SAP ABAP Function Module - Index E, page 33
Function Module - E
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 EXIT_SAPLFKEBS_BILLINFO_002 User-Exit 2: BillInfo 
2 EXIT_SAPLFKEBS_BILLINFO_003 User-Exit 3: BillInfo 
3 EXIT_SAPLFKKFM_UPD_001 Summarization for FICA 
4 EXIT_SAPLFKKFM_UPD_002 User Dimension for FI-CA 
6 EXIT_SAPLFKYA_001 Customer Exit for Format AT_DOM (Header) 
7 EXIT_SAPLFKYA_002 Customer Exit for Format AT_DOM (Payment Record) 
8 EXIT_SAPLFKYA_003 Customer Exit for Format AT_DOM (Trailer) 
9 EXIT_SAPLFLT03_001 Titel für Tabstrip 'BTN_VGD5_EX' ermitteln 
10 EXIT_SAPLFLT03_002 Customer-Exit: Übergabe Ursache an User-Screen 
11 EXIT_SAPLFLT03_003 Customer-Exit: Userfields in Transaktion IA05/IA06 prüfen 
12 EXIT_SAPLFLT03_004 Customer-Exit: F4 Hilfe für Userfelder am Vorgang (Transaktion IA05/IA06) 
13 EXIT_SAPLFLT03_005 Customer-Exit: Auftragsvorgang updaten 
14 EXIT_SAPLFLT03_006 Customer-Exit: Rückgabe Ursache von User-Screen 
15 EXIT_SAPLFLT03_007 Customer-Exit: Übergabe an User-Screen 
16 EXIT_SAPLFLT03_008 Customer-Exit: Komponentenselektion in PM Auftrag 
17 EXIT_SAPLFM52_001 User exit fund: Customer-specific fields (SAP data -> SUBSCREEN) 
18 EXIT_SAPLFM52_002 User exit fund: Customer-specific fields (SUBSCREEN data -> SAP) 
19 EXIT_SAPLFM52_003 Check Fund 
20 EXIT_SAPLFMC1_002 Check Carry Over Flag in Funds Reservations 
21 EXIT_SAPLFMC1_003 Read Exception Table: Carry Forward Parameter for each Document Number 
22 EXIT_SAPLFMC1_004 Execute Carry Forward for Reduced Document 
23 EXIT_SAPLFMC1_005 Individual Setting for Statistic Indicator 
24 EXIT_SAPLFMCF_BUD_001 ISPS: FYC Budget: Calculation Maximum Transferable Amount 
25 EXIT_SAPLFMCF_BUD_002 ISPS: FYC Budget: Can Approved/Requested Amount Be Negative 
26 EXIT_SAPLFMCH_001 Determine FM Account Assignment from Coding Block 
27 EXIT_SAPLFMCH_002 Own Table Updates During Reassignment 
28 EXIT_SAPLFMCH_003 Change of Account Assignment, Reject Reassignment 
29 EXIT_SAPLFMCI2_001 User-Exit for Creating/Changing a Commitment Item 
30 EXIT_SAPLFMCI2_002 Check User Exit Commitment Item 
31 EXIT_SAPLFMCI2_003 User-Exit Cmmt Item: Customer Specific Fields (Data SAP -> SUBSCREEN) 
32 EXIT_SAPLFMCI2_004 User-Exit Cmmt Items: Customer-Specific Fields (Data SUBSCREEN -> SAP) 
33 EXIT_SAPLFMCU_001 Activating the Availability Control for Internal CO Postings 
34 EXIT_SAPLFMCU_002 Set FM Account Assignment for CO-Internal Postings 
35 EXIT_SAPLFMCU_003 Activate CO-Internal Postings 
36 EXIT_SAPLFMDT_001 FMDERIVE Customer User Exits 
37 EXIT_SAPLFMDT_002 FMDERIVE Customer User Exits - Additional fields 
38 EXIT_SAPLFMF2_001 User exit funds center: Customer-specific fields (SAP data -> SUBSCREEN) 
39 EXIT_SAPLFMF2_002 User exit funds center: Customer-specific fields (SUBSCREEN data -> SAP) 
40 EXIT_SAPLFMFA_001 Set the Statistics Indicator 
41 EXIT_SAPLFMFA_004 FM update panel display 
42 EXIT_SAPLFMFA_005 Controls the call up of availability control in batch 
43 EXIT_SAPLFMFC_001 Override "Only Assign Budget" Flag 
44 EXIT_SAPLFMFC_002 Availability Control Data for the User 
45 EXIT_SAPLFMFC_003 Posting Availability Control Data for the User 
46 EXIT_SAPLFMFG_DERIVE_001 User Exit for USFG Derivation Tool 
47 EXIT_SAPLFMFG_TC_001 Generate Treasury Confirmation Schedule Nbr 
48 EXIT_SAPLFMFR_001 Earmarked Funds: PBO Initial Screen 
49 EXIT_SAPLFMFR_002 Earmarked Funds: PAI Initial Screen, All Data Read 
50 EXIT_SAPLFMFR_003 Earmarked Funds: PAI, Checking of Item on Overview and Detail Screen 
51 EXIT_SAPLFMFR_004 Earmarked Funds: PAI, Total Documents Check (Also Before Saving) 
52 EXIT_SAPLFMFR_005 Earmarked Funds: PBO for Every Line, for Example, Field Control (2) 
53 EXIT_SAPLFMFR_006 Earmarked Funds: PBO for Every Line, for example, Field Control (1) 
54 EXIT_SAPLFMFR_007 Earmarked Funds: Conditions for Workflow Restart 
55 EXIT_SAPLFMFR_008 Earmarked Funds: Function Code Processing in Overview Screen 
56 EXIT_SAPLFMFR_009 Earmarked Fund: Function Code Processing in Detail Screen 
57 EXIT_SAPLFMFR_010 Earmarked Fund: Update of Data in Database 
58 EXIT_SAPLFMG2_001 User exit FM area: Customer-specific fields (SAP data -> SUBSCREEN) 
59 EXIT_SAPLFMG2_002 User exit FM area: Customer-specific fields (SUBSCREEN data -> SAP) 
60 EXIT_SAPLFMITPOMP_101 Check Sender and Receiver Items 
61 EXIT_SAPLFMITPOMP_801 Check Customer Bank Details 
62 EXIT_SAPLFMKN_001 Activate FM Control Number 
63 EXIT_SAPLFMKN_002 Preparing Customer FM Control Number 
64 EXIT_SAPLFMKN_003 Compile FM Control Number 
65 EXIT_SAPLFMKT_001 Derive Collective Expenditures Subsection in Budget 
66 EXIT_SAPLFMKT_002 Do not use! Check of Eligibility of Cmmt Item Type in Cover Pool 
67 EXIT_SAPLFMLD_001 Generate Lines in Budgetary Ledger 
68 EXIT_SAPLFMMM_001 MM-Commitment Authorization Update: Query FMBUDAT Check in Popup 
69 EXIT_SAPLFMMM_002 MM-VE-Update: Check CCN-active Change: Query on Popup 
70 EXIT_SAPLFMOI_001 Define Data Compression for FMIOI/FMIT 
71 EXIT_SAPLFMOI_002 MM-Commtment Authorization-Update: Read FMBUDAT Check 
72 EXIT_SAPLFMOI_003 MM-Commitment Authorization-Update: Deactivate CCN Check 
73 EXIT_SAPLFMOI_004 Fill User Dimension: Reservation Documents 
74 EXIT_SAPLFMOI_005 Fill User Dimension: Purchase Requisitions 
75 EXIT_SAPLFMOI_006 Fill User Dimensions: Purchase Orders 
76 EXIT_SAPLFMOI_007 Fill User Dimension: Travel 
77 EXIT_SAPLFMP2_001 Chart of CI enhancement: Customer-specific flds (SAP data-> SUBSCREEN) 
78 EXIT_SAPLFMP2_002 User exit chart of CI: Customer-specific fields (SUBSCREEN data -> SAP) 
79 EXIT_SAPLFMPA_001 RFFMS200: Fill User Dimension 
80 EXIT_SAPLFMPA_002 RFFMS200: Deactivate Conversion of Credit Memos 
81 EXIT_SAPLFMPA_003 RFFMS200: Activating the V2 update 
82 EXIT_SAPLFMPA_004 RFFMS200: Payment Records for Credit Memos not Statistical 
83 EXIT_SAPLFMPA_005 RFFMS200: Activate Conversion of 60-50 Invoices 
84 EXIT_SAPLFMPA_006 RFFMS200: Deactivate Conversion of Overpayments 
85 EXIT_SAPLFMPY_001 Priorities for Availability Control in Payment Program 
86 EXIT_SAPLFMPY_002 Determine FM Account Assignment in Payment Program 
87 EXIT_SAPLFMPY_E_001 Message type for PPA, if correct payment term in po is not used 
88 EXIT_SAPLFMPY_E_002 Configurable message for payment terms in FI 
89 EXIT_SAPLFMR0_001 Earmarked Funds: Role Definition: Determine Fiscal Year 
90 EXIT_SAPLFMR0_002 Earmarked Funds: Own Role Definition 
91 EXIT_SAPLFMR0_003 Earmarked Funds: FM Role Definition or FI Role Definition ? 
92 EXIT_SAPLFMR1_001 Earmarked Funds: Document Number Allocation 
93 EXIT_SAPLFMR4_001 Earmarked Funds: Check During Reductionn from FI Document Line 
94 EXIT_SAPLFMR4_002 Earmarked Funds: Check During Reduction from FI Documents Before Update 
95 EXIT_SAPLFMR4_003 Earmarked Fund: Changing Transaction during FI Reduction 
96 EXIT_SAPLFMRI_001 Define Data Compression for FMIFIIT/FMIT 
97 EXIT_SAPLFMRI_002 Account Determination for Figures without Clearing 
98 EXIT_SAPLFMRI_003 Fill User Dimension: FI Documents 
99 EXIT_SAPLFMRI_004 Set CFLEV: Yes or No 
100 EXIT_SAPLFMRS_001 Value Adjustment Documents: Program Exit Initial Screen 
101 EXIT_SAPLFMRS_002 Value Adjustment Documents: Program Exit Function Code Processing 
102 EXIT_SAPLFMUD_001 Check Compatibility of Output Addresses for Cmmt Bdgt and Payment Budget 
103 EXIT_SAPLFMUD_002 Do not use! Check whether the commitment budget is to be increased 
104 EXIT_SAPLFMUD_003 Check Whether a Forecast Is Required 
105 EXIT_SAPLFMUD_004 User-Specific Check of Expend. FM Acct Assgt for Cmmt Bdgt and Payt Bdgt 
106 EXIT_SAPLFMUD_005 Do not use! Check whether the commitment budget is to be increased 
107 EXIT_SAPLFMUD_006 Determine Value Type for which a Revenues FM Account Assgnt Increases Bdgt 
108 EXIT_SAPLFMWR_001 User Exit for Filling the OBJNRZ Field 
109 EXIT_SAPLFMWR_002 Overriding of Mandatory Derivation (FM Account Assignment/Acct/CO Object) 
110 EXIT_SAPLFMWR_003 FM Authorization Check with Posting 
111 EXIT_SAPLFM_IDOC_COMM_ITEM_001 Customer Exit for FM IDocs 
112 EXIT_SAPLFM_IDOC_COMM_ITEM_002 Comm_item : User Exit Inbound 
113 EXIT_SAPLFOBK01_001 User Exit for specifying the bank procedure account number (CoCd01) 
114 EXIT_SAPLFRAD_001 Customer Exit for Changing Payment Advice Segment Text 
115 EXIT_SAPLFRC4_001 Determine FM Account Assignment from Maintenance Order 
116 EXIT_SAPLFRC4_002 Determine FM Account Assignment from SD Order 
117 EXIT_SAPLFRC4_003 Determine FM Account Assignment from Network Activities 
118 EXIT_SAPLFRC4_004 Determine FM Account Assignment from Networks 
119 EXIT_SAPLFRML111_001 RMS-FRM: Menüexit 1 für Formel bearbeiten/anzeigen 
120 EXIT_SAPLFRML111_002 RMS-FRM: Menüexit 2 für Formel bearbeiten/anzeigen 
121 EXIT_SAPLFRML111_003 RMS-FRM: Menüexit 1 für Formelauskunft 
122 EXIT_SAPLFRML111_004 RMS-FRM: Menüexit 2 für Formelauskunft 
123 EXIT_SAPLFTIA_001 Gets Values and Texts for Attributes in TIS 
124 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_001 Map Key Figures TR-IS --> CFM-IS (Operative) 
125 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_002 Customer Fields CFM-IS (Parallel) 
126 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_101 Map Key Figures: CML-IS --> CFM-IS 
127 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_102 Map Key Figures: TR-TM-SE-IS --> TR-IS 
128 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_104 Map Key Figures TR-TM-FX-IS --> TR-IS 
129 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_105 Map Key Figures TR-TR-MM-IS --> TR-IS 
130 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_106 Map Key Figures TR-TM-DE-IS --> TR-IS 
131 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_201 Customer Fields CML-IS (Loans) 
132 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_202 Customer Fields TR-TM-SE-IS (Securities) 
133 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_204 Customer Fields TR-TM-FX-IS (Foreign Exchange) 
134 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_205 Customer Fields TR-TM-MM-IS (Money Market) 
135 EXIT_SAPLFTIS_206 Customer Fields TR-TM-DE-IS (Derivatives) 
136 EXIT_SAPLFV96_001 Calculation Bases 
138 EXIT_SAPLFV97_101 Securities Cash Flow Calculator: Modify Flows 
139 EXIT_SAPLFVCH_001 User Exit References POR No., Customer Modification 
140 EXIT_SAPLFVD2_001 User Exit for Incoming Payment Postprocessing 
141 EXIT_SAPLFVDA_001 User Exit IS-IS Disbursement with PAI 
142 EXIT_SAPLFVDA_002 User Exit for IS-IS Disbursement with PBO 
143 EXIT_SAPLFVDB_001 User Exit for Premium Reserve Fund 
144 EXIT_SAPLFVDB_002 User Exit for Account Determination 
146 EXIT_SAPLFVDD_ADDON_002 User Exit for Document Selection 
147 EXIT_SAPLFVDD_ADDON_003 User Exit for Selecting Correspondence Activities 
148 EXIT_SAPLFVD_BO_OL_001 Save Customer Data General Business Operations 
149 EXIT_SAPLFVD_BO_OL_002 Read User Data 
150 EXIT_SAPLFVD_DEBTTR_OL_001 Customer Checks Borrower Change 
151 EXIT_SAPLFVD_DEBTTR_OL_002 Customer Function Data Transfer from OL 
152 EXIT_SAPLFVD_DEBTTR_UI_001 Data for the Customer Screen 
153 EXIT_SAPLFVD_DEBTTR_UI_002 Data from the Customer Screen 
154 EXIT_SAPLFVD_DEBTTR_UI_003 Tabstrip for CUstomer Screen 
155 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_OL_001 User Exit for Flow Data 
156 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_OL_002 User Exit for Amounts 
157 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_OL_003 User Exit: Plausiblity Check for Payoff Data 
158 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_OL_004 User Exit Flow Type Determination 
159 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_OL_005 User Exit Transfer of all Relevant Data 
160 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_UI_001 Transfer User Data to Subscreen (Administration Data) 
161 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_UI_002 Transfer User Data from Subscreen (Administration Data) 
162 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_UI_003 Activate and Name Customer Tabs 
163 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_UI_004 Transfer User Data to Subscreen (Customer Tab 1) 
164 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_UI_005 Transfer User Data From Subscreen (Customer Tab 1) 
165 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_UI_006 Transfer User Data to Subscreen (Customer Tab 2) 
166 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_UI_007 Transfer User Data from Subscreen (Customer Tab 2) 
167 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_UI_008 Transfer User Data to Subscreen (Customer Tab 3) 
168 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_UI_009 Transfer User Data from Subscreen (Customer Tab 3) 
169 EXIT_SAPLFVD_REPAY_UI_010 User Exit for Additional Data in the Item Overview 
170 EXIT_SAPLFVD_STATEMENT_001 User Exit 1 for Bank Statement 
171 EXIT_SAPLFVD_WAIVE_001 User Exit for Flow Data Waivers/Write-Offs 
172 EXIT_SAPLFVN_BUS_OPERATION_001 Customer Functions for SAPLFvn_bus_operation 
173 EXIT_SAPLFVN_BUS_OPERATION_101 Additional Data for FN8D 
175 EXIT_SAPLFVN_BUS_OPERATION_500 Customer Function for Determining Country 
176 EXIT_SAPLFVOR_003 User Exit for Calculating Interest on Arrears 
177 EXIT_SAPLFVOR_004 User Exit for Generating Postings for the Relevant Interest on Arrears 
178 EXIT_SAPLFVP5_001 User Exit for Clerk F4 Help 
179 EXIT_SAPLFVPB_001 Do not use 
180 EXIT_SAPLFVVT_100 ISIS Securities - Securities Account Transfer, 'Save' Function 
181 EXIT_SAPLFVVT_110 ISIS Securities - Securities Account Transfer, Other Flows when 'Posting' 
182 EXIT_SAPLFVZF_001 User Exit for Contract-Specific Checks for FB01 
183 EXIT_SAPLFVZV_002 User Exit for Plausibility Checks, VWL, Block/Levy upon Property... 
184 EXIT_SAPLFWF1_001 TR-TM-SE: User Exit Posting Interface: Account Determination 
185 EXIT_SAPLFWTR_01_001 Customer Function Order Management - Menu Enhancement +001 
186 EXIT_SAPLFWTR_01_002 Customer Function Order Management - Menu Enhancement +002 
187 EXIT_SAPLFYTX_USER_001 User exit for changing tax fields (with max tax functionality) 
188 EXIT_SAPLGD13_001 Exit for Authority Check of Transfer Prices 
189 EXIT_SAPLGDX3_001 Authority Check Function Group GDX3 
190 EXIT_SAPLGDX3_002 Authority Check Function Group GDX3, Totals Record Display 
191 EXIT_SAPLGJVI_001 User Exits for JV Integration Manager 
192 EXIT_SAPLGJVI_002 User Exit 
193 EXIT_SAPLGJVI_003 User Exit 
194 EXIT_SAPLGMDT_001 GMDERIVE Customer User Exits 
195 EXIT_SAPLGMDT_002 GMDERIVE Customer User Exits - Additional fields 
196 EXIT_SAPLGPL1_001 Extended Master Data and Authorization Validations 
197 EXIT_SAPLGRAP_001 Customer-specific authorization check and trace for download 
198 EXIT_SAPLGRAP_002 Customer-specific check of the upload data (for example, for viruses) 
199 EXIT_SAPLGRC01_001 User-Exit Wareneingangskalkulation 
200 EXIT_SAPLGSUT_001 Customer exit to replace set IDs 
201 EXIT_SAPLGUMD_001 Master Data User Exits for Reading Text 
202 EXIT_SAPLGUMD_002 User exits for master data - check value 
203 EXIT_SAPLGUMD_003 Master data user exits for reading value set 
204 EXIT_SAPLGUMD_004 Master data user exits - FREE internally used tables 
205 EXIT_SAPLGUMD_005 User exits for master data - REFRESH internally used tables 
206 EXIT_SAPLGUMD_006 User exits for master data - add record with period-dependent add. info. 
207 EXIT_SAPLGUMD_007 User Exits for Master Data - Derive Record with Period-Independent Info. 
208 EXIT_SAPLGVTR_001 Option to Change Standard Carry Forward Procedure of Ledger 
209 EXIT_SAPLG_GLFLEX_EXITS_001 Flexible G/L User Exits 
210 EXIT_SAPLG_GLFLEX_EXITS_002 Flexible G/L: Summarization at Company Code Level 
211 EXIT_SAPLG_GLFLEX_EXITS_003 Enable Overwrite of Existing Account Assignments 
212 EXIT_SAPLHFC1_001 Project Interest Calculation: Modification Of Line-Item Table 
213 EXIT_SAPLHFC1_002 Project Interest Calculation: Check Line Item Relevance 
214 EXIT_SAPLHFC1_003 Project Interest Calculation: Interest Result 
215 EXIT_SAPLHFC1_004 Exit_saplhfc1_004: Customer-Specific Update 
216 EXIT_SAPLHFC1_005 User Exit 5 (Customer-Specific Cancelation) 
217 EXIT_SAPLHFC2_001 Planned Interest Calculation: Read from Interest-Relevant Records 
218 EXIT_SAPLHFC2_002 Planned Interest Calculation: Check Line Item Relevance 
219 EXIT_SAPLHFC2_003 Planned Interest Calculation: Define Individual Int.Calc End Date 
220 EXIT_SAPLHFC2_004 Planned Interest Calculation: Customer-Specific Update 
221 EXIT_SAPLHFRR_001 KAHF User Exit for data selection in commercial project reporting 
222 EXIT_SAPLHRB0_001 Payroll Construction Industry: Allowances/Expenses 
223 EXIT_SAPLHRB0_002 Construction Industry Expenses Interface 2 
224 EXIT_SAPLHRBAS00ACTIONS_001 Customer Enhancement for Special Personnel Actions 
225 EXIT_SAPLHRBAS09_REPORT_PR_001 Customer Exit for Report Data for Employee Reports 
226 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_001 Function Exit Instead of Feature BAREA (Benefit Area) 
227 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_002 Function Exit Instead of Feature BENGR (First Program Grouping) 
228 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_003 Function Exit Instead of Feature BSTAT (Second Program Grouping) 
229 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_004 Function Exit Instead of Feature CSTV1 (Cost Grouping) 
230 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_005 Function Exit Instead of Feature CRDV1 (Credit Grouping) 
231 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_006 Function Exit Instead of Feature ELIGR (Eligibility Grouping) 
232 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_007 Function Exit Instead of Feature TRMTY (Termination Grouping) 
233 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_017 Function Exit Instead of Feature EVTGR (Adjustment Grouping) 
234 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_018 Function Exit Instead of Feature COVGR (Coverage Grouping) 
235 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_019 Function Exit Instead of Feature EECGR (Employee Contribution Grouping) 
236 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_020 Function Exit Instead of Feature ERCGR (Employer Contribution Grouping) 
237 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_027 Function Exit Instead of Feature LDAYW (Last Day of Week) 
238 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00FEATURE_029 Function Exit Instead of Feature RLPGR (Dependent/Beneficiary Group) 
248 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00GENERAL_022 Function exit within function HR_BEN_GET_PROCESS_DATES 
249 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00GENERAL_023 Function exit within function HR_BEN_CALC_CUTOFF_AGE 
250 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00GENERAL_024 Function exit within function HR_BEN_CALC_CUTOFF_LOS 
251 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00GENERAL_025 Function exit within function HR_BEN_CALC_CUTOFF_SAL 
252 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00GENERAL_028 Function exit within function HR_BEN_CALC_BENEFIT_EE_CONTRIB 
253 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00GENERAL_030 Function exit within function HR_BEN_CALC_BENEFIT_EE_CONTRIB 
254 EXIT_SAPLHRBEN00IDOC_033 Obsolete: Function exit within function HR_BEN_GET_IDOC_EVENTS 
256 EXIT_SAPLHRBENUSGENERAL_001 Function exit for years of service calculation 
257 EXIT_SAPLHRBENUSGENERAL_002 Function exit for most recent period of service date calculation 
258 EXIT_SAPLHRCLM00GEN_001 Customer enhancement for fucntion HR_CLM_GET_LIMITS 
259 EXIT_SAPLHRCLM00GEN_002 Customer enhancement for fucntion HR_CLM_GET_EE_ENROLLED_CLAIMS 
260 EXIT_SAPLHRCLM00GEN_003 Customer enhancement for fucntion HR_CLM_CALC_CUTOFF_LOS 
266 EXIT_SAPLHRCLM00GEN_009 Customer Enhancement for HR_CLM_PRORT_AMOUNT 
268 EXIT_SAPLHRCLM00TRNPRO_001 Customer enhancement for fucntion HR_CLM_GET_TOTAL_YTD_AMOUNT 
274 EXIT_SAPLHRFPBS4AV0_001 Exit for HRFPBS4AV0: Start Date rounding 
275 EXIT_SAPLHRFPBS4AV0_002 Exit for HRFPBS4AV0: Promotion Date Rounding 
276 EXIT_SAPLHRFPBS4AV0_003 Exit: Generation of seniority in the first scale of a grade 
277 EXIT_SAPLHRFPBS5AV0_001 Exit: Redifine result obtained by the last rule ("VSR") 
278 EXIT_SAPLHRFPBS5AV0_002 Exit: redifine assignment in target grade 
279 EXIT_SAPLHRFPBS5AV0_003 Exit: Round seniority reductions to be reported 
280 EXIT_SAPLHRG0_001 HR-GB: User Exits for GB payroll - pensions 
281 EXIT_SAPLHRG3_001 HR-GB: User exit for pension calculations 
282 EXIT_SAPLHRGPBS_OSP_OMP_CVR Customer Exit to override feature COVER 
283 EXIT_SAPLHRGPBS_OSP_OMP_ENT Customer Exit to decide Entitlement Days 
284 EXIT_SAPLHRGPBS_OSP_OMP_LEN Customer Exit to decide RollBack Period Length In Days 
285 EXIT_SAPLHRGPBS_OSP_OMP_MAN Customer Exit to Process BESPOKE Absence Splitting Report 
286 EXIT_SAPLHRGPBS_OSP_OMP_MIN Customer Exit to process Derive Day Fraction in Minutes 
287 EXIT_SAPLHRGPBS_OSP_OMP_MTD Customer Exit to derive a Rollback Method 
288 EXIT_SAPLHRGPBS_OSP_OMP_SEN Seniority Calculation Result Adjustment 
289 EXIT_SAPLHRIW_001 User Exit: Enhancement for Time Ticket 
290 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_001 Customer Enhancement for Quota Generation: Applicability 
291 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_002 Customer Enhancement for Quota Generation: Accrual Entitlement 
292 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_003 Customer Enhancement for Quota Generation: Reduction Rule 
293 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_004 Customer Enhancement for Quota Generation: Base Entitlement 
294 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_005 Customer Enhancement for Quota Generation: Transfer Specification 
295 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_006 Customer Enhancement for Quota Generation: Entry/Leaving Date 
296 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_007 Customer Enhancement for Quota Generation: Defaults for Validity Interval 
297 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_008 Customer Enhancement for Quota Generation: Selection Rule Group 
298 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_009 Cust. Enhancement for Quota Generation: Result of Generation for Defaults 
299 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_010 Cust. Enhancement for Quota Generation: IT2013 Validity/Deduction Interval 
300 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_011 Customer Enhancement for Quota Generation: Validity and Deduction Interval 
301 EXIT_SAPLHRLV_012 Customer Enhancement for Quota Generation: Accrual Period 
302 EXIT_SAPLHRMS_BIW_PTDW_001 Customer Exit for Time Data Extractor - Hours According to Personal WS 
303 EXIT_SAPLHRMS_BIW_PTDW_002 Customer Exit for Time Data Extractor: Time and Labor (Employee Times) 
304 EXIT_SAPLHRMS_BIW_PTDW_003 Customer Exit for Time Data Extractor: Quota Transaction Data 
305 EXIT_SAPLHRPADINA1_002 To calculate eligibility amount based on the feature value 
306 EXIT_SAPLHRPADINA1_003 To calculate eligibility number based on feature value 
307 EXIT_SAPLHRPADINA1_004 To calculate date based on the feature value 
308 EXIT_SAPLHRPADINA1_005 To calculate eligibiltiy amount/number 
309 EXIT_SAPLHRPADINA1_006 To calculate amount based on INVAL D 
310 EXIT_SAPLHRPADINA1_007 Carry forward dates as per customer logic 
311 EXIT_SAPLHRPADINA1_008 Customer exit for saving additional info claims 
312 EXIT_SAPLHRPADINA1_009 Customer exit for printing additional info claims 
313 EXIT_SAPLHRPAY99_OC_001 HR Off-Cycle: Customer Enhancement for Bonus Date 
314 EXIT_SAPLHRPAYBR00_001 Confederative Contribution 
315 EXIT_SAPLHRPAYBR00_002 Assistance Contribution 
317 EXIT_SAPLHRPAYBR06_001 Customer Exit: Leave Valuation - Calculation of divider 
318 EXIT_SAPLHRPAYBR09_005 Projected months for 13th Salary 
320 EXIT_SAPLHRPAYBR16_002 Messages for missing documents 
321 EXIT_SAPLHRPAYFRABS1_001 Settlement Period for Absence Quotas Defined by Exit 
322 EXIT_SAPLHRPAYINS_001 HR-IN-PY: For superannuation 
324 EXIT_SAPLHRPFD00VSIP_001 HR-PF: User Exit for PC Operations 
325 EXIT_SAPLHRPFD02VSIP_001 HR-PF-CH: User Exit for PC Operations 
327 EXIT_SAPLHRPIQ00ACINFO_001 Read information about student module 
328 EXIT_SAPLHRPIQ00ACINFO_002 Read students' general information 
329 EXIT_SAPLHRPIQ00ACINFO_003 Read students' registration information 
330 EXIT_SAPLHRPIQ00ACINFO_004 Read academic and session data for program of study 
331 EXIT_SAPLHRPIQ00ACINFO_005 Read booking information of the student module 
332 EXIT_SAPLHRPIQ00ACINFO_006 Read business event data(customer-exit) 
333 EXIT_SAPLHRPIQ00FABAPIS_001 Customer exit for Bapis to Financial Aid sys. 
334 EXIT_SAPLHRPIQ01UCAS_001 Resolve UCAS Address --> Campus 
335 EXIT_SAPLHRPIQ01UCAS_002 Store and Process Original UCAS address lines 
336 EXIT_SAPLHRRSM00HIRE_001 Processing of Customer Segment of Message Type HRSM_A 
337 EXIT_SAPLHRRSM00HIRE_002 End Processing of Message Type HRSM_A 
338 EXIT_SAPLHRSPAZA_001 Customer exit - convert amounts in salary packaging 
339 EXIT_SAPLHRTA_001 Customer Exit: Att./Absence Reporting 
340 EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_001 Change Rule Group for Absence Refinement 
341 EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_002 Determine Seniority 
342 EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_003 Round Selection of Rules for Absence Refinement 
343 EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_004 Determine Marker for Absence Day 
344 EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_005 Refine Table AB 
345 EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_006 Determine Relevant Period for Change in Marker 
346 EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_007 Choose Days with Change in Marker 
347 EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00COV_HIST_008 Determine Age 
348 EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00DVEXIT_001 TMW: Title of Customer Fields in Table Control 
349 EXIT_SAPLHRTIM00DVEXIT_002 TMW: Fill Contents of Customer Fields in Table Control 
350 EXIT_SAPLHRTRV_STAT_001 Löschen/Reorganisieren Reisestatistik 
351 EXIT_SAPLHRTRV_STAT_002 Anlegen/Ändern Reisestatistik 
352 EXIT_SAPLHRV1_001 Exit to get additional data for travel data tax reporting 
353 EXIT_SAPLHRWAO_STATUSQUO_001 Function Exit for Function Module HRWAO_SQ_GET_WAGETYPES 
354 EXIT_SAPLHRWPC_ABSENCES_001 Filtering Absence Records 
355 EXIT_SAPLHRWPC_ATTSTATUS_001 User Exit Attendance Status 
356 EXIT_SAPLHRWPC_BIRTHDAY_001 User Exit: Birthday Overview 
357 EXIT_SAPLHRWPC_EXITS_001 Determine Salary Years for Employee Profile 
358 EXIT_SAPLHRWPC_JUBILEE_001 Anniversary Overview: User Exit 01 
359 EXIT_SAPLHRWPC_TO_REMOTE_001 Customer-Exit: Manager exkludieren 
360 EXIT_SAPLHRWPC_TO_REMOTE_002 Customer-Exit: Ersetzen Auswertungsweg MANASS beim Manager-Exkludieren 
361 EXIT_SAPLHR_DK_CAR_INFTY_009 User Exit: Calculate Value of Company Car (HR-DK) 
362 EXIT_SAPLHR_DK_PAYSLIP_001 Customer Adjustment for Parameter String to PBS 
363 EXIT_SAPLHR_NO_AA_REGISTER_001 HR-NO: Flexible handling of worktime 
364 EXIT_SAPLHR_NO_ERC_001 Exit for ERC and tax reporting (Terminrapporten) 
365 EXIT_SAPLHR_WEB_HIRE_001 Customer Exit : HR Recruitment - Web integration 
366 EXIT_SAPLHR_WEB_HIRE_002 Customer Exit : HR Recruitment - Web integration - Candidates 
367 EXIT_SAPLHR_WEB_HIRE_003 Customer Exit : HR Recruitment - Web integration - Candidate 
368 EXIT_SAPLHR_WEB_HIRE_004 Customer Exit : HR Recruitment - Web integration 
369 EXIT_SAPLHR_WEB_HIRE_005 Recruitment Interface Exit 5 - Post candidate import/update 
370 EXIT_SAPLIAOM_SERVICE_001 Changes the Characteristics of a CO Object to Be Created or Changed 
371 EXIT_SAPLIBER_001 Customer Exit: Authorization Check for Notification Transactions 
372 EXIT_SAPLIBIP_001 User Exit: Data Transfer Module (IBIP Batch Input) 
373 EXIT_SAPLIBPP_001 Filter Components 
374 EXIT_SAPLIBSD_001 Filter Components 
375 EXIT_SAPLICUS_001 Display Location Information 
376 EXIT_SAPLIE01_005 Serial Numbers, User Exit in the Update 
377 EXIT_SAPLIE01_007 Serial Numbers, User Exit in Goods Movement 
378 EXIT_SAPLIEDI_001 FI-EDI: Invoice Receipt - Determine G/L Account per Invoice Line 
379 EXIT_SAPLIEDI_002 FI-EDI: Invoice Receipt - Determine Add. Acct Assignm. per Line Item 
380 EXIT_SAPLIEDI_003 FI-EDI: Invoice Receipt - Fill the Screen Field "Assignment" 
381 EXIT_SAPLIEDI_004 FI-EDI: Invoice Receipt - Determine Segment Text 
382 EXIT_SAPLIEDI_005 FI-EDI: Invoice Receipt - Determine the Name of the BDC Session 
383 EXIT_SAPLIEDI_011 MM-EDI: Invoice Receipt - Determination of Purchase Order Item 
384 EXIT_SAPLIEDI_101 FI-EDI: Invoice Receipt INVOIC01 - Additional Assignment IDoc -> Document 
385 EXIT_SAPLIEDI_102 FI-EDI: Invoice Receipt INVOIC01 - Data Expansion before Posting 
386 EXIT_SAPLIEDI_111 MM-EDI: Invoice Receipt INVOIC01 - Additional Assignment IDoc -> Document 
387 EXIT_SAPLIEDI_112 MM-EDI: Invoice Receipt INVOIC01 - Data Expansion before Posting 
388 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_001 FI-EDI: Outgoing Pmnt Advice - Save PEXR Segments 
389 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_002 FI-EDI Outgoing Payments: Save PEXR Segments PAYEXT 
390 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_003 FI-EDI Outgoing Payments: Save PEXR Segments DIRDEB 
391 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_101 FI-EDI: Incoming Pmnt Advice - Extended Assgmt of IDOC -> Applicatn Data 
392 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_102 FI-EDI: Incoming Pmnt Adivce - Closing Assgmt of IDOC -> Applicatn Data 
393 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_201 FI-EDI: Inbound - Account Statement/Lockbox - Settlement Handling 
394 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_202 FI-EDI: Inbound Account Statement/Lockbox, Segment Processing 
395 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_203 FI-EDI: Inbound Account Statement/Lockbox, Changes to Payment Advice 
396 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_301 FI-EDI Outbound Reference IDoc: Save IDCR Segments 
397 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_401 FI-EDI: Deactivate Automatic Special Character 
398 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_901 FI-EDI Outgoing Payment: New Partner House Bank 
399 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_902 FI-EDI Outgoing Payment: End of Interim Payment Document (VBLNR) 
400 EXIT_SAPLIEDP_903 FI-EDI Outgoing Payment: End Partner House Bank 
401 EXIT_SAPLIEL2_001 Check of User-Defined Rules When Defining the Equipment Hierarchy 
402 EXIT_SAPLIEL2_002 Check of User-Defined Rules on Installation of Equipments at FunctLoc 
403 EXIT_SAPLIHCL_001 IHCL Customer Include: Default Values for Classes and Characteristics 
404 EXIT_SAPLILOS_001 User Exit when Checking Structure of Location Numbers 
405 EXIT_SAPLIMR0_001 User Exit Before Update of Measuring Points/Documents (After COMMIT WORK) 
406 EXIT_SAPLIMR0_002 User Exit for Customer Function in Measuring Point Menu 
407 EXIT_SAPLIMR0_003 User Exit for Customer Function in Measurement Document Menu 
408 EXIT_SAPLIMR0_004 Exit after standard checks for new measurement documents 
410 EXIT_SAPLINST_001 111 
411 EXIT_SAPLIPAR_002 Selection of Notification Partners 
412 EXIT_SAPLIPAR_003 Customizing Partner Check 
413 EXIT_SAPLIPAR_004 Reading of the Additionally Supported Partner Types 
414 EXIT_SAPLIPAR_005 F4 Help for Additonal Partner Types 
415 EXIT_SAPLIPAS_001 Partner Transfer of Serial Numbers for Goods Issue 
416 EXIT_SAPLIPM5_001 Planned Date for Task List Counter Reading (Individual Forecast) 
417 EXIT_SAPLIPM5_002 Determination of Planned Date for Time-Based Maintenance Plans 
418 EXIT_SAPLIPW0_001 Object Permissible for Contract (Copying of Order/Maintenance Order) 
419 EXIT_SAPLIPW0_002 Object Permissible for Order (Copying of Maint. Order/Maint. Order) 
420 EXIT_SAPLIPW0_003 Object Permissible for Contract (Maintenance of Maintenance Contract) 
421 EXIT_SAPLIPW1_001 Automatic Serial Number Assignment 
422 EXIT_SAPLIPW1_002 Check on Copying Object List 
423 EXIT_SAPLIPW1_003 Serial Numbers, User Exit for Additional Fields 
424 EXIT_SAPLIPW1_004 Serial Numbers, User Exit After Exiting the Serial Screen 
425 EXIT_SAPLIPW1_008 Check of Serial Number - Character String 
426 EXIT_SAPLIPW4_001 CCM: User Screen (Remove) - Import Data from SAPLCCM06^ 
427 EXIT_SAPLIPW4_002 CCM: User Screen (Remove) - Export Data from SAPLCCM06 
428 EXIT_SAPLIPW4_003 CCM: User Screen (Install) - Import Data from SAPLCCM06 
429 EXIT_SAPLIPW4_004 CCM: User Screen (Install) - Export Data from SAPLCCM06 
430 EXIT_SAPLIPW4_005 CCM: User Screen Message (Remove)- Import Data from SAPLCCM06 
431 EXIT_SAPLIPW4_006 CCM: User Screen Message (Remove) - Export Data from SAPLCCM06 
432 EXIT_SAPLIPW4_007 CCM: User Screen Message (Install) - Import Data from SAPLCCM06 
433 EXIT_SAPLIPW4_008 CCM: User Screen Message (Install) - Export Data from SAPLCCM06 
434 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_001 Customer Exit "Check Status Change for Permission" for PM/CS Notifications 
435 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_002 User Exit for Influencing the F4 Help for Catalogs 
436 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_003 Function Code "+US3/4" in Menu "Goto/Task" in Notification Processing 
437 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_004 Function Code "+US5/6" in Menu "Goto/Activities" in Notif. Processing 
438 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_005 Determining Processing Deadlines According to Priority 
439 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_006 Default Partner When Adding A Notification 
440 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_007 Determination of BOM application for BOM Explosion 
441 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_008 Supply Function Codes with Text/ Deactivate Codes: "Goto/Task" 
442 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_009 Supply Function Codes/ Deactivate Codes: "Goto/Activity" 
443 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_010 Function Codes in Menu "Goto/Notification" in Notification Processing 
444 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_011 Supply Function Codes with Text/ Deactivate Codes: "Goto/Notification" 
445 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_012 Function Codes in "Goto/Cause" Menu in Notification Processing 
446 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_013 Supply Function Codes with Text/ Deactivate Codes: "Goto/Cause" 
447 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_014 Function Codes in Menu "Goto/Item" in Notification Processing 
448 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_015 Supply Function Codes with Text/Deactivate Codes: "Goto/Item" 
449 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_016 Function Module for Deactivating Notification Function Codes 
450 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_017 Default Values when Adding PM/CS Notification 
451 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_018 Check Whether a Change of Notification Type is Allowed 
452 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_019 Influence Data Transfer for New Notification Type 
453 EXIT_SAPLIQS0_020 User Exit "Check Authorization for Status Change" 
454 EXIT_SAPLIREP1_001 Single-Level List Editing PM/QM/CS: CHange ALV Settings 
455 EXIT_SAPLIREV1_001 Revision: Versorgung Subscreen mit kundeneigenen Feldern 
456 EXIT_SAPLIREV1_002 Revision: Abholung kundeneigener Felder 
457 EXIT_SAPLISDI_001 Customer Exit for Determining Rejection of Billing Doc. Due to Warranty 
458 EXIT_SAPLISM6_001 Exit for Advance Shipment Addition of Header Data for Sales Order 
459 EXIT_SAPLISM6_002 Advance Shipment Addition of Item Data for Sales Order from Order 
460 EXIT_SAPLISMPM_IDOCS_001 Create additional IDoc data segments in IORDER01 or INOTIF01 IDoc 
461 EXIT_SAPLISMPM_UPD_IDOCS_001 Validate if an order can be completed 
462 EXIT_SAPLISMPM_UPD_IDOCS_002 Validate if a notification or notification task can be completed 
463 EXIT_SAPLISMPM_UPD_IDOCS_003 Validate if order or operation can be updated 
464 EXIT_SAPLIST_CA_DUNEVENT_001 IS-T-CA: Place Additional Field Values in Disconnection File 
465 EXIT_SAPLIST_DUNEVENT_001 IS-T-CA: Transfer (Dis)Connection File for Services Via User Exit 
466 EXIT_SAPLIST_EBS_BILLINFO_001 Change Control Records for POI_OUT IDocs 
467 EXIT_SAPLIST_EBS_BILLINFO_002 Change/ Lengthen Line of POI_OUT IDOc 
469 EXIT_SAPLIST_EBS_BILLPOST_001 Customer Exit to Change Documents Before Posting 
470 EXIT_SAPLIST_EBS_BILLPOST_002 Customer Exit for Converting Contract Account ID 
471 EXIT_SAPLIST_PAYEVENT_001 IST/CA: Release Services Directly or via Worklist 
472 EXIT_SAPLIST_PAYEVENT_002 IST/CA: Release Services Directly 
473 EXIT_SAPLITO0_001 Customer Include ITO0: Data Import (Initiator => Include) 
474 EXIT_SAPLITO0_002 Customer Include ITO0: Data Export (Include => Caller) 
475 EXIT_SAPLITO0_003 Customer Include Additional Fleet Data: Data Import (Caller => Include) 
476 EXIT_SAPLITO0_004 Customer Include Additional Fleet Data: Data Export (Include => CAller) 
477 EXIT_SAPLITO0_005 Customer Exit Fleet Identification Data: Checks 
478 EXIT_SAPLITOBS_001 Customer Exit Creating With Copy Mmodel: Change Copied Field Contents 
479 EXIT_SAPLIWO1_001 Create PM/CS Notification: Determination of Ref. Object for Customer Exit 
480 EXIT_SAPLIWO1_003 Check PM Object and Display Object Information 
481 EXIT_SAPLIWO1_004 PM/SM - Authorization Check for Reference Object 
482 EXIT_SAPLIWO1_005 PM/SM - Authorization Check when Changing Planner Group 
483 EXIT_SAPLIWOL_031 User Fields Transferred from Maintenance Plan to Notification 
484 EXIT_SAPLIWP3_001 Maintenance Plan: User Fields for Screen; PBO 
485 EXIT_SAPLIWP3_002 Maintenance Plan: User Fields from Screen; PAI 
486 EXIT_SAPLIWP3_003 Dynamic Change of Annual Activity for Counter During Scheduling 
487 EXIT_SAPLIWP3_004 Maintenance Plan/Item: Customer Checks at "SAVE" 
488 EXIT_SAPLIWP3_010 Determine Due Packages for Performance-Based Strategy Plans 
489 EXIT_SAPLI_MSM_COMM_001 Determination of Communication Text 
490 EXIT_SAPLJ1AB_001 User exit printing of AM waybills 
491 EXIT_SAPLJ1AB_002 Differnet Base value for Revaluation of APC 
492 EXIT_SAPLJ1AB_003 Different Base Value for Revaluation of accumulated depreciation 
493 EXIT_SAPLJ1AF_001 User exit for Report J_1AF007 (Data of sender and recipient) 
494 EXIT_SAPLJ1AF_002 User Exit for J_1AF012 
495 EXIT_SAPLJ1AF_003 User Exit für J_1AF011 
496 EXIT_SAPLJ1AO_001 User exit printing of AM waybills 
497 EXIT_SAPLJ1AT_001 User exit of report J_1AF105 at GET BKPF 
498 EXIT_SAPLJ1AT_002 User exit of report J_1AF105 at GET BSEG 
499 EXIT_SAPLJ1AT_003 User exit of report J_1AF106 at GET BKPF 
500 EXIT_SAPLJ1AT_004 User exit of report J_1AF106 at GET BSEG