Function Group - N
# Function Group Package Software Component Short Description
2 N3BAN3 N2_OUTPATIENT_DE    PMD-2: 200 0001 N3DA_VEEB  
3 N3BANN N2_OUTPATIENT_DE    PMD-2: 200 0001 N3BG_VEEB  
4 N3BB NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGF1010  
5 N3BBN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGF1010  
6 N3BC NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGF1030  
7 N3BCN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGF1030  
8 N3BD NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGF1040  
9 N3BDN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGF1040  
11 N3BE NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGF1100  
12 N3BEN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGF1100  
13 N3BF NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGF1114  
14 N3BFN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGF1114  
15 N3BG NMED_GER IS-H  IS-H*MED: BG Dokumente FuBausteine  
16 N3BG_GUI N2_OUTPATIENT_DE IS-H  GUI-Status BG-Dokumente  
18 N3BH NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGA4200  
19 N3BHN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGA4200  
20 N3BI NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGA4500  
21 N3BIN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGA4500  
22 N3BJ NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGA4510  
23 N3BJN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGA4510  
24 N3BK NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGF4222  
25 N3BKN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGF4222  
26 N3BL NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGF4224  
27 N3BLN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGF4224  
28 N3BM NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGF6222  
29 N3BMN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGF6222  
30 N3BN NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGF1020  
31 N3BNN NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGF1020  
32 N3BNN2 N2_OUTPATIENT_DE IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3DA_HABE  
33 N3BNN3 N2_OUTPATIENT_DE    PMD-2: 200 0001 N3DA_HABE  
35 N3BO NMED_GER IS-H  Gen.Dialog: 201 0001 N3BGF2108  
36 N3BON NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGF2108  
37 N3BON2 N2_OUTPATIENT_DE IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3DA_HAVB  
38 N3BON3 N2_OUTPATIENT_DE    PMD-2: 200 0001 N3DA_HAVB  
40 N3BPN NMED_GER    PMD-2: 201 0001 N3BGF2402  
41 N3K1 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST16  
42 N3K1V2 NMED_GER    PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST16  
43 N3K2 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST01  
44 N3K3 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMSTPR  
45 N3K3V2 NMED_GER    PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMSTPR  
46 N3K4 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST18  
47 N3K4V2 NMED_GER    PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST18  
48 N3K4V3 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3KVMST18  
49 N3K5 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST13  
50 N3K5V2 NMED_GER    PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST13  
51 N3K5V3 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3KVMST13  
52 N3K6 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST19  
53 N3K7 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3KVMST06  
54 N3K7_2 NMED_GER    PMD-2: 201 0001 N3KVMST06  
55 N3K7_3 NMED_GER    PMD-2: 201 0001 N3KVMST06  
56 N3K8 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 201 0001 N3KVMST10  
57 N3K8V2 NMED_GER    PMD-2: 201 0001 N3KVMST10  
58 N3K8V3 NMED_GER    PMD-2: 201 0001 N3KVMST10  
59 N3K8V4 NMED_GER    PMD-2: 201 0001 N3KVMST10  
60 N3K8V5 NMED_GER    PMD-2: 201 0001 N3KVMST10  
61 N3K9 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST02  
62 N3KA NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST21  
63 N3KB NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST12  
64 N3KC NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST04  
65 N3KO NMED_GER    PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVKOPF  
66 N3KV0000 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMST16  
67 N3KVMPR0 NMED_GER IS-H  PMD-2: 200 0001 N3KVMSTPR  
68 N60A NPAS    IS-H: Patient Accounting  
69 NA00 NAT1    IS-H: amb. Abrechnung (AT)  
70 NA01 NAT1    IS-H: Leist.Erfassung-Pat.Abrechnung  
71 NA10 NPVS    IS-H: Patient History  
72 NAA0 NAT1    CHDO NAPHF => Gen. by RSSCD000  
73 NAA1 NAT1    CHDO NAKLF => Gen. by RSSCD000  
74 NABI NAT1    IS-HCM: Batch-Input-Mappen-Erzeuger  
75 NABW NPAS    IS-H: Service Split for Absence  
76 NACE NAT1    IS-H: Calling extern executable programs  
77 NACP NPAS    IS-H: Automatic Charge Posting  
78 NACR NAT1    IS-HCM: Anbindung Fremdsystemtransceiver  
79 NADI NAT1    IS-H: Prüfung Neugeborene  
80 NADR NPVS    IS-H: Central Address Management  
81 NADS NBAS    IS-H: Address Management for Mass Access  
82 NAFP NPAS    Generate Flat Rate Per Case/Proc.Surch.  
83 NAH1 NAT1    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
84 NAH2 NAT1    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
85 NAH3 NAT1    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
86 NAH4 NAT1    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
87 NAH5 NAT1    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
88 NAH6 NAT1    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
89 NAKA NAT1    IS-H: Kostenübernahmeanträge AT  
90 NAKO NAT1    IS-H: Landesspezifische Konditionen (AT)  
91 NAKV NAT1    IS-H: Kostenübernahmeverlängerung AT  
92 NALH NAT1    IS-H AT: Leistungshöchstwerte  
93 NALR NAT1    IS-H: Leistungen (AT)  
94 NAMB NPVS    IS-H: Outpatient Clinic Management  
95 NAPP NPVS    IS-H: Provisional Appointments  
96 NAPX NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: Appendix -POOL-Bausteine  
97 NAPX_DIALOG NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: Appendix - Screen Content  
98 NAPX_INTERNAL NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: Appendix - interne Bausteine  
99 NAPX_SERVICES NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: Appendix - Servicebausteine  
100 NARC NBAS    Archiving  
101 NARC1 NPVS    IS-H: Archive InfoSystem  
102 NARC2 NBAS    IS-H: Display Archived Data  
103 NARC3 NBAS    IS-H: Archiving - Funct. Case List  
104 NARC4 NBAS IS-H  IS-H: Archiving Auxiliary Programs  
105 NARCH NPVS IS-H  IS-H: Archive Link Function Modules  
106 NASC NAT1    IS-H: Scoring-Anbindung  
107 NASS NAT1    IS-H: Scoring Synchron (fallbezogen)  
108 NAUD NPVS    IS-H: Audit for License  
109 NAUT NBAS    IS-H: Authorization Check  
110 NAV0 NAT1    IS-H: Verbucher NAPHF, NAKR2  
111 NAVI SEUN    Navigation to Dev. Workbench objects  
113 NBADI NPVS IS-H  IS-H: Call Business Add-Ins  
114 NBAPI NBAS    IS-H General BAPI Functionality  
115 NBAPIOUT NBAS    Fill Modules for Outbound BAPIs  
116 NBAS NBAS    IS-H: General Routines  
117 NBAU NBAS    IS-H: Read Table NBAU  
118 NBDT NPAS    IS-H: BDT Formatting Format  
119 NBDT_KVK_DIALOG N_OUTPATIENT    IS-H: HC SC Data Subscreen for NV2000  
120 NBDT_MESS_DIALOG N_OUTPATIENT    IS-H: TDC Messages for NV2000  
121 NBE1 NPVS    IS-H: Read Movements  
122 NBE2 NPVS    IS-H: Read, Change, Display Movement  
123 NBED NPVS    IS-H: Bed scheduling  
124 NBEG NPVS    IS-H: Medical grounds  
125 NBEW NPVS    IS-H: Read NBEW  
126 NBGTOOLS NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Workers' Comp.Fund Billing Support  
127 NBI1 NBAS    IS-H: Batch Input Session Creation Prog.  
128 NBI2 NBAS    IS-H: Batch Input for Surgeries  
129 NBI3 NBAS    IS-H: Batch Input for Basic Data  
130 NBQS NDE1 IS-H  Determination of QA Req't acc. to BQS  
131 NBSN_DIALOG NNL3    IS-H NL: NV2000 Dialog für BSN  
132 NBTG NPAS    IS-H: Billing Days of Services  
133 NBTH NBAS    IS-H: Task Handler Basic Comp. (Prov.)  
134 NBWD NBWD IS-H  IS-H: Function Group for BW  
135 NBWD_DELTA NBWD IS-H  IS-H: BW Extractors with Delta Process  
137 NBWD_TIMESTAMP NBWD IS-H  IS-H: TBWIS-H: Timestamps for BW  
138 NC01 NBAS    IS-HCM: CPIC Functionality  
139 NC02 NBAS    IS-HCM: Link External Comm. Program  
140 NC03 NBAS    IS-H: EDI Application Interfaces  
141 NC04 NPAS    IS-H: Electronic Insurance Verification  
142 NC05 NBAS    IS-H: §301 Receipt Application Routines  
143 NC06 NPAS    IS-H: SQS/DOC Interface  
144 NC09 NPAS    IS-H: Business Transact. Events IS-HCM  
145 NC10 NBAS    IS-H §301 V0.1 Segment Creation  
146 NC10A NBAS    IS-H: EDI Application Routines  
147 NC10E NBAS    IS-H: EDI Event Triggering (ex NC03)  
148 NC10G NBAS    IS-H: General EDI Routines (ex NC12)  
149 NC10R NBAS    IS-H: EDI Receipt Routines (ex NC11)  
150 NC11 NBAS    IS-H: EDI Message Receipt  
151 NC12 NBAS    IS-H: EDI Utilities, File Transfer  
152 NC12B NBAS    IS-H: Buffer FMs for EDI Messages  
153 NC13 NBAS    IS-H: EDI Workbench  
154 NC14 NBAS    IS-H EDI Check Routines  
155 NC15 NBAS    IS-H: EDI Dispatch, General Part  
156 NC15G NBAS    IS-H: EDI General Routines  
157 NC16 NBAS    IS-H D: §302 segment creation  
158 NC16E NBAS    IS-H D: §302 Event Processing  
159 NC16G NBAS    IS-H DE: §302 General  
160 NC20 NSG1    IS-H NPMI Communication  
161 NC21 NBAS    IS-H: General FMs for EDI Communication  
162 NC22 NSG1    IS-H: CCPS Communication  
163 NC22M NBAS    IS-H CCPS Monitor Routines for RNCMON00  
164 NC23 NSG1    IS-H CCPS Receipt  
165 NC23D NBAS    IS-H CCPS Decoding  
166 NC23G NBAS    IS-H: CCPS General Routines  
167 NC24 NSG1    IS-H SG: CCPS Vers. 1.0  
168 NC25 NSG2    IS-H SG: DRG Fill Routines  
169 NC25D NBAS    IS-H SG: DRG Decoding  
170 NC25E NSG2    IS-H SG: DRG Event Processing  
171 NC25G NSG2    IS-H SG: DRG General Routines  
172 NC301ALL NBAS IS-H  IS-H P301 All Cross-Version  
173 NC301V02 NBAS    IS-H §301 Version 0.2 Segment Creation  
174 NC301V03 NBAS IS-H  IS-H §301 Version 0.3 Segment Creation  
175 NC301V04 NBAS IS-H  IS-H P301 Version 0.4 Segment Creation  
176 NC301V05 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H P301 Version 0.5 Segmenterstellung  
177 NC301V06 NDE1    IS-H P301 Version 0.6 Segmenterstellung  
178 NC301V07 NDE1    IS-H P301 Version 0.7 Segmenterstellung  
179 NC301V08 NDE1    IS-H P301 Version 0.8 Segmenterstellung  
180 NC301V09 NDE1    IS-H P301 Version 0.9 Segmenterstellung  
181 NC301V10 NDE1    IS-H P301 Version 1.0 Segmenterstellung  
182 NC301V11 NDE1    IS-H P301 Version 1.1 Segmenterstellung  
183 NC302ALL NDE1 IS-H  IS-H P302 Alles Versionsübergreifende  
184 NC302V30 NBAS IS-H  IS-H P302 Version 3.0 Segment Creation  
185 NC302V40 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H P302 Version 4.0 Segmenterstellung  
186 NC302V50 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H P302 Version 5.0 Segmenterstellung  
187 NC302V60 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H P302 Version 6.0 Segmenterstellung  
188 NC302V70 NDE1    IS-H P302 Version 7.0 Segmenterstellung  
189 NC302V80 NDE1    IS-H P302 Version 8.0 Segmenterstellung  
190 NC302V90 NDE1    IS-H P302 Version 9.0 Segmenterstellung  
191 NCAL NPVS    IS-H: Calendar functions IS-H  
192 NCAR NPVS    IS-H: Healthcare Smart Card  
193 NCASEASSIGN NPVS IS-H  IS-H/IS-H*MED: Create Case Reference  
194 NCASEMOVTAB_DIALOG N_OUTPATIENT    IS-H: Movement Overview for NV2000  
195 NCASETREATCERT_DIALOG N_OUTPATIENT    IS-H: Treatment Cert.Overview for NV2000  
196 NCATD NPVS    Date Determination for Catalog Det.  
197 NCDC NBAS    IS-HCM: Synchronous Communication  
198 NCDEDALEBILL NDE1 IS-H  IS-H DE: DALE-UV Rechnungsinformationen  
199 NCDEDALEV01 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H DE: DALE-UV - V0.1 Segmenterstellun  
200 NCDEDALEV02 NDE1    IS-H DE: DALE-UV - V0.2 Segmenterstellun  
201 NCDEDALEV03 NDE1    IS-H DE: DALE-UV - V0.3 Segmenterstellun  
202 NCDEDALE_E NDE1 IS-H  IS-H DE: DALE-UV - Ereignisauslösung  
203 NCDEDALE_F NDE1 IS-H  IS-H DE: DALE-UV - Dateihandling  
204 NCDEDALE_G NDE1 IS-H  IS-H DE: DALE-UV - Nachrichtenerstellung  
206 NCDEDALE_TOOLS NDE1    DALE-UV Aufruf externer Tools  
208 NCDRG NBAS    IS-H: DRG Coding System Data Exchange  
209 NCDRGC NBAS    IS-H: DRG Coding System Conversion  
210 NCDRGH NBAS    IS-H: Help Routines for DRG Coding Syst.  
211 NCFG NBAS    IS-H: Configuration Data  
212 NCH1 NCH1    IS-H CH: Assignment of Orders (Outpat.)  
213 NCH2 NCH1    IS-H CH: Characteristics determination  
214 NCH3 NCH1    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
215 NCHD NPVS    IS-H: General subscreens  
216 NCHE NCH1    IS-H CH: Country-Specific Exits  
217 NCHG NCH1    IS-H CH: Country-Specific Svce Generat.  
218 NCHP NCH1    IS-H CH: Country-Specific Maint. Trans.  
219 NCHR NCH1    IS-H CH: Country-Spec. Svce Rules  
220 NCHS NCH1    IS-H CH: Country-Specific Subscreens  
221 NCHU NCH1    IS-H CH: Country-Specific Utilities  
222 NCHV NCH1    IS-H CH: Country-Specific Defaults  
223 NCHZ NCH1    IS-H CH: Leistungsüberleitung HCO  
224 NCIR_DIALOG NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Maint. Case-Rel. IRs - Dialog  
225 NCM0 NBAS    IS-HCM: FMs for Monitor Checks  
226 NCM3 NBAS    IS-HCM: Country-Spec. Monitor Programs  
227 NCMC NBAS    IS-H: EDI Message Collector  
228 NCMD NBAS    IS-HCM: Message Decoder  
229 NCMO NBAS    IS-HCM: Monitor Programs  
230 NCOM NBAS    IS-H: HCM Communication Modules  
231 NCON NPVS    IS-H: Conversion Exits IS-H  
232 NCOOPA003 NPAS    IS-H: Template for Enhancement COOPA003  
233 NCOP01 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: Amb. Zuzahlung - Tabellenpflege  
234 NCOP02 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: Ambulante Zuzahlung - Oberfläche  
235 NCOP03 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: Ambulante Zuzahlung - Verarbeitung  
236 NCOP04 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: Ambulante Zuzahlung - Leistungsreg  
237 NCOP_POOL NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: Ambulante Zuzahlung - Pool  
238 NCORD N1CORDMG IS-H  IS-H: Subscreens for Clinical Order  
239 NCTAPI NPVS    IS-H: Connection of CT-API Using RFC  
240 NCTT NBAS    IS-HCM: Test Tools  
241 NCTY NBAS IS-H  IS-H: Basic Functionality Country Vers.  
242 NCUR NPAS    IS-H: Translate Currency Amounts  
243 NC_ALE_PATCASE NBAS    Modules for PATCASE Outbound BAPIs  
244 NC_ALE_PATIENT NBAS    Modules for Patient Outbound BAPIs  
245 NC_ALE_UTIL NBAS    Utilties for ALE Outbound BAPIs  
246 NC_CUST_UTIL NBAS IS-H  IS-H: HCM Customizing  
247 NC_EDI_1 NBAS IS-H  IS-H: EDI Customizing  
248 NC_EDI_CATT_UTIL NBAS IS-H  Auxiliary Modules for EDI CATTs  
249 NC_EDI_UTIL NBAS IS-H  IS-H: EDI Utilities  
250 NC_EM NBAS    Aux. Modules for CL_ISH_CM_EVENT_MANAGER  
251 NC_MEDIUM_ALE_VIEW NBAS    PPF: Subscreens for View Class  
252 NDAC NDBU    ND Exits Active  
253 NDAT_PROTECT NBAS    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
255 NDF4 NDBA    Cross-System Input Help  
256 NDGM NDBA    GUID-Mapping Modules  
257 NDIA NDBA    New Dimension Integration: Exits Active  
258 NDIG NPVS    IS-H: Check Digits  
259 NDRG NPVS    IS-H: DRG Data Processing  
260 NDRG_CASEDATA_DIALOG NPAS IS-H  IS-H: DRG Case Data NV2000 Subscreen  
261 NDRG_DE NPAS IS-H  IS-H: DRG for Country Version DE  
262 NDRG_DIALOG NPAS IS-H  IS-H: DRG Data Entry - Fullscreen  
263 NDRG_DIA_PROC_DIALOG NPAS IS-H  IS-H: DRG Diagnoses/Procedures Subscreen  
264 NDRG_DT NPAS IS-H  IS-H: DRG Data Entry - Detail Screen  
265 NDRG_KEYFIGURES_DE NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: DRG Kennzahlen Subscreen DE  
266 NDRG_POOL NPAS IS-H  IS-H: CPB - DRG Function Modules  
267 NDRG_SUB NPAS IS-H  IS-H: DRG Data Entry - Subscreen  
268 NDRG_TC NPAS IS-H  IS-H: DRG Data Entry - Table Control  
269 NDSE NDBS    Help Module for Database Selectors  
270 NDVC NDBA    Versions of Interfaces: Customizing  
271 NDVD NDBA    ND Versions of Interfaces: Dispatcher  
272 NDYM NBAS    IS-H: Screen Modification  
273 NE00 NBAS    IS-H: User Exits  
274 NE111 NPAS    NE111  
277 NE1PLUS NDE1 IS-H  IS-H DE: E1plus Statistik  
278 NE2STAT NDE1 IS-H  IS-H DE: E2 Statistik  
279 NE31 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H DE: E3.1-Statistik  
280 NE33 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H DE: E3.3-Statistik  
282 NEGK_DIALOG NDE1    IS-H: Dialog für eGK  
283 NEHC1 NPAS    IS-H: Electronic Health Insurance Card  
286 NEHC_TEMPL NPAS IS-H  Signatures GEHC API (Template)  
287 NEHIC NEHIC IS-H  IS-H: Interface EHIC Data  
288 NEI0 NEIS    IS-H EIS Ext. Table Maint. (Generated)  
289 NEI1 NEIS    IS-H: Read Modules etc. for IS-H EIS  
290 NEIS NEIS    IS-H: Function group IS-H EIS  
291 NEO_BILLING_DETERMINATION NEO1    IS-H: External Order - Billing  
292 NEO_CHECK_ACTIVE NEO1    IS-H: External Order - Checks  
293 NEO_NV2000_NEO_NFAL NEO1    IS-H: NV2000 Subscreen "Order Data"  
294 NEO_TNPOL NEO1    IS-H: External Order - TNPOL Modules  
295 NEW_FEBA FTE_NAD EA-APPL  Frame for Incoming Payments  
296 NEW_FF68 FTE_NAD EA-APPL  Integration Check Deposit in FEBAN  
297 NEW_FLB1 FTE_NAD EA-APPL  Frame for Incoming Payments  
298 NFA2 NPVS    IS-H: Create, Change, Display Case  
299 NFAL NPVS    IS-H: Case functions  
300 NFAL_SRV NPAS    IS-H: Services on Change of Case Type  
301 NFDS NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Form-Based Service Entry  
302 NFEM NFEM    Message: Connection SCEM  
303 NFES NAT1    IS-H: Einberufungsschreiben  
304 NFEX NFEX    QM/PM/CS Message Extraction (Rel.Indep.)  
306 NFI1 NPAS    IS-H: FI Read Module  
307 NFI2 NPAS    IS-H: Transfer to Financial Accounting  
308 NFIN NPAS    IS-H: Case Information  
309 NFOF NPAS    IS-H: Billing Environment: Auxil.Modules  
310 NFOS NBAS    IS-H: Form Control  
311 NFR1 NPAS    IS-H: Invoice Form Printout  
312 NFR1_RNF_FILL NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Structures for Invoice Print  
313 NFR2 NPAS    IS-H: User Exits FMs for Inv. Printout  
314 NFR3 NSG1    IS-H: Print Functions Singapore  
315 NFR4 NPAS    IS-H: Invoice Print (Container)  
316 NFRA NAT1    IS-H: Invoice form printout (AUSTRIA)  
317 NFRP NBAS    IS-H: Form Logging  
318 NFTYPE INVOICE_BRAZIL BBPCRM  Nota Fiscal Type and Attributes  
319 NFTYPE_MAINT INVOICE_BRAZIL BBPCRM  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
321 NF_TOTALS INVOICE_BRAZIL BBPCRM  Nota Fiscal Totals for Printing  
322 NF_UTILITY INVOICE_BRAZIL BBPCRM  Nota Fiscal - Utility functions  
323 NGEB NPVS    IS-H: Birthdate  
324 NGR1 NBAS    IS-H: Various Graphics Functions  
325 NGRB SGRP    IS-H graphic modules original  
326 NGRIDTREE NPAS    Hierarchical Grid/Tree Display  
327 NGROUPEROLE2 NPVS IS-H  IS-H: Coding System Cnct.via OLE2 Autom.  
328 NHC1 NPAS    IS-HCO: Quantity and Characteristic Detn  
329 NHC2 NPAS    IS-HCO: Statistical Key Figures  
331 NHCO NPAS    IS-HCO: HCO Function Modules  
332 NHLP NPVS    IS-H: Possible entries  
333 NIHC_DB FKBI EA-FINSERV  APi for Database Tables  
334 NIHC_INBOUND FKBI EA-FINSERV  Processing of Incoming Documents  
335 NINF NPVS    Display record information  
336 NINQ NPVS    IS-H: Inquiry FM  
337 NINSI NBAS    IS-H: Ins. Provider Attributes of Inst.  
338 NIRA NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Maintenance IRs General-Subscreen  
339 NIRA_CUSTOMER NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Functions for Customer Processing  
340 NIRA_DETAIL NPAS IS-H  IS-H: IR Interface - Detail Screen  
341 NIRA_F4 NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Input Help for IRs  
342 NIRA_FIBU NPAS IS-H  IS-H: IR Interface - Fin. Acctng Data  
343 NIRA_HVD NPAS IS-H  IS-H: IR Interface - Main Insured Data  
344 NIRA_KVK NPVS IS-H  IS-H: IR Interface - HC SC Data  
345 NIRA_PROPOSAL NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Manage Default Values for IRs  
346 NIRA_TAB NPAS IS-H  IS-H: IR Interface - Tab Pages  
347 NIRA_TC NPAS IS-H  IS-H: IR Interface - TC  
348 NIV1 NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Insurance Verification  
349 NIW0 MRY    Lowest Value Determ. (Market Prices)  
350 NIW1 MRY    Lowest Value Determ. (Reductions)  
351 NIW3 MRY    Loss-Free Valuation  
352 NIWE MRY    Lowest Value Determin. (General)  
353 NJAPI SBTJOBAPI    New BP job api  
354 NJBE NPVS    Function group for split_name  
355 NJOB NORD    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
356 NK01 NORD    ISHMED: Read table TNK01 (buffered)  
357 NKDI NMED    IS-H*MED: Read table NKDI (buffered)  
358 NKER NPAS    IS-H: Cost Reimbursement  
359 NKHSTATV2002 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: KHStatV 2002  
360 NKHSTATV2003 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: KHStatV 2003  
361 NKHSTATV2004 NDE1 IS-H  IS-H: KHStatV 2004  
362 NKHSTATV2005 NDE1    IS-H: KHStatV 2005  
363 NKO1 NPAS    IS-H: Insurance Verification Monitoring  
364 NKO2 NPAS    IS-H: Ins. Verification User Exits  
365 NKOS NPAS    IS-H: Insurance Verification  
366 NLCO NPAS    CHDO NLCO => Gen. by RSSCD000  
367 NLEI NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Service Entry (New)  
368 NLEI_DETAIL NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Service Entry Detail Screen  
369 NLEI_DIALOG NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Service Entry Dialog  
370 NLEI_TREE NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Navigation Tree for Service Entry  
371 NLGR NBAS    IS-H: Dynamic Service Groups  
372 NLHCO_KOSTENART NNL1 IS-H  erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
373 NLKSS2 NNL1 IS-H  Abweichungen: Hauptprogramm  
374 NLRANGF NNL1 IS-H  Convertierung NL rangfolge  
375 NLRANG_DETAIL NNL1 IS-H  Versicherungs verhaltnis Neu  
376 NLSB SCP    Basis native language support  
377 NLSK_G SNLSK SAP_BASIS  General Functions in Package SNLSK  
378 NLST NPAS    IS-H: Service List  
379 NLS_MULTIBYTE SCP SAP_BASIS  Multibyte character and string functions  
380 NLS_TCP0C SCP    TCP0C tools  
381 NM02 NPAS    IS-H: Material Requisition (Transaction)  
382 NM03 NPAS    IS-H MM: Hierarchy Display  
383 NM04 NPAS    IS-H: Material Requisition Subscreens  
384 NM05 NPAS    IS-H MM: Internet  
385 NM06 NPAS IS-H  IS-H: MiniApp Approve Mat. Requisition  
386 NMAT NPAS    IS-H MM: General Material Requisition  
387 NMATCONSUMP_NV2000 NPAS IS-H  IS-H MM: Case-Rel.Matl Consump.Subscreen  
388 NMBG NPVS    IS-H: Medical grounds  
389 NMCO NPAS IS-H  IS-H MM: CI Interface  
391 NMDS NPAS    IS-H: Service Entry - Entry Screen  
392 NMES NPVS    IS-H: Message formatting  
393 NMG10 NBAS IS-H  IS-H MM: Field Checks Material Master  
394 NMGD1 NBAS IS-H  IS-H MM: Screen Modules Material Master  
395 NMM0 NPAS    IS-H MM: Input Help, Cust., Master Data  
396 NMM1 NPAS    IS-H MM: Access to Tables in MM  
397 NMM2 NPAS    IS-H: Material Requisition MM-Specific  
398 NMM3 NPAS    IS-H MM: Material Requisition (BAPI-Int)  
399 NMM5 NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Material Req. - Digital Signature  
400 NMM6 NPAS    IS-H MM: Material Billing  
401 NN02 NBAS    Function Group for Changes to N002  
402 NNL1 NNL1 IS-H  erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
403 NNL2 NPAS    IS-H: Extended Activity Registration  
404 NNL4 NNL1    IS-H NL: Ermächtigungen Kostenträger  
405 NNL6 NPAS    IS-H NL: Database Update Programs  
406 NNL7 NNL1    IS-H NL: Billing routines.  
407 NNL8 NNL1    IS-H NL: Billing rules  
408 NNLA NNL1    IS-H NL: Batch Input routinen  
409 NNLB NNL1    IS-H NL: Update TNNRA  
410 NNLBSN_CPB NNL2 IS-H  BSN nummer funktionen in CPB  
411 NNLBSN_TAKE_OVER NNL3    BSN and WID take-over dialog  
412 NNLD NNL1    IS-H NL: Database read functions  
413 NNLDBC NNL1 IS-H  IS-H NL: DBC code  
414 NNLDBC2002 NNL1 IS-H  IS-H NL: DBC2002  
415 NNLDBC_BILLING NNL1    Abrechnung von DBC's  
417 NNLDBC_SC1 NNL1 IS-H  IS-H NL: DBC - Info  
418 NNLDBC_VALIDATION NNL1 IS-H  IS-H NL: validieren DBC's  
419 NNLGGZ_ACT NNL2    Geisteskrankheit Aktivitäten in CPB  
420 NNLGGZ_CPB NNL2 IS-H  Geisteskrankheit Funktionen in CPB  
421 NNLGGZ_DBC_POL NNL2 IS-H  Lesen DBC daten aus Datenpool  
422 NNLGGZ_VALIDATION NNL2 IS-H  Geisteskrankheit DBC validieren  
424 NNLJOINPAT NNL1    IS-H NL: Join patients for cards and DBC  
425 NNLL NNL1    IS-H NL: List functions  
426 NNLPORTAL NNL1 IS-H  Portal functionen  
427 NNLR NNL1    IS-H NL: Leistungsregeln / prüfungen  
428 NNLS NNL1    IS-H NL: Behandlungsscheine  
429 NNLV NNL1    IS-H NL: Bausteine Versicherungsverhältn  
430 NNLVGGZ_SAVE NNL2 IS-H  Geisteskrankheit DBC save  
431 NNLWP NNL1 IS-H  IS-H NL: Workplace functions  
432 NNLWPNL1 NNL1    NWP1 Sichte für NL1  
433 NNL_API_BSN_CHK_ADJ NNL2 IS-H  Prüfung und -anpassung für GGZ BAPI  
434 NNL_API_DBC_CHECK_ADJUST NNL1 IS-H  Prüfung und -anpassung für BAPI  
435 NNL_API_DBC_GGZ_CHK_ADJ NNL2 IS-H  Prüfung und -anpassung für GGZ BAPI  
436 NNL_API_GGZ_ACT_CHK_ADJ NNL2    Prüfung und Anpassung für GGZ Aktivitäte  
437 NNL_BSN NNL3    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
438 NNL_CAREPATH NNL1    Carepath related functions  
439 NNL_CINV NNL2    IS-H NL Sammelrechnung  
440 NNL_DBC_CPB NNL1    Dialog fur DBC registration  
441 NNL_DOCTOR_DIALOG NNL1    IS-H NL: NV2000 Dialog für HARNR  
442 NNL_GGZ_BASIS NNL2 IS-H  Geisteskrankheit basis funktionen  
443 NNL_REFERRER NNL1    Funtionsgruppe fur ISH nl Referrer  
444 NNL_TAB NNL2 IS-H  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
445 NNL_V_DDS_PROCESS NNL1    View DDS processing  
446 NNL_V_MESSAGES NNL1    View Messages (MVC)  
447 NNL_V_POPUP NNL1    VIew Popup (MVC)  
448 NNUM NPVS    IS-H: Number Assignment  
449 NOBANK ID-FI    Bank Transactions (Norway)  
450 NORA STUO SAP_BASIS  Oracle Monitoring - New Features  
451 NORG NPAS    IS-H: Read Table NORG  
452 NOTE SCS4    Note maintenance  
453 NOTECTL SCS4    Control nesting for note editor  
454 NOTES SMIN SAP_BASIS  Writing and Displaying Notes  
456 NOTE_CUSTOMIZING SCS4    Customizing note maintenance  
457 NOTE_VIEWS SCS4    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
459 NPA1 NPVS    IS-H: Patient index search modules  
460 NPA10 NPVS IS-H  IS-H: New Admission Function Group  
461 NPA10_BADI NPVS IS-H  IS-H: BAdI Access to NV2000  
462 NPA10_WP NPVS IS-H  IS-H: Clinical Process Builder  
463 NPA2 NPVS    IS-H: Create, change, display patient  
464 NPAF NBAS IS-H  IS-H: Adobe Forms  
465 NPAP NPVS IS-H  IS-H: Provisional Patient Master Data  
466 NPAT NPVS    IS-H: Read table NPAT  
468 NPD1 NSG1    IS-H: Payment Distribution  
469 NPF1 NPVS    IS-H: Public List  
470 NPFO NPVS    IS-H: Public List Index  
471 NPGUZ NPVS IS-H  IS-H: Patient-BP, BP-User Assignment  
472 NPIR_DIALOG NPAS IS-H  Is-H: Maint.of Pat.-Rel. IRs - Dialog  
473 NPLIQ NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Direct Patient Billing  
474 NPLZ NPVS    IS-H: Postal Codes  
475 NPOL NPVS IS-H  IS-H: Data Pool Check Object Changes  
476 NPOL_NIRA NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Extended Data Storage for IRs  
477 NPOP NBAS    IS-H: General Dialog Boxes  
478 NPR1 NBAS    IS-H: Form Print Function Modules (New)  
479 NPR2 NBAS    ISH: FMs for Filling RNFxx Structures  
480 NPR3 NPAS    IS-H: Fill RNFxx Structures Inv. Print  
481 NPR4 NBAS IS-H  IS-H: Auxiliary Modules for Form Print  
482 NPREG NPVS IS-H  IS-H: Subscreen for Preregistration  
483 NPRKUE NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Print Insurance Verification  
484 NPROC NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Procedure Entry - Subscreen  
485 NPROC_DIALOG NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Procedure Entry - Fullscreen  
486 NPROC_DT NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Procedure Entry - Detail Screen  
487 NPROC_PROP NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Procedure Entry - PBO BAdI  
488 NPROC_RULES NPAS    IS-H: Procedure Entry - Rule Module  
489 NPROC_SERVICE NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Procedure Generation Psych./PKMS  
490 NPROC_TC NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Procedure Entry - TableControl  
491 NPRT NPVS    IS-H: Print form control  
492 NPR_RNF5 NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Structures for Invoice Print  
493 NPR_RNFP1 NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Invoice Printing Items  
494 NPR_RNFSG NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Fill SG Invoice Print Stuctures  
495 NPR_RNFUT NPAS IS-H  IS-H: Fill Invoice Print Auxil. Modules  
496 NPSF NBAS IS-H  IS-H: Smart Forms  
497 NPUB NPVS    IS-H: Object Publication  
498 NPZN NPAS    IS-H: Personalization  
499 NQSFP NMED    Data collection for QA for FR and PS  
500 NREDOMA N_OUTPATIENT IS-H  IS-H: Renewable Document Management