View - J
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 J_1AINFV22 Index Versions C J_1AINFT22 
2 J_1AINFV24 Index Values C J_1AINFT24 
3 J_1AINFV25 Composite Indexes C J_1AINFT25 
4 J_1AMBEW MBEW and Inflation Enhancement D MBEW 
5 J_1AVAA01 Inflation Adjustment- company Code Data FI-AA C J_1AAA1 
6 J_1AVAA02 Revaluation Key C J_1AAA2 
7 J_1AVAA02M Period Control Methods C J_1AAA2M 
8 J_1AVAA05 Transaction excluded from revaluation C J_1AAA5 
9 J_1AVAA05A Adjustment Transaction Types for RV C J_1AAA5A 
10 J_1AVACT Activity codes for Social Security C J_1AACT 
11 J_1AVCFOP Codes for foreign natural or legal persons with no ID C J_1ACFOP 
12 J_1AVCITI C.I.T.I. codes C J_1ACITI 
13 J_1AVCMCD Customs codes C J_1ACMCD 
14 J_1AVCTYP C.I.T.I transaction type C J_1ACTYP 
15 J_1AVDOCCL Official document class for invoices & payments in Argentina C J_1ADOCCLS 
16 J_1AVDRVER Versions of VAT daily reports C J_1ADRVER 
17 J_1AVDTFS Document type field status C J_1ADTFS 
18 J_1AVDTYP Distribution type C J_1ADTYP 
19 J_1AVEBRCH Define Electronic Branches C J_1ASNR 
20 J_1AVGICD Activity codes for gross income tax declaration C J_1AGICD 
21 J_1AVGILTS Gross Income Tax Layouts C J_1AGILTS 
22 J_1AVGIPER Gross income tax percentages C J_1AGIPER 
23 J_1AVMACOF Gross Income Tax coefficients C J_1AMACOF 
24 J_1AVNUMG1 Numbering group for official documents C J_1ANUMGR1 
25 J_1AVNUMG3 Numbering groups for withholding certificate numbering C J_1ANUMGR3 
26 J_1AVOFNR1 Number determination for official documents C J_1AOFNR1 
27 J_1AVOFNR3 Exceptions in deal type determ.(domestic/export) for AR C J_1AOFNR3 
28 J_1AVOFTP Official document types C J_1AOFTP 
29 J_1AVOTDET Determination of official document type C J_1AOTDET 
30 J_1AVPRTCH Capital letters for Argentine official documents C J_1APRTCHR 
31 J_1AVRFZ Definition of reasons for zero VAT C J_1ARFZ 
32 J_1AVRZTX Reason for zero VAT per tax code C J_1ARZTX 
33 J_1AVSKB1 G/L accounts relevant for gross income C J_1ASKB1 
34 J_1AVSKCLS Define account classes for inflation adjustment C J_1ASKCLS 
35 J_1AVSNR Branch Numbers C J_1ASNR 
36 J_1AVT001K Activation of index table for invoices C T001K 
37 J_1AVT089 Revaluation Areas C J_1AAT089 
38 J_1AVT156I Transaction Types for Inflation C T156 
39 J_1AVTAXID Tax Class C J_1ATAXID 
40 J_1AVTODC Type of Identification C J_1ATODC 
41 J_1AVTPKOF Assignment of official tax code to processing key C J_1ATPKOF 
42 J_1AVTXOFF Official code per tax C J_1ATXOFF 
43 J_1AVTXREL Tax relevant classification C J_1ATXREL 
44 J_1AV_ANKB Revaluation Key Per Asset Class C ANKB 
45 J_1AV_T156 Movement types for Argentine document numbering C T156 
46 J_1AV_TVLK Assignment Delivery type - Document type C TVLK 
47 J_1AV_TVTA Assignment Sales area - Branch number C TVTA 
48 J_1AWTH_VTAXCNTY Conditions per Country Code for Applying WithholdingTax C J_1AWTH_TAX_CNTY 
49 J_1AWTH_VTAXCOMP Conditions per Company Code for Applying WithholdingTax C J_1AWTH_TAX_COMP 
50 J_1AWTH_VTAXDOC Conditions per Document Type for Applying WithholdingTax C J_1AWTH_TAX_DOC 
51 J_1AWTH_VTAXPSTK Conditions per Posting Key for Applying WithholdingTax C J_1AWTH_TAX_PSTK 
52 J_1AWTH_VTAXTAXT Conditions per Tax Type for Applying WithholdingTax C J_1AWTH_TAX_TAXT 
53 J_1AWTH_VTXCNTYN Conditions per Country Code for Applying WithholdingTax C J_1AWTH_TXCNTYN 
54 J_1AWTH_VTXCOMPN Conditions per Company Code for Applying WithholdingTax C J_1AWTH_TXCOMPN 
55 J_1A_TVAKV Sales Document Type (Credit Invoice Type) C TVAK 
56 J_1BAAV Nota Fiscal Types C J_1BAA 
57 J_1BABV Reference type C J_1BAB 
58 J_1BACV Partner type C J_1BAC 
59 J_1BADV Partner function ID C J_1BAD 
60 J_1BAEHV Field Group (Header) C J_1BAEH 
61 J_1BAEITV Field Group (Item) C J_1BAEIT 
62 J_1BAEV Field groups C J_1BAE 
63 J_1BAGH Help view for CFOP H J_1BAG 
64 J_1BAGNV CFOP with Versions Maintenance C J_1BAGN 
65 J_1BAGV CFOP Code C J_1BAG 
66 J_1BAIV NCM Code C J_1BAI 
67 J_1BAJV Tax Types C J_1BAJ 
68 J_1BAKHV Assignment of Field to Field Group (Header) C J_1BAKH 
69 J_1BAKH_MANV Assignment of Field to Tab (Header) C J_1BAKH 
70 J_1BAKITV Assignment of Field to Field Group (Item) C J_1BAKIT 
71 J_1BAKIT_MANV Assignment of Field to Tab (Item) C J_1BAKIT 
72 J_1BAKV Field assignment C J_1BAK 
73 J_1BALV Screen Control for Group Assignment C J_1BAL 
74 J_1BAMDATASELV FieldField Selection at Master Data C J_1BAMDATASEL 
75 J_1BAMHV Screen Control for Fields (Header) C J_1BAMH 
76 J_1BAMITV Screen Control for Fields (Item) C J_1BAMIT 
77 J_1BAMV Screen control groups C J_1BAM 
78 J_1BANV Status Control C J_1BAN 
79 J_1BAONV CFOP Determination Incoming and Returns (versioned) C J_1BAON 
80 J_1BAOV CFOP Determination for Goods Receipts and Returns C J_1BAO 
81 J_1BAOXV CFOP Det. for Goods Receipts and Returns (Exceptions) C J_1BAOX 
82 J_1BAPNV CFOP Determination Outgoing and Returns (versioned) C J_1BAPN 
83 J_1BAPV CFOP Determination for Goods Issues and Returns C J_1BAP 
84 J_1BAPXV CFOP Exceptions for Goods Issues and Returns C J_1BAPX 
85 J_1BAQV Forms C J_1BAQ 
86 J_1BARV Sub-object for number Nota Fiscal C J_1BAR 
87 J_1BASV Tax situation IPI C J_1BAS 
88 J_1BATL1V Tax Law ICMS C J_1BATL1 
89 J_1BATL2V Tax Law IPI C J_1BATL2 
90 J_1BATL3V Tax Laws ISS C J_1BATL3 
91 J_1BATL3VNEW Tax law ISS C J_1BATL3 
92 J_1BATL4V Tax law COFINS C J_1BATL4A 
93 J_1BATL5V Tax law PIS C J_1BATL5 
94 J_1BB2DYNAMICV Maintanance view J_1bb2dynamic C J_1BB2DYNAMIC 
95 J_1BB2V Nota Fiscal Numbers and Form Sizes C J_1BB2 
96 J_1BBRANCV Business Places C J_1BBRANCH 
98 J_1BCBTAXPROCV Calculation Procedures for Condition Based Tax Calculation C J_1BCBTAXPROC 
99 J_1BCFOPVERV CFOP Version Maintenance C J_1BCFOPVER 
100 J_1BCFOP_XREGNV Regions with differing CFOP version and extension C J_1BCFOP_XREGN 
101 J_1BCFOP_XREGV Regions with CFOP extension C J_1BCFOP_XREG 
102 J_1BCODE_BASEV Internal Codes used for Configurable Tax Base D J_1BCONDMAP 
103 J_1BCONDCALC Calculation Scheme and Condition Texts H T683S 
104 J_1BCONDMAPV Internal Codes for Tax Conditions C J_1BCONDMAP 
105 J_1BCTE_PAR_MAPV Map CT-e Partner to NF Partner Function C J_1BCTE_PAR_MAP 
106 J_1BDF_STAT_TAXV Set Tax Type as Statistical for Specific Scenarios C J_1BDF_STAT_TAX 
107 J_1BECD_CUST01V ECD Government Entities C J_1BECD_CUST01 
108 J_1BECD_CUST02V Qualification of Person Responsible C J_1BECD_CUST02 
109 J_1BECD_CUST03V ECD Person Responsible C J_1BECD_CUST03 
110 J_1BECD_CUST05V ECD Register Category C J_1BECD_CUST05 
111 J_1BECD_CUST06V ECD Inter-Company Data C J_1BECD_CUST06 
112 J_1BECD_CUST07V Inter-Company Relationships C J_1BECD_CUST07 
113 J_1BECD_CUST08V Subledgers C J_1BECD_CUST08 
114 J_1BECD_CUST09V Accounts for Summary Postings from Subledgers C J_1BECD_CUST09 
115 J_1BEFDV_COUNTRY Maintenance view for country codes C J_1BEFD_COUNTRY 
116 J_1BGENSERVTV Generic Service Types C T604F 
117 J_1BIM01V Tax Posting Strings (Inventory Management) C J_1BIM01 
118 J_1BIM01VN Define Tax Posting Strings for Inventory Management C J_1BIM01 
119 J_1BIM02V MM-IV: Nota Fiscal Relevance C T156 
120 J_1BIM03V Nota Fiscal Relevance C T158V 
121 J_1BIMFIV Maintain Movement Types for Vendor Invoices C J_1BIMFI 
122 J_1BIMPCONDAS_V Assign Tax Types to Tax Groups for Import Data Upload C J_1BIMPCONDAS 
123 J_1BIMPLAYOUT_V MS Excel Layouts for Data Upload C J_1BIMPLAYOUT 
124 J_1BIMPXLSMAP_V Map MS Excel Columns to Data Structure Fields C J_1BIMPXLSMAP 
125 J_1BINCO2V Instruction code 2 C J_1BINCO2 
126 J_1BINCOV Instruction codes C J_1BINCO 
127 J_1BIV04V Movement Types of Material Documents for Notas Fiscais C J_1BIV04 
128 J_1BIV04VC Special Movement type configuration C J_1BIV04 
129 J_1BIV05V Line Item IDs C J_1BIV05 
130 J_1BKON1MMVV Groups of Brazilian Taxes Included in MM Price Conditions V J_1BKON1V 
131 J_1BKON1MSVV Groups of Brazilian Taxes Included in SRV Price Conditions V J_1BKON1V 
132 J_1BKON1SDVV Groups of Brazilian Taxes in SD Price Conditions V J_1BKON1V 
133 J_1BKON1V Groups of Brazilian Taxes Included in Price Conditions C J_1BKON1 
134 J_1BMMKONV MM: Amount Transfer from Price Detn to Notas Fiscais C J_1BMMKON0 
135 J_1BMMNFAV Arguments of automatic NF header texts (MM) C J_1BMMNFA 
136 J_1BMMNFTW Text Keys (MM) C J_1BMMNFTT 
137 J_1BMMNFXV Automatic Creation of Nota Fiscal Header Texts C J_1BMMNFX 
138 J_1BMODTEXTV Texts for Modelo 1 and 2 C J_1BMODTEXT 
139 J_1BMWSKZKALSMV Assign Alternative Calculation Procedure per FI/MM Tax Code C J_1BMWSKZKALSM 
140 J_1BNFDANG_GOODV Source for NF texts for dangerous goods C J_1BNFDANG_GOODS 
141 J_1BNFENUMCHECKV Number ranges checks for NF-e - Last checked number C J_1BNFENUMCHECK 
142 J_1BNFE_CANCELRV Reason for Cancellation / Skipping C J_1BNFE_CANCELR 
143 J_1BNFE_CONTIN1 Contingency per Region C J_1BNFE_CONTIN 
144 J_1BNFE_CONTIN2 Contingency for Business Places C J_1BNFE_CONTIN 
145 J_1BNFE_CONTINRV Reason for Contingency C J_1BNFE_CONTINR 
146 J_1BNFE_CUST3_1V Nota NF-e: System Configuration - Connections C J_1BNFE_CUST3 
147 J_1BNFE_CUST3_2V Nota NF-e: System Configuration - Default Settings C J_1BNFE_CUST3 
148 J_1BNFE_CUST3_3V NF-e: System Configuration - Foreign Partners C J_1BNFE_CUST3 
149 J_1BNFE_CUST3_4V NF-e: System Configuration C J_1BNFE_CUST3 
150 J_1BNFE_DEL_DATE NF-e: PO Delivery Date D EKET 
151 J_1BNFE_EVEGRAV Grouping For Allowed Internal Events C J_1BNFE_EVEGROUP 
152 J_1BNFE_EVEGRPV Event Group Entity C J_1BNFE_EVEGRP 
153 J_1BNFE_EVEMAPV Define External And Assign Internal Events C J_1BNFE_EXTEV 
154 J_1BNFE_PROCPV Assignment of Delivery Type C J_1BNFE_PROC 
155 J_1BNFE_PROCV Assignment of NF Type C J_1BNFE_PROC 
156 J_1BNFE_RFCD_V NF-e: RFC Destination of Outbound message C J_1BNFE_CUST2 
157 J_1BNFE_XMLV_V NF-e: Version of XML File C J_1BNFE_CUST1 
158 J_1BNFITMRULEV Rules for Nota Fiscal Item Types C J_1BNFITMRULE 
159 J_1BNFLWCONDMMV Assign Tax Groups to Condition Types C J_1BNFLWCOND 
160 J_1BNFTXCONDMMV Map Tax Conditions to Nota Fiscal Fields C J_1BNFTXCOND 
161 J_1BNFTXCONDV SD Tax Conditions in Nota Fiscal Fields C J_1BNFTXCOND 
162 J_1BNFTYPEREDLFV NF-e: NF Type determination for goods movements by vendor C J_1BNFTYPEREDLF 
163 J_1BNFTYPEREDMMV NF-e: NF Type determination for goods movements C J_1BNFTYPEREDMM 
164 J_1BNFW_SCCITV Screen Control for Tabs and Subscreens (Item) C J_1BNFW_SCCIT 
165 J_1BNFW_SCCV Screen Control for Tabs and Subscreens (Header) C J_1BNFW_SCC 
166 J_1BNFW_SCGAITV Assignment of Tabs/Subscreens to Group (Item) C J_1BNFW_SCGAIT 
167 J_1BNFW_SCGAV Assignment of Tabs/Subscreens to Group (Header) C J_1BNFW_SCGA 
168 J_1BNFW_SCGITV Group for Tabs and Subscreens (Item) C J_1BNFW_SCGIT 
169 J_1BNFW_SCGV Group for Tabs and Subscreens (Header) C J_1BNFW_SCG 
170 J_1BNF_PLANTSV NF Creation: Plants in Same Branch C J_1BNF_PLANTS 
171 J_1BNF_PLANTS_VH Select Plants for given Company Code and Business Place H T001W 
172 J_1BNF_PO_SEARCH Purchase Orders by NF values on PO Header and Main Items D EKKO 
173 J_1BPISCOF_CBTV CBT: Configuration for Tax Base for PIS / COFINS C J_1BPISCOF_BASE 
174 J_1BPISCOF_CLASV Class.Tax Calc.: Configuration for Tax Base for PIS / COFINS C J_1BPISCOF_BASE 
175 J_1BPIS_V_CFOP View for maintenance of SPED PIS/COFINS CFOPs C J_1BPIS_C_CFOP 
176 J_1BPIS_V_CFOP2 View for maintenance of SPED PIS/COFINS CFOPs C J_1BPIS_C_CFOP2 
177 J_1BPRICECOND Price Conditions in Calculation Procedure D T683S 
178 J_1BPRODCOD1V Product List C J_1BPRODCOD 
179 J_1BSDKONV SD: Amount Transfer from Pricing to Notas Fiscais C J_1BSDKON0 
180 J_1BSDNFAV Arguments of automatic NF header texts (SD) C J_1BSDNFA 
181 J_1BSDNFXV Automatic Creation of Nota Fiscal Header Texts C J_1BSDNFX 
182 J_1BSERVASSIGN1V Assignment of Official to Generic Service Types C J_1BSERVASSIGN1 
183 J_1BSERVASSIGN2V Assignment of Official Service Types to Material Numbers C J_1BSERVASSIGN2 
184 J_1BSERVASSIGN3V Assignment of Official Service Types to Service Numbers C J_1BSERVASSIGN3 
185 J_1BSERVTYPES1V Official Brazilian Service Types - Incoming C J_1BSERVTYPES1 
186 J_1BSERVTYPES2V Official Brazilian Service Types - Outgoing C J_1BSERVTYPES2 
187 J_1BSTASTV Regional Tax Codes for Substituição Tributária C J_1BSTAST 
188 J_1BSTSCODEV Define Official Status Codes C J_1BSTSCODE 
189 J_1BT001WV Assign Business Places to Plants C T001W 
190 J_1BT023V Assignment of Material Group to NCM Code C T023 
191 J_1BT059PV Withholding Tax Transfer to Notas Fiscais C T059P 
192 J_1BT163V Position types (Brazilian data) C T163 
193 J_1BT604FV NCM Codes C T604F 
194 J_1BTAXCODEV Maintain Tax Codes C T007A 
198 J_1BTFISC_IDV Incentive ID Maintenance View C J_1BTFISC_ID 
199 J_1BTFISC_ID_SDV Incentive ID for SD Maintenance View C J_1BTFISC_ID_SD 
200 J_1BTFISC_INCTV Tax Incentive Type Maintenance View C J_1BTFISC_INCT 
201 J_1BTMAN_TC_RSNV Manual Tax Code Reason View C J_1BTMAN_TC_RSN 
202 J_1BTNBSV Nomenclature services view C J_1BTNBS 
203 J_1BTREGV Tax regions C J_1BTREGX 
204 J_1BTREG_CITYV Assign Tax Jurisdiction Codes to Ranges of Postal Codes C J_1BTREG_CITY 
205 J_1BTSPEC_CFOPV Nota Fiscal Special Case for CFOP Determination View C J_1BTSPEC_CFOP 
206 J_1BTVAKV Sales Document Types (Brazil) C TVAK 
207 J_1BTVFKV Billing Types C TVFK 
208 J_1BTXCOFV Tax Calculation: COFINS C J_1BTXCOF 
209 J_1BTXIC3V Dynamic Exceptions to ICMS C J_1BTXIC3 
210 J_1BTXIP3V Dynamic Exceptions to IPI C J_1BTXIP3 
211 J_1BTXIS3V Dynamic Exceptions to ISS C J_1BTXIS3 
212 J_1BTXISSV Tax Calculation: ISS C J_1BTXISS 
213 J_1BTXJURV Tax Jurisdiction Codes For Brazilian Tax Calculation C J_1BTXJUR 
214 J_1BTXMMCV Tax code enhancement C T007A 
215 J_1BTXPISV Tax Calculation: PIS C J_1BTXPIS 
216 J_1BTXSDCV SD tax codes C J_1BTXSDC 
217 J_1BTXST3V Dynamic Exceptions to Substituição Tributária C J_1BTXST3 
218 J_1BTXSTGV Customer groups for Substituicao Tributaria C J_1BTXSTG 
219 J_1BTXWITHV Withholding Tax Calculation: Rates and Collection Codes C J_1BTXWITH 
220 J_1B_CIAPV CIAP Database View D J_1B_CIAP_OBJECT 
221 J_1B_ERROV Error Codes C J_1B_ERROR 
222 J_1B_NFTYPEBRCHV Nota Fiscal Type Redetermination per Business Place C J_1B_NFTYPEBRCH 
223 J_1B_NFTYPEREGV Nota Fiscal Type Redetermination per Region C J_1B_NFTYPEREG 
224 J_1B_PO_TAX_MAPV Mapping of MM Pricing conditions to SD Tax conditions C J_1B_PO_TAX_MAP 
225 J_1B_T160M_V Localization Brazil: Message Control C T160M 
226 J_1B_TVKOV Sales Organization: Limit Number of Billing Items C TVKO 
227 J_1HVAT_OFF_NUMA Assign Numbering Group for Tax Invoice Issue C J_1HVAT_OFF_NUM 
228 J_1HVAT_OFF_NUMV Assign Numbering Group for Tax Invoice Reciept running no. C J_1HVAT_OFF_NUM 
229 J_1IEWTDTCHLN Document Type for Remittance Challan - Classic With. Tax C T001 
230 J_1IEWTDTPRV Document Types for TDS Provisions -EWT India C T001 
231 J_1IEWTJV Document Types for Journal Vouchers C T001 
232 J_1IEWT_CUSTV View for Document type for Challan Update-EWT C J_1IEWT_CUST 
233 J_1IEWT_MAPEXM Assign Exemption Reasons to Withholding Tax Codes C J_1IEWT_MAPEXMPT 
234 J_1IEWT_SURC Maintain Surcharge Calculation Methods C T001 
235 J_1IEWT_VENTYP Assign Types of Company to Withholding Tax Codes C J_1IEWT_MAPEXMPT 
236 J_1IMOCUSTEWT Maintain PAN no for Customers -EWT India C J_1IMOCUST 
237 J_1IMOVENDEWT Maintain PAN no for Certificates-EWT India C J_1IMOVEND 
238 J_1IT030K_V India Tax Account Determination C J_1IT030K 
239 J_1IV2ARE_ATTRB Make Settings for ARE-1 Procedure C J_1IARE_ATTRB 
240 J_1IVARE_ATTRB Make Settings for ARE-3 Procedure C J_1IARE_ATTRB 
241 J_1IVATDATE_V Maintain Valid from date of VAT legislation in India C J_1IVATDATE 
242 J_1IVCHID View of Chapter ID and text C J_1ICHPTER 
243 J_1IVEXGRP Help view for Excise groups H J_1IEXGRPS 
244 J_1IVEXGRPS Excise Group Maintenance C J_1INEXCGRP 
245 J_1IVFRMTY Help view for Form type H J_1IFRMTYP 
246 J_1IVFRTYP Maintenance view for Form Types C J_1IFRMTYP 
247 J_1IVREGID Help View for the register id H J_1IREGSET 
248 J_1IVSERCATMM View for Service category determination-GTA and imports C J_1ISERCATMM 
249 J_1IVSERCATMM1 View on service category determination MM L1 table C J_1ISERCATMM1 
250 J_1IVSERCATMM2 View on service category determination MM L2 table C J_1ISERCATMM2 
251 J_1IVSERCATMM3 View on service category determination MM L3 table C J_1ISERCATMM3 
252 J_1IVSERCATMM4 View on service category determination MM L4 table C J_1ISERCATMM4 
253 J_1IVSERCATMM5 View on service category determination MM L5 table C J_1ISERCATMM5 
254 J_1IVSERCATMMFI1 View on service category determination MMFI L1 table C J_1ISERCATMMFI1 
255 J_1IVSERCATMMFI2 View on service category determination MMFI L2 table C J_1ISERCATMMFI2 
256 J_1IVSERCATMMFI3 View on service category determination MMFI L3 table C J_1ISERCATMMFI3 
257 J_1IVSERCATMMFI4 View on service category determination MMFI L4 table C J_1ISERCATMMFI4 
258 J_1IVSERCATSD1 View on service category determination SD L1 table C J_1ISERCATSD1 
259 J_1IVSERCATSD2 View on service category determination SD L2 table C J_1ISERCATSD2 
260 J_1IVSERCATSD3 View on service category determination SD L3 table C J_1ISERCATSD3 
261 J_1IVSERCATSD4 View on service category determination SD L4 table C J_1ISERCATSD4 
262 J_1IVSERCATSDFI1 View on service category determination SDFI L1 table C J_1ISERCATSDFI1 
263 J_1IVSERCATSDFI2 View on service category determination SDFI L2 table C J_1ISERCATSDFI2 
264 J_1IVSERCATSDFI3 View on service category determination SD L3 table C J_1ISERCATSDFI3 
265 J_1IVSERCATSDFI4 View on service category determination SD L4 table C J_1ISERCATSDFI4 
266 J_1IVSRGRP Help view for serial group H J_1ISRGRPS 
267 J_1IVT001 Document types for TDS JV C T001 
268 J_1IVTDSDU Payment due date in TDS C J_1ITDSDUE 
269 J_1IVTRAN Help view for the transaction type H J_1ITRAN 
270 J_1IVTTXID Text maintenance C TTXID 
271 J_1IVTTXOB Text object maintenance C TTXOB 
272 J_1IVTXNOR Excise tax rates - normal C J_1IEXCTAX 
273 J_1IVTXRAT Tax rate maintenance C J_1IEXCTAX 
274 J_1IVTXSPL Excise tax rates C J_1IEXCTAX 
275 J_1IVWTH_SER_MM View to determine With holding line for GTA and imports C J_1I_WTH_SER_MM 
276 J_1IV_INVC Help view for Vendor Excise invoice H J_1IEXCHDR 
277 J_1I_EWT_RETURN Annual returns - Documemnt View D BKPF 
278 J_1I_SECCODE Section Codes for Extended Withholding Tax C SECCODE 
279 J_1I_VWTH_SER_MM View to determine With holding line for GTA and imports C J_1I_WTH_SER_MM 
280 J_1SH01 IS-M/SD: CH/S: Help View of Postal Code Categories H J_1STJ1S0 
281 J_1SH02 IS-M/SD: CH/S: Help View of Basic Postal Codes H J_1STJ1S1 
282 J_1SH03 IS-M/SD: CH/S: Preposition Code H J_1STJ1S2 
283 J_1SH04 IS-M/SD: CH/S: Street Types H J_1STJ1S3 
284 J_1SH05 IS-M/SD: CH: Help View for JVTPSEQ H JVTPSEQ 
285 J_1SH06 IS-M/SD: CH: Help View for J_1SBUNDA H J_1SBUNDA 
286 J_1SLFGABL IS-M/SD:(CH): Delivery Drop-Off (Bundling Type) D JVTLFNG 
287 J_1SLFGADR IS-M/SD: CH/V: Delivery-Order Schedule Line-Address D JVTLFZUO 
288 J_1SSPWEMF IS-M/SD: CH/W: View for Determining Special Categories D TJI01 
289 J_1STJD55 IS-M/SD: CH: Format Surcharge Ind.for Postal Charge Settlemt C TJD55 
290 J_1SVAUFTR IS-M/SD: CH: View of Sales Order for Third-Party Shipping D JKAK 
291 J_1SVBADRE IS-M/SD (CH): Address Data in one Postal Pack D JVTZUOBUND 
292 J_1SVBUNDA IS-M/SD: CH: Maint.View for Post.Pack Addresses ZEBU Manual C J_1SBUNDA 
293 J_1SVERPLZ IS-M/SD CH: Maint.View for Postal Code Assgmts - Prod.Seqs C JVTVERZPLZ 
294 J_1SVGMABU IS-M/SD CH/V: Global Change (Subscription) D JKAK 
295 J_1SVMANZE IS-M/SD CH/V: Manual ZEBU CH Country Version C J_1SMANZEB 
296 J_1SVMWSAR IS-M/SD CH/F: Maintenance View for VAT Deduction Types C J_1SMWSAR 
297 J_1SVPTAXL Maintenance View for Country Group for Postal Tax C J_1SPTAXL1 
298 J_1SVPTAXZ Maintenance View for Country Group for Postal Tax Assgmts C J_1SPTAXL0 
299 J_1SVPUPBESTAND Maint.View for Temp.Table for Postal Data Upgrade CH Ex.Data C J_1SPUPBESTAND 
300 J_1SVSULFE IS-M/SD CH/F: POR Collective Transfer to FI (CH-Specific) D JFRK 
301 J_1SVSUPBESTAND Maint.View for Temp.Table for Postal Data Upgrade CH Streets C J_1SSUPBESTAND 
302 J_1SVTJ1S0 IS-M/SD: CH/S: Postal Code Categories for PTT C J_1STJ1S0 
303 J_1SVVPSEQ IS-M/SD:(CH) Production Sequence C JVTPSEQ 
304 J_1SVWEMF3 IS-M/SD: CH/W: Maintenance View for WEMF03 C J_1SWEMF03 
305 J_1S_ANZEX IS-M/SD: CH: View of Number of Copies for PTT Charge Sett D JVTLFNG 
306 J_1S_LFBUN IS-M/SD: CH/V: Postal Packs for Delivery D JRTLFGABLG 
307 J_1S_LFGBN IS-M/SD:(CH): Determine Number of Carrier Postal Packs D JVTLFNG 
308 J_1S_LFGBT IS-M/SD:(CH): Determine Number of Carrier Postal Packs D JVTLFNG 
309 J_1S_LFGPO IS-M/SD:(CH): Number of Subscriptions for Item Type D JVTLFZUO 
310 J_1S_LFZUO IS-M/SD: CH/W: View for Daily WEMF Stats (Delivery<-> Order) D JVTLFNG 
311 J_1S_POSET IS-M/SD: CH/W: View for Loading WEMF Statistics D JKEP 
312 J_1S_VPART IS-M/SD: PTT Item Type for Postal Charge Settlement C TJAPZ 
313 J_2IVACCBAL View for register Balances D J_2IACCBAL 
314 J_2IVLYCTR CIN: Maintainance view for J_2ILAYCTR C J_2ILAYCTR 
315 J_3GEQUIA_APP append for J_3G-fields A /SAPCEM/V_EQUI 
316 J_3GEQUZA_APP append for J_3G-fields A /SAPCEM/V_EQUI 
317 J_3GKNA1A_APP append for J_3G-fields A J_3GV_DEBIQ 
318 J_3GLASE_M Maintenance View J_3GLASE for Measuring Points C J_3GLASE 
319 J_3GT370TX Maintain Catalog Structure C J_3GT370S 
320 J_3GVPMCO2 Allocation of Value Categories to Cost Key Figures C J_3GPMCO2 
321 J_3GV_160M Message/Output Control for Shipping Document C T160M 
322 J_3GV_ABGR ETM: Removal Sequence C J_3GABGRF 
323 J_3GV_ABGRFMAT Removal Sequence for Materials C J_3GABGRFMAT 
324 J_3GV_ABRMTART Settlement Indicator in ETM/MM per Material Type C J_3GABRMTART 
325 J_3GV_AUS Activity Types - Reason for Inactivity C J_3GAUSART 
326 J_3GV_BAMTART Allowed Material Types per Document Type C J_3GBAMTART 
327 J_3GV_BART Document Type Texts C J_3GBELART 
328 J_3GV_BAUS Choice of Processing Options for ETM Data C T370T 
329 J_3GV_BEGR Maintain Authorization Groups C J_3GBERGR 
330 J_3GV_BESTFART Inventory Management Type for Material C J_3GBESTFART 
331 J_3GV_BESTMTART Inventory Management in ETM/MM per Material Type C J_3GMTART 
332 J_3GV_BLAR ETM Document Types C J_3GBELART 
333 J_3GV_BLAR1 Maintenance View: Link Document Types with SD Document Types C J_3GBELART 
334 J_3GV_BLAR2 ETM Document Types: Diverse Statistics C J_3GBELART 
335 J_3GV_BLAR3 Print Report per Document Type C J_3GBELART 
336 J_3GV_BLART Help View for Document Types H J_3GBELART 
337 J_3GV_COFX Maintenance View: Assignment Fixed CO Objects C J_3GCOFIX 
338 J_3GV_DEBIQ Search Help View for Debtor: Reference Type D KNA1 
339 J_3GV_DEBIR Search HelpView for Debtor: Recipient Type D KNA1 
340 J_3GV_DEBIR_APP append for J_3G-fields A J_3GV_DEBIR 
341 J_3GV_DEMEQUI Default Recipient for Equipment per Organizational Structure C J_3GDEMEQUI 
342 J_3GV_DEMPERS Default Recipient for Personnel Performance per Org. Struct. C J_3GDEMPERS 
343 J_3GV_EIGV Maintenance View for Owner-Administrator Relationship C J_3GEIVERP 
344 J_3GV_EIVE Owner-Administrator Master Record and Description C J_3GEIVERS 
345 J_3GV_EMPFBFART Assignment Stock Type to Recipient Type/Activity Type C J_3GEMPFBFART 
346 J_3GV_EMTL Maintenance View for Recpnt Type/Act. Type Assignment C J_3GEMTLAD 
347 J_3GV_EQUIVO_S Control Parameters per Equipment Type C J_3GEQUIVO 
348 J_3GV_ETYP Recipient Types and Descriptions C J_3GZUETYP 
349 J_3GV_FAKS ETM - Billing Block Indicator for Recipient C J_3GFAKSP 
350 J_3GV_FEQU Maintain External Equipment Type C J_3GFEQUI 
351 J_3GV_J3GBE Search Help View: Shipping Documents acc. to External DocNo. D J_3GBELK 
352 J_3GV_J3GBM View for Operator's Reports D J_3GBELK 
353 J_3GV_J3GBV View for Shipping Documents by Doc.No./Sender/Equipment D J_3GBELK 
354 J_3GV_J3GBV1 View for Shipping Documents acc. to DocNo./Sender H J_3GBELK 
355 J_3GV_J3GBW View for Search Help: Shipping Documents acc. to DocNo./Rec. D J_3GBELK 
356 J_3GV_J3GDD Search Help View for Recipient - Third Party D KNA1 
357 J_3GV_J3GDD_APP append for J_3G-fields A J_3GV_J3GDD 
358 J_3GV_J3GDE Search Help View for Recipient - Acc. to Recipient Type D KNA1 
359 J_3GV_J3GDE_APP append for J_3G-fields A J_3GV_J3GDE 
360 J_3GV_J3GPA WBS Elements Relevant to Account Assignment D PRPS 
361 J_3GV_J3GPB WBS Elements Relevant to Account Assignment D PRPS 
362 J_3GV_J_3GEE View for Search Help J_3GEE D J_3GEIVERS 
363 J_3GV_J_3GEV View for Search Help J_3GEV D J_3GEIVERS 
364 J_3GV_KSCHLFRIST Deadline Logic per Condition Type C J_3GKSCHLFRIST 
365 J_3GV_KSCHLUMB Assign Condition Types for Transfer Postings C J_3GKSCHLUMB 
366 J_3GV_LADE Loading Costs Indicator C J_3GLADEKE 
367 J_3GV_LADT Texts for Loading Costs Indicator C J_3GLADEKT 
368 J_3GV_LAMTART Activity Types per Material Type C J_3GLAMTART 
369 J_3GV_LASE View: Allowed Activity Type per Document Type C J_3GLASE 
370 J_3GV_LA_A Maintenance View - Activity Types for Settlement C J_3GLEIART 
371 J_3GV_LA_L Maintenance View - Activity Types for PBE C J_3GLEIART 
372 J_3GV_LA_P Maint. View: Acty Types for Determ. Cap. Utilztn/Usge Stmnt C J_3GLEIART 
373 J_3GV_LEIA Maintain Activity Types C J_3GLEIART 
374 J_3GV_MEMPFDOM Enter Dominance Ind. per Doc. Type/Transctn Type/Rcpnt Type C J_3GMEMPF 
375 J_3GV_MEMPFMIT Intermediate Recipient Indicator per Doc. Type/Rcpnt Type C J_3GMEMPF 
376 J_3GV_PAK View: Package Header + Package Item D J_3GPAKP 
377 J_3GV_PLK1 Header Entry for J_3GPLKAT C J_3GPLKOPF 
378 J_3GV_PLK2 Assignments C J_3GPLKAT 
379 J_3GV_T160M_01 Variable Output/Messages for Package Entry C T160M 
380 J_3GV_T160M_02 Determine Output/Message Control for Equipment Master Record C T160M 
381 J_3GV_T160M_03 Variable Output/Messages for Recipient Entry C T160M 
382 J_3GV_T160M_04 Configurable Output/Messages for BOMs C T160M 
383 J_3GV_T160M_05 Message/Output Control for SD Order Generation C T160M 
384 J_3GV_T685 Maintain Posting Type for Providing/Debited Party C T685 
385 J_3GV_TVAK ETM Indicator for Sales Document Types C TVAK 
386 J_3GV_TVKO_IV Customer Internal Settlement per Sales Organization in ETM C J_3GTVKO 
387 J_3GV_TVTA_GRE Org. Unit: Sales Area - Business Area Determination Rule C TVTA 
388 J_3GV_ZETY ETM Recipient Types Assignment C J_3GZUETYP 
389 J_3GV_ZUAB Reasons for Acquisition/Withdrawal C J_3GZUABGR 
390 J_3G_T008 Payment Block Reasons C T008 
391 J_3RFDI_DEADJRNV Invoice Journal Deadlines (Electronic Invoices) C J_3RFDI_DEADJRNL 
392 J_3RFDI_DEADLINV Maintenance view for Deadlines for Digital Invoices C J_3RFDI_DEADLINE 
393 J_3RFHREP_ATTR Report attributes H J_3RFREP_ATTR 
394 J_3RFHREP_DICT Help view for J_3RFREP_dict H J_3RFREP_DICT 
395 J_3RFMMH_RATECLC Purchasing Document Types H T161 
396 J_3RFPRTXAMTRV Property tax amount reduction codes C J_3RFPRTXAMTR 
397 J_3RFREP_SS_GRPV Selection screen groups for J3RTAXREP C J_3RFREP_SS_GRP 
398 J_3RFVBS5_COLS Columns of BS N5 sections C J_3RFBS5_COLS 
399 J_3RFVBS5_FORMS Sections of balance sheet supplement N5 C J_3RFBS5_FORMS 
400 J_3RFVBS5_ROWS Rows of Balance sheet supplement N5 C J_3RFBS5_ROWS 
401 J_3RFVBS_EXCODES Exteranl codes for the items of Financial Statement Versions C J_3RFBS_EXCODES 
402 J_3RFVBS_PERIOD Financial statement forms: Fiscal periods C J_3RFBS_PERIOD 
403 J_3RFVBS_VAR Variants of Financial Statement Versions C J_3RFBS_VAR 
404 J_3RFVBS_VERSION Financial Statement versions used in balance sheet forms C J_3RFBS_VERSION 
405 J_3RFVBS_VERVAR Financial Statement Versions Used in Balance Sheet Forms C J_3RFBS_VERVAR 
406 J_3RFVBS_XMLDEL XML-tags: to be removed from electronic files C J_3RFBS_XMLDEL 
407 J_3RFVDBREP_DICT Dictionary Values for Reporting Hierarchy Object Attribute D J_3RFREP_DICT 
408 J_3RFVDBREP_OBJ Reporting Hierarchy Objects D J_3RFREP_OBJECTS 
409 J_3RFVREP_ATTR Reporting Hierarchy Object Attributes C J_3RFREP_ATTR 
410 J_3RFVREP_HIER Reporting Hierarchy Parameters C J_3RFREP_HIER 
411 J_3RFVREP_OBJECT Reporting Hierarchy Objects C J_3RFREP_OBJECTS 
412 J_3RFVREP_PRESET Predefined Attributes for Reporting Hierarchy Elements C J_3RFREP_PRESETS 
413 J_3RFV_CORR_INV Define Correction Invoices (Russia) C J_3RF_CORR_INV 
414 J_3RFV_DI_CCCUST Assign Operator to Company Code and Customer C J_3RF_DI_CCCUST 
415 J_3RFV_DI_CCOP Assign electronic ID to company code C J_3RF_DI_CCOP 
416 J_3RFV_DI_OCCODE Assign Operator to Company Code C J_3RF_DI_OCCODE 
417 J_3RFV_DI_PCCODE Assign Electronic ID to Company Code C J_3RF_DI_PCCODE 
418 J_3RFV_DI_PCUST Assign Electronic ID to Customer C J_3RF_DI_PCUST 
419 J_3RFV_DI_PCUSTN Assign electronic ID to customer C J_3RF_DI_PCUSTN 
420 J_3RFV_DI_PVEND Assign Electronic ID to Vendor C J_3RF_DI_PVEND 
421 J_3RFV_DI_PVENDN Assign electronic ID to vendor C J_3RF_DI_PVENDN 
422 J_3RFV_DI_TRANF XML Transformations mappings C J_3RF_DI_TRANF 
423 J_3RFV_F4VERS Financial Statement Versions C J_3RFF4VERS 
424 J_3RFV_F4VERS2 Financial Statement Versions C J_3RFF4VERS 
425 J_3RFV_FRMTS Search help view for electronic format versions H J_3RFTAX_FRMTS 
426 J_3RFV_PBU_SHLP View for search help J_3RF_PBU18_DIFFOBJ H J_3RFTAX_OBJECTS 
427 J_3RFV_REP_SHLP Reporting objects H J_3RFREP_OBJECTS 
428 J_3RFV_SURP_PRC Maintenance view for market prices for inventory surplus(RU) C J_3RF_SURP_PRICE 
429 J_3RFV_SURP_SW Maintenance view for switching surplus on CoCd level C J_3RF_SURP_SW 
430 J_3RFV_TAX_ACDET Activity groups C J_3RFTAX_ACTVDET 
432 J_3RFV_TAX_ACTVH FI-SL activity group search help H J_3RFTAX_ACTVHDR 
433 J_3RFV_TAX_ASGID Tax hierarchy assignment ID C J_3RFTAX_ASSIGID 
434 J_3RFV_TAX_ASGSH View for search help H J_3RFTAX_ASSIGID 
435 J_3RFV_TAX_CHAIN Tax chain definitions C J_3RFTAX_CHAIN 
436 J_3RFV_TAX_CHAND Tax chain details C J_3RFTAX_CHAIND 
437 J_3RFV_TAX_CHECK Check view for CC/Tax object combination D J_3RFTAX_OBJECTS 
438 J_3RFV_TAX_CHKE1 Tax object check D J_3RFTAX_OBJECTS 
439 J_3RFV_TAX_CHKE2 Tax object check D J_3RFTAX_OBJECTS 
440 J_3RFV_TAX_CHKE3 Tax object check D J_3RFTAX_OBJECTS 
441 J_3RFV_TAX_HIER Tax Hierarchies List Maintanance View C J_3RFTAX_HIER 
442 J_3RFV_TAX_LINKD Table link details C J_3RFTAX_LINKD 
443 J_3RFV_TAX_MPRL Maintenance view for Mapping Rules Table C J_3RFTAX_MPRL 
445 J_3RFV_TAX_SELS Soruce fields for selective transfer C J_3RTAX_SELTRSRC 
446 J_3RFV_TAX_SELV Values for selective transfer C J_3RTAX_SELTRVAL 
447 J_3RFV_TAX_SHLP View for search help J_3RF_TAX_OBJECT H J_3RFTAX_OBJECTS 
448 J_3RFV_TAX_SHLP2 Profit tax objects H J_3RFTAX_OBJECTS 
449 J_3RF_BCCV Budget classification code for CIS C J_3RF_BCCC 
450 J_3RF_PAYRV Payment reason setting for CIS C J_3RF_PAYR 
451 J_3RF_PAYTV Payment type for CIS C J_3RF_PAYTC 
452 J_3RF_TAXPERNV Tax type periods CIS C J_3RF_TAXPERNC 
453 J_3RF_TPV Participants of Transactions and Transaction Grouping C J_3RF_TP 
454 J_3RF_TP_CC_PROV Place of Submission, Tax Office Code, OKATO and Reorg. Code C J_3RF_TP_CC_PROP 
455 J_3RF_TP_COCATV Codes of Place of Notification Submission C J_3RF_TP_COCATT 
456 J_3RF_TP_DOCTYPV Document Types for Transfer Pricing C J_3RF_TP_DOCTYPE 
457 J_3RF_TP_FORGV Foreign Organization Data for Transfer Pricing C J_3RF_TP_FORG 
458 J_3RF_TP_GROUPV Groups of Similar Transactions C J_3RF_TP_GROUPT 
459 J_3RF_TP_LIQCTV Reorganization Codes C J_3RF_TP_LIQCT 
460 J_3RF_TP_MAT_OCV Mapping OCP codes to Material Numbers C J_3RF_TP_MAT_OCP 
461 J_3RF_TP_PMV Pricing Method Codes C J_3RF_TP_PM 
462 J_3RF_TP_PSV Codes of Determining the Transaction Price C J_3RF_TP_PS 
463 J_3RF_TP_SCRMATV Material List for Selection Criteria C J_3RF_TP_SCRMAT 
464 J_3RF_TP_SCRV Selection Criteria for Transfer Pricing C J_3RF_TP_SCR 
465 J_3RF_TP_STATUSV Interdependence Codes C J_3RF_TP_STATUSL 
466 J_3RF_TP_TRANPCV Taxpayer Party Codes C J_3RF_TP_TRANPC 
467 J_3RF_TP_TRANSTV Transaction Name Codes C J_3RF_TP_TRANST 
468 J_3RF_TTAX_NPRV Russian transport tax new privileges maintenance view C J_3RF_TTAX_NPR 
469 J_3RF_TTAX_PRIVV Russian transport tax privileges maintenance C J_3RF_TTAX_PRIV 
470 J_3RF_VATTRTYPE Maintenance view for attribute types C J_3RF_ATTRTYP_DT 
471 J_3RF_VATTRVALS Attribute values Maintenance view C J_3RF_ATTR_VALS 
472 J_3RF_VATTRVALST Translation of attribute values C J_3RF_ATTR_VALST 
473 J_3RF_VCOMP_CODE Maintenance view for company codes C T001 
474 J_3RF_VOUTGROUPS Maintenance view for output gourps C J_3RF_OUT_GROUPS 
475 J_3RF_VSTRDIV Maintenance view for Structural Divisions C J_3RF_STR_DIV 
476 J_3RF_VSTRDIVATT Maintenance view for structural division attributes C J_3RF_STRDIVATTR 
477 J_3RF_V_T001K_AS Assignment Plant - Company Code H T001K 
478 J_3RF_WRK_GROUPV Assign Asset Classes to Material Groups for Workwear C J_3RF_WRK_GROUP 
479 J_3RF_WW_ALLOWV Define Workwear Quotas C J_3RF_WW_ALLOW 
480 J_3RF_WW_AREAV Define Depreciation Areas for Workwear C J_3RF_WW_AREA 
481 J_3RF_WW_CONMV Working wear quotas for configurable materials C J_3RF_WW_CONM 
482 J_3RF_WW_ISSUES Workwear movement types: Workwear issues H J_3RF_WW_TRAN 
483 J_3RF_WW_RETURN Workwear movement types: Workwear returns H J_3RF_WW_TRAN 
484 J_3RF_WW_RETUS Workwear movement types: Workwear returns used H J_3RF_WW_TRAN 
485 J_3RF_WW_TRANV Workwear movement type C J_3RF_WW_TRAN 
486 J_3RF_WW_VALTYPV Assignment: Workwear movement type-> Valuation Type C J_3RF_WW_VALTYPE 
487 J_3RF_WW_WROFF Workwear movement types: Workwear write-off H J_3RF_WW_TRAN 
488 J_3RJ_CNTRY Country Conversion C J_3RJ_CNTRY_CONV 
489 J_3RJ_CURR Currency Conversion C J_3RJ_CURR_CONV 
490 J_3RJ_UOM Russian Specific UOM to OKEI Conversion C J_3RJ_UOM_CONV 
491 J_3RKKRN_V1 Define Preferred and Disallowed Pairs of G/L Accounts C J_3RKKRN 
492 J_3RKPAC_V1 Sort Line Items by G/L Account Number C J_3RKPAC 
493 J_3RKPAI_V1 Priorities for account pairs C J_3RKPAI 
494 J_3RKSORTHV Sorting rule header C J_3RKSORTH 
495 J_3RKSORTPV Sorting rule items C J_3RKSORTP 
496 J_3RKSPLITHV Split Rules (Header) C J_3RKSPLITH 
497 J_3RKSPLITPV Splitting rule items C J_3RKSPLITP 
498 J_3RM_MARCMARA_B J_3RMOBVED: tables MARC, MARA, T001W, T001K for BUKRS fetch D MARC 
499 J_3RM_MARCMARA_W J_3RMOBVED: tables MARC, MARA, T001W for WERKS fetch D MARC 
500 J_3RNKS_TABW All Asset Transaction Types H TABW