted 
331 J_1B_NFE_XML_IN R Inbound XML - NFe 
332 J_1B_NFE_XML_IN_TAB R Process XML inbound for multiple items 
333 J_1B_NFE_XML_OUT R RFC call to XI for Nota Fiscal Electronica 
334 J_1B_NFE_XML_RAED_ACTIVE_TAB Read table with XML records to be processed 
335 J_1B_NFE_XML_READ Read XML from Buffer 
336 J_1B_NFTYPE_READ Read NF type 
337 J_1B_NFW_SEARCH_HELP_SCR_ELEM Search Help NF Writer Screen Element 
338 J_1B_NF_AL_CONFIRM Nota Fiscal System - Method 'confirm' for archive link 
339 J_1B_NF_BI_COND_FROM_PRICING Read condition from billing document pricing 
340 J_1B_NF_BI_GET_SIMULATION Get simulation mode 
341 J_1B_NF_BI_POSTING SD Billing: NF posting 
342 J_1B_NF_BI_PREPOSTING Application interface from SD Billing to NF 
343 J_1B_NF_BRANCH_READ Nota Fiscal System - Read Business Place (use only in read partner) 
344 J_1B_NF_CANCEL_CHECK_PERIOD Nota Fiscal System - Check posting period in case of cancel 
345 J_1B_NF_CFOP_1_DETERMINATION Nota Fiscal System - CFOP determination for purchasing 
346 J_1B_NF_CFOP_2_DETERMINATION Nota Fiscal System - CFOP determination for sales and distribution 
347 J_1B_NF_CFOP_DETERMINATION Nota Fiscal System - CFOP determination utility 
348 J_1B_NF_CFOP_DETERMINATION_SRV CFOP determination for services 
349 J_1B_NF_COND_DOCUMENT_READ Nota Fiscal System - Conditional Read document 
350 J_1B_NF_CUSTOMER_READ Nota Fiscal System - Read Customer (use only in read partner) 
351 J_1B_NF_DB_READ_J_1BAAT Nota Fiscal System - Read table J_1BAAT 
352 J_1B_NF_DB_READ_J_1BAN Nota Fiscal System - Read table J_1BAN 
353 J_1B_NF_DOCFLOW_UPDATE BR:0008:SD: Check function for cancelling of bill.doc. without NF cancel 
354 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_CANCEL Nota Fiscal System - Cancel document 
355 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_CANCEL_CHECK Check if cancel for a Nota fiscal is allowed 
356 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_DELETE Nota Fiscal System - Delete document 
357 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_INSERT Nota Fiscal System - Insert document 
358 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_LOCK Nota Fiscal System - Lock document 
359 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_NUMB_GET_NEXT Nota Fiscal System - Get next document number 
360 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_PRINT Nota Fiscal System - Print document 
361 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_READ Nota Fiscal System - Read document 
362 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_SELECT Nota Fiscal System - Select document 
363 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_SELECT_2 Nota Fiscal System - Select document with printed number 
364 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_UNLOCK Nota Fiscal System - Unlock document 
365 J_1B_NF_DOCUMENT_UPDATE Nota Fiscal System - Update document 
366 J_1B_NF_DOC_AL_ASSIGN_ORG Nota Fiscal System - Assign original for archive link 
367 J_1B_NF_DOC_AL_DISPLAY_ORG Nota Fiscal System - display original from archive link 
368 J_1B_NF_DOC_ARCHIVE_LINK Barcode Eingabe für Archive Link 
369 J_1B_NF_DOC_INSERT_FROM_OBJECT Nota Fiscal System - Insert document from object 
370 J_1B_NF_DOC_READ_INTO_OBJECT Nota Fiscal System - Read document into object 
371 J_1B_NF_DOC_UPDATE_FROM_OBJECT Nota Fiscal System - Update document from object 
372 J_1B_NF_ERROR_LOG_CHECK Error log checken auf vorhanden 
373 J_1B_NF_FORM_DETERMINATION Nota Fiscal System - Form determination utility 
374 J_1B_NF_INVOICE Application interface from Invoice verification 
375 J_1B_NF_ITEM_SELECT Nota Fiscal System - Select item 
376 J_1B_NF_IV_CANCEL_LOCK Lock Nota fiscal for cancel invoice 
377 J_1B_NF_IV_CANCEL_REFERENCE Checks reference nota fiscais by cancel invoice 
378 J_1B_NF_IV_CANCEL_TAXES Fill the tax table for external tax calculation procedure 
379 J_1B_NF_IV_CHANGED_TAXES Brazil: Taxes: Get changed tax data for Nota Fiscal from global IV buffer 
380 J_1B_NF_IV_CHANGED_TAXLAWS Transfer changed tax law into condition mapping 
381 J_1B_NF_IV_CHECK_BUZEI Check Number of Line Item Within Accounting Document 
382 J_1B_NF_IV_CHECK_CHANGED_NFTYP Geänderten Nota Fiscal Typ aus prüfen 
383 J_1B_NF_IV_CHECK_SELECT_ITEMS Check selected items are changed 
384 J_1B_NF_IV_COMPARE_TABLES Compare changes between invoice and nota fiscal (priority) 
385 J_1B_NF_IV_COMPARE_TABLES_SAVE Compare changes between invoice and nota fiscal (priority) 
386 J_1B_NF_IV_COPY_TABLES Copy lineitem and header for compare after changes in NF area 
387 J_1B_NF_IV_DATA_GET Access material class for tax calculation 
388 J_1B_NF_IV_DELIVERY_COSTS transfer delivery cost from invoice to Nota Fiscal 
389 J_1B_NF_IV_DOCUMENT_SELECT Save documentnumber from selection screen (GR, delivery note) 
390 J_1B_NF_IV_GET_EXT_DATA Get IV data from external application 
391 J_1B_NF_IV_MATKL_DETERMINE Access material class for tax calculation 
392 J_1B_NF_IV_POSTING Nota Fiscal posting in database via application interface 
393 J_1B_NF_IV_PROT_ANALYSE Nota fiscal: Protocol analysis 
394 J_1B_NF_IV_REFERENCE Reference number for Nota Fiscais 
395 J_1B_NF_IV_REFERENCE_NEW Reference number for Nota Fiscais 
396 J_1B_NF_IV_REFRESH_CHANGED_TAX Refresh of internal table with changed taxes 
397 J_1B_NF_IV_REFRESH_DEL_COSTS Refresh internal table bnk for delivery costs 
398 J_1B_NF_IV_REFRESH_MAA_TAXES Store man. changed taxes for later access in tax calc. 
399 J_1B_NF_IV_RESET_CHANGED_TAX Reset change flag from invoice verification 
400 J_1B_NF_IV_SET_CHANGED_TAXES Store man. changed taxes for later access in tax calc. 
401 J_1B_NF_IV_SET_EXT_DATA Set IV data from external application 
402 J_1B_NF_IV_SET_IN_NFE Interface to incoming Nf-e 
403 J_1B_NF_IV_SET_MWSKZ_CHANGED Set flag when mwskz has been changed in IV for DROP object 
404 J_1B_NF_IV_SET_PFKEY Activation of Nota fiscal functionality in IV 
405 J_1B_NF_IV_SUMMING Summing Nota Fiscal values from lineitem and taxes into header 
406 J_1B_NF_IV_SUPPRESS_NF_CREATE Setzt Indikator: Keine NF-Erzeugung 
407 J_1B_NF_IV_UNIQUE_FOR_VENDOR Check unique Nota Fiscal for Vendor 
408 J_1B_NF_LONGTEXT_DELETE_ITEM Delete texts of given item (after item itself has been deleted) 
409 J_1B_NF_LONGTEXT_INIT Initialize NFE longtext (set NFe document / Item) 
410 J_1B_NF_LONGTEXT_SET Write longtext to object 
411 J_1B_NF_MAP_TO_XML Mapping NF data to XML Structures 
412 J_1B_NF_NEW_WRITER_ACTIVE Nota Fiscal System - Check, if new writer is active 
413 J_1B_NF_NUMBER_CHECK Check NF number consistency 
414 J_1B_NF_NUMBER_CONDENSE Nota Fiscal System - Number Condense (NF number + Series) 
415 J_1B_NF_NUMBER_GET_NEXT Nota Fiscal System - Get next Nota Fiscal number 
416 J_1B_NF_NUMBER_SEPARATE Nota Fiscal System - Number Separate (NF number + Series) 
417 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_ADD Nota Fiscal System - Add object 
418 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_CHANGE Nota Fiscal System - Change object (with dialog) 
419 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_CHECK Nota Fiscal System - Check object 
420 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_COPY Nota Fiscal System - Copy object 
421 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_CREATE Nota Fiscal System - Create object (with dialog) 
422 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_DISPLAY Nota Fiscal System - Display object (with dialog) 
423 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_DROP Nota Fiscal System - Drop object 
424 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_EDIT Nota Fiscal System - Edit object (with dialog) 
425 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_EDIT_NEW Nota Fiscal System - Edit object (with dialog) 
426 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_J1BB2_FOR_ERROR Nota Fiscal System - Prepare J1BB2 for error processing 
427 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_READ Nota Fiscal System - Read object 
428 J_1B_NF_OBJECT_UPDATE Nota Fiscal System - Update object 
429 J_1B_NF_ONE_TIME_ACCOUNT_EDIT One time account edit 
430 J_1B_NF_PARTNER_READ Nota Fiscal System - Read partner utility 
431 J_1B_NF_PO_CONSUMPTION_TAX Check of allowed tax codes for consumption 
432 J_1B_NF_PO_COPY_NON_MATERIAL Copy Nota Fiscal data from internal table to Purchase order line item 
433 J_1B_NF_PO_DATA_GET transfer nota fiscal relevant discounts from PO to calculation 
434 J_1B_NF_PO_DISCOUNTS Determination of Nota Fiscal discount, insurance and other expenses 
435 J_1B_NF_PO_NON_MATERIAL_NBM Selection of NCM code from material class for non-material items 
436 J_1B_NF_PO_REFRESH_DISCOUNT Refresh discount table 
437 J_1B_NF_READ_HEADER Nota Fiscal System - read header into internal table 
438 J_1B_NF_READ_ITEMS Nota Fiscal System - read header into internal table 
439 J_1B_NF_REF_BE_DISPLAY Nota Fiscal System - Billing Engine Document Display 
440 J_1B_NF_REF_BI_DISPLAY Nota Fiscal System - Billing Display 
441 J_1B_NF_REF_DOCUMENT_DISPLAY Nota Fiscal System - Display original document 
442 J_1B_NF_REF_EC_DISPLAY Nota Fiscal System - EBP Document Display 
443 J_1B_NF_REF_IV_DISPLAY Nota Fiscal System - Invoice Verification Display 
444 J_1B_NF_REF_LI_DISPLAY Nota Fiscal System - Invoice Verification Display 
445 J_1B_NF_REF_MD_DISPLAY Nota Fiscal System - Material Document Display 
446 J_1B_NF_UNIQUE_FOR_VENDOR Check, if NF(e) number already exists for vendor with same date 
447 J_1B_NF_VALUE_DETERMINATION Nota Fiscal Utilities - Determine add. values for Nota Fiscal 
448 J_1B_NF_VALUE_DETERMINATION_I Nota Fiscal Utilities - Determine add. values for one Nota Fiscal item 
449 J_1B_NF_VENDOR_READ Nota Fiscal System - Read Vendor (use only in read partner) 
450 J_1B_PARTNER_COMPARE Compares two Partners by their Tax Numbers 
451 J_1B_PISCOF_BASE_CONFIG_READ Read configuration for tax base for PIS/COFINS 
452 J_1B_PLANTS_SAME_BRANCH_READ Lese Customizing: NF erstellen für zwei Werke des gleichen Geschäftsortes 
454 J_1B_PLANT_READ Read plant data 
455 J_1B_POST_ICMS_CREDIT_FROM_MM Buchen des ICMS Steuerbetrags aus MM 
456 J_1B_POS_DB_COUPONS_ADD Add coupon data to POS database 
457 J_1B_POS_DB_COUPONS_POST Post datas for POS-Database 
458 J_1B_POS_DB_REDUCTION_ADD Add coupon data to POS database 
459 J_1B_POS_DB_REDUCTION_POST Post datas for POS-Database 
460 J_1B_PO_SCREEN_CONTROL Screen control for brazilian specific fields (material/country) 
461 J_1B_PO_SET_GRGI_FLAG Set Goods receipt/goods issue related flag 
462 J_1B_PO_SRV_DATA_GET Import of PO-service data to calculation 
463 J_1B_PO_SRV_DATA_TRANSFER Export of PO-service data to calculation 
464 J_1B_PO_SRV_DATA_TRANSFER_CBT Export of PO-service data to calculation - CBT 
465 J_1B_PRICING_SCREEN Show analysis of pricing in cond.-based tax calc. 
466 J_1B_PROCESS_TKOMV Trigger TKOMV process 
467 J_1B_READ_CUST_PIS_COF_4DEC Read customizing for condition generation for PIS/COFINS 4 decimal places 
468 J_1B_READ_DUEDATE Calculates due date and discount dates 
469 J_1B_READ_DYNAMIC_TABLE Read Dynamic Tax Exception Table 
470 J_1B_READ_FROM_MEMORY_TO_PO Reads tax conditions from global memory in pricing schema 
471 J_1B_READ_INFO_RECORD Read purchase order info record for price determination 
472 J_1B_READ_J1BAJ Read tax definition table 
473 J_1B_READ_J1BSDICA Obsolete: use J_1BSDICA_READ 
474 J_1B_READ_MBEW_MBEWH Lesen MBEW und MBEWH (Historie) 
475 J_1B_READ_MBEW_MBEWH_NEW Lesen MBEW, EBEW und QBEW und Historie 
476 J_1B_READ_MKOL_MKOLH Read Special Stocks from Vendor 
477 J_1B_READ_MKOL_MKOLH_OF_MBEW Read historic Special Stocks from Vendor 
478 J_1B_READ_MSKU_MSKUH Read historic Customer Consignment Stock 
479 J_1B_READ_MSKU_MSKUH_OF_MBEW Read historic cust.cos.stock related to material/plant 
480 J_1B_READ_MSLB_MSLBH Read historic Vendor Consignment Stock 
481 J_1B_READ_MSLB_MSLBH_OF_MBEW Read vendor consignment history tables 
482 J_1B_READ_NET_PRESENT_VALUE Reads net present value flag from parallel currency table T001A 
483 J_1B_READ_NET_PRESENT_VALUE_2 Reads net present value flag from parallel currency table T001A 
484 J_1B_READ_TXIC1 Read ICMS Rate Table 
485 J_1B_READ_TXIC2 Read ICMS Exception Rate Table 
486 J_1B_READ_TXIP1 Read IPI Rate Table 
487 J_1B_READ_TXIP2 Read IPI Exception Rate Table 
488 J_1B_READ_WIP Read work-in-process data 
489 J_1B_REFRESH_CHMAT Refresh internal table gt_chmat for purchase order 
490 J_1B_REFRESH_NF_TAX_INFO Refresh NF info for IV during cond.-based tax calc. 
491 J_1B_REFRESH_PO_CONDS Löschen int. Tabelle mit PO-Konditionen 
492 J_1B_REFRESH_TAX_FIELDS Refresh internal table w. tax fields 
493 J_1B_ROUNDING_SCALE_GET Get scale required for rounding 
494 J_1B_ROUNDING_TAX_BASES Rounding of tax bases 
495 J_1B_SAVE_PO_CONDS Speichern PO-Konditionen 
496 J_1B_SAVE_TAX_FIELDS Speichern Brasil. Steuerfelder 
497 J_1B_SA_TAXLAW Retrieval of the Taxlaws determined in Pricing 
498 J_1B_SCALE_SET Set Scale for rounding 
499 J_1B_SDKON0_SINGLE_READ Get record of Table J_1BSDKON0 
500 J_1B_SD_ADDRESS_READ Read address of SD document partner