SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index F, page 2
Transaction Code - F
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 F9C0 Current Account Groupings  
2 F9C0_PAR_DETAIL Par.Process. Item Postings: Detail  
3 F9C0_PAR_MODE Par.Process. Item Postings: General  
4 F9C1 BCA: Blocking Reasons for Checks  
5 F9C10 Maintain Business Transaction Code  
6 F9C11 Maintain Reports End of Day Process.  
7 F9C12 Scheduling Reports End of Day Proc.  
8 F9C2 Position Types Maintenance  
9 F9C3 Number Range Maintenance: BCA_PAORN SAPMSNUM
10 F9C4 Authorization types BUSVIEWS
11 F9C6 BCA: Field Modification Account Type BUSVIEWS
12 F9C7 BCA: Field Modification Activity BUSVIEWS
13 F9C9 Condition Groups Per Account Type  
14 F9C= Create Transaction Type Category  
15 F9C? Change Transaction Type Category  
16 F9CA Account Status Enhancements  
17 F9CAA Create Transaction Type Category 2  
18 F9CAB Change Transaction Type Category 2  
19 F9CAC Display Transaction Type Category 2  
20 F9CAD Create Trans. Type Category 2 Assgmt  
21 F9CAE Change Trans. Type Category 2 Assgmt  
22 F9CAF Display Trans. Type Category 2Assgmt  
23 F9CAPPLREL Relationships Betw. Applic. Types SAPLFBMPAAPPL
24 F9CARCPERIODS Retention Periods  
25 F9CB Old:Allowed Acct.Types per Bank Area  
26 F9CC1 Authorizations for Field Groups BUSVIEWS
27 F9CC2 Screen Configuration BUSVIEWS
28 F9CCHGRCV Recipient in A-Sentence  
29 F9CD Crete Cond.Cat.<->Diff. Type  
30 F9CE Display Cond.Cat.<-> Diff.Type  
31 F9CF Change Cond Type<->Diff Type  
32 F9CG Create Bank Condition Categories  
33 F9CH Change Bank Condition Categories  
34 F9CI Display Bank Condition Categories  
35 F9CICC Change Compensation Methods  
36 F9CICD Change Compensation Methods  
37 F9CJ Create Differentiation Types  
38 F9CK Change Differentiation Types  
39 F9CL Display Differentiation Types  
40 F9CM Create Condition Group  
41 F9CN Change Condition Groups  
42 F9CO Display Condition Groups  
43 F9COGR1 Create Condition Group SAPLBCA_DYN_CONDGROUP
45 F9COGR3 Display Condition Group SAPLBCA_DYN_CONDGROUP
46 F9COL1 Correction of SubFinPayt Balance RFBKCORR_BKK51
47 F9CORRDISPMAP Corresp: Bank Stat Dispatch Mapping  
49 F9CP Create Limit Categories  
50 F9CPP Settings for Parallel Processing  
51 F9CQ Change Limit Categories  
52 F9CR Display Limit Categories  
53 F9CS Create reference limits  
54 F9CSA BCA Ref. Interest Rate Maintenance  
55 F9CSO00 SO: Field Modification Activity BUSVIEWS
56 F9CSO01 SO: Field Modification Trans. Type BUSVIEWS
57 F9CSO02 SO: Authorization Types BUSVIEWS
58 F9CSO03 SO: Authorizations for Field Groups BUSVIEWS
59 F9CSO04 SO Cust: Screen Configuration BUSVIEWS
60 F9CSO1 SO Control: Applications BUSVIEWS
61 F9CSO2 SO Control: Field Groups BUSVIEWS
62 F9CSO3 SO Control: Views BUSVIEWS
63 F9CSO4 SO Control: Sections BUSVIEWS
64 F9CSO5 SO Control: Screens BUSVIEWS
65 F9CSO6 SO Control: Screen Sequence BUSVIEWS
66 F9CSO7 SO Control: Events BUSVIEWS
67 F9CSO8 SO Control: CUA Standard Functions BUSVIEWS
68 F9CSO9 SO Control: CUA Additional Functions BUSVIEWS
69 F9CSOB SO Ctrl: Assig. ScrnFld->DBfld BUSVIEWS
70 F9CSOC SO Control: Field Modificat.Criteria BUSVIEWS
71 F9CSOD SO Control: Products BUSVIEWS
72 F9CSOE SO Control: Product Group BUSVIEWS
73 F9CSOF SO Control: Applic. Transactions BUSVIEWS
74 F9CSOH SO Control: Tables BUSVIEWS
75 F9CSOI SO Control: Activities BUSVIEWS
76 F9CSOJ SO Control: FM per Activity BUSVIEWS
77 F9CT Change reference limits  
78 F9CTRNSTYP Maintain Transaction Types  
79 F9CTXTKEY BCA: Maintain Text Key  
80 F9CU Display reference limits  
81 F9CV Principle of Dual Control Limits  
82 F9CX Field Control - Conditions  
83 F9CZ BCA: Guarant. Amounts for Posit.Type  
84 F9C[ Authorization Types for Condiitons BUSVIEWS
85 F9C] Position: Authorization Types BUSVIEWS
86 F9C` Display Transaction Type Category  
87 F9C{ Authorization Types Payment Items BUSVIEWS
88 F9C} Authorization Types Payment Orders BUSVIEWS
89 F9D1 Messages  
90 F9DDCC Currency Conversion Dir. Debit Order RFBKDIRDEBCHCURR
91 F9FOCC Forward Order Currency Changeover RFBKFOCHCUR
92 F9FOLLOWUP Account Resubmission RFBKFOLLOWUP
93 F9G1 Create acct holder BUSSTART
94 F9G2 Change acct holder BUSSTART
95 F9G3 Display Account Holder BUSSTART
96 F9G4 Create Authorized Drawer BUSSTART
97 F9G5 Change Authorized Drawer BUSSTART
98 F9G6 Display Authorized Drawer BUSSTART
99 F9G7 Create Account Holder BUSSTART
100 F9G8 Change Account Holder BUSSTART
101 F9G9 Display Account Holder BUSSTART
102 F9GA Create Bank Statement Recipient BUSSTART
103 F9GB Change Bank Statement Recipient BUSSTART
104 F9GC Dispaly Bank Statement Recipient BUSSTART
105 F9GL Display All BP Roles RFBK_BUPA_SHOW_ALL
106 F9H0 Account Hierarchy Change History RFBKKH00
107 F9H1 Create Account Hierarchy RFBKKH00
108 F9H2 Change Account Hierarchy RFBKKH00
109 F9H3 Display Account Hierarchy RFBKKH00
110 F9H4 Cash Concentration: Single Run RFBKKC00
111 F9H5 Cash Concentration: Restart RFBKKC00
112 F9H6 Cash Concentration: Mass Run RFBKKC20
113 F9H7 Number Range Maintenance: BKK_HYRAR SAPMSNUM
114 F9HA GL Variants  
115 F9HB General Ledger Transaction  
116 F9HC General Ledger Group  
117 F9HC4 GL Acct Assgmt, Indiv.Value Adjustmt  
118 F9HC5 GL Acct Assgmt, Indiv.Value Adjustmt  
119 F9HD GL Transfer Posting Group  
120 F9HE GL Acct. Assignment, CA Posted  
121 F9HEWB1 Create Individual Value Adjustment RFBKGL_VA
122 F9HEWB2 Change Individual Value Adjustment RFBKGL_VA
123 F9HEWB3 Display Individual Value Adjustment RFBKGL_VA
124 F9HEWB4 Post Loss on Receivables RFBKGL_VA
125 F9HG Assignment Trans.Type-GL Transaction  
126 F9HH GL Account Assignment, Parked  
127 F9HI Transfer BCA - GL RFBKGL01
128 F9HIST_KOND_INDIV History of Individual Conditions RFBKHISTORY_INDIV
129 F9HIST_KOND_STAND History of Standard Conditions RFBKHISTORY_STAND
130 F9HIST_KOND_ZUORD History of Condition Assignment RFBKHISTORY_ZUORD
131 F9HJ GL Acct. Assignment, Int. Acc./Def.  
132 F9HL Bal.Sheet Prep. BCA - GL RFBKGLBSPREP
133 F9HLDAUTH BCA: Authorization Amts for Holds  
134 F9HLDREL Release Holds requiring Dual Control RBCA_US_HOLDS_RELEASE
135 F9HO GL Control for Legacy Data RFBKGLDI_FIKEY
136 F9HRVA Post Individual Value Adjustment RFBKGL_VA_CALC_POST
137 F9HRVA_MT Indiv. Val. Adjst. Proposal List RFBKGL_VA_MAINTAIN
138 F9H_GLCUST Check General Ledger Customizing RFBKGL_CHECK_CUSTOMIZ
139 F9H_GLDATA Comparison of FI Data with BCA RFBKGL_GLDATA
140 F9H_GL_OLD GL Control for Legacy Data RFBKGLDI_FIKEY
141 F9I1 Create Payment Order - External RFBKPO01
142 F9I1PLAN Create Planned Order Externally RFBKPO01
143 F9I2 Create Payment Order - Internal RFBKPO01
144 F9I2PLAN Create Planned Order Internally RFBKPO01
145 F9I3 Display Payment Order RFBKIZO1
146 F9I3PLAN Display Planned Order RFBKIZO1
147 F9I4 Create Payment Item RFBKPI01
148 F9I7 Display Payment Item RFBKIZI2
149 F9I8 Postprocess Payment Item RFBKIZI1
150 F9I9 Edit Payment Order (General) RFBKIZO1
151 F9I9PLAN General Processing of Planned Order RFBKIZO1
152 F9IA Release Payment Order RFBKIZO1
153 F9IAPLAN Release Planned Payment Order RFBKIZO1
154 F9IB Release Payment Item RFBKIZI1
155 F9IC Create Payment Order Former Account RFBKPO01
156 F9ID BCA: CpD Editing of Payment Item RFBKIZI3
157 F9IE Create Payment Item Former Account RFBKPI01
158 F9IF BCA: CpD Display of Payment Item RFBKIZI3
159 F9IG Reverse Payment Item RFBKIZI2
160 F9IH BCA: Maintain Trans. Type Offsett.Ps  
161 F9II Return Payment Item RFBKIZI2
162 F9IJ Edit Payment Item RFBKIZI2
163 F9IK Create Return Payment Order RFBKPO01
164 F9IL Create Planned Item RFBKPI01
165 F9IM Delete Planned Item RFBKPI02
166 F9IN Display Planned Items RFBKFUT
167 F9INDCOND Release Individual Conditions RFBKINDCOND
168 F9INDCONDDELREL Release Individual Conditions RFBKINDCOND
169 F9INDCONDDISP Display Individual Conditions RFBKINDCOND
170 F9INDIV Display Individual conditions RFBKINTEREST_INDIV
171 F9IO Post Planned item RFBKTMP1
172 F9IP Planned items RFBKTMP1LOG
173 F9IQPLAN Delete Planned Order RFBKPO02
174 F9ITAUTH BCA: Amount Authorization for Item  
175 F9IUPLAN Post Planned Orders RFBKTMP1_PO
176 F9IVPLAN Planned Orders - Application Log RFBKTMP1LOG_PO
177 F9J0 Display Application Log RFBKAPLG
178 F9J1 Reconcile with Legacy System RFBKCOOR
180 F9K1 Create Account BUSSTART
181 F9K2 Change account BUSSTART
182 F9K3 Display Account BUSSTART
183 F9KAC Release Account Closure RFBK_ACCNT_CLOSE_RELEASE
184 F9KD Account Closure RFBKACCL
185 F9KE Application Log Account Closure RFBKACLG
186 F9KG Release Limits RFBKLIRL
187 F9KGDEL Delete Limits RFBKLIRL
188 F9KGDISP Limit Overview RFBKLIRL
189 F9KH Release Currency Changeovers RFBKRELCHCUR
190 F9KHDEL Delete Currency Changeovers RFBKRELCHCUR
191 F9KMOC Change business partner RFBKMAINOFFICCHANG
192 F9KOVRDISP Tolerated Overdraft: Display RFBKOVR_CNTRL_LIST
193 F9KOVRN Tolerated Overdraft: Notification RFBKOVR_CNTRL_LIST
194 F9KOVRN_DUPL Tol.Ovrdft: Duplicate Notification RFBKOVR_CNTRL_LIST
195 F9KOVRR Tolerated Overdraft: New Run RFBKOVR_CNTRL
196 F9KY Close Account RFBKCLSE
197 F9L! Display Assignm- Bank Area-Cond.Area  
198 F9L( Change Function-Trans.Type Assignm.  
199 F9L) Display Function-Trans.Type Assign.  
200 F9L+ Display Condition Area Settings  
201 F9L, Master Data Settings MENUF9L,
202 F9L. Customizing: IMG Bank Customer Accts  
203 F9L0 Settings for Additional Development MENUF9L0
204 F9L1 Create Posting Category Assignment  
205 F9L2 Change Posting Category Assignment  
206 F9L3 Display Posting Category Assignment  
207 F9L4 Posting Date for Closing in Dialog RFBKCLED
208 F9L5 Create Transaction Type Categories  
209 F9L6 Change Transaction Type Categories  
210 F9L7 Display Transaction Type Categories  
211 F9L8 Create Medium Categories  
212 F9L9 Change Medium Categories  
213 F9L= Create Condition Area Settings  
214 F9L? Change Condition Area Settings  
215 F9LA Display Medium Categories  
216 F9LB Create Item Counters  
217 F9LBDT Development in BDT Environment MENUF9LBDT
218 F9LC Change Item Counters  
219 F9LD Display Item Counters  
220 F9LE Create Transaction-Category Assignm.  
221 F9LF Change Transaction-Category Assignm.  
222 F9LG Dsiplay Transaction-Category Assign.  
223 F9LH Create Medium-Category Assignment  
224 F9LI Change Medium-Category Assignment  
225 F9LJ Display Medium-Category Assignment  
226 F9LK Create Item Counter Determination  
227 F9LL Change Item Counter Determination  
228 F9LM Display Item Counter Determination  
229 F9LN Transact.-Interest Trans. Assignment  
230 F9LO Transact.-Interest Trans. Assignment  
231 F9LP Transact.-Interest Trans. Assignment  
232 F9LQ Create Dispatch Expense Counter  
233 F9LR Change Dispatch Expense Counter  
234 F9LS Display Dispatch Expense Counter  
235 F9LT Country Setting for IBAN  
236 F9LTC Fixing Fixed-Term Deposits RFBKTTERMCONTROL
237 F9LU Payment Notes for Returns  
238 F9LV Bank Area-Independent Settings, Text  
239 F9LW Create Trivial Amount  
240 F9LX Change Trivial Amount  
241 F9LY Display Trivial Amount  
242 F9LZ Create Bk.Area-Cond.Area Assignment  
243 F9M01 S Table: Field Status Maintenance  
244 F9M02 Table: Function Variant Maintenance  
245 F9M03 Assign Function Variants  
246 F9M04 Field Groups per Object  
247 F9M05 Field Status per Activity  
248 F9M06 Field Status per Document Type  
249 F9M1 Bank Customer Accounts: Settings MENUF9M1
250 F9M2 Business Partner: Settings MENUF9M2
251 F9M3 Relationships: Settings MENUF9M3
252 F9M4 Settings Payment Transactions MENUF9M4
253 F9M5 Condition Settings MENUF9M5
254 F9MA Check Digit Procedure  
255 F9MAA Default Value Transaction Type  
256 F9MAB Default Media  
257 F9MAC Default Payment Methods  
258 F9MAD Alternative Currency Key  
259 F9MARCH Archiving: Period Maintenance  
260 F9MB Bank Area  
261 F9MBC Currency changeover  
262 F9MBD Currency changeover  
264 F9MBP Permitted Products per Bank Area  
265 F9MC Assignment of Check Digit Procedure  
266 F9MD Parameters for Modulo Procedure  
267 F9ME Assignm. Check Dig.Proced.->Bank Key  
268 F9MEMPOBJM Table Mainten. Obj.Meth. Empl.Accts.  
269 F9MF Bank Area: Accounts Payment Trans.  
270 F9MG To Delete: Blocking Functions  
271 F9MH Settings for Hierarchies (General)  
272 F9MHCC Settings for Cash Concentration  
273 F9MI Formats for Application of Funds  
274 F9MJ Assignment Inverse Trans. Type  
275 F9MJUMP Table Maintenance Jump  
276 F9MK Notification of Returns  
277 F9ML Open BCA Events  
278 F9MM Assignm. Medium/Pay.Meth. to Process  
279 F9MMETHOD Table Maintenance Methods  
280 F9MN Bank Customer Accounts MENUF9MN
281 F9MO Bank Area-Independent Settings  
282 F9MOBJECT Table Maintenance Objects  
283 F9MOBJMETH Table Mainten. Obj.-Meth. Assignment  
284 F9MP Media Maintenance  
285 F9MPAYM External Payment Transactions MENUF9MPAYM
286 F9MQ Maintain functions  
287 F9MR Transaction Types Maintenance  
288 F9MREPOBJM Table Maint. Object Meth.Perio.Tasks  
289 F9MS Function Groups Maintenance  
290 F9MT Locking Reasons Maintenance  
291 F9MU Acct.Type->Funct.Groups Maintenance  
292 F9MV Document Type Maintenance  
293 F9MX S Table: Field Status Maintenance  
294 F9MY S Table: Transaction Maintenance  
295 F9MZ S Table: Buttons to Hide Maintenance  
296 F9N1 Create Bank Statements RFBKBSST
297 F9N10 Overview End of Day Processing RFBKCHAINOVR
298 F9N11 Start End-of-Day Processing RFBKCHAINSTART
299 F9N12 Overview of Current Mass Runs RFBKPARUNOVR
300 F9N13 Accts. Blocked by Single Balancing RFBKACCBSINGLE
301 F9N14 Duplicate Creation Bk.State. Restart RFBKBANKSTATDUPL
302 F9N15 Duplicate Creation Single Run RFBKBSSG_DUPL
303 F9N16 Balance Notification Mass Run RFBKBALNOT
304 F9N17 Balance Notification Single Run RFBKBALNOT_SINGLE
305 F9N18 Restart Balance Notification RFBKBALNOT_REST
306 F9N19 Balance Notification Application Log RFBALNOTLOG
307 F9N2 Change Definition Posting Categories  
308 F9N3 Application Log Bank Statement RFBKBSLG
309 F9N4 Restart - Bank Statement RFBKBSRE
310 F9N6 Posting Date for Balancing as Batch RFBKCLEB
311 F9N7 Bank Statement - Single Account RFBKBSSG
312 F9N8 List of Accounts in End of Day Proc. RFBKACCINPROC
313 F9N9 Bank Statement - Duplicate Creation RFBKBANKSTATDUPL
314 F9NA S Table: Funct. Variant Maintenance  
315 F9NARCH Archiving Bank Statements  
316 F9NB Text Symbol Maintenance  
317 F9NC Processes in BCA  
318 F9NCHAIN Start End-of-Day Processing RFBKCHAINSTART
319 F9ND Assgmt Processes -> GL Processes  
320 F9NTC4 Amount Notice: Mass Release RFBK_NOTICE_RELEASE
321 F9NTC5 Correct Available Balance Series RFBKCORR_BKKVRS
322 F9NTC_LOG_RELEASE Application Log Notices RFBKACLG
323 F9O01 Create stand. order BUSSTART
324 F9O02 Change stand. order BUSSTART
325 F9O03 Display Standing Order BUSSTART
326 F9O43 Release Standing Order RFBK_SO_RELEASE
327 F9O6 Delete stand. order BUSSTART
328 F9O61 Confirm Standing Order Deletion RFBK_SO_RELEASE
329 F9OA Standing Order: Display Applic. Log RFBKSOLG
330 F9OF Create Foreign Payment Order RFBKPO01
331 F9OFPLAN Create Plannned Order - Foreign RFBKPO01
332 F9OG Post Standing Order RFBKSOCR
333 F9OGPAR Post Standing Order Packages RFBKSOCRPAR
334 F9OH Postprocess Payment Order RFBKIZO1
335 F9OI Reverse Payment Order RFBKIZO1
337 F9PEXDE4 Application Log of Outgoing PT RFBKPAYMEX_APPLOG
338 F9PEXDE5 EFT File Overview of Incoming PT RFBKPAYMEX_HEADER
339 F9PICC Planned Item Currency Changeover RFBKPICHCUR
342 F9PINDE3 Reversal Run for Incoming PT RFBKPAYMINREV_DE_DTA
343 F9PINDE4 Application Log for Incoming PT RFBKPAYMIN_APPLOG
344 F9PINDE5 EFT File Overview of Incoming PT RFBKPAYMIN_HEADER
345 F9POAUTH BCA: Authorization Group Order  
346 F9POWFCU Assign Workflow Tasks Acct Mgmt RFBKAMWFCU
347 F9S1 CA Control: Applications BUSVIEWS
348 F9S18 CA Control: Activities BUSVIEWS
349 F9S19 CA Control: Field Mod. per Activity BUSVIEWS
350 F9S2 CA Control: Field Groups BUSVIEWS
351 F9S3 CA Control: Views BUSVIEWS
352 F9S4 CA Control: Sections BUSVIEWS
353 F9S5 CA Control: Screens BUSVIEWS
354 F9S6 CA Control: Screen Sequences BUSVIEWS
355 F9S7 CA Control: Events BUSVIEWS
356 F9S8 CA Control: CUA Standard Functions BUSVIEWS
357 F9S9 CA Control: CUA Additional Functions BUSVIEWS
358 F9SA CA Control: Matchcode BUSVIEWS
359 F9SB CA Control: Assign. Scr.Field->DBFld BUSVIEWS
360 F9SC CA Control: Field Modific. Criteria BUSVIEWS
361 F9SD CA Control: Products BUSVIEWS
362 F9SE CA Control: Product Group BUSVIEWS
363 F9SEPA_CR1 Create Mandate for Ordering Party RFBK_SEPA_MANDATE
364 F9SEPA_CR2 Change Mandate for Ordering Party RFBK_SEPA_MANDATE
365 F9SEPA_CR3 Display Mandate for Ordering Party RFBK_SEPA_MANDATE
366 F9SEPA_DB1 Create Mandate for Recipient Party RFBK_SEPA_MANDATE
367 F9SEPA_DB2 Change Mandate for Recipient Party RFBK_SEPA_MANDATE
368 F9SEPA_DB3 Display Mandate for Recipient Party RFBK_SEPA_MANDATE
369 F9SF CA Control: Application Transactions BUSVIEWS
370 F9SH CA Control: Tables BUSVIEWS
371 F9SI PAIT Control: Field Groups BUSVIEWS
372 F9SIMMINDEP Min. Deposit Maint.: Term-Independt  
373 F9SJ Condition Control: Field Groups BUSVIEWS
374 F9SK Cond.Control: Assign.Sc.Fld.->DB Fld BUSVIEWS
375 F9SL Cond.Control: Assign. Table<->FuMod. BUSVIEWS
376 F9SM Position Control: Field Groups BUSVIEWS
377 F9SN PAIT Control: Scrn.Fld. <-> DB Field BUSVIEWS
378 F9SO Position Control: Scrn.Fld.->DB Fld. BUSVIEWS
379 F9SOAUTH BCA: Authorization Group Order  
380 F9SOCC Standing Order Currency Changeover RFBKSOCHCUR
381 F9SP Position Control: Table <-> Fun.Mod. BUSVIEWS
382 F9SQ PAIT Control: Table <-> Fun.Mod. BUSVIEWS
383 F9SR PAOR Control: Field Groups BUSVIEWS
384 F9SS PAOR Control: Scrn.Fld.<-> DB Field BUSVIEWS
385 F9SS1 Qualifier of Payment Notes  
386 F9SSNRKREIS Number Range Maintenance: BKK_PYNOT SAPMSNUM
387 F9ST PAOR Control: Table <-> Func. Mod. BUSVIEWS
388 F9SX BCA Control: External Applications BUSVIEWS
389 F9T0 Archiving Payment Orders  
390 F9T1 Delete payment orders  
391 F9T2 Reloading Payment Orders  
392 F9T3 Reading Payment Order Archives  
393 F9T4 Managing Payment Order Archives  
394 F9T5 Archiving Standing Orders  
395 F9T6 Deleting Standing Orders  
396 F9T7 Reloading Standing Orders  
397 F9T8 Reading Standing Order Archives  
398 F9T9 Administration Stand.Order Archives  
399 F9TA Archiving Payment Items  
400 F9TB Deleting Payment Items  
401 F9TC Reloading Payment Items  
402 F9TD Reading Payment Item Archives  
403 F9TE Admin.of Payment Items Archives  
404 F9TF Archiving Account Balancing Data  
405 F9TFASTENTRY1 Create: Fast Entry of Fixed Deposit RFBK_TERM_FASTENTRY_BUSSTART
406 F9TFASTENTRY2 Change: Fast Entry of Fixed Deposit RFBK_TERM_FASTENTRY_BUSSTART
407 F9TFASTENTRY3 Display: Fast Entry of Fixed Deposit RFBK_TERM_FASTENTRY_BUSSTART
408 F9TG Deleting Account Balancing Data  
409 F9TH Reloading Account Balancing Data  
410 F9TI Reading Act. Balancing Data Archive  
411 F9TJ Admin. of Acct.Bal.Data Archives  
412 F9TK Archiving Acct.Bal.Detail Data  
413 F9TL Deleting Acct.Bal.Detail Data  
414 F9TM Reloading Acct. Bal. Detail Data  
415 F9TN Reading Acct.Bal.Det.Data Archives  
416 F9TO Admin. of Acct.Bal.Det.Dat. Archives  
417 F9TP Archiving Value Date Trans. Figures  
418 F9TQ Deleting Value Date Trans. Figures  
419 F9TR Reloading Value Date Trans. Figures  
420 F9TRMMINDEP Min. Deposit Maint.: Term-Dependent  
421 F9TS Reading Val.Date Trans.Figs.Archives  
422 F9TT Admin.of Val.Dt.Trans. Figs.Archives  
423 F9TU Archiving conditions  
424 F9TV Deleting conditions  
425 F9TW Reloading Conditions  
426 F9TX Reading Condition Archives  
427 F9TY Admin. of Condition Archives  
428 F9VS Assignment of Interest Pen. TA Type  
429 F9VU Assignment of Interest Pen. TA Type  
430 F9VW Preparation of Currency Changeover RFBKCURCHDAT
431 F9Z1 Changing Default Values  
432 FA39 Call up report with report variant SAPMFKM0
438 FAGL21 Create General Ledger Rollup SAPMGLRE
439 FAGL22 Change General Ledger Rollup SAPMGLRE
440 FAGL23 Display General Ledger Rollup SAPMGLRE
441 FAGL24 Delete General Ledger Rollup SAPMGLRE
442 FAGL25 Execute General Ledger Rollup SAPMGLRV
443 FAGL3KEH General Ledger: Default Profit Ctr  
444 FAGLAL3 Transfer of Totals Documents FAGL_ALE_SEND
447 FAGLBW01 Generate Gen. Ledger Extract Struct. RGUCBIW0_PI
448 FAGLBW03 Assign Gen. Ledger DataSource/Ledger RGUCBIW1_PI
450 FAGLCOFIIMG Customizing for CO->FI Update FAGL_COFI_IMG
452 FAGLCOFITRACEADMIN Administr. of Trace for OnlineUpdate FAGL_COFI_TRACE_ADMIN
453 FAGLCOFITRACEDEL Deletion of Trace Data for Update FAGL_COFI_TRACE_DEL
454 FAGLCOFITRACEOFF Deactivate Trace for Online Update FAGL_COFI_TRACE_ON_OFF
455 FAGLCOFITRACEON Activate Trace for Online Update FAGL_COFI_TRACE_ON_OFF
456 FAGLCOFITRACESHOW Display Trace for Online Update  
458 FAGLCOFIWRKLSTDISP Display Worklist  
460 FAGLCOFIWRKLSTTRACE Display Worklist and Trace Data  
462 FAGLF03 Reconciliation TFC_COMPARE_VZ
463 FAGLF101 Sorted List/Regrouping FAGL_CL_REGROUP
464 FAGLGA11 General Ledger: Create Act. Assessmt SAPMKAL1
465 FAGLGA12 General Ledger: Change Act. Assessmt SAPMKAL1
466 FAGLGA13 Gen. Ledger: Display Act. Assessment SAPMKAL1
467 FAGLGA14 Gen. Ledger: Delete Act. Assessment SAPMKAL1
468 FAGLGA15 Gen. Ledger: Execute Act. Assessment SAPMKGA2
469 FAGLGA16 Gen. Ledger: Act. Assessmt Overview SAPMKGA1
470 FAGLGA27 Gen. Ledger: Create Plan Assessment SAPMKAL1
471 FAGLGA28 Gen. Ledger: Change Plan Assessment SAPMKAL1
472 FAGLGA29 Gen. Ledger: Display Plan Assessment SAPMKAL1
473 FAGLGA2A Gen. Ledger: Delete Plan Assessment SAPMKAL1
474 FAGLGA2B Gen. Ledger: Execute Plan Assessment SAPMKGA2
475 FAGLGA2C Gen. Ledger: Plan Assessmt Overview SAPMKGA1
476 FAGLGA31 Gen. Ledger: Create Act.Distribution SAPMKAL1
477 FAGLGA32 Gen. Ledger: Change Act.Distribution SAPMKAL1
478 FAGLGA33 Gen. Ledger:Display Act.Distribution SAPMKAL1
479 FAGLGA34 Gen. Ledger: Delete Act.Distribution SAPMKAL1
480 FAGLGA35 Gen. Ledger:Execute Act.Distribution SAPMKGA2
481 FAGLGA36 Gen. Ledger: Act. Distrib. Overview SAPMKGA1
482 FAGLGA47 Gen. Ledger:Create Plan Distribution SAPMKAL1
483 FAGLGA48 Gen. Ledger:Change Plan Distribution SAPMKAL1
484 FAGLGA49 Gen. Ledger:Display PlanDistribution SAPMKAL1
485 FAGLGA4A Gen. Ledger:Delete Plan Distribution SAPMKAL1
486 FAGLGA4B Gen. Ledger:Execute PlanDistribution SAPMKGA2
487 FAGLGA4C Gen. Ledger: Plan Distrib. Overview SAPMKGA1
488 FAGLGCLE Activation of Plan Line Items RGPLEP01
489 FAGLGP52 Copy Model Plan SAPMGPLC
490 FAGLGP52N Copy Data to Plan FAGL_PLAN_COPY
491 FAGLGVTR G/L: Balance Carried Forward SAPFGVTR
492 FAGLL03 G/L Account Line Items (New) FAGL_ACCOUNT_ITEMS_GL
493 FAGLL03H G/L Line Item Browser (G/L View) FAGL_LINE_ITEM_BROWSER
494 FAGLLOG Logs: Administration FAGL_APPL_LOG_ADMIN
495 FAGLP03 Display Plan Line Items FAGL_PLAN_ITEMS_GL
496 FAGLPLC Gen. Ledger: Change Planning Layout SAPMKES1
497 FAGLPLD Gen. Ledger: Display Planning Layout SAPMKES1
498 FAGLPLI Gen. Ledger: Create Planning Layout SAPMKES1
499 FAGLPLSET Gen. Ledger: Set Planner Profile RG_SET_PROFIL_AND_TABLE
500 FAGLSKF Post Statistical Key Figures(Actual) FAGLSKF_POST_LOCAL