SAP ABAP Package P01S (HR Germany: Social Insurance)
Basic Data
Package P01S   
Short Description   HR Germany: Social Insurance    
Super package HRCDE   HR Structure Package for Germany (SAP_HRCDE) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
P01BD_DBFE Data Module Error in Notification Proc. Business Data Maint.  TRANSP   A  
P01BD_DBKA Data Module Alternative Correspondence Address  TRANSP   A  
P01BD_DSBD Business Data Maintenance Data Record  TRANSP   A  
P01BD_HIST History Management for Business Data Maintenance  TRANSP   A  
P01BD_STAT Status Table for Notification Proc. for Business Data Maint.  TRANSP   A  
P01BM_DBAN Address Data Modules for PPO DEUEV Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01BM_DBEU Data Modules EU Insurance Number of PPO DEUEV Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01BM_DBFE Data Modules - Errors from PPO DEUEV Confirmations  TRANSP   A  
P01BM_DBGB Data Modules Birth Details of PPO DEUEV Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01BM_DBME Data Modules Reporting Facts of PPO DEUEV Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01BM_DBNA Data Modules Name of PPO DEUEV Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01BM_DSME Data Records Notification of PPO DEUEV Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01BM_HIST Management of Status History for PPO DEUEV Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01BM_STAT Control Records for PPO DEUEV Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01BN_BWXX Data Record: Contribution Statement  TRANSP   A  
P01BN_DATA Contrib. Statement: Estimate and Corr. Values of Prev. Month  TRANSP   A  
P01BN_DBFE Contribution Statement: Confirmed Error Texts  TRANSP   A  
P01BN_HIST Management of History of Status Changes to Contr. Statements  TRANSP   A  
P01BN_STAT Status Table for Contribution Statements  TRANSP   A  
P01BV_DBFE Error Data Module for PPO Contribution Collection Proced.  TRANSP   A  
P01BV_HIST History Admin. for PPO Contribution Survey Procedure  TRANSP   A  
P01BV_KEAN Management of Employee ID  TRANSP   A  
P01BV_MELD Data Record for PPO Collection of Contributions  TRANSP   A  
P01BV_STAT Status Table for PPO Contribution Collect. Notif. Procedure  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBAN DEUEV Confirmation: Address Data Module  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBBG DEUEV Confirmation: Data Module Income Threshold  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBEU DEUEV Confirmation: Europ. Insurance Number Data Module  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBFE DEUEV Confirmtion: Data Module - Error  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBGB DEUEV Confirmation: Birth Details Data Module  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBGZ DEUEV Confirmation: Data Module Slide Zone  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBKS DEUEV Confirmation: Miners'/Sailors' Insurance Data Module  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBKV DEUEV Confirmation: Data Module Health Insurance  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBME DEUEV Confirmation: Data Module - Reporting Facts  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBMM DEUEV Confirmation: Data Module SHI Monthly Declaration  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBMS DEUEV Confirmation: Data Module SI Adjustment  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBNA DEUV Confirmation: Data Module - Name  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBUV DEUEV Confirmation: DBUV Data Module - Accident Insurance  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DBUV_DAT DEUEV Confirmation: Data for DBUV Data Module  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DSAP DEUEV Confirmation: Control Record for Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DSKK DEUEV Confirmation: Data Record HI Fund Notification  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_DSME DEUEV Confirmation: Notification Data Record  TRANSP   A  
P01D3_FLAG DEUEV Confirmation: Notification Indicators  TRANSP   A  
P01DS_DBAN Data Modules Address of DEUEV Immediate Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01DS_DBEU Data Modules EU Insurance No. (DEUEV Immed. Notifications)  TRANSP   A  
P01DS_DBFE Data Modules Error of DEUEV Confirmations (Immediate Notif.)  TRANSP   A  
P01DS_DBGB Data Modules Birth Details of DEUEV Immediate Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01DS_DBNA Data Module Name of DEUEV Immediate Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01DS_DBSO Data Modules Immediate Notif. of DEUEV Immediate Notifs  TRANSP   A  
P01DS_DBVR Module DBVR of DEUEV Immediate Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01DS_DSME DEUEV Immediate Notification: Data Record Notification  TRANSP   A  
P01DS_HIST Management of Status History for DEUEV Immediate Notifs  TRANSP   A  
P01DS_STAT Control Records for DEUEV Immediate Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EA_DBFE Data Module Error for Reimbursement Process  TRANSP   A  
P01EA_HIST History Administration for the Reimbursement Procedure  TRANSP   A  
P01EA_MELD Data Record and Data Modules for the Reimbursement Process  TRANSP   A  
P01EA_STAT Status Table for Reimbursement Process  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBAE Data Module DBAE Remuneration  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBAL Data Module DBAL General  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBAN Data Module DBAN Address  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBAV Data Module DBAV Request for Notif. of Preexisting Condition  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBAW Data Module DBAW Absences Without Remuneration  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBBE Data Module DBBE Amount fo Income Liable for Contributions  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBFE Data Modules Error of DEUEV Confirmations (Immediate Notif.)  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBFR Data Module DBFR Entry Release from Work Illness of Child  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBHE Data Module DBHE Amount of Compensation Benefits  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBLT Data Module DBLT Addit. Data Calculation of Transitional Pay  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBMU Data Module DBMU Remuneration Statement Maternity Allowance  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBNA Data Module DBNA Name  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBTK Data Module DBTK Addit. Data of Transfer Reduced Hours Comp.  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBUN Data Module DBUN Work/School/Preschool Accident  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBVO Data Module DBVO Periods for Preexisting Condition  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBZA Data Module DBZA Working Time  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DBZE Data Module DBZE Working Time Illness/Injury  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_DSLW Data Record Benefits of Compensation Benefits Notification  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_HIST Status History for Compensation Benefits Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EE_STAT Admin. Records for Data Exchange for Compensation Benefits  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBAB Data Module Alternative Place of Employment of ELENA Notif.  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBAG Data Module Employer Details of ELENA Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBAN Data Module Address of ELENA Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBAS Data Module Education/Training of ELENA Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBEN Data Modules ELENA Basic Data for Employer and Employee  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBFE Data Module Error in ELENA Procedure  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBFZ Data Module Absence Times of ELENA Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBGB Data Module Birth Details of ELENA Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBHA Data Module Homeworker for ELENA Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBKE Data Module Notice/Dismissal (DBKE) ELENA  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBNA Data Module Name of ELENA Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBSB Data Module Tax-Exempt Payments of ELENA Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBSE Data Module Taxable One-Off Payment of ELENA Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DBZD Data Module Additional Data of ELENA Notifications  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_DSVV Data Record Assignment of Insurance No./Process No. ELENA  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_HIST History Administration for the ELENA Procedure  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_MVDS Data Record Multifunctional Remun. Rec. (MVDS) ELENA  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_PROT Log Table for the ELENA Procedure  TRANSP   A  
P01EL_STAT Status Table for the ELENA Notification Procedure  TRANSP   A  
P01SV_B2ATRNS Status Table Transfer to Social Insurance Agency  TRANSP   A  
P01SV_DSID Administration Data Record Identification  TRANSP   A  
P01SV_IT700_A Assignment Infotype Structure 0700 to Data Module  TRANSP   S  
P01SV_IT700_B Assignment IT 0700 Dynpro to Infotype Structure  TRANSP   S  
P01SV_MLDAUFR Control of Recalculation in SI Reporting  TRANSP   A  
P01SV_MLDTRNS Assignment of Notifications to File Counters  TRANSP   A  
P01ZS_AZKK Management of HI Fund Record Number (Paying Office Proced.)  TRANSP   A  
P01ZS_AZVU Management Record No. of Employer (Paying Office Procedure)  TRANSP   A  
P01ZS_DBFE Error Data Module for Paying Office Procedure  TRANSP   A  
P01ZS_HIST Administration of the Paying Office Procedure History  TRANSP   A  
P01ZS_INFT Administration of Master Data Status (Paying Office Proc.)  TRANSP   A  
P01ZS_MELD Data Record and Data Modules for Paying Office Procedure  TRANSP   A  
P01ZS_STAT Status Table for Paying Office Procedure  TRANSP   A  
PA0700 HR Master Record for Infotype 0700  TRANSP   A  
PA0942 HR Master Record Infotype 0942  TRANSP   A  
PD3DBKV DEUEV: Data Module Health Insurance  TRANSP   A  
PD3HIST Status History Management for DEUEV Notifications  TRANSP   A  
T5D17 Subsequent Administration of Locked HI Funds  TRANSP   C  
T5D18 Processing of Assessment Thresholds  TRANSP   E  
T5D31 Professionals Pension Organization (PPO)  TRANSP   C  
T5D32_GT Workers' Compensation Associations Hazard Pay Scales  TRANSP   C  
T5D32_UV Workers' Compensation Associations  TRANSP   C  
T5D33 ELENA: Employment Agencies' Key Directory  TRANSP   C  
T5D3A_ABWUV Alternative Determination of Responsible AI Carrier  TRANSP   C  
T5D3A_ABWUVT Texts for Alternative Determination of AI Carrier  TRANSP   C  
T5D3A_MSL Membership Key for AI Data of Company  TRANSP   C  
T5D3P HR Technical Assignments for Workers' Compensation Assoc.  TRANSP   C  
T5D4ATS DEUEV Occupational Code 2010  TRANSP   S  
T5D4ATS_BRF DEUEV Occupational Code 2010 Occupations  TRANSP   S  
T5D4ATS_UMS35 DEUEV Occupational Code 2010 Conversion Table Old(3)->New(5)  TRANSP   S  
T5D4ATS_VAL DEUEV Occupational Code 2010 Input Help  TRANSP   C  
T5D4EL DEUEV Country Codes  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
PC00_M01_A2FQ Technical Assignments for WCA     
PC00_M01_B1A4 Wage Statement for WCA  RPLBGND0  
PC00_M01_BG_DATEI Import PPO File  RPUBGDD0  
PC00_M01_BV_DATEI Import PPO File  RPUBVDD0  
PC00_M01_CBDHD0_IN Assign Notifications  RPCBDHD0_IN  
PC00_M01_CBDHD0_OUT Create Notification File  RPCBDHD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_CBDLD0 Process Notifications  RPCBDLD0  
PC00_M01_CBDLD0_DISP Display Notifications  RPCBDLD0_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_CBDVD0_OUT Create Notifications  RPCBDVD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_CD3HD0_OUT Create DEUEV Reporting Files  RPCD3HD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_CDSHD0_IN Assign DEUEV Immediate Notifications  RPCDSHD0_IN  
PC00_M01_CDSLD0IDIS Display DEUEV Immediate Notifs  RPCDSLD0_IN_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_CDSLD0O Administrator List Immediate Notifs  RPCDSLD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_CDSLD0ODIS Display DEUEV Immediate Notifs  RPCDSLD0_OUT_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_CDSLD0_IN Administrator List DEUEV Immed.Notif  RPCDSLD0_IN  
PC00_M01_CDSMD0 Issue Stmt for DEUEV Immed. Notifs  RPCDSMD0  
PC00_M01_CDSTD0 Create Data Medium (Immed. Notifs)  RPCDSTD0  
PC00_M01_CDSVD0 Create DEUEV Immediate Notifications  RPCDSVD0  
PC00_M01_CDSVD0_IN Edit Confirmatn PI No. (Immed.Notif)  RPCDSVD0_IN  
PC00_M01_CEALD0IN_D AAG: Display Error Confirmations  RPCEALD0_IN_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_CEALD0OUT_D AAG: Display Notifications  RPCEALD0_OUT_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_CEEHD0_IN EEL: Assign Inbound Notifications  RPCEEHD0_IN  
PC00_M01_CEEHD0_OUT EEL: Create Notification File  RPCEEHD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_CEELD0IN_D EEL: Display Inbound Notifications  RPCEELD0_IN_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_CEELD0OUT_D EEL: Display Outbound Notifications  RPCEELD0_OUT_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_CEELD0_IN EEL: Edit Inbound Notifications  RPCEELD0_IN  
PC00_M01_CEELD0_OUT EEL: Edit Outbound Notifications  RPCEELD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_CEELD0_PRDI Notifications in the Process View  RPCEELD0_PROCESS_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_CEELD0_PROC EEL: Notifications in Process View  RPCEELD0_PROCESS  
PC00_M01_CEEVD0_IN EEL: Process Inbound Notifications  RPCEEVD0_IN  
PC00_M01_CEEVD0_OUT EEL: Create Notifications  RPCEEVD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_CELHD0_IN Assign ELENA Inbound Notification  RPCELHD0_IN  
PC00_M01_CELHD0_OUT Create File with ELENA Notifications  RPCELHD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_CELKD0 Query ELENA Communication Server  RPCELKD0  
PC00_M01_CELLD0_IN Process ELENA Inbound Notifications  RPCELLD0_IN  
PC00_M01_CELLD0_OUT Process ELENA Outbound Notifications  RPCELLD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_CELVD0_IN ELENA Confirmations Process DSVV  RPCELVD0_IN  
PC00_M01_CELVD0_OUT Create ELENA Notifications  RPCELVD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_DRHD0_RVNUM Display Confirmation of PI Numbers  RPCDRHD0_RVNUM  
PC00_M01_RPCBIHD0 Assignment of PPO Error Confirmatns  RPCBIHD0  
PC00_M01_RPCBILD0 List for PPO Error Confirmations  RPCBILD0  
PC00_M01_RPCBILD0_DI Display of PPO Error Confirmations  RPCBILD0_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_RPCBMHD0_IN Assign PPO DEUEV Inbound Notificatns  RPCBMHD0_IN  
PC00_M01_RPCBMLD0IDI Display PPO DEUEV Error Confirmation  RPCBMLD0_IN_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_RPCBMLD0OUT Pers. Resp. List DEUEV Notif. PPO  RPCBMLD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_RPCBMLD0_IN Administrator List PPO DEUEV Inbound  RPCBMLD0_IN  
PC00_M01_RPCBMTD0 Create DEUEV Data Medium for PPO  RPCBMTD0  
PC00_M01_RPCBMTD1 Create DEUEV Data Medium for PPO  RPCBMTD1  
PC00_M01_RPCBMVD0 Create Notifications for PPO  RPCBMVD0  
PC00_M01_RPCBNHD0_I Assign Contribution Statements  RPCBNHD0_IN  
PC00_M01_RPCBNLD0_I Edit Contrib. Statements Receipt  RPCBNLD0_IN  
PC00_M01_RPCBNLD0_ID Display Contrib. Statements Receipt  RPCBNLD0_IN_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_RPCBOHD0 Transfer Notifications to DASBV  RPCBOHD0  
PC00_M01_RPCBVLD0 Display PPO Contrib. Collect. Notif.  RPCBVLD0  
PC00_M01_RPCD3LD0_ID Display DEUEV Inbound Notifications  RPCD3LD0_IN_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_RPCD3LD0_O Edit DEUEV Notifications  RPCD3LD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_RPCD3LD0_OD Display DEUEV Notifications  RPCD3LD0_OUT_DISPLAY  
PC00_M01_RPCDRHD0 Assignment of DEUEV Inbound Notific.  RPCDRHD0  
PC00_M01_RPCDRLD0 Administrator List DEUEV Inbox  RPCDRLD0  
PC00_M01_RPCDRVD0 Process PI Number Confirmations  RPCDRVD0  
PC00_M01_RPCEAHD0 AAG: Create Notification File  RPCEAHD0  
PC00_M01_RPCEAHD0_IN AAG: Assign Error Confirmations  RPCEAHD0_IN  
PC00_M01_RPCEALD0OUT AAG: Process Notifications  RPCEALD0_OUT  
PC00_M01_RPCEALD0_IN AAG: Process Error Confirmations  RPCEALD0_IN  
PC00_M01_RPCEAVD0 AAG: Create Notifications  RPCEAVD0  
PC00_M01_RPCSVPD0 Query SI Communication Server  RPCSVPD0  
PC00_M01_RPCZIHD0 ZMV: Assign Inbound Notifications  RPCZIHD0  
PC00_M01_RPCZILD0 ZMV: Edit Inbound Notifications  RPCZILD0  
PC00_M01_RPCZIVD0 ZMV: Process Inbound Notifications  RPCZIVD0  
PC00_M01_RPCZOBD0 ZMV: Create Balance Notifications  RPCZOBD0  
PC00_M01_RPCZOHD0 ZMV: Create Notification File  RPCZOHD0  
PC00_M01_RPCZOHD0_KO ZMV: Create Dummy Notification File  RPCZOHD0_DSKO  
PC00_M01_RPCZOLD0 ZMV: Process Notifications  RPCZOLD0  
PC00_M01_RPCZOMD0 ZMV: Reminder List Unconf. Start Not  RPCZOMD0  
PC00_M01_RPCZOVD0 ZMV: Create Notifications  RPCZOVD0  
PC00_M01_RPCZSLD0 ZMV: Display (Inbound) Notifications  RPCZSLD0  
PC00_M01_RPUBILD0 List for Non-Assigned PPO Notific.  RPUBILD0  
PC00_M01_RPUBMLD0_IN List Unassigned BV-DEUEV Inb. Notif.  RPUBMLD0_IN  
PC00_M01_RPUBNLD0 Contrib. Statements (Not Assigned)  RPUBNLD0  
PC00_M01_RPUD3CD0 Consistency Check of DEUEV Notifs  RPUD3CD0  
PC00_M01_RPUD3LD0_I Edit Unassigned DEUEV Inbound Notif.  RPUD3LD0_IN  
PC00_M01_RPUEALD0_IN AAG: Process Unass. Error Confirm.  RPUEALD0_IN  
PC00_M01_RPUELLD0_IN List of Unassigned ELENA Inb. Notif.  RPUELLD0_IN  
PC00_M01_RPUSVDD0 Import Company Number File V2  RPUSVDD0  
PC00_M01_RPUSVOD0 Import Indiv. SI E-Mails  RPUSVOD0  
PC00_M01_RPUTSVD6 ZMV: Display Notification File  RPUTSVD6  
PC00_M01_RPUTSVD8 Display Files Contrib. Statement  RPUTSVD8  
PC00_M01_RPUTSVD9 AAG: Display Notification File  RPUTSVD9  
PC00_M01_RPUTSVDA EEL: Display Notification File  RPUTSVDA  
PC00_M01_RPUZILD0 ZMV: Edit Unassigned Inbound Notif.  RPUZILD0  
PC00_M01_UD3SD0_TSBF Occup. Key for Input Help TS 2010  RPUD3SD0_TSBRF  
PC00_M01_UD3SD0_TSDE Delete Old OC in Infotype 0020  RPUD3SD0_TSDEL  
PC00_M01_UD3SD0_TSFI Fill TS 2010 in Infotype 0020  RPUD3SD0_TSFILL  
PC00_M01_UD3SD0_TSVA Prepopulate TS 2010 Input Help  RPUD3SD0_TSVAL  
PC00_M01_UDSLD0_IN Edit Unassigned Immediate Notif.  RPUDSLD0_IN  
PC00_M01_UEELD0_IN EEL: Edit Unassigned Inbound Notif.  RPUEELD0_IN  
PC00_M01_UELTD0 Show ELENA file  RPUELTD0  
PC00_M01_USVMD0_FLAG Mark Notifications  RPUSVMD0_FLAG  
PC00_M01_USVMD0_STRT Start Date of SI Notifications  RPUSVMD0_START  
S_AHR_61019021 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24001614 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24001706 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24001707 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24001852 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24001854 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24001936 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24002078 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24002098 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24002099 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24002100 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24002101 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24002409 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24002729 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24002730 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24002731 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24002732 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24002733 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L9C_94000348 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L9C_94000349 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component SAP_HRCDE  Sub component SAP_HRCDE of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component PY-DE-NT-NI (HLA0003753) Social Insurance 
Package P01S  HR Germany: Social Insurance