SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index F, page 10
Transaction Code - F
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
2 FOOF Reverse debit contr. RFVIVS02
3 FOOG Reverse contract RFVIVW02
4 FOOH Invoice / Credit memo owner RFVIEA00
5 FOOL Maitain heat.oil supply  
6 FOOPTRATES Option Rate Report RFVIITOR10
7 FOOZ Incoming Pymnts with Residual Items SAPMF61Z
8 FOP2 Change Real Estate planning RFVIPLN0
9 FOP3 Display Real Estate planning RFVIPLN0
10 FOP5 Simulate flat-rate adjustment RFVIPA01
11 FOP6 Calculate flat-rate adjustment RFVIPA01
12 FOP7 Activate flat-rate adjustment RFVIPA04
13 FOP8 Flat-rate adjustment correspondence RFVIPA02
14 FOPA OI Clearing on Rental Agreements RFVIEPCD0
15 FOPB Condition types with acc./def. ID RFVICUP2
16 FOPCBU Connect User and Person FOPC_USER_FACTORY
17 FOPCR_MAINTAIN Settings for Improved Performance FOPCR_MAINTAIN
21 FOPC_AS_REORG Administration Programs FOPC_REPORT_ENTRY
23 FOPC_CONSIST_CHECK Consistency Check on Validity Period FOPC_CONSISTENCY_CHECK
24 FOPC_CUST_PERS_RESP Set Logic for Responsible Persons SAPLFOPC_CUST_PERS_RESP
25 FOPC_DEFIC_ANA_COPY Copy Issues for Deficiency Analysis FOPC_DEFIC_ISSUE_COPY
27 FOPC_HR_DEL Deletion of HR Table Entries FOPC_RHDEL_PD_TABLES
29 FOPC_HR_REBUILD Rebuild HR Object List RHPLOGI0
30 FOPC_SIGNOFF_NOTE Maintain Note for Sign-Off  
31 FOPC_SOD_CHECK Segregation of duties check FOPC_SOD_CHECK
35 FOPC_WF_SLG1 Analyze Applicat. Log for Scheduling FOPC_WF_SLG1
36 FOPD Check acc./def. reference flow types RFVICUP3
37 FOPE Copy reference flow types RFVICP01
38 FOPF List of reference flow types RFVICUP4
39 FOQ0 Number Range Maintenance: VERGLWOHN SAPMSNUM
40 FOQ1 FVVI: Create Ext. Compara. Apartment SAPMF60Q
41 FOQ2 FVVI: Change Ext. Compara. Apartment SAPMF60Q
42 FOQ3 FVVI: Display Ext. Compara.Apartment SAPMF60Q
43 FOQ4 FVVI: Delete Ext. Compara. Apartment SAPMF60Q
44 FOQ5 RE: Simulate CH rent adj. RFVIMACO
45 FOQ6 RE: Activate CH rent adjustment RFVIMAEA
46 FOQ7 Real estate: CH rent adj: Disp.res. RFVIMARS
47 FOQ8 RE: Display CH rent adj.log  
48 FOQ9 RE: Rent adj. - display CH RFVIMAEA
49 FOQA RE: Calculate GAR rent adj. RFVIMACO
50 FOQB RE: Activate GAR rent adj. RFVIMAEA
51 FOQC RE: Display active GAR rent adj. RFVIMAEA
52 FOQD Free garage adj.:Tenant letter RFVIAG01
53 FOQE RE: Display GAR rent adj. log  
54 FOQF RE: Simulate GAR rent adj. RFVIMACO
55 FOQG Print rent adjustment Switzerland RFVIAP01
56 FOQH RE: Calculate FAR rent adj. RFVIMACO
57 FOQI RE: Activate FAR rent adj. RFVIMAEA
58 FOQJ RE: Display active FAR rent adj. RFVIMAEA
59 FOQK Free resid. adj.: Letter to tenant RFVIFW01
60 FOQL RE: Display FAR rent adj. log  
61 FOQM RE: Simulate FAR rent adj. RFVIMACO
62 FOQN RE: Calculate rent adj. AnyCond. RFVIMACO
63 FOQO RE: Activate rent adj. Any.Cond. RFVIMAEA
64 FOQP RE: Display adj.AnyCond. RFVIMAEA
65 FOQQ Adj. surcharges: Letter to tenant RFVIFZ01
66 FOQR RE: Display rent adj.log Any.Cond  
67 FOQS RE: Simulate rent adj. AnyCond. RFVIMACO
68 FOQU RE: Simulate MOD rent adj. RFVIMACO
69 FOQV RE: Activate MOD rent adj. RFVIMAEA
70 FOQW RE: Display active MOD rent adj. RFVIMAEA
71 FOQX RE: Display MOD rent adj. log  
72 FOQY RE: Reverse MOD rent adj. RFVIMAEA
73 FOQZ RE: Calculate MOD rent adj. RFVIMACO
74 FOR1 Rooms: Maintain SAPMF60R
75 FOR2 Rooms: Display SAPMF60R
76 FOR3 Number range maintenance:FVVI_SRAUM SAPMSNUM
77 FOR5 Maintain common rooms in building SAPMF60R
78 FOR6 Display common rooms in building SAPMF60R
79 FOR7 Maintain rooms in RU via building SAPMF60R
80 FOR8 Display rooms in RU via building SAPMF60R
81 FORA RE: Rent adj. - opin. RFVIMACO
82 FORALSR Process Returned Debit Memo RFRERALR10
83 FORB RE: Activate EXOP rent adj. RFVIMAEA
84 FORC RE: Display act.EXOP rent adj. RFVIMAEA
85 FORD RE: Display EXOP rent adj. log  
86 FORE RE: Simulate EXOP rent adj. RFVIMACO
87 FORF Rnt adj. as res.of exp.rep.corresp. RFVIGU01
88 FORFVIVIBETAXD Belege zum Berichtigungsobjekt RFVIVIBETAXD
89 FORG RE: Reverse EXOP rent adj. RFVIMAEA
90 FORH RE: Rent adj. - Simulate CEA RFVIMACO
91 FORI RE: Rent adj. - Calculate CEA RFVIMACO
92 FORJ RE: Rent adj. - Activate CEA RFVIMAEA
93 FORK RE: Rent adj. - Reverse CEA RFVIMAEA
94 FORL RE: Rent adj. - Display CEA RFVIMAEA
95 FORM RE: Rent adj. - CEA log  
96 FORN Rent Adj. - Print CEA RFVIAN01
97 FORN1 Change Renewal Option for Contract SAPLFVRN01
98 FORN2 RE: Change CN Renewal Option SAPLFVRN01
99 FOROZ VI01 reporting tree (IPD) RFVIRT01
100 FORQ RE: Rent adj. - Simulate area RFVIMACO
101 FORS RE: Rent adj. - Calculate area RFVIMACO
102 FORS1 Maintain Resubmission SAPLFVRS01
103 FORS2 Display Resubmission SAPLFVRS01
104 FORS3 RE: Generate Resubmission Dates RFVIRS10
105 FORT RE: Rent adj. - Activate area RFVIMAEA
106 FORV RE: Rent adj. - Reverse area RFVIMAEA
107 FORW RE: Rent adj. - Display area RFVIMAEA
108 FORX RE: Rent adj. - Area log  
109 FORY RE: Rent adj. - Print area RFVIAN01
110 FOS1 Internal document entry RFVISLB0
111 FOS8 Single Document Reversal RFVISLB8
112 FOSA Execute debit position RFVISL10
113 FOSB Debit position simulation RFVISL12
114 FOSC Debit position reversal RFVISL70
115 FOSE Account determination list RFVICUP6
116 FOSETBEBASE Berichtigungsbasis ändern RFVISETBEBASE
117 FOSETBEBASENEW Berichtigungsbasis erfassen RFVIBEBASE00
118 FOSF Maintain Dunning Procedure SAPMFKD0
119 FOSG Display Dunning Procedure SAPMFKD0
120 FOSH Vacancy debit position RFVISL41
121 FOSI Debit pos. unoccup.status simulation RFVISL41
122 FOSJ RU-Unoccupied:Reverse debit position RFVISL70
123 FOSK Vacancy Debit Position - Log RFVISL03
124 FOSL General Real Estate Posting Log RFVISL04
125 FOSM General Real Estate Posting Log RFVISL05
126 FOSN Real Estate - Posting RFVISL00
127 FOSO Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_RWINT SAPMSNUM
128 FOSR Replaced by transaction FVIESR RFVIESR0
129 FOST Real Estate Management master data MENUFOST
130 FOT1 Current Vacancies RIVMES00
131 FOTA Rental units: Create data file RFVIMEGN
132 FOTB Change data file rental units RFVIMESH
133 FOTC Direct input rental units RFVIMEDI
134 FOTD Lease-outs: Create data file RFVIMVGN
135 FOTE Change data file lease-outs RFVIMVSH
136 FOTED1 Electr. Data Transmission Settings  
137 FOTED2 Elec. Data Transmission Parameter(s)  
138 FOTF Direct input lease-outs RFVIMVDI
139 FOTI00 Tenant Information - Config. Menu MENUFOTI00
140 FOTI01 RETI: Activities BUSVIEWS
141 FOTI02 RETI: Applications BUSVIEWS
142 FOTI03 RETI: Screen Layout Field Groups BUSVIEWS
143 FOTI04 RETI: Screen Layout Views BUSVIEWS
144 FOTI05 RETI: Screen Layout Sections BUSVIEWS
145 FOTI06 RETI: Screen Layout Screens BUSVIEWS
146 FOTI07 RETI: Screen Sequence BUSVIEWS
149 FOTI0A Tenant Information BUSSTART
150 FOTI10 RETI: GUI Functions - Standard BUSVIEWS
151 FOTI11 RETI: GUI Functions - Additional BUSVIEWS
152 FOTI12 RETI: Matchcode ID's BUSVIEWS
153 FOTI13 RETI: Assign Screen->DB Field BUSVIEWS
154 FOTI14 RETI: Field Modifications - Criteria BUSVIEWS
155 FOTI15 RETI: ApplicTransactions BUSVIEWS
156 FOTI16 RETI: Field Modification Activity BUSVIEWS
157 FOTI17 RETI: Authorizations-Author.Groups BUSVIEWS
158 FOTI18 RETI: Field Group Authorization BUSVIEWS
160 FOTP Create Electr. Special Advance Payt FOT_B2A_SAP
161 FOTV Admin. Report Data Transmission FOT_B2A_ADMIN
162 FOTY Error Message RIVMES00
163 FOU1 RFVI: Rent adj. due to EURO Convers. RFVIMAEU
164 FOU2 Maintain sales reports SAPMF60U
165 FOU2N Maintain Sales Reports SAPMF60UN
166 FOU2NS Enter Sales with Condition Types SAPMF60UN
167 FOU3 Display sales reports SAPMF60U
168 FOU3N Display sales reports SAPMF60UN
169 FOU3NS Display Sales with Condition Types SAPMF60UN
170 FOU4 Reverse sales-based settlement RFVIDUVS
171 FOU4N Reverse Sales-Based Settlement RFVIDUV_STORNO_NEW
172 FOU5 Sales settlement selection RFVIDUVA
173 FOU6 List of sales reports per year RIMUMSAJ
174 FOU7 List of sales reports per month RIMUMSAM
175 FOU8 Overview of Missing Sales Reports RFVIDUV_SALES
176 FOUA Calculate sales settlement RFVIDUV1
177 FOUAN Calculate Sales Settlement RFVIDUV3N
178 FOUB Display sales settlement history RFVIDUV2
179 FOUBN Display Sales Settlement History RFVIDUV2N
180 FOUC RE: Activate sales-based rent adj RFVIMAEA
181 FOUD RE: Display act.sales-based rnt adj RFVIMAEA
182 FOUE Simulate sales settlement RFVIDUV3
183 FOUEN Simulate Sales Settlement RFVIDUV3N
184 FOUF RE: Activate USER rent adj. RFVIMAEA
185 FOUG RE: Reverse USER rent adj. RFVIMAEA
186 FOUH RE: Display active USER rent adj. RFVIMAEA
187 FOUI RFVI: Simulate Rent Adjustment USER RFVIURSE
188 FOUJ RFVI: Calculate rent adjustment USR RFVIURSE
189 FOUK RE: Simulate Meth.Comp. rent adj. RFVIMACO
190 FOUL RE: Calculate Meth.Comp. rent adj RFVIMACO
191 FOUM Convers. of rep.list of rents texts RFVIMSUM
192 FOUP RE: Reverse CH rent adj. RFVIMAEA
193 FOUQ RE: Reverse IND rent adj. RFVIMAEA
194 FOUR RE: Reverse CGP rent adj. RFVIMAEA
195 FOUS RE: Reverse FAC rent adj. RFVIMAEA
196 FOUT RE: Reverse RLR rent adj. RFVIMAEA
197 FOUU RE: Reverse GAR rent adj. RFVIMAEA
198 FOUV RE: Reverse FAR rent adj. RFVIMAEA
199 FOUW RE: Reverse rent adj. AnyCond RFVIMAEA
200 FOUX RE: Reverse sales-based rent adj. RFVIMAEA
201 FOV0 Rental agreement number range SAPMSNUM
202 FOV1 Create Lease-Out SAPLFV7V
203 FOV2 Change Lease-Out: Master Data SAPLFV7V
204 FOV3 Display Lease-Out SAPLFV7V
205 FOV4 Supplement Lease-Out SAPLFV7V
206 FOV6 Activate advance payment adjustment RFVIPA04
207 FOV7 Call Lease-Out SAPLFV7V
208 FOV8 Activate Residential Lease-Outs RFVIAKT0
209 FOV9 Activate Provisional Agreements RFVIAKT0
210 FOVA Determination of option rates RIVOPTER
211 FOVB Real Est.: Update of LO Cash Flow RFVICF00
212 FOVC Manual input tax treatment RFVIVST9
213 FOVD Input tax trtmnt: Monthly postings RFVIVST7
214 FOVE Create Lease-Out Offer SAPLFV7V
215 FOVF Change Lease-Out Offer SAPLFV7V
216 FOVG Display Lease-Out Offer SAPLFV7V
217 FOVH Transfer offer to lease-out SAPLFV7V
218 FOVI Post trivial amnts to prior period RFVIBAGA
219 FOVIM Migration: Post Trivial Amt to Prior RFVIBAGA
221 FOVJ Reverse input tax treatment run RFVISTOR
222 FOVK Print general rent adjustment RFVIAN01
223 FOVL Overview of Lease-Outs RFVIMVHD
224 FOVN Invoice (CH) on basis of cash flow RFVIRE41
225 FOVO Print owner settlement RFVIOS01
226 FOVP Repeat invoice (cash flow) RFVIRE46
227 FOVQ OIs from FI already invoiced RFVIRE30
228 FOVS Assign Collective LO for Act. LO RFVIERMV
229 FOVTIV11 Overview adjustment methods  
230 FOVU Print sales settlement RFVIUA01
231 FOVV Lease-out renewal RFVIMVVL
232 FOVX Mass Processing of Offers RFVIAPRT
233 FOVZ Rental Agreement Offer Number Range SAPMSNUM
234 FOW0 Real Estate application number range SAPMSNUM
235 FOW1 Real est. comm. application: Create SAPMF63W
236 FOW2 Real est. comm. application: Change SAPMF63W
237 FOW3 Real est. comm. application: Display SAPMF63W
238 FOW4 Real est. priv. application: Create SAPMF63W
239 FOW5 Real est. priv. application: Change SAPMF63W
240 FOW6 Real est. priv. application: Display SAPMF63W
241 FOW7 Overview of Rental Requests RFVISBW1
242 FOW8 Rent requests evaluation RFVISBW1
243 FOWB00 Geschäftspartner-Einstellungsmenü MENUFOWB00
244 FOWB01 RE-WB: Anwendungen BUSVIEWS
245 FOWB02 RE-WB: Feldgruppen BUSVIEWS
246 FOWB03 RE-WB: Sichten BUSVIEWS
247 FOWB04 RE-WB: Abschnitte BUSVIEWS
249 FOWB06 RE-WB: Bildfolgen BUSVIEWS
250 FOWB07 RE-WB: Zeitpunkte BUSVIEWS
251 FOWB08 RE-WB: CUA-Standardfunktionen BUSVIEWS
252 FOWB09 RE-WB: CUA-Zusatzfunktionen BUSVIEWS
253 FOWB0A Teil-WiBe anlegen BUSSTART
254 FOWB0B Teil-WiBe ändern BUSSTART
255 FOWB0C Teil-WiBe anzeigen BUSSTART
256 FOWB10 RE-WB: Matchcodes BUSVIEWS
257 FOWB11 RE-WB: Feldzuordnung Dynpro->DB BUSVIEWS
258 FOWB12 RE-WB: Feldmodifikationskriterien BUSVIEWS
259 FOWB15 RE-WB: Anwendungstransaktionen BUSVIEWS
260 FOWB16 RE-WB: Tabellen BUSVIEWS
261 FOWB18 RE-WB: Feldmodifikation Aktivität BUSVIEWS
262 FOWB19 RE-WB: Status Haupt-WiBe BUSVIEWS
263 FOWB20 RE-Cust: Kostenstruktur WiBe  
264 FOWB21 RE-Cust: Finanzierungsstruktur WiBe  
265 FOWB22 RE-System: Status Teil-WB  
266 FOWB23 RE-Cust: Nutzungskategorien  
267 FOWB24 RE-Cust: Status Haupt-WB  
268 FOWB25 RE-Cust: Berechtigungsarten BUSVIEWS
269 FOWB26 RE-Cust: Feldgruppen f. Berechtigung BUSVIEWS
270 FOWB28 RE-Cust: Pauschalen Lauf. Aufwendg.  
271 FOWB29 RE-Cust: Aufwendungsstruktur  
272 FOWB30 REWB-Steuerung: Aktivitäten BUSVIEWS
273 FOWB41 RE-Cust: Mietausfallwagnis allgemein  
274 FOWB42 RE-Cust: Mietausfallwagnis speziell  
275 FOWB43 RE-Cust: Einheiten für Lauf. Aufw.  
276 FOWB44 RE-Cust: Zweckbindung  
277 FOWB45 RE-Cust: Kond.arten f. Ber. Erlöse  
278 FOWB90 RE-WB: Reporting RFVIWBHI
279 FOWB91 RE-WB: Korrespondenz RFVIWBC01
280 FOWB92 Rent Adj.acc. to CEA: Correspondence RFVIWI01
281 FOWE Business entity SAPMF60O
282 FOWEDI BE: Direct Input RFVIWEDI
283 FOWEGN BE: Generate Data File RFVIWEGN
284 FOWESH BE: Change Data File RFVIWESH
285 FOWU Display simplif.cost effic.analysis SAPMF62W
286 FOWV Change Simplif.Cost Effic.Analysis SAPMF62W
287 FOWW Create simplif.cost effic.analysis SAPMF62W
288 FOWX Create Cost Efficiency Analysis SAPMF62W
289 FOWY Change Cost Efficiency Analysis SAPMF62W
290 FOWZ Displ.Cost Efficiency Analysis SAPMF62W
292 FOX0_CHECK_LINKS Check Object Relationships FOX0_CHECK_LINK_TYPES
293 FOX0_EXTENSION Application-specific enhancements  
294 FOX0_LINK_BACK Inverse Relationship  
295 FOX0_LINK_TYPE FOX - Object Relationships  
296 FOX0_OBJECT_DATA Object Data in FOX  
297 FOX0_OBJ_TYPE FOX - Object Types  
298 FOX0_PROFILE FOX Explosion Profiles  
299 FOX0_SCENARIO Explosion Scenarios  
300 FOX0_VALIDITY FOX - Validity Identifiers  
301 FOX3 FOX: Area Menu FOX3_MENUE
302 FOX3_FKO_TEST FOX: Test for Foreign Key Objects FOX3_FKO_TEST
304 FOX3_REQUEST_NUM Number Range Maintenance: FOX_REQ  
306 FOXA Create broker SAPMF69P
307 FOXB Change broker SAPMF69P
308 FOXC Display broker SAPMF69P
309 FOXD Create owner SAPMF69P
310 FOXE Change owner SAPMF69P
311 FOXF Display owner SAPMF69P
312 FOXG Create tenant SAPMF69P
313 FOXH Change tenant SAPMF69P
314 FOXI Display tenant SAPMF69P
315 FOXJ Create SAPMF69P
316 FOXK Change SAPMF69P
317 FOXL Display SAPMF69P
318 FOXX Real estate current settings  
319 FOYA Real Estate IXS Incid.Expens.Sttlmnt RFVIKA02
320 FOYB Invoice for Rent: First Print RFVIIN01
321 FOYC Invoice for Rent: Repeat Print RFVIIR01
322 FOYS Status- and transaction control RFVISTIF
323 FOZ0 Number Range Maintenance: FVVI_ZAEHL SAPMSNUM
324 FOZ1 Rental unit: Applications allocation SAPMF60Z
325 FOZ2 Rent request allocation SAPMF60Z
326 FOZA Acct determ. for LO RFVKONTM
327 FOZB Customiz.Real RFVKONTM
328 FOZC Customizing post.interface REstMgmt RFVKONTM
329 FOZD Change Payment Method, Bank Details RFVIZWT10
330 FO_ANCO_01 Analysis and Correction VITAXA RFVI_ANCO_VITAXA
332 FO_ANCO_03 Analysis/Correction Program VITAXD RFVI_ANCO_VITAXD
333 FO_BELEGE Document Analysis Doc. Database BRF  
334 FO_BELEGE_RETAX Doc. Analysis for RETAX Documents  
335 FO_FVVI_BUKRS Basic Settings for RE Company Codes  
337 FO_NRIV_IMKNT Number Range Interval: FVVI_IMKNT  
338 FO_PRINT_NOTICE Notice / Confirmation of Notice RFVIKV001
339 FO_RFVIAB30 Correction Item Flows RFVIAB30
340 FO_RFVIITLBZX Enter Date of Service RFVIITLBZX
341 FO_SAD9 Transfer Rental Request RFVISAD9
342 FO_SETS Generate Sets from RE Objects SAPLFV_SETS
343 FO_USE_OF_ACCOUNTS Accounts Used in RE Account Determ. RFVI_USE_OF_ACCOUNTS
344 FO_VIBEOS Option Rates: Correction Items  
345 FO_VIOB05 Option Rates: Buildings  
346 FO_VIOB06 Option Rates: Properties  
347 FO_VIOB07 Option Rates: Business Entities  
348 FO_VTIV8A Accounts for Directly Assigned Costs  
349 FO_V_ANKA_VI Asset Classes - Real Estate  
350 FO_V_TIV65 Non-Deductible Input Tax Accounts  
351 FO_V_TIV79A Input Tax Correction Accounts  
352 FO_V_TIV79K Non-Deduct.Input Tax Default Account  
353 FO_V_TIV80 Clearing Accounts for Cost Accounts  
354 FO_V_TIV84 Revenue Acct Non-Ded.Inp.Tx Rev.Acct  
355 FO_V_TIVA1 Accounts for rounding differences  
356 FP00 Determine Appl. Component SAPMFK00
357 FP02R Change Repayment Request SAPMFK00
358 FP02RC Reset Check Reason in Repymt Request SAPMFK00
359 FP03 Submission to External Coll. Agency SAPLFKA6
360 FP03D Submit Receivables to Coll. Agency RFKKCOL2
361 FP03DM Mass Act.: Submission to Coll.Agency SAPLFKKAKTIV2
362 FP03DML Logs of Submissions for Collection RFKKCOPROTCL
363 FP03E Release of Items for Collection SAPLFKA10
364 FP03EC Submit Items for Internal Collection SAPLFKA10
365 FP03F Read Collection Agency File RFKKCOPM
366 FP03H History of Collection Items RFKKCOL4
367 FP03L List of Collection Items RFKKCOL3
368 FP03M Mass Run: Release for Collection SAPLFKKAKTIV2
369 FP03R Display Repayment Request SAPMFK00
370 FP03U Call Back Receivables fm Coll.Agency RFKKCOLR
371 FP04 Write Off SAPLFKA1
372 FP04H Display Write-Off History RFKKWOH2
373 FP04HP Write-Off History Public Sector RFMCAWOH1
374 FP04M Mass Run: Write-Off SAPLFKKAKTIV2
375 FP04P Write-Off with Authoriz. Wrt-Off Rsn  
378 FP05 Process Payment Lot SAPMFK00
379 FP05ARC Create Archive Index for Payment Lot RFKKPLAR
380 FP05BNKD Clarification Case Transfer RFKK_CFBNKD
381 FP05CLE Process Payment Lot SAPMFK00
382 FP05CLE_CALL Clarification proc. via CALL TRANS SAPMFK00
383 FP05DIS Display payment lot item SAPMFK00
384 FP05FIK Change Reconcil. Key for Payment Lot RFKKZSTF
385 FP05_PROP Exception Accts for Clarif. Proposal  
386 FP06 Account Maintenance SAPMFK00
387 FP07 Reset Clearing SAPMFK00
388 FP08 Reverse Document SAPMFK00
389 FP08M Mass Reversal RFKKSTOR
390 FP09 Returns SAPMFK00
391 FP09ALV Returns Lot Overview RFKKRLWP
392 FP09FIK Change Recon. Key for Returns Lot RFKKRSTF
393 FP09FS Field Selection Returns Lot Header FKR2FS
394 FP09FSL Field Selection Returns Lot List FKR2FSL
395 FP18 Reverse Repayment Request SAPMFK00
396 FP20 FI-CA Check Deposit List RFKKCK01
397 FP22 Mass Reversal of Documents SAPLFKBRD
398 FP25 Process Check Lot SAPMFK00
399 FP30 Find Payment RFKKPLWP
400 FP30C Find Clarification Cases RFKKPLCLS
401 FP31 Find Payment (fromm Payment Run) RFKPYSRC
402 FP35 Process Credit Card Lot SAPMFK00
403 FP40 Transfer SAPLFKU1
404 FP45 Process Payment Order Lot SAPMFK00
405 FP50 Manual Outgoing Checks Lot: SAPLFKCHKMA
406 FP50FIK Man. Check Lot: New Recon. Key RFKKCMF
407 FP51 Data Transfer: Man. Outgoing Checks RFKKCM00
408 FP52 Postproc.Tfr of Man. Issued Checks RFKKCMFA
409 FP53 Clarif.Process. of Cashed Checks RFKKCRCL
410 FP54 Transfer Encashment Data to Clarif. RFKKCRCASH_CHECK
411 FP55 DunSch - Customer Structure Generat. RFKKCMZG
412 FP60M Mass Activity: Revenue Distribution SAPLFKKAKTIV2
413 FP60P Post Revenue Distribution RFKKRD00
414 FP60R List of Distributed Revenues RFKKRD01
415 FP60R2 Evaluation of Revenue Distribution RFKKRD02
416 FP70 Returns Lot: Incorrect Bank Data SAPLFKNR
417 FPAC Maintain document types-runtimes  
418 FPAC01 Maintain Correspondence Runtimes  
419 FPAC02 Activate AS for Document Archiving  
420 FPAC03 Activate AS for Paymt Lot Archiving  
421 FPAC04 Activate AS for Returns Lot Arch.  
422 FPAC05 Activate AS for contract acct arch.  
423 FPAC06 Activate AS for Correspondence arch.  
424 FPACTEN Create Customer Notifications RFSCM_BUPA_ACT_EN
425 FPAR FI-CA Document Archiving  
426 FPAR01 FI-CA Official Number Archiving  
427 FPAR02 FI-CA: Request Archiving  
428 FPAR02A FICA Runtime for Archiving Requests  
429 FPAR02B Activate AS for Archiving Requests  
430 FPAR03 FI-CA: Revenue Distribution Archivg  
431 FPAR03B Activate AS for Revenue Distribution  
432 FPAR04 FI-CA: Gen. Tax Reporting Archiving  
433 FPAR05 FI-CA: Gen. Revenue Reporting Arch.  
434 FPAR06 FI-CA: Gen. Tax Reporting Arch.  
435 FPAR07 Delete Tax Reporting Data RFKK_DEL_DFKKREP07
436 FPAR08 Delete Reporting Data for Revenues RFKK_DEL_DFKKREV07
437 FPAR09 FI-CA: Foreign Currency Valuation  
438 FPAR10 FI-CA: Clearing History Archive  
439 FPAR11 FI-CA: Doubtful Receivables  
440 FPAR12 FI-CA: Invoicing by Third Party  
441 FPAR2 FI-CA Correspondence Archiving  
442 FPARBGA0 FI-CA: Life of Tax Info. for Com.Ops  
443 FPARBGA1 Archiving of Tax for Commercial Ops  
444 FPARBGA2 Activate AS for Tax for Commerc. Ops  
445 FPARBP FI-CA: Business Partner Archiving  
446 FPARCASE0 FI-CA: Item List Runtime  
447 FPARCASE1 Archiving of Item List in Cases  
448 FPARCASE2 Activate AS for Item List in Cases  
449 FPARCJ0 FI-CA: Cash Journal Runtime  
450 FPARCJ1 Cash Journal Archiving  
451 FPARCJ2 Activate AS for Cash Journal  
452 FPARCOLL0 FI-CA: Collection Agency Runtimes  
453 FPARCOLL1 Collection Agency Archiving  
454 FPARCOLL2 Activate AS for Collection Agency  
455 FPARCR0 FICA Check Deposit Archiving Runtime  
456 FPARCR1 FI-CA: Check Deposit Archiving  
457 FPARINDPAY0 Runtime of Payment Specifications  
458 FPARINDPAY1 Payment Specification Archiving  
459 FPARINDPAY2 Activate AS for Payment Specificatns  
460 FPARIP0 FICA: Life of Payment Specifications  
461 FPARM0 Define FICA Dun. Archiving Runtime  
462 FPARM1 FI-CA: Dunning History Archiving  
463 FPARMDOC0 FI-CA: Sample Docs (General) Life  
464 FPARMDOC1 Archiving of Sample Documents  
465 FPARMDOC2 Activate AS for Sample Documents  
466 FPAROB1 FI-CA Official Doc. Number Archive  
467 FPARPNBK0 FI-CA: Prenofitication Runtime  
468 FPARPNBK1 Prenotification Archiving  
469 FPARPNBK2 Activate Archive IS Prenotification  
470 FPARPRNH0 FI-CA: Res.Time SEPA Prenotification  
471 FPARPRNH1 Archiving of Pre-Notification  
472 FPARPRNH2 AS Activate Pre-Notification  
473 FPARR0 FICA Returns Archiving Runtime  
474 FPARR1 FI-CA: Returns Archiving  
475 FPARR2 Returns History Archiving Runtime  
476 FPARR3 FI-CA Returns History Archiving  
477 FPARS1 Delete Totals Records RFKKSUMDEL1
478 FPARSTPY0 FICA: Life for Pymts Sub. to StampTx  
479 FPARSTPY1 Archiving of Pymts Subj. to Stamp Tx  
480 FPARSTPY2 Activate AS for Stamp Tax Payments  
481 FPARTHP1 Archiving of Convergent Billing  
482 FPARTHP2 Activate AS for Convergent Billing  
483 FPARV1 FI-CA: Contract account archiving  
484 FPARZ0 FI-CA: Payment Lot Archiving  
485 FPARZ1 Define Payment Lot Period  
486 FPAS00 Display Archived Payment Lot RFKKAR40
487 FPAS01 Displ.FICA Pymt Lot ArchivInfoStruct  
488 FPAS02 Displ.FICA Docs Archiv.Info.Struct.  
489 FPAS04 Display FICA Returns Lot Archive  
490 FPAV FI-CA: Payment Advice Note SAPLFKK_AVIS
491 FPAVDEL Delete Payment Advice Note RFKK_AVIS_DEL
492 FPAVI FI-CA: Pymt Advice Note fm CollAgeny SAPLFKK_AVIS
493 FPAWM Processing of Report File RFKKFPAWM
494 FPAWM_ALV Foreign Trade Report - ALV List RFKKFPAWM_ALV
495 FPAY1A Create Payment Specification SAPMFKS1
496 FPAY1B Create Payment Specification SAPMFKS1
497 FPAY2 Change Payment Specification SAPMFKS1
498 FPAY3 Display Payment Specification SAPMFKS1
499 FPAY8 Reverse Payment Specification SAPMFKS1
500 FPAY9 Reverse Item Preselection SAPMFKS1