Where Used List (Data Element) for SAP ABAP Domain AWART (Attendance/Absence Type)
SAP ABAP Domain AWART (Attendance/Absence Type) is used by
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Package Structure Package Software Component
1 Data Element  ABWART_HR IS-M: Absence Type (HR) JMDGEN  IS-M  IS-M 
2 Data Element  AWART Attendance or Absence Type BPTM  ABA  SAP_ABA 
3 Data Element  BEGAO Absence type beginning labour accident PB12  HR  SAP_HRCBE 
4 Data Element  BEGZK Absence type beginning sick leave PB12  HR  SAP_HRCBE 
5 Data Element  CATSHABSTY Public holiday type for HR-Enabled CATS CATS  APPL_TOOLS  SAP_APPL 
6 Data Element  ENDAO Absence type end work accident PB12  HR  SAP_HRCBE 
7 Data Element  ENDZK Absence type end sickness PB12  HR  SAP_HRCBE 
8 Data Element  HRSPP_CDOC_AWART PT-SP: Aternative DE for Document Creation PP08_PS  HR  SAP_HRGXX 
9 Data Element  P03C_ISAKT Absence Denoting Inactive Work Relationship PC03  HR  SAP_HRCAT 
10 Data Element  P03_AWART_ALT Alternative Absence Type PB03  HR  SAP_HRCAT 
11 Data Element  P03_AWART_ORIG Original Absence Type PB03  HR  SAP_HRCAT 
12 Data Element  P03_AWART_PREF Preferred Absence Type PB03  HR  SAP_HRCAT 
13 Data Element  P05EIR_AWART Attendance or Absence Type PB05  HR  SAP_HRCNL 
14 Data Element  P06_ABSPW Absences considered as worked (AED) PC06  HR  SAP_HRCFR 
15 Data Element  P06_AED_AWART Attendance/absence type PC06  HR  SAP_HRCFR 
16 Data Element  P08_ABH_AWART Absence Evaluation: Absence Subtype P08P_ABS  HR  SAP_HRCGB 
17 Data Element  P08_AB_AWART Absence Type PC08  HR  SAP_HRCGB 
18 Data Element  P33_PFR_AWART_ILL Unpaid Absence PB33  HR  SAP_HRCRU 
19 Data Element  P33_PFR_AWART_INV Absence - Temporary Incapacity to Work PB33  HR  SAP_HRCRU 
20 Data Element  P33_VACNUL Vacation not Using Quota PB33  HR  SAP_HRCRU 
21 Data Element  P33_VACYUL Vacation Using Quota PB33  HR  SAP_HRCRU 
22 Data Element  PAR_TPVAC Type of leave PC29  HR  SAP_HRCAR 
23 Data Element  PAU_AWART Absence types induced parallel deduction P13P5  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
24 Data Element  PAU_AWASQ Next Absence to be created for same leave code P13P5  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
25 Data Element  PAU_LEATY Leave types to be paid on termination P13P1  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
26 Data Element  PAU_LEAVE Leave type stored in 2001 P13P5  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
27 Data Element  PAU_NPLVE Unpaid Leave Type P13P6  HR  SAP_HRCAU 
28 Data Element  PBR_FERI Leave absence PB37  HR  SAP_HRCBR 
29 Data Element  PBR_REMC Paid absence PB37  HR  SAP_HRCBR 
30 Data Element  PBR_REMU Paid absence PB37  HR  SAP_HRCBR 
31 Data Element  PCA_SICKN Illness (Absence type) PB07  HR  SAP_HRCCA 
32 Data Element  PCA_SPART Absence type PB07  HR  SAP_HRCCA 
33 Data Element  PPT_AWART Absence type of leave period triggering allowance payment PC19  HR  SAP_HRCPT 
34 Data Element  PT_XAWART Position Mgmt: Type of Attendance/Absence to Be Replaced PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX 
35 Data Element  VORAW Previous absence PTIM  HR  SAP_HRRXX