SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index C, page 7
Transaction Code - C
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 CNV_10030_VIEWCLUST Viewcluster maintenance CNV_10030_VIEW_CLUSTER
2 CNV_10030_VIEWS View maintenance CNV_10030_VIEWS
3 CNV_10100_01 Convert sets RGSOLD2N
4 CNV_10100_02 Delete sets RGSOLDDL
5 CNV_10100_03 Convert sets RGX_SETS_TO_40
6 CNV_10100_C_ANAL_SET Analyze Set Classes  
7 CNV_10100_C_DEL_DUPL Clarify Duplicate Set Values  
8 CNV_10100_C_DUPREC Determine Set duplicate records  
9 CNV_10100_C_INTERVAL Determine Set Intervals  
10 CNV_10100_C_IV_BRDWN Break Down Set Intervals  
11 CNV_10100_C_OLD_SET Check old set data tables CNV_10100_CHECK_OLD_SET_TABLE
12 CNV_10100_C_RELOCATE Relocate Set Hierarchy CNV_10100_RELOCATE_HIERARCHY
13 CNV_10100_C_SETCHECK Check changed Sets  
14 CNV_10210_CUST NCE Settings  
15 CNV_10210_DOMS NCE Subobject Domains  
16 CNV_10210_INFO NCE: Original & New Numbers CNV_10210_SHOW_TRACK
17 CNV_10210_NCE_ANA Analyse number range objects  
18 CNV_10210_NCE_CHECK NCE: completeness check  
19 CNV_10210_NCE_DET Determine number range objects  
20 CNV_10210_NCE_FINAL Final adaptation of NR settings  
21 CNV_10210_NCE_GEN Generate NCE mappings  
22 CNV_10210_NCE_INIT Initialize NCE for CWB  
23 CNV_10210_NCE_MAINT Local knowledge base: maintenance CNV_10210_NCE_MAINTAIN
24 CNV_10210_NCE_MAP Manual maintenance of NCE mapping CNV_10210_NCE_MAPPING
25 CNV_10210_NCE_SIMU_A Simulation During System Lock  
26 CNV_10210_NCE_SIMU_B Simulation Before System Lock  
27 CNV_10210_NRIV Manual processing of NRIV CNV_10210_NCE_NRIV
28 CNV_10210_TNRO NCE Settings  
29 CNV_10310_ANA Maintenance of CNV_INTR_FLD_ANA  
30 CNV_10310_ANALYSE Analyze intransp. fields CNV_10310_ANALYSE_INTR_FLDS
31 CNV_10310_ANALYSE2 Exclude non-relev. intransp. fields CNV_10310_ANALYSE2
32 CNV_10310_ANA_CL Analysis of intransp. fields: Tables  
33 CNV_10310_ANR_CL Analysis of intransp. fields: Rule  
34 CNV_10310_ANT_CL Analysis of intransp. fields: Text  
35 CNV_10310_CREATE Create check routines for intr.flds  
36 CNV_10310_DEFINE Maintain intransp. fields (defin.)  
37 CNV_10310_JOBS_START Start analysis jobs CNV_10310_JOBS_START
38 CNV_10310_MAINTAIN Maintenance of the non-transp. flds CNV_10310_MAINTAIN_TSTRUC
39 CNV_10310_MAINT_ANA Setting of analysis for intr. fields CNV_10310_MAINTAIN_ANALYSIS
40 CNV_10310_SET_JOBS Specify number of batch jobs CNV_10310_SET_JOBS
41 CNV_10310_STRUC Strukcure maint. for intr. fields CNV_10310_MAINTAIN_TSTRUC1
42 CNV_10310_VIEW Display structure for intr. field  
43 CNV_10400_MAINTAIN Maintain Scharacteristics for Conver CNV_10400_MAINTAIN
44 CNV_10400_SELECTION Select/Prepare Characteristics  
45 CNV_10500_NEWGL Start program for new G/L CNV_10500_MAINT_FIELDS
46 CNV_10501_CONFIRM Confirm execution of CHECK-reports CNV_10501_CONFIRM_CHECKS
47 CNV_10501_PREPARE Start program for new G/L CNV_10501_MAINT_FIELDS
48 CNV_10510_CREATEMAP Create mapping for FI-CA connection  
49 CNV_10520_CREATEMAP Create mapping for foreign curr  
50 CNV_10940 Transaction for Report Variant CNV_10940_MAIN
51 CNV_10940_CCD_RVSA Execute the Analyse steps for scan CNV_10940_RVS_INIT
52 CNV_10940_COA_RVSA Execute the Analyse steps for scan CNV_10940_RVS_INIT
53 CNV_10940_COA_RVSAC Execute Analyse & Conversion steps CNV_10940_RVS_INIT
54 CNV_10940_COA_RVSC Execute the Conversion step for scan CNV_10940_RVS_INIT
55 CNV_10940_RVSAC_GEN Generic RVS - Analysis & Conversion CNV_10940_RVS_INIT
56 CNV_10940_VIEW Maint. View for Table CNV_10940_str  
57 CNV_10992_DATA_CHECK Check existing text data  
58 CNV_10992_FIND Find unknown text objects CNV_10992_FIND_UNKNOWN_OBJECTS
59 CNV_10992_FIND_UNKNO Find unknown text objects CNV_10992_POPUP_SEARCH
60 CNV_10992_FORMS_CHK Check form routines to be used  
61 CNV_10992_JOBS_START Start search jobs CNV_10992_JOBS_START
62 CNV_10992_MAINTAIN Maintenance of text object table CNV_10992_MAINTAIN_TEXTOBJECTS
63 CNV_10992_PARALLEL Process STXH and STXL in parallel?  
64 CNV_10992_SET_JOBS Specify number of batch jobs CNV_10992_SET_JOBS
65 CNV_10993 Code Scan Transaction CNV_10993_CODE_SCAN_MAIN
66 CNV_10993_CCD_CS SHC: Coding Scan for CCD CNV_10993_TRIGGER_CODESCAN
67 CNV_10993_COA_CS SHC: Coding Scan for COA CNV_10993_TRIGGER_CODESCAN
68 CNV_10993_CS_GEN SHC: Coding Scan for CCD CNV_10993_TRIGGER_CODESCAN
69 CNV_10993_DISPLAY transaction to display results CNV_10993_DISPLAY_MAIN
70 CNV_10993_VIEW Maint. View for Table CNV_10993_STAT  
71 CNV_10994_CDPOS Find unknown objects in CDPOS  
73 CNV_10994_DATA_CHECK Check existing change document data  
74 CNV_10994_FIND Find unknown change document objects CNV_10994_FIND_UNKNOWN_OBJECTS
75 CNV_10994_FIND_UNKNO Find unknown change document objects CNV_10994_POPUP_SEARCH
76 CNV_10994_FORMS_CHK Check form routines to be used  
77 CNV_10994_JOBS_START Start search and analysis jobs CNV_10994_JOBS_START
78 CNV_10994_MAINTAIN Convert change documents CNV_10994_MAINTAIN_CDOCOBJECTS
79 CNV_10994_PARALLEL Process table CDPOS in parallel?  
80 CNV_10994_SET_JOBS Specify number of batch jobs CNV_10994_SET_JOBS
81 CNV_10996_ADDTAB Add temporary entries CNV_10996_ADD_ARCHDEF
82 CNV_10996_ADD_CHECK Add. checks for conversion  
83 CNV_10996_ARCHIV Maintain archive obj. for conversion  
84 CNV_10996_CHECKACC Check accessibility  
85 CNV_10996_CHECKFILE Check accessibility in file system  
86 CNV_10996_CHECKFUB Check function modules for a.classes  
87 CNV_10996_CHECK_CONS Check CNV tables for consistency CNV_10996_CHECK_CONSISTENCY
88 CNV_10996_CHECK_PACK Doublecheck package settings  
89 CNV_10996_CHECK_REL Check relev. of archiving sessions CNV_10996_CHECK_RELEVANCE
90 CNV_10996_CHECK_RELV Check relev. of archiving sessions  
91 CNV_10996_CLASS Maintain archive obj. for conversion  
92 CNV_10996_DELIM Archive conv.: a'obj. delimitation  
93 CNV_10996_DELTAB Delete temporary entries CNV_10996_DEL_ARCHDEF
94 CNV_10996_DTFLD Maintenance of CNV_10996_DTFLD  
95 CNV_10996_FIELDS Maintenance of CNV_10996_FIELDS  
96 CNV_10996_FINALIZE Finalize archiv conversion  
97 CNV_10996_GENER Expert: Generate archive conv.progr. CNV_10996_I_CREATE_PROGRAMS
98 CNV_10996_GENERATE Create archive conversion programs  
99 CNV_10996_GENERI Create archive conversion programs CNV_10996_I_CREATE_PROGRAMS
100 CNV_10996_JOBS Define jobs for archive conversion CNV_10996_I_JOBS_CREATE
101 CNV_10996_MAINTAIN Maint. ARCHIVING sessions for conv. CNV_10996_MAINTAIN
102 CNV_10996_MAINTAIN2 Check ARCHIVING sessions for conv. CNV_10996_MAINTAIN_2
103 CNV_10996_MOVECOMM Transfer orig. note to new sessions  
104 CNV_10996_MOVEDATE Creation date of new sessions  
105 CNV_10996_ORGPTH Maintenance of CNV_10996_ORGPTH  
106 CNV_10996_PREPARE Prepare conversion CNV_10996_PREPARE
107 CNV_10996_SCAN Scan archiving sessions for generat.  
108 CNV_10996_START Start conversion of archive sessions CNV_10996_I_JOBS_START
109 CNV_10996_TABLES Maintain archive obj. for conversion  
110 CNV_11000_UPLOAD Upload mapping table CNV_11000_RENAME_UPLOAD
111 CNV_12000_UPDATE Update Text Objects after Conversion CNV_12000_UPDATE
112 CNV_20000_ANALYSE Start the fiscal year analysis  
113 CNV_20000_BELNR Determine value to be added to BELNR CNV_20000_BELNR_ABFRAGE
114 CNV_20000_BELNR_CONS Consistency check for BELNR-BKPF  
115 CNV_20000_BELNR_EXT Create mapping for BELNR-EXT NUMKR CNV_20000_NRIV_MAPPING_EXT
116 CNV_20000_BELNR_INTR Create mapping for BELNR-In NUMKR  
117 CNV_20000_CETAB Maintain CE* tables in CNVFIELDSCU CNV_20000_FIELDS_CEPARAMS
119 CNV_20000_CLOSE Confirm settings CNV_20000_CONFIRM_ANALYSIS
120 CNV_20000_DECISION NRIV Adjustment decision CNV_20000_NRIV_DECISION
121 CNV_20000_DIS_MAPP Display mapping of BELNR CNV_20000_DISPLAY_BELNR_MAP
122 CNV_20000_LIST_AFT FY Change Docu AFTER Conversion  
123 CNV_20000_LIST_BEF FY Change Docu BEFORE Conversion  
125 CNV_20000_NRIV_CHANG Txn : For CNV_20000_CHANGE_NRIV  
126 CNV_20000_POST_30 Adapt fiscal year variant CNV_20000_POST_30
127 CNV_20000_PRE_30 Preprocessing_30 CNV_20000_PRE_30
128 CNV_20000_PRE_40 Save scenario , package 10000 on/off CNV_20000_PRE_40
129 CNV_20000_PRE_45 Consider analysis results CNV_20000_PRE_45
130 CNV_20000_SAVE1 Save important header tables  
131 CNV_20000_SCENARIO Determine scenario for FY Conversion CNV_20000_DETERMINE_SCENARIO
132 CNV_20100_ANALYZE Carry out analyses  
133 CNV_20100_BPRIO B segment merge CNV_20100_BPRIO_MAINTAIN
134 CNV_20100_BPRIO_CALL Used for calling CNV_20100_BPRIO_M.. CNV_20100_BPRIO_MAINTAIN_CALL
135 CNV_20100_BPRIO_CHK Check B priority entries CNV_20100_BPRIO_CHECK
136 CNV_20100_BPRIO_IMPL Check for undefined B segment merge CNV_20100_BPRIO_IMPL
137 CNV_20100_BPRIO_INIT B segment merge (Direct without PCL) CNV_20100_BPRIO_MAINTAIN
138 CNV_20100_CHECKBUK Check participating company codes  
139 CNV_20100_CHECK_COES Check table COES CNV_20100_CHECK_COES
140 CNV_20100_CHECK_GUV Check p&l statement structures CNV_20100_CHECK_BALANCE_ACC
141 CNV_20100_CHECK_INT Check interval limits CNV_20100_CHECK_INTERVALS
142 CNV_20100_CHECK_N Check accounts for conversion CNV_20100_CHECK_N_TO_1
143 CNV_20100_CHECK_PACK Check package settings  
144 CNV_20100_CHK_FLD Analyze new account/cost el. fields  
145 CNV_20100_COES_ADJ Postprocess tables COES and COSP  
146 CNV_20100_COMPLETE Check for completeness of mapping  
147 CNV_20100_CONFIRM Confirm settings CNV_20100_CLOSE_MAPPING_PHASE
148 CNV_20100_DATAB Adapt validity periods of cost elmts  
149 CNV_20100_DOWN Download results of accounts check CNV_20100_SAVE_CHECKRESULT_XLS
150 CNV_20100_DOWNLOAD Download backup tables CNV_20100_DOWNLOAD_ORG_UNITS
151 CNV_20100_DOWN_BPRIO Download results of accounts check CNV_20100_SAVE_CHECKRESULT_XLS
152 CNV_20100_DOWN_MASK Download found masked entries CNV_20100_SAVE_MASKRESULT_XLS
153 CNV_20100_GETSCEN Determine scenario CNV_20100_GETSCEN
154 CNV_20100_GUV Specify p&l structures for conv. CNV_20100_GUV_IMG
155 CNV_20100_GUV_CONV Convert a balance sheet structure CNV_20100_GUV_CONVERT
156 CNV_20100_GUV_RESOLV Break down intervals of p&l structur CNV_20100_GUV_RESOLVE
157 CNV_20100_GUV_START Create conv. jobs for bal.sheet str.  
158 CNV_20100_IC_CHECK Check Target Item Category customizi  
159 CNV_20100_IC_MAIN Maintain Target Item Category CNV_20100_IC_MAIN
160 CNV_20100_IC_MAP Find Critical Item Category Changes  
161 CNV_20100_IC_NEW Build Item Category Customizing  
162 CNV_20100_INIT Carry out initialization CNV_20100_INIT
163 CNV_20100_KNUMV_EKKO Time-independent conditions from PD  
164 CNV_20100_KNUMV_LIKP Time-independent cond. from SD doc.  
165 CNV_20100_KNUMV_VBAK Time-indep. cond. from sales doc.  
166 CNV_20100_KNUMV_VBRK Time-indep. cond. from billing hdr  
167 CNV_20100_KNUMV_VPKH Conditions from sales price headers  
168 CNV_20100_KNUMV_WBRK Time-indep.cond.from vendor bill.doc  
169 CNV_20100_LANDCOPY Save SKA1 for country-spec. CoA  
170 CNV_20100_LAND_IMPL Implement country-specific CoA  
171 CNV_20100_LIST_AFT CoA Docu AFTER Conversion  
172 CNV_20100_LIST_BEF CoA Docu BEFORE Conversion  
173 CNV_20100_MAINTAIN Specify Mapping Values (Ch. of Acc.)  
174 CNV_20100_MAP Accounts and CoA for conversion CNV_20100_MAP_IMG
175 CNV_20100_MAP_CONS Check Consistency of Mapping  
176 CNV_20100_ME_KTOPL Mapping Template for CoA Conversion  
177 CNV_20100_OVERVIEW Mapping overview CNV_20100_OVERVIEW
178 CNV_20100_SETDATA Transfer set data into transp tables  
179 CNV_20100_TABOPT Make scen.related optimization CNV_20100_TABOPT
180 CNV_20100_TX_KONTEN Mapping Descr. for Chart of Accounts  
182 CNV_20110_PAN Pre-analysis for CoA conversion CNV_20110_PRE_ANALYSIS
183 CNV_20200_ANALYZE Carry out analyses  
184 CNV_20200_CHECK Check mapping  
185 CNV_20200_CHK_REGU Check open payment runs  
187 CNV_20200_CONFIRM Confirm mapping for CoCode merge CNV_20200_CLOSE_MAPPING
188 CNV_20200_CRE_STCEG Create mapping for VAT reg. no.  
189 CNV_20200_FILLRF180 Copy Balance Sheet Adjustment Runs  
190 CNV_20200_FILLTABAS Copy Periodic Posting Run Keys CNV_20200_HANDLE_TABAS
191 CNV_20200_KLIMT_ADD Sum up credit limits? CNV_20200_KLIMT_ADD
192 CNV_20200_LIST_AFT CC Merge Docu AFTER Conversion  
193 CNV_20200_LIST_BEF CC Merge Docu BEFORE Conversion  
194 CNV_20200_MNT_ACCCOD Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
195 CNV_20200_MNT_ACCGRP Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
196 CNV_20200_MNT_BRANCH Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
197 CNV_20200_MNT_CJNR Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
198 CNV_20200_MNT_CJTRAN Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
199 CNV_20200_MNT_HBKID Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
200 CNV_20200_MNT_RLDEPO Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
201 CNV_20200_MNT_STCEG Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
202 CNV_20200_POSTPROC Postprocess table TABA  
203 CNV_20200_SNAP_CRE Create and Activate Snap Shots  
204 CNV_20200_SNAP_DEL Deactivate and Delete Snap Shots  
205 CNV_20200_SPECPRIO Assign Special Priority CNV_20200_ASSIGN_SPECIAL_PRIO
206 CNV_20200_SPEC_LEDG Special Ledger tables: Convers.logic  
207 CNV_20200_SUBMIT_ANA Call pre-analysis for CoCd merge CNV_20200_SUBMIT_ANALYSIS
208 CNV_20200_TABOPT Make settings (company code merge)  
209 CNV_20200_TX_ACCCODE Mapping Descr. for Accouting Codes  
210 CNV_20200_TX_ACCGRP Mapping Descr. for Sec. Acc. Groups  
211 CNV_20200_TX_CJNR Mapping Descr. for Cash Journals  
212 CNV_20200_TX_CJTRANS Mapping Descr. for Trans. number  
213 CNV_20200_TX_HBKID Mapping Descr. for House Banks  
214 CNV_20200_TX_RLDEPO Mapping Descr. for Securities Acc.  
215 CNV_20200_WEL1 EDI: Interface Invoice for EDILOGADR CNV_20200_WEL1
216 CNV_20201_CONV_CHECK Check the conversion rule CNV_20201_CONV_CHECK
217 CNV_20201_DOC FI document old - new CNV_20201_READ_TRACK1
218 CNV_20201_DOC_GEN NoRg objects (general) old - new CNV_20201_READ_TRACK
219 CNV_20201_LOAD Load the number range table CNV_20201_NRIV_LOAD
220 CNV_20201_NRIV_A Indicator for shifting, tracking CNV_20201_MAINTAIN_NRIV_A
221 CNV_20201_NRIV_N Target number ranges CNV_20201_MAINTAIN_NRIV_N
222 CNV_20201_NROBJ Conversion rules for number ranges CNV_20201_V_RENAME_BELNR
223 CNV_20201_NROBJ0 Maintain no. range conversion rule CNV_20201_V_RENAME_BELNR
224 CNV_20201_NROBJ1 Display number range conversion rule CNV_20201_V_RENAME_BELNR
225 CNV_20201_RELOAD Reload the number range table  
226 CNV_20201_SIMUL_B Simulate number range conversion  
227 CNV_20201_SIMUL_R Simulate number range conversion  
228 CNV_20201_UPDATE_B Update the current number levels  
229 CNV_20201_UPDATE_R Update the current number levels  
230 CNV_20211_MNT_RCOMP Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
231 CNV_20211_TX_RCOMP Mapping Descr. for Companies  
232 CNV_20212_MNT_KKBER Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
233 CNV_20212_TX_KKBER Mapping Descr. for Cred. Contr. Area  
234 CNV_20302_TKA01 Strd hierarchy - insert top node(s)  
235 CNV_20302_TKA01_STR Strd hierarchy - insert top node(s) CNV_20302_TKA01
236 CNV_20305_ADJUST_CNV Adjust conversion settings (CoAr-dep  
237 CNV_20305_SAVE_TABS Save customizing tables in CNV table  
238 CNV_20306_ADD_ERKRS Enter fields for operating concerns CNV_20306_ADD_ERKRS
239 CNV_20306_LIST_AFT CA Rename Docu AFTER Conversion  
240 CNV_20306_LIST_BEF CA Rename Docu BEFORE Conversion  
241 CNV_20306_MAINTAIN Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
242 CNV_20306_ME_KOKRS Map. Template for Controlling Areas  
243 CNV_20306_TEXT_MAP Descriptions for Controlling Areas  
244 CNV_20306_TKA00 Adapt TKA00 CNV_20306_TKA00
245 CNV_20306_TX_KOKRS Mapping Descr. for Controlling Areas  
246 CNV_20308_BACKUP Save and Restore CNV_20308_BACKUP
247 CNV_20308_CMPMON Program Monitor for Comparisons CNV_20308_CMPMON
248 CNV_20308_COMPARE Comparison of Package Data CNV_20308_COMPARE
249 CNV_20308_CONDITION Maintenance Conditions for Download  
250 CNV_20308_CWBMON Data Transfer from CWB Monitor CNV_20308_CWBMON
251 CNV_20308_DLMON Program Monitor for Download CNV_20308_DLMON
252 CNV_20308_DOWNLOAD Download of Package Data CNV_20308_DOWNLOAD
253 CNV_20308_FIELDS Maintain Table Fields for Comparison  
254 CNV_20308_HLPMSG Maintain More Tips for Messages  
255 CNV_20308_INIT Copy Customizing CNV_20308_INIT
256 CNV_20308_MONITOR Display package comparison CNV_20308_MONITOR
257 CNV_20308_PARAMS Maintain Param. for Package Compar.  
258 CNV_20308_PRGMON Monitor for Programs CNV_20308_PRGMON
259 CNV_20308_REPORT Display Report for Comparison Run CNV_20308_DISPLAY_REPORT
260 CNV_20308_REPORTS Maintain Reports for Comparison  
261 CNV_20308_STAFF Assignment of Users to Objects CNV_20308_STAFF
262 CNV_20308_VARIANTS Maintain Variants for Pack. Compar.  
263 CNV_20308_VIEWS Call Maintenance Views CNV_20308_VIEWS
264 CNV_20308_WB Workbench for Package Comparison CNV_20308_WORKBENCH
265 CNV_20308_WORKBENCH Workbench for Package Comparison CNV_20308_WORKBENCH
266 CNV_20309_CMPMON Program Monitor for Comparisons CNV_20308_CMPMON
267 CNV_20309_COMPARE_G IMG: Comparison in Phase G CNV_20309_COMPARE_G
268 CNV_20309_COMPARE_N IMG: Comparison in Phase N CNV_20309_COMPARE_N
269 CNV_20309_DLMON Program Monitor for Downloads CNV_20308_DLMON
270 CNV_20309_DOWNLOAD IMG: Download of CWB Package Data CNV_20309_DOWNLOAD
271 CNV_20309_MONITOR IMG: Display Package Comparison  
272 CNV_20310_ADD_ERKRS Enter fields for operating concerns CNV_20310_ADD_ERKRS
273 CNV_20310_EDIT_DATBI DATBI for Cost Centers  
274 CNV_20310_LIST_AFT Cost Center Docu AFTER Conversion  
275 CNV_20310_LIST_BEF Cost Center Docu BEFORE Conversion  
276 CNV_20310_MAINTAIN Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
277 CNV_20310_ME_KOSTL Mapping Template for Cost Centers  
278 CNV_20310_TEXT_MAP Descriptions for Cost Centers  
279 CNV_20310_TX_KOSTL Mapping Descr. for Cost Centers  
280 CNV_20317_DATBI_M Maintain validity dependent mergers CNV_20317_MAINTAIN_DATBI
281 CNV_20317_DATBI_TS Maintain validity dependent mergers CNV_20317_MAINTAIN_DATBI_TS
282 CNV_20317_FILL Fill CNV_20317_DATBI  
283 CNV_20320_ADD_ERKRS Enter fields for operating concerns CNV_20320_ADD_ERKRS
284 CNV_20320_EDIT_DATBI DATBI for Activity Types  
285 CNV_20320_MAINTAIN Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
286 CNV_20320_TEXT_MAP Descriptions for Activity Types  
287 CNV_20320_TX_LSTAR Mapping Descr. for Activity Types  
288 CNV_20325_ADD_ERKRS Enter fields for operating concerns CNV_20325_ADD_ERKRS
289 CNV_20325_MAINTAIN Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
290 CNV_20325_TX_STAGR Mapping Descr. for Stat. key figure  
291 CNV_20330_ANALYZE analyze CO object numbers CNV_20330_TABLE_ANALYSIS
292 CNV_20330_AO_OBJNR Prepr. program for AO objNo (ONRAO)  
293 CNV_20332_CREATEMAP Create mapping for AO object IDs  
294 CNV_20332_MAINTAIN Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
295 CNV_20332_PARTIF Settings for package 20332  
296 CNV_20333_CREATEMAP Create mapping for VD object IDs  
297 CNV_20333_MAINTAIN Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
298 CNV_20333_PARTIF Settings for package 20333  
299 CNV_20335_ADD_ERKRS Enter fields for operating concerns CNV_20335_ADD_ERKRS
300 CNV_20335_EDIT_DATBI DATBI for Business Processes  
301 CNV_20335_MAINTAIN Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
302 CNV_20335_TEXT_MAP Descriptions for Business Processes  
303 CNV_20335_TX_PRZNR Mapping Descr. for Business Proc.  
304 CNV_20340_DUPLICATES Determine duplicate cycles  
305 CNV_20340_MAINTAIN Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
306 CNV_20340_TX_CYCLE Mapping Descr. for Cycles  
307 CNV_20345_ADD_ERKRS Enter fields for operating concerns CNV_20345_ADD_ERKRS
308 CNV_20345_ADJ_CBUKRS Adjust table CEPC_BUKRS  
309 CNV_20345_EDIT_DATBI DATBI for Profit Centers  
310 CNV_20345_LIST_AFT Profit Center Docu AFTER Conversion  
311 CNV_20345_LIST_BEF Profit Center Docu BEFORE Conversion  
312 CNV_20345_MAINTAIN Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
313 CNV_20345_ME_PRCTR Mapping Template for Profit Centers  
314 CNV_20345_TEXT_MAP Descriptions for Profit Centers  
315 CNV_20345_TX_PRCTR Mapping Descr. for Profit Centers  
316 CNV_20375_EDIT_DATBI DATBI for Cost Elements  
317 CNV_20375_MAINTAIN Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
318 CNV_20375_TX_KSTAR Mapping Descr. for Cost Elements  
319 CNV_20400_EXCLUDE Exclude Tables from Conversion CNV_20400_EXCLUDE_TABLES
320 CNV_20400_LIST_AFT CA Merge Docu AFTER Conversion  
321 CNV_20400_LIST_BEF CA Merge Docu BEFORE Conversion  
322 CNV_20400_PERF_OPT 20400: Performance optimizer CNV_20400_PERF_OPTIMIZER
323 CNV_20400_PRIO Set priority indicator CNV_20400_PRIO_NEW
324 CNV_20400_TKA01 Strd hierarchy - insert top node(s)  
325 CNV_20400_TKA01_STR Strd hierarchy - insert top node(s) CNV_20400_TKA01
326 CNV_20410_ADJUST_CNV Adjust conversion settings (Op.conc)  
327 CNV_20410_ERKRS_ME Enter Mapping for Conversion Package  
328 CNV_20410_EXCL_TABFL Exclude non-rel. tab/flds (Op.conc)  
329 CNV_20410_TABFLD_CHK Consistency Check of TabFld-Mapping  
330 CNV_20410_TABFLD_MAP Maintain Mapping for Tables & Fields  
331 CNV_20551_ABGL Create reconciliation routines CNV_20551_CREATE_ABGL
332 CNV_20551_ADJUST Make additional changes  
333 CNV_20551_ADJ_1099X Carry out adjustments re 1099x  
334 CNV_20551_ANALYSE Carry out various analyses CNV_20551_ANALYSE
335 CNV_20551_ANA_COPA CO-PA analysis  
336 CNV_20551_AN_INTFLDS Analyze intransp. fields CNV_20551_ANALYSE_INTR_FLDS
337 CNV_20551_AN_POOLS Analysis of the table pools CNV_20551_ANALYSE_POOLS
338 CNV_20551_AN_RUL Maint. of table CNV_20551_AN_RUL  
339 CNV_20551_AN_RUL_CL Analysis of intransp. fields: Rule  
340 CNV_20551_AN_TAB Maint. of table CNV_20551_AN_TAB  
341 CNV_20551_AN_TAB_CL Analysis of intransp. fields: Tables  
342 CNV_20551_AN_TXT Maint. of table CNV_20551_AN_TXT  
343 CNV_20551_AN_TXT_CL Analysis of intransp. fields: Text  
344 CNV_20551_APLNO_EDIT Applicant numbers for clean-up CNV_20551_PERNR
345 CNV_20551_APLNO_SHOW Applicant numbers for clean-up CNV_20551_PERNR
346 CNV_20551_BUKRS Maintain company codes for deletion CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_BUKRS
347 CNV_20551_CHECK_DELE Check deletion criteria  
348 CNV_20551_CHECK_MD Check master data for deletion CNV_20551_CHECK_MASTER_DATA
349 CNV_20551_CHECK_ORG Check org. units for deletion CNV_20551_CHECK_ORG_UNITS
350 CNV_20551_CHECK_P Check PersNo/PersArea for deletion  
351 CNV_20551_CHK_RULES Check delet. crit. for indiv. tables  
352 CNV_20551_CHK_RULES2 Check delet. crit. for indiv. tables CNV_20551_CHECK_DELETION_RULE2
353 CNV_20551_CLEAR_SCOB Delete log tables CNV_20551_CLEAR_SCOB
354 CNV_20551_CLIINDEP Exclude cross-client tables  
355 CNV_20551_CONFIRM1 Confirm master data for clean-up CNV_20551_CONFIRM1
356 CNV_20551_CONFIRM_O Confirm org. units for clean-up CNV_20551_CONFIRM_O
357 CNV_20551_CONFIRM_P Confirm PersNo/PersArea for deletion CNV_20551_CONFIRM_PERSA_PERNR
359 CNV_20551_CO_BEL CO document numbers for deletion  
360 CNV_20551_CO_BEL_D CO document numbers for deletion  
361 CNV_20551_CREATESUGG Create default for deletion crit.  
362 CNV_20551_DATA_CHECK Check intransp. fields CNV_20551_DATA_CHECK
363 CNV_20551_DATA_CHK_A Check intransp. fields (all) CNV_20551_DATA_CHECK_ALL
364 CNV_20551_DEFINE Maintain intransp. fields (defin.)  
365 CNV_20551_DELDOC Deletion Criteria document viewer  
366 CNV_20551_DELET1_CPY Take-over from CNV_20551_DELET1 CNV_20551_DELET1_COPY
367 CNV_20551_DELET1_MNT Tables (CHECK_MANDT) for take-over  
368 CNV_20551_DELTAB Edit list of tables to be dropped CNV_20551_DELTAB
369 CNV_20551_DELTAB_E Edit list of tables to be dropped(E) CNV_20551_DELTAB
370 CNV_20551_DELTAB_MNT Edit list of tables to be dropped  
371 CNV_20551_DEL_CSKS Deletion CSKS and CSKT CNV_20551_DELETE_CSKS_CSKT
372 CNV_20551_DEL_PROC Check Deletion Procedure CNV_20551_DEL_PROCEDURE
373 CNV_20551_DEL_SCOB Not delete master data with conflict CNV_20551_DEL_SCOB_FROM_TEMP
374 CNV_20551_DEL_T001 Deletion of T001 and TKA01 CNV_20551_DELETE_T001_TKA01
375 CNV_20551_DERIV Maintain determination logic  
376 CNV_20551_DISPLAY Display deletion criteria CNV_20551_DISPLAY
377 CNV_20551_DISP_EDIT Display/edit deletion criteria CNV_20551_DISPLAY_EDIT_DEL
378 CNV_20551_DISP_MORE Display filled client-dependent tabs CNV_20551_DISP_MORE_YZ_TABLES
379 CNV_20551_DOMS Domain maintenance  
380 CNV_20551_DOMS0 Display domains and check routines  
381 CNV_20551_DOWNLOAD Download CNV_20551_DOWNLOAD
382 CNV_20551_DOWNLOAD_O Download Organizational Units CNV_20551_DOWNLOAD_ORG
383 CNV_20551_DOWNLOAD_T Download transactional data(Seq 1-6) CNV_20551_DOWNLOAD_T
384 CNV_20551_DROP Delete complete tables from DB CNV_20551_DROP
385 CNV_20551_DROPINS Maintain drop-insert indicator CNV_20551_SET_DROPINS
386 CNV_20551_D_CHK Maint. of table CNV_20551_D_CHK  
387 CNV_20551_EDIT Edit deletion criteria CNV_20551_EDIT_DEL_CRITERIA
388 CNV_20551_EDIT_E Edit deletion criteria - Expert mode CNV_20551_EDIT_DEL_CRITERIA
389 CNV_20551_EXCL Specify tables to be excluded CNV_20551_EXCL
390 CNV_20551_EXCLUDE Exclude tables with empty del. crit. CNV_20551_EXCLUDE_TABLES
392 CNV_20551_EXCL_DROP Set drop tables to NOTUSE=X CNV_20551_EXCLUDE_DROP_TAB
393 CNV_20551_EXCL_TAB Exclude specific tables CNV_20551_EXCL_TABLES
394 CNV_20551_FIND_GEN Create determination routines CNV_20551_CREATE_FIND
395 CNV_20551_FIND_GEN2 Create check routines CNV_20551_CREATE_CHECK
396 CNV_20551_FIND_MORE Find more filled tables CNV_20551_FIND_MORE_YZ_TABLES
397 CNV_20551_FIND_YZ Find more filled tables  
398 CNV_20551_HRNODEL Identify HR tables not cleaned up CNV_20551_HRNODEL_START
399 CNV_20551_HROBJ HR object IDs for clean-up CNV_20551_HROBJID
400 CNV_20551_HROBJID Find HR object IDs for clean-up  
401 CNV_20551_HROBJ_EDIT Maintain HR object IDs for clean-up CNV_20551_HROBJID
402 CNV_20551_HROBJ_SHOW Display HR object IDs for clean-up CNV_20551_HROBJID
403 CNV_20551_HR_ANALYSE Exclude HR tables  
404 CNV_20551_INTR_FLDS Maintain intransp. fields (defin.)  
405 CNV_20551_INTR_FLDS2 Create check routines for intr.flds CNV_20551_CREATE_INTR_FLDS
406 CNV_20551_JOBS_START Start determination jobs CNV_20551_JOBS_START
407 CNV_20551_KNUMH Condition record no. for deletion  
408 CNV_20551_KNUMH_D Condition record no. for deletion  
409 CNV_20551_KNUMVT Condition numbers for deletion  
410 CNV_20551_KNUMVT_D Condition numbers for deletion  
411 CNV_20551_KOMBI Maintain combined check routines  
412 CNV_20551_LIST_AFT CC Delete Docu for Comparision Check  
413 CNV_20551_LIST_BEF CC Delete Docu for Comparision Check  
414 CNV_20551_MAINTAIN Maintenance of the non-transp. flds CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_TSTRUC
415 CNV_20551_MAINTAIN1 Select master data for clean-up CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_MD
416 CNV_20551_MAINTAIN2 Maintain objects for clean-up CNV_20551_MAINTAIN2
417 CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_O Select org. units for clean-up CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_ORG
418 CNV_20551_MAINT_ANA Setting of analysis for intr. fields CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_ANALYSIS
419 CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ Org. units/master data for clean-up CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_OBJECT
420 CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ1 Org. units/master data for clean-up CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_OBJECT
421 CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ2 Org. units/master data for clean-up CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_OBJECT
422 CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ3 Org. units/master data for clean-up CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_OBJECT
423 CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ4 Display mat. numbers for clean-up CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_OBJECT
424 CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ5 Maintain mat. numbers for clean-up CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_OBJECT
425 CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ6 Display master data for clean-up CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_OBJECT
426 CNV_20551_MAINT_OBJ7 Edit master data for clean-up CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_OBJECT
427 CNV_20551_MATKL Find material and sales groups CNV_20551_SEL_MATKL_VKGRP
428 CNV_20551_MATNR Material numbers for deletion  
429 CNV_20551_MATNR_D Material numbers for deletion  
430 CNV_20551_MBLNR Material documents for deletion  
431 CNV_20551_MBLNR_D Material documents for deletion  
432 CNV_20551_MONITOR Monitor for determination jobs CNV_20551_MONITOR
433 CNV_20551_MONITOR_E CNV_20551_MONITOR in expert mode CNV_20551_TS_OBJ
434 CNV_20551_NO_MORE_TX Preprocessing of control tables  
435 CNV_20551_OBJ Maintain object types  
436 CNV_20551_OBJ0 Assignm. domain/DataEl - obj. type  
437 CNV_20551_OBJNR Internal CO obj. no. for deletion  
438 CNV_20551_OBJNR_D Internal CO obj. no. for deletion  
439 CNV_20551_OPT_PCDPOS Optimization for table PCDPOS CNV_20551_OPTIMIZE_PCDPOS
440 CNV_20551_PDSNR Find PDSNR  
441 CNV_20551_PDSNR_SHOW Sequ. PDC message no. for deletion CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_PDSNR
442 CNV_20551_PERC Maintain tables for % calculation  
443 CNV_20551_PERCENTAGE Calculate relev. transact. data (%) CNV_20551_PERCENTAGE
444 CNV_20551_PERNR Displ./edit PerNr/AplNo for deletion CNV_20551_PERNR
445 CNV_20551_PERNR_EDIT Personnel numbers for clean-up CNV_20551_PERNR
446 CNV_20551_PERNR_SHOW Personnel numbers for clean-up CNV_20551_PERNR
447 CNV_20551_PERSA Personnel areas for clean-up CNV_20551_PERSA
448 CNV_20551_PERSA0 Personnel areas for deletion  
449 CNV_20551_PERSA_EDIT Personnel areas for clean-up CNV_20551_PERSA
450 CNV_20551_PERSA_SHOW Personnel areas for clean-up CNV_20551_PERSA
451 CNV_20551_PNRAPPL_ED Displ./edit PerNr/AplNo for deletion CNV_20551_PERNR
452 CNV_20551_PNRAPPL_SH Displ./edit PerNr/AplNo for deletion CNV_20551_PERNR
453 CNV_20551_POOL Maintain pool tables and pools CNV_20551_MAINTAIN_POOLS
454 CNV_20551_POOL2 Create check routines for pools CNV_20551_CREATE_POOLS
455 CNV_20551_REORGANISE Reorganize structure data CNV_20551_REORGANISE_TSTRUC
456 CNV_20551_RKEOBJ CO-PA object numbers for deletion  
457 CNV_20551_RKEOBJNR COPA object numbers for deletion  
458 CNV_20551_RKEOBJ_D CO-PA object numbers for deletion  
459 CNV_20551_RPUDELPN Delete specific HR tables  
460 CNV_20551_RPUSELPN Find personnel numbers for deletion  
461 CNV_20551_SCOB Org. units/master data for deletion  
462 CNV_20551_SCOB0 Org. units/master data for deletion  
463 CNV_20551_SCOB0_D Org. units/master data for deletion  
464 CNV_20551_SCOB1 Objects to be deleted  
465 CNV_20551_SCOB1A Objects to be deleted  
466 CNV_20551_SCOB1A_D Objects to be deleted  
467 CNV_20551_SCOB1B Objects to be deleted  
468 CNV_20551_SCOB1B_D Objects to be deleted  
469 CNV_20551_SCOB1C Objects to be deleted  
470 CNV_20551_SCOB1C_D Objects to be deleted  
471 CNV_20551_SCOB1_D Objects to be deleted  
472 CNV_20551_SCOB2 Objects to be deleted  
473 CNV_20551_SCOB2A Objects to be deleted  
474 CNV_20551_SCOB2A_D Objects to be deleted  
475 CNV_20551_SCOB2B Objects to be deleted  
476 CNV_20551_SCOB2B_D Objects to be deleted  
477 CNV_20551_SCOB2C Objects to be deleted  
478 CNV_20551_SCOB2C_D Objects to be deleted  
479 CNV_20551_SCOB2_D Objects to be deleted  
480 CNV_20551_SCOB3 Objects to be deleted  
481 CNV_20551_SCOB3A Objects to be deleted  
482 CNV_20551_SCOB3A_D Objects to be deleted  
483 CNV_20551_SCOB3B Objects to be deleted  
484 CNV_20551_SCOB3B_D Objects to be deleted  
485 CNV_20551_SCOB3C Objects to be deleted  
486 CNV_20551_SCOB3C_D Objects to be deleted  
487 CNV_20551_SCOB3_D Objects to be deleted  
488 CNV_20551_SCOB4 Objects to be deleted  
489 CNV_20551_SCOB4A Objects to be deleted  
490 CNV_20551_SCOB4A_D Objects to be deleted  
491 CNV_20551_SCOB4B Objects to be deleted  
492 CNV_20551_SCOB4B_D Objects to be deleted  
493 CNV_20551_SCOB4C Objects to be deleted  
494 CNV_20551_SCOB4C_D Objects to be deleted  
495 CNV_20551_SCOB4_D Objects to be deleted  
496 CNV_20551_SCOB_D Org. units/master data for deletion  
497 CNV_20551_SE11 Monitor for determination jobs CNV_20551_MONITOR
498 CNV_20551_SEL_MD Determine master data CNV_20551_SEL_MD
499 CNV_20551_SEL_MD1 Determine Master Data (KOKRS delet.) CNV_20551_SEL_MD
500 CNV_20551_SEL_MDX Determine master data CNV_20551_SEL_MD