SAP ABAP Function Module - Index J, page 5
Function Module - J
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 JV_BI_FOR_GJCU Creation of Batch Input for transaction GJCU (Cutback ledgers GB01) 
5 JV_CASH_CALL_POPUP_CONFIRM_MSG Dialog box to confirm processing step; with diagnosis text 
6 JV_CHECK_FAGL_INTEGRATION Check if JVA NewGL integration is active 
7 JV_CHECK_FIELDS Check JV fields of cost objects 
8 JV_CLEAR_EQUITY_GROUP_DATES Clears and Refreshes internal table IT8JG for JV_GET_EQUITY_GROUP_DATES 
9 JV_CLEAR_JVAP Clear table T_JVAP and T_JVAH 
10 JV_COBL_CHECK R Check Partner exists for this Venture/Equity group 
12 JV_COBL_RECEIVE_FOR_TAX Receive coding block for tax only postings 
13 JV_COBL_SEND_PAI_FOR_TAX Send coding block to function group in PAI 
14 JV_COBL_SEND_PBO_FOR_TAX Send coding block for tax only (in dynpro 312) 
15 JV_COEJA_CHECK Plandata from CO into JVA 
16 JV_COEJA_POST JC CO Interface posting plan data 
17 JV_COLLECT_MESSAGE Joint Venture Error Message Handling - Collection of Messages 
18 JV_CO_CHECK JV-CO integration 
19 JV_CO_PLAN_CHECK Plan data from CO 
20 JV_CO_POST JC CO Interface posting 
21 JV_CO_POST_PLAN JC CO Interface posting plan data 
22 JV_CRP_MIGO_BADI_HANDLE directly called (PAI) by MIGO BADI for CRP pricing 
23 JV_CUTBACK_EXIT_TEMPLATE Joint Venture Cutback User Exit Template 
24 JV_DATA_CHANGE_VALIDATE Check for allowed venture changes on costobjects 
25 JV_DATA_CHECK Joint Venture-Felder prüfen 
27 JV_DATA_CHECK_MM_JV JV interface module for checking JV data in MM 
28 JV_DATA_CHECK_TS Allgemeiner Rückladebaustein für (RW-)Archive (keine Archivneuerstellung!) 
30 JV_DATA_GET_MM_JV JV interface module for automatic JV data derivation in MM 
31 JV_DATA_MAINTAIN_IN_POPUP Maintenance of JV data on application objects 
34 JV_DATA_MAINTENANCE_MM_JV Joint venture data maintenance on logistic objects - JV plugin 
35 JV_DATA_SET_IN_COBL Derive Recovery indicator in COBL for fixed asset postings 
36 JV_DATA_SUBSCREEN_PAI Maintenance of JV data on application objects 
37 JV_DATA_SUBSCREEN_PBO Maintenance of JV data on application objects 
38 JV_DECO_T001A_READ Additional local currencies control for company code 
39 JV_DECO_T001U_READ Clearing between company codes 
40 JV_DECO_T001_READ Company Codes 
41 JV_DECO_T003_READ Document types 
42 JV_DECO_T004F_READ Field status definition groups 
43 JV_DECO_T009B_READ Fiscal year variant periods 
44 JV_DECO_T009_READ Fiscal year variants 
45 JV_DECO_T030H_READ Acct determ.for open item exch.rate differences 
46 JV_DECO_T030U_READ Account determ.for balance sheet transfer postings 
47 JV_DECO_T030_READ Standard accounts table 
48 JV_DECO_T158_READ Transaction Control: Inventory Management 
49 JV_DELETE_ERROR_LOG Delete documents from the error log 
51 JV_DIRECT_INPUT Direct Input Postings for Joint Venture 
52 JV_DISPLAY_ACTIVE_COMPCODE Display the active company codes (for PF4) 
53 JV_DISPLAY_ACTIVE_LEDGER JVA display active JVA ledger 
54 JV_DOCUMENT_DELETE Call the JV interface at Callup point DELETE 
55 JV_DOCUMENT_HEADER JVA Integration Manager - processing for FI-Headers 
56 JV_DOCUMENT_HEADER_FAGL JVA Integration Manager NewGL - header 
57 JV_DOCUMENT_POST JVA Integration Manager - processing for entire FI-Document before Posting 
58 JV_DOCUMENT_POST_FAGL JVA Integration Manager - posting of JV document 
59 JV_DOCUMENT_PREREV Prepare reversal of JV document 
60 JV_DOCUMENT_REVERSE_REAL Real Reversal of JV Documents 
61 JV_DUNNING_INTERFACE_00001760 Mahnselektion 1760: Applikationskennzeichen für Immo im Mahnkonto setzen 
62 JV_DUNNING_INTERFACE_00001761 Mahnselektion 1761: Applikationskennzeichen für Immo im Mahnbestand setzen 
63 JV_EC_EXIT Exit for E&C for call in JV IM 
64 JV_EDIT_DATA_FOR_NETWORK Edit Jv data in network 
65 JV_EDIT_DATA_FOR_PM Edit Jv data in PM order 
66 JV_EDI_CHECK_INV_EXTRACT JV EDI Billing - Check the Invoice Extract for data 
68 JV_EDI_COMPANY_TABLES JV EDI Billing - Load the Company specific tables 
69 JV_EDI_CONTROL_819_GEN JV EDI Billing - Control calls to 819 generation modules 
70 JV_EDI_CONTROL_REPORTING JV EDI Billing - Control Reporting at end of processing 
71 JV_EDI_CONTROL_TOTALS JV EDI Billing - Generate Control totals for reporting 
72 JV_EDI_GLOBAL_TABLES JV EDI Billing - Load the Global tables 
74 JV_EDI_INBOUND_DOC_PROJECT JV EDI Inbound: IDOC & FB01 Document numbers cross-reference 
75 JV_EDI_INTERNATIONAL Joint Venture EDI for International Companies 
76 JV_EDI_JVCABI_INVOICE JV EDI Billing - Invoice for Canadian processing 
77 JV_EDI_JVCABI_OP_STMT JV EDI Billing - Operating Exp. Statement for Canadian processing 
78 JV_EDI_JVINBI_INVOICE JV EDI Billing - Invoice for International processing 
79 JV_EDI_JVUSBI_INVOICE JV EDI Billing - Invoice for US processing 
80 JV_EDI_JVUSBI_OP_STMT JV EDI Billing - Operating Exp. Statement for US processing 
82 JV_EDI_MODIFY_819_TABLE Modify 819 table for 819 only processing 
83 JV_EDI_NORTH_AMERICA Joint Venture EDI for North American Companies 
84 JV_EDI_PARTNER_LEVEL_TABS Joint Venture - EDI Partner Level Processing 
85 JV_EDI_PARTNER_TABLES JV EDI Billing - Load the Partner specific tables 
86 JV_EDI_VENTURE_LEVEL_TABS Joint Venture EDI International - Venture Level Processing. 
87 JV_EDI_VENTURE_TABLES JV EDI Billing - Load the Venture specific tables 
88 JV_FARM_PROCESS_CHECK Check the process definition 
89 JV_FARM_PROCESS_STATUS_SET Check the process definition 
90 JV_FB01_DIRECT_INPUT R Direct input for FBO1 postings 
91 JV_FILL_JVKOMK IS-Oil /Joint Venture/ Material tansfer pricing 
92 JV_FILL_JVKOMP IS-Oil /Joint Venture/ Material transfer pricing 
93 JV_FI_CLEARING JVA Integration Manager - Processing for items to be cleared 
94 JV_FI_DOCUMENT_CLOSE JVA Integration Manager - processing for entire FI-document 
95 JV_FI_DOCUMENT_CLOSE_FAGL JVA Integration Manager NewGL - FI close 
96 JV_FI_DOCUMENT_ENRICH JVA Integration Manager NewGL - enrichment for FI 
97 JV_FI_DOCUMENT_PROJECT JVA Integration Manager - processing for entire FI-document 
98 JV_FI_DOCUMENT_PROJECT_FAGL JVA Integration Manager NewGL - processing of FI documents 
99 JV_FI_RESET_CLEARING Belegaufteilung: Ausgleichsrücknahmeinformation in Funktionsgr. übernehmen 
101 JV_GB01_DIRECT_INPUT R JV GB01 Direct Input 
102 JV_GB01_DOCUMENT_POST JVA Integration Manager - processing for entire FI-Document before Posting 
103 JV_GET_BILLING_EXTRACT Get billing extract for JVA 
104 JV_GET_BILLING_HISTORY Get billing history 
105 JV_GET_BILLING_THRESHOLD Get billing threshold 
106 JV_GET_CC_ATTRIBUTES Joint Venture Cost center attribute function module 
107 JV_GET_COST_OBJECTS_FOR_JV Popup with all cost objects where a JV is assigned to 
108 JV_GET_CURRENT_BILLING_AMOUNT Get current amount to be billed in JVA 
109 JV_GET_DOCUMENTS_FOR_HOLD Get documents for holding into the next period 
110 JV_GET_DOCUMENTS_FOR_RELEASE Get documents for holding into the next period 
111 JV_GET_DOCUMENT_DATE Document Date Retrieval Function Module 
112 JV_GET_EQUITY_GROUP_DATES Get the document date for a specific Venture/Equity Group 
113 JV_GET_JVDOC Get t_jvap and t_jvah 
114 JV_GET_JVDOC_FAGL Get T_JVAPand T_JVAH as derived from NewGL doc 
115 JV_GET_JVSO1_ITEMS_ACC Retrieving JVSO1 items for NewGL migration; return data via ACC structure 
116 JV_GET_JV_DATA_FROM_WBS JV Master Data from WBS element 
117 JV_GET_OLD_BILLING_AMOUNT Get billing amount held from previous periods 
118 JV_GET_ORD_ATTRIBUTES Joint Venture : Order Attributes 
119 JV_GET_POSTRULES_BY_AREA JV Get posting rules and details 
120 JV_GET_PROPERTY_NAME Get property name for venture/equity type level 
121 JV_GET_PRPS_PER_VENTURE get all prps records per venture 
122 JV_GET_VENTURES_FOR_JOA Retrieve all venture belonging to a JOA 
123 JV_GET_WBS_ATTRIBUTES Joint Venture - Get Project Attributes 
124 JV_HELP_EXIT_ORDER Example for a search help exit 
125 JV_HELP_EXIT_T8J0M User exit for billing format search help 
126 JV_HELP_EXIT_T8J0R User exit for billing format search help 
127 JV_HELP_EXIT_T8JV Search help exit for T8JV 
128 JV_HELP_EXIT_T8JVC01 User exit for billing format search help 
129 JV_HELP_EXIT_T8PSCSRC User exit for billing format search help 
130 JV_IDOC  
131 JV_IDOC_INPUT_INVOICE_CA Joint Venture: EDI Inbound, IDOC invoice 
132 JV_IDOC_INPUT_INVOICE_US Joint Venture: EDI Inbound, IDOC invoice 
133 JV_INITIALISE_MESSAGE JV Error Message Handling Initialisation 
134 JV_INSERT Insert internal table into DB table 
135 JV_INSERT_ERROR_LOG Write the information for reposting a document into the error log 
136 JV_INSERT_T8JVBA Insert records in t8jvba 
138 JV_INTERCOMP_MAPPING_CHECK Reconciliation of intercompany settings 
140 JV_JVSO1_DIRECT_INPUT JV GBO1 posting via JVSO1 tables 
141 JV_JVSO1_TO_JVAP Create JVAP from JVSO1 
142 JV_JVTO1_AND_PM Read producton month detail with JVTO1 
144 JV_LEDGER_GIVE Joint Venture Utilities 
145 JV_LOCKBOX Function for lockbox 
146 JV_MANIPULATE_FAGL_CLR_ITEM Manipulation of venture data for NewGL clearing items 
147 JV_MANIPULATE_RI_FAGL_SPLIT Manipulation of recovery indicator for NewGL splitter 
149 JV_MCC_CHECK Multiple company code selection - checks 
150 JV_MD_CREATE_CHANGE_DOCUMENT Create masterdata change document 
151 JV_MD_DATABASE_UPDATE updates all masterdata JOA's 
153 JV_MD_JOA_VALIDATE Validate JOA information 
154 JV_MD_READTABLES read tables for JOA maintenance tables 
155 JV_MD_UPDATE_EQUITY_GROUP update equity group 
156 JV_MD_UPDATE_EQUITY_GROUP_X update equity group change document tables 
157 JV_MD_UPDATE_JOA update change history 
158 JV_MD_UPDATE_PARTNER Update partner 
159 JV_MD_UPDATE_PARTNER_X update partner after update table xt8j9c 
160 JV_MD_UPDATE_PENCAT Joint Venture Penalty Category Maintenance 
161 JV_MD_UPDATE_PENCAT_X updates the after pencat table 
162 JV_MD_VALIDATE_EQUITY_GROUP Validate equity group 
163 JV_MD_VALIDATE_PARTNER validate partner 
164 JV_MD_VALIDATE_PENCAT Joint Venture Penalty Category Maintenance 
168 JV_MESSAGE_SHOW Joint Venture Write Message - Writes Error Messages Generated by JV prgs. 
169 JV_MM_CRP_VALUES_ADD Transfer CRP Values to Integration Manager 
170 JV_MM_CRP_VALUES_RECID Add Recovery indicator to CRP table 
171 JV_MM_DOCUMENT_CLOSE JVA Integration Manager - processing for entire FI-document 
172 JV_MM_DOCUMENT_CLOSE_FAGL JVA Integration Manager NewGL - MM close 
173 JV_MM_DOCUMENT_ENRICH JVA Integration Manager NewGL - CO enrichment for MM 
174 JV_MM_DOCUMENT_PROJECT JVA Integration Manager - processing for entire MM-document 
175 JV_MM_DOCUMENT_PROJECT_FAGL JVA Integration Manager NewGL - MM project 
176 JV_MM_INVOICE_CLOSE JVA Integration Manager - processing for entire FI-document 
177 JV_OWNERSHIP Get JV Ownership for a specific object 
178 JV_PM_ACTIVE Check if Procution month processing is active 
179 JV_POSTING_DATE_FROM_PERIOD Set posting date depending on the posting period 
180 JV_POST_GROSS_VALUES Function posts to gross ledger 
181 JV_PREPARE_FI_POSTING_TO_HOLD Prepare FI postings to hold data 
182 JV_PREPARE_JVAP_FROM_JVSO1 Preparation of JVAP amounts from JVSO1 (all ledgers, all currencies) 
183 JV_PREPARE_SELECT_OPTIONS Prepare select options for billing threshold determination 
184 JV_PREPARE_THRESH_UPDATE_HOLD Prepare update of threshold table to hold data 
185 JV_PREPARE_THRESH_UPDATE_REL Prepare update of threshold table to release data 
186 JV_PRICING_POST AM/MM Transfers - Update CRP Pricing 
187 JV_PRINT_DUNNING_NOTICE FI Mahnen - Ausdruck eines Mahnbriefs (Open FI Interface) 
188 JV_PRINT_DUNNING_WITH_SUBTOTAL FI Mahnen - Ausdruck eines Mahnbriefs 
189 JV_PRODPER_PRESET Preset production period from document date 
190 JV_READ_VENTURE_DETAIL Read venture detail data 
191 JV_RECID_AFABE_GET Get table of recovery indicator 
192 JV_RECID_AM Derive JV recovery indicator for AM posting 
193 JV_RECID_DERIVE JV Exit routine for RI derivation in SAPLKAIP 
194 JV_RECID_DERIVE_INTERNAL JV recovery indicator derivation for CO internal transactions 
195 JV_REFRESH_JVAH_JVAP Refresh table JVAH and JVAP for cutback test run 
196 JV_RETURN_PARAMS Return parameters only available in old JV IM 
197 JV_RETURN_T_JVAP Return table T_JVAP from JV-IM 
202 JV_RI_IN_PERIOD_CHECK Allocation Exit Module Line Item Check 
203 JV_RI_MANIPULATE Manipulate RI on sender and receiver records based on Mrule 
204 JV_RI_REVERSE_IN_PERIOD_CHECK Allocation Exit Module Line Item Check 
205 JV_RI_TO_HRKFT_CONVERT Manipulate RI on sender and receiver records based on Mrule 
208 JV_SETTLEMENT_PLAN_RI_GET_JV Get RI for plan settlement 
210 JV_SETTLE_MRULE_MANIPULATE_JV Joint venture MRULE Pflege in settlement customizing - JV part 
212 JV_SET_DUE_ON_DATE Set the baseline date or the due date for residuals/partial payments in AR 
213 JV_SET_JVDATA_FOR_PART_RES Set venture, equity group, BI, billing month and POM for Partials/Residual 
214 JV_SET_LEDGER_CURR Set Currencies for all ledgers in JVSO1 
215 JV_SET_LEDGER_CURR_TABLE Ledger Currency table population 
216 JV_SET_T_JVAP Prepare table T_JVAP 
217 JV_SET_VENTURE_FOR_RESIDUAL Set Venture Information to new open items from Residual/Partial Payment 
218 JV_SHOW_CARRYING_PARTNERS Display the allowed values for the help processor 
219 JV_SHOW_FAGL_INT_WARNING Show warning that the active JVA-GL integration might cause issues 
220 JV_STATUS_RESET_MESSAGE Joint Venture Error Message Handling - Collection of Messages 
221 JV_T8JTPM_POST Update production month data 
222 JV_UPDATE_T8J9A Joint Venture update t8j9a 
223 JV_UPDATE_T8JU update changes to tables t8ju and t8jut 
224 JV_UPDATE_THRESHOLD_FOR_HOLD Update threshold table to hold data 
225 JV_UPDATE_THRESHOLD_FOR_REL Update threshold table to release data 
226 JV_USER_EXIT_003 User Exit 3 as preinstallation on 4.6C 
227 JV_VALUES_FOR_CARRYING_PARTNER Display of the possible entries per table field 
228 JV_VENTURE_ACTIVE_CHECK Check if a venture is active 
229 JV_VENTURE_FROM_ASSET Find Venture information from Asset number 
230 JV_WRITE_MESSAGE Joint Venture Write Message - Writes Error Messages Generated by JV prgs. 
231 JV_WRITE_MSG_TO_SPOOL Joint Venture Write Message - Writes Error Messages Generated by JV prgs. 
232 JV_WRITE_MSG_TO_SPOOL_ALV Joint Venture Write Message - Writes Error Messages Generated by JV prgs. 
234 J_1A_AA_INFLATION_ACTIVE Get inflation information for a certain application 
235 J_1A_ACC_DOCULIST_CREATE customer accounting document invoice list (DO NOT USE!!!) 
236 J_1A_ACC_DOCUMENT_CREATE Revenue account determination and customer accounting document 
237 J_1A_ACC_PREPARE_WT Prepare withholding information for SD invoices 
238 J_1A_ASSET_CALCULATE_RV Calculation of revaluation for an asset 
239 J_1A_CALCULATE_RV Calculate settled rV 
240 J_1A_CALCULATE_RV_IM Calculate settled rV 
241 J_1A_CHANGES_KNAT_MF02D Check, if something changed in table KNAT 
242 J_1A_CHANGES_LFAT_MF02K Check, if something changed in table LFAT 
243 J_1A_CHECK_FOR_POSTING_CURRENT Check if price has to be posted also for current period or not (MR21) 
244 J_1A_CHECK_POSTING_DATE Check inflation posting date 
245 J_1A_CHECK_XAWBT Check area open for posting 
246 J_1A_CHECK_XAWBT_IM Check area open for posting 
247 J_1A_CI_NUMBER_GET Get Number of Credit Invoice 
248 J_1A_COLLECT_SETTLED_RV collect settled itemes for calculating RV 
249 J_1A_COLLECT_SETTLED_RV_IM collect settled itemes for calculating RV 
250 J_1A_COMPARE_KNAT_MF02D Indicate the new, old and deleted entries of table KNAT 
251 J_1A_COMPARE_LFAT_MF02K Indicate the new, old and deleted entries of table LFAT 
252 J_1A_CREATE_DISCOUNT_DOCUMENTS Post discount memos (one per discount line of payment document) 
253 J_1A_CREATE_DISCOUNT_LINES creates discount lines in online payment document 
254 J_1A_CREATE_DISCOUNT_LINES_110 creates discount lines in payment document (payment program) 
255 J_1A_CREATE_DISC_LINES_DOWN creates discount lines in online payment document 
256 J_1A_CUSTOMIZING_CHECK Checks the customizing of the inflation module 
257 J_1A_DELIV_ENRICH_HEADER Enrichment of delivery header by new Argentine fields for numbering purp. 
258 J_1A_DELIV_FIELD_MODIFICATION Field modification for new Argentine fields in the delivery 
259 J_1A_DETERMINE_COMPANY_PROD Determination if company code is set to 'PRODUCTIVE' 
260 J_1A_DETERMINE_COUNTRY_PROD Determination if in a country at least one cc is set to 'PRODUCTIVE' 
261 J_1A_DET_CHARACTER Determine printing character 
262 J_1A_DET_CHAR_CUSTOMER Determination of capital letter for customer 
263 J_1A_DET_CHAR_VENDOR Determination of capital letter for vendor operations 
264 J_1A_DET_POSTING_OK_FOR_DATE Überprüfung der Buchungsfreigabe für ein Datum (über TBE) 
265 J_1A_DISCOUNT_DOCUMENT_LOG print discount documents created within payment program in log-file 
266 J_1A_DISPLAY_POSTING_INFO display information about posted payment and discount document 
267 J_1A_DOWN_PAYM_DISCOUNT_LINES Prepare discount lines for down payments 
268 J_1A_EXIT_J_1AF007 User exit for J_1AF007 (Data of sender and recipient) 
269 J_1A_EXIT_J_1AF011 User Exit für j_1AF011 
270 J_1A_EXIT_J_1AF012 User exit for J_1AF012 
271 J_1A_EXIT_J_1AF105 User-Exit für Report J_1AF105 
272 J_1A_EXIT_J_1AF106 User-Exit für Report J_1AF106 
273 J_1A_EXIT_J_1AF217 User exit for J_1AF217 
274 J_1A_EXTERNER_BZWERT_AFA Different Base Value for Revaluation of accumulated depreciation 
275 J_1A_EXTERNER_BZWERT_AHK Differnet Base value for Revaluation of APC 
276 J_1A_FI_PARK_DOC_CHK_BTE Function Module for AEI - Park Document 
277 J_1A_FI_POST_DOC_CHK_BTE Argentina Electronic Invoice - FI Post check for Sent to AFIP 
278 J_1A_GET_BKPF_BSEG Get Accounting Document Header and Accounting Document Segment 
279 J_1A_GET_DEL_COSTS_FOR_CONTRAC Get delivery costs for contracts 
280 J_1A_GET_DEL_COSTS_FOR_INFOREC Get delivery costs for purchase info records 
281 J_1A_GET_END_OF_TB_PERIOD Get the next until date from time base Table 
282 J_1A_GET_EXPOSURE_OF_TA Get the next exposure until date from time base Table for transactions 
283 J_1A_GET_GLOBAL_VAR Get Global Variable 
284 J_1A_GET_MARKET_PRICE Market price determination 
285 J_1A_GET_OLD_STATUS_LFAT_MF02K Nachlesen Originalzustand Tabelle LFAT vor Änderung 
286 J_1A_GET_POSTING_DATES Reading an entry in Inflation method table 
287 J_1A_GET_PREVIOUS_TB_END_DATE Get the next until date from time base Table 
288 J_1A_GOODISSUE_AC_MODIFICATION Map material account to inflation account for goods issue revaluation 
289 J_1A_HELP_KTOSL Help on the tax processing key (restricted list in popup with text) 
290 J_1A_HELP_REGION Help on the tax processing key (restricted list in popup with text) 
291 J_1A_IDX_AND_GIP_ALV ALV function for J_1aidx2 (Ind1 and GIP) 
292 J_1A_INFLATION_ACTIVE check module if inflation is active 
293 J_1A_INFLATION_AC_MODIFICATION Determine inflation account for material gain/loss account (RCV) 
294 J_1A_INFLATION_BY_EXCHANGERATE Inflation adjustment using exchange rate difference 
295 J_1A_INFLATION_CALCULATION_FI Inflation calculation function 
296 J_1A_INFLATION_PRICE_UPDATE Perform price update in material master via MR21 or Material Ledger 
297 J_1A_INFMET_DATA_GET Reading an entry in Inflation method table 
298 J_1A_INF_INT_ALV Interface betw. reports and J_1A_MM_INF_ALV. Prepare all data for ALV 
299 J_1A_INSERT_REGUP Insert one entry into REGUP per discount document 
300 J_1A_INVOI_CHECK_REFERENCE Check refernece for invoices 
301 J_1A_ME_GET_CONTRACT_CONDITION Reads contract conditions from the database for printout 
302 J_1A_ME_GET_INFORECORD_COND Read all conditions for the info record for change to the order unit 
303 J_1A_MM_INF_ALV ALV for Inflation in MM - Call ALV-Standard-Interface 
304 J_1A_MM_MV_NUMBERING Official Argentine numbering of MM movements 
305 J_1A_OFF_NUMBERING Official Argentine document numbering for MM invoices 
306 J_1A_OFF_NUMBER_CHECK Check format of XBLNR for Argentine official document number 
307 J_1A_OFF_NUMBER_DEFAULTS Get the default values for Argentine document numbering 
308 J_1A_OFF_NUMBER_GET Official document numbering in Argentina 
309 J_1A_OFF_NUMBER_SCREEN OBNL-Schnittstelle: Feldmodifikationen auf Screen während PBO 
310 J_1A_OFF_NUM_GLOBAL_NUMBERING Argentina Electronic Invoice - ODN generation FM 
311 J_1A_ORDER_ENRICH_ITEM Enrichment of sales order item by new Argentine fields 
312 J_1A_POST_DISCOUNT_DOCUMENTS Post discount memos (one per discount line of payment document) 
313 J_1A_PREPARE_DISCOUNT_LINES Prepare discount lines for the payment document 
314 J_1A_PREPARE_DISCOUNT_POSTING Prepare internal tables (xbseg,...) for post_document 
315 J_1A_PUT_DASHES_TO_STCD2 Put the dashes to the tax number field STCD2 (Gross Income no.) 
316 J_1A_PUT_DASHES_TO_STCD3 Put the dashes to the tax number field STCD3 (Gross Income no.) 
317 J_1A_READ_KNAT Reading the customer master tax categories for one customer 
318 J_1A_READ_LFAT Reading the vendor master tax categories for one vendor 
319 J_1A_READ_PERCEPTION Read data for calculation of VAT or GI Perceptions 
320 J_1A_READ_T001TC Reading the company master tax categories per cc and account type 
321 J_1A_READ_T007C Reading the tax category definition 
322 J_1A_READ_TXMIN Reading the minimums for the coutry of the cc by a certain date 
323 J_1A_READ_XZAHL Read XZAHL entry from table TBSL 
324 J_1A_RECALC_REPL_COST_PRICE Recalculation of replacement cost price because of price unit changes 
325 J_1A_RESET_DISCOUNT_LINES refresh discount_lines 
326 J_1A_RESET_TAX_CHECK Reseting of global field for displaying final warnings on document level 
327 J_1A_REVERSE_DISC_DOCUMENTS Reverse discount documents belonging to one payment document 
328 J_1A_RV_ADJUSTMENT_CALCULATE Calculates adjustment on transactions (transfers) 
329 J_1A_SCOV_TIME_DIFF AR : FM for calculating Time and Date Difference 
330 J_1A_SD_BARCODE_CREATION SD for Argentina: Creation of barcode 
331 J_1A_SD_CI_AMOUNT_CHECK Check minimum amount for Credit Invoice 
332 J_1A_SD_CI_DATA_GET Datenbeschaffung Credit Invoice Argentinien 
333 J_1A_SD_CI_DUEDATE_CHECK Check due dates of Credit Invoice 
334 J_1A_SD_CI_DUEDATE_GET Get due date of Credit invoice 
335 J_1A_SD_CI_INSTALLMENTS_CHECK Check for payment in installments 
336 J_1A_SD_CI_LIMITS_GET Determine Limits for Credit Invoice 
337 J_1A_SD_ERROR_GET Fehlerprotokoll wegschreiben 
338 J_1A_SD_FILL_VBDKL_COUNTRY Delivery note printing: Fill country specific data 
339 J_1A_SD_FILL_VBDKL_COUNTRY_KNA Delivery note printing: Fill country specific data using customer master 
340 J_1A_SD_FILL_VBDKL_COUNTRY_LFA Delivery note printing: Fill country specific data using vendor master 
341 J_1A_SD_FILL_VBDKR_COUNTRY Bill.doc. printing: Fill country specific data 
342 J_1A_SD_FILL_VBDKR_COUNTRY_KNA Bill.doc. printing: Fill country specific data using customer master 
343 J_1A_SD_FILL_VBDPR_COUNTRY Bill.doc. printing: Fill country specific data 
344 J_1A_SD_INFLATION_ACTIVE check module if inflation is active 
345 J_1A_SD_NAST_SAVE Save current message type for Credit invoice 
346 J_1A_SD_PARK_DOC_CHK_BADI_SD Function Module to check the whether the doc is sent to AFIP 
347 J_1A_SD_SA_FILL_VBAP_VBKD Enrichment of sales order item by new Argentine fields 
348 J_1A_SD_SA_FILL_VBKD Enrichment of sales order item by new Argentine fields 
349 J_1A_SD_UPD_NUM_OF_PAGES Update number of printed pages in VBRK 
350 J_1A_SET_BKPF_BSEG Set Accounting Document Header and Accounting Document Segment 
351 J_1A_SET_GLOBAL_VAR Set Global Variable 
352 J_1A_SET_LOCK_DATE Set locked dates for inflation indexes 
353 J_1A_TAX_NUMBER_CHECK Check Tax Numbers for Argentina 
354 J_1A_TAX_PROCESSING Tax-processing, creating warnings on tax-groups 
355 J_1A_TIME_BASE_GET Get time base dates 
356 J_1A_UPDATE_DTYPE Update Gross Income Perception Customer Data table 
357 J_1A_UPDATE_J1A101 Update of table J_1A001 
358 J_1A_UPDATE_J1A102 Update of table J_1A102 
359 J_1A_UPDATE_J1AMACOF Update of table J_1A002 
360 J_1A_UPDATE_KN_MF02D Update of table KNAT/KNBW 
361 J_1A_UPDATE_LF_MF02K Update of table LFAT/LFBW 
362 J_1A_VENDOR_CI_CHECK_00001020 Check: Credit Invoice from this vendor? 
363 J_1A_WAY_BILL_UPDATE Update for Way Bill Table for Asset Movements 
364 J_1A_WS_AEI_BILLING_CHECK AR:Main FM for Billing document Check 
365 J_1A_WS_AEI_BILLING_CONTING Set data for billing document with Contingency branch 
366 J_1A_WS_AEI_UPDATE_RESP_2485 FM to update response received from AFIP(RG 2485) 
367 J_1A_WS_AEI_UPDATE_TASK AR:FM To update CAE Table 
368 J_1A_WS_BRANCH_DETERMINATION AR : FM for Web Services Branch Determination 
369 J_1A_WS_BUILD_BILLING_DATA AR: FM to build billing structure for WS application 
370 J_1A_WS_BUILD_CASH_DISC_DATA AR: FM to update CAE table with FI Discount data 
371 J_1A_WS_BUILD_FI_DATA AR: FM to update CAE table with FI data 
372 J_1A_WS_EXP_REMOTE_CALL R Function module for remote call 
373 J_1A_WS_FI_IS_VALID AR: FM To check whether accounting data is valid for WS 
374 J_1A_WS_POST_BTE_CHECK_1120  
375 J_1A_WS_POST_BTE_CHEC_1025 AR : FM to Validate FI data (BTE Event-1025) 
376 J_1A_WS_POST_BTE_UPDATE_1030 AR : WS - fill tables j_1acae and j_1acontingency (BTE event - 1030) 
377 J_1A_WS_POST_BTE_UPDATE_1050 AR : WS - fill tables j_1acae and j_1acontingency (BTE event - 1050) 
378 J_1A_WS_REMOTE_CALL R Function module for remote call 
379 J_1A_WS_UPD_CASH_DISC Cash Discount 
380 J_1BAA_READ Buffered Read of Nota Fiscal Type Table 
381 J_1BAJ_READ Buffered Read of Tax Type Table 
382 J_1BBUILD_CGC calculates 2 check digits for cgc number and builds total cgc number (14) 
383 J_1BCALCULATE_TAXES R Brazil: Taxes: Calculation of tax amounts 
384 J_1BCOMPLETE_TAX_DATA Brazil: Taxes: Complete data in COM_TAX for Brazil 
385 J_1BCTE_CHECK_CNPJ_IN_PO Check if CNPJs from Purchase Order match CNPJs in CT-e 
386 J_1BCTE_CTE_INSERT Create CT-e data 
387 J_1BCTE_GET_COST_DOCUMENT Find Cost Document for Shipment Document 
388 J_1BCTE_GET_OUTBOUND_DELIVERY Find Outbound Delivery for NF-e 
389 J_1BCTE_GET_SERV_ENTRY_SHEET Find Service Entry Sheet for CT-e 
390 J_1BCTE_GET_SHIPMENT_DOCUMENT Find Shipment Document for Delivery 
391 J_1BCTE_GET_TAX_FIELDS Get specific CT-e cond tax data 
392 J_1BCTE_JURCODE_DETERMINE CT-e: Jurisdiction code determination 
393 J_1BDETERMINE_JURISDICTION R Brazil: Taxes: Determination of tax jurisdiction 
394 J_1BDFE_CHECK_ACTIVE_SERVER Check which Server is active for Electronic Fiscal Document 
395 J_1BDFE_CHECK_WAIT Check for wait before sending automatic cancellation request 
396 J_1BDFE_GET_ACTIVE_SERVER Get Active Server for Electronic Fiscal Document 
397 J_1BDFE_SERVER_DETERMINATION Determine Active Server for Electronic Fiscal Document 
398 J_1BDFE_SET_TPEMIS Set TPEMIS and recalculate check digit 
399 J_1BDFE_SET_WAIT Wait before sending automatic cancellation request 
400 J_1BDFE_XML_IN_TAB R Process XML inbound for DF-e for multiple items 
401 J_1BECD_LOG_ADD_MESSAGE ECD: add message to log 
402 J_1BECD_SET_CONTROL_DEFAULT ECD: Fill File Control Table with Default Values 
403 J_1BEFD_BADI_READ Get BAdIs available for Ato cotepe 82 
404 J_1BEFD_CONVERT_FIELDS Function to Convert special fields 
405 J_1BEFD_GET_PARTYP_FROM_PARID Get partner type from partner id 
406 J_1BEFD_LOG_CREATE Create log for EFD 
407 J_1BEFD_LOG_DELETE Delete item log 
408 J_1BEFD_LOG_UPDATE Update log 
409 J_1BEFD_T052_READ_SINGLE T052 Single Read 
410 J_1BFIFOCHECK FIFO checks for quantity and references 
411 J_1BFIFONFGET get Note Fiscal number and quantity from FIFO table 
412 J_1BFIFOTABSGET Get internel FIFO tables for update interface 
413 J_1BFIFOUPDATE DB update for FIFO tables 
414 J_1BFIFO_ITEMS_PROCESSED Chek already processed items and update internal tables 
415 J_1BFIFO_SPLIT_SGTXT split reference in sgtxt 
416 J_1BFOREIGN_JURISDICTION Brazil: Taxes: Determine jurisdiction code for export countries 
417 J_1BIMPORT_CHECK_MATNR_EXIST Check if mat. num. in uploaded file exists in database 
418 J_1BIMPORT_DI_NUMBER_SHEXIT Exit für Suchhilfe J_1Bimport_nf_items_for_import 
419 J_1BIMPORT_MAP_TO_INTERN_UOM Convert UoM from uploaded Excel file to intern UoM 
420 J_1BIMPORT_NF_ITEMS_SHEXIT Exit für Suchhilfe J_1Bimport_nf_items_for_import 
421 J_1BIMPORT_STRUC_FIELDS_SHEXIT Search Help Exit for structure fields 
422 J_1BIMPORT_TTYPE_ASSIGN_SHEXIT Search Help Exit for Tax Type Assignment to Tax Groups 
423 J_1BIMPORT_XLS_MAP Mapping of Excel Cells to Data Type for Import Item 
424 J_1BNFENUMGAP_STATUS_RFC R Inbound XML - NF-e Gap Skipping Request Status Update 
426 J_1BNFE_CALL_RSNAST00 Print NF-e via RSNAST00 - only called from BADI 
427 J_1BNFE_CANCEL_EVENT_DELETE Delete cancellation event with initial document status 
428 J_1BNFE_CANCEL_EVENT_SEND Create cancellation event and call messaging system 
429 J_1BNFE_CANCEL_REASON_SHEXIT Display Contingency Reason for Model 
430 J_1BNFE_CCE_DISPLAY Display Correction Letter 
431 J_1BNFE_CCE_OUT R RFC call to the messaging system for CCe 
432 J_1BNFE_CCE_PREPARE Pre-read and prepare CCe 
433 J_1BNFE_CHECK_AND_SET_SC_COMP Check and set subcontracting components 
434 J_1BNFE_CHECK_BADI_RESULTS Check results of BAdI call 
435 J_1BNFE_CHECK_BADI_VALTYPE Check if Valuation Type from BAdI is valid for Material 
436 J_1BNFE_CHECK_NFEIN_ACTIVE Check, if automation of NF-e incoming should be active 
437 J_1BNFE_CONTING_REASON_SHEXIT Display Contingency Reason for Model 
438 J_1BNFE_CONVERT_XML_MATERIAL Get ERP Material Number from Material Number in XML 
439 J_1BNFE_CONVERT_XML_MAT_A_UOM Convert XML Material and XML Unit of Measure 
440 J_1BNFE_CONVERT_XML_UOM Get ERP UoM and Iso Code from UoM in XML 
441 J_1BNFE_CREATE_GOODS_MOVEMENT R Create Goods Movement 
442 J_1BNFE_CREATE_GOODS_RECEIPT R Create Goods Receipt from Inbound Delivery 
443 J_1BNFE_CREATE_INBOUND_DELIV R 1931689 inbound delivery w. components can not be created 
444 J_1BNFE_CUST1_READ NF-e: Get System Configurations CUST1 
445 J_1BNFE_CUST2_READ NF-e: Get System Configurations CUST2 
446 J_1BNFE_CUST3_READ read NF-e customzing (Connections and defualt settings) 
447 J_1BNFE_DELETE_INBOUND_DELIV R Delete Inbound Delivery from incoming NF-e 
448 J_1BNFE_EDITOR_CALL NFe call text editor 
449 J_1BNFE_EVENT_GROUP_CHECK Check whether event is assigned to the group 
450 J_1BNFE_EVENT_IN R Event Update From Messaging System 
451 J_1BNFE_EVENT_OUT R RFC call to the messaging system for event 
452 J_1BNFE_EVENT_PREPARE Pre-read and prepare NFe events 
453 J_1BNFE_EVENT_REFRESH Refresh event global data 
454 J_1BNFE_EVENT_UPDATE Update event table 
455 J_1BNFE_EXIST_CHECK_AND_UPDATE R Check for posted NF-e and update 
456 J_1BNFE_F4_PROCESS Searchhelpexit business process 
459 J_1BNFE_GET_CONVERSION_UOM Get Conversion for Unit of Measurement 
460 J_1BNFE_GET_CUSTOMER_FROM_CNPJ Derive vendor from CNPJ 
461 J_1BNFE_GET_MATERIAL Derive material from Vendor material, NCM 
462 J_1BNFE_GET_ORGDATA_FROM_CNPJ Derive company / plant from CNPJ 
463 J_1BNFE_GET_POCOND Get conditions for tax calculation 
464 J_1BNFE_GET_SIMULATION_LEVEL Get simulation level 
465 J_1BNFE_GET_TAX_CODES R Get valid tax codes 
466 J_1BNFE_GET_VENDOR_FROM_CNPJ Derive vendor from CNPJ 
467 J_1BNFE_GOODS_QUANTITY_CHECK Set Parameters for quantitiy check 
468 J_1BNFE_INB_DELIV_PREPARE_SC Prepare Components for the Creation of the Inbound Delivery 
469 J_1BNFE_INVOICE_CREATE R Create invoice by XML-data 
470 J_1BNFE_INVOICE_CREATE_2 R Create invoice by XML-data 
471 J_1BNFE_INVOICE_CREATE_CTE R Create invoice and nf model 57 using XML data 
472 J_1BNFE_INVOICE_CREATE_SC R Create Subcontracting Invoice by XML-data 
473 J_1BNFE_MOD_XMLCP Änderungen und Querprüfungen XMLCP 
474 J_1BNFE_READ_COMPONENTS Read Components for Purchase Orders 
475 J_1BNFE_READ_EXBASE Read Exbase and Tax Code for MSEG 
476 J_1BNFE_READ_PROCESS Read attributes of process 
477 J_1BNFE_READ_TAX_DATA Read Tax Data from XML 
478 J_1BNFE_READ_XMLCP Read provided material 
479 J_1BNFE_READ_XMLHEAD Read XML-header information for Nf-e creation 
481 J_1BNFE_READ_XMLITEM Read XML-data for simulation of goods receipt 
482 J_1BNFE_READ_XMLITEM_GOODS_MVT Read Exbase and Tax Code for MSEG 
484 J_1BNFE_READ_XMLTAX Liest XML-Steuerzeile 
485 J_1BNFE_RETURN_OF_COMPONENTS R Return of subcontracting components 
486 J_1BNFE_SEARCH_PO_BY_COMP R NF-e Incoming: Search Purchase Orders for Subcontracting Components 
487 J_1BNFE_SEARCH_PO_BY_MAIN_ITEM R Search purchase orders by NF values on PO header and main items 
488 J_1BNFE_SEARCH_PO_BY_NF R NF-e Incoming: Search purchase orders with items 
489 J_1BNFE_SEARCH_PO_BY_NUMBER R NF-e Incoming: Search purchase orders via PO number 
490 J_1BNFE_SET_IN_SC Setzen Lohnbearbeitungsmodus 
491 J_1BNFE_SET_SIMULATION_LEVEL Set simulation level 
492 J_1BNFE_SET_TXBASE Map XML-value to taxbase (%) 
493 J_1BNFE_SIMULATE_GOODS_RCPT_SC Simulate Supplier's Consumption 
494 J_1BNFE_SIMULATE_GOODS_RECEIPT Simulate goods receipt for invoice verification 
495 J_1BNFE_SIMULATE_NFE_CREATION R Simulate the goods movement and NFe creation for an incoming XML 
496 J_1BNFE_STO_GR_WITH_REF_CREATE R Create GR With Reference NF-e Outgoing 
497 J_1BNFE_STO_REF_DOC_DETERMINE Determine Reference Document 
498 J_1BNFE_STO_WITH_REF_DOC_POST Post GR With Reference NF-e Outgoing 
499 J_1BNFE_SUBSEQUENT_ADJUSTMENT R Subsequent Adjustment of components 
500 J_1BNFE_TPEMIS_TO_CONTING Derivate contingency flag from tpemis