SAP ABAP Package PB07 (HR master data: Canada)
Basic Data
Package PB07   
Short Description   HR master data: Canada    
Super package HRCCA   HR Structure Package for Canada (SAP_HRCCA) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
PA0095 HR Master Record: Infotype 0095 (Tax Canada)  TRANSP   A  
PA0224 Tax information - infotype 0224 - Canada  TRANSP   A  
PA0461 HR Master Record: Infotype 0461 (Tax Assignment CA)  TRANSP   A  
PA0462 HR Master Record: Infotype 0462  TRANSP   A  
PA0463 HR Master Record: Infotype 0463  TRANSP   A  
PA0464 HR Master Record: Infotype 0464  TRANSP   A  
T5K0P Personnel Area/Sub Area (Canada)  TRANSP   C  
T5K0Q Industry Sector Texts  POOL   C  
T5K13 Jobs  POOL   C  
T5K14 Assignment Positions to NOC  TRANSP   C  
T5K1A Absence type reason relevant to ROE (Canada)  TRANSP   C  
T5K1E Event reason relevant to ROE (Canada)  TRANSP   C  
T5K1M Master data reason relevant to ROE  TRANSP   C  
T5K1R Reason code for issuing a ROE (Canada)  TRANSP   E  
T5K2R Reason code text for issuing a ROE (CA)  TRANSP   E  
T5KAM Tax area / tax model Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KAR Other tax area  TRANSP   E  
T5KAT Tax areas - texts - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KAW Work tax area - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KCF Tax claim code - federal  TRANSP   E  
T5KCQ Tax claim code - Québec  TRANSP   E  
T5KE1 Group Types  TRANSP   E  
T5KE1_T Text Table for Group Types  TRANSP   E  
T5KE2 Designated Groups  TRANSP   E  
T5KE2_T Text Table for Designated Groups  TRANSP   E  
T5KET Tax types - texts - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KFT Tax claim codes - federal - texts - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KIN Tax indicators - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KIT Tax indicator texts - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KMT Tax models - texts - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KMX Tax model / Taxation authorities - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KNC EECRS: North American Ind Classification Syst(NAICS) Codes  TRANSP   C  
T5KNCT North American Industry Classification System(NAICS) Texts  TRANSP   C  
T5KNO National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes  TRANSP   E  
T5KNT National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes - text  TRANSP   E  
T5KOT Taxing authorities - texts - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KRM Canadian Tax Remittance Form PD7A Data  TRANSP   L  
T5KRT Tax types for employer - texts - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KS1 Directory for short / long term disability plans  TRANSP   C  
T5KS2 Short / long term disability: Assign absences to illnesses  TRANSP   C  
T5KSN ROE Serial Number  TRANSP   L  
T5KST Short / long term disability plans texts  TRANSP   C  
T5KTA Tax areas (Canada)  TRANSP   E  
T5KTL Tax area - Canada  TRANSP   C  
T5KTM Tax models  TRANSP   E  
T5KTO Taxation authorities - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KTV Tax level  TRANSP   E  
T5KVT Tax levels - texts - Canada  TRANSP   E  
T5KYR Association of wage type with registration number, Canada  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
B1B2 Create Magnetic Media files  RPCYERK3  
EEAK Employment equity - Canada  RPLEEAK0  
OHX2 Maintain wage types for remittance  RPURMW00  
OHX3 Maintain number ranges for 3PR     
OHX4 Number range for 3PR     
P000_M07_EEA EEA report (Canada)  RPLEEAK0  
P000_M07_GRVS Grievance summary  RPLGRVK0  
P000_M07_TXUP New year tax update utility  RPUTXUK0  
PC00_M07_SEEA Emplmt.Equity Assessment 07  RPLEEAK0  
PC00_M07_SEET Emplmt.Equity Assessment 07  RPLEEAKT  
PC00_M07_UNTU Start of Year Cred/Ded. Update 07  RPUTXUK0  
PZ08 Taxes  SAPMPZ02  
PZ13 Personal Data  SAPMPZ02  
PZ56 Additional Personal Data  SAPMPZ02  
Software Component SAP_HRCCA  Sub component SAP_HRCCA of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component PA-PA-CA (HLA0100268) Canada 
Package PB07  HR master data: Canada