SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index S, page 78
Transaction Code - S
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 S_ALR_87011830 Analysis of PCA Transaction Data  
2 S_ALR_87011831 Analysis of PCA Transaction Data  
3 S_ALR_87011832 EC-CS Integration: Cons. Units Used  
4 S_ALR_87011833 Plan/Actual Comparison  
5 S_ALR_87011834 CM: Region/Business Area/Product Grp  
6 S_ALR_87011835 Comparison: Current Year/Prev. Year  
7 S_ALR_87011836 Quarters: Customer Group/Division  
8 S_ALR_87011837 Quarterly Comparision: State List  
9 S_ALR_87011838 Quarters: Product Group List  
10 S_ALR_87011839 Division Comparison  
11 S_ALR_87011840 Ranking List by Customer Group  
12 S_ALR_87011841 Group: Prev. Year in Group Currency  
13 S_ALR_87011842 Company: Prev. Year Comp. in Loc.Cur  
14 S_ALR_87011843 Company Code: Prev.Year Comp. in GC  
15 S_ALR_87011844 Company Code: Bal. Sheet Str., Prev.  
16 S_ALR_87011845 Company Code: Profit Breakdown Comp.  
17 S_ALR_87011846 Value Development in Group Currency  
18 S_ALR_87011847 Value Development in Local Currency  
19 S_ALR_87011848 Company Code Overview: Key Figures  
20 S_ALR_87011849 Asset Balances  
21 S_ALR_87011850 Asset Balances  
22 S_ALR_87011851 Asset Balances  
23 S_ALR_87011852 Asset Balances  
24 S_ALR_87011853 Asset Balances  
25 S_ALR_87011854 Asset Balances  
26 S_ALR_87011855 Asset Balances  
27 S_ALR_87011856 Asset Balances  
28 S_ALR_87011857 Asset Balances  
29 S_ALR_87011858 Sample for Address Data for Asset  
30 S_ALR_87011859 Sample for Address Data for Asset  
31 S_ALR_87011860 Real Estate and Similar Rights  
32 S_ALR_87011861 Real estate and similar rights  
33 S_ALR_87011862 Vehicles  
34 S_ALR_87011863 Vehicles  
35 S_ALR_87011864 Asset Balances for Group Assets  
36 S_ALR_87011865 Physical Inventory List  
37 S_ALR_87011866 Physical Inventory List  
38 S_ALR_87011867 Physical Inventory List  
39 S_ALR_87011868 Physical Inventory List  
40 S_ALR_87011869 Inventory list  
41 S_ALR_87011870 Bar Codes  
42 S_ALR_87011871 Bar Codes  
43 S_ALR_87011872 Leasing  
44 S_ALR_87011873 Leasing  
45 S_ALR_87011874 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements  
46 S_ALR_87011875 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements  
47 S_ALR_87011876 Asset History Sheet  
48 S_ALR_87011877 Asset History Sheet  
49 S_ALR_87011878 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements  
50 S_ALR_87011879 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements  
51 S_ALR_87011880 Asset Balances  
52 S_ALR_87011881 Asset Balances  
53 S_ALR_87011882 Asset History Sheet  
54 S_ALR_87011883 Asset History Sheet  
55 S_ALR_87011884 Asset History Sheet  
56 S_ALR_87011885 Asset History Sheet  
57 S_ALR_87011886 Asset Register (Italy)  
58 S_ALR_87011887 Asset Register (Italy)  
59 S_ALR_87011888 Asset Register by Third Party Loc.  
60 S_ALR_87011889 Asset Register by Third Party Loc.  
61 S_ALR_87011890 Depreciation  
62 S_ALR_87011891 Depreciation  
63 S_ALR_87011892 Depreciation  
64 S_ALR_87011893 Depreciation  
65 S_ALR_87011894 Depreciation  
66 S_ALR_87011895 Depreciation  
67 S_ALR_87011896 Depreciation  
68 S_ALR_87011897 Write-Ups  
69 S_ALR_87011898 Write-ups  
70 S_ALR_87011899 Depreciation Comparison  
71 S_ALR_87011900 Depreciation Comparison  
72 S_ALR_87011901 Manual Depreciation  
73 S_ALR_87011902 Manual Depreciation  
74 S_ALR_87011903 Asset Balances for Group Assets  
75 S_ALR_87011904 Depreciation and Interest  
76 S_ALR_87011905 Depreciation and Interest  
77 S_ALR_87011906 Revaluation  
78 S_ALR_87011907 Revaluation  
79 S_ALR_87011908 Depreciation Posted to Cost Center  
80 S_ALR_87011909 Depreciation Posted to Cost Center  
81 S_ALR_87011910 Depreciation Simulation  
82 S_ALR_87011911 Depreciation Simulation  
83 S_ALR_87011912 Depreciation  
84 S_ALR_87011913 Depreciation  
85 S_ALR_87011914 Net Worth Valuation  
86 S_ALR_87011915 Net Worth Valuation  
87 S_ALR_87011916 Insurance Values  
88 S_ALR_87011917 Insurance Values  
89 S_ALR_87011918 Statement of Net Assets (Japan)  
90 S_ALR_87011919 Gain for Transfer of Reserves  
91 S_ALR_87011920 Gain for transfer of reserves  
92 S_ALR_87011921 Depreciation  
93 S_ALR_87011922 Depreciation  
94 S_ALR_87011923 Changes to Asset Master Records  
95 S_ALR_87011924 Changes to Asset Master Records  
96 S_ALR_87011925 Asset Transactions  
97 S_ALR_87011926 Asset Transactions  
98 S_ALR_87011927 Asset Balances  
99 S_ALR_87011928 Asset Balances  
100 S_ALR_87011929 G/L Account Balances  
101 S_ALR_87011930 G/L Account Balances  
102 S_ALR_87011931 Fixed Asset Ledger  
103 S_ALR_87011932 Asset Acquisitions(Mid-Quarter-Conv)  
104 S_ALR_87011933 Asset Acquisitions(Mid-Quarter-Conv)  
105 S_ALR_87011934 Asset Transactions  
106 S_ALR_87011935 Asset Transactions  
107 S_ALR_87011936 Asset Acquisitions  
108 S_ALR_87011937 Asset Acquisitions  
109 S_ALR_87011938 Asset Retirements  
110 S_ALR_87011939 Asset Retirements  
111 S_ALR_87011940 Intracompany Asset Transfers  
112 S_ALR_87011941 Intracompany Asset Transfers  
113 S_ALR_87011942 Directory of Unposted Assets  
114 S_ALR_87011943 Directory of Unposted Assets  
115 S_ALR_87011944 List of Origins of Asset Charges  
116 S_ALR_87011945 List of Origins of Asset Charges  
117 S_ALR_87011946 List of Origins by Cost Elements  
118 S_ALR_87011947 List of Origins by Cost Elements  
119 S_ALR_87011948 Asset Retirements (French Law)  
120 S_ALR_87011949 Asset Retirements (French Law)  
121 S_ALR_87011950 Depreciation  
122 S_ALR_87011951 Depreciation  
123 S_ALR_87011952 Analysis of Retirement Revenue  
124 S_ALR_87011953 Depreciation of Tang./Intang. Assets  
125 S_ALR_87011954 Depreciation of Tangible Assets  
126 S_ALR_87011955 Depreciation of Tang./Intang. Assets  
127 S_ALR_87011956 Depreciation of Tangible Assets  
128 S_ALR_87011957 Asset Depreciation and Tax Limits  
129 S_ALR_87011958 Scrap Value Depr. (Uniform Depr.)  
130 S_ALR_87011959 Depreciation of Tangible Assets  
131 S_ALR_87011960 Intangible Assets: Depreciation  
132 S_ALR_87011961 Asset History  
133 S_ALR_87011962 Asset History  
134 S_ALR_87011963 Asset Balances  
135 S_ALR_87011964 Asset Balances  
136 S_ALR_87011965 Asset Balances  
137 S_ALR_87011966 Asset Balances  
138 S_ALR_87011967 Asset Balances  
139 S_ALR_87011968 Asset Balances  
140 S_ALR_87011969 Asset Balances  
141 S_ALR_87011970 Asset Balances  
142 S_ALR_87011971 Asset Balances  
143 S_ALR_87011972 Sample for Address Data for Asset  
144 S_ALR_87011973 Sample for Address Data for Asset  
145 S_ALR_87011974 Real Estate and Similar Rights  
146 S_ALR_87011975 Real Estate and Similar Rights  
147 S_ALR_87011976 Vehicles  
148 S_ALR_87011977 Vehicles  
149 S_ALR_87011978 Asset Balances for Group Assets  
150 S_ALR_87011979 Physical Inventory List  
151 S_ALR_87011980 Physical Inventory List  
152 S_ALR_87011981 Physical Inventory List  
153 S_ALR_87011982 Physical Inventory List  
154 S_ALR_87011983 Physical Inventory List  
155 S_ALR_87011984 Bar Codes  
156 S_ALR_87011985 Bar Codes  
157 S_ALR_87011986 Leasing  
158 S_ALR_87011987 Leasing  
159 S_ALR_87011988 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements  
160 S_ALR_87011989 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements  
161 S_ALR_87011990 Asset History Sheet  
162 S_ALR_87011991 Asset History Sheet  
163 S_ALR_87011992 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements  
164 S_ALR_87011993 Liabilities from Leasing Agreements  
165 S_ALR_87011994 Asset Balances  
166 S_ALR_87011995 Asset Balances  
167 S_ALR_87011996 Asset History Sheet  
168 S_ALR_87011997 Asset History Sheet  
169 S_ALR_87011998 Asset History Sheet  
170 S_ALR_87011999 Asset History Sheet  
171 S_ALR_87012000 Asset Register (Italy)  
172 S_ALR_87012001 Asset Register (Italy)  
173 S_ALR_87012002 Asset Register by Third Party Loc.  
174 S_ALR_87012003 Asset Register by Third Party Loc.  
175 S_ALR_87012004 Depreciation  
176 S_ALR_87012005 Depreciation  
177 S_ALR_87012006 Depreciation  
178 S_ALR_87012007 Depreciation  
179 S_ALR_87012008 Depreciation  
180 S_ALR_87012009 Depreciation  
181 S_ALR_87012010 Depreciation  
182 S_ALR_87012011 Write-Ups  
183 S_ALR_87012012 Write-Ups  
184 S_ALR_87012013 Depreciation Comparison  
185 S_ALR_87012014 Depreciation Comparison  
186 S_ALR_87012015 Manual Depreciation  
187 S_ALR_87012016 Manual Depreciation  
188 S_ALR_87012017 Asset Balances for Group Assets  
189 S_ALR_87012018 Depreciation and Interest  
190 S_ALR_87012019 Depreciation and Interest  
191 S_ALR_87012020 Revaluation  
192 S_ALR_87012021 Revaluation  
193 S_ALR_87012022 Depreciation Posted to Cost Center  
194 S_ALR_87012023 Depreciation Posted to Cost Center  
195 S_ALR_87012024 Depreciation Simulation  
196 S_ALR_87012025 Depreciation Simulation  
197 S_ALR_87012026 Depreciation  
198 S_ALR_87012027 Depreciation  
199 S_ALR_87012028 Net Worth Valuation  
200 S_ALR_87012029 Net Worth Valuation  
201 S_ALR_87012030 Insurance Values  
202 S_ALR_87012031 Insurance Values  
203 S_ALR_87012032 Statement of Net Assets (Japan)  
204 S_ALR_87012033 Gain for Transfer of Reserves  
205 S_ALR_87012034 Gain for Transfer of Reserves  
206 S_ALR_87012035 Depreciation  
207 S_ALR_87012036 Depreciation  
208 S_ALR_87012037 Changes to Asset Master Records  
209 S_ALR_87012038 Changes to Asset Master Records  
210 S_ALR_87012039 Asset Transactions  
211 S_ALR_87012040 Asset Transactions  
212 S_ALR_87012041 Asset Balances  
213 S_ALR_87012042 Asset Balances  
214 S_ALR_87012043 G/L Account Balances  
215 S_ALR_87012044 G/L Account Balances  
216 S_ALR_87012045 Fixed Asset Ledger  
217 S_ALR_87012046 Asset Acquisitions(Mid-Quarter-Conv)  
218 S_ALR_87012047 Asset Acquisitions(Mid-Quarter-Conv)  
219 S_ALR_87012048 Asset Transactions  
220 S_ALR_87012049 Asset Transactions  
221 S_ALR_87012050 Asset Acquisitions  
222 S_ALR_87012051 Asset Acquisitions  
223 S_ALR_87012052 Asset Retirements  
224 S_ALR_87012053 Asset Retirements  
225 S_ALR_87012054 Intracompany Asset Transfers  
226 S_ALR_87012055 Intracompany Asset Transfers  
227 S_ALR_87012056 Directory of Unposted Assets  
228 S_ALR_87012057 Directory of Unposted Assets  
229 S_ALR_87012058 List of Origins of Asset Charges  
230 S_ALR_87012059 List of Origins of Asset Charges  
231 S_ALR_87012060 List of Origins by Cost Elements  
232 S_ALR_87012061 List of Origins by Cost Elements  
233 S_ALR_87012062 Asset Retirements (French Law)  
234 S_ALR_87012063 Asset Retirements (French Law)  
235 S_ALR_87012064 Depreciation  
236 S_ALR_87012065 Depreciation  
237 S_ALR_87012066 Analysis of Retirement Revenue  
238 S_ALR_87012067 Depreciation of Tang./Intang. Assets  
239 S_ALR_87012068 Depreciation of Tangible Assets  
240 S_ALR_87012069 Depreciation of Tang./Intang. Assets  
241 S_ALR_87012070 Depreciation of Tangible Assets  
242 S_ALR_87012071 Asset Depreciation and Tax Limits  
243 S_ALR_87012072 Scrap Value Depr. (Uniform Depr.)  
244 S_ALR_87012073 Depreciation of Tangible Assets  
245 S_ALR_87012074 Intangible Assets: Depreciation  
246 S_ALR_87012075 Asset History  
247 S_ALR_87012076 Asset History  
248 S_ALR_87012077 Vendor Information System  
249 S_ALR_87012078 Due Date Analysis for Open Items  
250 S_ALR_87012079 Transaction Figures: Account Balance  
251 S_ALR_87012080 Transaction Figures: Special Sales  
252 S_ALR_87012081 Transaction Figures: Sales  
253 S_ALR_87012082 Vendor Balances in Local Currency  
254 S_ALR_87012083 List of Vendor Open Items  
255 S_ALR_87012084 Open Items: Vendor Due Date Forecast  
256 S_ALR_87012085 Vendor Payment History  
257 S_ALR_87012086 Vendor List  
258 S_ALR_87012087 List of vendor addresses  
259 S_ALR_87012088 F2  
260 S_ALR_87012089 Display Changes to Vendors  
261 S_ALR_87012090 Display Critical Vendor Changes  
262 S_ALR_87012091 Vendor Balances in Local Currency  
263 S_ALR_87012092 List of Vendor Open Items  
264 S_ALR_87012093 Vendor Business  
265 S_ALR_87012094 Open Bus. Transactions by Delivery  
266 S_ALR_87012095 Extract for Aggregated Classic  
267 S_ALR_87012096 Account Balance from Aggregated  
268 S_ALR_87012097 Historical Balance Audit Trail Acc.  
269 S_ALR_87012098 Open Item Balance Audit Trail from  
270 S_ALR_87012099 Extract for Aggregated Open Item Bal  
271 S_ALR_87012100 Account Balance from Aggregated  
272 S_ALR_87012101 Open Item Balance Audit Trail Acc.  
273 S_ALR_87012102 Vendor Master Data Comparison  
274 S_ALR_87012103 List of Vendor Line Items  
275 S_ALR_87012104 List Of Cleared Vendor Items  
276 S_ALR_87012105 List Of Down Payments Open  
277 S_ALR_87012106 Payment Advice Overview  
278 S_ALR_87012107 Payment Advice Overview  
279 S_ALR_87012108 Payment Advice Overview(Header/Item)  
280 S_ALR_87012109 Payment Advice Overview(Header/Item)  
281 S_ALR_87012110 Payment Advice Notes: Reorganization  
282 S_ALR_87012111 Payment Advice Notes: Reorganization  
283 S_ALR_87012112 Calculation of Interest on Arrears  
284 S_ALR_87012113 Interest scale for vendors  
285 S_ALR_87012114 Bill of Exchange List  
286 S_ALR_87012115 Extended Bill of Exchange List (ALV)  
287 S_ALR_87012116 Copy Payment Advice for Due B./Exch.  
288 S_ALR_87012117 Copy Payment Advice to Due B./Exch.  
289 S_ALR_87012118 Bill of Exchange & Check Usage List  
290 S_ALR_87012119 Cashed Checks  
291 S_ALR_87012120 Payment Settlement List  
292 S_ALR_87012121 Payment Regulation: List of  
293 S_ALR_87012122 Withholding Tax Report for Vendor  
294 S_ALR_87012123 Withholding Tax Amounts and Income  
295 S_ALR_87012124 Self Withholding  
296 S_ALR_87012125 Social Security Withholding Tax  
297 S_ALR_87012126 Data Medium Exchange with Hard Disk  
298 S_ALR_87012127 Payts with Withholding Tax:Argentina  
299 S_ALR_87012128 Withholding Tax Certificates  
300 S_ALR_87012129 DIRF  
301 S_ALR_87012130 Withholding Tax Rep. (Belgium,281.50  
302 S_ALR_87012131 Withholding Tax Report to Tax Auth.  
303 S_ALR_87012132 Withholding Tax Report - France  
304 S_ALR_87012133 Form 770 Withholding Tax Report  
305 S_ALR_87012134 Withholding Tax Report for Vendor  
306 S_ALR_87012135 Withholding Tax Report to Tax Auth.  
307 S_ALR_87012136 Detailed Information/Total of Earnin  
308 S_ALR_87012137 Refundable Withholding Tax  
309 S_ALR_87012138 WH Tax Certificates (South Korea)  
310 S_ALR_87012139 Withholding Tax frm Business Earning  
311 S_ALR_87012140 Withh.Tax Return (DTA) to Tax Office  
312 S_ALR_87012141 Withh.Tax Return Model 210 Spain  
313 S_ALR_87012142 Postcard Printout 1099 Vendor Addr.  
314 S_ALR_87012143 1099 Listings  
315 S_ALR_87012144 1099 MISC form, tape reporting  
316 S_ALR_87012145 1042 Reporting (USA)  
317 S_ALR_87012146 Payment notice (+/-)  
318 S_ALR_87012147 Significant Trans. Cross Check CTTI  
319 S_ALR_87012148 Data Medium Exchange with Hard Disk  
320 S_ALR_87012149 Belgium : BLIW-IBLC : Open Items  
321 S_ALR_87012150 Registro de Entradas (Mod.1) + Lista  
322 S_ALR_87012151 List of Outgoing Documents  
323 S_ALR_87012152 Production Control Record  
324 S_ALR_87012153 Physical Inventory Overview  
325 S_ALR_87012154 Registro de Apuração do IPI (Modelo  
326 S_ALR_87012155 Registro de Apuração do ICMS (Modelo  
327 S_ALR_87012158 Arquivo Magnético / Convênio ICMS 13  
328 S_ALR_87012160 Customer / Vendor / G/L Account  
329 S_ALR_87012161 Requirement to Report Payments  
330 S_ALR_87012162 German Foreign Trade Regulations  
331 S_ALR_87012163 German Foreign Trade Reg. Report  
332 S_ALR_87012164 Top Vendors Report  
333 S_ALR_87012165 Vendor Balances (Poland)  
334 S_ALR_87012166 Tax Vendor List (Russian Federation)  
335 S_ALR_87012167 Accounts Rec. Information System  
336 S_ALR_87012168 Due Date Analysis for Open Items  
337 S_ALR_87012169 Transaction Figures: Account Balance  
338 S_ALR_87012170 Transaction Figures: Special Sales  
339 S_ALR_87012171 Transaction Figures: Sales  
340 S_ALR_87012172 Customer Balances in Local Currency  
341 S_ALR_87012173 List of Customer Open Items  
342 S_ALR_87012174 List of Customer Open Items  
343 S_ALR_87012175 Open Items: Customer Due Date Forec.  
344 S_ALR_87012176 Customer Eval. with OI Sorted List  
345 S_ALR_87012177 Customer Payment History  
346 S_ALR_87012178 Customer Open Item Analysis(Overdue)  
347 S_ALR_87012179 Customer List  
348 S_ALR_87012180 List of customer addresses  
349 S_ALR_87012181 F2  
350 S_ALR_87012182 Display Changes to Customers  
351 S_ALR_87012183 Display Critical Customer Changes  
352 S_ALR_87012184 Customer Balances in Local Currency  
353 S_ALR_87012185 List of Customer Open Items  
354 S_ALR_87012186 Customer Sales  
355 S_ALR_87012187 Extract for Aggregated Classic  
356 S_ALR_87012188 Account Balance from Aggregated  
357 S_ALR_87012189 Historical Balance Audit Trail Acc.  
358 S_ALR_87012190 Open Item Balance Audit Trail from  
359 S_ALR_87012191 Extract for Aggregated Open Item Bal  
360 S_ALR_87012192 Account Balance from Aggregated  
361 S_ALR_87012193 Open Item Balance Audit Trail Acc.  
362 S_ALR_87012194 Open Down Payments  
363 S_ALR_87012195 Customer Master Data Comparison  
364 S_ALR_87012196 Customer Payment History  
365 S_ALR_87012197 List of Customer Line Items  
366 S_ALR_87012198 List of Cleared Customer Items  
367 S_ALR_87012199 Open Down Payments  
368 S_ALR_87012200 Payment Advice Overview  
369 S_ALR_87012201 Payment Advice Overview  
370 S_ALR_87012202 Payment Advice Overview(Header/Item)  
371 S_ALR_87012203 Payment Advice Overview(Header/Item)  
372 S_ALR_87012204 Payment Advice Notes: Reorganization  
373 S_ALR_87012205 Payment Advice Notes: Reorganization  
374 S_ALR_87012206 Calculation of Interest on Arrears  
375 S_ALR_87012207 Customer Interest Scale  
376 S_ALR_87012208 Bill of Exchange List  
377 S_ALR_87012209 Extended Bill of Exchange List (ALV)  
378 S_ALR_87012210 Data Medium Exchange with Disk  
379 S_ALR_87012211 Maintain Bill of Exchange Liability  
380 S_ALR_87012212 Multi-Level Dunning Bill of Exch.Req  
381 S_ALR_87012213 Bill of Exchange Management  
382 S_ALR_87012214 Customers With Missing Credit Data  
383 S_ALR_87012215 Display Changes to Credit Management  
384 S_ALR_87012216 Credit Limit Overview  
385 S_ALR_87012217 Credit Overview  
386 S_ALR_87012218 Credit Master Sheet  
387 S_ALR_87012219 Credit Mgmt: Early Warning List  
388 S_ALR_87012220 Reset Credit Limit for Customers  
389 S_ALR_87012221 Credit Limit Data Mass Change  
390 S_ALR_87012222 Printing of Documents (No Payments)  
391 S_ALR_87012223 Payment Notice (Accounts Receivable)  
392 S_ALR_87012224 Gross Income Additional Tax Listing  
393 S_ALR_87012225 Multilateral Agreement Coefficient  
394 S_ALR_87012226 Gross Income Declaration  
395 S_ALR_87012227 Significant Trans. Cross Check CTTI  
396 S_ALR_87012228 Data Medium Exchange with Hard Disk  
397 S_ALR_87012229 Belgium:BLIW-IBLC:Open Items Foreign  
398 S_ALR_87012230 Registro de Entradas (Mod.1) + Lista  
399 S_ALR_87012231 List of Outgoing Documents  
400 S_ALR_87012232 Production Control Record  
401 S_ALR_87012233 Physical Inventory Overview  
402 S_ALR_87012234 Registro de Apuração do IPI (Modelo  
403 S_ALR_87012235 Registro de Apuração do ICMS (Modelo  
404 S_ALR_87012238 Arquivo Magnético / Convênio ICMS 13  
405 S_ALR_87012240 Customer / Vendor / G/L Account  
406 S_ALR_87012241 List of Open Items  
407 S_ALR_87012242 Issued Notas Fiscais  
408 S_ALR_87012243 German Foreign Trade Regulations  
409 S_ALR_87012244 German Foreign Trade Reg. Report  
410 S_ALR_87012245 Top Customers Report  
411 S_ALR_87012246 Top Customers Report  
412 S_ALR_87012247 Customer Balances (Poland)  
413 S_ALR_87012248 Tax Customer List (Russia)  
414 S_ALR_87012249 Actual/Actual Comparison for Year  
415 S_ALR_87012250 Half-Year Actual/Actual Comparison  
416 S_ALR_87012251 Quarterly Actual/Actual Comparison  
417 S_ALR_87012252 Periodic Actual/Actual Comparison  
418 S_ALR_87012253 Annual plan/actual comparison  
419 S_ALR_87012254 Half-Year Plan/Actual Comparison  
420 S_ALR_87012255 Quarterly Plan/Actual Comparison  
421 S_ALR_87012256 Periodic Plan/Actual Comparison  
422 S_ALR_87012257 10-Year Actual/Actual Comparison  
423 S_ALR_87012258 Balance sheet for Portugal: Assets  
424 S_ALR_87012259 Balance Sheet Portugal: Liabilities  
425 S_ALR_87012260 Balance Sheet for Portugal: P+L Part  
426 S_ALR_87012261 Balance Sheet - Assets (Slovakia)  
427 S_ALR_87012262 Balance Sheet:Liabilities (Slovakia)  
428 S_ALR_87012263 Profit and Loss Statement (Slovakia)  
429 S_ALR_87012264 Cash flow (Slovakia)  
430 S_ALR_87012265 Balance Sheet: Assets (Czech Rep.)  
431 S_ALR_87012266 Bal. Sheet: Liabilities (Czech Rep.)  
432 S_ALR_87012267 Profit/Loss: Czech Republic  
433 S_ALR_87012268 Cash flow: Czech Republic  
434 S_ALR_87012269 Balance using C/S (German Trade Law)  
435 S_ALR_87012270 Profit and Loss Statement(Per.Acctg)  
436 S_ALR_87012271 Cash Flow (Direct Method)  
437 S_ALR_87012272 Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant  
438 S_ALR_87012273 Cash Flow (Indirect Method) Variant  
439 S_ALR_87012274 Cash Flow (AJI-03 Form)  
440 S_ALR_87012275 Totals and Balances  
441 S_ALR_87012276 G/L Account Balances  
442 S_ALR_87012277 G/L Account Balances  
443 S_ALR_87012278 Structured Account Balances  
444 S_ALR_87012279 Structured Account Balances  
445 S_ALR_87012280 General Ledger Line Items  
446 S_ALR_87012281 General Ledger Line Items  
447 S_ALR_87012282 General Ledger Line Items  
448 S_ALR_87012283 Balance Sheet/P+L Statement  
449 S_ALR_87012284 Financial Statements  
450 S_ALR_87012285 Adjusted Balance Sheet Comparison  
451 S_ALR_87012286 Document Journal  
452 S_ALR_87012287 Document Journal  
453 S_ALR_87012288 Compact Document Journal  
454 S_ALR_87012289 Compact Document Journal  
455 S_ALR_87012290 Line Item Journal  
456 S_ALR_87012291 Line Item Journal  
457 S_ALR_87012292 Display of Changed Documents  
458 S_ALR_87012293 Display of Changed Documents  
459 S_ALR_87012294 Compact Document Journal  
460 S_ALR_87012295 Daily Report for Bank and Payment  
461 S_ALR_87012296 Journal  
462 S_ALR_87012297 Compact Journal (Poland)  
463 S_ALR_87012298 Balance Sheet/P+L Statement  
464 S_ALR_87012299 Balance Sheet/P+L Statement  
465 S_ALR_87012300 G/L Account Balances  
466 S_ALR_87012301 G/L Account Balances  
467 S_ALR_87012302 G/L Account Balances  
468 S_ALR_87012303 G/L Account Balances  
469 S_ALR_87012304 General Ledger Line Items  
470 S_ALR_87012305 General Ledger Line Items  
471 S_ALR_87012306 General Ledger Line Items  
472 S_ALR_87012307 Display Changes to G/L Accounts  
473 S_ALR_87012308 Display Changes to G/L Accounts  
474 S_ALR_87012309 Cash Journal  
475 S_ALR_87012310 Preliminary Bal. Sheet -Requirement:  
476 S_ALR_87012311 G/L Account Balances (Poland)  
477 S_ALR_87012312 General Ledger from Document File  
478 S_ALR_87012313 G/L Corresponding Accounts (Russia)  
479 S_ALR_87012314 Extract for Aggregated Classic  
480 S_ALR_87012315 Account Balance from Aggregated  
481 S_ALR_87012316 Historical Balance Audit Trail Acc.  
482 S_ALR_87012317 Open Item Balance Audit Trail from  
483 S_ALR_87012318 Extract for Aggregated Open Item Bal  
484 S_ALR_87012319 Account Balance from Aggregated  
485 S_ALR_87012320 Open Item Balance Audit Trail Acc.  
486 S_ALR_87012321 Bill of Exchange List  
487 S_ALR_87012322 Bill of Exchange List  
488 S_ALR_87012323 Extended Bill of Exchange Info  
489 S_ALR_87012324 Extended Bill of Exchange Info  
490 S_ALR_87012325 Chart of Accounts  
491 S_ALR_87012326 Chart of Accounts  
492 S_ALR_87012327 G/L Account List  
493 S_ALR_87012328 G/L Account List  
494 S_ALR_87012329 Account Assignment Manual  
495 S_ALR_87012330 Account Assignment Manual  
496 S_ALR_87012331 Customer / Vendor / G/L Account  
497 S_ALR_87012332 Customer / Vendor / G/L Account  
498 S_ALR_87012333 G/L accounts list  
499 S_ALR_87012334 Average Balances Period Version LC  
500 S_ALR_87012335 Average Balances Period Version TC