SAP ABAP Table - Index P, page 3
Table - P
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 PA0799 AFI message data TRANSP A
2 PA0800 Personal Master Record Infotype 0800 TRANSP A
3 PA0801 Personnel Master Record Infotype 0801 TRANSP A
4 PA0802 Personnel Info Record Infotype 0802 TRANSP A
5 PA0803 Personnel Master Record Infotype 0803 TRANSP A
6 PA0804 Personnel Master Record Infotype 0804 TRANSP A
7 PA0805 Personnel Master Record Infotype 0805 TRANSP A
8 PA0806 Personnel Info Record Infotype 0806 TRANSP A
9 PA0808 HR Master Record Infotype 0808 TRANSP A
10 PA0809 HR Master Record: Infotype 0809 TRANSP A
11 PA0812 HR Master Record: Infotype 0812 TRANSP A
12 PA0813 HR Master Record Infotype 0813 TRANSP A
13 PA0814 HR Master Record: Infotype 0814 TRANSP A
14 PA0815 HR Master Record for Infotype 0815 TRANSP A
15 PA0816 HR Master Record Infotype 0816 TRANSP A
16 PA0817 Income Tax Withholding Variation(Australia) TRANSP A
17 PA0818 HR Master Record: Infotype 0818 TRANSP A
18 PA0827 HR Master Record: Infotype 0827 TRANSP A
19 PA0845 HR Master Record Infotype 0845 (Work Relationships) TRANSP A
20 PA0846 Infotype 0846: Reimbursements TRANSP A
21 PA0848 HR Master Record Infotype 0848 (Bursary Payments SA) TRANSP A
22 PA0849 Infotype for Payment Summary TRANSP A
23 PA0850 Infotype for Eligible Termination Payment TRANSP A
24 PA0851 HR Master Record: Infotype 0851 TRANSP A
25 PA0852 HR Master Record: Infotype 0852 TRANSP A
26 PA0853 HR Master Record: Infotype 0853 TRANSP A
27 PA0854 HR Master Record for Infotype 0854 TRANSP A
28 PA0858 HR Master Record: Infotype 0858 TRANSP A
29 PA0860 HR Master Record: Infotype 0860 TRANSP A
30 PA0861 HR Master Record: Infotype 0861 TRANSP A
31 PA0862 TRANSP A
32 PA0863 TRANSP A
33 PA0864 TRANSP A
34 PA0865 HR Master Record: Infotype 0865 TRANSP A
35 PA0873 Infotype 0873 TRANSP A
36 PA0874 HR Master Record: Infotype 0874 TRANSP A
37 PA0875 Family links TRANSP A
38 PA0876 HR Master Record: Infotype 0876 TRANSP A
39 PA0879 Personnel Master Record Infotype 0879 TRANSP A
40 PA0881 HR Master Record: Infotype 0881 TRANSP A
41 PA0882 HR Master Record for Infotype 0882 TRANSP A
42 PA0883 HR Master Record for Infotype 0883 TRANSP A
43 PA0884 HR Master Record for Infotype 0884 TRANSP A
44 PA0887 Personnel master record infotype 0887 TRANSP A
45 PA0893 HR Master Data Infotype 0893 (Daily Work Schedule Info) TRANSP A
46 PA0894 HR Master Record: Infotype 0894 TRANSP A
47 PA0895 HR Master Record: Infotype 0895 TRANSP A
48 PA0896 HR Master Record: Infotype 0896 (ADSE Treatment - PT) TRANSP A
49 PA0897 TRANSP A
50 PA0899 HR Master Record: Infotype 0899 TRANSP A
51 PA0900 HR Master Record: Infotype 0900 (Sales Data) TRANSP A
52 PA0901 HR Master Record: Infotype 0901 (Purchasing Data) TRANSP A
53 PA0902 HR Master Record: Infotype 0902 TRANSP A
54 PA0904 HR Master Record Infotype 0904 TRANSP A
55 PA0906 HR Master Record: Infotype 0906 TRANSP A
56 PA0908 HR Master Record Infotype 0908 TRANSP A
57 PA0942 HR Master Record Infotype 0942 TRANSP A
58 PA0958 HR Master Record: Infotype 0958 TRANSP A
59 PA0959 HR Master Record: Infotype 0959 TRANSP A
60 PA0960 HR Master Record: Infotype 0960 TRANSP A
61 PA0961 HR Master Record: Infotype 0961 TRANSP A
62 PA0962 HR Master Record: Infotype 0962 TRANSP A
63 PA0963 HR Master Record: Infotype 0963 TRANSP A
64 PA0964 HR Master Record: Infotype 0964 TRANSP A
65 PA0965 HR Master Record: Infotype 0965 TRANSP A
66 PA0968 HR master record infotype 0968 TRANSP A
67 PA0974 HR Master Record: Infotype 0974 TRANSP A
68 PA0976 HR Master Record: Infotype 0976 TRANSP A
69 PA0977 HR Master Record Infotype 0977 TRANSP A
70 PA0978 HR Master Record for Infotype 0978 TRANSP A
71 PA0979 HR Master Record for Infotype 0979 TRANSP A
72 PA0980 HR Master Record Infotype 0980 TRANSP A
73 PA0998 HR Master Record: Infotype View 0998 (Disability - GB) TRANSP A
74 PA2001 HR Time Record: Infotype 2001 (Absences) TRANSP A
75 PA2002 HR Time Record: Infotype 2002 (Attendances) TRANSP A
76 PA2003 HR Time Record: Infotype 2003 (Substitutions) TRANSP A
77 PA2004 HR Time Record: Infotype 2004 (Availability) TRANSP A
78 PA2005 HR Time Record: Infotype 2005 (Overtime) TRANSP A
79 PA2006 HR Time Record: Infotype 2006 (Absence Quotas) TRANSP A
80 PA2007 HR Time Record: Infotype 2007 (Attendance Quotas) TRANSP A
81 PA2010 HR Time Record: Infotype 2010 (Employee Remuneration Info.) TRANSP A
82 PA2012 HR Time Record: Infotype 2012 (Time Transfer Specifications) TRANSP A
83 PA2013 HR Time Record: Infotype 2013 (Quota Corrections) TRANSP A
84 PA2500 HR Master Record for Infotype 2500 TRANSP A
85 PA2501 HR Master Record for Infotype 2501 TRANSP A
86 PA2502 HR Master Record for Infotype 2502 TRANSP A
87 PA3200 TRANSP A
88 PA3202 HR Master Record: Infotype 3202 TRANSP A
89 PA3205 HR Master Record: Infotype 3205 TRANSP A
90 PA3207 Personal-Stammsatz Infotyp 3207 TRANSP A
91 PA3208 HR Master Record: Infotype 3208 TRANSP A
92 PA3209 PA-PA-IT: Infotype View TRANSP A
93 PA3210 HR Master Record: Infotype 3210 TRANSP A
94 PA3211 HR Master Record: Infotype 3211 (Contract Elements CN) TRANSP A
95 PA3212 HR Master Record: Infotype 3212 (Special Payment CN) TRANSP A
96 PA3215 HR Master Record: Infotype 3215 TRANSP A
97 PA3216 HR Master Record: Infotype 3216 TRANSP A
98 PA3217 HR Master Record: Infotype 3217 TRANSP A
99 PA3218 HR Master Record: Infotype 3218 TRANSP A
100 PA3225 Personnel Master Record for Infotype 3225 TRANSP A
101 PA3229 Personnel master record for infotype 3229 TRANSP A
102 PA3230 Personnel Master Record for Infotype 3230 TRANSP A
103 PA3231 HR master record Infotype 3231 TRANSP A
104 PA3232 HR Master Record: Infotype 3232 TRANSP A
105 PA3233 HR Master Record: Infotype 3233 TRANSP A
106 PA3238 HR Master Record: Infotype 3238 TRANSP A
107 PA3243 HR Master Record: Infotype 3243 TRANSP A
108 PA3248 HR Master Record: Infotype 3248 TRANSP A
109 PA3249 HR Master Record: Infotype 3249 TRANSP A
110 PA3250 HR Master Record: Infotype 3250 TRANSP A
111 PA3270 HR Master Record: Infotype 3270 TRANSP A
112 PA3271 HR Master Record: Infotype 3271 TRANSP A
113 PA3273 HR Master Record: Infotype 3273 TRANSP A
114 PA3274 HR Master Record: Infotype 3274 TRANSP A
115 PA3275 Pension variant (Norway) TRANSP A
116 PA3290 Personnel Master Record Infotype 3290 TRANSP A
117 PA3291 Personnel Master Record Infotype 3291 TRANSP A
118 PA3292 HR Master Record: Infotype 3292 TRANSP A
119 PA3294 HR Master Record: Infotype 3294 TRANSP A
120 PA3297 HR Master Record: Infotype 3297 TRANSP A
121 PA3298 Infotype 3298 TRANSP A
122 PA3316 Infotype 3316 TRANSP A
123 PA3319 Infotype 3319 TRANSP A
124 PA3326 HR Master Record: Infotype 3326 TRANSP A
125 PA3331 HR Master Record: Infotype 3331 TRANSP A
126 PA3340 Infotype 3340 TRANSP A
127 PA3346 HR Master Record: Infotype 3346 TRANSP A
128 PA3348 HR Master Record: Infotype 3348 TRANSP A
129 PA3355 HR Master Record Infotype 3355 TRANSP A
130 PA3359 HR Master Record: Infotype 3359 TRANSP A
131 PA3532 HR Master Record: Infotype 3532 TRANSP A
132 PA3538 HR Master Record: Infotype 3538 TRANSP A
133 PA3542 HR Master Record: Infotype 3542 (Previous Employers KR) TRANSP A
134 PA3743 HR Master Record: Infotype 3743 TRANSP A
135 PA3893 Time Account Status TRANSP A
136 PA3894 HR Master Data Infotype 3894 TRANSP A
137 PABASN Linking Summarized JIT Call - Shipping Notification TRANSP A
138 PABHD JIT call header record TRANSP A
139 PABIT JIT call items TRANSP A
140 PACKCHECK_EXCEPT Exceptions for Package Check TRANSP W
141 PACKKP Packing Object Header TRANSP A
142 PACKKPS Texts for Packing Object Header (PACKPO) TRANSP A
143 PACKPO Packing Object Item TRANSP A
144 PACMP PVS Alternative Segment for Object Type CMP TRANSP A
145 PACT Activation of Requirement Prioritization TRANSP G
146 PAD03 Registered Patches TRANSP W
147 PAD71 Patch Contents TRANSP W
148 PAD71K Keys of Table Entries Contained in a Patch TRANSP W
149 PAD_ENQ_LOG HR Master Data: Lock Times TRANSP L
150 PAFLO FLO-Specific Alternative Data TRANSP A
151 PAFRM RMS-FRM: Alternative Segment for Object Category FRM TRANSP A
153 PAHI History of system, DB and SAP parameter TRANSP L
154 PAHI_PARAM_SEL Select the Parameters to Be recorded TRANSP C
155 PAKCHEKTYP User-Specific Setting for Package Check (obsolete) TRANSP L
156 PAKDATBUF Bufferung for Package Attributes (EXPORT TO SHARED BUFFER) TRANSP L
157 PAKEFFSEVR Effective Error Severity for Package Check TRANSP S
158 PAKPARAM Package Parameters Table TRANSP L
159 PAKPARAM_LOG Package Parameters Table TRANSP L
160 PAK_PROJECTS F4 Values for cPro Projects TRANSP S
161 PALTID iPPE Alternative: Time-Independent ID and Attributes TRANSP A
162 PALTTX iPPE Alternative: Texts TRANSP A
163 PAMODC Capacity Requirement of an Activity-Resource Relationship TRANSP A
164 PAMODD Duration of an Activity-Resource Relationship TRANSP A
165 PAMS_FSET Settings for Pool Asset Management TRANSP C
166 PAMS_MERK Links: Characteristics/Fields TRANSP C
167 PAMS_NEED Graphical Planning Board: Requests (Objects to Schedule) TRANSP A
168 PAMS_OBJE Objects for Processing TRANSP C
169 PAMS_ROWE Assignment: Element Row Key TRANSP A
170 PAMS_ROWG Assignment: Group Row Key TRANSP A
171 PAMS_SETT Graphical Planning Board: Settings for Planning Board TRANSP C
172 PAMS_SPLIT Graphical Planning Board: Splits (Scheduled Objects) TRANSP A
173 PAMS_STA Graphical Planning Board: Status Model for Planning Board TRANSP C
174 PAMS_STAI Graphical Planning Board: Status Model for Planning Board TRANSP C
175 PAMS_STAIT Graphical Planning Board: Status Model for Planning Board TRANSP C
176 PAMS_STATD Default Status Settings TRANSP C
177 PAMS_STATT Graphical Planning Board: Status Model for Planning Board TRANSP C
178 PAMS_TIMS Time Scale for Bar Chart TRANSP C
180 PAMS_TPOOLO PAM Pools for Org. Units TRANSP A
181 PAMS_TPOOLT PAM Pool Descriptions TRANSP A
182 PAMS_TPOOLTP PAM Pools for Functional Locations TRANSP A
184 PAMS_TTYPOOLT Description of Car Pool Categories TRANSP E
185 PAMS_VARI Graphical Planning Board: Field Settings TRANSP C
186 PAMS_VARIT Graphical Planning Board: Field Settings - Text Tab. TRANSP C
187 PAMS_VCO Settlement Information for Vehicle Category TRANSP C
188 PAMS_VHC Vehicle Classification TRANSP C
189 PAMS_VHT Vehicle Category Names TRANSP C
190 PANNNN HR Master Record: Infotype NNNN TRANSP A
191 PAPBS00WBRPACLOG Action Log PWE (Obsolete): New Table PAPBS00WBRP_LOG TRANSP A
192 PAPBS00WBRP_DATA Transaction Data TRANSP A
193 PAPBS00WBRP_LOG Action Log - Used for Logging in the PWE TRANSP A
194 PAPBS00_PWEBFLOW Business Flow Exchanger TRANSP A
195 PAPBSDENV_ANZR Entitlement Periods TRANSP A
196 PAPBSDENV_ANZR_D Dynamized Entitlement Periods - Result TRANSP A
197 PAPBSDENV_PAYLOG Retroactive Pension Insurance Payment Runs Performed TRANSP A
198 PAPBSDENV_POIN Input for Posting Run TRANSP A
199 PAPBSDENV_POLOG Status Information for Posting Run TRANSP A
200 PAPBSDENV_RESULT Results/Payment Table Retroactive Pension Insurance TRANSP A
201 PAPBSDEVA_VLTSV1 Results Treaty on Sharing of Pension Costs TRANSP A
202 PAPBSDEVA_VLTSV2 Administration Table for Reimbursements Sec.10 VersStaatsV TRANSP A
203 PAPBSDEVA_VLTSV3 Status History for Reimbursements Acc. to Sec.10 VersStaatsV TRANSP A
204 PAPBSDEVA_VLTSV4 Reporting Data for Reimbursements Acc. to Sec.10 VersStaatsV TRANSP A
205 PAPBSGB_HESA_C HESA Archive table for NISR Contract table TRANSP A
206 PAPBSGB_HESA_GR HESA Archive table for NISR Grade table TRANSP A
207 PAPBSGB_HESA_P HESA: Archive table for NISR Person table TRANSP A
214 PAPBSGB_SWF_EP SWF: Educational Psychologists TRANSP A
215 PAPBSGB_SWF_INFO SWF: Staff Information TRANSP A
216 PAPBSGB_SWF_PAY SWF: Additional Payments TRANSP A
218 PAPBSGB_SWF_QUL2 SWF: Qualifications TRANSP A
221 PAPBSGB_TPS_ARCH TPS Archive table for TPS Annual return records of type 1 TRANSP A
222 PAPBSIE_PRD PRD: Re-Calculated PRD Amount Table TRANSP A
224 PAPBSMXBQW ISSSTE - Basic Quotation Wage TRANSP A
225 PAPBSMXSARC SAR current result TRANSP A
226 PAPBSMXSARL Table with the last information sent for Consar TRANSP A
227 PAPBSMXSARP SAR previous result TRANSP A
228 PAPL Applicant master data TRANSP A
229 PARAMVALUE Runtime Variables for Platform-Independent File Names TRANSP G
230 PARAM_F4_FB F$ Help Modules for Condition Editor Parameter Names TRANSP C
231 PARCT Receipt Log Table TRANSP A
232 PARITEM Items of a ProductAvailabilityRequirement TRANSP A
233 PARUSER Key User Table for Parallel Import in MD07 TRANSP C
234 PAT00 Patch Steps TRANSP W
235 PAT01 Patch Status TRANSP W
236 PAT02 Conflicts Between Patches and Add-Ons TRANSP W
237 PAT03 OCS Package Directory TRANSP W
238 PAT03_PRE OCS-Package Verzeichnis - Eingespielte Pre-Packages TRANSP W
239 PAT03_SDA PAT03 for standalone Disassembler TRANSP W
240 PAT04 Patch Add-On ID (PAOID) TRANSP S
241 PAT05 OCS Tool Settings TRANSP W
242 PAT06 Component-Specific Patches TRANSP G
243 PAT07 Support Package Prerequisites TRANSP W
244 PAT07_ACP Import Prerequisites for Packages Referenced by ACP TRANSP W
245 PAT07_SDA Support Package Prerequisites TRANSP W
246 PAT08 Extended Support Package Attributes TRANSP W
247 PAT08_ACP Extended Attributes for Packages Referenced by ACP TRANSP W
248 PAT08_SDA Enhanced Patch Attributes TRANSP W
249 PAT09 Patch History TRANSP W
250 PAT10 OCS Semaphore TRANSP W
251 PAT10B OCS Semaphore Extension for Batch Operation TRANSP W
252 PAT11 Linking Master and Sub-Support Packages (Compound Sup. Pkgs) TRANSP S
253 PAT11_SDA PAT11 for Stand-Alone Patch Disassembler TRANSP S
254 PAT13 Description of OCS File Sections TRANSP S
255 PAT13_SDA Description of OCS File Sections - TOOLIMPORT TRANSP L
256 PATACP List of Packages with Attribuets Changed by ACP TRANSP W
257 PATALLOWED Tabelle der erlaubten Objekte bei einer Deinstallation TRANSP S
258 PATCHECK (Application-Specific) Checks in SPAM/SAINT TRANSP S
259 PATCHHIST History of Kernel Patch TRANSP L
260 PATCONFL Conflicts Between OCS Packages and Add-Ons (with Objects) TRANSP W
261 PATCONT Breakpoint Activities when Importing using SPAM/SAINT TRANSP W
262 PATEXCPT Exception Objects for Conflict Check TRANSP S
263 PATH Definition of Physical File Paths for Each Syntax TRANSP G
264 PATHISTORY History of Imported SPAM/SAINT Queues TRANSP W
266 PATHTEXT Logical File Path Names TRANSP G
267 PATLOG Logging Table for Transaction SPAM/SAINT TRANSP L
268 PATLOG3 New Logging Table for TA SPAM/SAINT TRANSP L
269 PATN Partner number/organizational unit TRANSP A
270 PATPRDVRS Product Versions Installed in SPAM/SAINT Queues TRANSP W
271 PATRTCONF OCS Runtime Analysis: Konfigurationsdaten TRANSP L
272 PATRTPHASE OCS Runtime Analysis: Einspielphasen TRANSP L
273 PATRTVERS OCS Runtime Analysis: Komponentenversionen TRANSP L
274 PATRTVERS2 OCS Runtime Analysis: Komponentenversionen TRANSP L
275 PATST Test Alternative: Attribute Table TRANSP A
276 PATSTOP Buffer of Breakpoints During Import with SPAM/SAINT TRANSP W
277 PATSWFEATR SW Features/Instances Installed in SPAM/SAINT Queues TRANSP W
278 PATSWFTINC Mit SPAM/SAINT Queue installierte inkludierte SW Features TRANSP W
279 PATTPCALL Informationen zum letzten tp Aufruf TRANSP L
280 PATTPIMPLOG tp Importprotokollzeilen TRANSP L
281 PATTPLOGPTR STDOUT des letzten tp Aufrufs TRANSP L
282 PATTPOPTIONS Optionen des letzten tp Aufrufs TRANSP L
283 PATTPSTDOUT STDOUT des letzten tp Aufrufs TRANSP L
285 PAWTY Warranty Claim Category (PVS Alternative) TRANSP A
286 PAYAC01 Account determination TRANSP C
287 PAYAC02 Fiscal Year/Fiscal Year ID Assignment TRANSP C
288 PAYAC03 Fiscal Year ID TRANSP C
289 PAYAC04 Identification Fiscal Year (Texts) TRANSP C
290 PAYAC05 Company Code Group ID (FM) TRANSP C
291 PAYAC06 Company Code Group Texts (FM) TRANSP C
292 PAYAC07 Company Code/Company Code Groups Assignment (FM) TRANSP C
293 PAYAC08 Account Determination Characteristic TRANSP C
294 PAYAC09 Account Determination Characteristic Texts (FM) TRANSP C
295 PAYAC10 Posting Key per DR/CR Indicator TRANSP S
296 PAYAC11 Account to be Proposed for Payment Request TRANSP C
297 PAYBU Header Supplement for Payment Requests Without Vendor TRANSP A
298 PAYCT Additional Criteria per Line Item TRANSP A
299 PAYKO Additional FM Data for Payment Request TRANSP A
300 PAYMENTPLAN Utilities: Payment Plan TRANSP A
301 PAYMENTPLANH Utilities: Payment Plan TRANSP A
302 PAYOA Payment Order - Additional Data TRANSP A
303 PAYOH Payment Order - Header Data TRANSP A
304 PAYOI Item from a Payment Order TRANSP A
305 PAYR Payment Medium File TRANSP A
306 PAYRC Additional Header Data for Recovery Order TRANSP A
307 PAYRQ Payment Requests TRANSP A
308 PAYRQP PAYRQ Enhancement (Cross-Country Bank Account Transfers) TRANSP A
309 PAYRQT Reference Texts for Payment Request TRANSP A
310 PAYSP_HL Payment Service Provider Data TRANSP A
311 PB0001 HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment) TRANSP A
312 PB0002 HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data) TRANSP A
313 PB0006 HR Master Record: Infotype 0006 (Addresses) TRANSP A
314 PB0007 HR Master Record: Infotype 0007 (Planned Working Time) TRANSP A
315 PB0008 Applicant Master Record Infotype (Basic Pay) TRANSP A
316 PB0009 HR Master Record: Infotype 0009 (Bank Details) TRANSP A
317 PB0014 Applicant Master Record IT 0014 Recurring Pymnts/Deductions TRANSP A
318 PB0015 Applicant Master Record Infotype 0015 (Additional Payments) TRANSP A
319 PB0016 Applicant Master Record Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements) TRANSP A
320 PB0022 HR Master Record: Infotype 0022 (Education) TRANSP A
321 PB0023 HR Master Record: Infotype 0023 (Other/Previous Employers) TRANSP A
322 PB0024 HR Master Record: Infotype 0024 (Qualifications) TRANSP A
323 PB0028 HR Master Record: Infotype 0028 (Int. Medical Service) TRANSP A
324 PB0041 HR Master Record: Infotype 0041 TRANSP A
325 PB0077 HR Master Record: Infotype 0077 TRANSP A
326 PB0105 HR Master Record: Infotype 0105 (Communications) TRANSP A
327 PB0107 HR Master Record: Infotype 0107 (Planned Working Time B) TRANSP A
328 PB0108 HR Master Record: Infotype 0108 (Personal Data B) TRANSP A
329 PB0109 HR Master Record: Infotype 0109 (Contract Elements B) TRANSP A
330 PB0185 HR Master Record: Infotype 0185 (Personal ID) TRANSP A
331 PB0280 HR Master Record Infotype 0280/View for 0016 TRANSP A
332 PB0290 HR Master Record: Infotype 0290 - Identity card CIS TRANSP A
333 PB0336 HR Master Data: Infotype 0336 (infotype 2 view - PT) TRANSP A
334 PB0342 HR Master Record: Infotype 0342 (HK Extension to I0002) TRANSP A
335 PB0343 HR Master Record: Infotype 0343 (Contract HK) TRANSP A
336 PB0395 HR Master Record: Infotype 0395 (External Org.Assignment) TRANSP A
337 PB0396 HR Master Record: Infotype 0396 (Expatriate Attributes) TRANSP A
338 PB0398 Infotype 0016 - Corporation and contract agreements TRANSP A
339 PB0432 HR Master Record, Infotype 0432 TRANSP A
340 PB0433 HR Master Record Infotype 0433/View for 0009 TRANSP A
341 PB0465 HR master record infotype 0465 TRANSP A
342 PB0480 HR master record infotype 0480 (Candidates) TRANSP A
343 PB0488 HR-SG-PS: Leave scheme TRANSP A
344 PB0493 HR-SG-PS: Extension of infotype 0022 TRANSP A
345 PB0502 Letter of appointment TRANSP A
346 PB0539 HR Master Record: Infotype 0539 TRANSP A
347 PB0623 HR Master Record: Infotype 0623 TRANSP A
348 PB0625 Infotype 0002 - Race/complexion TRANSP A
349 PB0633 HR Master Record: Infotype 0633 TRANSP A
350 PB0695 HR Master record infotype 0695 TRANSP A
351 PB0734 HR master record infotype 0734 TRANSP A
352 PB0744 HR Master Record: Infotype 0744 TRANSP A
353 PB0795 Applicant data infotype 0795 (model) TRANSP L
354 PB0796 Applicant data infotype 0796 (model) TRANSP L
355 PB0858 Applicant data infotype 0858 (model) TRANSP L
356 PB0974 Applicant data infotype 0974 (model) TRANSP L
357 PB0998 HR Master Record: Infotype View 0998 (Disability - GB) TRANSP A
358 PB2ADATA HR-B2A: Transfer Data TRANSP A
359 PB2ADATB HR-B2A: Transfer Data TRANSP A
360 PB2ADATEMAIL HR-B2A: Data Table for Incoming E-Mails TRANSP A
361 PB2ADATSTR HR-B2A: Data Table for Strings TRANSP A
362 PB2AMGR HR-B2A: Application Data TRANSP A
363 PB2ASTAT HR-B2A: Status Management TRANSP A
364 PB3208 Applicant data infotype 3208 (model) TRANSP L
365 PB3346 Applicant data infotype 3346 (model) TRANSP L
366 PB4000 Infotype 4000: Applicant Events TRANSP A
367 PB4001 Infotype 4001: Applications TRANSP A
368 PB4002 Infotype 4002: Vacancy Assignment TRANSP A
369 PB4003 Infotype 4003: Applicant Activities TRANSP A
370 PB4004 Applicant Data Infotype 4004 (Status of Recurring Tasks) TRANSP A
371 PB4005 Infotype 4005 (Applicant's Personnel Number) TRANSP A
372 PBED Independent Requirements Data TRANSP A
373 PBELEMTYPS Package Builder: Element Typs for Visible Elements TRANSP S
374 PBELEMTYPT Package Builder: Text Visible Elements in Tree TRANSP S
375 PBHI Independent Requirements History TRANSP A
376 PBIC Ind. reqmts index for customer requirements (without RV) TRANSP A
377 PBID Planned independent requirements index: MRP area TRANSP A
378 PBIM Independent Requirements for Material TRANSP A
379 PBIV Ind. reqmts index for consump. of exter. non-variable parts TRANSP A
380 PBLAYOUT Layout Data for Portal Builder (Internal Data) TRANSP E
381 PBNNNN Applicant data infotype NNNN (model) TRANSP L
382 PBVPV Material index for consumption of planning TRANSP A
383 PC01B2A_SVEM SI-Specific Storage E-Mails for Procedure for Returning Data TRANSP A
384 PC01B2A_SVEMSTAT SI-Specific Storage E-Mails for Procedure for Returning Data TRANSP A
385 PC03_SE16N_CD_DA Table Display: Change Documents - Data TRANSP A
386 PC03_SE16N_CD_KE Table Display: Change Documents - Header TRANSP A
387 PC03_TSKEY Table Search: Entity Table of Individual Search TRANSP S
388 PCALAC Activities per Payroll Result TRANSP A
389 PCARD_ARIDX Index for single doc access fpr arc object bbp_pc_arc TRANSP A
390 PCA_BLOCK Block Card Master TRANSP A
391 PCA_BLOCK_ADMIN Payment Card Master: Admistrative Data Block TRANSP A
392 PCA_MASTER Payment Card Master: General Data TRANSP A
393 PCA_MASTER_ADMIN Payment Card Master: General Data (Administration) TRANSP A
394 PCA_SCMO Index from Schedule Manager Run to Corresponding Extracts TRANSP A
395 PCA_SECURITY Card Master: Encryption TRANSP A
396 PCA_SECURITY_RAW Card Master: Encryption TRANSP A
397 PCBWA_USER BW Extraction: Last Extracted User for Profit Center TRANSP L
398 PCDHDR Change document header TRANSP A
399 PCDPOS Change document items CLUSTER A
400 PCDPOS_STR Additional Planned Change Document: Table for STRINGs TRANSP A
401 PCDPOS_UID Additional Table for Inclusion of TABKEY>70 Chars-Plnnd Chg. TRANSP A
402 PCEC Prenumbered Checks TRANSP A
403 PCERE Activities per Payroll Result TRANSP A
404 PCERH History of Payroll Posting Runs TRANSP A
405 PCERT Payroll Posting Runs TRANSP A
406 PCERV Attributes for Posting Runs TRANSP A
407 PCHKPFHEAD Header Data for Package Check Profiles TRANSP W
408 PCHKPROF Parameter Setting for Package Check (Package Range) TRANSP W
409 PCHKPROFT Text Table for Profiles for Setting Params for Package Check TRANSP W
410 PCL1 HR Cluster 1 TRANSP A
411 PCL2 HR Cluster 2 TRANSP A
412 PCL3 HR Cluster 3 TRANSP A
413 PCL4 HR Cluster 4 TRANSP A
414 PCL5 HR/RP Cluster 5; HR Planning Usage TRANSP A
415 PCLHR Storage of Temporary Data for HR TRANSP L
416 PCL_RCF User-Specific Settings for Document Search TRANSP L
417 PCMH Production campaign header TRANSP A
418 PCMO1 Pegged production campaign: material TRANSP A
419 PCMO2 Pegged production campaign: requirements TRANSP A
420 PCMO3 Pegged production campaign: recipe TRANSP A
421 PCMO4 Production campaign pegged reqmt resource network TRANSP A
422 PCMP Production campaign item TRANSP A
423 PCOLMR Color Key Master Record TRANSP A
424 PCOLMRT Text Table for Color Key Master Record TRANSP A
425 PCRRETAILA Actual line item table TRANSP A
426 PCRRETAILC Object Table 2 TRANSP A
427 PCRRETAILO Object Table 1 TRANSP A
428 PCRRETAILP Plan line items table TRANSP A
430 PCRR_AS_AREA Check table for PCRRETAILT: Assortment Area RASAREA_7 TRANSP C
431 PCRR_AS_AREAT Check table for PCRRETAILT: Assortment Area RASAREA_7 TRANSP C
432 PD3DBAN HR-DDU: Address Data Module TRANSP A
433 PD3DBEU HR-DDU: Data Module - European Insurance Number TRANSP A
434 PD3DBGB HR-DDU: Data Module - Birth Details TRANSP A
435 PD3DBKS HR-DDU: Data Module - Miners'/Sailors' Insurance TRANSP A
436 PD3DBKV DEUEV: Data Module Health Insurance TRANSP A
437 PD3DBME HR-DDU: Reporting Facts Data Module TRANSP A
438 PD3DBNA HR-DDU: Name Data Module TRANSP A
439 PD3DBSO HR-DDU: Immediate Notification Data Module TRANSP A
440 PD3DBSV HR-DDU: Social Insurance Card Data Module TRANSP A
441 PD3DBUV DEUEV: Data Module DBUV - Accident Insurance TRANSP A
442 PD3DBUV_DAT DEUEV AI Data for Module DBUV - Accident Insurance TRANSP A
443 PD3DSAP HR-DDU: Administration Record for Notifications TRANSP A
444 PD3DSME HR-DDU: Data Record Notfication TRANSP A
445 PD3FLAG HR-DDU: Notifications Indicator TRANSP A
446 PD3HIST Status History Management for DEUEV Notifications TRANSP A
447 PDAVLT Data for Valuation Assignment TRANSP A
448 PDAVRT Result Table: Data for Future Pension Rights TRANSP A
449 PDBKAD CI: Social Fund Procedure: Records Management TRANSP A
450 PDBKAN Construction Industry Social Fund Proced: ANMEL Data Records TRANSP A
451 PDBKAU Construction Industry Social Fund Proced: AUMEL Data Records TRANSP A
452 PDBKBE Constr. Ind. Social Fund Procedure: BEMEL (PerNo) Records TRANSP A
453 PDBKBESUM Constr. Ind. Social Fund Procedure: BEMEL Records (Total) TRANSP A
454 PDBKLO Construction Industry Social Fund Proced: LOMEL Data Records TRANSP A
455 PDBKNE Construction Industry Social Fund Proced: NEMEL Data Records TRANSP A
456 PDBKNW Construction Industry Social Fund Proced: Employee Statement TRANSP A
457 PDBKRA Construction Industry Social Fund Proced: RAMEL Data Records TRANSP A
458 PDBKUR Construction Industry Social Fund Proced: URMEL Data Records TRANSP A
459 PDEPBSVASEN_FSPA Assessed Employment Periods TRANSP A
460 PDEPBSVASEN_FSPB Assessed Employment Periods with Their Selection Class TRANSP A
461 PDEPBSVASEN_SIPA Simulated Employment Periods TRANSP A
462 PDEPBSVASEN_SIPB Simulated Employment Periods with Their Selection Class TRANSP A
463 PDERR Error Table for Subsystem Confirmation TRANSP A
464 PDGUID GUIDs for Project Definition TRANSP A
465 PDN_MAP_HEADER Product Designer: Mapping Table for Headers TRANSP A
466 PDN_MAP_ITEM Product Designer: Mapping Table for Items TRANSP A
467 PDPBSDNEUG_UEB Carried Over to DNeuG: General HR Master Record TRANSP A
468 PDPBSDNEUG_UEB_T Carried Over to DNeuG: Personnel Pay Scale Information TRANSP A
469 PDPBSTVOED_UEB Transfer to TVoeD: Personnel Master Record Before Transfer TRANSP A
470 PDPBSZV363 Estimated Tax-Free Contributions (Acc. to Sec.3 No.63) TRANSP A
471 PDPBSZVABM Dereg. from Compulsory Insurance (Record Type 40), ZVE-PBS TRANSP A
472 PDPBSZVABS Periods (Record Type 60), ZVE-PBS TRANSP A
473 PDPBSZVADM Administration Table for ZVE-PBS Notification Procedure TRANSP A
474 PDPBSZVADR Address (Record Type 81), ZVE-PBS TRANSP A
475 PDPBSZVANM Reg. for Compulsory Insurance (Record Type 30), ZVE-PBS TRANSP A
476 PDPBSZVDCARRIERS ZVE-PBS Notification Procedure for Data Medium Admin. TRANSP A
477 PDPBSZVDIF Difference (Record Type 70), ZVE-PBS TRANSP A
478 PDPBSZVLOG Log Table for ZVE-PBS Notification Procedure TRANSP A
479 PDPBSZVMDCARRS Grouped Data Medium Administration, SP Reporting TRANSP A
480 PDPBSZVNAM Name (Record Type 80), ZVE-PBS TRANSP A
481 PDPBSZVSUM Totals Record (Record Type 90), SPI TRANSP A
482 PDPBSZV_PA0051 ZVMP Employer to Be Overridden in IT0051 (Before ZVMP) TRANSP A
483 PDSNR Sequential Number for PDC Messages TRANSP A
484 PDS_COMP Component Data for PDS TRANSP A
485 PDS_HEADER Header Data for PDS with Changes TRANSP A
486 PDS_KEY Key Table for PDS Data from PDS Maintenance TRANSP A
487 PDS_OPER PDS Data for Operations and Dependent Data TRANSP A
488 PDS_OPR_MAPPING Persistant operation mapping for PDS integration TRANSP A
489 PDTC_T_EBELN Table for Storing Data Temporarily TRANSP L
490 PDTC_T_MBLNR Material Document Number TRANSP L
491 PDTC_T_WE_MA Table for Storing Data Temporarily TRANSP L
492 PEGEXC_WRK_GRP Pegging: Distribution of surplus, scrap, lost, plant & group TRANSP A
493 PEGOB Peg (master data of the CO object) TRANSP A
494 PEGQTY Assigned quantity of pegging objects TRANSP A
495 PEG_ADMIN Pegging - Administration Table TRANSP A
496 PEG_CLIENT Pegging: General settings for customizing TRANSP C
497 PEG_CUST_WERK Pegging Customizing: Plants relevant for pegging (DIMP4.71) TRANSP C
498 PEG_DIS_ADMIN Pegging and Distribution - administration table TRANSP A
499 PEG_EXC_GRPNR Pegging: Distribution of surplus, scrap, lost - group based TRANSP A
500 PEG_EXC_WERKS Pegging: Distribution of surplus, scrap, lost - Plant based TRANSP A