SAP ABAP Table - Index C, page 3
Table - C
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 CD0T000 AD Veri: Check table for veri copy of client field TRANSP L
2 CD0T120TAB Table which was previously value table of a domain TRANSP L
3 CD0T130TAB Existed previously with other primary keys TRANSP L
4 CD0T140TAB Table with five primary keys TRANSP L
5 CD0T200TAB Value table for domain CD0D200DOM TRANSP L
6 CD0T210TAB Dead end TRANSP L
8 CD0TBINDX1 Veri-Tabelle mit vielen verschiedenen Indizes TRANSP L
9 CD0TBSH001 Veri-Struktur mit Suchhilfe-Anbindung TRANSP L
10 CD0VB1PFRK Value table for domain CD0DO1CFRK TRANSP L
11 CD1016 Role Profile Name TRANSP S
12 CD1251 Authorization Data for Role TRANSP S
13 CD1252 Organizational elements for authorizations TRANSP S
14 CD2APP0 Table to which client appends APP1 to 9 are appended TRANSP L
15 CD2HV1PTAB Check table for testing a help view TRANSP L
16 CD2HV2FTAB Foreign key table as base table for a help view TRANSP L
17 CD3VMATRIX DD Veris Process Control Matrix TRANSP S
18 CD9NTTYP Tabelle für Veriläufe zum Vergleich der erstellten Nametabs TRANSP W
19 CDATA Change Data TRANSP A
20 CDBCRMUPL Framework table for maintaing Upload info from CDB to CRM TRANSP G
21 CDBC_ACCPL_AUTHG Account Planning Authorisation Group TRANSP C
22 CDBC_ACCPL_AUTHT Account Planning Authorization Group Text Table TRANSP C
23 CDBC_ACCPL_LSTPR CRM Account Planner:PPR flag and Listing Procedures(Mobile) TRANSP C
24 CDBC_ACC_PL_GEN CDB Account Planning general settings TRANSP C
25 CDBC_ACC_PL_PD Partner Determination Procedure Assgnt for Accout Planning TRANSP C
26 CDBC_ACC_PL_PP CDB Account Planning: Planning Period Customizing TRANSP C
27 CDBC_ACC_PL_PP_T CDB Account Planning: Planning Period Description TRANSP C
28 CDBC_ACGRPBP Account Assignment Groups: Business Partner TRANSP C
29 CDBC_ACGRPBPT Account Assignment Group Texts: Business Partner TRANSP C
30 CDBC_ACTCODE Localization: CDB Tab for Activity Code for Gross Income Tax TRANSP C
31 CDBC_ACTCODE_T Localization: CDB Tab for Activity Code for Gross Income Tax TRANSP C
32 CDBC_ACTIVITY_H Activity header customising table TRANSP C
33 CDBC_ACTJRNL_LST Assignment of determination procedures to transaction types TRANSP A
34 CDBC_ACT_CATEGOR Activity: Categories TRANSP G
35 CDBC_ACT_CAT_ASS Activity Category Assignment TRANSP C
36 CDBC_ACT_CAT_T Activity Categories: Text TRANSP G
37 CDBC_ACT_JOURN Activity Journal Customizing Settings TRANSP A
38 CDBC_ACT_JOURN_T Activity Journal customizings-Long text TRANSP A
39 CDBC_AC_ASSIGN Settlement Account Assignment Customizing - CDB TRANSP C
40 CDBC_AC_ASSIGN_T Settlement Account Assignment: Text Table - CDB TRANSP C
41 CDBC_AC_IND Accounting Indicator TRANSP C
42 CDBC_AC_IND_T Accounting Indicator Text TRANSP C
43 CDBC_ALTID_FIELD Alternative Product/Object identification field data TRANSP E
44 CDBC_ALTID_PR_OD CDB Table: Sequence of Alternative IDs in a Profile TRANSP C
45 CDBC_ALTID_TYPE Control Data for Alternative Identifiers for Product/Object TRANSP E
46 CDBC_APPLCATGRPR Application Area of a Hierarchy TRANSP G
47 CDBC_APPTDURA Contains list of Appointment Types. TRANSP C
48 CDBC_APPTDURA_T Language dependent text for Appointment Types TRANSP C
49 CDBC_ATTRIBUTE Product Additional Attribute TRANSP G
50 CDBC_ATTRIBUTE_T Product Additional Attribute Description TRANSP G
51 CDBC_ATTR_VAL Possible values that an attribute can take TRANSP G
52 CDBC_ATTR_VAL_T Language dependent text for possible values of attributes TRANSP G
53 CDBC_BILLREQ_P Amount Allocation Profile - CDB TRANSP C
54 CDBC_BILLREQ_P_T Amount Allocation Profile: Texts - CDB TRANSP C
55 CDBC_BILLR_BT_IT Amount Allocation Profile Determination - Item - CDB TRANSP C
56 CDBC_BILPT_PFCT Assign Billing Plan Type to Partner Functions TRANSP C
57 CDBC_BILP_BT Determination of Billing Plan Type -- CDB TRANSP C
58 CDBC_BILP_TYPE Billing Plan Type -- CDB TRANSP C
59 CDBC_BILP_TYPL Billing Plan Lines TRANSP C
60 CDBC_BO_RANGES CDB: Groups of object types TRANSP S
61 CDBC_BP_CATATTR CDB BP: Assignment Class. Categorie -> Class.-Criteria TRANSP C
62 CDBC_BP_CATCRIT CDB BP: Assignment Class. Categorie -> Class.-Criteria TRANSP C
63 CDBC_BP_CLATTR CDB BP Classification Attributes TRANSP C
64 CDBC_BP_CLATTR_T CDB BP Classification Attribute Texts TRANSP C
65 CDBC_BP_CLCAT CDB BP Classification Categories TRANSP C
66 CDBC_BP_CLCAT_T CDB BP Classification Categories Texts TRANSP C
67 CDBC_BP_CLCRIT CDB BP Classification Criteria TRANSP C
68 CDBC_BP_CLCRIT_T CDB BP Classification Criteria Texts TRANSP C
70 CDBC_BP_SUBTYP_T Bill Plan subtype text table TRANSP C
71 CDBC_BRANCH MSA: Decimal places maintained for plants TRANSP C
72 CDBC_BSP_PRINT BSP Print: Options for Factsheet TRANSP S
73 CDBC_BSP_PRINTD BSP Print: Options for Factsheet (Details) TRANSP S
74 CDBC_BUPA_BUSTYP Business Partner: Business Type (Korea) TRANSP C
75 CDBC_BUPA_INDTYP Business Partner: Industry Type (Korea) TRANSP C
76 CDBC_CACP_PLANGR Account Planning Profile TRANSP C
77 CDBC_CFTYPE Flow Categories - Customer Definitions - CDB TRANSP C
78 CDBC_CFTYPE_T Flow Categories (Texts) - CDb TRANSP C
79 CDBC_CHANMGROUP Link between Planning area and Sequence TRANSP A
80 CDBC_CLASSIF CDB Customer Classification TRANSP C
81 CDBC_CLASSIF_T CDB Customer Classification Texts TRANSP C
82 CDBC_CODEPROFILE CDB: Code Catalog: Code Group Profile for Catalog TRANSP C
83 CDBC_CODEPROFILG CDB: Code Catalog: Code Groups for Code Group Profile TRANSP C
84 CDBC_CODEPROFILT CDB: Code Catalog: Code Group Profile for Catalog TRANSP C
85 CDBC_CON_PHASE Analysis Phase Table TRANSP C
86 CDBC_CON_PHASE_T Long Text table for Analysis Phase TRANSP C
87 CDBC_COUNT_DISPH Customizing table counter - transaction type TRANSP C
88 CDBC_COUNT_DISPI Customizing table counter - transaction type TRANSP C
89 CDBC_CRCDATH Credit Rating Check: Actions per Rating Procedure/Rating (M) TRANSP C
90 CDBC_CSDR_PRJ_H CDB Table Extension for Design Registration Project TRANSP C
91 CDBC_CUSTSTAT Project Status at Customer TRANSP C
93 CDBC_CYCLE CDB: Opportunity Sales Cycle TRANSP C
94 CDBC_CYCLE_T CDB: Opportunity Sales Cycle Text TRANSP C
95 CDBC_CYCPHASE CDB: Phases per Sales Cycle TRANSP C
96 CDBC_C_CONFIG CDB: Constant Strings for Condition Technique TRANSP L
97 CDBC_C_CONFIGCC CDB: Client-Dependent Configuration Parameters for Customers TRANSP L
98 CDBC_C_CTLIST CDB: Procedures for cond. technique (rel. to /SAPCND/CTLIST) TRANSP L
99 CDBC_C_CTLISTI CDB:Procedures for cond. technique (rel. to /SAPCND/CTLISTI) TRANSP L
100 CDBC_C_CTLISTT CDB: Procedures for cond. technique rel. to /SAPCND/CTLISTT TRANSP L
101 CDBC_C_DD01L Domains TRANSP W
102 CDBC_C_DD01T R/3 DD: domain texts TRANSP W
103 CDBC_C_DD02T R/3 DD: Condition Table Description TRANSP W
104 CDBC_C_DD03L Table Fields TRANSP W
105 CDBC_C_DD04L Data elements TRANSP W
106 CDBC_C_DD04T R/3 DD: Data element texts TRANSP W
107 CDBC_C_DD07L R/3 DD: values for the domains TRANSP W
108 CDBC_C_DD07T R/3 DD: values for the domains TRANSP W
109 CDBC_C_FCAT CDB: Listing Fieldcatalog TRANSP L
110 CDBC_C_GROUP CDB: Groups of Condition Tables and Types TRANSP L
111 CDBC_C_GROUPT CDB: Texts for Groups of Condition Tables and Types TRANSP L
112 CDBC_C_GROUP_I CDB: Allowed Condition Tables and Types for Condition Group TRANSP E
113 CDBC_C_PRP_ACSZ CDB: PPR product access TRANSP L
114 CDBC_C_PRP_CND CDB: Listing: condition table <--> PPR type TRANSP L
115 CDBC_C_T681 CDB: Description of Metadata Object Condition Table TRANSP L
116 CDBC_C_T681A CDB: Applications TRANSP L
117 CDBC_C_T681AT CDB: Applications - Texts TRANSP L
118 CDBC_C_T681E CDB: Fields of a Condition Table TRANSP L
119 CDBC_C_T681F CDB Global Field Catalog TRANSP L
120 CDBC_C_T681FA CDB: Field Catalog at Application Level TRANSP L
121 CDBC_C_T681FD CDB: Dependencies for Field Checks and Field Transports TRANSP L
122 CDBC_C_T681FF CDB: Dependencies for Field Checks and Field Transports TRANSP L
123 CDBC_C_T681FR CDB: Dependencies for Field Checks and Field Transports TRANSP L
124 CDBC_C_T681FV CDB: Dependencies for Field Checks and Field Transports TRANSP L
125 CDBC_C_T681M Condition Type - Cond. Change System TRANSP C
126 CDBC_C_T681T CDB: Generable Condition Tables - Texts TRANSP L
127 CDBC_C_T681V CDB: Usage TRANSP L
128 CDBC_C_T681VLIN CDB: Variable Part of Scale (LIN): Detail TRANSP L
129 CDBC_C_T681VSCL CDB: Data Part of Scale: Fixed and Variable Part TRANSP L
130 CDBC_C_T681VT CDB: Conditions: Usage: Texts TRANSP L
131 CDBC_C_T681Z CDB: Dep. Data according to Combination of Application/Usage TRANSP L
132 CDBC_C_T681ZT CDB: Caller for Condition Technique TRANSP L
133 CDBC_C_T682 CDB: Access Sequence TRANSP L
134 CDBC_C_T682I CDB: Elements (Accesses) of a Access Sequence TRANSP L
135 CDBC_C_T682T CDB: Access Sequences - Texts TRANSP L
136 CDBC_C_T682Z CDB: Fields in One Access TRANSP L
137 CDBC_C_T685 CDB: Condition Types TRANSP L
138 CDBC_C_T685T CDB: Condition Types - Texts TRANSP L
139 CDBC_C_UEAATT CDB: Field Assignmnt for Attributes of User-Defined Formulas TRANSP L
140 CDBC_C_UEAIMP CDB: User-Defined Formulas (Application-Specific) TRANSP L
141 CDBC_C_UELATT CDB: Definition of Attributes for User-Defined Formulas TRANSP L
142 CDBC_C_UELIMP CDB: User-Defined Formulas (Library) TRANSP L
143 CDBC_C_UELIMP_T CDB: Texts for User-Defined Formulas (Library) TRANSP L
144 CDBC_C_UE_TYP CDB: Types of User-Defined Formulas TRANSP L
145 CDBC_DEA_SCHED DEA drug schedules master table(Customizable) TRANSP C
146 CDBC_DEA_SC_T DEA Schedule Description TRANSP C
148 CDBC_DEFCLA_T Language-Dependent Texts for Table CRMC_DEFCLA TRANSP C
150 CDBC_DISTTYPE Localization: CDB Tab Distribution Type for Em-ployment Tax TRANSP C
151 CDBC_DISTTYPE_T Localization: CDB Tab Distribution Type for Em-ployment Tax TRANSP C
152 CDBC_DOCEX_ATT Filter for document exchange between CRM and mobile TRANSP C
153 CDBC_DOCEX_ATT_T Attribute Description TRANSP C
154 CDBC_DOCEX_FIL Filter for document exchange between CRM and mobile TRANSP C
155 CDBC_DP_GROUPS List of Appointment Types / Duration, visible in the UI. TRANSP C
156 CDBC_EMP_STORLOC Customization table for mapping the Employee to SL & Plant TRANSP C
157 CDBC_EVENT_STNG CDB table for enabling logging of events TRANSP C
158 CDBC_EXTNUMG External Number generation for Service Transaction TRANSP E
160 CDBC_FG_CN_P CDB: Free Goods Procedures TRANSP L
161 CDBC_FG_CN_PD CDB: Free Goods Procedures (Header) TRANSP L
162 CDBC_FG_CN_PDT CDB: Texts for Free Goods Procedures TRANSP L
163 CDBC_FM_FND_EXP Customizing Table for Expense Type TRANSP C
164 CDBC_FM_FND_EXPT Expense Types Description TRANSP C
165 CDBC_GM_FIELD Goods Movement field customization Table TRANSP C
166 CDBC_GM_REASON Customizing Reasons for Movement TRANSP C
167 CDBC_GM_TYPE Customizing Mobile Movement Types TRANSP C
168 CDBC_GR_METHOD Credit Management: Valuation Process for a Profile (Mobile) TRANSP C
169 CDBC_HIECHA Hierarchy derivation characteristics TRANSP A
170 CDBC_IOBJ_LOC Customizing for iObject location TRANSP C
171 CDBC_ITEM_CAT_GR CDB: Item Category Group TRANSP C
172 CDBC_ITEM_C_GR_T CDB: Item Category Group Texts TRANSP C
175 CDBC_ITPR_CPY_MA CDB: Copy item to transaction types - General Control Data TRANSP C
176 CDBC_IT_ASSIGN CDB: Item Type determination TRANSP C
177 CDBC_IT_ASSIGN_S CDB: Relation Item Type-Category TRANSP C
178 CDBC_IT_COPY_IF Item type determination via SourceItem & DestinationProcType TRANSP C
179 CDBC_IT_COPY_MA Defines which transaction types can copy to which types TRANSP C
181 CDBC_IT_TYP_US_T CDB: Item Type Usage Text TRANSP C
182 CDBC_KFP_MSA_PRF MSA Additional Planning Profiles TRANSP C
183 CDBC_KPI_PR_SET Planning Profile Additional Settings TRANSP C
184 CDBC_LANG_CUSTAB Customer specific MSA tables with language dependent data TRANSP C
185 CDBC_LANG_TABLES List of all the MSA tables that have language dependent data TRANSP E
186 CDBC_LOCAT_ADDR CDB Iobject location address TRANSP A
187 CDBC_LOCAT_GEO Geo Co.ordinaties for Iboject location TRANSP A
188 CDBC_LOCMAP Mapping Table: Business Partner -> Location TRANSP C
189 CDBC_MCA_CNT Customizing for Easy Condition Entry in sales transactions TRANSP C
190 CDBC_MKTGS_RATES Customizing for Rates Origin TRANSP C
191 CDBC_MKTPL_CAPRL Causal Profile and Causal Type link table TRANSP C
192 CDBC_MKTPL_CFLDL Causal Type - Related Fields Mapping Link Table TRANSP C
194 CDBC_MKTPL_CPROT Causal Profile Text TRANSP C
195 CDBC_MKTPL_CTYP Table for Causal type TRANSP C
196 CDBC_MKTPL_CTYPT Table for Causal type text TRANSP C
197 CDBC_MKTPL_CUFKT Causal Type - Related Field Key - Customer Additions TRANSP C
198 CDBC_MKTPL_CUFKY Causal Type - Related Field Key - Customer Additions TRANSP C
199 CDBC_MKTPL_CUFLD Causal Type - Related Fields - Customer Additions TRANSP C
200 CDBC_MKTPL_DISLO Causal Field - Display Location - Possible Key values TRANSP C
201 CDBC_MKTPL_DISOT Causal Field - Display Location - Text Table TRANSP C
202 CDBC_MKTPL_DISTY Possible values for Display Type Causal Field TRANSP C
203 CDBC_MKTPL_DSTYT Causal Field - Display Type Texts TRANSP C
204 CDBC_MKTPL_FEAAD Customizing Table- Causal Field - Feature Ad TRANSP C
205 CDBC_MKTPL_FEADT Causal Field - Feature Ad - Text Table TRANSP C
206 CDBC_MKTPL_ISELO TPM - Causal Field - Incremental Secondary Location TRANSP C
207 CDBC_MKTPL_ISELT Causal Fields - Incremental Secondary Location - Text TRANSP C
208 CDBC_MKTPL_MEDIA Causal Fields - Media TRANSP C
209 CDBC_MKTPL_MEDIT Causal Fields - Media - Text Table TRANSP C
210 CDBC_MKTPL_SLOSK Causal Field - Slotted Skus TRANSP C
211 CDBC_MKTPL_SLSKT Causal Field - Slotted Skus - Text Table TRANSP C
212 CDBC_MKTPL_SPCLO Causal Field - Space Location TRANSP C
213 CDBC_MKTPL_SPCLT Causal Field - Space Location - Text Table TRANSP C
214 CDBC_MKTPL_TPCTL Marketing Planning and Causal Type Link TRANSP C
215 CDBC_MKTPL_UPLIF Cust. for Siginificant Uplift for TPM TRANSP C
216 CDBC_MKTSS_PLBAS Customizing table for Product Planning Basis - MKT and ACP TRANSP C
217 CDBC_MPK_APPGRP Application Group Table TRANSP E
218 CDBC_MPK_APPGRPT Application Group Text TRANSP C
219 CDBC_MPK_ATTD_I Attribute definition TRANSP C
220 CDBC_MPK_ATTR Measuring Point Attributes TRANSP C
221 CDBC_MPK_ATTR_T Measuring Point Attribute Text TRANSP A
222 CDBC_MPK_CAT Measuring Point Category Customizing Table TRANSP C
223 CDBC_MPK_CAT_T Measuring Point Category Text TRANSP C
224 CDBC_MVT_REASONS Movement Reasons details table TRANSP C
225 CDBC_MVT_TYPES Movement Types details table TRANSP C
226 CDBC_NF_VALMAP Assignment Nota Fiscal Values to Princing Condition Types TRANSP C
228 CDBC_OBJECTS_T CDB: Subobjects Text TRANSP C
229 CDBC_OBJECT_ASSI CDB: Relation Category-Subobject TRANSP C
230 CDBC_OBJREF Object References - Customizing data TRANSP A
231 CDBC_OBJREF_UI Display of References on the overview screen TRANSP A
232 CDBC_OPPIMPOR CDB: Opportunity Importance TRANSP C
233 CDBC_OPPIMPOR_T CDB: Opportunity Importance Text TRANSP C
234 CDBC_OPPORT_H CDB: Customizing of Opportunity Header TRANSP C
235 CDBC_OPPT_TYPE CDB: Opportunity Type TRANSP C
236 CDBC_OPPT_TYPE_T CDB: Opportunity Type Text TRANSP C
238 CDBC_ORGPROF Used in Organisation Determination TRANSP C
239 CDBC_PARTNER_AD Table of Defined Access Sequences TRANSP G
240 CDBC_PARTNER_AS Access sequences TRANSP G
241 CDBC_PARTNER_AST Description of Access Sequences TRANSP G
242 CDBC_PARTNER_B Partner: Attribute TRANSP C
243 CDBC_PARTNER_BG Partner Characteristics Group TRANSP C
244 CDBC_PARTNER_BGT Partner: Text Table for Attribute Group TRANSP C
245 CDBC_PARTNER_BT Partner: Text Table for Partner Attribute TRANSP C
246 CDBC_PARTNER_BV Partner Characteristic - Estimation TRANSP C
247 CDBC_PARTNER_BVT Partner: Text Table for Attribute Value TRANSP C
248 CDBC_PARTNER_FCT CDB: Definition of Partner Functions TRANSP E
249 CDBC_PARTNER_FT CDB: Description of Partner Functions TRANSP E
250 CDBC_PARTNER_FTT Partner Description TRANSP C
251 CDBC_PARTNER_PDD Partner Determination Procedure TRANSP C
252 CDBC_PARTNER_PDP CDB: Partner Determination Procedure Definitions TRANSP E
253 CDBC_PARTNER_PDT Partner Determination Procedures TRANSP C
254 CDBC_PARTNER_PFT Definition of Partner Function Types TRANSP S
255 CDBC_PARTNER_PR Partner Relationship Type TRANSP C
256 CDBC_PARTNER_PRT Partner:Dependency Text TRANSP C
257 CDBC_PARTNER_RBG Partner Attribute Group - Attribute TRANSP C
258 CDBC_PARTNER_UIS Customizing for partners in opportunity overview TRANSP C
261 CDBC_PLACJ_CUST Planogram Activity Journal Customizing Table TRANSP C
262 CDBC_PLANT Plant Details TRANSP C
263 CDBC_PLCUST Planogram Customizing table TRANSP C
264 CDBC_PLGRPCUST Customer Type / Planning Profiles Relation TRANSP C
265 CDBC_PLGRPPROD Planning Profiles / Product Planning Basis Relation TRANSP C
266 CDBC_PLSRV Relationship Types for Product Proposal Service - CDB TRANSP S
267 CDBC_PL_CATG Planogram Activity Category Customizing Table TRANSP C
268 CDBC_PL_XML Planogram -Product Attribute XML TRANSP C
269 CDBC_PMNTTRMS CDB Terms of Payment (Cash discount) TRANSP A
270 CDBC_POPLANT Valid Purchasing Organizations for Plant TRANSP C
274 CDBC_PPFTTTCU CDB: PPF Trigger Type in Customizing TRANSP E
275 CDBC_PPFTTTCUT CDB: PPF Trigger Type Texts in Customizing TRANSP E
276 CDBC_PPR_ACC Partner Product Ranges: Access Fields for Steps of Scheme TRANSP A
277 CDBC_PPR_CNDTK Partner Product Range: Condition Type Determination (CDB) TRANSP S
278 CDBC_PPR_CTRL Partner Product Range: Overall Control Table (CDB) TRANSP S
279 CDBC_PPR_LISTING Define PPR Types relevant for a given Listing Type TRANSP C
280 CDBC_PPR_MAP_CND Mapping table condition objects <> PPR (CDB) TRANSP C
281 CDBC_PPR_OBJ Partner Product Range: Sub-Object Types (CDB) TRANSP S
282 CDBC_PPR_OBJT Partner Product Range: Sub-Object Type Description (CDB) TRANSP S
283 CDBC_PPR_OC Partner Product Range: Transaction Types Relevant for Checki TRANSP S
284 CDBC_PPR_OC_APPL Partner Product Range: Transaction Types Relevant for Checki TRANSP S
285 CDBC_PPR_OC_ARPT PPR Types Relevant for a PPR Check-Relevant Application TRANSP C
286 CDBC_PPR_OC_REFT PPR Types Relevant for a PPR Check-Relevant Transaction Type TRANSP C
287 CDBC_PPR_POS_VAL Possible attribute value for PPR TRANSP A
288 CDBC_PPR_POS_V_T Possible attribute value for PPR TRANSP A
289 CDBC_PPR_RANK_PR PPR Rank Assignments for PPR Rank Profile (CDB) TRANSP S
290 CDBC_PPR_RANK_T PPR Rank Descriptions TRANSP C
291 CDBC_PPR_REFTYP Partner Product Range: Reference Types (CDB) TRANSP S
292 CDBC_PPR_REFTYPT Partner Product Range: Sub-Object - Refer. Type Desc. (CDB) TRANSP S
293 CDBC_PPR_RPT Partner Product Range: References per PPR Type (CDB) TRANSP S
294 CDBC_PPR_SCHEME Partner Product Range: Defining Scheme TRANSP A
295 CDBC_PPR_SCHEMEO Partner Product Range: List. Excl. Scheme for TransactioType TRANSP A
296 CDBC_PPR_SCHEMES Partner Product Range: Scheme Steps TRANSP A
297 CDBC_PPR_SCHEMET Partner Product Range: Schema Texts TRANSP A
298 CDBC_PPR_SET Table for PPR settypes and attributes TRANSP A
299 CDBC_PPR_SET_T Table for PPR Attribute text TRANSP A
300 CDBC_PPR_TYPES Partner Product Range: Classifications (CDB) TRANSP S
301 CDBC_PPR_TYPEST Partner Product Range: Classification Description (CDB) TRANSP S
302 CDBC_PPR_TYPRT Partner Product Range: Type & Object depen. ref. Types (CDB) TRANSP S
303 CDBC_PRAPPL_HIER Product-Type-Specific Application Area of a Hierarchy TRANSP G
304 CDBC_PRCATCNDFRL Assignment of Condition Fields / Pricing-Relevant Hierarchy TRANSP C
305 CDBC_PRCATCNDREL Linking of Category Hierarchy / Pricing-Relevant Hierarchy TRANSP C
306 CDBC_PRCATCNDSUP Supported Pricing-Relevant Hierarchies TRANSP C
307 CDBC_PRCPROC_DET CDB: Determination of Pricing Procedure TRANSP L
308 CDBC_PREFIX Maintain prefix values for Process Type TRANSP A
309 CDBC_PRN_CONTROL Print Control Table for Fact Sheet TRANSP S
310 CDBC_PROC_TYPE CDB: Transaction Types TRANSP C
311 CDBC_PROC_TYPE_T CDB: Transaction Types Text TRANSP C
312 CDBC_PRODUCT General Product Settings TRANSP C
313 CDBC_PR_ASSIGN CDB: Relation Transaction-Category TRANSP C
314 CDBC_PR_COPY_MA Used to define which transaction type can copy to which one TRANSP C
315 CDBC_PR_FORMAT Data for Converting the Product ID TRANSP C
316 CDBC_PR_TEXT_P Product Master Text Types Allowed for Product Type TRANSP G
317 CDBC_PURDOCTYPE Purchasing Document Type TRANSP C
318 CDBC_PURGRP Purchasing Groups TRANSP C
319 CDBC_PURORG Purchasing Organizations TRANSP C
320 CDBC_P_CN_CT CDB: Condition Types (T685A) TRANSP L
321 CDBC_P_CN_DEST CDB: Target Field for Condition Purposes TRANSP L
322 CDBC_P_CN_LIMITS CDB:Conditions:Types: Upper/Lower Limits f. Pricing Elements TRANSP L
323 CDBC_P_CN_PP Pricing Procedure (T683S) (CDB Table) TRANSP L
324 CDBC_P_CN_PPD Pricing Procedure (T683) (CDB Table) TRANSP L
325 CDBC_P_CN_PPDT Texts for Pricing Procedure (T683U) (CDB Table) TRANSP L
326 CDBC_P_CN_PPT Texts for Line in Pricing Procedure (T683T) TRANSP L
327 CDBC_P_COPYTYPET CDB: Texts for Copy Types TRANSP L
328 CDBC_P_COPY_TYPE CDB: Customizing of Copy Types TRANSP L
329 CDBC_P_EX_COND Condition Types (T684G) Conntained in the Exclusion Groups TRANSP L
330 CDBC_P_EX_GRP Condition Exclusion Groups (T684) (CDB Table) TRANSP L
331 CDBC_P_EX_GRP_T Condition Exclusion Groups (T684) (CDB Table) TRANSP L
332 CDBC_P_EX_PROC Assignment of Exclusion Groups to Procedure (T684S) (CDB) TRANSP L
333 CDBC_P_FIXGR CDB: Pricing: Fixation Group TRANSP L
334 CDBC_P_FIXGR_CON CDB: Pricing: Condition Types for Fixation Group TRANSP L
335 CDBC_P_PRIC_PT CDB: Customizing of Pricing Types (Table STEU) TRANSP L
336 CDBC_P_PRIC_PTT CDB: Texts for Customizing Pricing Types (Table STEU) TRANSP L
337 CDBC_QPCD CDB: Inspection Catalog Codes TRANSP C
339 CDBC_QPGR CDB: Inspection Catalog Code Groups TRANSP C
340 CDBC_QPGT CDB: Code Group Texts TRANSP C
341 CDBC_RANGE Maintain range values for external number generation in SET TRANSP A
342 CDBC_REB_CN_CT CDB: Condition Types (T685A) TRANSP L
343 CDBC_REQPRIO MM Requisition details table TRANSP C
344 CDBC_SALES_HEAD CDB: Transaction Type - Sales Transaction Control Parameter TRANSP G
345 CDBC_SALES_ITEM CDB: Transaction Item Type - Sales Control Parameter TRANSP C
346 CDBC_SAMPLES Check table Activity Journal - Maximum number of samples TRANSP G
347 CDBC_SCAPPTTYPE CDB: Appointment type TRANSP E
348 CDBC_SCAPTTXT CDB: Appointment type name TRANSP E
349 CDBC_SECURTY_LOG CDB table for logging security events in MSA TRANSP C
353 CDBC_SEMCOLTXT Stores the Column Text ( OPP SEM Layout ) TRANSP A
354 CDBC_SEMHEADINFO Stores the Header Information TRANSP A
356 CDBC_SEMLAYOUT Table for storing the OPP Planning XL Layout Information TRANSP A
357 CDBC_SEMROWINFO Stores the Row information OPP XL LAYOUT TRANSP A
358 CDBC_SERVICE_H Subject Profile for header, Confirmation Process Type of SET TRANSP C
359 CDBC_SERVICE_I Service profile for item, Conf. and dispatch relevance TRANSP C
360 CDBC_SETTYPE Administrative Tables for Set Types TRANSP G
362 CDBC_SETTYP_ATTR Administrative Table for Set Type Attribute Information TRANSP G
363 CDBC_SOURCE CDB: Opportunity Source TRANSP C
364 CDBC_SOURCE_T CDB: Opportunity Source Text TRANSP C
365 CDBC_SRVCONF_I Control Parameters for confirmation Items TRANSP C
367 CDBC_SRV_TYPE_T Service Type Text TRANSP C
369 CDBC_STAREASON_I CDB: Item Type - Reason for Status TRANSP C
370 CDBC_STATUS_DNL Customizing table to indicate about status records download TRANSP C
371 CDBC_STATUS_PROC CDB: Changeable System Status in CRM Document TRANSP S
372 CDBC_STEXT CDB: Standard Texts from CRM Online (STXH) TRANSP C
373 CDBC_STORLOC Storage Location Details TRANSP C
374 CDBC_SUBJPROFIL2 CDB: Catalogs for Subject Profile TRANSP C
377 CDBC_SUBOB_CAT_I Business Objects type for the Item TRANSP C
378 CDBC_SUBOB_CAT_T CDB: Categories Text TRANSP C
379 CDBC_SUBOB_C_I_T Description of Business Object type for item TRANSP C
380 CDBC_SVY_ACT Survey Restriction table for Activities TRANSP C
381 CDBC_SVY_ACT_T Text Table for Survey finding : Activity TRANSP C
382 CDBC_SVY_DET Entry Table for Survey Determination : Mobile Sales TRANSP C
383 CDBC_SVY_DET_T Survey Determination - Text Table TRANSP C
384 CDBC_SVY_OPPT Sub table for Survey Determination : Opportunity Header TRANSP C
385 CDBC_SVY_OPPT_T Text Table for Survey finding : Opportunity TRANSP C
386 CDBC_SWJPCOND CDB: Parameter Condition (Parsed) TRANSP C
387 CDBC_SWJPHEAD CDB: Header Table for Parameter Condition TRANSP C
388 CDBC_T005K Communication: country dialling code TRANSP G
389 CDBC_T005P Validation of tax keys TRANSP C
390 CDBC_T371A Customizing table for IBase - Types of IBase. TRANSP A
391 CDBC_T371A_T Customizing table for IBase - Text table for Types of IBase. TRANSP A
392 CDBC_T371D Customizing table for IBase - All component types TRANSP E
393 CDBC_T371D_T Customizing table for IBase - Text Table for component types TRANSP G
394 CDBC_T371I IBase Customizing tables : Classes for Installation Rules TRANSP A
395 CDBC_T371K IBase Customizing - Object Families per IBase Category TRANSP C
396 CDBC_T371O IBase Customizing tables: Restrictions in Object Families TRANSP E
397 CDBC_T371P IB: Partner Determination Procedure per IBase Category TRANSP C
398 CDBC_T371U Customizi table of IBase - Maps IBase type to component type TRANSP A
399 CDBC_T372A IBase Customizing tables : GAP Install/Dismantle Rules TRANSP C
400 CDBC_TAXCAT Localization: CDB table Tax Type TRANSP C
401 CDBC_TAXCAT_AR MSA: Tax Code Groupings TRANSP C
402 CDBC_TAXCAT_AR_T MSA: Text Table for Tax Code Groupings TRANSP C
403 CDBC_TAXCAT_T Localization: CDB table Tax Type TRANSP C
404 CDBC_TAXJUR_CITY Tax Jurisdiction codes by City TRANSP C
405 CDBC_TAXJUR_REG Tax Jurisdiction codes by region for CDBC TRANSP C
406 CDBC_TAXJUR_REGT Tax Jurisdiction codes by region TRANSP C
407 CDBC_TAXMIN_AR MSA: Minimum amount per Tax processing key TRANSP C
408 CDBC_TAXNUMTYP Customer Selection: Business Partner Tax Number Category TRANSP C
409 CDBC_TAXNUMTYP_T Business Partner Tax Categories Text Table TRANSP S
410 CDBC_TAX_BPRCT Assignment of Item Object Type and Business Process Type TRANSP E
411 CDBC_TAX_BPRCT_T Assignment Item Object Type and Business Process Type: Texts TRANSP E
412 CDBC_TAX_CBTPROC Calculation Procedures for Condition Based Tax Calculation TRANSP C
413 CDBC_TAX_CDEMAP Assign Tax Group to Internal Codes TRANSP S
414 CDBC_TAX_CNDMAP Map Internal Codes for Tax Conditions to Condition Types TRANSP C
415 CDBC_TAX_INTCDE Internal Codes for Tax Conditions TRANSP C
416 CDBC_TAX_TXINPRC Brazilian Tax Groups Included in Price Conditions TRANSP C
417 CDBC_TAX_VATNO Determining the VAT Registration Number TRANSP C
418 CDBC_TB002T BP grouping: Texts TRANSP C
419 CDBC_TB003C BP Role Exclusion Groups TRANSP C
420 CDBC_TB003E BP Role Exclusion Groups -> BP Roles TRANSP C
421 CDBC_TB003F BP Role Exclusion Groups: Permitted Transitions TRANSP C
422 CDBC_TB003T BP Roles: Texts TRANSP C
423 CDBC_TB038 BP Industry Key Systems (Mobile Client) TRANSP C
424 CDBC_TB038A BP Industry Key (Mobile Client) TRANSP C
425 CDBC_TB038T BP Industry Key Systems: Texts (Mobile Client) TRANSP C
426 CDBC_TB039 BP ID Categories TRANSP E
428 CDBC_TB039B BP ID Types: Texts TRANSP C
431 CDBC_TB071_T Tax Classification Texts: Assignment of Tax Groups to Tax TRANSP A
432 CDBC_TERR_AFT Customizing for Territory Assignment Function Categories TRANSP C
433 CDBC_TERR_AFTT Text Table: Territory Assignment Function Categories TRANSP C
434 CDBC_TERR_PFCT Mapping Partner Functions to Territory AFT TRANSP C
435 CDBC_TEXT_ASD CDB: Definition of Access Sequence for texts TRANSP C
436 CDBC_TEXT_O Text Object TRANSP G
437 CDBC_TEXT_P Text Determination Procedure TRANSP G
438 CDBC_TEXT_PD Definition of Text Determination Procedure TRANSP G
439 CDBC_TFACS Factory calendar (display) TRANSP A
440 CDBC_THOCS Public holiday calendar (display) TRANSP A
441 CDBC_THOCT Public holiday calendar texts TRANSP A
442 CDBC_TIMECTEV CDB: Activities for a Context Profile TRANSP E
443 CDBC_TIMECUDU List of Duration Types TRANSP C
444 CDBC_TIMECUDUT Language dependent text for Durations TRANSP C
445 CDBC_TIMECUEV Symbolic name for an Event TRANSP C
446 CDBC_TIMECUUT List of Units for Durations TRANSP C
447 CDBC_TIMECUUTT Language dependent text for Duration Unit. TRANSP C
448 CDBC_TIMEPF List of all the context profiles TRANSP C
449 CDBC_TIMEPFDU Durations for a Context Profile TRANSP C
450 CDBC_TIMEPFEV Contains the Events for a Context Profile. TRANSP C
451 CDBC_TIMEPFT Language dependent text for the Contect Profile TRANSP C
452 CDBC_TJ01 CDB: Business Processes TRANSP W
453 CDBC_TJ01T CDB: Business Processes Texts TRANSP C
454 CDBC_TJ02 System status TRANSP S
455 CDBC_TJ02T System status texts TRANSP S
456 CDBC_TJ04 CDB: Status control for object type TRANSP S
457 CDBC_TJ05 CDB: Permitted transactions per object type TRANSP S
458 CDBC_TJ06 CDB: System statuses set/deleted by process TRANSP W
459 CDBC_TJ07 CDB: Influence of system status on transactions TRANSP S
460 CDBC_TJ20 CDB: Status profiles TRANSP C
461 CDBC_TJ20T CDB: Texts for status schema TRANSP C
462 CDBC_TJ21 CDB: permitted object types for status schema TRANSP C
463 CDBC_TJ30 CDB: User status TRANSP C
464 CDBC_TJ30T CDB: Texts for user status TRANSP C
465 CDBC_TJ31 CDB: Process control (user status) TRANSP C
466 CDBC_TOAOM SAP ArchiveLink(CDB): Document types for archive links TRANSP C
467 CDBC_TOASP Language table for archive objects TRANSP E
468 CDBC_TOUR_H Tour Defaulting Table (CRMC_TOUR) TRANSP C
469 CDBC_TPZ21 Business Partner: Rating Procedure (Mobile Client) TRANSP C
470 CDBC_TPZ21T Business Partner: Name of Rating Procedure (Mobile Client) TRANSP C
471 CDBC_TPZ22 Business Partner: Ratings (Mobile Client) TRANSP C
472 CDBC_TPZ22T Business Partner: Description of Ratings (Mobile Client) TRANSP C
473 CDBC_TQ15 CDB: Inspection Catalog Type Index QSS TRANSP C
474 CDBC_TQ15T CDB: Language-Dependent Texts for Table TQ15 TRANSP C
475 CDBC_TSAD3 Forms of Address (Key) (Mobile Client) TRANSP C
476 CDBC_TSAD3T Titles (Texts) (Business Address Services) TRANSP C
477 CDBC_TSAPD Customising table for Pager Services TRANSP C
478 CDBC_TSAPDT Description of customized pager service TRANSP C
479 CDBC_TTE_TAXMAP Assignment TTE Tax Type to Pricing Condition Types TRANSP L
480 CDBC_TTXC Assignment of external system to logical destination TRANSP C
481 CDBC_TTXD Description of Tax Jurisdiction Code Structure TRANSP C
482 CDBC_TTXJ Check Table for Tax Jurisdiction TRANSP C
483 CDBC_TTXJT Text Table for Tax Jurisdiction in CDBC TRANSP C
484 CDBC_TXRELCLAS Localization: CDB Table for Tax Relevant Classification TRANSP C
485 CDBC_TXRELCLAS_T Localization: CDB Table for Tax Relevant Classification TRANSP C
486 CDBC_T_ACCKEY Accounting key TRANSP L
487 CDBC_T_ACCKEYM Mapping: Accounting Key TRANSP L
488 CDBC_T_ACCKEYT Accounting Key TRANSP L
489 CDBC_T_AGGREG Country Specific Rule Assignments TRANSP L
490 CDBC_T_BPPRPTYP Business Partner Property Type TRANSP L
491 CDBC_T_BPPRPTYPT Product Property Type Description TRANSP L
492 CDBC_T_BPPRPVAL Business Partner Properties TRANSP L
493 CDBC_T_BPPRPVALT Business Partner Properties TRANSP L
494 CDBC_T_BPTXGRP Business Partner Tax Group TRANSP L
495 CDBC_T_BPTXGRP2 Mapping: Business Partner Tax Group TRANSP L
496 CDBC_T_BPTXGRPT Description for Business Partner Tax Group TRANSP L
497 CDBC_T_BUSPRTYP Business Process Type TRANSP L
498 CDBC_T_BUSPRTYP2 Business Process Type TRANSP L
499 CDBC_T_BUSPRTYPT Description of Business Process Type TRANSP L
500 CDBC_T_BUSTRAN Business Transaction TRANSP L