SAP ABAP Message Class Index V
Message Class - V
# Message Class Short Description Package
1 V& Document Management System Customizing CV0C 
2 V/ Payment Cards VFC 
3 V0 Screen sequence control messages BZB 
4 V03C Delivery scheduling and transportation scheduling VLTS 
5 V1 Sales Document Processing VA 
6 V10 Messages for Authorization Check VA 
7 V2 Copy functions for sales document processing VA 
8 V3 Maintain Sales Activities VCK 
9 V4 Sales messages (variable messages and EDI messages) VA 
10 V5 Contract processing VA 
11 V50R Extended Collective Processing for Delivery Creation VL 
12 V50T Messages for Delivery Database Interface VL 
13 V6 Interface to External Transportation Systems VTRI 
14 V7 R/2-R/3 Link VL 
15 V9 Application monitor messages STUA 
16 VA Output for CAS Sales Activities VCK 
17 VACA Messages for Development Class VACA VACA 
18 VACO Sales-Controlling Interface VACO 
19 VAL Treasury: Messages for General Valuation FTR_VALUATION 
20 VARCHI Messages for Archiving (Insurance) ISCDFUN 
21 VB Sales Documents: Logical Databases and Views VZ 
22 VBAI_APO Batch Management Proportion/Product Units & APO VBAI_APO 
23 VBC_UI Applicaton Management UI Message Class VBC_USER_INTERFACE 
24 VBC_WD Visual Business messages for WebDynpro integration VBC_WD_DRIVER 
27 VBDRV Derivation of Batch Characteristics VBDRV 
28 VBF Output for Basic Functions in Sales and Distribution VTRC 
29 VBI_CORE Visual Business Core messages VBI_CORE_IMPL 
30 VBI_GUI_TEST Message Class for VBI GUI Testprogram VBI_SAMPLES 
31 VBI_WD_GEOMAP_CHIP Messages for GeoMap Chip VBI_WD_SUPPORT 
32 VBOB_MM_OB Original Batch VBOB 
33 VBW Distribution of Batches Along the Flow of Goods VBW 
34 VBX Distribution of Selection Criteria: Batch Determination VBX 
35 VC SD Customizing VS0C 
37 VC2HL_SP High Level Variant Configuration - Service Provider VC2HL_SP 
38 VC2HL_UI High Level Variant Configuration - User Interface VC2HL_UI 
39 VC2OD_BO Message Class for Object Dependency BO VC2OD_BO 
40 VC2OD_CPL_BO Message Class for Characteristic Pool BO VC2OD_BO 
41 VC2OD_CPL_SP Messages for Characteristic Pool VC2OD_SP 
42 VC2OD_DMT_ASSIST Message Class for Dependency Maintenance Table VC2OD_BO 
43 VC2OD_DMT_SP Dependency Maintenance Table - SP Messages VC2OD_SP 
44 VC2OD_SP VC Dependency Editor Messages from SP level VC2OD_SP 
46 VCASOM Output - Opportunity Management VCOM 
47 VCMP Billing: Complaint Management CMP 
48 VD Date conversion VA 
49 VD_PDF SD: Messages for Adobe Processing VD_PDF 
50 VE Message ID for condition analysis VF 
51 VEG_MSG Message class for Visual Enterrpise Generator VISUAL_ENTERPRISE_GENERATOR 
52 VEG_SRV_MESSAGES Messages in VEG integration CV_CNV_VEG 
53 VELO Vehicle Management System ISAUTO_VLC 
54 VELOWEB Messages for the Web User(Dealer and Service Agents) ISAUTO_VLC 
55 VER_MESSAGES Message Class for FP Examples SAFP_AUTO_TESTS 
56 VEVWR_MSG Message class for Visual Enterrpise Viewer in SAP GUI VISUAL_ENTERPRISE_VIEWER 
57 VF Billing VF 
59 VFRR SD revenue recognition VFE 
60 VF_MEV Billing Period-End Valuation VF 
61 VF_PRC_CPF ERP Pricing using CPF VF_PRC_CPF 
62 VG EDI Messages in SD VED 
63 VH SD pricing VF_PRC_CORE 
64 VHU01 Message ID for Master Data Maintenance Packing Objects ISAUTO_VHU_PACKOBJ 
65 VHUAP Messages for Packing Transaction Applications (FGrp VHUDIAL) ISAUTO_VHU_PO 
66 VHUCHG Messages for Quantity Changes in HUs ISAUTO_VHU_PO 
67 VHUDLV Messages for Creation of Deliveries via HUs ISAUTO_VHU_PO 
68 VHUMI Messages for material identification VHUMI 
69 VHUMISC Messages for General Function Modules for Packing Logistics ISAUTO_VHU_PACKOBJ 
70 VHUPD Message ID for packaging dialog ISAUTO_VHU_PACKOBJ 
71 VHUREF Messages for Reserving HUs for Documents ISAUTO_VHU_PO 
72 VHURL Messages for Returnable Packaging Account Processing ISAUTO_VHU_RL 
73 VHURM Messages for "Packing in Production (REM)" MD04 
75 VHUWM Messages for HU/WM Processing ISAUTO_VHU_PO 
76 VH_BAPI Message Class for Pricing (BAPI) VF_PRC_INTERFACE 
77 VI Sales Document Indices VZ 
78 VIEW_CUSTOMIZING Message Class for View Customizing VF_PRC_INTERFACE 
79 VII Application Output Shipment Output Inbox VTRK 
80 VIITRUCI Messages and Check Programs FVVI 
81 VINFO Information Container VINTEG 
83 VIRT Virtualization Monitoring SMOI 
84 VJ Output for ALE/IDOC from the SD Area VKOA 
85 VK Maintenance and processing of conditions VKOK 
86 VK14 FS-CD: Main and Subtransactions ISCDFUN 
87 VK20 Messages for Reporting ISCDFUN 
88 VKKCPH Policyholder Change FSCDCPH 
89 VKKS IS-IS-CD Office Messages ISCDFUN 
90 VKKTAX FS-CD: Messages for Insurance Tax ISCDFUN 
92 VKK_CUST Messages Within Customizing ISCDFUN 
93 VKK_KONTO Master Data Account Messages ISCDFUN 
94 VK_A Automatic Changes to Customizing for Pricing VTOL 
95 VL VL 
96 VLA General Output Class for Delivery VLR 
97 VLBAPI Output Texts for Delivery BAPIs VL 
98 VLCU Customizing in Shipping VL 
99 VLD Printing Output VLD 
100 VLMOVE LE Error Messages Goods Movements VL 
101 VLR Output for Function Group V50B VL 
102 VLSC Components for subcontractor's inbound delivery VL 
103 VLT Schedule maintenance and scheduling VLTM 
104 VM SD: Credit Limit Check VKM 
105 VMCDBG Messages for VMC Debugger SVMCRT_DEBUG 
106 VMC_ADMIN messages for VMC Administration and Monitoring SVMCRT_ADMIN 
107 VMC_DEPLOYMENT Messages About Installation of VMC Applications SVMCRT 
108 VMC_PROFILING Message Class for VMC Profiling UI SVMCRT_ADMIN 
110 VMIRC Messages for material identification and reconciliation VMIRC 
111 VMP_MSG VMP Message Manager VMP 
112 VN Output control VN 
113 VN2 Output Class for RSNASTCK VN 
114 VO W&S: Rough workload forecast + picking wave VL 
115 VP Sales Document Partner(s) VZ 
116 VPD Messages in SD Partner Processing VPD 
117 VPD_DETERM_LOG Messages for Determination Log in SD Partner Processing VPD 
118 VPK1 SPC Processor Messages VPK 
119 VPKGUI Sales Pricing, Interface VPK 
120 VQ SD Archiving and Product Allocation VZ 
121 VR Output for SD Reporting VARC 
122 VS SD Master data VS 
123 VSB Self-Billing Procedure Messages VASB 
124 VSCAN Virus Scan Interface SVSCAN 
125 VSCE Messages for SCE VSCE 
126 VSH_APPL_LOG Message Class for Error Logs in Customer Hierarchy VSH 
127 VSMI Message for Development Class VSMI VSMI 
128 VT SD Tables VA0C 
129 VT9T Time Segment (only 4.5A, migration to T9T/EKls SZIT) VLTS 
130 VTBAPI Output for Shipment Processing BAPIs VTRK 
131 VTX Messages from tracking notification processing VTRX 
132 VU Incompletion log VA 
133 VV Requirements and availability VA 
134 VVKK_INT Messages for internal purposes ISCDTOOL 
135 VVOZINS Balance Interest Calculation for Insurance Objects ISCDFUN 
137 VVSCCHECK Payment Plan: Checks VVSC 
139 VVSCDI Messages for Transferring Scheduling Items VVSC 
140 VVSCITEMS Messages for Processing Payment Plan Documents VVSC 
142 VVSCPAYMP Messages: Scheduling Payment Plan VVSC 
143 VVSCSIM Simulation of Payment Plans (New) VVSC 
144 VVSCSOLL Debit Entry as Part of Payment Plan ISCDFUN 
145 VVSCTOOLS Messages: Scheduling Tools VVSC 
146 VVSCTRANSFER Payment Plan: Transfer VVSC 
147 VW Shipment Processing Output VTR 
148 VWHUM Messages for HUM in Transportation VTR 
149 VX Text processing messages VA 
150 VY Messages for freight processing VTRA 
151 VYSC Output for Scale Processing VFSC 
152 VZ CO/SD integration (resource-related billing) KSDI 
153 VZAR Output from archiving program SD VZ 
154 VZK FS-CD Additional Account Assignment for Insurance ISCDFUN 
155 V_LO_GEN_SE Proxy Messages for generic services LO_GEN_SE 
156 V_O2C Message Class for O2C ERP_SALES_O2C_MAIN 
157 V_OPS_SE_GEN_SC Message class for ops_se_gen OPS_SE_GEN 
158 V_OPS_SE_SLS Proxy Messages for SalesOrder Services OPS_SE_SLS_XI_PROXY