SAP ABAP Message Class Index 5
Message Class - 5
# Message Class Short Description Package
1 5$ HRMS-IPA: Object Maintenance - Dialog Control Messages SP02 
2 5- HR-ALE: Error Messages SP01 
3 50 Messages in Package EEOB CCMB 
4 51 HR: Messages for Norway PB20 
5 53 Incentive Wages Data PBAS 
6 54 Messages for HR tables PBAS 
7 55 Messages for development class EENO BMESSAGE 
8 56 HR TRAVEL: Messages for Trip Costs Dialog PTRA_ADDON 
9 56_CORE Class for Core Parts of Travel Management PTRA 
10 57 Component 709: Interface to external payroll system PC_PU12 
11 58 Indirect valuation PBAS 
12 59 HR NA: Integration Messages PC10_BEN 
13 5@ Profile Generator S_PROFGEN 
14 5A Basis Personnel Management SP00 
15 5AT General Attribute Maintenance SP0A 
16 5B SP00 
17 5BSI BSI TaxLocator: Message Class PAOC_PAY_US_TF 
18 5C HR: Messages for Switzerland PB02 
19 5D Error Messages for German Infotype Module Pools PB01 
20 5E Error messages for Spanish infotypes module pools PB04 
21 5F HR F: Error Messages (France) PB06 
22 5G HR: Messages for Britain PB08 
23 5H Garnishment Messages (Austria) PBAS 
24 5I HR-PA: Reserved for International Version (Australia) PB13 
25 5J Error messages HR Master Data Japan PB22 
26 5K HR: Messages for Canada PB07 
27 5L Messages for Malaysian HRMS. PB14 
28 5M Error Messages for Denmark PB09 
29 5N HR NL: Error Messages for Infotype Module Pools (NL) PB05 
30 5O Notifications in the Master Data Area (Austria) PB03 
31 5ORA Messages for Country Version for Austria PC03 
32 5P Error Messages for Schema, Pers.Calc.Rule and Feature Checks PBAS 
33 5Q Error Texts for Public Sector P01O 
34 5R HR-SG: Messages for HR Module SG, China, Hongkong and Taiwan PB25 
35 5T HR-FB messages which access TemSe PCAL 
36 5U HR US: Messages PB10 
37 5V HR: Messages for Belgium PB12 
38 5W Messages for PD (Particularly Workflow) SP00 
39 5X HR-PA: Reserved for International Versions PBAS 
40 5Y Error messages for info-type Italian module pools PB15 
41 5Z IS-HR/PSG Public Sector Payroll - Germany P01O