SAP ABAP Function Module - Index G, page 5
Function Module - G
# Function Module Mode Short Description
1 GHO_MEAS_FREQ_READ Read Measurement Freq Customizing 
2 GHO_MEAS_GRP_DETAILS R Get Measurement Group Details 
3 GHO_MEAS_MODE_READ Read Measurement Mode Customizing 
4 GHO_MEAS_POINT_CREATE R Create measuring point in core table(IMPTT) 
5 GHO_MEAS_POINT_DELETE Delete Measurement Point from core table(IMPTT) 
6 GHO_MEAS_QTY_TYPE_READ Read Measurement Quantity type 
7 GHO_MEAS_STD_DATA_DET Delete Standardized header and item 
8 GHO_MEAS_TABLES_PREPARE R Prepare Tables for Measmnt Point extn 
9 GHO_MEDIUMS_READ Read Customizing for Media 
10 GHO_MED_ID_SEL_CRIT function module for mediums 
11 GHO_MODELLING_OBJID UOM Network Modeling 
12 GHO_MOD_NETOBJ_TYP_READ Read Network Object Customizing 
13 GHO_MP_CHAR_READ R Get Measurement Point details with character and uom 
14 GHO_MP_HEADER_DELETE Delete measurement point header 
15 GHO_MP_HEADER_INS Create IMPTT Extension 
16 GHO_MP_HEADER_READ R Read Measurement Point Details 
17 GHO_MP_HEADER_UPD Update Mp Header 
18 GHO_MP_ID_READ R Read Measurement Point Details 
19 GHO_MP_INS R Create Measuring Point in GHO Measurement Tables with details 
20 GHO_MP_ITEM_DELETE Delete item measurement point details 
21 GHO_MP_ITEM_INS Create GHO Addtional Characterisitics 
22 GHO_MP_ITEM_READ R Read ADDT Char Table 
23 GHO_MP_ITEM_UPD Update Measurment Point Item 
24 GHO_MP_READ R Get Measurement Point for Netid, Network etc 
25 GHO_MTR_OP_MODE_READ GHO : Meter Operating Mode read 
26 GHO_MTR_TYPE_READ GHO : Read Meter Type Customizing 
27 GHO_NETOBJ_ASSINEDNETWK_READ read netobj linked with assigned network and business day 
28 GHO_NETOBJ_DELETE_PLAN_OFR Delete Planning data from DB 
29 GHO_NETOBJ_DESC_READ Read the descrition of network objects 
30 GHO_NETOBJ_EXT_CD Change document for Network Object 
31 GHO_NETOBJ_EXT_INS Post Network object tables 
32 GHO_NETOBJ_EXT_READ R Read Network object extensions 
33 GHO_NETOBJ_EXT_UPD Update GHO Network object extension table 
34 GHO_NETOBJ_GC_READ Read Network Object Types for Network object type 
35 GHO_NETOBJ_ID_F4_SELECTION Fetch Network Object ids based on F4 selection criteria 
36 GHO_NETOBJ_ID_MULTI_SEL_CRIT Retrieve Network Object ids based on multiple selection criteria 
38 GHO_NETOBJ_INSERT_PLAN_OFR Insert into Planning Extension Tables 
39 GHO_NETOBJ_IN_NETWORK R Check Net object in network 
40 GHO_NETOBJ_PDNTW_LINK GHO : production network linked to GHO objects in network objects 
41 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_COL_EXIT Search help exit for network object id 
42 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_COMP_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Compressor 
43 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_COM_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Flare 
44 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_DHY_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Dehydrator 
45 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_FLR_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Flare 
46 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_HTR_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - H-Treater 
47 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_MTR_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Meter 
48 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_PRNW_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Production Network 
49 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_PUMP_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Pump 
50 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_SEP_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Separator 
51 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_TANK_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Tank 
52 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_TURB_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Turbine 
53 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_WC_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Well Completion 
54 GHO_NETOBJ_SHLP_WELL_OBJ_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Well type 
55 GHO_NETOBJ_STATUS_READ R Read Network Object Status for Network object type 
56 GHO_NETOBJ_TD_DEL GHO:Insert Well TimeDependency data 
57 GHO_NETOBJ_TD_INS GHO:Insert Well TimeDependency data 
58 GHO_NETOBJ_TD_QUERY R GHO: Query Well Dependent table 
59 GHO_NETOBJ_TD_READ_BY_KEY R GHO: Query Well Dependent table 
60 GHO_NETOBJ_TD_UPD GHO:Update well time dependency data 
61 GHO_NETOBJ_TO_DOI_SHLP_EXIT Search help exit for network object id - Well Completion 
62 GHO_NETOBJ_TYP_READ Read Network Object Customizing 
63 GHO_NETOBJ_UID_CUST_READ Read unique external ID 
64 GHO_NETOBJ_UID_READ Read External ID 
65 GHO_NETOBJ_UPDATE_PLAN_OFR Insert into Planning Extension Tables 
66 GHO_NET_PROD_OBJID Search help exit for network object id - Production Network 
67 GHO_NMW_SAVE_VARIANT OPM Save Variant Data 
68 GHO_NWM_ARBID Network Modeler 
69 GHO_NWM_CREATE_NETOBJ R Create network objects from Network Modeller 
70 GHO_NWM_NETOBJ_ID OPM Network Modeling 
71 GHO_NWM_TPL_NWS Network Modeling 
72 GHO_ONG_ENTITY_FACTOR_DELETE Delete Oil Field Factors data from DB 
73 GHO_ONG_ENTITY_FACTOR_INSERT Insert Oil and Gas Entity Factors 
74 GHO_ONG_ENTITY_FACTOR_UPDATE Update Oil Field Factors to DB 
75 GHO_OWNERSHIP_READ_DOI_DESC read description for the DoI 
76 GHO_OWNRUN_INSERT_RESULTS Function module to insert ownership run results 
77 GHO_OWN_BG_HDR_INST_IN_WKTAB insert Bearer Group Header into worktable from maintable 
78 GHO_OWN_BG_HDR_READ R Read Ownership Bearer Group Header 
79 GHO_OWN_BG_HDR_READ_WKTAB R Read Ownership Bearer Group Header - Work Table 
80 GHO_OWN_BG_ITEMS_INST_IN_WKTAB insert Bearer Group Items into worktab from maintable 
81 GHO_OWN_BG_ITEMS_READ Bearer group items read 
82 GHO_OWN_BG_ITEMS_READ_WKTAB Bearer group items read - Work Table 
83 GHO_OWN_BP_GET_PGUID Get Business partner GUID 
84 GHO_OWN_BUPA_DIALOG_SEARCH GHO ownership Search Locator 
85 GHO_OWN_DELETE_BG_HDR Delete Bearer Group header details 
86 GHO_OWN_DELETE_BG_HDR_WKTAB Delete Bearer Group header details - Work Table 
87 GHO_OWN_DELETE_BG_ITEMS Delete bearer group items 
88 GHO_OWN_DELETE_BG_ITEMS_WKTAB Delete bearer group items - Work Table 
89 GHO_OWN_DELETE_TRO_BG_ITEMS Temporary bearer group deletion from transfer document 
90 GHO_OWN_DOI_CKIN_HEADER_READ R Read DOI Header - Main Table 
91 GHO_OWN_DOI_DTLS_BY_ATTR Retrieve DoI ids based on multiple selection criteria 
92 GHO_OWN_DOI_HDR_INST_IN_WKTAB read DoI Header from Main Table and insert in Work Table (=>checkout) 
93 GHO_OWN_DOI_HDR_READ_FRM_MNTAB R Read DOI Header - Work Table 
94 GHO_OWN_DOI_HDR_READ_FRM_WKTAB R Read DOI Header - Work Table 
95 GHO_OWN_DOI_HEADER_READ R Read DOI Header - Work Table 
96 GHO_OWN_DOI_ID_MULTI_SEL_CRIT Retrieve DoI ids based on multiple selection criteria 
97 GHO_OWN_DOI_ITEMS_BY_ITEM_ID DOI Items by Item ID - Main Table 
99 GHO_OWN_DOI_ITEMS_READ R Ownership : Read DOI Items - Work Table 
100 GHO_OWN_DOI_ITEMS_READ_CHK_IN R Ownership : Read DOI Items - Main Table 
101 GHO_OWN_DOI_ITEMS_TRO_STA_READ R Ownership : Read DOI Items - Work Table 
102 GHO_OWN_DOI_ITMS_INST_IN_WKTAB read items details from Main Table and insert into worktable (=>checkout) 
103 GHO_OWN_DOI_ITMS_READ_IN_SEQNC read items details in worktable 
104 GHO_OWN_DOI_ITMS_READ_IN_WKTAB read items details in worktable 
105 GHO_OWN_DOI_NET_OBJ_UFM Ownership DOI to network objects assignment 
106 GHO_OWN_ENTITLEMENT_QUANTITY FM to calculate entitlement quantity , for each owner in DOI 
107 GHO_OWN_INSERT_BG_HDR insert Bearer Group Header 
108 GHO_OWN_INSERT_BG_HDR_WKTAB insert Bearer Group Header - Work Tab 
109 GHO_OWN_INSERT_BG_ITEMS insert Bearer Group Items 
110 GHO_OWN_INSERT_BG_ITEMS_WKTAB insert Bearer Group Items - Work Table 
111 GHO_OWN_INSERT_TRO_BG_ITEMS Temporary bearer group items fron transfer document 
112 GHO_OWN_MODIFY_BG_HDR Modify bearer group header 
113 GHO_OWN_MODIFY_BG_ITEMS Modify bearer group header 
115 GHO_OWN_READ_TRO_BG_ITEMS temporary bearer group retrieval from transfer document 
116 GHO_OWN_RETRIEVE_BG_HDR_DOI Get Bearer Groups from DOI ID 
117 GHO_OWN_RETRIEVE_BG_HDR_DOI_WK Get Bearer Groups from DOI ID 
118 GHO_OWN_RETRIEVE_BG_ITEMS Bearer group items read based on non unique fields 
119 GHO_OWN_RETRIEVE_BG_ITMS_WKTAB Bearer group items read based on non unique fields 
120 GHO_OWN_SHLP_DOI_EXIT Ownership: DOI Search Help Exit 
121 GHO_OWN_SHLP_MED_EXIT mediums 
123 GHO_OWN_SLIDING_SCALE_READ Ownership: Read Sliding Scale details 
124 GHO_OWN_SM1_HDR_READ read sm items 
125 GHO_OWN_SM2_HDR_READ read sm header 
126 GHO_OWN_SM_HDR_READ R Read Ownership Scale Method Header 
127 GHO_OWN_SM_ITEMS_READ Scale Method read 
128 GHO_OWN_TRO_DTLS_BY_ATTR Retrieve Own. Transfer docs based on multiple selection criteria 
129 GHO_OWN_TRO_HDR_READ R Read Ownership transfer of Ownership Header 
130 GHO_OWN_TRO_ITEMS_READ Transfer of Ownership items read 
131 GHO_OWN_UPDATE_BG_HDR update bearer group header 
132 GHO_OWN_UPDATE_BG_HDR_WKTAB update bearer group header - Work Table 
133 GHO_OWN_UPDATE_BG_ITEMS update bearer group items 
134 GHO_OWN_UPDATE_BG_ITEMS_WKTAB update bearer group items - Work Table 
135 GHO_OWN_UPDATE_TRO_BG_ITEMS Temporary bearer group items update from transfer document 
136 GHO_PARAM_READ R Read Customzing for Measuring Group 
137 GHO_PIPE_TYPE_READ GHO: NETOBJ - Compressor Type 
138 GHO_PN_FREQUENCIES_INS GHO: Production Network Frequencies 
139 GHO_PN_FREQUENCIES_READ R GHO: Read Network Frequencies 
140 GHO_PN_FREQUENCIES_UPD GHO: Update Production network Frequencies 
141 GHO_PN_FREQ_DEL GHO: FM to delete Frequencies 
142 GHO_PN_MEDIUMS_DEL GHO: FM to delete mediums 
143 GHO_PN_MEDIUMS_INS GHO: Production Network Mediums 
144 GHO_PN_MEDIUMS_UPD GHO: Update Production network Mediums 
145 GHO_PN_MEDIUM_INS GHO: Insert Production network Mediums 
146 GHO_PN_MEDIUM_READ R GHO: Mediums read 
147 GHO_PN_MEDIUM_UPD GHO: Update Production network Mediums 
148 GHO_PN_RELEVANT_MED_SRCH_EXIT Production network relevant medium search help exit 
149 GHO_PP_DELETE_PTABLE Delete Planning Table Results from DB 
150 GHO_PP_DELETE_PTABLE_HEADER Delete Planning Table Header Data 
151 GHO_PP_DELETE_PTABLE_TOTAL Delete all Planning Data for Header 
152 GHO_PP_INSERT_PTABLE Insert Planning Table Results into DB 
153 GHO_PP_INSERT_PTABLE_HEADER Insert Planning Version for Planning Table 
154 GHO_PP_OTE_DB_UPDATE Update Module for OTE 
155 GHO_PP_READ_PTABLE Read Planning Table Results from DB 
156 GHO_PP_READ_PTABLE_HEAD Read Planning Table Header 
157 GHO_PP_READ_PTABLE_ITEMS Read Planning Table Items 
158 GHO_PP_READ_PTABLE_LINES Read Planning Table Schedule Lines 
159 GHO_PP_READ_PT_PROFILE Read Planning Table Profile 
160 GHO_PP_SEL_PLANVERSION Retrieve Planning Versions based on multiple selection criteria 
161 GHO_PP_SHLP_FILTER Filter for Planning Table 
162 GHO_PP_SHLP_PLANVERSION OPM Planning Table Planversion Selection 
163 GHO_PP_UPDATE_PTABLE Update Planning Table Results into DB 
164 GHO_PP_UPDATE_PTABLE_HEADER Update of Planversion 
165 GHO_PRDENTY_TYP_READ_DESCR read description for the producing 
166 GHO_PROD_ENTITY_INS Post Producing Entity tables 
167 GHO_PROD_ENTITY_READ Read Producing entity from database 
168 GHO_PROD_ENTITY_UPDATE Update producing entity 
169 GHO_PUMP_APPL_READ GHO : Read Pump Application Customizing 
170 GHO_PUMP_DESIGN_READ GHO : Read Pump Design Customizing 
171 GHO_PUMP_DRIVER_READ GHO : Read Pump Type of Driver Customizing 
172 GHO_PUMP_FLUID_READ GHO : Read Pump Fluid Handled Customizing 
173 GHO_PUMP_TYPE_READ GHO : Read Pump Type Customizing 
174 GHO_QCI_CONVERSION Perrofm QCI Conversion 
176 GHO_RECLASSIFIED_MED_SRCH_EXIT Reclassified medium for primary medium 
177 GHO_SAVE_INET_LOG Save Network modelling changes in INET log table 
178 GHO_SAVE_LINK_GR_ATTR Save Graphical Attributes of Network Objects 
179 GHO_SAVE_OBJ_GR_ATTR Save Graphical Attributes of Network Objects 
180 GHO_SAVE_PP_REL_OBJ OPM Saving Planning Releavant objects 
181 GHO_SAVE_SIMU_LOG Save simulated network changes 
182 GHO_SAVE_WC_RULE_LOG Save well completion rule changes into log table 
183 GHO_SEP_UOS_READ GHO: NETOBJ - Read Use of Separator Customizing 
184 GHO_SHLP_GENERIC_DMZ DMZ compatible Search Help Adapter 
185 GHO_SIMU_ALLOC_UI_PARAL_PROC_1 R Parallel processing for allocation in simulation 
186 GHO_SIMU_ALLOC_UI_PARAL_PROC_2 R Parallel processing in simulation for allocation step 2 
187 GHO_SIMU_DELETE_CAPACITIES Deleting planning capacities 
188 GHO_SIMU_DELETE_DOWNTIME Deleting downtime entry 
189 GHO_SIMU_DELETE_FLOWRATE_H Delete Flow Rate Header 
190 GHO_SIMU_DELETE_FLOWRATE_I Delete Flow Rate Item 
191 GHO_SIMU_INSERT_CAPACITIES Inserting Planning capacities 
192 GHO_SIMU_INSERT_DOWNTIME Inserting downtime 
193 GHO_SIMU_INSERT_FLOWRATES_H Inserting Flow Rates 
194 GHO_SIMU_INSERT_FLOWRATES_I Inserting Flow Rates Items 
195 GHO_SIMU_INSERT_HEADER Insert Header simulation data 
196 GHO_SIMU_INSERT_HEADER_TEXT Insert Header simulation data 
197 GHO_SIMU_RETRIVE_HEADER_DATA Retrive simulation header data 
198 GHO_SIMU_RETRIVE_HEADER_TEXT Retrive simulation header data 
200 GHO_SIMU_RETRIVE_PN_TXT Retrive Production Network Text 
201 GHO_SIMU_SD_CALCULATE Calculate Standard deviation for a set of data 
202 GHO_SIMU_UPDATE_CAPACITIES updating Planning capacities 
203 GHO_SIMU_UPDATE_DOWNTIME update downtime entry 
204 GHO_SIMU_UPDATE_FLOWRATE_H Update Flow Rate Header 
205 GHO_SIMU_UPDATE_FLOWRATE_I Update Flow Rate Item 
206 GHO_SIMU_UPDATE_HEADER Update Header simulation data 
207 GHO_SIMU_UPDATE_HEADER_TEXT Update Header simulation data 
208 GHO_SIMU_VALIDATE_SIMU_ID Retrive simulation header data 
209 GHO_SM_UOM_SEL_CRIT function module for mediums 
210 GHO_TANK_ID_READ GHO Tank ID exit 
211 GHO_TANK_PARAM_READ R Read Customzing for Measuring Group 
212 GHO_TB_FL_TYPE_READ GHO : Read Turbine Fuel Type Customizing 
213 GHO_TB_TYPE_READ GHO : Read Turbine Type of Driven unit Customizing 
214 GHO_UOM_RULE_DELETE Delete UOM rule 
215 GHO_VEND_BUPA_EVENT_DCHCK Vendor Check the Data Provided 
216 GHO_VEND_BUPA_EVENT_DLVE1 Vendor Refresh UI Layer Buffers 
217 GHO_VEND_BUPA_EVENT_DLVE2 Vendor Refresh DB and Object Layer Buffers 
218 GHO_VEND_BUPA_EVENT_DSAVC Vendor Prepare Data for Saving 
219 GHO_VEND_BUPA_EVENT_DSAVE Vendor Save Ownership Data into Database 
220 GHO_VEND_BUPA_EVENT_DTAKE Vendor Take Data from UI 
222 GHO_VEND_BUPA_EVENT_ISDAT Vendor Retrieve Ownership Data 
223 GHO_VEND_BUPA_EVENT_ISSTA Vendor Initialization for Ownership Data 
224 GHO_VEND_BUPA_EVENT_XCHNG Vendor Check if Data is Changed in the UI 
225 GHO_VEND_BUPA_OWN_AFT_PAI Vendor Ownership after PAI module 
226 GHO_WC_NATURE_DEL Insert well completion nature 
227 GHO_WC_NATURE_INS Insert well completion nature 
228 GHO_WC_NATURE_UPD Insert well completion nature 
229 GHO_WC_READ R Read Well completion details 
230 GHO_WC_STATUS_READ GHO: Read Well Completion Status 
231 GHO_WC_TYPE_READ GHO : Read Well Completion Type Customizing 
232 GHO_WELL_CLASS_LC_INS Insert Well Class Lifecycle 
233 GHO_WELL_CLASS_LC_UPD Update Well Class lifecycle 
234 GHO_WELL_STATUS_READ Read Well Status Customizing 
235 GHO_WELL_TD_READ_BY_KEY R GHO: Read Well Time dependent data 
236 GHO_WELL_USAGE_READ Read Well Status Customizing 
237 GIA_ITS_CONTEXT_HANDLE Bearbeiten des ITS-Kontext 
238 GIA_MSG_EXCEPTION_HANDLE SAP Retail Store: FB-Exceptions handlen 
239 GIA_MSG_INIT_SY_MESSAGE Initialisierung Sy-Message-Variablen 
240 GIA_MSG_RET_MSG_HANDLE Zwischenspeicher für Infos und Warnings 
241 GIS_ABBID_NETOBJ_SHLP_EXIT Example for a search help exit 
242 GIS_ABBID_NETOBJ_SHLP_EXIT1 Search help exit for network object type 
243 GIS_OBJ_TYPE_SRCH_HLP FM for srch hlp - fetch generic object type 
244 GIS_STRUC_FIELD_SHLP_EXIT Example for a search help exit 
245 GIS_STRUC_FIELD_SHLP_EXIT1 Example for a search help exit 
246 GJVA_COSTELEMENTS_GET_BY_TYPE Determine the cost element type 
247 GJVA_COSTELEMENT_CHECK_TYPE Determine the cost element type 
248 GJVA_SL_TO_FI_GET_DUMMY_DOC Get dummy document numbers in testmode 
249 GJVA_SL_TO_FI_POST Convert SL postings to FI postings 
250 GJVA_SL_TO_FI_UPDATE_T8J_JVEC Update Control table T8J_JVEC 
251 GJV_ARCHIVE_READ FM to read JV database for archive object JV_OBJECT 
252 GJV_BW_GET_PM_SPLIT Split JV Data by production month 
253 GJV_BW_GET_TRANSACTION_DATA FI-SL BIW-Interface: Datenbeschaffung 
254 GJV_BW_GET_VENTURE_SPLIT Get venture split data 
255 GJV_DRB_DOCUMENT_DISPLAY DRB: Display Joint Venture Documents 
256 GJV_DRB_OBJKEY_FORMAT JV im DRB: Objektschlüssel aufbereiten 
257 GJV_DRB_ORIGIN_GET JV im DRB: Herkunft ermitteln 
258 GJV_DRB_RELATIONS_GET DRB: Get relations to or from Joint Venture Documents 
259 GJ_BILLING_EXTRACT_READ Read billing extract into internal table 
260 GJ_DOCUMENT_RECORD Funktionsbausteine für RW-Beleg JVA 
261 GJ_EGROUP_ACTIV_CHECK Check if active Equity Group exists 
262 GJ_EGROUP_ACTIV_CHECK_2 Check if active Equity Group exists 
263 GJ_GET_COMPANY_CODE_FOR_AUTH Get company code with authorization check 
264 GJ_GR_IR_SELECT List G/R and I/R for a JVSO1 line item record 
265 GJ_IR_GR_CONNECT Tools for Jont Venture 
266 GJ_JVA_REGENERATE_SUBST Regenerates substitution usage 
268 GJ_LEDGER_FROM_RWDOC_GIVE Sucht zu einem RW-Beleg die Ledger über GLIDXA 
269 GJ_LINK_GR_IR Links goods receipts and invoice receipts for each line of purchase order 
270 GJ_LIST_VARIANT_VALUE_HELP Value help for line item report list variants 
271 GJ_PARTNER_CHECK Check partner against T8JO and T8JQ 
272 GJ_RETRIEVE_GR_IR Retrieve GR or IR 
273 GJ_SINGLE_EGROUP_ACTIV_CHECK check for a single record of T8JG if egroup is active 
274 GJ_SINGLE_EGROUP_ACTIV_FIND read active equity group and return record 
275 GJ_SUBSTITUTION_USAGE_JVA_SHOW GL: Verwendung der Validierung für Erweiterte Hauptbuchhaltung 
276 GJ_T8JVRXV1_FIELD_READ Fill special text variables for T8JVEXTR 
277 GJ_T8JZ_FIELD_READ Fill special text variables for T8JVEXTR 
278 GJ_VALIDATION_USAGE_JVA_SHOW CO: Verwendung der Validierung für Kostenrechnungskreise 
279 GJ_VALI_SUBST_JVAP Function moduls for validation and substitution of JVA documents 
280 GJ_VENTURE_ACTIV_CHECK Checks venture status 
281 GLD_ERRECHNEN den gleitenden Durchschnittspreis errechnen und testen 
283 GLE_ACC_TO_ECS_ITEM_TRANS Mapping vom ACC- zum ECS Item-Format 
284 GLE_ACC_TO_GLU1_TRANS Mapping vom GLU1- zum ACC-Format 
285 GLE_ACC_TO_MCADOC_TRANS ACC Strukturen auf MCA BKPF/BSEG mappen 
286 GLE_ADB_AVG_ACT_DIRECT_INPUT Monatliche Durchschnittsumsätze direkt ins FI-SL buchen 
287 GLE_ADB_CALCULATE_KEY_FIGURES Berechnung der Kennzahlen für den durchschnittlichen Tagessaldo 
288 GLE_ADB_CHECK_AVG_LEDGER Check average ledger 
289 GLE_ADB_CHECK_LEDGERGROUP Prüfe, ob die Ledgerumgebung im Buchungskreis existiert 
290 GLE_ADB_CHECK_MAM_TIMEFRAME Zeitintervall für Kontenfusion prüfen 
291 GLE_ADB_CHECK_SOURCE_SELOPT Prüfe Restriktionen für KFC und Quellrestriktionen für Kontenfusion 
292 GLE_ADB_CHECK_TARGET_SELOPT Zielrestriktionen für Kontenfusion prüfen 
293 GLE_ADB_DEL_OPEN_PER Buchung in GLE_ADB_OPEN_PER löschen 
294 GLE_ADB_DIM_TRANGE_DELETE_DB Lösche Ledger Dimensionen aus dem ABAP Speicher 
295 GLE_ADB_DIM_TRANGE_EXPORT_DB Exportiere Ledger Dimensionen in den ABAP Speicher 
296 GLE_ADB_DIM_TRANGE_IMPORT_DB Hole Ledger Dimensionen aus dem ABAP Speicher 
297 GLE_ADB_DIRECT_AVGSL_REVERSE Schnittstellenbeschreibung zum Event 00001030 
298 GLE_ADB_ENQUEUE_AVG Set Lock for Average Daily Balances 
299 GLE_ADB_FAGL_GET_LEDGERGROUP Passende Ledgergruppe zu Ledgerumgebung 
300 GLE_ADB_FIRST_DAY_CUR_QUARTER Bestimmung des ersten Tages des Quartals, in dem das Meldedatum liegt 
301 GLE_ADB_GET_ACC_FOR_SELOPT Konten aus Selektionskriterien ermitteln 
302 GLE_ADB_GET_BUKRS_FOR_SELOPT Alle Buchungskreise zu Select-Option Abgrenzung 
303 GLE_ADB_GET_INFO_MABR Durchschnittssalden aus Tagesledger berechnen 
304 GLE_ADB_GET_LEDGER_FIELDS Ermittelt die Felder des Ledgers über den Filter 
305 GLE_ADB_GET_NUMBER_PERIODS Anzahl Buchungsperioden ermitteln 
306 GLE_ADB_GET_OPEN_PER Ermittle erste Periode, in der Durchschnittssalden nicht aktuell sind 
307 GLE_ADB_GL_GET_BSCHL Buchungsschlüssel ermitteln 
308 GLE_ADB_IDENTIFY_PERIOD Bestimmung der zugehörigen Periode für ein Buchungsdatum 
309 GLE_ADB_IDENTIFY_PERIOD_LDGRP Identifiziert Periode für Buchungen mit spezifischer Ledgergruppe 
310 GLE_ADB_KFC_GET_DATA BI Extraktor für ADB Kennzahlen 
311 GLE_ADB_KFC_GET_DATA_DELTA BI Extraktor für ADB Kennzahlen 
312 GLE_ADB_KFC_INIT Customizingpuffer initialisieren 
313 GLE_ADB_KFC_INIT_PACK Initialisierung der Durchschnittssaldenberechnung 
314 GLE_ADB_PP_0100 Start of a Mass Run 
315 GLE_ADB_PP_0110 Get Parameters of a Run 
316 GLE_ADB_PP_0120 Set Parameters 
317 GLE_ADB_PP_0130 Delete parameters 
318 GLE_ADB_PP_0140 Compare Parameter Records 
319 GLE_ADB_PP_0150 Select/Search for Mass Run for Restart 
320 GLE_ADB_PP_0160 Checks Before Start of a Mass Run 
321 GLE_ADB_PP_0205 Generate Package Templates 
322 GLE_ADB_PP_0206 Save Package Parameters 
323 GLE_ADB_PP_0207 Delete Package Parameters 
324 GLE_ADB_PP_0300 Ende des Massenlaufs 
325 GLE_ADB_PP_1000 Initialization of a Work Package 
326 GLE_ADB_PP_1100 Selektion von Anw.daten aus Intervall 
327 GLE_ADB_PP_1200 Selection of Application Data for Object List 
328 GLE_ADB_PP_1260 Check if Objects are Locked 
329 GLE_ADB_PP_1270 Deletion of Invalid Objects from Application Data 
330 GLE_ADB_PP_1300 Edit Objects 
331 GLE_ADB_PP_1350 Ende der Aufgabenbearbeitung 
332 GLE_ADB_PP_1400 Start of Processing in a Parallel Job 
333 GLE_ADB_PP_1410 End of Processing in a Parallel Job 
334 GLE_ADB_READ_CPAR_DOCT FI-SL Belegarten für ADB lesen 
335 GLE_ADB_READ_CPAR_EXTR Extraktionseinstellungen für ADB lesen 
336 GLE_ADB_READ_CPAR_LEDGER ADB-Ledger Kundenparameter lesen 
337 GLE_ADB_READ_CPAR_LEDGER_ENV ADB-Ledger Kundenparameter lesen 
338 GLE_ADB_READ_SL Lesen von Ledgerdaten für ADB 
339 GLE_ADB_REALTIME_UPDATE Prüfe, ob Echtzeit-Update aktiv ist 
340 GLE_ADB_SORT_RESULT_TABLE Tabelle nach Ledgerdimensionen sortieren 
341 GLE_ADB_SPLIT_COMPANY_CODES Buchungskreise nach Geschäftsjahresvarianten trennen 
342 GLE_ADB_STORE_OPEN_PER Buchung in GLE_ADB_OPEN_PER speichern 
343 GLE_ADB_TRANSFORM_MAM_MAV_PAR Transformiere MAM Parameter zu MAV Parameter 
344 GLE_ADB_UI_FREE_SELECTION Free Selection Dialog 
345 GLE_AL_BA1_API_F4_FX_RATE_CALC Calculate Exchange Rate from Two Currency Amounts 
346 GLE_AL_BA1_F4_API_FX_CONV_ACC Währungsumrechnung für Accounting (PACKED-Format) 
347 GLE_AL_BA1_F4_API_FX_GET_RTYPE Get "FXRateType" and "MdCode" from "KursTyp" 
348 GLE_AL_FXR_CONVERT_CURRENCY Currency conversion with extended exchange rate 
349 GLE_AL_FXR_CURRENCIES_CONVERT Currency conversion with extended exchange rate 
350 GLE_AL_FXR_CURRENCY_CHECK Get extended exchange rates 
351 GLE_AL_FXR_READ_FXRATES Read Exchange Rates 
352 GLE_AUTH_DOC_HEADER Berechtigungsprüfungen für Belegkopf-Ebene 
353 GLE_AUTH_DOC_ITEM Berechtigungsobjekte für Belegzeilen-Ebene 
354 GLE_BI_DOC_TO_ACC_TRANS Mapping vom Batch Input- zum ACC-Format 
355 GLE_BI_DOC_TO_ACC_TRANS_BASIC Mapping vom Batch Input- zum ACC-Format 
356 GLE_DB_ECS_ARC_ITEM_DEL Tabellenspezifischer Löschbaustein für GLE_ECS_ITEM 
357 GLE_DB_ECS_ARC_ITEM_INS Tabellenspezifischer Einfügebaustein für GLE_ECS_ITEM 
358 GLE_DB_ECS_ARC_STS_UPD Setzen Archivstatus/Wiedervorlagedatum 
359 GLE_DB_ECS_FI_ITEM_MODF_DEL Tabellenspezifischer Löschbaustein für GLE_FI_ITEM_MODF 
360 GLE_DB_ECS_FI_ITEM_MODF_INS Tabellenspezifischer Einfügebaustein für GLE_FI_ITEM_MODF 
361 GLE_DB_ECS_FI_ITEM_ORIG_DEL Tabellenspezifischer Löschbaustein für GLE_FI_ITEM_ORIG 
362 GLE_DB_ECS_FI_ITEM_ORIG_INS Tabellenspezifischer Einfügebaustein für GLE_FI_ITEM_ORIG 
363 GLE_DB_ECS_ITEM_MSG_DEL Tabellenspezifischer Löschbaustein für GLE_ECS_ITEM_MSG 
364 GLE_DB_ECS_ITEM_MSG_INS Tabellenspezifischer Einfügebaustein für GLE_ECS_ITEM_MSG 
365 GLE_DET_TAXCUST_FROM_CC Steuercustomizing für Buchungskreis ermitteln 
366 GLE_ECS_0100 Start of a Mass Run 
367 GLE_ECS_0110 Get Parameters of a Run 
368 GLE_ECS_0120 Set Parameters 
369 GLE_ECS_0130 Delete parameters 
370 GLE_ECS_0140 Compare Parameter Records 
371 GLE_ECS_0150 Select/Search for Mass Run for Restart 
372 GLE_ECS_0160 Checks Before Start of a Mass Run 
373 GLE_ECS_0205 Generate Package Templates 
374 GLE_ECS_0206 Save Package Parameters 
375 GLE_ECS_0207 Delete Package Parameters 
376 GLE_ECS_0300 Ende des Massenlaufs 
377 GLE_ECS_1000 Initialization of a Work Package 
378 GLE_ECS_1100 Selektion von Anw.daten aus Intervall 
379 GLE_ECS_1200 Selection of Application Data for Object List 
380 GLE_ECS_1260 Check if Objects are Locked 
381 GLE_ECS_1270 Deletion of Invalid Objects from Application Data 
382 GLE_ECS_1300 Edit Objects 
383 GLE_ECS_1350 End of Task Processing 
384 GLE_ECS_1400 Start of Processing in a Parallel Job 
385 GLE_ECS_1410 End of Processing in a Parallel Job 
386 GLE_ECS_ACP_THRSH_AMT_VALIDATE Prüfe auf Minimalbetrag und ggf. ersetze das Konto durch AbschreibungsKto 
387 GLE_ECS_ACP_UI_CHECKS Auto Correction Processor UI Checks for each ECS item 
388 GLE_ECS_AI_CURR_CONVERT2INT Betrag-, Kursfelder von ext. nach intern konvertieren 
390 GLE_ECS_AL_ADM_GET_RUNID Externe Laufidentifikation zu Laufidentifikation erm. 
391 GLE_ECS_AL_ADM_GET_SUCCFUL_RUN Erfolgreichen ECS-Lauf für ein Massenlauf (PPF-Tool) ermitteln 
392 GLE_ECS_AL_ADM_SET_RUNID Externe Laufidentifikation auf DB sichern 
393 GLE_ECS_AL_ARC_ACCESS_INIT Initialisiert Archiv-Zugriff 
394 GLE_ECS_AL_ARC_GET_NEXT_PACK Liest nächstes Paket aus Archiv 
395 GLE_ECS_AL_FI_LINE_ITEM_GET Liefert Line Item zu FI Dokument 
396 GLE_ECS_AL_GET_FIELDNAMES ECS: Änderbare Felder lesen 
397 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_CHECK_FI_AUTH Prüfe Anzeige-Berechtigung für FI-Dokumente 
398 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_COMPLETE Setzt ECS-Posten auf Status "erledigt" (im Puffer) 
399 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_CREATE Anlegen ECS_Item, -Msg, FI_item_orig, FI_item_modified (im Puffer) 
400 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_DELETE Setzt ECS-Posten auf Status "gelöscht" (im Puffer) 
401 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_DISPLAY_CHGDOC Änderungsbelege zu einem Fehlerkorrerkturposten anzeigen 
402 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_GET_BY_INT_DOC Auswahl ECS-Posten anhand interner Referenz-Belegnummer 
403 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_GET_BY_RNG Auswahl über Tab. ECS_Item und FI_item_modified 
404 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_GET_BY_RNG_MDF Auswahl über Tab. ECS_Item und FI_item_modified 
405 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_GET_DETAIL Lesen ECS_Item, -Msg, FI_item_orig, FI_item_modified 
406 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_GET_ITEM_ORIG Lesen ECS-Posten und Original-Daten 
407 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_MODIFY Ändern von ECS_Item, ECS_Item_msg und/oder FI_item_modified (im Puffer) 
408 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_REPROCESS Ändert ECS-Postenstatus von "Erledigt" auf "In Bearbeitung" (im Puffer) 
409 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_RESET Löscht den Puffer mit ECS_Item/ msg/FI_orig/_modified line item 
410 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_REVERSE Setzt ECS-Posten auf Status "storniert" (im Puffer) 
411 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_SAVE Verbucht alle Objekte im Puffer: ECS_Item/ msg/FI_orig/_modified line item 
412 GLE_ECS_AL_ITEM_UNDELETE Setzt ECS-Posten auf Status "gelöscht" (im Puffer) 
413 GLE_ECS_AL_MONTH_GRID Erzeugung Kalender-Monats-Raster 
414 GLE_ECS_AL_SREP_ECS_ITEMS_GET Extraktor für ECS Items 
417 GLE_ECS_AL_VARIANT_LIST Auflisten von Varianten eines Reports 
419 GLE_ECS_AL_VARIANT_SELECT Selecting Variants 
420 GLE_ECS_ARC_CHECK Betriebwirtschaftliche Prüfungen zu Objekt GLE_ECS 
421 GLE_ECS_ARC_CUST_CHECK_MULT Prüfung Tabelle objektspezifisches Archivierungscustomizing 
422 GLE_ECS_ARC_CUST_CHECK_SNG Prüfung Einzelsatz objektspezifisches Archivierungscustomizing 
423 GLE_ECS_ARC_FILL_PT_RANGES Besorgt Min- und Maxschlüssel für die Pakete der PV 
424 GLE_ECS_ARC_GET_TABLKEYS_ALL Selektion von Datensätzen zum Paketsplitting 
425 GLE_ECS_ARC_PACK_WTAB_CREATE Aufbau WHERE-Tab zur Selektion auf führende Anwendungstabelle 
426 GLE_ECS_ARC_RT_CHECK Baustein zum Prüfen gegen die Residenzzeit 
427 GLE_ECS_ARC_RT_GET Lesebaustein für Residenzzeit 
428 GLE_ECS_CHECK_REVERSE_ALLOWED Prüfung ob FI Storno erlaubt 
429 GLE_ECS_CLEAR_SST_FILLED_FLDS Clear fields filled by accounting interface during posting 
430 GLE_ECS_CONV_DATE_TO_EXT Konvertierung: internes Datum -> externes Datum 
431 GLE_ECS_DB_EDIT_FIELD FKS: Editierbare Felder für Korrektur an gesamter Belegzeile lesen 
432 GLE_ECS_DB_GET_BALANC_LINE ECS: Belegzeilendefinition für die Belegsaldierung lesen 
433 GLE_ECS_DB_GET_BKPF ECS: Funktionsbaustein zum Lesen in der Buchungskreisbearbeitung 
434 GLE_ECS_DB_GET_CFIELD_AGGR Lesen der eigenen Felder für Aggregation 
435 GLE_ECS_DB_GET_CHANGE_FIELDS ECS: Änderbare Felder zu Fehlertabelle lesen 
436 GLE_ECS_DB_GET_COMP_ERROR ECS: Gruppierte Fehlerart zu Fehlertabelle suchen 
437 GLE_ECS_DB_GET_CUST_FIELDS ECS: Eigene Felder für Belegreferenz holen 
438 GLE_ECS_DB_GET_ERROR ECS: Fehlerart aus Meldung ermitteln 
439 GLE_ECS_DB_GET_ERROR_TAB ECS: Fehlertabelle zu gruppierter Fehlerart ermitteln 
440 GLE_ECS_DB_GET_FREE_SEL_FIELDS ECS: Felder für freie Selektion lesen 
441 GLE_ECS_DB_GET_NO_INPUT ECS: Felder ohne Eingabemöglichkeit lesen 
442 GLE_ECS_DB_GET_NUMKR ECS: Nummernkreis für int. Belegnr holen 
443 GLE_ECS_DB_ITEM_ACCESS_INIT Initialisiert DB-Zugriff zum paketweisen Lesen 
444 GLE_ECS_DB_ITEM_CREATE_CHG_DOC Ändern ECS_Item, FI_item_modified 
445 GLE_ECS_DB_ITEM_GET_BY_GRPID Select ECS-Items anhand interner Referenz-Belegnummer 
446 GLE_ECS_DB_ITEM_GET_BY_INT_DOC ECS-Posten anhand interner Referenz-Belegnummer selektieren 
447 GLE_ECS_DB_ITEM_GET_BY_RNG Über Tab. ECS_Item und FI_item_modified selektieren 
448 GLE_ECS_DB_ITEM_GET_DETAIL Lesen ECS_Item, -Msg, FI_item_orig, FI_item_modified 
449 GLE_ECS_DB_ITEM_GET_NEXT_PACK Liest nächstes Paket aus DB 
450 GLE_ECS_DB_ITEM_INSERT Anlegen ECS_Item, -Msg, FI_item_orig, FI_item_modified 
451 GLE_ECS_DB_ITEM_UPDATE Ändern ECS_Item, FI_item_modified 
452 GLE_ECS_DB_ITEM_WRITE_CHG_DOC Write Change Document 
453 GLE_ECS_DB_VARIANT_CHECK Liefert Parameter zu einzelner Variante 
454 GLE_ECS_DB_VARIANT_DELETE Variante löschen 
455 GLE_ECS_DB_VARIANT_GET_DETAILS Liefert Parameter zu einzelner Variante 
456 GLE_ECS_DB_VARIANT_GET_LIST Liste der Varianten nach letztem Änderer 
457 GLE_ECS_DB_VARIANT_INSERT Neue Varianten einfügen 
458 GLE_ECS_DB_VARIANT_UPDATE Varianten aktualisieren 
459 GLE_ECS_DCT_F4_ERROB Suchhilfe-Exit Wertehilfe Felder 
460 GLE_ECS_DIRECT_INPUT FI-Direct-Input-Schnittstelle mit ECS-Funktionalität 
461 GLE_ECS_DOC_REVERSE_VIA_FB08 Reverse Each Post Document for the Whole Screen 
462 GLE_ECS_DOC_REVERSE_VIA_FB08S Reverse Each Post Document for the Whole Screen 
463 GLE_ECS_DOC_REVERSE_VIA_FBU8 Storno übergreifender Belege 
464 GLE_ECS_FASSET_ACCOUNT_DET Hauptbuchkto. aus Anlagennummer ermitteln 
465 GLE_ECS_FIELD_FIRST_LEVEL_F4 Suchhilfe Feldprüfungen für First-Level Prüfungen 
466 GLE_ECS_FI_REV_CHECK_GRPID Prüfung ob Feld GRPID richtig für Storno gesetzt 
467 GLE_ECS_FI_REV_IND_CHECK Prüfung ob Storno-Indikator gesetzt wurde 
468 GLE_ECS_FI_REV_IND_RESET Storno-Indikator initialisieren 
469 GLE_ECS_FI_REV_IND_SET Setzt Storno-Indikator 
470 GLE_ECS_FI_REV_SET_GRPID Setzt Parameter GRPID für Storno 
471 GLE_ECS_FL_ER01_PROCESS First-Level Checks Before Translation 
472 GLE_ECS_FL_ER02_PROCESS First-Level Checks After Translation 
473 GLE_ECS_FL_ERCS_SAMPLE First-Level Error Resolution: Specific Check: Sample 
474 GLE_ECS_FUNC_FIRST_LEVEL_F4 Search Help Exit for Function Modules First Level Check 
475 GLE_ECS_GET_BALANC_LINE ECS-Balancing Belegzeilendefinition holen 
476 GLE_ECS_GET_CLEARING_DOCS beschafft alle Ausgleichsbelege zu FI Belegen 
477 GLE_ECS_GET_COMP_ERROR Gruppierte Fehlerart lesen 
478 GLE_ECS_GET_CUST_FIELDS Eigene Felder mit der ECS-Belegreferenz füllen 
479 GLE_ECS_GET_DOCS_ACCREV_REVERS Storno: alle Belege und ECS Posten via ACCREV ermitteln 
480 GLE_ECS_GET_DOCS_ECSITEMID_REV Storno: ECS Posten und FI Belege für ECS Posten ID ermitteln 
481 GLE_ECS_GET_DOCS_ECSITEMNO_REV Storno: FI Belege und ECS Posten via ECS Belegnummer ermitteln 
482 GLE_ECS_GET_DOCS_FIDOC_REVERSE Storno: ECS Posten + FI Belege anhand eines FI Beleges ermitteln 
483 GLE_ECS_GET_FI_DOCUMENT Funktionsbaustein zum Lesen eines FI-Beleges 
484 GLE_ECS_GET_PERIOD_FROM_BUDAT Determine period and number of periods from posting date 
485 GLE_ECS_GET_POSTING_KEY Get additional data of posting key 
486 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_0100 Start eines Massenlaufs 
487 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_0110 Parameter eines Laufs holen 
488 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_0120 Parameter setzen 
489 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_0130 Parameter löschen 
490 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_0140 Parametersätze vergleichen 
491 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_0150 Massenlauf für Restart auswählen/suchen 
492 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_0160 Prüfungen vor Start eines Massenlaufs 
493 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_0205 Paketvorlagen erzeugen 
494 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_0206 Parameter zu Paketen sichern 
495 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_0207 Parameter zu Paketen löschen 
496 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_0300 Ende des Massenlaufs 
497 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_1000 Initialisierung eines Arbeitspaketes 
498 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_1100 Selektion von Anw.daten aus Intervall 
499 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_1200 Selektion von Anwendungsdaten zu Objektliste 
500 GLE_ECS_GLEAN_1260 Prüfung, ob Objekte gesperrt sind