SAP ABAP Message Class Index N
Message Class - N
# Message Class Short Description Package
1 N0 IS-H: Master file NBAS 
2 N091 IS-H: Messages for Change Document Display NBAS 
3 N1 IS-H: Patient Management Messages NPVS 
4 N11 IS-H: Patient Management Messages NPVS 
5 N1APMG IS-H*MED: Appointment Management Messages N1APMG 
6 N1APMG_MED IS-H*MED: Appointment Management Messages N1APMG_MED 
7 N1AR IS-H*MED: VBUND: Nachrichtenklasse für Pflegeviews N1AR 
8 N1BASE IS-H: Messages for Base Functionality, TSA N1BASE 
9 N1BASE_MED IS-H*MED: Basic Functionality Messages N1BASE_MED 
11 N1CORDMG IS-H: Messages for Clinical Order N1CORDMG 
12 N1CORDMG_MED IS-H*MED: Clinical Order Messages N1CORDMG_MED 
14 N1EDIVKADOC_MED Nachrichten für Dokumentenversand Edivka N1EDIVKADOC_MED 
15 N1LSTAMB IS-H: Messages for View Type Outpat. Clinic/Svce Facility NPVS 
16 N1ME IS-H*MED: Message Class for Medication NMED_ME 
17 N1PDINT IS-H*MED: Perinatal - IS-H - Integration NMED 
18 N1PDTEXTE IS-H*Med: Messages for perinatal documentation N1PD 
19 N1PR IS-H*MED: PATREG: Nachrichtenklasse für Patientenregister N1PR 
20 N1PTMG IS-H: Messages for Patient Management; Developments TSA N1PTMG 
21 N1SAPSCR IS-H: Messages for SAPscript Text Module - Processing N1SAPSCR 
22 N1SRVDO_MED IS-H*MED: Message Class for Package N1SRVDO_MED N1SRVDO_MED 
23 N1STRMPR IS-H*MED: Medical Problems Messages (Patient Record) N1STRMPR 
24 N1TC Treatment Contract Messages N1BASE 
25 N2 IS-H: Building units / org. units / business partners NBAS 
26 N2ALL ISHMED: General Messages NMED 
27 N2AMB Message Class for Checking the Outpatient Clinic Documents NMED_GER 
28 N2ANNO Annotation Graphic NMED_ANNO 
29 N2AZ Nachrichtenklasse: Rezeptierhilfe NMED_GER 
30 N2BASE Base Items Definition N2_BASEITEM_DEF 
31 N2BASEITEM_ISH Base Items: IS-H Components N2_BASEITEM_IMP 
32 N2BASEITEM_MED Base Items: Ingredients NMED_BASEITEM 
33 N2CNTNAVIG IS-H*MED: Container Navigator NMED 
34 N2CONTEXT Error in Context Processing NMED_DWS 
35 N2CUTRA Customizing Transport NMED 
36 N2CUTRA_UTIL Customizing Transport (Utilities) NMED 
37 N2DI Messages of Dictation - API NMED_DI 
38 N2DISPATCH Dispatch Control Messages NMED 
39 N2DOC IS-H*MED: Documents NMED_DOC 
40 N2DOC_WORD Messages from WordContainer in DWS NMED_DOC 
41 N2DOKBEA IS-H*MED: Document processing NMED 
42 N2DOKV IS-H*MED: Document management NMED 
43 N2DS Departmental Solution PMD Messages NMED_DS 
44 N2DWS IS-H*MED DWS: Documentation Work Station NMED_DWS 
45 N2DWSWL Task List in Documentation Work Station NMED_DWS_COMP 
46 N2DWSWL_ADMIN Customizing for Objects of DWS Task List NMED_DWS_COMP 
47 N2DWS_COMP Messages for DWS Components NMED_DWS_COMP 
48 N2DWS_CUST Customizing Documentation Work Station NMED_DWS 
51 N2DWS_SUBCTRL Documentation Work Station Subcontroller NMED_DWS 
52 N2GLB IS-H*MED: Graphical Layout Processing Messages NMED 
53 N2GLBASE IS-H*MED: Treatment Pathway Basic Items Messages NMED_GL 
54 N2GLCTS IS-H*MED: Transport Connection Treatment Pathways Messages NMED_GL 
55 N2GLDATAOBJ IS-H*MED: Treatment Pathways Data Classes Messages NMED_GL 
56 N2GLFCTOBJ pathways: Messages of Treatment Pathway Function Class NMED_GL 
57 N2GLTEXT IS-H*MED: Messages for Treatment Pathway Text Management NMED_GL 
58 N2GL_ASSIGN IS-H*MED: Message Class for Assignment of Pathways NMED_GL 
59 N2GL_BADI IS-H*MED: Treatment Pathway BAdI, API, BAPI Messages NMED_GL 
60 N2GL_INFO_VIEWER pathways - Information View NMED_GL 
61 N2GL_PATHWAY ISHMED pathways Patient Pathway NMED_GL 
62 N2GL_SDEF IS-H*MED: Pathways System Administration NMED_GL 
63 N2GL_V IS-H*MED: Update Treatment Pathway Objects NMED_GL 
64 N2HIT_MESSAGES HL: Messages for Findings Hit List NMED 
65 N2LTE IS-H*MED: Long Text Processing NMED 
66 N2M Global Trade: Item Category Management WB2BPOSTYPMNGT 
67 N2MSI IS-H*MED RAD: Mitra Simple Interface (MSI) NMED 
68 N2MV_DBIF Message Database Interface NMED_DOC_DISTR 
70 N2OP IS-H*MED: OR Documentation NMED 
71 N2OPD Outpatient Clinic Folder Message Class NMED 
72 N2P01 Customizing Patienten Organizer NMED 
73 N2PB IS-H*MED: Property Bag NMED 
74 N2PC IS-H*MED: Desktop Components NMED 
75 N2PD Messages for ParamDocu-Checks NMED 
76 N2PMD PMD: Messages of Runtime System NMED 
77 N2PMDGENERATOR PMD: Generator Message Texts NMED 
78 N2PMDSYS PMD: System Administration - Used in CX_ISHMED_PMD_SYS NMED 
79 N2PMD_BEA ParamDocu: Editing - Application NMED 
80 N2PRZ IS-H*MED: Edit SPC Hit Lists N2DE 
81 N2RAD IS-H*MED: Radiology NMED 
82 N2RAD_PM IS-H*MED RAD: Patient Management Messages NMED 
83 N2TRANS PMD Transfer (Download/Upload) and Transport NMED 
84 N2VD IS-H*MED VD: common message pool NMED 
85 N2VD_SAMPLE IS-H*MED PD: Messages of Sample Solution NMED_SAMPLE 
86 N2XML IS-H*MED: Messages in XML Environment NMED 
87 N2_CATEGORY Categories: Category Editing NMED 
88 N2_CTS Transport Connection NMED 
89 N3 IS-H: Ins. relationships / service entry / ins. verification NPVS 
90 N4 IS-H: Message Texts for Occupancy Overview/Care Unit System NBAS 
91 N5 IS-H: List evaluations / statistics NBAS 
92 N6 IS-H: Medical/nursing care NBAS 
93 N7 IS-H: Copayment / Down Payment NPAS 
94 N8 IS-H: Pricing/Conversion/Billing NPAS 
95 N9 IS-H: Billing Information NPAS 
96 NA IS-H: Evaluation NBAS 
97 NAA Subsequent settlement (Purchasing) WBON 
98 NAMASYS IS-H: Nachrichten für AMASYS-System der Firma GSD NDE1 
99 NAMASYS_PR_A01_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A01_00 NDE1 
100 NAMASYS_PR_A01_01 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A01_01 NDE1 
101 NAMASYS_PR_A01_14 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A01_14 NDE1 
102 NAMASYS_PR_A01_15 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A01_15 NDE1 
103 NAMASYS_PR_A01_16 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A01_16 NDE1 
104 NAMASYS_PR_A01_19 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A01_19 NDE1 
105 NAMASYS_PR_A03_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_00 NDE1 
106 NAMASYS_PR_A03_01 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_01 NDE1 
107 NAMASYS_PR_A03_02 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_02 NDE1 
108 NAMASYS_PR_A03_03 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_03 NDE1 
109 NAMASYS_PR_A03_04 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_04 NDE1 
110 NAMASYS_PR_A03_05 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_05 NDE1 
111 NAMASYS_PR_A03_06 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_06 NDE1 
112 NAMASYS_PR_A03_07 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_07 NDE1 
113 NAMASYS_PR_A03_08 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_08 NDE1 
114 NAMASYS_PR_A03_09 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_09 NDE1 
115 NAMASYS_PR_A03_10 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_10 NDE1 
116 NAMASYS_PR_A03_11 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_11 NDE1 
117 NAMASYS_PR_A03_12 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_12 NDE1 
118 NAMASYS_PR_A03_13 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_13 NDE1 
119 NAMASYS_PR_A03_19 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A03_19 NDE1 
120 NAMASYS_PR_A04_14 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A04_14 NDE1 
121 NAMASYS_PR_A04_17 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A04_017 NDE1 
122 NAMASYS_PR_A04_18 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A04_018 NDE1 
123 NAMASYS_PR_A04_19 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A04_019 NDE1 
124 NAMASYS_PR_A05_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A05_00 NDE1 
125 NAMASYS_PR_A05_14 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A05_14 NDE1 
126 NAMASYS_PR_A07_20 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A07_20 NDE1 
127 NAMASYS_PR_A08_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A08_00 NDE1 
128 NAMASYS_PR_A08_14 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A08_14 NDE1 
129 NAMASYS_PR_A08_15 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A08_15 NDE1 
130 NAMASYS_PR_A08_19 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A08_19 NDE1 
131 NAMASYS_PR_A08_20 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_A08_20 NDE1 
132 NAMASYS_PR_B01_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B01_00 NDE1 
133 NAMASYS_PR_B02_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B02_00 NDE1 
134 NAMASYS_PR_B03_16 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B03_16 NDE1 
135 NAMASYS_PR_B04_16 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B04_16 NDE1 
136 NAMASYS_PR_B04_19 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B04_19 NDE1 
137 NAMASYS_PR_B05_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B05_00 NDE1 
138 NAMASYS_PR_B05_19 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B05_19 NDE1 
139 NAMASYS_PR_B06_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B06_00 NDE1 
140 NAMASYS_PR_B06_19 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B06_19 NDE1 
141 NAMASYS_PR_B06_20 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B06_20 NDE1 
142 NAMASYS_PR_B07_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B07_00 NDE1 
143 NAMASYS_PR_B09_16 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B09_16 NDE1 
144 NAMASYS_PR_B09_20 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B09_20 NDE1 
145 NAMASYS_PR_B10_15 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B10_15 NDE1 
146 NAMASYS_PR_B13_16 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B13_16 NDE1 
147 NAMASYS_PR_B13_17 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B13_17 NDE1 
148 NAMASYS_PR_B15_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B15_00 NDE1 
149 NAMASYS_PR_B15_15 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B15_15 NDE1 
150 NAMASYS_PR_B15_17 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B15_17 NDE1 
151 NAMASYS_PR_B21_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B21_00 NDE1 
152 NAMASYS_PR_B21_01 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B21_01 NDE1 
153 NAMASYS_PR_B21_20 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_B21_20 NDE1 
154 NAMASYS_PR_O15_00 AMASYS Nachrichten: KRW - Bereich PR_O15_00 NDE1 
155 NAPX IS-H: Nachrichten zum APPENDIX (Wiederkehrer) NDE1 
156 NAT2 IS-H*MED Intensivdokumentation NAT2 
158 NB IS-H: BDT Format NDE1 
159 NBAPI IS-H: Messages for General BAPI Functions (Mapping, etc.) NBAS 
160 NBWD IS-H: Message Class for BW for Healthcare NBWD 
161 NC IS-HCM Hospital communication NBAS 
162 NCAN IS-H CA: Messages for Country Version Canada NCAN 
163 NCD2D IS-H: D2D-Kommunikation NDE1 
164 NCEDI0 IS-H: EDI Messages NBAS 
165 NCOP Umstellung des Zuzahlungsverfahrens NDE1 
166 NC_EM Event Management Messages NBAS 
167 NC_EM_TST Message Class for Testing ISH-CM Event Management NBAS 
168 ND IS-H: Outpatient surgeries/ NPVS 
169 NDRG IS-H: DRG / MDC Data Maintenance NPAS 
170 NE IS-H: Messages of Patient Accounting NPAS 
171 NE111 IS-H: Health Insurance Card E111 NPAS 
172 NE1BQS Nachrichten für den BQS-Filter NDE1 
173 NE1PLUS IS-H DE: E1plus: Nachrichten NDE1 
174 NE31 IS-H DE: E1plus: Nachrichten NDE1 
175 NEGK0 IS-H/ DE: Lesen der EGK NDE1 
176 NEHC IS-H: Electronic Health Insurance Card General NPAS 
177 NEHIC IS-H: Broadcasts for the European Health Insurance Card NEHIC 
178 NEIS IS-H: Message class for data transfer IS-H -> EIS NEIS 
179 NEO IS-H: External Order NEO1 
180 NET Network Messages SNWC 
181 NEW_FEBA Messages for the new bank statement postprocessing FTE_NAD 
183 NF IS-H*MED: T-Systems Austria Message Class N1BASE_MED 
184 NF1 IS-H*MED: Message Class of T-Systems Austria N1BASE_MED 
185 NFCL IS-H*MED: Messages for Classes, APIs, BAPIs, etc. NORD 
186 NG IS-H*MED: Medical documentation (GSD) NMED 
187 NGDOKDEF IS-H*MED: Messages for document definition NMED 
188 NH IS-H: Messages of IS-HCO NPAS 
189 NHCF_CX_CORE Messages for service enablement layer in HCF PSRV_PATTERN 
190 NHCF_CX_UTILS IS-H: HCF Utility Classes - Messages PSRV_PATTERN 
191 NHCF_MAPPING Messages for service enablement layer in HCF PSRV_PATTERN 
192 NHCF_SE IS-H: Messages for HCF & SE PSRV_PATTERN 
194 NI Document index processing WIND 
195 NICP IS-H: Procedure Entry / DRG NPAS 
196 NJ IS-H CH: Messages for Country Version CV_SWITZERLAND NCH1 
197 NK Reserved IS-H (Hospital) NPVS 
198 NKHSTATV IS-H DE: KHStatV Nachrichten NDE1 
199 NM IS-H NL: LMR Nachrichten NNL1 
200 NMIF IS-H: Message Class for NMIF Package NMIF 
201 NN IS-H NL: Dutch Messages NPAS 
202 NNL2 Nachrichten Klasse für Cure Sub DBC registration NNL1 
203 NNLGROUPER Nachrichteklasse für Grouper Nachrichten NNL1 
204 NNNL IS-H NL: Holländische nachrichten teil 2 NNL1 
205 NO Convert a new Menu Painter source into an old one SEUC 
206 NOTE Status and note messages SCS4 
207 NP Messages for introducing new checks in the activating progr. SDTB 
208 NPA1 IS-H DE: Patientenabrechnung NDE1 
209 NPROC_RULES IS-H: Messages for Procedure Rules NPAS 
210 NQ IS-H: EDI Messages NPAS 
211 NR Number ranges SZN 
212 NRLOT NOC Returns: Master Data Changes Initiated by Bank FKKB 
213 NRSCNV Message class RSCNV 
214 NS Reserved IS-H (Hospital) NBAS 
215 NT IS-H Message IDs for test purposes NBAS 
216 NTRC IS-H: Messages for Trace Logging NPVS 
217 NU IS-H: Intergration with Materials Management NPAS 
218 NUTIL IS-H: Messages for Utilies (RNU*) NBASE 
219 NV IS-H: Hospital System Austria NAT1 
220 NW Reserved IS-H (Hospital) CN 
221 NW1 Reserved IS-H (Hospital) NPAS 
222 NWAT_EDIVKA IS-H AT: Krankenhaussystem Österreich - EDIVKA NAT1 
223 NWAT_GIN IS-H AT: Nachrichten für Anbindung GINA NAT1 
224 NWCH_NEHC_MSG_00 ISH CH: Nachrichten PI Kommunikation Versichertenkarte NCH1 
225 NWCH_SDRG Nachrichtenklasse für Swiss-DRG NCH1 
226 NWEB IS-H: Messages for Internet Applications NPVS 
227 NWECM Enterprise Content Management S_NWECM_CONFIG 
228 NWP IS-H: Messages for Variant Management NBAS 
229 NX IS-H*MED: Messages use of param. documentation NMED 
230 NY IS-H Integration MM: Prel. BAPI message class W5 NPAS 
231 NZ IS-H: Billing Singapore NSG1 
232 NZ3E PC43 
233 N_DWS Messages for Integration of IS-H Objects in DWS N_OUTPATIENT 
234 N_OUTPATIENT IS-H: Message Class for SAP Ambulatory Care Management N_OUTPATIENT