Where Used List (Search Help) for SAP ABAP Table T554S (Attendance and Absence Types)
SAP ABAP Table T554S (Attendance and Absence Types) is used by
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Package Structure Package Software Component
1 Search Help  HRPADFR_AWART Help view absence type PB06  HR  SAP_HRCFR 
2 Search Help  HRPBSGB_T554S_ENTRY Absence Types P08P_ABS  HR  SAP_HRCGB 
3 Search Help  HRSP_T77EVOPT_AWART Shift Planning: AWART for Extension of Working Time PP08  HR  SAP_HRGXX 
4 Search Help  H_T554S Help View for Absence Types PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
5 Search Help  H_TPVAC Type of leave search PB29  HR  SAP_HRCAR 
6 Search Help  PT_TDE_AWART Attendance/Absence Type PAOC_TIM_TMW_GUI_DYNPRO  EA-HR  EA-HRRXX