SAP ABAP Table - Index P, page 6
Table - P
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 PSO28 Objects (texts) TRANSP A
2 PSO29 Object class TRANSP C
3 PSO30 Object class (texts) TRANSP C
4 PSO31 Allocation of customer/objects TRANSP A
5 PSO32 Allocation of customer/revenue types/objects TRANSP A
6 PSO34 Allocation of revenue type to account group TRANSP C
7 PSO36 Assignment Proposal FI Document Type to Request Category TRANSP C
8 PSO37 Payment Block to be Set Automatically TRANSP C
9 PSO38 Revenue Type Assignment to Object Class TRANSP C
10 PSO40 Rounding Units TRANSP C
11 PSO41 Assigning Request Category to Document Type TRANSP C
12 PSO42 Controlling automatic approval and posting TRANSP C
13 PSO42PRE Controlling autom. approvals and postings for View-Cluster TRANSP C
14 PSO42_BLART Approve and Post Control Automatically (With BLART) TRANSP C
15 PSO43 Global Settings for Requests/Financial Accounting TRANSP C
16 PSO43USER Global Settings AO/FI IS-PS per USER (SAP internal only) TRANSP C
17 PSO47 Assign Dunning Procedure to Dunning Area TRANSP C
18 PSO48 Customer Assignment of BUSAB to Customer Master Record TRANSP C
19 PSO49 Assignment of User Role Codes and Names TRANSP C
20 PSO49T User Roles TRANSP C
21 PSO50 Stop Mass Processing Data for Invoice Reference TRANSP A
22 PSO51 G/L Account Determination for Deferrals TRANSP C
23 PSO52 Earmarked Funds Information for Standing Requests TRANSP C
24 PSO53 Define Petty Amount Limits TRANSP C
25 PSO54 Posting Information Small Amounts TRANSP C
26 PSO55 Negative Posting in Requests TRANSP C
27 PSOAC01 Customizing Local Authorities (Check Digit Procedure) TRANSP C
28 PSOBFI FI Position (Day-end Closing) TRANSP A
29 PSOBFI_INI FI-Anfangsbestände ( Tagesabschluss) TRANSP A
30 PSOBFM FM Positions Table of Day-end Closing TRANSP A
31 PSOBFM_INI FM-Anfangsbestände ( Tagesabschluss) TRANSP A
32 PSOBKFI Bestände Kassenbuch-Tagesabschluss TRANSP A
33 PSOBL Saving Changed Documents for Execution TRANSP A
34 PSOBLAFST Assigning Field Selection String -> Document Type TRANSP C
35 PSOFST Field Selection String and Fields for Requests TRANSP C
36 PSOFST_FE Field Selection String and Fields for Requests TRANSP C
37 PSOFST_FETX Texts for Field Selection String for Requests TRANSP C
38 PSOFST_FL Fields for Field Selection String for Requests TRANSP S
39 PSOKN Saving Changed Customers for Execution TRANSP A
40 PSOKPF Recurring Request Document Header TRANSP A
41 PSOLF Saving Changed Vendors for Execution TRANSP A
42 PSOLL Shift Planning: Target Plan TRANSP A
43 PSOSEC Recurring Request Document Segment, One-Time Data TRANSP A
44 PSOSEGA Document Segment for Assets Document Parking TRANSP A
45 PSOSEGD Document Segment: Recurring Request, Customer TRANSP A
46 PSOSEGK Recurring Request Document Segment, Vendors TRANSP A
47 PSOSEGS Recurring Request Document Segment, G/L Accounts TRANSP A
48 PSOSET Document Segment for Standing Request Taxes TRANSP A
49 PSOTN Assign Request Categories to Number Range TRANSP C
50 PSOTP Request Category Entity Table TRANSP S
51 PSOTT Payment Request Document Category Texts (Local Authority) TRANSP S
52 PSOTY Payment Request Document Categories (Local Authority) TRANSP S
53 PSOWF1 Variant-Dependent Data for Workflow Request (FMPSO) TRANSP C
54 PSOWF1T Texts for Workflow Variants for Requests TRANSP C
55 PSOWF2 Assigning Company Code, Document Type to Workflow Variant TRANSP C
56 PSPL Index project -> planned order TRANSP A
58 PSPP_INFO_COL Table for Info Columns Associated with a Variant TRANSP L
59 PSPP_INFO_VAR Table for Variant Information for Info Column Grouping TRANSP L
60 PSPP_INFO_VART Table for Variant Text for Info Column Grouping TRANSP L
61 PSPP_SORT_DEF Name and Properties of a Sorting (Variant) TRANSP L
62 PSPP_VAR Name and Characteristic of Sorting (Variant) TRANSP L
63 PSPP_VAREMP Statistical Employee Sorting TRANSP L
64 PSPP_VAROBJ Initial Objects for Statistical Sorting TRANSP L
65 PSPP_VARSOR Generic Employee Sorting TRANSP L
66 PSPP_VART Text Table for Sorting TRANSP L
67 PSPR_GRP_IND Purchase requisitaion grouping indicators in PS TRANSP A
68 PSPR_GRP_IND_PR Grouping Indicators and purchase requisition numbers TRANSP A
69 PSPR_GR_IND_REL Assignment of group indicator data TRANSP A
70 PSSKF_DEFAU_TAB Default SKF for the the Project Parameters TRANSP C
71 PSSKF_ENABLE_TAB activate deactivate SKF tab in the Project Builder TRANSP C
72 PSSKF_RATES_TAB Save the SKF rates for the calculation of the work duration. TRANSP A
73 PSSRM_USERPATH User PC identification TRANSP C
74 PSSTXH_KEYS Stores Long text key of PS objects(Project,WBS,Netwrk,Actvt) TRANSP A
75 PSTT PS texts (description) TRANSP A
76 PSTX PS Texts (Header) TRANSP A
77 PSTXB SAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format TRANSP A
78 PSTXH PTXD PS Text File Header TRANSP A
79 PSVR Master alternative items TRANSP A
80 PSZ_KPP0SF PS CM: Cash Planning: Interface to Applic.-Specific Routines TRANSP S
81 PT0416 Time Quota Compensation Infotype: Database Table TRANSP A
82 PT2001 HR Time Record: Infotype 2001 (Absences) TRANSP A
83 PT2006 HR Time Record: Infotype 2006 (Absence Quotas) TRANSP A
84 PTARQ_ATTS_INFO Leave Request: Attendance Data TRANSP A
85 PTARQ_DEDUCTION Deduction Data for Attendances and Absences TRANSP A
86 PTARQ_EXTRA_INFO Leave Request: Additional Fields for Attendances/Absences TRANSP A
87 PTBLPTDOBJECTS Catalog for Implementations of Time Data Objects TRANSP S
88 PTBLPTPCLCOUNTRY TMW Business Logic Processor: Impelementation Type Classes TRANSP S
89 PTBLPTYPECLASSES TMW Business Logic Processor: Impelementation Type Classes TRANSP S
91 PTDW_ACTR_DB Time Data Extract (Receiver Objects/Activity Allocation) TRANSP A
92 PTDW_ACTS_DB Time Data Extract (Sender Objects/Activity Allocation) TRANSP A
93 PTDW_COST_DB Time Data Extract (Account Assgnmnt Objects/Cost Assignment) TRANSP A
94 PTDW_PWS_DB Time Data Extract (Hours from Personal Work Schedule) TRANSP A
95 PTDW_QUOT_DB Time Data Extract (Quota Transaction) TRANSP A
96 PTDW_RFC_ASSIGN SAP-internal Assignment Table for RFC Call Ups TRANSP S
97 PTDW_TIMES_DB Time Data Extract (Working Times) TRANSP A
98 PTDW_WPBP_DB Time Data Extract (Reference Table for IT 0001 and 0007) TRANSP A
99 PTEST2 Pool Test Table 2 POOL L
100 PTEX2000 Interface Table for Attendances/Absences Infotype(2001/2002) TRANSP A
101 PTEX2003GEN Interface Table for IT 2003: General Information TRANSP A
102 PTEX2003SPEC Interface Table for IT 2003: Interval Information TRANSP A
103 PTEX2010 Interface Table for EE Remuneration Info. Infotype (2010) TRANSP A
104 PTEXDIR Interface Table for Infotypes (Directory Table) TRANSP A
105 PTFMLAAB Relationship Between Absences and FMLA Events TRANSP A
106 PTIMEOV1 Overview of an Employee's Time Data, Part 1 TRANSP A
107 PTIMEOV2 Overview of an Employee's Time Data, Part 2 TRANSP A
108 PTLRPRC2SP Time Data Structure for LRP Time Descriptions TRANSP C
109 PTMLEACONV Assignment Table IT0005 - IT2006 (RPTLEACONV Report) TRANSP A
110 PTQUODED Deduction of Time Quotas TRANSP A
111 PTREQ_ACTOR Request Participant TRANSP A
112 PTREQ_ATTABSDATA Request Data for Attendances/Absences TRANSP A
113 PTREQ_BATCH Time Stamp for Run of Background Jobs TRANSP S
114 PTREQ_CKEY_MAPP Cache Assignment Table TRANSP L
115 PTREQ_HEADER Request Header TRANSP A
116 PTREQ_ITEMS Request Items TRANSP A
117 PTREQ_ITEM_TYPES Request Item Types TRANSP S
118 PTREQ_NOTICE Note for Request TRANSP A
119 PTREQ_STATUS_CHK Check Methods for Status Transitions TRANSP S
120 PTREQ_STATUS_TRA Status Transfers TRANSP S
121 PTREQ_TYPE Request Types TRANSP S
122 PTREQ_XFEREVENTS Permitted Status Transitions TRANSP S
123 PTREQ_XFEREVNT_T Texts for Status Transitions TRANSP S
124 PTRV_ADMIN Travel Management: Administrative Data for Personnel Numbers TRANSP A
125 PTRV_APPL_KEY Application TRANSP G
126 PTRV_APPL_KEY_TX Application text TRANSP G
127 PTRV_ARCHIVE Administrative Table for Archived Trip Data TRANSP A
128 PTRV_ARCH_HEAD Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_HEAD (Temporary) TRANSP A
129 PTRV_ARCH_PERIO Prearchiving FI-TV: Entries from PTRV_PERIO (Temporary) TRANSP A
130 PTRV_BEIHILFE Subsidies for Trips Home for Entire Separation Allowance TRANSP A
131 PTRV_BEIH_BEL Assignment of Receipts to a Subsidy for Trips Home TRANSP A
132 PTRV_BEIH_TAG Assignment of Days to a Subsidy for Trips Home TRANSP A
133 PTRV_BEIH_WEG Assignment of Trip Segments to a Subsidy for Trips Home TRANSP A
134 PTRV_BTRGSUM Table for Treatment of Accumulation of Amounts TRANSP A
135 PTRV_CCC Error Receipts for Credit Card Clearing TRANSP A
136 PTRV_CCC_RUNS Assign Personnel Number to Credit Card Clearing Run TRANSP A
137 PTRV_COMM_AMT Detail Data: Transfer to FM When Trip Saved TRANSP A
138 PTRV_COMM_ITM Header Data: Transfer to FM When Trip Saved TRANSP A
139 PTRV_COMP Comparison Calculation Results PS TRANSP A
140 PTRV_COUNT Number of function calls in posting run management TRANSP S
141 PTRV_DOC_HD Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Header of TRV int. document TRANSP A
142 PTRV_DOC_IT Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Lines of TRV interm. document TRANSP A
143 PTRV_DOC_MESS Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: CO Replacements of TRV Receipt TRANSP A
144 PTRV_DOC_TAX Transfer Travel -> FI/CO: Tax lines of TRV document TRANSP A
145 PTRV_F_CLM Columns for Which Suppression in Form Block is Allowed TRANSP S
146 PTRV_F_CLM_TXT Columns that may be suppressed in form block (sp) TRANSP S
147 PTRV_F_COLDEP Display Forms for Texts TRANSP S
148 PTRV_F_COLDEPS Display Formats for Texts (Language-Dependent) TRANSP S
149 PTRV_F_FBLK Form Blocks of the Trip Costs Form TRANSP S
150 PTRV_F_FBLK_TXT Form Blocks of the Trip Costs Form TRANSP S
151 PTRV_F_SORTKEY Sort Key for Individual Receipt Block TRANSP S
152 PTRV_F_SORTKEY_T Sort Key for Individual Receipt Block TRANSP S
153 PTRV_HEAD General Trip Data TRANSP A
154 PTRV_KMSUM Table for Use of Miles/Kms Accumulation TRANSP A
155 PTRV_ME_CCC_RUN Assign Personnel Number to Credit Card Clearing Run TRANSP A
156 PTRV_NOT_CH_TR Storage of New Data from Temporarily Unchangable Trips TRANSP A
157 PTRV_OFFLINE_TXT Texts for Download to Offline Creation Tools TRANSP S
158 PTRV_PERIO Period Data of a Trip TRANSP A
159 PTRV_PERNRPREFS Personalization at Employee Level TRANSP A
160 PTRV_REASGN_FM Conversion of FM Data in Trip (e.g. Fiscal Year Change) TRANSP A
161 PTRV_REDUCTION Decision Fields: Change of Statutory Trip Type for Reduction TRANSP S
162 PTRV_ROT_AWKEY Assignment of Trip Results to Posting Doc. Number and Line TRANSP A
164 PTRV_SADD Trip Statistics - Add. Receipt Data TRANSP A
165 PTRV_SBACKLOG Trip Statistics - Batch/Backlog Processing TRANSP A
166 PTRV_SCOS Trip Statistics - Cost Assignment TRANSP A
167 PTRV_SHDR Trip Statistics - Trip Amounts TRANSP A
168 PTRV_SREC Trip Statistics - Receipts TRANSP A
169 PTRV_SYNC Customizing Synchronization with Offline Device TRANSP C
170 PTRV_T706Z_DNPR Field Control Screens TRANSP S
171 PTRV_T706Z_DNPRT Field Control Screens TRANSP S
172 PTRV_T706Z_FLDS Field Names for Field Control TRANSP S
173 PTRV_TRIPCHN_46C Table of all Trip Destinations f. Processing Recurring Dest. TRANSP A
174 PTRV_TRIP_CHAIN Table of all Trip Destinations f. Processing Recurring Dest. TRANSP A
175 PTRV_TRIP_DELETE Trips Deleted in SAP System for Offline Travel Manager TRANSP A
176 PTRV_USERPREFS User Profiles in Travel Management TRANSP S
177 PTRV_VATDETAIL Supplier Data for VAT Refund in Travel Management TRANSP A
178 PTRV_WAFGUID Logging for Synchronization GUID (DUPRECS) TRANSP A
179 PTRV_WAFLOG Log File for Inbound Container in Travel Management TRANSP A
180 PTRV_WAFLOG_CC Offline Log File - Settings TRANSP G
181 PTRV_WAF_CONFLCT Offline Travel Management: Conflict Processing TRANSP A
182 PTRV_WAF_FSEL Code Conversion: Screen Field Name into BAPI/Offline Names TRANSP S
183 PTRV_WAF_RESTART Restart File for Mobile Solution with Overlapping Trips TRANSP A
184 PTSAFT_MATACCNT GL Account based material numbers TRANSP C
185 PTSAFT_MATPRE SAFT PT : prefix for material numbers TRANSP C
186 PUMA Conversion to External Partner Number (outb.) TRANSP A
187 PUMK SAPscript: punctuation mark TRANSP G
188 PUMS Project number new key assignment (structure) TRANSP A
189 PURG Requirement Urgencies TRANSP G
190 PURGPM Assignment of Maintenance Priorities to Requirem. Urgencies TRANSP G
191 PURGSD Relationships Between Requirement and Delivery Priorities TRANSP G
192 PURGTX_T Requirement Urgencies - Text Tables TRANSP G
193 PUROB Original Batch for Purchase Order TRANSP A
194 PUR_B2B_TESTING Testing tool for B2B service TRANSP L
196 PUSHTPL WAP Push Templates TRANSP S
197 PUTTB Substituted Tables of a Release TRANSP W
198 PUTTBC Exchange Tables for Each SAP Release and Component TRANSP W
199 PUTTBCEXCP PUTTB Consistency Check Exceptions (Report PUTTBCHK) TRANSP S
200 PUTTBEXCPT PUTTB Consistency Check Exceptions (Report PUTTBCHK) TRANSP S
201 PUTTBH History of PUTTB Generation (from PUTTBC) TRANSP L
202 PUTTBSHMNT Maintenance Table for PUTTB_SHD (Repository Switch Upgrade) TRANSP S
203 PUTTBX Extension of Puttb TRANSP W
204 PUTTB_SHD Control Table for Shadow Import During the Upgrade TRANSP S
205 PUTTB_SHD_1 Steuertabelle für den Schattenimport während des Upgrades TRANSP S
206 PUTTB_SHD_2 Steuertabelle für den Schattenimport während des Upgrades TRANSP S
207 PUTTB_SHD_IDX Cluster Table for Maintaining PUTTB_SHD TRANSP S
208 PUTTB_SHD_SAV Steuertabelle für den Schattenimport während des Upgrades TRANSP S
209 PUTTB_SHD_SHD Steuertabelle für den Schattenimport während des Upgrades TRANSP S
210 PUTTB_SHD_STD Steuertabelle für den Schattenimport während des Upgrades TRANSP S
211 PUVT1 Pool: Unbuffered VERI Table POOL L
212 PUVT2 Pool: Unbuffered VERI Table POOL L
213 PVBASS SA Assignment Table for iPPE Shop Floor Manufacturing TRANSP A
214 PVBE Production Supply Area TRANSP A
215 PVBW_ATTR Characteristic for Profile Template Data Sources TRANSP C
216 PVBW_SOURCES DataSources for Characteristics of Profile Templates TRANSP C
217 PVCMP PVS Variant (CMP): History Management TRANSP A
218 PVCMPD PVS Variant (CMP): Basic Data TRANSP A
219 PVCMPH Obsolete: Replaced by PVCMP TRANSP A
220 PVCMPP PVS Variant (CMP): Component Attributes TRANSP A
221 PVCMPR PVS Variant (CMP): Supplement to the Selection Criteria TRANSP A
222 PVCMPV PVS Variant (CMP): Variable-Size Item Data TRANSP A
223 PVCOL PVS Variant (COL): Color Attributes TRANSP A
225 PVCONA iPPE Concept: Activations TRANSP A
226 PVEG1 Generically Buffered Pooled Table for Verification POOL L
227 PVERI_CLNT Verification of SAP SQL Key Words from ABAP/4 View POOL W
228 PVEU11 Pooled Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields, Unbuff.) POOL L
229 PVEU12 Pool. Tab. for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields, Unbuf) POOL L
230 PVEU13 Pooled Table for Verification Runs (Various Fields, Unbuff.) POOL L
231 PVEU14 Pool. Tab. for Verif. Runs (Various Unaligned Fields, Unbuf) POOL L
232 PVFRMD RMS-FRM: Basic Data of PVS Formula Variant TRANSP A
233 PVFRMH RMS-FRM: PVS Variant (Formula): History Management TRANSP A
234 PVFRMI RMS-FRM: PVS FRM Variant Stream-Related Data TRANSP A
235 PVFRMM RMS-FRM: PVS-FRM Variant, Material-Related Data TRANSP A
236 PVFRMS RMS-FRM: FRM Variant: Substance-Related Data TRANSP A
237 PVINX Index of New Sales Documents for Product Proposal TRANSP A
238 PVKT Supply Area Short Text TRANSP A
239 PVRCPD PVS Header/Recipe Basic Data TRANSP A
240 PVSCSQ Change Sequence in the PVS TRANSP A
241 PVSDEX External Indicator for Deleted PVS/iPPE Objects TRANSP A
242 PVSET Set Variant: Table of Attributes TRANSP A
243 PVS_VSHEME Variance Scheme for Structure Node TRANSP A
244 PVS_VSHEME_CHAR Characteristics for Variance Scheme TRANSP A
245 PVTST Test Variant: Attribute Table TRANSP A
246 PVWTY Warranty Claim Item (PPE Variant) TRANSP A
247 PWSTATE2 KWPW: All Possible Level2 States TRANSP G
248 PWTGROUP KWPW: All Possible Target Groups TRANSP G
249 PXARCID Table for Archiving Indicators for iPPE Objects TRANSP A
250 PYNOSCREEN Selection Screen Fields (Only as Interface) TRANSP S
251 PYONUMKR Auxiliary structure for lock object EPYONUMKR POOL C
252 PYORDH Payment order header data TRANSP A
253 PYORDP Payment order item data TRANSP A
254 PYORGSCREEN PNP900 Selection Screen: Fields for Organizational Selection TRANSP S
255 PYTIMESCREEN PNP900: Fields For Time Selection TRANSP S
256 PZPE Line Items for Measuring Point Update TRANSP A
257 PZPP Production Measuring Points: Period Values TRANSP A
258 PZPS Production Measuring Point for Totals Record TRANSP A