SAP ABAP Software Component EA-HRRXX (Sub component EA-HRRXX of EA-HR)
Basic Data
Software Component EA-HRRXX   
Short Description Sub component EA-HRRXX of EA-HR   
Component type N   Application Extensions
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
PA-EC ALN0000351 Enterprise Compensation Management 
PA-CP ALN0000051 Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation 
PE-LSO-TM KP70000003 Training Management 
PA-AS AEN0000011 HR Administrative Services 
PA-EIC AEN0000012 Employee Interaction Center 
PA HLA0009700 Personnel Management 
PA-PM-PB ALN0000241 Position Budgeting and Control 
PT HLA0009704 Personnel Time Management 
PE-LSO KP70000001 SAP Learning Solution 
PA-PA HLA0009715 Personnel Administration 
PY-XX-RS PR00000001 Reuse Services for Country Development 
PA-ESS AHR0000441 Employee Self-Service 
PA-ESS-XX PRN0000091 Common Parts 
PY-XX-FO HLA0100669 Forms 
PA-ESS-OCY PRN0000094 Other Countries 
PA-EC-TC ALN0000391 Total Compensation Statement 
PT-EV-FO HLA0100352 Time Statement Form 
PY-XX HLA0100666 Payroll: General Parts 
PY-XX-IE AHR0000894 Interface to External Payroll Systems 
PA-BN HLA0006874 Benefits 
PA-CM HLA0003852 Compensation Management 
PA-PA-XX HLA0100324 General 
PA-RC HLA0009716 Recruitment 
PY-XX-OC AHR0000904 Off-Cycle 
PA-PF-XX HLA0003789 Pension fund: General Parts 
PY-XX-TL HLA0100667 Tools 
PY-XX-PS L6B0000001 International Functions for the Public Sector 
PA-PA-XX-TL-SEN PL00000021 Calculation of Employment Period 
PA-PM AL00000081 Budget Management 
PA-BN-BP L6B0000034  
PA-GE ALN0000081 Management of Global Employees 
PA-PA-XX-ET AHR0000346 External personnel administration 
PY-XX-PF L6B0000033 Payroll Functions 
PA-PA-US-EFR AEN0000061 Effort Reporting 
PY-XX-GP ALN0000211 Payroll for Global Employees 
PY-XX-DT HLA0100670 Data Transfer 
PT-RC HLA0100348 Time Data Recording and Administration 
PT-RC-TE HLA0006933 Personnel Time Events