SAP ABAP Function Module - Index E, page 40
Function Module - E
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 EXIT_SAPMOIKM_001 User exit for handling creation of Load ID number, saving LID master data 
2 EXIT_SAPMOIKM_110 User exit customer screen LID Master PBO 
3 EXIT_SAPMOIKM_120 User screen LID Master PAI 
4 EXIT_SAPMOIKM_130 User exit: LID Master data maintenance -> LOAD 
5 EXIT_SAPMOIKM_140 User exit: LID Master data maintenance -> SAVE 
6 EXIT_SAPMOIKM_150 User exit: LID Master data maintenance -> LOAD Released data 
7 EXIT_SAPMOIKN_100 User exit: Load ID Release - Table Control PBO 
8 EXIT_SAPMOIKN_110 User exit: Load ID Release 
9 EXIT_SAPMOIKN_120 User exit: Load ID Revise for update 
10 EXIT_SAPMOIKN_130 User exit: Load ID Release for Direct LIDs (LIDTYPE C) 
11 EXIT_SAPMOIKP_100 TPI: Process data of an external Transportation planning system 
12 EXIT_SAPMOIKP_120 TPI: Send results to Customer after succesfull Generation 
13 EXIT_SAPMOIKP_200 TAS/TPI: Check lovation for Driver/Vehicle-Assignment 
14 EXIT_SAPMOIKP_220 SWB: Change Plant 
15 EXIT_SAPMOIKP_230 SWB: Change Plant 
16 EXIT_SAPMOIKP_240 SWB: Delete Subsequent Documents 
17 EXIT_SAPMOIKP_250 Delete subsequent documents 
18 EXIT_SAPMOIKT_100 Customer Exit TPI Time window 
19 EXIT_SAPMOIKU_100 User exit: User Interface - Pickup Load Data IDOC 
20 EXIT_SAPMOIKU_110 User exit: User Interface - Shipment Load Data IDOC 
21 EXIT_SAPMOIKU_120 User Exit: User Interface Pickup Userarea -> PBO 
22 EXIT_SAPMOIKU_130 User Exit: User Interface Pickup Userarea -> PAI 
23 EXIT_SAPMOIKU_150 User Exit: User Interface Shipment Userarea -> PBO 
24 EXIT_SAPMOIKU_160 User Exit: User Interface Shipment Userarea -> PAI 
25 EXIT_SAPMOIREDTF_410 DTF customer subscreen 
26 EXIT_SAPMOIREDTF_411 DTF customer subscreen 
27 EXIT_SAPMOIREDTF_IN_410 DTF customer subscreen: transport data to cust. subscreen 
28 EXIT_SAPMP16B_001 Customer exit - medical aid schemes, pension funds 
29 EXIT_SAPMP50A_001 Personnel Administration Menu: Function for Input of Personnel Number 
30 EXIT_SAPMP50C_001 Payroll Menu: Determine the Name of the Customer Report to be Called Up 
31 EXIT_SAPMP56P_001 Customer-Exit zum Lesen des HR-Infotyps 0008 
32 EXIT_SAPMP56T_001 Customer-Exit zum Lesen des HR-Infotyps 0008 
33 EXIT_SAPMP56T_002 Customer-Exit: Sichern Reise (PR01, PR04, PR05,TRIP) 
34 EXIT_SAPMP56T_003 User exit: Sichern Reise (PR01, PR04, PR05) 
35 EXIT_SAPMPBWD_001 HR-DBW: Dialogprogramm: Kundenanpassung der übergebenen BWSEL-Struktur 
36 EXIT_SAPMQCPA_001 Customer Function Control Data for Certificate Profile Characteristic 
37 EXIT_SAPMQCPA_002 Cust. Func. Certs: Criteria for Limiting Insp. Lot / Part. Lot Selection 
38 EXIT_SAPMQCPA_003 QM Certificate Profile: Inclusion of New Chars in Certificate Profile 
39 EXIT_SAPMQCPA_004 Customer Function: Cert. Profile Menu (Cert. Profile, Function Code +US4) 
40 EXIT_SAPMQCPA_005 Customer Function Menu Certificate Proflie (Edit, Function Code *US5) 
41 EXIT_SAPMQCPA_006 Customer Function Menu Cert. Profile (Environment, Function Code +US6) 
42 EXIT_SAPMQCPA_007 QM Certificates: Transfer of Data to Subscreen 0100 
43 EXIT_SAPMQCPA_008 QM Certificates: Transfer of Data from Subscreen 0100 to Cert. Profile 
44 EXIT_SAPMQDQL_001 Import Q-Level 
45 EXIT_SAPMQEEA_020 Customer Function: Additional Functions After Entering Inspector 
46 EXIT_SAPMQEVA_001 Customer Function Quantity Posting UD 
47 EXIT_SAPMQEVA_002 Customer Exit: Calculate Share of Scrap for Lot 
48 EXIT_SAPMQEVA_003 Customer Exit for Calculating Next Inspection Date 
49 EXIT_SAPMQEVA_004 Customer Exit for Changing Status Line in UD Header 
50 EXIT_SAPMQEVA_005 Transfer of Inspection Lot Data to User Screen 
51 EXIT_SAPMQEVA_006 Entry to usage decision transactions 
52 EXIT_SAPMQEVA_007 Control of Compulsory Comment and Preassignment of UD Long Text 
53 EXIT_SAPMQEVA_008 Module for Editing Customer Function Code 
54 EXIT_SAPMQEVA_009 Quantity Default Value to be Posted 'to Sample' 
55 EXIT_SAPMQEVA_010 Checking the Usage Decision 
56 EXIT_SAPMQPDA_001 Where-Used List Master Characteristics 
57 EXIT_SAPMQSBA_001 Customer Exit After Import of Data to Code Group 
58 EXIT_SAPMQSBA_002 Customer Exit After Import of Data to Selected Set 
59 EXIT_SAPMQSCA_001 Customer Exit Inspection Methods for Info Fields 
60 EXIT_SAPMQSCA_002 Customer Exit After Import of Data to Inspection Method 
61 EXIT_SAPMQSCA_003 Customer Exit for Search Field for Inspection Method 
62 EXIT_SAPMQSCA_004 Customer Exit Before Saving Data in the Inspection Method 
63 EXIT_SAPMQSDA_001 Customer Exit for Maintenance of Master Inspection Characteristics 
64 EXIT_SAPMQSDA_002 Customer Exit After Import of Data to Master Inspection Characteristic 
65 EXIT_SAPMQSDA_003 Customer Exit for Search Field of Master Inspection Characteristic 
66 EXIT_SAPMQSDA_004 Customer Exit Before saving Data in Master Inspection Characteristic 
67 EXIT_SAPMQVDM_001 Customer Function for Info Field 10 in SAPMQVDM 
68 EXIT_SAPMQVDM_002 Customer Function for Info Field 20 in SAPMQVDM 
69 EXIT_SAPMQVDM_003 Customer Function for Info Field 40 in SAPMQVDM 
70 EXIT_SAPMQVDM_004 Customer Function for Initial Transaction Screen 
71 EXIT_SAPMQVDM_005 Customer Function for Authorization Check for Material Detail Screen 
72 EXIT_SAPMQVDM_006 Customer Function: Input Check of Delivery Type in SAPMQVDM 
73 EXIT_SAPMRSRU_001 BW: Definition of Virtual Characteristic and Key Figure 
74 EXIT_SAPMRSRU_999 BW: Initializing of Field Positions for User Exit 
75 EXIT_SAPMS38E_010 Function Exit on Intial Screen of ABAP Editor (Old Workbench) 
76 EXIT_SAPMS38L_001 Function Builder Exit 
77 EXIT_SAPMS38L_002 User's Own Function Code in the Function Builder 
78 EXIT_SAPMSEDT_001 User Exit for Editor (Dynamic Pattern) 
79 EXIT_SAPMSEDT_002 User's Own Function Code in ABAP Editor 
80 EXIT_SAPMSERP_010 Exit in report tree node (display mode) 
81 EXIT_SAPMSERP_020 Exit in node in report tree (change mode) 
82 EXIT_SAPMSEU0_100 Exit Object Browser 
83 EXIT_SAPMSEUS_001 Screen Painter Exit (Old Workbench) 
84 EXIT_SAPMSEUS_002 User's Own Function Code in Screen Painter (Old Workbench) 
85 EXIT_SAPMSMPE_001 Exit Menu Painter (Function) 
86 EXIT_SAPMV43A_001 GUI Exit for Sales Activities: FCode +3X1 
87 EXIT_SAPMV43A_002 Exit after Number Assignment (before COMMIT WORK) 
88 EXIT_SAPMV43A_003 Exit for Exclusion of GUI Functions 
89 EXIT_SAPMV43A_004 GUI Exit for Sales Activities: FCode +5X1 
90 EXIT_SAPMV43A_005 GUI Exit for Sales Activities: FCode +6X1 
91 EXIT_SAPMV43A_006 Exit for Checking the Deletability of a Sales Activity 
92 EXIT_SAPMV43A_007 Change Sales Activity Data Online 
93 EXIT_SAPMV45A_001 User Exit for Determining the Billing Plan Type 
94 EXIT_SAPMV45A_002 Preassignment of Sold-to Party in Sales Documents 
95 EXIT_SAPMV45A_003 Rev.Rec.: Copy Requirements An Header Level 
96 EXIT_SAPMV45A_004 Rev.Rec.: Field Modification Sales 
97 EXIT_SAPMV45A_005 Copyy Packing Proposal Into Outobund Delivery Orders 
98 EXIT_SAPMV45A_910 IS-OIL/TAS: Exit Change-Flag Output determination 
99 EXIT_SAPMV45A_911 TAS - Customer exit after creation of calloff 
100 EXIT_SAPMV45A_920 User Exit: TAS data Incompletion Log on Doc.-header-level 
101 EXIT_SAPMV45A_930 Userexit to allow overdelivery in Quantity schedule 
102 EXIT_SAPMV50A_910 Customer exit to allow VL02 for deliveries which are created by TAS 
103 EXIT_SAPMV50A_911 TAS - Customer exit after creation of delivery 
104 EXIT_SAPMV53W_001 User Exit for Creation of Wave Picks 
105 EXIT_SAPMV53W_002 User Exit for Sorting Deliveries for Wave Picks 
106 EXIT_SAPMV53W_003 User Exit: Changing and Adding to Wave Picks and Deliveries 
107 EXIT_SAPMV56A_001 Shipment Processing: Check Function Code Allowed 
108 EXIT_SAPMV56A_002 Establish Inline Lines During Text Maintenance 
109 EXIT_SAPMV56A_003 Customer Exit for Filtering Shipping Unit Calc 
110 EXIT_SAPMV56A_004 Initialization of Transaction Control 
111 EXIT_SAPMV86E_001 User exit subscreen data transfer 
112 EXIT_SAPMV86E_002 User exit subscreen data transfer 
113 EXIT_SAPMV86E_003 Installation of customer-specific lists 
114 EXIT_SAPMWFRM8_001 Quantity Distribution when Subitems Maintained 
115 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_001 Requirements Planning for Perishables 
116 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_002 User_Exit_Indfelder_Header: Activation and Naming of Ind. Fields 
117 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_003 User_Exit_Indfelder_Fdis: Check Ind. Fields (FDIS) after Entry 
118 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_004 User_Exit_Fdis_Pai: After Change (FDIS) in PAI 
119 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_005 User_Exit_Vor_Fdis: Prior to Issue of Perishables Planning List 
120 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_006 User_Exit_Befor_Save: Before Saving 
121 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_007 User_Exit_After_Save: After Saving 
122 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_008 User_Exit_Indfelder_Abn: Check Ind. Fields (ABN) after Entry 
123 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_009 User_Exit_Abn_Pai: After Change (ABN) in PAI 
124 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_010 User_Exit_Fdis_Liste: After FDIS Preparation for Revision 
125 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_011 User_Exit_Assortment_Group: Postprocessing of Assortment Group Records 
126 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_012 User_Exit_Assortment_Position: For Postprocessing of Assortment Item 
127 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_013 User_Exit_Vor_Abn: Prior to Issue of Recipient Processing 
128 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_014 User_Exit_Nach_Refr: After Update FDIS, ABN for Post Processing 
129 EXIT_SAPMWOG1_015 User_Exit_Screen_Varinat: Determine Screen Variant 
130 EXIT_SAPMWPSTLHM_001 A&D: Data at Customer Subscreen 
131 EXIT_SAPMWPSTLHM_002 A&D: Data from the Customer Subscreen 
132 EXIT_SAPMWPSTLHM_003 A&D: Process User Function Code 
133 EXIT_SAPMWS01000109H_001 Leave Requests - Overview: Determine Approver 
134 EXIT_SAPMWS04200009H_001 Leave Request: Determine Approver 
135 EXIT_SAPMWS12400005H_001 Leave Requests - Overview: Determine Approver 
136 EXIT_SAPMWS20000081H_001 Leave Request: Determine Approver 
137 EXIT_SAPMWWMJ_001 Function Exit Online Store: Product Details Additional Data 
138 EXIT_SAPMWWMJ_002 Function Exit Online Store: Product List Additional Data 
139 EXIT_SAPSFMMD_001 User exit for creating/changing a cmmt item in chart of commitment items 
140 EXIT_SAPSFMMD_002 User exit for creating/changing a commitment item in FM area/fiscal year 
141 EXIT_SAPSFMMD_003 User exit for checking values in chart of commitment items (screen 0400) 
142 EXIT_SAPSFMMD_004 User Exit for Checking Values in FM Area/Fiscal Year (Screen 0400) 
143 EXIT_SAPSFMMD_007 User Exit for Creating a Funds Center in FM Area 
144 EXIT_SAPSFMMD_008 User Exit for Checking Values in FM Area (Screen 0400) 
145 EXIT_SAPSFMMD_010 User Exit for Copying Commitment Items 
146 EXIT_SAPSFMMD_011 User Exit for Copying Funds Centers 
147 EXIT_SAPSFMMD_013 User Exit for Creating/Changing a Fund 
148 EXIT_SAPSFMMD_018 User exit for copying commitment items 
149 EXIT_SAPVSTRM_NO_ATPCHK_001 User Exit: Scheduling without requesting new ATP Check 
150 EXIT_SDVTTKWR_001 Shipment Archiving: Customer-Defined Checks: Prefetch 
151 EXIT_SDVTTKWR_002 Enhancement of Shipment Archiving: Checks Per Shipment 
152 EXIT_TEST1_001 test for customer-function 
153 EXIT_VHUMI_RECONCILIATION_001 Customer Exit for WM Movement Types 
154 EXPAND Expandiere Org-Einheit 
155 EXPAND_BR_TOOLS_RC Langtext für den Return-Code einer BR-Tools-Aktion 
156 EXPAND_EKBE_MA Multikontierung: Expandiere Kontierungszeilen 
157 EXPD_ANALYSIS Übersicht Terminverfolgung 
158 EXPD_DISPLAY_PROGRESS_DATA Aufruf zur Anzeige von Progress Tracking Daten 
159 EXPD_EXISTENCE_CHECK Existenz von Expeditingdaten prüfen 
160 EXPD_EXPEDITE Aufruf des Expediting 
161 EXPD_MASS_CHANGE Filterkriterien zu Expeditingobjekten 
162 EXPD_MASS_OBJ_CHANGE Massenänderung zum Expeditingobjekt 
163 EXPD_OBJECT_FILTER Filterkriterien zu Expeditingobjekten 
164 EXPD_REFRESH_PO_DATA Daten zum Expediting aktualisieren 
165 EXPD_SEL_FROM_COMP_LIST Selektieren relevanter Bestellungen/Bestellpositionen 
166 EXPD_SEL_FROM_NTW_LIST Selektieren relevanter Bestellungen/Bestellpositionen 
167 EXPD_SEL_FROM_PO_LIST Selektieren relevanter Bestellungen/Bestellpositionen 
168 EXPD_SEL_FROM_WBS_LIST Selektieren relevanter Bestellungen/Bestellpositionen 
169 EXPECTED_CASH_FLOW_DATE_GET Das vorraussichtliche Zahlungsdatum (Fortschreibungsdatum) wird ermittelt 
171 EXPIMP_ADDITIONAL_DATA_FETCH Außenhandel: Ermitteln von zusätzlichen, abhängigen Daten 
172 EXPIMP_BUS_TRANS_CUST_PROC_DET Außenhandel: Ermittlung der Geschäftsart T605Z und des Verfahrens T616Z 
173 EXPIMP_COMPLETENESS_DETERMINE Außenhandel: Prüfen der Außenhandelsdaten auf Vollständigkeit 
174 EXPIMP_COM_DATA_MAINTAIN Pflege der Export/Import Kommunikationsdaten 
175 EXPIMP_COM_EIEI_UPDATE_PREPARE Außenhandel: Erzeugen/Pflegen der EIEI-Einträge aus Druckverarbeitung 
176 EXPIMP_DATA_COMPLETENESS_CHECK Außenhandel: Vollständigkeitsprüf. der Außenhandelsdaten im Export 
177 EXPIMP_DATA_MAINTAIN Dezentrale Pflege der Außenhandelsdaten 
178 EXPIMP_DOCUMENT_UPDATE Außenhandel: Updaten von Belegen bezüglich der EXNUM 
179 EXPIMP_GENERAL_DATA_CHANGE Ändern Daten Aussenhandelssegment Kopf 
180 EXPIMP_GENERAL_DATA_COPY Kopieren Kopfdaten Export/Import 
181 EXPIMP_GENERAL_DATA_MAINTAIN Pflege Kopfdaten Export/Import 
182 EXPIMP_GENERAL_DATA_MODIFY Ändern Daten Aussenhandelssegment Kopf 
183 EXPIMP_GENERAL_DATA_READ Liest die Export/Import-Daten des Kopfes 
184 EXPIMP_HEADER_TEXTS_FETCH Außenhandelsabwicklung in SD-/MM-Belegen: Ermitteln der Kopftexte 
185 EXPIMP_INCOMPL_DATA_DISPLAY Außenhandel: Anzeige des Unvollstaendigkeitsprotokolls 
186 EXPIMP_ITEM_DATA_COPY Kopieren Positionsdaten Export/Import 
187 EXPIMP_ITEM_DATA_MAINTAIN Pflege Positionsdaten Export/Import 
188 EXPIMP_ITEM_DATA_OVERVIEW Außenhandelsdaten pflegen (Beleg) 
189 EXPIMP_ITEM_DATA_READ Liest die Export/Import-Daten zur Position 
190 EXPIMP_ITEM_VALUE_MAINTAIN Pflege Grenzuebergangswert Export/Import 
191 EXPIMP_LINE_ITEM_TEXTS_FETCH Außenhandelsabwicklung in SD-/MM-Belegen: Ermitteln der Positionstexte 
192 EXPIMP_MASS_DATA_READ Außenhandel: Prüfen der Außenhandelskopfdaten auf Vollständigkeit 
193 EXPIMP_MASS_DATA_RETRIEVE Außenhandel: Prüfen der Außenhandelskopfdaten auf Vollständigkeit 
194 EXPIMP_POSTING Außenhandel: Verbuchung Exportdaten / Importdaten in Belegen 
195 EXPIMP_POSTING_TRIGGER Außenhandel: Anstoß Verbuchung Exportdaten/Importdaten in Belegen 
196 EXPIMP_RENUMBER EXNUM in XEIKP und XEIPO wird ersetzt 
197 EXPIMP_TABLES_EXPORT Exportieren der verwalteten Tabellen der Exportdaten ins Memory 
198 EXPIMP_TABLES_IMPORT Importieren der Tabellen mit Exportdaten aus dem Memory 
199 EXPIMP_TABLES_REFRESH Refresh der Tabellen für Export/Importdaten 
201 EXPNDT_FMAA_DEFAULT_CHECKS Konsistenzprüfungen für Ausgaben HHMK 
202 EXPNDT_POOL_DEFAULT_CHECKS Konsistenzprüfungen für Einnahmen HHMk 
203 EXPORT_CLUSTER_PC Export cluster PC data 
204 EXPORT_CREATE_RESULTS All scores for multiple suppliers in several time periods 
205 EXPORT_DATA R Returns supplier delivery performance rating data per supplier/period 
206 EXPORT_DUNNING_PARAMETERS FI Mahnen - Sichern und Prüfen der Parameter eines Mahnlaus 
207 EXPORT_ELM_PS_TO_MEMORY Export the table ELM_ps to memory 
208 EXPORT_GENERAL_DATA_PROPOSE Vorschlag von Exportdaten für den gesamten Vorgang 
209 EXPORT_GET_DATA_FROM_MDX Creates the MDX object and selects the data 
210 EXPORT_GET_META get columns, rows and assigned meta data 
211 EXPORT_ITEM_DATA_PROPOSE Vorschlag von Exportdaten für die Position 
212 EXPORT_MDX_STM_CREATE_FILTER Creates Filter based on SAP variable for MDX statement 
213 EXPORT_PCLX_FROM_BUFFER Exportieren des PCL2 Puffers auf die Datenbank 
214 EXPORT_RM_TO_MEMORY Exportiert Daten von RM-Auswertungen ins Memory 
216 EXPORT_TEXT Text Conversion: Convert Text and Store on GUI File 
217 EXPORT_TO_SHARED_BUFFER Exportiert Daten für Transaktionsaufruf in den Shared Buffer 
219 EXPORT_UCFONTMET Save Unicode fontmetric to STXL 
220 EXPORT_UNDL_CREA_TO_MEMORY Exportieren von Verwaltungsdaten ins Memory aus Optionstransaktion 
221 EXPORT_UNDL_TO_MEMORY Exportieren von Underlyings ins Memory aus der Optionstransaktion 
222 EXPORT_WEB_OBJECT Upload a Web template 
223 EXPORT_WORKAREA Workarea von Bildbaustein in dei Anwendung 
224 EXPORT_WWI_DOCUMENTS Collect all ids of WWI documents for Incident 
225 EXPO_ANA_WRITE_VALIDITIES Anzeige von Gültigkeiten 
226 EXPO_SHLP_EXPL_PROFILE Suchhilfe für die Expo-Objekttypen 
227 EXPO_SHLP_LINK_TYPES Suchhilfe für die Expo-Linktypen 
228 EXPO_SHLP_OBJ_TYPES Suchhilfe für die Expo-Objekttypen 
229 EXP_JIB_MAPPING Joint Venture - JIB Mapping for Billing 
230 EXTENDED_AUTH_CHECK_FOR_REPS Erweiterte Berechtigungsprüfung für Ausführung von Reports in SE38/SE80 
231 EXTENDED_CHANGE_INFO_ANALYSE Auswertung von Schlüsselinformationen aus Änderungszeigern 
232 EXTENDED_COUNTER_ACTIVE Checks if the extended counter is active for pricing 
233 EXTENDED_PROGRAM_CHECK Erweiterte Programmprüfung für ABAP-Programme 
236 EXTENDED_PROGRAM_CHECK_SHOW SLIN: Ausgabe der Resultate der 'Erw. Programmprüfung' 
237 EXTENDED_PROGRAM_CHECK_TODO Schnittstelle von SLIN fuer das Transportwesen 
238 EXTENDED_PROGRAM_CHECK_TRNSPRT Transport-Schnittstelle von SLIN 
239 EXTEND_POSTAL_CODE Erweiterung 9stelliger Postleitzahlen auf 10 Stellen 
241 EXTERNAL_CONTRACT_TYPE_SET Setzt Vertragsart aus Berichtsart 
242 EXTERNAL_CONVEX_HULL Konvexe Hülle über Selektionsbedingungen bilden 
243 EXTERNAL_CREATE_PROJECT Creating a Customizing project, Basic data only 
244 EXTERNAL_CURRENCY_CONVERSION Währungsumrechnung in Anzeigewährung 
245 EXTERNAL_DATA_MANAGEMENT Berechnungsgrundlagen etc. verwalten 
246 EXTERNAL_DELTA_HANDLING ATP: Verwalten der RFC-Destinations & Transaktions-Guids für ext. Deltas 
247 EXTERNAL_DELTA_REMOVE ATP: Löschen der externen Deltasätze in APO-Servern (DEQUEUE_ALL) 
248 EXTERNAL_DISPLAY_CURRENCY_FIEL Besorgt den Feldnamen der Anzeigewährung 
250 EXTERNAL_GENERATE_IMG Generierung des Unternehmens- oder Projekt-IMG ohne Dialogschritte 
251 EXTERNAL_GET_ACTIVITY_ATTRIB R Lesen der Attribute zu Aktivitäten 
252 EXTERNAL_GET_ACTIVITY_TEXTS R Read texts for activities 
254 EXTERNAL_GET_RELEASE_ACTIVITY R Read Release Customizing activities 
255 EXTERNAL_GET_ROADMAP_ATTRIB R Read attributes of Roadmap IDs 
256 EXTERNAL_GET_SUBOBJECT_TEXTS R Read subobject texts for IC 
257 EXTERNAL_GET_VIEW_VARIANTS R Read view variants and their parent view 
258 EXTERNAL_HANDOVER_DATA Daten übergeben 
259 EXTERNAL_MAT_NUMBER Vergabe der externen Mat.Nr (Userexit) 
260 EXTERNAL_MAT_NUMBER_RETAIL Userexit zur Änderung der externen Nummer 
261 EXTERNAL_OBJECT_INPUT R Enter External Object ID Code 
263 EXTERNAL_PF4 PF4 für Spezialfälle 
265 EXTERNAL_RKB1U_SET_TRM RKB1U setzen für Treasury 
268 EXTERNAL_SELECTION_TIME_FILL Füllt Selektionstabelle um 
269 EXTERNAL_SELECT_OPTIONS Selektionsbedingungen setzen 
270 EXTERNAL_SELECT_OPTION_BUILD Füllt die Selektionsbedingung um: CEDST-->generell 
271 EXTERNAL_START_FOR_SEL_CHAPTER R Ausführen der Transaktion für eine bestimmte Customizing-Aktivität 
272 EXTERNAL_START_FOR_SEL_OBJECT R Execute the Transaction for a Customizing Subobject 
273 EXTERNAL_S_CONVEX_HULL Konvexe Hülle über Selektionsbedingungen bilden 
274 EXTERNAL_S_CURRENCY_CONVERSION Währungsumrechnung in Anzeigewährung 
275 EXTERNAL_S_DATA_MANAGEMENT Berechnungsgrundlagen etc. verwalten 
277 EXTERNAL_S_HANDOVER_DATA Daten übergeben 
278 EXTERNAL_S_PF4 PF4 für Spezialfälle 
282 EXTERNAL_S_SELECT_OPTIONS Selektionsbedingungen setzen 
284 EXTERNAL_S_TEXTPOOL_COPY Kopiert den Textpool für Selektionsparameter 
286 EXTERNAL_TAX_CONVERT_TO_TTXY Select external tax documents and convert to TTXI and TTXY structures 
287 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOCUMENT_CHANGE Load external tax document from DB for changes 
288 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOCUMENT_CHECK Called by RW-Interface event "CHECK" 
289 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOCUMENT_GET_LIST Get list of external tax documents 
290 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOCUMENT_POST Post external tax document 
291 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOCUMENT_PROJECT FI: Update external tax document with G/L tax data 
292 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOCUMENT_REVERSE Reverse external tax document 
293 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOCUMENT_SAVE Make external tax document persistent 
294 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOCUMENT_UPDATE Update audit file for an external tax document 
295 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_ADD_GLTAXDATA Add G/L tax data to external tax document 
296 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_CREATE_BSET Accounting-Interface: Create and Set External Tax Document FROM BSET 
297 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_CREATE_SET TTE: Create and set External Tax Document 
298 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_DISPLAY Display taxes as they are posted 
299 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_DISPLAY_MORE Display taxes as they are posted 
300 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_GET_DETAIL Get information on header level from external tax document 
301 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_GET_DISPLAY Get tax data as posted for display 
302 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_INSERT_DB Insert external tax document into database 
303 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_REFRESH Refresh the tax document 
304 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_RESET_UPDATE Reset update status of external tax document 
305 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_START_PRICING Initialize the status and refresh external tax document 
306 EXTERNAL_TAX_DOC_USER_EXITS Get customer data proposal through new User-Exit 
307 EXTERN_EVENT_ADD_TO_USER_SHELF Transmit External Event to Create a Favorite in the Folder 
308 EXTERN_EVENT_CHANGE_ITEM_SHELF Externen Event absetzen zum Ändern eines Favorites in der Ablage 
309 EXTERN_EVENT_CREATE_FOLDER Transfer External Event to Create a File in User Files 
310 EXTERN_EVENT_CREATE_WEB_LINK Externen Event Anlegen eines Internetlinks 
311 EXTERN_EVENT_DELETE_FROM_SHELF Externen Event absetzen zum Löschen eines Favorites in der Ablage 
312 EXTERN_EVENT_MOVE_OBJECT Externen Event absetzen zum Verschieben eines Knotens in der Ablage 
313 EXTPAYROLL_CLEARBUFFER Löschen des internen Puffers 
314 EXTPAYROLL_SAVEBUFFER Update T558B/T558D aus Puffer 
315 EXTRACT_CDB_AND_MAP_TO_CRM Extract and Mapping 
316 EXTRACT_DATA R Datenextraktion 
318 EXTRACT_DATA_IPC R Data Extraction for IPC (deprecated. don't use) 
319 EXTRACT_DATA_RAW R Datenextraktion 
320 EXTRACT_PARTNER_DETAILS Extract Partner details from KNA1 and T8JQ 
322 EXTRAKT_AUS_MDPSX_BILDEN Datenextrakt aus MDPSX zur Anzeige bilden 
323 EXTTYPE_ATTRIBUTES_DISP Attribute einer Erweiterung anzeigen/ändern 
325 EXTTYPE_CHANGE_BASIS_TYPE Change basic type assigned to extension 
329 EXTTYPE_CREATE Generate Extension 
330 EXTTYPE_DELETE Delete Extension 
340 EXTTYPE_UPDATE Change extension 
341 EXT_ACTIVITY_GET_INT_ACTIVITY get the internal activity from the external activity 
342 EXT_BELNR_TRAFO Umwandeln externe Belegnummer und (int.Nr(8)-Geschäftsjahr-Vorgang/VISLID) 
343 EXT_BUSG_MENU_SET Pushbuttonmenü (Toolbar) für alle BUSG-Bausteine 
344 EXT_EXTENDED_ORIGINAL_CHECK Doku - Erweiterungskonzept - Prüfe ob Orginal erweitert wurde 
345 EXT_MANU_SOURCING_POSSIBLE Prüft ob externe Beschaffung aktiv ist 
346 EXT_MODIFY_ORIGINAL_CHECK Doku - Enhancement concept - Check whether orginal has been modified 
347 EXT_MODIFY_ORIGINAL_PROTOCOL Doku - Erweiterungskonzept - Protokolliere Modifikation am Orginal 
348 EXT_NETWORK_GET_INT_NETWORK get the internal network from the external network 
349 EXT_PROC_DATA_READ Auslesen eines Einkaufsinfosatztes für die Fremdbearbeitungsdaten 
350 EXT_REL_TYPE_GET_INT_REL_TYPE get the internal relation type from the external relation type 
351 EXT_SDL_CONTEXT_CLOSE R ExtSdl: Kontext schließen 
352 EXT_SDL_CONTEXT_CREATE R ExtSdl: Kontext anlegen 
353 EXT_SDL_CONTEXT_SEARCH R ExtSdl: nach Kontexten suchen 
354 EXT_SDL_CONTEXT_STATUS_GET R ExtSdl: Status eines Kontextes ermitteln 
355 EXT_SDL_CREATE_APPLICATION R ExtSdl: Eine Anwendung anlegen 
356 EXT_SDL_CREATE_EVENT_DEF R ExtSdl: Ein Event anlegen 
357 EXT_SDL_DELETE_APPLICATION R ExtSdl: Löschen eines Objektes 
358 EXT_SDL_DELETE_EVENT_DEF R ExtSdl: Löschen eines Objektes 
359 EXT_SDL_EVENT_CONTROL R ExtSdl: Event im ext. Scheduler auslösen 
360 EXT_SDL_EVENT_STATUS_GET R ExtSdl: Status eines Eventes ermitteln 
361 EXT_SDL_GET_APPLICATIONS R ExtSdl: Liste der Anwendungen 
362 EXT_SDL_GET_EVENTS R ExtSdl: Liste der externen Scheduler-Events 
363 EXT_SDL_GET_EVENT_DEFS R ExtSdl: Liste der externen Scheduler-Eventdefinitionen 
364 EXT_SDL_GET_ISOL_GROUPS R ExtSdl: Liste der Isolation-Gruppen 
365 EXT_SDL_GET_JOBS R ExtSdl: Liste der Jobs 
366 EXT_SDL_GET_JOB_DEFS R ExtSdl: Liste der Jobdefinitionen 
367 EXT_SDL_GET_JOB_DEF_PARAMETERS R ExtSdl: Liste der Parameters einer Jobdefinition 
368 EXT_SDL_GET_JOB_DEF_PAR_VALUES R ExtSdl: F4-Hilfe eines Parameters eines Jobdefinitiones 
369 EXT_SDL_GET_JOB_DEF_TYPES R ExtSdl: Liste der Jobdefinitionen 
370 EXT_SDL_GET_JOB_FILTERS R ExtSdl: Liste der Jobfilters 
371 EXT_SDL_GET_OPERATOR_MESSAGES R ExtSdl: Liste der Operatorsmeldungen 
372 EXT_SDL_GET_QUEUES R ExtSdl: Liste der Queues 
373 EXT_SDL_GET_SAP_SYSTEMS R ExtSdl: Liste der Systeme 
374 EXT_SDL_GET_SAP_SYSTEM_DETAILS R ExtSdl: Liste der Verbindungen 
375 EXT_SDL_GET_START_OPTIONS R ExtSdl: Liste der Jobplanungsparameters 
376 EXT_SDL_GET_START_OPT_VALUES R ExtSdl: Liste der Jobplanungsparameters 
377 EXT_SDL_INFO_GET R ExtSdl: Information eines externen Schedulers holen 
378 EXT_SDL_JOB_CONTROL R ExtSdl: Job abbrechen 
379 EXT_SDL_JOB_DETAILS_GET R ExtSdl: Job-Termine auslesen 
380 EXT_SDL_JOB_NOTE_ADD R ExtSdl: Jobhinweis hinzufügen 
381 EXT_SDL_JOB_OUTPUT_GET R ExtSdl: Joboutput auslesen 
382 EXT_SDL_JOB_OUTPUT_INFO_GET R ExtSdl: Status des Joboutputs auslesen 
383 EXT_SDL_JOB_PARAMS_ADD R ExtSdl: Jobparameters hinzufügen 
384 EXT_SDL_JOB_PARAMS_GET R ExtSdl: Parameters eines Jobs auslesen 
385 EXT_SDL_JOB_SCHEDULE R ExtSdl: Job in ext. Scheduler einplanen 
386 EXT_SDL_JOB_STATUS_GET R ExtSdl: Status eines Jobs ermitteln 
387 EXT_SDL_JOB_STATUS_NOTIFIC R ExtSdl: Statusbenachrichtigung ändern 
388 EXT_SDL_JOB_USER_GET R ExtSdl: Besitzer eines Jobs auslesen 
389 EXT_SDL_LOGOFF R ExtSdl: Schnittstelle logoff 
390 EXT_SDL_LOGON R ExtSdl: Schnittstelle logon 
391 EXT_SDL_OPERATOR_MESSAGE_CONF R ExtSdl: Operator Message bestätigen 
392 EXT_SDL_OPERATOR_MESSAGE_DET R ExtSdl: Parameters einesOperator Messages auslesen 
393 EXT_SDL_SELECT_JOBS R ExtSdl: Liste der Jobs 
394 EXT_SDL_SESSION_CHECK R ExtSdl: externe Sitzung prüfen 
395 EXT_SDL_USER_CHECK_AUTH R ExtSdl: Schnittstelle logon 
396 EXT_TAX_CALCULATION Berechnung ber externes System 
397 E_SHLP_EXIT_FKKAKTIV2_RUN Suchhilfe-Exit zur Suchhilfe E_AKTIV2_RUN 
398 E_VTBFXIFDC_TO_MAINTAIN_FX vtbfxifdc -> bapi2042_maintain_fx 
399 E_VTB_DEALDETAIL_TO_GETLIST vtb_dealdetail -> bapi2042_getlist 
400 E_VTMIFDC_TO_MAINTAIN_MM vtmifdc -> bapi2042_maintain_mm