SAP ABAP Application Component PY-XX (Payroll: General Parts)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0100666  
Application Component ID PY-XX  
Short Description   Payroll: General Parts  
First Release Date 19970731 
First Release   40A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PY-XX-BS Bases  HLA0100668 
PY-XX-DT Data Transfer  HLA0100670 
PY-XX-FO Forms  HLA0100669 
PY-XX-GP Payroll for Global Employees  ALN0000211 
PY-XX-IE Interface to External Payroll Systems  AHR0000894 
PY-XX-OC Off-Cycle  AHR0000904 
PY-XX-PF Payroll Functions  L6B0000033 
PY-XX-PS International Functions for the Public Sector  L6B0000001 
PY-XX-RS Reuse Services for Country Development  PR00000001 
PY-XX-TL Tools  HLA0100667 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
PAOC_PAD_99 Add-On Development for International Payroll 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0121 Infotype 0121 (RefPerNo Priority) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0121_GB Infotype 0121 GB 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0128 Infotype 0128 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0128_XX Check Class Infotype 0128 International 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0165 Infotype 0165 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0579 Infotype 0579 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_0655 Infotype 0655 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_LOAN Infotypes 0045, 0078 (Loans) 
PAOC_PAD_INFTY_LOAN_XX Infotypes 0045, 0078 (Loans) - International Part 
PAOC_PAY Add-On Payroll Development 
PAOC_PAY_BASIC_FUNCTIONS Basic Payroll Functions for Concurrent Employment 
PAOC_PAY_DRIVER Payroll Driver for Concurrent Employment 
PAOC_PAY_EVALUATIONS International Evaluations for Concurrent Employment 
PAOC_PAY_IMG IMG developments for CE Payroll 
PAOC_PAY_SERVICES Main routine and international Services for Payroll Driver 
PBGN HR: Garnishment - International components 
PCAC Customizing HR Payroll 
PCAL SAP HR Payroll Application Development 
PCAL_ADDON HR Payroll: Enablement of modification free add-on solutions 
PCAL_CE HR enhancements for Payroll for concurrent employment (CE) 
PCAL_CE_EN HR Extensions for Concurrent Employment Payroll 
PCAL_CLST Payroll Result: Display 
PCCE_PAY_RESULTS Payroll Results for Concurrent Employment 
PCLO HR-PY: International Loan Functions 
PC_MC HR Payroll - Multiple Checks 
PDOC HR: Documentation System 
PGAR HR Garnishments 
Software Component SAP_HRRXX  Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in