SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index C, page 13
Transaction Code - C
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 CX68 Equity Holdings Adjustments FICASS00
2 CX69 Value Changes: Goodwill in LC FICGWA20
3 CX6C1 Customizing of Cons. of Investments FICCOI90
4 CX6C2 Subitems for Equity Aging Report FICCSH00
5 CX6C3 Check Customizing of Cons of Investm FICCOIB0
6 CX6F0 Goodwill Amortization/Writeup FICGWA10
7 CX6F1 Match Activity Numbers f. Inv./Eqty FICCOI40
8 CX6F2 Fair Value Adjustments FICVIM00
9 CX6F3 Reporting Fair Value Adjustment Data FICVIM00
10 CX6F4 Rptd Data, FVA: Reporting FICHIR00
11 CX6F5 Changes to Eliminated Fair Value Adj FICHRA00
12 CX6F6 Fair Value Adjustments FICLMDV0
13 CX70 Rollup SAPMF271
14 CX71 Generation of cons group sets FICSGN00
15 CX72 Number ranges for set generation SAPMSNUM
16 CX73 Rollup batch processing FICRUP00
17 CX7B0 Read Customizing Data from SAP BW FICVIM00
18 CX7B1 Data transfer initialization FICBIW00
19 CX7B2 Comparison data slice BCS and BW FICBIW10
20 CX7B3 Read from InfoCube FICBIW20
21 CX7F0 List of Ownership FICLCU00
22 CXA0 Mass reversal FICRVS00
23 CXA1 FS item hierarchies  
24 CXA2 Item Categories FICVIM00
25 CXA3 CU: Assign validation groups  
26 CXA4 CG / Validation Group Assignments  
27 CXA5 HI: Assign cons tasks  
28 CXA6 CU/CG: Assign contact person  
29 CXA7 Positions of contact persons  
30 CXA8 Fiscal year variants  
31 CXA9 Reasons for Inclusion FICVIM00
32 CXAA Hierarchy levels FICVIM00
33 CXAB Assign hierarchy levels  
34 CXAC Assign hierarchy levels  
35 CXAD Organizational elements  
36 CXAE Char. Values of Org. Elements  
37 CXAF Org. Element Relationships  
38 CXAG HI levels with general structure  
39 CXAH Hierarchy Level Relationships FICVIM00
40 CXAO CU / Translation Method Assignments FICVIM00
41 CXAP Cons Unit/Tax Rate Assignments FICVIM00
42 CXAQ Cons: CU: Validation Assignment FICVIM00
43 CXAR Mass Changes - Cons Units FICCUC00
44 CXAS Mass Changes - Cons Groups FICCGC00
45 CXB1 Versions FICVIM00
46 CXB2 Consolidation frequencies FICVIM00
47 CXB3 Global System Settings FICVIM00
48 CXB4 Generate Authorizations for CGs FICACG00
49 CXB5 Central maintenance of master data FICACG10
51 CXBW0 Initial Data Transfer FICBIW00
52 CXBW1 Comparison of Data Slice FICBIW10
53 CXC0 Selection criteria FICDOW20  
54 CXC2 Data Entry Groups FICVIM00
55 CXC4 Data entry profiles FICVIM00
56 CXC5 Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW00 FICVIM00
57 CXC6 Cons: Selection parameters FICDOW10 FICVIM00
58 CXC8 Assign PC Pathname to CG/CU FICVIM00
59 CXC9 Period Categories FICVIM00
60 CXCA Financial data types FICVIM00
61 CXCC Upload Methods: Reported Fin. Data FICVIM00
62 CXCD Data Monitor FICMON00
63 CXCD_WEB Data Monitor for SAPGUI for HTML  
64 CXCE Data Monitor for a Cons Unit FICMON20
65 CXCF Cons Monitor for a Cons Group FICMON30
66 CXCK Copy Totals Records FICCPY00
67 CXCL Cons: Item Substitution/Ret.Earnings FICCHI00
68 CXCR Delete Totals Records FICDLR00
69 CXCX Report Selection RKKBRPTR
70 CXCY Customizing of Report Selection SAPMKKB5
71 CXD1 Currency translation methods FICVIM00
72 CXD2 Exchange Rate Indicators FICVIM00
73 CXD3 Cur.Trl.aff.Earnings: FS Items FICVIM00
74 CXDL Delete trans. data in Cons ledger RGUDEL00
75 CXDL1 Delete trans. data in Cons ledger SAPMGCU3
76 CXDT_EXT Translation: Decentral Texts FICTRA00
77 CXDT_INT Translation: Miscellaneous Texts FICTRA00
78 CXDT_T884M Translation: Cur.Translation Methods FICVIM00
79 CXDT_TF100 Translation: FS Items FICVIM00
80 CXDT_TF103 Translation: Breakdown Categories FICVIM00
81 CXDT_TF105 Translation: FS Item Categories FICVIM00
82 CXDT_TF110 Translation: Subitems FICVIM00
83 CXDT_TF115 Translation: Subitems FICVIM00
84 CXDT_TF120 Translation: Cons Charts of Accounts FICVIM00
85 CXDT_TF130 Translation: FS Item Hierarchies FICVIM00
86 CXDT_TF150 Translation: Dimensions FICVIM00
87 CXDT_TF160 Translation: Cons Units FICVIM00
88 CXDT_TF170 Translation: Positions of Contacts FICVIM00
89 CXDT_TF173 Translation: Reasons for Inclusion FICVIM00
90 CXDT_TF180 Translation: Cons Groups FICVIM00
91 CXDT_TF190 Translation: Hierarchies FICVIM00
92 CXDT_TF195 Translation: Hierarchy Levels FICVIM00
93 CXDT_TF200 Translation: Versions FICVIM00
94 CXDT_TF202 Translate: Versions of Structures FICVIM00
95 CXDT_TF204 Translate: Versions of Data Entry FICVIM00
96 CXDT_TF206 Translate: Versions of CT Methods FICVIM00
97 CXDT_TF208 Translate: Versions of Exch. Rates FICVIM00
98 CXDT_TF210 Translate: Versions of Ledgers FICVIM00
99 CXDT_TF212 Translate: Versions of Selected Itms FICVIM00
100 CXDT_TF214 Translation: Tax Rate Versions FICVIM00
101 CXDT_TF216 Translation: C/I Method Versions FICVIM00
102 CXDT_TF218 Translation: Investment Versions FICVIM00
103 CXDT_TF220 Translation: Equity Capital Versions FICVIM00
104 CXDT_TF222 Translation: Hidden Reserve Versions FICVIM00
105 CXDT_TF224 Translation: Elim.Hidden Res.Version FICVIM00
106 CXDT_TF226 Translation: Earnings Versions FICVIM00
107 CXDT_TF228 Translation: Goodwill Versions FICVIM00
108 CXDT_TF230 Translation: Task Versions FICVIM00
109 CXDT_TF232 Translation: Reclassification Vers. FICVIM00
110 CXDT_TF234 Translation: Versions for Elim. IPI FICVIM00
111 CXDT_TF236 Translation: Versions for Attributes FICVIM00
112 CXDT_TF240 Translation: Cons Frequencies FICVIM00
113 CXDT_TF310 Translation: Data Entry Groups FICVIM00
114 CXDT_TF320 Translate: Financial Data Types FICVIM00
115 CXDT_TF325 Translation: Period Categories FICVIM00
116 CXDT_TF380 Translation: Upload Methods FICVIM00
117 CXDT_TF400 Translation: Cur.Translation Methods FICVIM00
118 CXDT_TF420 Translation: Exchange Rate Ind. FICVIM00
119 CXDT_TF500 Translation: Document Types FICVIM00
120 CXDT_TF515 Translation: Journal Entry Layouts FICVIM00
121 CXDT_TF530 Translation: Task Groups FICVIM00
122 CXDT_TF540 Translation: Tasks FICVIM00
123 CXDT_TF550 Translation: Consolidation Methods FICVIM00
124 CXDT_TF665 Translation: Scope for Equity Method FICVIM00
125 CXDT_TFIN003 Translation: Consolidation Types FICVIM00
126 CXE0 Task groups FICVIM00
127 CXE0P Assignment Archiving Log FICVIM00
128 CXE1 Document Types FICVIM00
129 CXE2 Consolidation task groups  
130 CXE3 Consolidation tasks  
131 CXE5 Post selected items FICVIM00
132 CXE6 Tasks for IU Elimination FICVIM00
133 CXE7 Methods for Interunit Elimination FICVIM00
134 CXE8 Tasks for IU Elimination FICVIM00
135 CXE9 IMG  
136 CXE9N Start IMG for SAP Cons (internal) FICIMG00
137 CXEA Tasks for Reclassification FICVIM00
138 CXEAD Check Reclassification, Data Monitor FICRCLC0
139 CXEAK Check Reclassification, Cons Monitor FICRCLC0
140 CXEB Methods for Reclassification FICVIM00
141 CXEC Reclassification FICRCL00
142 CXED Tasks for Prep.for Cons Group Change FICVIM00
143 CXEE Cons: Contra Items / Ret. Earnings FICVIM00
144 CXEF Cons: Rollup Standardized Fin. Data FICVIM00
145 CXEG IMG: Doc.Types for Man.Posting - DM FICVIM00
146 CXEH IMG: Doc.Types for Reclassific. - DM FICVIM00
147 CXEI IMG: Doc.Types for Prep/CG Chgs - DM FICVIM00
148 CXEJ IMG: Doc.Types for Man.Posting - CM FICVIM00
149 CXEK IMG: Doc.Types for Reclassific. - CM FICVIM00
150 CXEL IMG: Doc.Types for Prep/CG Chgs - CM FICVIM00
151 CXEM IMG: Doc.Types for IU Elimination FICVIM00
152 CXEN IMG: Doc.Types for Cons of Investmts FICVIM00
153 CXEO IMG: Doc. Types for Realtime Update FICVIM00
154 CXEP IMG: Document types for EIPI FICVIM00
155 CXEU1 ECCS EURO: Populate Euro Units FICEUR50
156 CXEU2 ECCS EURO: Maintain Euro Units  
157 CXEU3 ECCS EURO: Select Ledger  
158 CXEU4 ECCS Euro: Status Management FICEUR51
159 CXEU5 ECCS EURO: Selected Items  
160 CXEUA ECCS EURO: Reconcile Totals Records FICEUR00
161 CXEUB ECCS EURO: Additional Financial Data FICEUR10
162 CXEUC ECCS Euro: Integration FICEUR20
163 CXG1 Integrated Entry from Invest./Equity FICVIM00
164 CXGP Global parameters SAPMF200
165 CXGWMIG Migration of Goodwill Entries FICGWM00
166 CXH1 Minority Interest Items FICVIM00
167 CXH2 Appropriation Items for the Group FICVIM00
168 CXH3 Minority Appropriation Items FICVIM00
169 CXH4 Statistical Equity Capital FICVIM00
170 CXH5 Other Comprehensive Income FICVIM00
171 CXH6 Oth.Compreh.Income: Offsetting Item FICVIM00
172 CXHA Distribution of Dividends FICVIM00
173 CXHB Director's Bonus FICVIM00
174 CXI0 Global Settings for C/I FICVIM00
175 CXI1 Consolidation of investments tasks FICVIM00
176 CXI2 C/I system utilization FICVIM00
177 CXI3 C/I Activities: Default Sequence FICVIM00
178 CXI4 Consolidation of investments methods FICVIM00
179 CXI5 Activity/Method Type: Asgn Doc.Types FICVIM00
180 CXI6 C/I Activities: Goodwill Treatment FICVIM00
181 CXI9 Selected Items for C/I FICVIM00
182 CXIA Consolidation tasks FICVIM00
183 CXIB Cons Tasks: Assign Document Type FICVIM00
184 CXJ1 Equity Method: Scope of Rptd Data FICVIM00
185 CXJ2 Reported Items for Equity Method FICVIM00
186 CXJ3 Posted Items in Equity Consolidation FICVIM00
187 CXJ4 Reported items for investments FICVIM00
188 CXJ5 Reported Items for Changes in Equity FICVIM00
189 CXL1 Create Ledger SAPMGCU0
190 CXL2 Change Ledger SAPMGCU0
191 CXL3 Display Ledger SAPMGCU0
192 CXL4 Delete Ledger SAPMGCU0
193 CXLP1 Display Archived Audit Trail FICLPROT
194 CXLP2 Delete Archived Logs FICLPDEL
195 CXM0 Migrate Master Data EC-CS - SEM-BCS FICMIG10
196 CXM01 Migration EC-CS - SEM-BCS: Mapping FICVIM00
197 CXM1 Edit Method Hierarchies FICCOI10
198 CXM2 Display method hierarchies FICCOI10
199 CXMF Changeover to Physical File Names FICFMG00
200 CXN0 Map Secondary Cost Elements FICVIM00
201 CXN001 Delete Docs from Realtime Updates FICDELRUDOC00
202 CXN01 Maintain Transaction Types of Cons FICVIM00
203 CXN011 Define Profit Center Groupings FICVIM00
204 CXN013 Integr. Cons Units - PrCtr Cons FICVIM00
205 CXN023 Integr. Cons Groups - PrCtr Cons FICVIM00
206 CXN1 Map Charts/Accts to Cons Charts/Acct FICICA00
207 CXN2 Compare G/L Charts and Cons Charts FICICA10
208 CXN3 Rules for ID Combination FICVIM00
209 CXN4 Convert Collection of CU Master Data FICVIM00
210 CXN41 Realtime Update: Ledger Selection FICVIM00
211 CXN5 Assign Company Codes/Business Areas FICVIM00
212 CXN6 Cons Type and Dimension Assignments FICVIM00
213 CXN7 Download Rollup-related Data FICIRD00
214 CXN8 Upload Rollup-related Data FICIRU00
215 CXNA Download PCA Hierarchies FICPCD00
216 CXNB Download Business Areas/Companies FICBAD00
217 CXNC EC-PCA Trx.Data: Cost Elem./Activity FICPCAA1
218 CXND EC-PCA Trx.Data: Partner Info FICPCAA2
219 CXNE List CO Cost Elements by Category FICPCACE
220 CXNF Assign G/L chart and Cons chart FICVIM00
221 CXNG Integrated Cons Units FICICA20
222 CXNH Display Integrated Cons Units FICVIM00
223 CXNI Display Items from Integration FICVIM00
224 CXNJ Display Subitems from Integration FICVIM00
225 CXNL Cons: Download PrCtr Master/Hier. FICPCAD1
226 CXNM Follow-up pstng FI-Doc. (Tot. table) RGUREC10
227 CXNN Write Periodic Extract FICMBU00
228 CXNN1 Totals Record Display SAPLGD13
229 CXNO Delete Realtime-Updated Documents FICICA60
230 CXNP Copy Group Accounts to FS Items FICCOA00
231 CXNQ Display Transferred Documents FICICA30
232 CXNR Reconc. totals record General/ConsSL FICICA50
233 CXNT Subsequent Integration of Org Units FICICA70
234 CXNU Maintain Field Movement/Real.Update FICFMV00
235 CXNV Maintain Group Acct in G/L Account RGCPOS02
236 CXNW Subseq.Posting of FI Docs->ConsPrep. RGUREC10
237 CXNX Reconcile FI/Cons at Document Level FICICA80
238 CXNX1 Reconcile Trans. of G/L with Cons. FICICA40
239 CXNY Set/Display Lock Mode for Rollup FICRUL00
240 CXNZ Reconciliation Totals Consolidation FICREC00
241 CXOC1 Organizational Change Numbers FICVIM00
242 CXOC2 Top Groups, Organizational Changes FICVIM00
243 CXP0 Call Log Display FICLOG00
244 CXP01 Migration EC-CS - SEM-BCS: Log  
245 CXP1 Assign Task groups FICVIM00
246 CXP2 Tasks for Carryforward FICVIM00
247 CXP3 Tasks for Data Collection FICVIM00
248 CXP4 Tasks for Validation of Rptd Data FICVIM00
249 CXP5 Tasks for Manual Posting FICVIM00
250 CXP6 Tasks for Currency Translation FICVIM00
251 CXP7 Tasks for Valid.of Standardized Data FICVIM00
252 CXP8 Tasks for Rollups FICVIM00
253 CXP9 Tasks for Valid.of consolidated data FICVIM00
254 CXPGW1 Reported Items for Push-down Method FICVIM00
255 CXPGW2 Posting Items for Push-down Method FICVIM00
256 CXPGW3 List of Reported Push-down Data FICPGW00
257 CXR0 Run drilldown report SAPMKCEE
258 CXR1 Create drilldown report SAPMKCEE
259 CXR2 Change drilldown report SAPMKCEE
260 CXR3 Display drilldown report SAPMKCEE
261 CXR4 Form for creating reports SAPMKES1
262 CXR5 Form for changing reports SAPMKES1
263 CXR6 Form for displaying reports SAPMKES1
264 CXRA Maintain Variant Groups RKDBATV3
265 CXRB Maintain Variants RKDBAT02
266 CXRC Schedule Variant Groups RKDBATV4
267 CXRD Create Variant Groups RKDBATV5
268 CXRE Reorganization of Variant Groups RKDREOVG
269 CXRF Characteristic Group Maintenance RKE_CALL_VC_TKEP7
270 CXRH Hierarchy Maintenance SAPMKXHI
271 CXRI Overview of Reports RKDREOBE
272 CXRK Maintain Key Figures RMCTCXRK
273 CXRM Test monitor - drilldown reports SAPMKCB9
274 CXRO Transport reports RKCOBTR2
275 CXRP Transport forms RKCOBTR4
276 CXRQ Import Reports from Client RCNRCJES
277 CXRR Import Layouts from Client RCNRCJEW
278 CXRT Translation Tool - Drilldown Reports RKCTRTX1
279 CXRU Cross-table translation keys SAPMKCC0
280 CXRV Maintain global variables RKES0101
281 CXRW Convert Drilldown Reports SAPMKCB9
282 CXRX Reorganize Drilldown Reports RKDREOBE
283 CXRY Reorganize report data RKDREODA_NEW
284 CXRZ Reorganize Forms RKDREOFO
285 CXS1 Carry Forward Balances FICBCF00
286 CXS3 Carryforward Items FICVIM00
287 CXS4 Non-carryforward Items FICVIM00
288 CXSA Display Set Maintenance SAPMF21S
289 CXSB Change Set Maintenance SAPMF21S
290 CXSC Create Set Maintenance SAPMF21S
291 CXSD Delete Set Maintenance SAPMF21S
292 CXSTPMIG C/I: Migration of Stat. Postings FICC2I00
293 CXSTPMIG2 C/I: Reclass. of Stat. GW Items FICCOI50
294 CXV1 Validation FICVAL00
295 CXV2 Create Validation FICVAL10
296 CXV3 Change Validation FICVAL10
297 CXV4 Display Validation FICVAL10
298 CXV5 Maintain equivalency relationship FICVIM00
299 CXVM Call View Maintenance SAPMF200
300 CY00 Engineering Menu MENUCY00
301 CY38 Resource planning format SAPLCYPP05
302 CY39 Sort layout key maintenance SAPLCYPP05
303 CY40 Planning table sort key maintenance  
304 CZ48_1 PS-CM: Create Planning Layout SAPMKES1
305 CZ48_2 PS-CM: Change Planning Layout SAPMKES1
306 CZ48_3 PS-CM: Display Planning Layout SAPMKES1
307 CZ48_4 Transport Planning Layouts KPCM_LAYOUT_TRANSPORT
308 CZ48_5 Import Planning Layouts KPCM_LAYOUT_IMPORT
309 C_CDB_ORDER_ARC_DEL CDB Reorganization: deletion CDB_ORDER_ARC_DEL
310 C_CDB_ORDER_ARC_REL CDB Reorganization: reloading CDB_ORDER_ARC_REL
311 C_CDB_ORDER_ARC_SEL CDB Reorganization: selections  
312 C_CDB_ORDER_ARC_STAT CDB Reorganization: statuses CDB_ORDER_ARC_STAT