Where Used List (View) for SAP ABAP Table T554S (Attendance and Absence Types)
SAP ABAP Table T554S (Attendance and Absence Types) is used by
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Package Structure Package Software Component
1 View  ENT7348 Absence Type PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
2 View  ENT7349 Attendance Type PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
4 View  H_T554S Help View for Absence Types PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
5 View  H_T554S_FR Helpview Abwesenheitsarten (ABSTY <> ' ') P06P1  HR  SAP_HRCFR 
6 View  VV_554S_G_V1 Absence: Payment Data P19C  HR  SAP_HRCPT 
7 View  VV_T554S_AZV View Variant RWH Day P01O  HR  SAP_HRCDE 
8 View  VV_T554S_NL_NZG01 Absence: Data Relevant to Sick Pay in Payroll Accounting P05C  HR  SAP_HRCNL 
9 View  VV_T554V_RU_0292 Maintain Sickness Certificates in Infotype 292 PB33  HR  SAP_HRCRU 
10 View  VV_T557G_RU_REPTT Attendances/Absences Assignment PB33  HR  SAP_HRCRU 
11 View  V_554S_A Attendance: Counting and Quota Deduction PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
12 View  V_554S_B Absence: Input Checks PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
13 View  V_554S_C Absence: Calendar Control PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
14 View  V_554S_D Attendance: Calendar Control PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
15 View  V_554S_E Absence: Time Evaluation PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
16 View  V_554S_F Attendance: Time Evaluation PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
17 View  V_554S_G Absence: Payment Data PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
18 View  V_554S_H Attendance: Payment Data PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
19 View  V_554S_K Absence: Public Sector PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
20 View  V_554S_L Attendance: Civil Service PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
21 View  V_554S_M Absence: Reduction for Quota Accrual PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
22 View  V_554S_N Attendance: General Settings PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
23 View  V_554S_O Absence: General Settings PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
24 View  V_554S_P Absence: Supplementary Absence Data PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
25 View  V_554S_Q Absence: Counting and Quota Deduction PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
26 View  V_5D0S_A Flag Absences for Statements PC01  HR  SAP_HRCDE 
27 View  V_5D0S_C Mark Absences as Industrial Accident P01S  HR  SAP_HRCDE 
28 View  V_5DL5_B Rule Set for Absence Event PB01  HR  SAP_HRCDE 
29 View  V_T525A HR Valuation Rules for Employee Data PSEN  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
30 View  V_T525A_A Selection Rules for Employee Data PSEN  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
31 View  V_T554M Rule Table: Absences for Maternity Protection PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
32 View  V_T554S Absence: Input Checks PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
33 View  V_T554S_GB_PS Absence Subtype Groupings P08P_ABS  HR  SAP_HRCGB 
34 View  V_T554S_WEB Processing Processes for Types of Leave PAOC_TIM_ABSENCE_REQ_CUST  EA-HR  EA-HRRXX 
35 View  V_T554V Defaults for Absence Types PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
36 View  V_T554W Periods of Military Service PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
37 View  V_T555D [OBSOLETE; USE NOW V_T705A] Att./Absence Reasons Subsystem PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
38 View  V_T556M Process Partial-Day Absences Using XNAB Function PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
39 View  V_T557G Attendances/Absences Assignment PTDW  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
40 View  V_T557GU Attendances/Absences Assignment PTDW  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
41 View  V_T557PT_SP PT-SP: Maintain Reporting Time Types (Absence Planner) PP08_PS  HR  SAP_HRGXX 
42 View  V_T5AE1 Enter Absence Types for Illness Notification PB03  HR  SAP_HRCAT 
43 View  V_T5AE3 Convert Absence Types in Event of Missing Illness Notif. PB03  HR  SAP_HRCAT 
44 View  V_T5APBS10 Properties of Attendance/Absence Types for SI Public Sector P03P1  HR  SAP_HRCAT 
45 View  V_T5APBS20 Properties for Absence Types for FRSC PC03  HR  SAP_HRCAT 
46 View  V_T5D0S Grouping of Absences PC01  HR  SAP_HRCDE 
47 View  V_T5D0S_E Indicate Absences for EEL and ELENA P01S  HR  SAP_HRCDE 
48 View  V_T5DBI Effects of the Short Indicator on Transaction Data P01B  HR  SAP_HRCDE 
49 View  V_T5DL5 Rule Type for Absence Events PB01  HR  SAP_HRCDE 
50 View  V_T5FPBS2B Autorisation des catégories d'absence (maladie) P06P1  HR  SAP_HRCFR 
51 View  V_T5GBPST_EXC TPS absence valuation rules relevant for days exclusion P08P1  HR  SAP_HRCGB 
52 View  V_T5GPBS31 Absence Evaluation Cross Reference P08P_ABS  HR  SAP_HRCGB 
53 View  V_T5GPBS33 SxP Absence Processing Type PC08  HR  SAP_HRCGB 
54 View  V_T5GPBSS_ABS SWF: Absences P08P1  HR  SAP_HRCGB 
55 View  V_T5GPBST_EXC TPS absence valuation rules relevant for days exclusion P08P1  HR  SAP_HRCGB 
56 View  V_T5ITIE Absence indicator - Italy only PB15  HR  SAP_HRCIT 
57 View  V_T5K1A Absence/Attendance types for issuing ROE PB07  HR  SAP_HRCCA 
58 View  V_T5KS2 Short / long term disability: Assign absences to illnesses PB07  HR  SAP_HRCCA 
59 View  V_T5M_ABSTY_ABSC Link: Absence Types and Employer Org. to Absence Codes PC09  HR  SAP_HRCDK 
60 View  V_T5M_ABS_TREATM Absence Processing PC09  HR  SAP_HRCDK 
61 View  V_T5M_ABS_TRE_AS Absence Handling: Leave Accumulation Status PC09  HR  SAP_HRCDK 
62 View  V_T5M_ABS_TRE_PA Document Absence on PBS Remuneration Statement PC09  HR  SAP_HRCDK 
63 View  V_T5NI4 PW Absence Types PB05  HR  SAP_HRCNL 
64 View  V_T5PA4 HR-PT: Influence of absence types in counting rules PB19  HR  SAP_HRCPT 
65 View  V_T5PAB HR-PT: Absence/Attendance types - Reporting classification PC19  HR  SAP_HRCPT 
66 View  V_T5PBSR1T Link Between Absence Type and NS Type P25P1  HR  SAP_HRCSG 
67 View  V_T5PBSR3I Maintain max num of days for absence type allowed w/o pro. P25P1  HR  SAP_HRCSG 
68 View  V_T5PPBSAB Absence/Attendance Data PB19PS  HR  SAP_HRCPT 
69 View  V_T5QIA PS Specific characteristic for absence type PC13  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
70 View  V_T5QLA Australian Leave Accrual Unpaid Absence Rules PB13  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
71 View  V_T5QPBS2D Mapping business rules between PS Infotype 0573 and 2001 P13P5  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
72 View  V_T5QPBS2E Parallel deduction sequence of quota types P13P5  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
73 View  V_T5QPBS2J PS Specific Characteristic for absence type P13P5  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
74 View  V_T5QPBS2P Absence records prior to Hiring P13P6  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
75 View  V_T5QPBS4C Assignment between payment formula and payment rule group P13P8  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
76 View  V_T5QPBS5A HR AU PS:Leave Loading P13P1  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
77 View  V_T5QPBS5C HR AU PS:Australian absence type grouping P13P1  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
78 View  V_T5QRA Redundancy LWOP Absences Australia PB13  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
79 View  V_T5RPBS8D View for Absences not counted as Pensionable Service P25P4  HR  SAP_HRCSG 
80 View  V_T5SMT View for mapping old and new absence types PB23  HR  SAP_HRCSE 
81 View  V_T5VA5 Norwegian absence classification PC20  HR  SAP_HRCNO 
82 View  V_T705A Att./Absence Reasons for Subsystem PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
83 View  V_T799L15 Absence Grouping for Day Type in Divisor 30 P99L  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
84 View  V_T7AR45 Additional absence information for SAC and ART calculations PC29  HR  SAP_HRCAR 
85 View  V_T7AR45_A Additional absence information for average calculation PC29  HR  SAP_HRCAR 
86 View  V_T7AR45_B Additional absence information - overview situation PC29  HR  SAP_HRCAR 
87 View  V_T7AR45_C Additional absence information - adjustment type PC29  HR  SAP_HRCAR 
88 View  V_T7AR45_D Additional absence information for Cert. Service time calc. PC29  HR  SAP_HRCAR 
89 View  V_T7BR02 Additional information for absence and quota generation PB37  HR  SAP_HRCBR 
90 View  V_T7BRAB Absences additional information PB37  HR  SAP_HRCBR 
91 View  V_T7BRAB_1 Brazilian absences view for F4 Help PB37  HR  SAP_HRCBR 
92 View  V_T7BRAB_A Absences additional information (Advances) PB37  HR  SAP_HRCBR 
93 View  V_T7BRAB_B Additional absence information (FCSWI) PB37  HR  SAP_HRCBR 
94 View  V_T7BRAB_C Additional absence information (Legal grouping) PB37  HR  SAP_HRCBR 
95 View  V_T7CN82 Define Relevant Absence Types PB28  HR  SAP_HRCCN 
96 View  V_T7FIAG Absence Grouping Finland PC44  HR  SAP_HRCFI 
97 View  V_T7FIAG_MULTI Absence Grouping Finland (multiple) PC44  HR  SAP_HRCFI 
98 View  V_T7MX40 Additional information for absences PC32  HR  SAP_HRCMX 
99 View  V_T7NZLS Country Specific Attendance and Absence Types View PB43  HR  SAP_HRCNZ 
100 View  V_T7NZLU Unpaid Absence Rules NZ PC43  HR  SAP_HRCNZ 
101 View  V_T7NZPL View for Absencce quotas affected by parental leave PC43  HR  SAP_HRCNZ 
102 View  V_T7PMN Maintain Valuation of Absence Types PM01  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
103 View  V_T7PMN_XAWART Maintain Valuation of Absence Types + XAWART Assignment PM01  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
104 View  V_T7RU554C Relation between absence type and wage type for days of abse PB33  HR  SAP_HRCRU 
105 View  V_T7RU554S Additional Attribute for Social Insurance Absence Types PB33  HR  SAP_HRCRU 
106 View  V_T7RU_554T Absence and Attendance Long Texts PB33  HR  SAP_HRCRU 
107 View  V_T7US_FMLA_AB Assign Absence Types to FMLA Reasons PT_FMLA  HR  SAP_HRCUS 
108 View  V_T7VEAB Absence category attributes PB17  HR  SAP_HRCVE