SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index F, page 12
Transaction Code - F
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 FQ2641 Determine Tax Code  
2 FQ2642 Determine Tax Condition Type  
3 FQ2645 Document Types for Billing Documents  
4 FQ2680 Determination of Application Form  
5 FQ2685 Invoicing: Payment Method/Form  
6 FQ2686 Assign Key for Invoice Rounding  
7 FQA1 Archiving of FI-CA documents  
8 FQAT02 Follow-Up: Variants for Act. Type 2  
9 FQAT03 Follow-Up: Variants for Act. Type 3  
10 FQAT04 Follow-Up: Variants for Act. Type 4  
11 FQAUTH FI-CA Special Authorizations  
12 FQB1 Correspondence Data Fields  
13 FQB2 Correspondence Data Fields  
14 FQB4 FI-CA Corresp. - Application Forms  
15 FQB9 FI-CA: Ital. Stamp Tax Returns,Specs  
16 FQC0 C FKK Acct Determination (General) SAPMFKCB
17 FQC1 C FKK Account Determination */0010 SAPMFKC1
18 FQC1005 Prefix for Lot IDs-Acct Stmt Transfr  
19 FQC1071 C FKK Account Determination */1071  
20 FQC1091 Acct Determination */1091  
21 FQC1200 Acct Determination */1200  
22 FQC1210 Acct Determination */1200  
23 FQC1350 C FKK Account Determination */1350  
24 FQC1351 Spec. for Posting Reclassifications  
25 FQC1400 Acct Determ. IDOC Receivables Items  
26 FQC1401 Account Determ. IDOC Revenue Items  
27 FQC1402 Document Type Determination  
28 FQC1403 Determination of Posting Data  
29 FQC1404 Determination of Posting Transacts  
30 FQC1405 Tax IDs for IDOC Data  
31 FQC1410 Data for Reversing IDOC Documents  
32 FQC1500 Receipt Management Specifications  
33 FQC1510 Credit Specif. from Follow-Up Acts  
34 FQC2 C FKK Account Determination */0020 SAPMFKC1
35 FQC2120 Receipt Management Specifications  
36 FQC3 C FKK Account Determination */0030 SAPMFKC1
37 FQC40 C FKK Account Determination */0040  
38 FQC5 C FKK Account Determination */0050 SAPMFKC1
39 FQC6 C FKK Account Determination */0060 SAPMFKC1
40 FQC7 C FKK Account Determination */0070 SAPMFKC1
41 FQC700 Collective Bill Specifications  
42 FQC8 C FI-CA Account Determination */0071 SAPMFKC1
43 FQC900 Acct Determination */0900  
44 FQCALLID Maintenance of Table TFKCALLID  
45 FQCC Maintain Bank Sel. IDs for Pymt Run  
46 FQCE Acct Determination: Error Analysis RFKKFQCE
47 FQCF User ID for Bank Transactions  
48 FQCODU Cont A/R + A/P - Cust. Dunn. Proced.  
49 FQCR Account Determination: List RFKKADLI
50 FQCR600 C FKK Account Determination */R600  
51 FQCVS CVS Bank Clearing Account  
52 FQC_R404 Diff.Accts for Cons.Ports Prev. Year  
53 FQC_R410 Assign Summarization Subtransactions  
54 FQD1 Productive Start - Delete Test Data RFKKABS3
55 FQD2 Synchronization - Maintain Variants RFKKDI05
56 FQDM0 Posting Area 3000  
57 FQDM1 Posting Area 3001  
58 FQDM2 Posting Area 3002  
60 FQFUND Activation Status Fund Accounting RFKK_FM_READ_FUND_ACTIVATION
61 FQH0 Specifications for Diff. Postings  
62 FQH1 Specifications for Diff. Postings  
63 FQH2 Spec. for Document Type Payment Cat.  
64 FQH3 Spec. for Clrg Acct. Payment Categy  
65 FQI1 Maintain Interest Keys  
66 FQI2 Display Interest Keys  
67 FQI3 Maintain spec. for int. on inst.plan  
68 FQI4 Maintain Interest Entries  
69 FQI4Z Interest: Additional Functions  
70 FQI5 Maintain Cash Sec.Deposit Entries  
71 FQI6 Maintain Mass Activity: Interest  
72 FQI7 Maintain Mass Activ: Cash Sec. Dep.  
73 FQI8 Specifications-Interest on Arrears  
74 FQI9 Processes for witholding tax code  
75 FQK1 TFK021R (account balance: Search)  
76 FQK2 TFK021R (account balance: Select)  
77 FQK3 TFK021R (account balance: Sort)  
78 FQK5 TFK021R (account balance: Add.field)  
79 FQK50 Derivation of Credit Segment  
80 FQK51 Maintain Credit Segment  
81 FQK52 Central Credit Management Setting  
82 FQK53 Derivation of Credit Segment  
83 FQK6 TFK021R (posting totals: Search)  
84 FQK8 TFK021R (posting totals: Sort)  
85 FQKA Document: Central Settings  
86 FQKB Document: User Settings  
87 FQKL Existing settings contract A/R & A/P  
88 FQKP Config.: Maintain Display Format SAPMFK90
89 FQKPA Modifiable Fields in Account Maint.  
90 FQKPB Broker Report: Line Layout Variants  
91 FQKPD Document Processing: Variants  
92 FQKPH Man. Issued Checks: Line Layout  
93 FQKPI Payment Specification: Line Layout  
94 FQKPK Document: Line Layout Variants (G/L)  
95 FQKPM Account Balance:Line Layout Variants  
96 FQKPN Bank Report: Line Layout Variants  
97 FQKPO OI Processing: Line Layout Variants  
98 FQKPP Document: Line Layout Variants (OI)  
99 FQKPS Posting Totals: Line Layout Variants  
100 FQKPT Broker Report: Item Entry  
101 FQKPZ Payment Lot: Line Layout Variants  
102 FQKS Account Balance: Sort Variants  
103 FQKX TFK021L(Acct Balance: List Cats)  
104 FQM0 FI-CA Dunning - Cust.Dunn.Groupings  
105 FQM1 FI-CA Dunning - Cust.Dunn.Procedures  
106 FQM2 FI-CA Dunning - Cust. Dunning Levels  
107 FQM3 FI-CA Dunning: Cust.Min/Max Amounts  
108 FQM4 FI-CA Dunning-Cust.Dun. Charges Type  
109 FQM5 FI-CA Dunning - Cust.Dunn.Groupings  
110 FQM6 FI-CA Dunning-Cust.Dunn.Block Reason  
111 FQM7 FI-CA Dunning - Cust.Dun.Level Types  
112 FQM8 FI-CA Dunning - Cust.Dunn.Proc.Types  
113 FQM9 FI-CA Dunning - Cust. Charges  
114 FQMASS Mass Activities  
115 FQOGRM Post Gen. Request Specification Docs  
116 FQORD1 Request: Doc. Generation Specificats  
117 FQP1 Define Payment Methods  
118 FQP2 Item Indicator  
119 FQP3 Payment Medium Formats  
120 FQP4 Company Code Details for Payment  
121 FQP5 Payment medium formats:Note to payee  
122 FQP6 Settings for Check Creation  
123 FQP6A Assign Internal Check Numbers  
124 FQP7 Maintain Instruction Key  
125 FQP8 User ID for Bank Transactions  
126 FQP9 DME Foreign Payment Transactions  
127 FQR1 FI-CA Returns - Reason Settings  
128 FQR2 FI-CA Returns - AcctDet Settings  
129 FQR3 Returns - Allocate Return Reason  
130 FQS1 Fast Entry: Item List  
131 FQS2 Fast Entry: G/L Item List  
132 FQS3 Fast Entry: Payment Lot  
133 FQSEC Security Deposit: Special Parameters  
134 FQTAXMIN C FI-CA Maintenance Table TFKTAXMIN  
135 FQTFK020C FI-CA Maintenance Table TFK020C  
136 FQU1 FI-CA: Transfer Posting: Addl Specs  
137 FQU2 Transfer Items: Trans. Determination  
138 FQUD Customer Queries RFQUER01
139 FQUK Vendor Queries RFQUER01
140 FQUS G/L Account Queries RFQUER01
141 FQV160 BP Duplicates: PH Change Specs  
142 FQVBUND Doc. Type for VBUND Adjustment Pstg  
143 FQVI01 Agency Coll.: Coll. Default Values  
144 FQVI02 AgencyColl: Third-Party Default Vals  
145 FQVI03 AgencyColls: Agency Postings on Acct  
146 FQVI04 AgencyColl: Cust. Postings on Acct  
147 FQVI05 AgencyColl: Deposits/Withdrawals  
148 FQVI06 AgencyColl: Deposits/Withdrawals  
149 FQVI07 AgencyColl: Clarification Code  
150 FQVI08 AgencyColl: Internal Temp. Coll.  
151 FQVI09 AgencyColl: External Temp. Coll.  
152 FQVI10 AgencyColl: TransPost CGT  
153 FQVI11 AgencyColl: TransPost 3rd-P. Comm.  
154 FQVI12 AgencyColl: Payt Meths AgencyPaytRun  
155 FQVI13 AgencyColl: Specs Shares Insurance  
156 FQVI14 Agency Collections: Transactions  
157 FQVI15 AgencyColl: Internal Temp. Coll.  
158 FQVI16 Agency Collections: Document Types  
159 FQVI17 Agency Coll: On Acct Transactions  
160 FQVI18 Agency Coll: On Acct Clarifctn Code  
161 FQVI19 AgencyColl: Reversal Specifications  
162 FQVI20 Agency Coll: On Acct Clarif. Code  
163 FQVI21 AgencyColl: Specs Shares Insurance  
164 FQVI22 AgencyColl.: Payt Lock Subcomm.  
165 FQVI23 AgencyColl: Faxbroker Default  
166 FQVI24 AgencyColl: Internal Enh. Temp. Coll  
167 FQVI25 AgencyColl: Create Depot in TempColl  
168 FQZ01 FI-CA: Acct Det-Alt. Acct Reversal SAPMFKC1
169 FQZ02 FI-CA: Charge-Off Specs  
170 FQZ02A FI-CA: Charge-Off Specs  
171 FQZ03 FI-CA: Mass Write-Off Specifications  
172 FQZ03A FI-CA: Mass Write-Off Specifications  
173 FQZ04 FI-CA: G/L Acct Det Write Off  
174 FQZ04A FI-CA: Write-Off Acct Determination  
175 FQZ04B Maintain Table TFK048AB  
176 FQZ04M Mass W/Off: Specif. and Default Vals  
177 FQZ04S Write-Offs: Specif. and Default Vals  
178 FQZ04T Write-Off without Tax Adjustment  
179 FQZ04U Alterna. Expense and Revenue Account  
180 FQZ04W External System for Tax Calculation  
181 FQZ05 FI-CA: Acct Det - Autom. Clearing SAPMFKC1
182 FQZ06 FI-CA: Installm.Plan Inact. Dunn.Run  
183 FQZ07 FI-CA: Default Vals Receivable Valtn  
184 FQZ08 FI-CA: Acct Det.-Doubtful Items SAPMFKC1
185 FQZ09 FI-CA: Acct Det - Deferred Revenues SAPMFKC1
186 FQZ1 FI-CA: Account Balance Line Layout SAPMFKC1
187 FQZ10 FI-CA: Default Vals Delayed Revenues  
188 FQZ1072 Biller Direct: Overpayment Specifs SAPMFKC1
189 FQZ1073 Biller Direct: Overpayment Reversal SAPMFKC1
190 FQZ1074 BD: Overpayment Clearing Account SAPMFKC1
191 FQZ11 FI-CA: Acct Det.-Ind.Val.Adjustment SAPMFKC1
192 FQZ12 Tax Calculation Typ Indiv.Value Adj.  
193 FQZ13 FI-CA Maintenance Table TFKZGR  
194 FQZ14 FI-CA Maintenance Table TFKZRGR  
195 FQZ15 FI-CA: Coll. Agency Specifications  
196 FQZ16 FI-CA: Acct Det. - G/L Transfer SAPMFKC1
197 FQZ17 Maintain Table TFKZVAR  
198 FQZ18 Maintain Table TFKZMETH  
199 FQZ19 Maintain Table TFKZGRME  
200 FQZ1A FI-CA: Acct Det.-Ind.Val.Adjustment SAPMFKC1
201 FQZ2 FI-CA: OI Processing Line Layout SAPMFKC1
202 FQZ20 FI-CA: AcctDet - Indiv. Val. Adj. CZ SAPMFKC1
203 FQZ21 FI-CA: Collection Agency Pstg Specs.  
204 FQZ22 FI-CA: Callback Data Specifications  
205 FQZ23 FI-CA: Information to Coll. Agency  
206 FQZ24 FI-CA: Document Type for VAT Percep.  
207 FQZ25 FI-CA: Information to Coll. Agency  
208 FQZ26 Collection Agencies  
209 FQZ2A Maintain Table TFKZWEX  
210 FQZ2B Maintenance of Table TFKZVARI  
211 FQZ3 FI-CA: Posting Totals Line Layout SAPMFKC1
212 FQZ4 FI-CA: Screen Var. B/P Item Posting SAPMFKC1
213 FQZ5 FI-CA: Screen var.for post.G/L items SAPMFKC1
214 FQZ6 FI-CA: Payment Lot Screen Variants SAPMFKC1
215 FQZ7 FI-CA: Returns Lot Screen Variants SAPMFKC1
216 FQZ8 FI-CA: Acct Det. - Output Tax SAPMFKC1
217 FQZ9 FI-CA: AcctDet - Tax Clearing/Dwnpmt SAPMFKC1
218 FQZA FI-CA: AcctDet - CoCode Clearing SAPMFKC1
219 FQZB FI-CA: AccDet - Charges Rec. Revenue SAPMFKC1
220 FQZC FI-CA: Account Det. - Cash Discount SAPMFKC1
221 FQZD FI-CA: AcctDet - Exchange Rate Diff. SAPMFKC1
222 FQZE FI-CA: Acct Det. - G/L Transfer SAPMFKC1
223 FQZF FI-CA: Acct Det. - Returns SAPMFKC1
224 FQZG FI-CA: AccDet - Down Pmnt/Charge SAPMFKC1
225 FQZH FI-CA: Acct Maint. Default Entries SAPMFKC1
226 FQZH2 FI-CA: Credit Memo Clearing (EBPP) SAPMFKC1
227 FQZI FI-CA: Incoming Pmnt Specifications SAPMFKC1
228 FQZJ FI-CA: Clariftn Acct Incmg Paymnts SAPMFKC1
229 FQZK FI-CA: Reverse Doc. Default Entries SAPMFKC1
230 FQZL FI-CA: Payment Program: Bank Accts SAPMFKC1
231 FQZM FI-CA: Doc Posting: Default Entries SAPMFKC1
232 FQZN FI-CA: Act Det.-Inc.Pmnt Refund Acct SAPMFKC1
233 FQZO FI-CA: AcctDet- Reset Clrd Itms Def. SAPMFKC1
234 FQZP FI-CA: AcctDet.- Reset Clrg: New OI SAPMFKC1
235 FQZQ FI-CA: Doc Posting: Default Entries SAPMFKC1
236 FQZS FI-CA: Returns: Default Entries SAPMFKC1
237 FQZT FI-CA: Check Deposit Clearing SAPMFKC1
238 FQZU FI-CA: AcctDet-Inst. plan charges SAPMFKC1
239 FQZV FI-CA: Payment Cards: Acct Determ. SAPMFKC1
240 FQZX FI-CA: Payment Cards: Acct Determ. SAPMFKC1
241 FQZY FI-CA: Dunning: Defaults SAPMFKC1
242 FQZZ FI-CA: Instal.Plan Interest Spec. SAPMFKC1
243 FQ_ENH_BROKR Create Enhancement: Broker RFKK_ENH_BROKR
244 FQ_ENH_OPORD Create Enhancement: Classificatn Key RFKK_ENH_OPORD
245 FQ_FPCJ_ACTIVITIES Role-Specific Activities  
246 FQ_FPCJ_NC Normal Clerk  
247 FQ_FPCJ_NC_462 Normal Clerk  
248 FQ_FPCJ_NC_GT_462 Normal Clerk  
249 FQ_FPCJ_SC Clerk with Special Tasks  
250 FQ_FPCJ_SC_462 Clerk with Special Tasks  
251 FQ_FPCJ_SC_GT_462 Clerk with Special Tasks  
252 FQ_FPCJ_SU Branch Office Manager  
253 FQ_FPCJ_SU_462 Branch Office Manager  
254 FQ_FPCJ_SU_GT_462 Branch Office Manager  
255 FR01 Change original commitments SAPMKBUD
256 FR02 Display original commitments SAPMKBUD
257 FR04 Change original payments SAPMKBUD
258 FR05 Display original payments SAPMKBUD
259 FR07 Change Release for Commitment Bdgt SAPMKBUD
260 FR08 Display Release Commitments SAPMKBUD
261 FR10 Change Release for Payment Bdgt SAPMKBUD
262 FR11 Display Release Payments SAPMKBUD
263 FR15 Change Supplement Commitments SAPMKBUD
264 FR16 Display Supplement Commitments SAPMKBUD
265 FR19 Change Supplement Payments SAPMKBUD
266 FR20 Display Supplement Payments SAPMKBUD
267 FR22 Mandantencopy fuer FMDYNHST RFFMKCDH
268 FR23 Change Return Commitments SAPMKBUD
269 FR24 Display Return Commitments SAPMKBUD
270 FR27 Change Return Payments SAPMKBUD
271 FR28 Display Return Payments SAPMKBUD
272 FR50 Enter Original Budget RFFMISPS
273 FR51 Enter Release RFFMISPS
274 FR52 Enter Supplement RFFMISPS
275 FR53 Enter Return RFFMISPS
276 FR54 Distribute Original Budget RFFMISPS
277 FR55 Distribute Release RFFMISPS
278 FR56 Distribute Supplement RFFMISPS
279 FR57 Distribute Return RFFMISPS
280 FR58 Post RFFMISPS
281 FR59 Change document RFFMISPS
282 FR60 Display Document RFFMISPS
283 FR61 Park Original Budget RFFMISPS
284 FR62 Park Release RFFMISPS
285 FR63 Park Supplement RFFMISPS
286 FR64 Park Return RFFMISPS
287 FR65 Park Original Budget Distribution RFFMISPS
288 FR66 Park Release Distribution RFFMISPS
289 FR67 Park Supplement Distribution RFFMISPS
290 FR68 Park Return Distribution RFFMISPS
291 FR69 Park Transfer RFFMISPS
292 FR70 Post Parked Document RFFMISPS
293 FR71 Cancel Parked Document RFFMISPS
294 FR72 Display Parked Document RFFMISPS
295 FR73 Change Parked Document RFFMISPS
296 FR81 Loc.Auth.: Budget Reduction RFFMISPS
297 FR86 Loc.Auth.: Enter Residual Budget RFFMISPS
298 FR87 Distribute Budget Types with Release RFFMISPS
299 FR88 FM: Loc.Auth.: Mass Release RFFMREL1
300 FR89 Reverse Document RFFMISPS
301 FR90 Loc.auth: Distribute budget types RFFMISPS
302 FR91 Loc.Auth.: Transfer with auto. rel. RFFMISPS
303 FR92 Reconstruction of Release Groups RFFMREL2
304 FRACTIV Activate Subdivision  
305 FRC0 Display Profit Center -> FM AcctAss. SAPLFRC1
306 FRC1 Maintain Cost Element -> FM Act Asgt SAPLFRC1
307 FRC2 Display Cost Element -> FM Acct Asgt SAPLFRC1
308 FRC3 Maintain Cost Center -> FM Act Asgmt SAPLFRC1
309 FRC4 Display Cost Center -> FM Acct Asgmt SAPLFRC1
310 FRC5 Maintain Order -> FM Acct Assgmnt SAPLFRC1
311 FRC6 Display Order -> FM Acct Assgmnt SAPLFRC1
312 FRC7 Maintain WBS Element -> FM Act Asgmt SAPLFRC1
313 FRC8 Display WBS Element -> FM Acct Asgmt SAPLFRC1
314 FRC9 Maintain Profit Center -> FM ActAsgt SAPLFRC1
315 FRCA Settlement calendar SAPMF08A
316 FRCISUB1 Process Substring1 Commitment Item  
317 FRCISUB1_SET Create Cmmt Item Substring1 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
318 FRCISUB2 Process Substring2 Commitment Item  
319 FRCISUB2_SET Create Cmmt Item Substring2 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
320 FRCISUB3 Process Substring3 Commitment Item  
321 FRCISUB3_SET Create Cmmt Item Substring3 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
322 FRCISUB4 Process Substring4 Commitment Item  
323 FRCISUB4_SET Create Cmmt Item Substring4 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
324 FRCISUB5 Process Substring5 Commitment Item  
325 FRCISUB5_SET Create Cmmt Item Substring5 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
326 FRD1 Maintain G/L Account -> Commt Item SAPLFRC1
327 FRD2 Display G/L Account -> Commt Item SAPLFRC1
328 FRE01 Initial Transfer of Data to F&R FRE_INIT_LOAD
329 FRE02 Transfer Changed Data to F&R FRE_DELTA_LOAD
330 FRE03 Transfer Time Series Data FRE_SEND_TSD
331 FRE04 Transfer Open Orders to F&R FRE_ORD_START_OUTB_INTVL
332 FRE05 Transfer Changed Sls Prices to F&R FRE_LOAD_VKP_DELTA
333 FRE06 Processing of Order Inbound Buffer FRE_ORD_IN_PROCESS_BUFFER
334 FRE07 Re-initial Transfer of Data FRE_REINIT_LOAD
335 FRE10 Transfer Reference Site to F&R FRE_LOCGRP_INIT_LOAD
336 FRE11 Initial Transfer of DIF Occurrences FRE_DIF_INIT_LOAD
337 FRE12 Delta Transfer of DIF Occurrences FRE_DIF_DELTA_LOAD
338 FRE13 Delete Admin.Data for DIF Occurrence FRE_DIF_DELETE_ADMI
339 FRE14 Transfer of reference assignm data FRE_SEND_REFERENCE
340 FRE15 Deletion of reference data RWRF_REF_DB_REORG
341 FRE16 InitTrnsfr. DIF Occur. for No. Sites FRE_DIF_NO_SITES_INIT
342 FRE17 DeltTrnsfr. DIF Occur. for No. Sites FRE_DIF_NO_SITES_DELTA
343 FRE18 Delete DIF Occ. for No. Sites FRE_DIF_NO_SITES_DEL
344 FRE19 Trans. P.Org + P.Org Assgn. to F&R FRE_EKORG_ASSIGN_INIT_LOAD
345 FRE20 Update Procurement Cycles FRE_PROCYC_AFT_CUST_CHG
346 FRE21 Upd. Assignment of Initial Buy Check FRE_DISMM_AFT_CUST_CHG
347 FRE22 Upd. Assignment of Central PO Cal. FRE_CPOCAL_AFT_CUST_CHG
348 FRE23 Upd. Repl. Block. After Cust. Change FRE_BLOCK_DISPO_LOAD
349 FRE24 Logistical Rounding Delta FRE_RPR_MEASGR_DELTA
350 FRE25 Processing Methods Delta FRE_PROC_METH_DELTA
351 FRE27 Transfer Structured Materials to F&R FRE_STRUCT_ARTICLE_LOAD
353 FRE31 Maintenance of Interface Tables MD4 FRE_MD_IF_DELETE
354 FRE32 Calculate planned delivery time FRE_CALCULATE_PLIFZ
355 FRE33 Deletion of Consumption Data FRE_REORG_CONS
356 FRE34 Maintenance of Table FRE_OP_PO_KEY FRE_OP_PO_KEY_REORG
357 FRE35 Reo Change Pointer Stock Consumption FRE_TS_POINTER_REORG
358 FRE50 Send Switchover Information FRE_SUBST_SWITCH_LOAD
359 FRE51 Reorganization Switchover Info WSUBST_SWITCHDAT_REORG
360 FRE80 No. Range Maintnce: FRE_PROCYC SAPMSNUM
361 FRE81 No. Range Maintnce: FRE_DIFREF  
362 FRE83 Number Range Maintenance: FRE_DIF2  
363 FRE84 Number Range Maintenance: FRE_RELPRO  
364 FRE_C1 Check Master Data FRE_CHECK_LOC_PROD
365 FRE_C2 Check Supply Net Data FRE_CHECK_SUPPLY_NET
366 FRE_C3 Check Layout Module FRE_CHECK_LAYOUT_MOD
367 FRE_C4 Check Order Data FRE_CHECK_PO_OP
368 FRE_C5 Reorganization F&R Control Tables FRE_REORG_ART_SITE
369 FRE_C6 Check Sales Order Data FRE_CHECK_SALES_ORDER
370 FRE_UI User Interface for F&R Messages FRE_MESSAGE_UI
371 FRFCSUB1 Process Substring1 Fund Center  
372 FRFCSUB1_SET Create Funds Center Substring1 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
373 FRFCSUB2 Process Substring2 Fund Center  
374 FRFCSUB2_SET Create Funds Center Substring2 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
375 FRFCSUB3 Process Substring3 Fund Center  
376 FRFCSUB3_SET Create Funds Center Substring3 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
377 FRFDSUB1 Process Substring1 Fund  
378 FRFDSUB1_SET Create Fund Substring1 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
379 FRFDSUB2 Process Substring2 Fund  
380 FRFDSUB2_SET Create Fund Substring2 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
381 FRFNSUB1 Process Substring1 Functional Area  
382 FRFNSUB1_SET Create Func. Area Substring1 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
383 FRFNSUB2 Process Substring2 Functional Area  
384 FRFNSUB2_SET Create Func. Area Substring2 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
385 FRFNSUB3 Process Substring3 Functional Area  
386 FRFNSUB3_SET Create Func. Area Substring3 Group RFFMFMMDSUB_SET
387 FRFT Rapid Entry with Repetitive Code RFIBLFPAY
388 FRFT2 Repetitive fast entry form RFEBRFT2
389 FRFT_B Repetitive Codes: Payment to Banks FIBL_FRFT
390 FRFT_TR Repetitives: Payment Treasury Partnr FIBL_FRFT
391 FRH1 Loc.Auth.: Enter Budget Release SAPLKBPH
392 FRH2 Loc.Auth.: Enter Local Block SAPLKBPH
393 FRH3 Komm.: Freigabe erfassen - Sammelv. SAPLKBPH
394 FRH4 Komm.: lokale Sperre erf. - Sammelv. SAPLKBPH
395 FRH5 No longer used SAPLKBPB
396 FRH6 Create Release Group Profile  
397 FRH7 Transfer of Residl Bdgts from CoverP RFFMCOVTRANS
398 FRHU2 Random creation of HUs SAPLVHUDIAL
399 FRML02 Edit Recipe Formula RCPP_DUMMY_EHS
400 FRML03 Display Recipe Formula RCPP_DUMMY_EHS
401 FRML04 Formula Information System RCPP_DUMMY_EHS
402 FRMLC01 Customizing: Formula Level Assignmt  
403 FRMLC02 Customiz.: Formula Conversion Assig.  
404 FRMLC03 Custom.: Check Function/Level Assig.  
405 FRMLC04 Custom.: General Environment Param.  
406 FRMLC05 Customizing: Composition Display  
407 FRMLC06 Customizing for Units of Measurement  
408 FRMLC07 Customiz.: Substance Types per View  
409 FRMLC08 Customizing Status  
410 FRMLC13 Specify Field Attributes SAPLFRML801
411 FRMLC30 Customizing Formula Tables Layout  
412 FRMLC35 Customizing for Key Figures  
413 FRMLC43 Set/Activate Customizing Views  
414 FRMLC47 Customizing Assignmt ChkMod./ F.Lev.  
415 FRMLC49 Roles for Events RFRML_FRMLC64_LOAD
416 FRMLC50 Roles for Events (Explosion) RFRML_FRMLC64_LOAD
417 FRMLC51 Customizing Component for Event  
418 FRMLC52 Set Parameters for Formula View  
419 FRMLC53 Parameters for Explosion Scope  
420 FRMLC60 Customizing User Exits OPEN / CLOSE  
421 FRMN Credit Management MENUFRMN
422 FRSTRID Define Subdivision  
423 FRSUBDIV Define Substrings  
424 FS00 G/L acct master record maintenance SAPGL_ACCOUNT_MASTER_START
425 FS00001 Create Business Partner BUSSTART
426 FS00002 Change Business Partner BUSSTART
427 FS00003 Display Business Partner BUSSTART
428 FS00101 Create Business Partner Customer BUSSTART
429 FS00102 Change Business Partner Customer BUSSTART
430 FS00103 Display Business Partner Customer BUSSTART
431 FS01 Create Master Record SAPMF02H
432 FS02 Change Master Record SAPMF02H
433 FS02CORE Maintain G/L account  
434 FS03 Display Master Record SAPMF02H
435 FS04 G/L Account Changes (Centrally) SAPMF01A
436 FS05 Block Master Record SAPMF02H
437 FS06 Mark Master Record for Deletion SAPMF02H
438 FS10 G/L Account Balance SAPMF42B
439 FS10N Balance Display RFGLBALANCE
440 FS10NA Display Balances RFGLBALANCE
441 FS15 Copy G/L account changes: Send  
442 FS16 Copy G/L account changes: Receive  
443 FSAA Display Address for Bal.Confirmatns  
444 FSAP Addresses for Balance Confirmations  
445 FSAV Balance Confirmations: Reply View  
446 FSBPCC_TAXC Enter Tax Compliance Types  
447 FSBPCC_TAXC2CTRY Enter Countries for Tax Compliance  
448 FSBPCC_TAXCRSN Enter Reasons for Compliance Status  
449 FSBP_CREATE_RC_CP Create Change Pointer for Reconc. FSBP_CREATE_RC_CP
450 FSBP_CREATE_RC_CP_DP Reconcile Purpose of Use FSBP_CREATE_RC_CP_DP
451 FSBP_TC_CUST_CHECK Check Consistency of Customizing FSBP_TC_CHECK_CUSTOMIZING
452 FSBP_TC_SHOW Display Total Commitment FSBP_TC_SHOW
453 FSBP_TC_STATUS Change Status of Total Commitment FSBP_TC_STATUS_CHANGE
454 FSCD Change Document List CHDOC_LIST
456 FSCPAR01 FI-CA: Bal. Int. Calc. Archiving  
457 FSCPBAC Acct Balance Interest Notification SAPLFKKAKTIV2
458 FSCPBAH Balance Interest Calculation History RFSCBAH
459 FSCPI1 Balance Interest Calculation Run SAPLFKKAKTIV2
460 FSCQAR01A FI-CA Bal. Int. Cal. Arch. Runtime  
461 FSCQAR01B Activate AS for Bal. Int. Cal. Arch.  
462 FSCQS000 Acct Determ. for Receivables Accts  
463 FSCQS001 Acct Determination: Revenue Accounts  
464 FSCQS082 Specifs for Bal. Int. Calculation  
465 FSCQS100 Payment Media ID for Appl. Forms  
466 FSCQS400 Specs for Bal. Int. Calc. Reset  
467 FSE0_EXPORT_DETAILS Data Export for Elect. F/S: Accounts  
468 FSE0_EXPORT_NODES Data Export for Electronic F/S:Items  
469 FSE0_XBRL F/S Version Acc. to XBRL Taxonomy FAGL_BSPL_XBRL
471 FSE1_XBRL_COPY F/S Version: A/c Assignment Transfer FAGL_FSV_COPY_ASSIGNMENTS_XBRL
472 FSE2 Change Financial Statement Version RFGSBSTR
473 FSE2_XBRL Change F/S Version (XBRL) RFGSBSTR
474 FSE3 Display Financial Statement Version RFGSBSTR
475 FSE3_XBRL Display F/S Version (XBRL) RFGSBSTR
476 FSE5N Maintain Planning SAPMF02E
477 FSE6N Display Planning SAPMF02E
478 FSE7 Maint.Fin.Statemnt Forgn Lang.Texts SAPMF02E
479 FSE8 Display Forgn Lang Fin.Statmnt Texts SAPMF02E
480 FSE9 Automatic Financial Statement Form SAPMF02E
481 FSEPA_M1 SEPA: Create Mandate SAPMFSEPA
482 FSEPA_M2 SEPA: Change Mandate SAPMFSEPA
483 FSEPA_M3 SEPA: Display Mandate SAPMFSEPA
484 FSEPA_M3_LUW SEPA: Display Mandate (in new LUW) SAPMFSEPA
485 FSEPA_M4 SEPA: List Mandates RSEPALIST
486 FSF1 Financial Calendar SAPMF08A
487 FSH01 Flight Scheduling : Master Data ADFSH_FLIGHT_MASTER
488 FSH01N Flight Scheduling : Master Data ADFSH_FLIGHT_MASTER_TCF
489 FSH02 Flight Scheduling : Detail Data ADFSH_FLIGHT_DETAIL
490 FSH02N Flight Scheduling : Detail Data ADFSH_FLIGHT_DETAIL_TCF
491 FSI0 Execute report SAPMKCEE
492 FSI1 Create Report SAPMKCEE
493 FSI2 Change Report SAPMKCEE
494 FSI3 Display Report SAPMKCEE
495 FSI4 Create Form SAPMKES1
496 FSI5 Change Form SAPMKES1
497 FSI6 Display Form SAPMKES1
498 FSIB Background processing RKDBAT02
499 FSIC Maintain Currency Translation Type SAPMKCC0
500 FSIG Balance Sheet Reports Criteria Group RKE_CALL_VC_TKEP7