SAP ABAP Function Module - Index T, page 25
Function Module - T
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 THMEX_UPDATE_EXPOSURE_IR Hedge Management: Update Exposure IR 
2 THMEX_UPDATE_PLAN_FOR_RO Simulate the Update Hedge Plan with RO data 
3 THMHR_ADMIN_LIST_HR Online display of the hr history 
4 THMHR_ADMIN_PICK_AND_DISP_DERI Pick the derivative and display it 
6 THMHR_ASSESSMENT_READ Read the calculated effectiveness measurement form the database 
7 THMHR_ASSESSMENT_UPDATE Update the effectiveness assessment table 
8 THMHR_ASSESS_LOG_READ Detailprotokoll eines Effektivitätsnachweises 
9 THMHR_ASS_BUFFER_FILL_ONE_LINE Read the current assessment calculations from buffer 
10 THMHR_ASS_BUFFER_INITIALIZE Read the current assessment calculations from buffer 
11 THMHR_ASS_BUFFER_READ Read the current assessment calculations from buffer 
12 THMHR_ASS_BUFFER_READ_TABLE Read the current assessment calculations from buffer 
13 THMHR_ASS_BUFFER_SHOW Displays the effectiveness assessment results 
14 THMHR_BASIC_VALUES_CALCULATE Effectiveness Calculation of an hedging relationship 
15 THMHR_BATCH_EXPDTE Create expos internal table to extract exposure date 
16 THMHR_BATCH_FIND_HI_MEASURES Retrieve hedge item valulation data 
17 THMHR_BATCH_FIND_RECLASSED_OCI Retrieve all derivatives with reclassed OCI 
18 THMHR_BATCH_FIND_RFHAS Find derivatives based on co code, prod type, and exp date 
19 THMHR_BATCH_FIND_RFHA_FOR_HR Retrieve derivative details 
20 THMHR_BATCH_FIND_TXN_FOR_EXPOS Find transactions given exposure 
21 THMHR_BATCH_GET_HEDGE_DETAILS Retrieve the details of a hedge item 
22 THMHR_BATCH_GET_HRS Retrieve HR's based on co code, hedge, rfha, status 
23 THMHR_BATCH_GET_HRS_ENH liest Sicherungsbeziehungen mit zusätzlichen Daten 
24 THMHR_BATCH_GET_LATER_HEDGES Find hedges rolled from current 
25 THMHR_BATCH_GET_PLANNERS Retrieve planner details based on select options 
26 THMHR_BATCH_GET_TEXTS Retrieve texts for domains 
27 THMHR_BATCH_HEDGE_EXPIRE_DATE Find hedge expiration date 
28 THMHR_BATCH_RETRIEVE_HEDGE_DET Retrieve details of the exposure 
29 THMHR_BATCH_RETRIEVE_PLANNER Retrieve planner data 
30 THMHR_CALCULATE_DERIVATIVE Calculate the value of a derivative 
31 THMHR_CALCULATE_HEDGED_ITEM Calculated the value of the hedged item 
32 THMHR_CALCULATE_INCEP_VALUE Den Startwert für ein Sicherungsgeschäft ermitteln 
33 THMHR_CALC_EFF_RATIO Calculation of the effectiveness ratio 
34 THMHR_CALC_ENTIRE_VALUES Effectiveness Calculation of a hedging relationship 
35 THMHR_CALC_TYPE_GETDETAIL Read parameters of the effectiveness calculation type 
36 THMHR_CHECK_CCIR_SWAP Determine if this is a CCIR swap 
37 THMHR_CHECK_DERIVATIVE_CAT Prüfen, ob der Produkttyp des Derivats unterstützt wird 
38 THMHR_CHECK_DERI_VALIDITY Check the validity of the derivative at hedge relationship inception 
39 THMHR_CHECK_HR_FOR_DISPLAY Given a set of hr's, remove the settled and dissolved ones 
40 THMHR_CHECK_UNDERLYING_CAT Prüfen, ob der Produkttyp des Derivats unterstützt wird 
41 THMHR_COMP_DESIGNATED_HR_VO Computes the total designated derivative volume for a given hedge 
42 THMHR_CREATE_VAL_RECO_FROM_HR Create a val. record given hr and assessment info 
43 THMHR_CUMULATIVE_ADJUSTMENTS Reclassification of the Measurement table (new entry) 
44 THMHR_DATE_SELECT_OF_HEDGE_REL Read the current hedging relationship for a given date. 
45 THMHR_DATE_SELECT_OF_HR Read the current hedging relationship for a given date. 
46 THMHR_DELETE_ASSESSMENT_TABLE Only the delete statement for Assessment Table (Update Task) 
47 THMHR_DELETE_MEASUREMENT_TABLE Only the delete statement for Measurement Table (Update Task) 
48 THMHR_DERIVATIVE_SELECT Select the derivative 
49 THMHR_DERIVATIVE_VOLUME_READ Read the nominal volume of the derivative 
50 THMHR_DERIV_DETAILS Contractual details of the derivative 
51 THMHR_DER_VOL_AND_AVAIL_VOL Determine the notional of the derivative and its available volume 
52 THMHR_DESIGNATED_FACTOR Designated factor of the derivative 
53 THMHR_DESIGNATED_VOLUME Calculate the designated volume 
54 THMHR_DETAILED_LIST_BUILD Build the requested part of the detailed log 
55 THMHR_DETAILED_LOG_MEASUREMENT Show the detailed log of the effectiveness measurement 
56 THMHR_DET_HEDGE_DATA Read Data from the hedge 
57 THMHR_DET_LATEST_HR_VERSION Per hedge_id (or rfha), given a set of hr's, get the high. ver. 
58 THMHR_DET_LATEST_ST_VERSION Per hedge_id, (or rfha) given a set of strats, get the high. ver. 
59 THMHR_EFFECTIVENESS_ASSESSMENT Determine the Effectiveness Assessment 
60 THMHR_EFF_CALC_FOR_ASSESSMENT Effectiveness Calculation of a hedging relationship 
61 THMHR_EFF_CALC_FOR_MEASUREMENT Calculate the effectiveness 
62 THMHR_EFF_CALC_FOR_SHORTCUT Calculate the effectiveness values with shortcut method 
63 THMHR_EFF_DET_EFF_BY_DATE Given date, determine the last measurement entry 
64 THMHR_EFF_TEST_STR_DB_ACCESS Dbase access for the hedging relationship 
65 THMHR_EVENTS_ACTIVITY_REVERSAL HM events after reversal of derivative activity 
66 THMHR_EVENTS_CCIR_OCI Calculate the OCI balance for HR with CCIR swap 
67 THMHR_EVENTS_CF_DETERMINE_OCI Computation of the OCI amount given measurement 
68 THMHR_EVENTS_CF_DET_OCI_G_7 OCI balance det. as in DIG G7(1) 
69 THMHR_EVENTS_CF_DET_OCI_SHORT OCI balance det. by caller, according to the shortcut method 
70 THMHR_EVENTS_CHECK_CCIR_SWAP Determine if the derivative is a CCIR swap 
71 THMHR_EVENTS_DEDES_REVERSE Reverse dedesignation (settlement) of hedging relationship 
72 THMHR_EVENTS_DERI_SETTLEMENT Settlement and consequences for the hr 
73 THMHR_EVENTS_DET_GLOBAL_EFF Given retro and prospective assessment, determine val. 
74 THMHR_EVENTS_DISSOLVED_REVERSE A dissolved hedging relationship is reversed 
75 THMHR_EVENTS_FOR_HR_CHANGE Analysis and consequences of the change hr events 
76 THMHR_EVENTS_GET_CALC_TYPE Find calculation type to use for shortcut method 
77 THMHR_EVENTS_HR_RECLASS OCI reclassification for a given HR 
78 THMHR_EVENTS_MAKE_ASS_AND_EFF Perform the assessment and make the effectiveness calc. 
79 THMHR_EVENTS_MAKE_SHORT Perform the assessment and make the effectiveness calc. 
80 THMHR_EVENTS_MM_METHOD Determine valuation method for MM instrument 
81 THMHR_EVENTS_PERFORM_PROSPECT Perform the prospective assessment 
82 THMHR_EVENTS_PERIOD_VALUATION Perform the period valuation for a given hr. 
83 THMHR_EVENTS_VALUATION_RESET The posting of the valuations is reset - consequences 
84 THMHR_EVENTS_WRITE_HI_MEAS Write the change in fair value of the hedged item in a fair value hedge 
85 THMHR_EXP_PROS_DB_ACCESS DB access for the external prospective assessment adminis. 
86 THMHR_EXT_PROS_DB_AND_PLAUSI Plausi checks on the table of external pros. and db update 
87 THMHR_FIND_EXPOS_GIVEN_PLANNER Find exposures given plan as select option 
88 THMHR_GET_LIST_OF_VALID_STRAT Given hedge_cat and derivative, is the calc. type consistent 
89 THMHR_GET_NUMBER_FOR_HR Nummernvergabe für den Sicherungsplan 
90 THMHR_HEDGE_ITEM_SELECT Select the hedge item 
91 THMHR_HEDGE_ITEM_VOLUME_READ Read the nominal volume of the derivative 
92 THMHR_HEDGE_PLANNER_GETDETAIL Read parameters of the hedge plan 
93 THMHR_HEDGE_VOL_AND_AVAIL_VOL Determine the hedge volume and the sum of the volume in assoc. hr's 
94 THMHR_HI_DET_LATEST_MEAS Read the latest version of the hedge item measurement 
95 THMHR_HR_CHANGE Change Hedging Relationship 
96 THMHR_HR_CHANGE_INDUCED_BY_H Change Hedging Relationship due to events on the hedge 
97 THMHR_HR_COMPLEX_COMPRESS Sicherungsbez. für komplexe Derivate komprimieren 
98 THMHR_HR_CREATE Create Hedging Relationship 
99 THMHR_HR_DBASE_ACCESS Dbase access for the hedging relationship 
100 THMHR_HR_DB_STRAT_ACCESS Dbase access for the hedge strategy 
101 THMHR_HR_DET_ACTUAL_RATIO Determines the actual ratio given a hedge 
102 THMHR_HR_DET_HEDGE_FLOWS Determine the flows (exposures) of the hedge 
103 THMHR_HR_DISSOLVE_REVERSE Reverse the dissolution of a HR 
104 THMHR_HR_DISS_MAINTAIN_HI Maintenance of the change in fair values of the hedge item when diss. 
105 THMHR_HR_FILTER Übergebene Sicherungsbeziehungen filtern 
106 THMHR_HR_GETDETAIL Read the current hedging relationship for a given date. 
107 THMHR_HR_HEDGE_DATA_SAVE_CHECK Update the hedge management tables 
108 THMHR_HR_MASS_DISSOLVE Mass dissolve of a table of hr's 
109 THMHR_HR_READ_ALL_HR_FOR_DERI Given derivative, read all hedging relationships 
110 THMHR_HR_READ_ALL_HR_FOR_HEDGE Given hedge, read all hedging relationships 
111 THMHR_HR_READ_ALL_ST_FOR_HEDGE Given hedge, read all strategies 
112 THMHR_HR_READ_ALL_ST_FOR_HR Reads the strategies for a hr and chooses the one with the greatest ver 
113 THMHR_HR_READ_HR_GIVEN_KEY Given full key, read hr 
114 THMHR_HR_REVERSE_DEDESIGNATION Reverse dedesignation (settlement) of hedging relationship 
115 THMHR_HR_REVERSE_HEDGE_DATA Reverse FX rollover 
116 THMHR_HR_REV_HEDGE_DATA_CHECK Die Daten der Sicherungsverwaltung stornieren 
117 THMHR_HR_ROLLOVER_REV_CHECK Reverse FX rollover 
118 THMHR_HR_ROLLOVER_SAVE_CHECK Cancel save of HR rollover; reverse creations 
119 THMHR_HR_SETTLED The hr is transformed into the status 'settled' 
120 THMHR_HR_STR_DB_ACCESS Dbase access for the hedging relationship 
121 THMHR_HR_STR_DB_STRAT_ACCESS Dbase access for the hedge strategy 
122 THMHR_HR_TAB_DB_ACCESS Dbase access for the hedging relationship 
123 THMHR_HR_TAB_DB_STRAT_ACCESS Dbase access for the hedge strategy 
124 THMHR_HR_TAB_VAL_DBASE_ACCESS Dbase access for the valuation marker 
125 THMHR_HR_VAL_DBASE_ACCESS Dbase access for the valuation marker 
126 THMHR_IS_STRAT_BENCHMARK Determine whether the strategy is benchmark or not 
127 THMHR_LOG_SUM_DELTAS Write sum deltas into log 
128 THMHR_MEASUREMENT_CALCULATE Effectiveness Calculation of an hedging relationship 
129 THMHR_MEASUREMENT_READ Read the calculated effectiveness measurement form the database 
130 THMHR_MEASUREMENT_SHORTCUT Effectiveness Calculation of an hedging relationship (shortcut) 
131 THMHR_MEASUREMENT_UPDATE Update the effectiveness measurement table 
132 THMHR_MEASURE_STR_DB_ACCESS Dbase access for the hedge item fair value change 
133 THMHR_MEASURE_TAB_DB_ACCESS Dbase access for the hedge item fair value change 
134 THMHR_MEAS_LOG_READ Detailprotokoll einer Effektivitätsbewertung von der Datenbank lesen 
135 THMHR_MODIFY_ASSESSMENT_TABLE Only the modify statement for Assessment Table (Update Task) 
136 THMHR_MODIFY_MEASUREMENT_TABLE Only the modify statement for Measurement Table (Update Task) 
137 THMHR_OVERHEDGED_SCENARIO Hedge is reduced and the hr's must be reworked 
138 THMHR_RATIOS_GET Get target ratio and actual ratios of a hedging relationship 
139 THMHR_READ_EXTERNAL_PRO_ASSESS Read the table for the prospective assessment given key date 
140 THMHR_READ_HR_GIVEN_DATE_HEDGE Given hedge id and date. select non-dissolved hr's 
141 THMHR_READ_HR_GIVEN_DATE_RFHA Given rfha and date. select non-dissolved hr's 
142 THMHR_READ_HR_NUMBER_RANGE Verwaltung von Sicherungsobjekten 
143 THMHR_READ_STRATEGY Read the (customizing) strategy table with key 
144 THMHR_READ_TZPAT Read product type text 
145 THMHR_READ_VAL_GIVEN_KEY Valuation marker entry read 
146 THMHR_SAVE_HEDGE_MGMT_DATA Rollover HR when FX forward is rolled over 
147 THMHR_SET_NOT_DELETABLE Set the non_deletable flag for a set of hr's 
148 THMHR_STORNO_ASSESSMENT Delete the effectiveness assessment data for a given date 
149 THMHR_STORNO_MEASUREMENT Delete the effectiveness measurement data for a given date 
150 THMHR_WRITE_DETAILED_LOG_HEAD Writes the detail log header with the valuation parameters 
151 THMH_CD_GET_KEY Return change document object id per class 
152 THMH_DELETE_HEDGE_ITEM DBase Deletion of the hedge item 
153 THMH_DETERMINE_RISKCAT Determine the risk cat. from the planner 
154 THMH_GET_TMP_NUMBER Eine temporäre achtstellige Nummer zurückgeben 
155 THMH_HEDGE_DB_TAB_UPDATE DB access for the hedge 
156 THMH_HEDGE_DB_UPDATE DB access for the hedge 
157 THMH_HEDGE_DELETE_WHEN_NO_HR Hedge is deleted - but has no assigned hedging relationship 
158 THMH_HEDGE_ITEM_CHANGE_DOC Hedge item change doc interface THMTHI 
159 THMH_HEDGE_READ Read Hedge (and, optionally, the hedge relationships) from Dbase 
160 THMH_H_CHANGE_HEDGE The hedge is changed and this is communicated to the hedging relationship 
161 THMH_H_CREATE Routines for Hedge creation 
162 THMH_H_DET_HEDGE_FLOWS Determine the flows (exposures) of the hedge 
163 THMH_H_PLANNER_CHANGE_DOC Hedge planner change doc interface THMTPL 
164 THMH_H_RELATIONSHIP_CHANGE_DOC Hedge relationship change doc interface THMTHR 
165 THMH_H_TRANS_FX_CHANGE_DOC Hedge FX transaction change doc interface THMTTFX 
166 THMH_H_TRANS_IR_CHANGE_DOC Hedge IR transaction change doc interface THMTTIR 
167 THMH_PERS_PREPARE_SAVE DB-Update vorbereiten 
168 THMH_READ_HEDGE_CHAIN Read a list of reverse pointered hedges 
169 THMH_READ_HEDGE_GIVEN_EXPOSURE For a given table of exposures, read the hedge(s) 
170 THMH_READ_HEDGE_GIVEN_HR Given hr table, read the hedges 
171 THMH_READ_HEDGE_NUMBER_RANGE Verwaltung von Sicherungsobjekten 
172 THMH_READ_YTM YTM on hedge 
173 THMH_RETURN_GLOBAL_DATA Globale Daten an den Aufrufer zurückgeben 
179 THM_ADJUSTED_TRANS_UPDATE Update module for the adjusted IR-transactions 
180 THM_INTEREST_RATE_ADJUSTMENT Calculation of the exspected rate of variable cash flows with spot rate 
181 THM_PLANNER_GET_FOR_HEDGE_ITEM Read the planner ID for a given hedge item 
182 THM_READ_TRANSACTION_CAT Read the transaction category for a given transaction 
183 THM_VARIABLE_TRANSACTIONS_READ Read the variable IR-transactions for a given date 
184 THNDLCD_SINGLE_READ Select single auf THNDLCD 
185 THRT_GET_RECONNECT_COUNTER R Get reconnect state for dedicated server 
186 THRT_GET_RECONNECT_MAX_RUNTIME R Get reconnect state for dedicated server 
187 THRT_GET_RECONNECT_STATE R Get reconnect state for dedicated server 
188 THRT_START_RECONNECT R Start reconnect on a server 
189 THTMLBF4IF_SELECT_VALUES Selection of the values of a search help 
191 THUSRINFO R Current User of an SAP Instance 
192 THUTYP_SINGLE_READ Select single auf THUTYP 
193 THVBCHECKACTIVE Test, ob die Verbuchung aktiv ist 
194 TH_ACTIVATE_RESOURCE_CHECK activate resource check (for rfc, plugin, ..) 
195 TH_ACTIVATE_USER_TRACE activate user trace 
196 TH_ADD_JAVA_DELEGATION deligate calls to java vm 
197 TH_ADD_JAVA_DELIGATION deligate calls to java vm 
198 TH_ARFC_CHECK_RESOURCES check resources 
199 TH_ARFC_GET_QUOTAS R Quoten fuer asynchronen RFC holen 
200 TH_ARFC_LOCAL_RESOURCES Resourcen für asynchronen RFC ermitteln 
201 TH_ARFC_REQUESTS Resourcen für parallen RFC ermitteln 
202 TH_ARFC_SET_QUOTAS R Quoten für asynchronen RFC setzen 
203 TH_CHANGE_PARAMETER R Profileparameter ändern 
204 TH_CHECK_GATEWAY Ueberpruefung eines SAP-Gateways 
205 TH_CHECK_RFC_DEST_FOR_RKS R Check RFC destinations 
206 TH_CLEAR_CLIENT_ID_TRC_FLAGS Clear Trace flags of client id (passport) 
207 TH_COMMIT_LOOP Vermessung von COMMIT WORK-Aufrufen 
208 TH_COMPARE_CONTEXT_ID get context id 
209 TH_CONTEXT_ID_NAME get name of sap context id 
210 TH_COUNT_WPS Workprozesse zählen 
211 TH_CPIC_INIT CPIC-Verbindung aufbauen 
212 TH_CREATE_FOREIGN_MODE R create mode for foreign user 
213 TH_CREATE_MODE Eröffnen eines neuen externen Modus 
214 TH_CREATE_MODE_FOR_SWO_ASYNC Eröffnen eines neuen externen Modus 
215 TH_CREATE_WALL_ENTRY create entry on sap pin wall 
216 TH_CREATE_WALL_KEY create key for sap pin wall 
217 TH_DEACTIVATE_RESOURCE_CHECK deactivate resource check (for rfc, plugin, ..) 
218 TH_DEACTIVATE_USER_TRACE deactivate user trace 
219 TH_DEBUG_REMOTE_WP R Debugging von Workprozessen 
220 TH_DEBUG_WP Debugging von Workprozessen 
221 TH_DELETE_COLLECTOR_ARRAY Collector-Arrray löschen 
222 TH_DELETE_MODE Löschen eines externen Modus 
223 TH_DELETE_USER R Benutzer löschen 
224 TH_DELETE_WALL_ENTRY delete sap pin wall entry 
225 TH_DEL_APPL_INFO delete application info 
226 TH_DISABLE_EXT_DEBUGGING disable external debugging 
227 TH_DISPLAY_SERVER_LIST R Display Server List 
228 TH_DISPLAY_SM04_ENTRY R Display SM04 Entry 
229 TH_DISPLAY_UPDATE_DATA R Daten der Verbuchungsauftraege anzeigen 
230 TH_DISPLAY_UPDATE_DATA_ALV R Daten der Verbuchungsauftraege anzeigen 
231 TH_DISPLAY_USER_LIST Display the User List for a Server 
232 TH_DISPLAY_WORKPROCESS_LIST Display Work Process List for a Server 
233 TH_DOWNLOAD_BINFILE Binärdatei auf lokale Datei herunterladen 
234 TH_DOWNLOAD_TEXTFILE Tracedatei auf lokale Datei herunterladen 
235 TH_DUMP_ABAP_STACK FB für Hinweis 681085 
236 TH_DUMP_CHECK check a previously dumped file for inconsistencies 
237 TH_DUMP_CONVERT Dump internal system structures to the given file parameter. 
238 TH_DUMP_INFO Dump internal system structures to the given file parameter. 
239 TH_DUMP_SERVER_STATUS Dump Server Status into dev_wX or dev_disp file 
240 TH_DUMP_WP Workprozess mit Core beenden 
241 TH_ENDLOS R Endlos Loop Remotefaehig 
243 TH_ENQ_TEST test messages 
244 TH_ENVIRONMENT R Zeigt das Environment eines Applikationsrechners an 
245 TH_ERR_GET SAP-Error-Info an ABAP-Programm uebergeben 
246 TH_ERR_SET set kernel error info 
247 TH_EXEC_PROGRAM Programm anstarten 
248 TH_EXPRESS_MAIL Express-Mail versenden 
249 TH_FIND_WALL_ENTRY find sap pin wall entry 
250 TH_GET_ACTIVE_SERVER lokalen Tabellennamen von gemultiplexten Tabellen bestimmen 
251 TH_GET_APPCCA R Liste der WP-CA-Bloecke 
252 TH_GET_APPL_INFO get application info 
253 TH_GET_CLIENT_ID Client-ID holen 
254 TH_GET_CLIENT_ID_NETDATA Client-ID für Netzwerkübertragung holen 
255 TH_GET_CLIENT_ID_TRC_FLAGS Get trace flags of client id (passport) 
256 TH_GET_CONTEXT_ID get context id 
257 TH_GET_DEBUG_INFO R get debugging info 
258 TH_GET_DPTIMETAB R Laden der Dispatcher Struktur DPTIMETAB in Abap interne Tabelle 
259 TH_GET_J2EE_ADM J2EE-Informationen holen 
260 TH_GET_KERNEL_STATISTIC read state of kernel statistic 
261 TH_GET_LOCAL_TABNAME lokalen Tabellennamen von gemultiplexten Tabellen bestimmen 
262 TH_GET_OWN_WP_NO Determine Separate Work Process Number 
263 TH_GET_PARAMETER R Profileparameter lesen 
264 TH_GET_PLUGIN_INFO R get plugin info 
265 TH_GET_PROFILE_VALUE Wert eines Profileparameters holen 
266 TH_GET_REMOTE_DEBUG_KEY get context id 
267 TH_GET_SAP_CPIC_RC SAP-CPIC-Return-Code ermitteln 
268 TH_GET_SECURITY_CONTEXT_REF Abfrage der Sicherheitskontext Referenz 
269 TH_GET_SESSION_ID get context id 
270 TH_GET_START_TIME Startzeit des Servers holen 
271 TH_GET_START_TIME2 R Startzeit des Servers holen 
272 TH_GET_TRANSACTION_ID get transaction id 
273 TH_GET_VBKEY Verbuchungs- und Enqueueschlüssel holen 
274 TH_GET_VBREQUEST_STATUS Status eines Verbuchungsauftrags bestimmen 
275 TH_GET_VB_RC Return-Code der Verbuchung ermitteln 
276 TH_GET_VB_STATE Liefert den Zustand der Verbuchung zurück 
277 TH_GET_VIRT_HOST Realen Rechnernamen und Port liefern 
278 TH_GET_VIRT_HOST_DATA R Realen Rechnernamen und Port liefern 
279 TH_GET_VIRT_SERVER get virtual server for http processing 
280 TH_GET_W3C_CONTEXT_ID get context id 
281 TH_GET_WPCA R Liste der WP-CA-Bloecke 
283 TH_GET_WP_TRACE Holen Workprozess Traces 
284 TH_GREP R search string in developer trace files 
285 TH_HANDLE_ACL_FILE R ACL Dateien behandeln 
286 TH_INIT_COLLECTOR_ARRAY Collector-Arrray anlegen 
287 TH_INSPECT_MODE R Einen Modus inspizieren 
288 TH_IN_UPDATE_TASK Überprüft, ob das Programm im Verbucher abläuft 
290 TH_LONG_USR_INFO Lange Info zu einem Benutzer ermitteln 
291 TH_MK_INTERVAL_TREE R make interval tree 
292 TH_MODIFY_WALL_ENTRY modify sap pin wall entry 
293 TH_MSG_TEST test messages 
294 TH_NOP_0 R Vermessung von RFC-Aufrufen 
295 TH_NOP_10 R Vermessung von RFC-Aufrufen 
296 TH_PLUGINS_ACTIVE check plugins 
297 TH_POPUP R Asynchrones PopUp an GUI senden 
298 TH_POPUP_COMMUNICATION_TABLE Display the List of Communication Connections for a Server 
299 TH_POPUP_QUEUE_INFO Display the Dispatcher Queue Information for a Server 
300 TH_POPUP_RELEASE_INFO Anzeigen der Release-Info eines Servers 
301 TH_PREPARE_EXT_DEBUGGING get context id 
302 TH_PREPARE_EXT_DEBUGGING2 get context id 
303 TH_QRFC_REQUESTS Resourcen für parallen RFC ermitteln 
304 TH_QUERY_WP_TRACE Setzen des Workprozess Traces 
305 TH_READ_ENQ_NAME Read current Enqueue server name 
306 TH_READ_KERNEL_STATISTIC R read kernel statistic 
307 TH_READ_TIME_VALUE Read a "time like" string and convert into seconds 
308 TH_READ_USER_TRACE R User-Trace lesen 
309 TH_READ_WALL_ENTRY read sap pin wall entry 
310 TH_REDISPATCH redispatch program 
311 TH_REMOTE_SET_WP_TRACE R Setzen des Workprozess-Traces über RFC 
312 TH_REMOTE_TRANSACTION Remote Transaktion anstarten 
313 TH_REMOTE_USER_LIST Benutzerliste eines anderen Applikationsservers besorgen 
314 TH_REMOVE_JAVA_DELEGATION remove deligation to java vm 
315 TH_REMOVE_JAVA_DELIGATION remove deligation to java vm 
316 TH_REORG_VB Verbuchungstabellen reorganisieren 
317 TH_REQUEST_QUEUE R Dispatcher Request Queues anzeigen 
318 TH_REQUEST_QUEUE_AD Dispatcher Request Queues anzeigen 
319 TH_RESET_DEBUGGING R reset debugging sessions 
320 TH_RESET_EXT_DEBUGGING reset external debugging (HTTP, ..) 
321 TH_RESET_NI_BUFFER R Netzwerkpuffer zurücksetzen 
322 TH_RESET_NO_BUFFER R Nummernkreispuffer zurücksetzen 
323 TH_RESET_TRACE R reset trace files 
324 TH_RPC_TEST test messages 
325 TH_SAPREL R Holt SAP Release Information 
326 TH_SAPREL2 R Holt SAP Release Information 
327 TH_SAPREL3 R Holt SAP Release Information, breite Ausgabe 
328 TH_SAPREL4 R Holt SAP Release Information, breite Ausgabe 
329 TH_SAP_LOGIN R Remote login zu anderem Server duchfuehren 
330 TH_SAVE_W3C_CONTEXT_ID get context id 
331 TH_SELECT_MODE Select active mode of given user 
332 TH_SELECT_SERVER Interactively select application server 
333 TH_SELECT_USER Select active user 
334 TH_SEND_ADM_MESS Administrations-Message versenden 
335 TH_SERVER_LIST R Get Server List 
336 TH_SERVER_STATE R Server-Zustand ermitteln 
337 TH_SERVER_TYPE Evaluate server type value 
338 TH_SET_APPL_INFO set application info 
339 TH_SET_AUTO_LOGOUT R set auto logout value for rfc/http sessions 
340 TH_SET_CLIENT_ID_FROM_NET_DATA Setzt die Client-ID aus einem Netzwerkdatenstrom 
341 TH_SET_CLIENT_ID_TRC_FLAGS Set Trace flags of client id (passport) 
342 TH_SET_CPIC_SECURITY CPIC-Security-Informationen setzen 
343 TH_SET_DPTIMETAB R Setzen eines Eintrages in der DPTIMETAB im Dispatcher 
344 TH_SET_SESSION_ID set session id 
345 TH_SET_WP_TRACE Setzen des Workprozess Traces 
346 TH_SHOW_COMM_ADM R COMM_ADM-Tabelle des Kernels anzeigen 
347 TH_SHOW_COMM_ADM_DETAILS R COMM_ADM-Tabelle des Kernels anzeigen 
348 TH_SHOW_USR_DETAILS R Anzeige der technischen Info für eine TID wie in SM04 
349 TH_START_ARFC R Starten einer variablen Anzahl async. RFC's 
350 TH_START_ARFCII R Starten einer variablen Anzahl async. RFC's 
351 TH_START_ARFCIII R Starten einer variablen Anzahl async. RFC's 
352 TH_START_EXT_DEBUGGING start external debugging 
353 TH_START_TEST R start test 
354 TH_START_V2 Anstart der V2-Funktionsbausteine 
355 TH_STOP_EXT_DEBUGGING start external debugging 
356 TH_STOP_WP Workprozess ohne Core beenden 
357 TH_SWITCH_KERNEL_STATISTIC R switch on/off kernel statistic 
358 TH_SYSTEMWIDE_USER_LIST Benutzerliste aller Applikationsservers des Systems besorgen 
359 TH_SYSTEMWIDE_WPINFO Workprozessstatus aller Applikationsservers des Systems besorgen 
360 TH_SYSTEMWIDE_WPINFO_RFC Workprozessstatus aller Applikationsservers des Systems besorgen 
361 TH_SYSTEMWIDE_WPINFO_RFC2 über RFC keine ADM Message 
362 TH_TEST_A1 R test abap function 
363 TH_TEST_A2 L test abap function 
364 TH_TEST_BLOCKED_COMMIT R Test blocked commit 
365 TH_TEST_CCT Test controllable call transaction 
366 TH_TEST_CCT_BASIC R Test basic layer of CCT 
367 TH_TEST_COMMIT R Vermessung von RFC-Aufrufen 
368 TH_TEST_HTTP_CLIENT test http client 
369 TH_TEST_J1 K test java function 
370 TH_TEST_J2 J test java function 
371 TH_TEST_RFC R RFC-Debugging testen 
372 TH_TEST_RFC_02 R RFC-Debugging testen 
373 TH_TEST_RFC_03 R Test RFC 
374 TH_TEST_RFC_2 R Test 
375 TH_TEST_RFC_RECURSION R Test RFC layer recursive 
377 TH_TX_ABORT R Abort transaction 
378 TH_TX_COMMIT R Commit transaction 
379 TH_TX_PREPARE R Transaction control 
380 TH_TX_TRANS_ID R Get transaction ID 
381 TH_UPD_CLEANUP_ARFC ARFC Info für VB-Satz zurücksetzen 
382 TH_UPD_TST nur ein kleiner test fuer verbuchung 
383 TH_USER_INFO Benutzerinformationen 
384 TH_USER_LIST R Angemeldete Benutzer eines Appl.Servers 
385 TH_USER_LIST_AD Benutzer-Liste über AD Nachricht holen 
386 TH_USR_SAP_TRC_GET R Gets the current value of the user specific SAP-Trace for a given mode 
387 TH_USR_SAP_TRC_SET R Sets the user specific SAP-Trace for a given mode (to be used remotely). 
388 TH_VB_FUNCTION R Hilfsfunktion, um remote Aktionen aus SM13 zu machen 
389 TH_VB_TEST_01 Verbuchungstest 
390 TH_VB_TEST_01_NO_PAR Verbuchungstest 
391 TH_VB_TEST_02 Verbuchungstest (V2) 
392 TH_VB_TEST_03 Verbuchungstest 
393 TH_VB_TEST_04 Verbuchungstest 
394 TH_VB_TEST_05 Verbuchungstest 5 - Funktionalitätstests 
395 TH_VB_TEST_06 Verbuchungstest 
396 TH_VB_TEST_07 Verbuchungstest 
397 TH_VB_TEST_08 Verbuchungstest 
398 TH_VB_TEST_09 VB-Baustein ohne Daten 
399 TH_VB_TEST_10 Verbuchungstest 
401 TH_VB_TEST_DEADLOCK_01 Verbuchungsdeadlocks testen 
402 TH_VB_TEST_DEADLOCK_02 Test von Verbuchungsdeadlocks (zweiter Teil) 
403 TH_VB_TEST_LANGUAGE Testet das setzen der Sprachumgebung innerhalb der Verbuchung 
404 TH_WAIT_RFC R Arfc und submit testen 
405 TH_WALL_ENTRY_EXISTS find sap pin wall entry 
406 TH_WPINFO R Liste der Work-Prozesse ermitteln 
407 TH_WP_DETAIL_INFO R Determine detailed information on a work process 
408 TH_WP_DETAIL_INFO64 R Detail-Informationen über einen Workprozess ermitteln 
409 TH_WRITE_TRACE Schreibt einen Eintrag in den Entwickler-Trace 
410 TIFF_OBJECT_SHOW Hypertext: display graphics of the category TIFF 
411 TIFF_OBJECT_TITLE Hypertext: read the title of a graphic of the category TIFF 
412 TILGUNGSPLAN Zahlungsplan anzeigen / drucken 
413 TILGUNG_ENDFAELLIG_STELLEN Erzeugt oder loescht die Konditionsposition 'Endfaellige Tilgung' 
419 TIMEEVENT_SEARCHHLP Example for a search help exit 
422 TIMEIO_F4_SHLP_EXIT Example for a search help exit 
423 TIMEIO_F4_SHLP_EXIT_PROFILE Example for a search help exit 
425 TIMERULEABAP_TNS_TEST2 Abap-Version der Terminregel tns_test1 
431 TIMERULE_SHOW_RULE_DISPLAY Anzeigen einer Terminregel 
439 TIMESTAMP_RE_INVERT_11_DIGITS Invertierten Zeitstempel zurückinvertieren 
440 TIMESTAMP_UTC2LOCAL converts utc time to local time 
441 TIMEZONE R Timezone Miniap 
442 TIMEZONE2 R Timezone Miniap 
444 TIME_CHECK_PLAUSIBILITY Time plausibility check 
445 TIME_CONVERSION Zeitkonvertierung 
446 TIME_DISTRIBUTION_FOR_DT Zeitverteilung 
448 TIME_INTERVALL_CHECK Prüfen zweier Zeitintervalls 
450 TIME_IO_EV_OUTPUT Ausgabe von Terminen (Event, Date) 
451 TIME_UNITS Determine internal time units 
452 TIMNO_MERGE_ABSENCES Norwegian specific merging of IT2001 
453 TIM_EFF_SCORE_M Effective Score for multiple suppliers in time periods (month) 
454 TIM_EFF_SCORE_W Effective Score for multiple suppliers in time periods (week) 
455 TIP_CALL_POPUP Call popup to enter data 
456 TIP_CHANGE_TIP R SIW Demo: Creation of a tip 
457 TIP_CREATE_TIP R SIW Demo: Creation of a tip 
458 TIP_NOTIF_OUT Generated by SIW 
459 TIP_READ_TIP SIW Demo: Read a tip 
460 TISSR_ANLART_DS_UPDATE_S Einzelverbucher 
461 TISSR_ANLART_DS_UPDATE_T Massenverbucher 
462 TISSR_BENCHM_DS_UPDATE_S Einzelverbucher 
463 TISSR_BENCHM_DS_UPDATE_T Massenverbucher 
464 TISSR_BONDTYP_DS_UPDATE_S Einzelverbucher 
465 TISSR_BONDTYP_DS_UPDATE_T Massenverbucher 
467 TISSR_BRANCH_DS_UPDATE_S Einzelverbucher 
468 TISSR_BRANCH_DS_UPDATE_T Massenverbucher 
469 TISSR_FOF_REL_UPDATE_S Einzelverbucher 
470 TISSR_FOF_REL_UPDATE_T Massenverbucher 
471 TISSR_LOCATION_DS_UPDATE_T Massenverbucher 
472 TISSR_RATING_DS_UPDATE_S Einzelverbucher 
473 TISSR_RATING_DS_UPDATE_T Massenverbucher 
474 TITEL_SETZEN Ermitteln der variablen Teile für die Bildtitel 
475 TIV36_CHECK ISIS - Customizing Buchungsschnittstelle Prüfung Immobilien 
476 TIV36_DISPLAY ISIS - Customizing Buchungsschnittstelle F4 für TIV36 Immoblien 
477 TIV36_DOKU ISIS Customizing Buchungsschnittstelle F1-Funktion 
478 TIV3G_SINGLE_READ Language table for floors Single Read 
479 TIVCACTRYADDON_ARRAY_READ Array Read country setting cust table 
480 TIVCNCCTADD_SINGLE_READ Reads one record of the cust. table TIVCNCCTADD 
481 TIVXCJPCCSET_ARRAY_READ Read all data from the TIVXCJPCCSET table 
482 TIVXCJPCCSET_SINGLE_READ Read one record of the customizing table TIVXCJPCCSET 
483 TIVXCJPPCATF_ARRAY_READ Read all records from the cust.table TIVXCJPPCATF (Payment cat.&Flow type) 
484 TIVXCJPPCRCATT_ARRAY_READ Read all records of the customizing table TIVXCJPPCRCATT (Text table) 
485 TIVXCJPPCRCAT_ARRAY_READ Read all records of the customizing table TIVXCJPPCRCAT 
487 TIWB_CONTENT_DISPLAY Inhalt eines Topics anzeigen 
488 TIWB_FOLDER_DELETE Delete folder with contents 
489 TIWB_FOLDER_KEYWORDS_EXPORT Keywords einer Mappe zur Übersetzung exportieren 
490 TIWB_FOLDER_KEYWORDS_EXTRACT Alle Keywords einer Mappe extrahieren 
491 TIWB_FOLDER_KEYWORDS_IMPORT Schlagwörter einer Mappe importieren 
492 TIWB_FOLDER_KEYWORDS_SAVE R Gegebene Keywords sichern 
493 TIWB_FOLDER_KEYWORDS_TRANS_GET R Übersetzte Keywords einer Mappe einlesen 
494 TIWB_FOLDER_KEYWORDS_TRANS_SET Übersetzte Keywords in IWB schreiben 
495 TIWB_IO_CHANGE_ADDON Für alle PHIOs eines Obj. Branche und Release setzen 
496 TIWB_IO_CHANGE_RELEASE Für alle PHIOs eines Obj. mit geg. Release neues Release setzen 
497 TIWB_IO_IA_CHANGE_RELEASE Für alle PHIOs eines Obj. mit geg. Release neues Release setzen 
498 TIWB_IO_RELATIONS_DISPLAY Anzeige der Relationen von Phios oder Loios (ALV - Liste) 
499 TIWB_KEY_DISPLAY Display LOIO info 
500 TIWB_LOIOS_DISPLAY Zeigt LOIO's und zugehörige PHIO's mit Attributen an (ALV-Liste)