SAP ABAP Package FVV (R/3 application development for Financial Assets Management)
Basic Data
Package FVV   
Short Description   R/3 application development for Financial Assets Management    
Super package CRM_APPLICATION   All CRM Components Without Special Structure Packages 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
AT32 Control indicators for financial mathematic calculations  TRANSP   S  
SANO1 Address-object relationship  TRANSP   A  
SANS1 Address table  TRANSP   A  
SPBB1 Partner-Bank relationship  TRANSP   A  
SPKR1 Partner-Vendor relationship  TRANSP   A  
T037R Texts for T037S  POOL   C  
T037S Account Assignment References acc. to Transaction Type  POOL   C  
T068B Text table for T068A  POOL   C  
TCURB Exchange Rate Calculation Indicator  POOL   C  
TD05 Target group table  POOL   C  
TD05T Texts for table TD05 target groups  POOL   C  
TD05T_AT IS-IS: Texts for TD05_AT  TRANSP   C  
TD05_AT IS-IS: ÖNB-Target groups  TRANSP   C  
TDBBB Allocation of program-internal flow types  TRANSP   C  
TDINTEB Internal Level of Financial Assets Management  TRANSP   S  
TDINTEBT Name for Internal Level of Financial Assets Management  TRANSP   S  
TTCPO Print parameters for each sub-application  TRANSP   S  
TTXBF Correspondence Interface: Definition of Letter Categories  TRANSP   C  
TTXBS Corresp.interface: Letter-module relationship  TRANSP   C  
TTXSA DARWIN text interface: Document groups  TRANSP   S  
TTXST ISIS: Document groups (descriptive text)  TRANSP   S  
TVZ05 Inc. Pmnts: Editing per Activity Type (Loans, Real Estate)  POOL   C  
TW01 Classification of bonds  POOL   C  
TW01T Text table for TW01 (Classification of bonds)  POOL   C  
TW02 Type of shareholding  POOL   C  
TW02T Text table for TW02 (Type of investment)  POOL   C  
TW03 Details about structure of shareholding  POOL   C  
TW03T Text table for TW03 (Investment structure)  POOL   C  
TW04 Legal form (Plc, Corp, Ltd...)  POOL   C  
TW04T Text table for TW04 (Legal form)  POOL   C  
TW07 SCB group  POOL   C  
TW07T SCB group (Text)  POOL   C  
TW08 Fin.acctng group  POOL   C  
TW08T Fin. acctng group (Text)  POOL   C  
TW11 Balance sheet indicator  POOL   C  
TW11T Balance sheet indicator (Text)  POOL   C  
TW14 Table for storing offer reasons  POOL   C  
TW14T Table for storing offer reasons (text)  POOL   C  
TW15 Reference between product type and repayment type  POOL   C  
TW16 References between product type and security classification  POOL   C  
TW20 Security category  TRANSP   C  
TW20T Security category (text)  TRANSP   C  
TW21 Funds category  TRANSP   C  
TW21T Fund category (text)  TRANSP   C  
TW50 Table for possible deposit types  POOL   C  
TW50T Table for possible deposit types TEXT  POOL   C  
TW53 Listing key  POOL   C  
TW53T Listing key - Text table  POOL   C  
TW54 Price notations  POOL   C  
TW54T Price notations - Text table  POOL   C  
TW55 Price markdowns  POOL   C  
TW55T Price markdowns - Text table  POOL   C  
TW56T Security price type - Text table  POOL   C  
TXV01 Forms of address key translations  POOL   C  
TXV02 Translation for saluation key  POOL   C  
TXV03 Translation table for virt. object categories  POOL   S  
TXV10 Translation table for address category  POOL   C  
TXV11 Translation table for partner-partner relationship  POOL   C  
TZ01 Table for maintenance of ratings  POOL   C  
TZ01T Table for the maintenance of ratings (Text)  POOL   C  
TZ02 Legal entity  POOL   C  
TZ02B Relationship table for contracting party classification  TRANSP   S  
TZ02T Legal Entity (Text)  POOL   C  
TZ10 Customer application type  POOL   C  
TZ10T Customer application type (text)  POOL   C  
TZ12 Changes in net assets  POOL   C  
TZ12T Changes in net assets (Text)  POOL   C  
TZ24 Relationship key contracting party classification  TRANSP   S  
TZ24T Relationship key contracting party classification (Text)  TRANSP   S  
TZAF Product categories  TRANSP   S  
TZAFT Product categories text  TRANSP   S  
TZB03 Flow categories  TRANSP   S  
TZB06 Table of relationships between flow types (ref. flow types)  POOL   C  
TZB07 Flow types relationship key  POOL   S  
TZB0A Definition of flow types  TRANSP   C  
TZB0G Texts for relationship indicators  POOL   S  
TZB0I Flow type groups text table  TRANSP   S  
TZB0T Flow types text table  POOL   C  
TZB10 Flow type groups check table  TRANSP   S  
TZBBB Allocation of program-internal flow types  POOL   C  
TZC37 Financial Assets Management status definition  TRANSP   C  
TZD0B Darwin: Customer default values per for KNB1  POOL   C  
TZD1 Value table for intra-entity loan groups  POOL   C  
TZD1T Text table for table TZD1  POOL   C  
TZD37 Texts for TZC37  POOL   C  
TZK05 Allocation: Calculation type - KOPO fields  POOL   S  
TZK07 Condition type-dependent detailed description skopo  TRANSP   C  
TZK08 Allocation: Calculation type - KOPO fields  TRANSP   S  
TZK0G Texts for condition type-dependent detailed description  POOL   C  
TZKV Correspondence activities  TRANSP   C  
TZKVT Correspondence activities (texts)  TRANSP   C  
TZM37 Transition matrix of internal status  POOL   C  
TZPAB Financial Assets Management product types  TRANSP   C  
TZPZZ Partner and address management installation parameters  POOL   C  
TZR3 Application area / external role allocation  POOL   C  
TZRE External role  TRANSP   C  
TZRET External roles (Texts)  POOL   C  
TZRG Grouping of external roles (in application)  POOL   S  
TZRGT Grouping of external roles (Texts)  POOL   S  
TZRI Internal role of partner  POOL   S  
TZRIT Partner internal role (Texts)  POOL   S  
TZT15 Info. in acc.with §18 German banking act (Texts)  POOL   C  
TZV01 Form-of-Address Key  POOL   C  
TZV02 Salutation key  POOL   C  
TZV03 Object categ.for objects which addresses can be assigned to  POOL   S  
TZV04 Key for partner share types in objects  POOL   C  
TZV06 Internal position/employee group  POOL   C  
TZV07 Alloc.of application/role category/dunning parameters  TRANSP   C  
TZV09 Relationship - Reference relationship link  POOL   C  
TZV0D Texts for keys of partner share types  POOL   C  
TZV0F Internal position/employee group text table  POOL   C  
TZV11 Relationship category of partner-partner relationship  TRANSP   C  
TZV13 Search and replace strings for phonetic partner search  POOL   C  
TZV15 Key for information in acc. with §18 German banking act  POOL   C  
TZV37 Activities and their internal status area  POOL   S  
TZW01 Resubmission periods (Deadline reminder)  TRANSP   S  
TZZKD IS-IS: Business trans./Role alloc. --> Doc.category  TRANSP   C  
VWPZUSA Securities additional information  TRANSP   A  
VZBAVST BAV data change - NOT USED  TRANSP   A  
VZGPO Partner/role object relationship  TRANSP   A  
VZKNA1 Collector for batch input KNA1 from RF-VV  TRANSP   A  
VZKNB1 Collector for batch input KNB1 from RF-VV  TRANSP   A  
VZPARUS User data central partner and address management  TRANSP   A  
VZPARZA Partner addit. data (general part)  TRANSP   A  
VZROLLE Partner / role list  TRANSP   A  
VZSORT Sort values for object  TRANSP   A  
VZZKOPO Table condition items  TRANSP   A  
VZZPARO Partner / Role / Object relationship  TRANSP   A  
VZZUSP Payment splitting  TRANSP   A  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
FV11 Create condition  SAPMV13A  
FV12 Change condition  SAPMV13A  
FV13 Display condition  SAPMV13A  
FZ-1 Number Range Maintenance: FVV_DEBIT  SAPMSNUM  
FZ-2 Number Range Maintenance: FVV_PARTNR  SAPMSNUM  
FZ-3 Number Range Maintenance: FVV_VORG  SAPMSNUM  
FZ-4 No.range maintenance:FVV_ADRNR  SAPMSNUM  
FZ-6 No.range maintenance:FVV_PARTID  SAPMSNUM  
FZ06 BP customizing: REst. default values     
FZ19 Customizing Release Object Active ID  RFVVVIEW  
FZ20 Customizing Number Components     
FZ41 Customizing Internal Partner Role  RFVVVIEW  
FZ42 Customizing customer applicatn type     
FZ43 Customizing Address Type     
FZ44 Customizing Object Type     
FZ45 Customizing Partner Install. Param.  RFVVVIEW  
FZ46 Customizing Partner Forms of Address     
FZ47 Customizing Partner Letter Addr.Frms     
FZ48 Customizing Partner Relationships     
FZ49 Customizing Partner Reference Relat.     
FZ50 Customizing Legal Form     
FZ51 Customizing Finan.Acctng Asset Group     
FZ52 Customizing Reasons for Reversal     
FZ55 Customizing Insurance Branch     
FZ56 Customizing Balance Sheet Indicator     
FZ58 Customizing Acct Assignm. Refer.- DD     
FZ61 Customizing BAV Group 101 (Real Est)  RFVVVIEW  
FZ87 Customizing acct assignment ref. DW     
FZ88 Customizing acct assignment ref.- DI     
FZ89 Customizing SCB Asset Group     
FZ92 Customizing default-ProdTyp/CoCd(DW)  RFVVVIEW  
FZ93 Customizing Default-ProdTyp/CoCd(DI)  RFVVVIEW  
FZ94 Customizing Default Value PART (DD)  RFVVVIEW  
FZ95 Customizing Default Value PART (DW)  RFVVVIEW  
FZ96 Customizing Default Value PART (DI)  RFVVVIEW  
FZ97 Customizing Search + Replace Strings     
FZ98 Customizing Par. 18 GBA     
FZ99 Customizing Int. Item     
FZA0 Customizing Int. Indicator 1     
FZA1 Customizing Int. Indicator 2     
FZA2 Customizing Int. Indicator 3     
FZA3 Customizing Int. Indicator 4     
FZA4 Customizing Int. Indicator 5     
FZA5 Customizing Int. Indicator 6     
FZA6 Customizing Int. Indicator 7     
FZA7 Customizing Int. Indicator 8     
FZA8 Customizing Int. Indicator 9     
FZA9 Customizing Int. Indicator 10     
FZAB Cust. appl./role categ./dunn.param.     
FZB0 Customizing Int. Indicator 11     
FZCU Customizing Initial Transaction  RFVVVIEW  
FZFD Assign planning levels     
FZID Number Range Maintenance: FVVZ_IDENT  SAPMSNUM  
FZM4 Treasury Mgmt information system  MENUFZM4  
FZP0 (empty)  MENUFZP0  
FZP1 Create Natural Person  SAPMF69P  
FZP2 Create Legal Person  SAPMF69P  
FZP3 Change Partner  SAPMF69P  
FZP4 Display Partner  SAPMF69P  
FZP5 Choose Partner  SAPMF69X  
FZP6 Create Legal Person  SAPMF69X  
FZPA Create Partner in Role  SAPMF69P  
FZPB Change Partner in Role  SAPMF69P  
FZPC Display Partner in Role  SAPMF69P  
FZPE Change customer (hidden)  SAPMF69X  
FZW0 Resubmission of Application Area     
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component CRM (AEC0000003) Customer Relationship Management 
Package FVV  R/3 application development for Financial Assets Management