SAP ABAP Message Class Index 6
Message Class - 6
# Message Class Short Description Package
1 60 Real Estate FVVI 
2 60A RE: Internet Application Components FVVI 
3 60B Messages for Master Data (Check Modules) FVVI 
4 60ISRE Message Class for Development Class ISRE ISRE 
5 60REDB Messages for Development Class REDB REDB 
6 61 Error Messages for MRP MD0C 
7 62 Message Texts for Real Estate FVVI 
8 621 Message Texts for Real Estate FVVI 
9 63 Messages for Real Estate Management FVVI 
10 64 Treasury Management: Securities FVVW_CORE 
11 65 Securities class data FVVW 
12 67 Loans Messages - Financial Assets Management FVVD_CORE 
13 67CON Messages for Release FVVD 
14 67N TR-LO: Payment Details for Loans FVVZ 
15 67_ADDFLOW Messages for Additional Flows in Loans FVVD_ADDFLOW 
16 67_DISBM Message Class for Disbursement FVVD_DISBM 
17 67_LOAN Messages for Fin. Asset Management for Loans - Continued FVVD 
18 67_LOAN_PAY Loans Management: Messages for Payments FVVD 
19 67_LOAN_STATE Status Processing Loans FVVD_STATE 
20 67_LOAN_WRITE_OFF Message Class for Waivers, Write-Offs and IVA FVVD_WRITE_OFF 
21 67_PAYMENTS Message Class Incoming Payment / Payment Postprocessing FVVD 
22 67_RFC Message Class for RFC Modules FVVD_BAPI 
23 67_STATE Message Class for Processing Characteristics FVVD_STATE 
24 68 Message for DARWIN Loans (continued) FVVD_CORE 
25 69 Central Functions of Financial Asset Management FVV 
26 6A Real estate messages rent adjustment FVVI 
27 6AD Messages Accrual/Deferral General Contract FVVI 
28 6B Real estate correspondence messages FVVI 
29 6C Financial Asset Management Customizing FVV 
30 6D Real Estate Messages FVVI 
31 6E Messages for EMU currency conversion in Treasury FVDE 
32 6F Real Estate Contract Messages FVVI 
33 6G Messages for System Administration Assistant SSAA 
34 6H Application and Offer REAO 
35 6J Messages for Returned Debit Memos in RE RERA 
36 6M MDM Messages (Plugin) MDMI 
37 6O Real Estate Messages FVVICN 
38 6OI Messages for Office Integration FVVI 
39 6P Messages for planned independent requirements (Appl.area 60) MDPB 
40 6Q Message Class for Electronic Commerce Add-On BBPA 
41 6R Messages for Retail MRP WDISPO 
42 6U Messages for planned indep. req. update (SAPLM60U) MDPB 
43 6X Financial Assets Management rollover messages FVVD 
44 6Z Message Class for Error Log of Rate/Price Valuation FVVW