SAP ABAP Package ISAUTO_VHU_RL (Returnable Packaging Logistics)
Basic Data
Package ISAUTO_VHU_RL   
Short Description   Returnable Packaging Logistics    
Super package DIMP   Discrete Industries Mill Products 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
B300 CoCode/Partner Type  TRANSP   A  
RLACCT Returnable packaging account  TRANSP   A  
RLACPOHD Account Posting Header  TRANSP   A  
RLACPOIT Account Posting Record  TRANSP   A  
RLACSTHD Returnable Packaging Account Statement  TRANSP   A  
RLACSTIT Transactions in Returnable Packaging Account Statement  TRANSP   A  
RLCPGRP Matching Groups for Returnable Packaging Account Matching  TRANSP   A  
RLEXTCTRL Conversion Control for Returnable Packaging Partner  TRANSP   A  
RLEXTID Conversion of External Partner Descriptions  TRANSP   A  
RLPODLMT Delimitation Record for Returnable Packaging Acct Postings  TRANSP   A  
RLPSHP Partner Relationship  TRANSP   A  
RLPSHPA Assignments Relationship-Account  TRANSP   A  
RLREPROC Reprocessing Record for Returnable Packaging Acct Postings  TRANSP   A  
RLREPROC_ACC Access Control Record for Reprocessing Records  TRANSP   A  
RLREPROC_ITEM Item Default Data for Reprocessing Record  TRANSP   A  
RLREPROC_ROLE Role-Partner Assignment for Reprocessing Record  TRANSP   A  
RLUSPRO User Profile for Returnable Packaging Account Postings  TRANSP   L  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
ORLNA Number Range Maintenance: VHU_ACCT  SAPMSNUM  
ORLNC Number Range Maintenance: VHU_CPGRP  SAPMSNUM  
ORLNI Number Range Maintenance: TRMNO_INT  SAPMSNUM  
ORLNP Number Range Maintenance: VHU_PSHP  SAPMSNUM  
ORLNR Number Range Maintenance: VHU_REPROC  SAPMSNUM  
ORLNS Number Range Maintenance: VHU_PSHPA  SAPMSNUM  
ORLNT Number Range Maintenance: VHU_ACST  SAPMSNUM  
ORLNV Number Range Maintenance: VHU_ACPO  SAPMSNUM  
RL00 Returnable packaging accounts  MENURL00  
RL01 Create returnable packaging account  SAPLVHURLAC_DIA  
RL02 Change returnable packaging account  SAPLVHURLAC_DIA  
RL03 Display returnable packaging account  SAPLVHURLAC_DIA  
RL04 Archive Returnable Packaging Accts     
RL05 Read Ret. Pcking Accts from Archive  SAPLAINS  
RL06A RP Accounts With Sub-Relationshps  RL_LIST_ACCOUNTS  
RL06L RP Accounts by RP Matl and Location  RL_LIST_ACCOUNTS  
RL06M RP Accounts by Material  RL_LIST_ACCOUNTS  
RL06R RP Accounts by Relationship  RL_LIST_ACCOUNTS  
RL06X RP Accounts by Locn and Exchge Part.  RL_LIST_ACCOUNTS  
RL07 Purchase Order for Ret. Packaging  RL_CREATE_PURCH_ORDERS  
RL11 RP Account Posting Entry  SAPLVHURLPO_MULTI_DIA  
RL12 Reprocess RP Account Postings  RL_REPROCESSING  
RL14 List of account postings  RVHURL003  
RL15 Archive Account Postings     
RL16 Read Account Postings from Archive  SAPLAINS  
RL17A RP account postings for account  RL_LIST_POSTINGS  
RL17D Account Postings for Ref. Document  RL_LIST_POSTINGS  
RL17L RP Account Postings by Location  RL_LIST_POSTINGS  
RL17M RP Account Postings by Material  RL_LIST_POSTINGS  
RL17P All RP account postings  RL_LIST_POSTINGS  
RL17X Account postings by exchange partner  RL_LIST_POSTINGS  
RL24 Matching via statements  RVHURL_ACST_01  
RL24I Statement Overview (Inbd) and Matchg  RVHURL_ACST_01  
RL24O Statement Overview (Outbound)  RVHURL_ACST_01  
RL34 Acct balances per RtnPck/acct holder  RVHURL001  
RL42 Change External Partner Descriptions  SAPLVHURLEX  
RL43 Display ext. partner descriptions  SAPLVHURLEX  
RL52 Returnable packaging acct matching  RVHURL_MATCH_SINGLE  
RL53 ReturnPack acct matching (display)  RVHURL_MATCH_SINGLE  
RL61 Create Account Statement  SAPLVHURLSD  
RL62 Change account statement  SAPLVHURLSD  
RL63 Display account statement  SAPLVHURLSD  
RL64 Archive Accounts Statements     
RL65 Read Account Statements from Archive  SAPLAINS  
RL71 Create RP Account Statements  RL_CREATE_ACST  
RL71F Issue Account Statement Messages  RL_FORWARD_NAST  
RL71I Create Initial Statements  RL_CREATE_INIT_ACST  
RL72D Delete Last Statement per Account  RL_DELETE_LAST_ACST  
RL73 Display Statement Log  RL_DISPLAY_LOG_CREATE_ACST  
RL73D Delete Statement Logs  RL_DELETE_LOG_ACST  
RL73I Display Internet Matching Logs  RL_DISPLAY_LOG_MATCH_ACST  
RL74 Archive Transmissions     
RL75 Read Transmissions from Archive  SAPLAINS  
RL84 Archive Matching Groups     
RL85 Read Matching Groups from Archive  SAPLAINS  
RLC1 Create Condition Records  SAPMV13B  
RLC2 Change Condition Records  SAPMV13B  
RLC3 Display Condition Records  SAPMV13B  
S_KA5_12000287 Number Ranges for RP Accounts  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KA5_12000288 Number Ranges for Account Statements  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KA5_12000289 Number Ranges for Account Postings  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KA5_12000290 No. Ranges for Partner Relationships  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KA5_12000291 No. Ranges f. Rel. f. RP Accounts  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KA5_12000292 No. R. for Internal EDI Transm. No.  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KA5_12000404 Maintain Account Posting Types  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KA5_12000405 Posting Types -> Movement Types  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component ECC-DIMP  DIMP 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component IS-A-RL (KAM0000006) Returnable Packaging Logistics 
Package ISAUTO_VHU_RL  Returnable Packaging Logistics