SAP ABAP Table - Index J, page 3
Table - J
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 JSTALIAS IS-M: Alias Table for Streets TRANSP C
4 JSTBEZBEZ IS-M/SD: Assgmt Table for Carrier Route-Carrier Route Assgmt TRANSP A
5 JSTCOUNTY IS-M: Counties or Administrative Districts from USPS (USA) TRANSP C
6 JSTGEOBEZ IS-M/SD: Assignment of Carrier Routes to Geographical Units TRANSP A
7 JSTGEOEINH IS-M/SD: Geographical Unit TRANSP A
8 JSTGEOHIE IS-M/SD: Geographical Hierarchy TRANSP A
9 JSTGEOORG IS-M/SD: Assignment of Geographical to Organizational Units TRANSP A
10 JSTGEOPST IS-M/SD: Assignments of Geographical to Postal Units TRANSP A
11 JSTKGSPRO IS-M/SD: District Municipality File TRANSP C
12 JSTKGSUPDA IS-M/SD: Table for Upgrade of Table JSTKGSPRO TRANSP A
13 JSTLAUF IS-M/SD: Round Sequence TRANSP A
14 JSTO Status object information TRANSP A
15 JSTORGHIE IS-M/SD: Organizational Plan Hierarchy TRANSP A
17 JSTORTUPDA IS-M/SD: Table for Upgrade of Table JSTORTPRO TRANSP A
18 JSTOTLPRO IS-M: City District File TRANSP C
19 JSTOTLUPDA IS-M/SD: Table for Upgrade of Table JSTOTLPRO TRANSP A
20 JSTPLOUPDA IS-M/SD: Table for Upgrade of Table JSTPLZORT TRANSP A
21 JSTPLZORT IS-M/SD: Assignment of Postal Codes to Cities TRANSP C
23 JSTPLZUPDA IS-M/SD: Table for Upgrade of Table JSTPLZPRO TRANSP A
25 JSTPOFUPDA IS-M/SD: Table for Upgrade of Table JSTPOFPRO TRANSP A
26 JSTROUPVA IS-M/SD: Truck Route-Publication/Edition Assignment TRANSP A
27 JSTSTRDAVERW Reference Table for Street Records from DBP TRANSP C
28 JSTSTRPRO IS-M/SD: Street File (Post) TRANSP C
31 JST_KGS_CONS IS-M: Table for DMK Consolidation TRANSP A
32 JST_KGS_RAW PDU Raw Data for District Mun. Key TRANSP C
33 JST_KGS_STATE Status of DMK Checks TRANSP A
34 JST_ORT_CONS IS-M: Table for City Consolidation TRANSP A
35 JST_ORT_RAW PDU Raw Data for Cities TRANSP C
36 JST_ORT_STATE Status of City Checks TRANSP A
37 JST_OTL_CONS IS-M: Table for City District Consolidation TRANSP A
38 JST_OTL_RAW PDU Raw Data for City Districts TRANSP C
39 JST_OTL_STATE Status of CDT Checks TRANSP A
40 JST_PDU_STATE Status Table for Postal Data Upgrade TRANSP C
41 JST_PLZ_CONS IS-M: Table for Postal Code Consolidation TRANSP A
42 JST_PLZ_RAW PDU Raw Data for Postal Codes TRANSP C
43 JST_PLZ_STATE Status of Postal Code Checks TRANSP A
44 JST_POF_CONS IS-M: Table for PO Box Consolidation TRANSP A
45 JST_POF_RAW PDU Raw Data for PO Boxes TRANSP C
46 JST_POF_STATE Status of PO Box Checks TRANSP A
47 JST_STR_CONS IS-M: Table for Street Consolidation TRANSP A
48 JST_STR_RAW PDU Raw Data for Streets TRANSP C
49 JST_STR_STATE Status of Street Checks TRANSP A
50 JVAFLAGS JVA Activation flags TRANSP A
51 JVA_OPTIONS JVA processing options (company code level) TRANSP C
52 JVBX JV Billing Database (INDX-Table) TRANSP A
53 JVCO1 JV Object Table 2 for JVTO1 TRANSP A
54 JVGLFLEX00 General ledger: Transaction attributes TRANSP A
55 JVGLFLEX01 General ledger: Technical fields TRANSP A
56 JVGLFLEX02 General ledger: Main account assignment TRANSP A
57 JVGLFLEX03 General ledger: SAP additional account assignment TRANSP A
58 JVGLFLEX04 General ledger: Customer additional account assignment TRANSP A
59 JVGLFLEX05 General Ledger: Additional Acct Assignment: Customer 2 TRANSP A
60 JVGLFLEX06 General ledger: Sender SAP additional account assignment TRANSP A
61 JVGLFLEX07 General Ledger: Joint Venture Accounting Fields TRANSP A
62 JVGLFLEX08 General Ledger: Reserve Table 2 TRANSP A
63 JVGLFLEXA General Ledger: Actual Line Items TRANSP A
64 JVGLFLEXP General Ledger: Plan Line Items TRANSP A
65 JVGLFLEXT General Ledger: Totals TRANSP A
66 JVKONV IS-Oil / Joint Venture / Data table for CRP pricing data TRANSP A
67 JVOO1 Object Table for FI-SL Table JVTO1 TRANSP A
68 JVOO2 JV Billing FI-SL Object Table TRANSP A
69 JVPO1 JVA: Plan Line Items TRANSP A
70 JVPSC01A Actual line item table TRANSP A
71 JVPSC01C Object table 2 TRANSP A
72 JVPSC01O Object table 1 TRANSP A
73 JVPSC01P Plan line item table TRANSP A
74 JVPSC01T Summary table TRANSP A
75 JVS1 JV Line Items POOL A
76 JVSDADVIEWUSER IS-M: Contract View for Users in Insert Planning TRANSP L
77 JVSDBLGZUS IS-M: Insert Combination for Carrying Media Issue TRANSP A
78 JVSDBLGZUSPLAN IS-M: Insert Combination for Media Issue (Planned) TRANSP A
79 JVSDBPINSERTGRP IS-M: Business Partner Insert Group TRANSP A
80 JVSDCONTRACTLFNG IS-M: Subscription Deliveries for Contract and Media Issue TRANSP A
81 JVSDGROUP IS-M: Media Family of a Group TRANSP A
82 JVSDGROUPPROD IS-M: Media Products Assigned to a Group TRANSP A
83 JVSDINSERTGRPHIE Customer Insert Group: Hierarchy TRANSP A
84 JVSDISSUECOMP IS-M: Media Product - Components TRANSP A
85 JVSDNOAUTOPACK IS-M: Media Products Not Packaged Automatically TRANSP A
86 JVSDORD IS-M: Definition of Sort Criterion TRANSP A
87 JVSDPACKING_TAG IS-M/SD: Packaging Characteristics TRANSP A
88 JVSDPACKRULE IS-M/SD: Packaging Rules for Media Issues TRANSP A
89 JVSDPLANADCALL IS-M: Temporary Storage of Parameters TRANSP L
90 JVSDPLANISSUEINS IS-M/SD: Media Issue Planning - Insert TRANSP L
91 JVSDPLANTPRODUCT IS-M: Weekday-Dependent Plant Determination TRANSP A
92 JVSDPRODCOMP IS-M: Media Product - Components TRANSP A
93 JVSDSETPLANAD IS-M: User Settings for Insert Planning TRANSP L
94 JVSDSHIPPRIOISS IS-M/SD: Del. Priority for Each Contract Item & Media Issue TRANSP A
95 JVSDSHIPPRIOPROD IS-M/SD: Del.Priority for Each Contract Item & Media Product TRANSP A
97 JVSDSPLITPLAN IS-M: Issue Split (Planned) TRANSP A
98 JVSDSPLITSUB IS-M: Issue Split for Lower Level Issues TRANSP A
99 JVSDT134MIX IS-M: Cross-Plant Mix for Material Type TRANSP C
100 JVSDVARIANTORD IS-M: Assignment of Variant to Sort Criterion TRANSP A
101 JVSO1 JV LI Table with Objects for JVTO1 TRANSP A
102 JVSO2 JV Billing FI-SL Line Item TRANSP A
103 JVSOADAV IS-M/SD Shipping Order Item TRANSP A
104 JVSOADV IS-M/SD Shipping Order Item TRANSP A
105 JVSOCOMPL IS-M/SD: Complaint for Shipping Order TRANSP A
106 JVSOCOMPL_DAYS IS-M/SD: Dates and Quantities for Shipping Order Complaint TRANSP A
107 JVSOH IS-M/SD Shipping Order Header TRANSP A
108 JVSOHIF IS-M/SD Import History for Shipping Orders TRANSP A
109 JVSOHIJ IS-M/SD: Import Jobs for Shipping Orders TRANSP A
110 JVSOP IS-M/SD Shipping Order Item TRANSP A
111 JVSOPDF IS-M/SD Document Flow for Shipping Orders: Deliveries TRANSP A
112 JVSOPDV IS-M/SD Delivery Viability Set for Shipping Order Item TRANSP A
113 JVSOUSERSET IS-M/SD: User Settings for Address-Based Shipping TRANSP C
114 JVT1 JV Summary Table TRANSP A
115 JVTABEZART IS-M: Additional Fields for Sales Agent/Distribution Zones TRANSP A
116 JVTANN00 IS-M: Technical Order Deadline Limit TRANSP A
117 JVTANNSTAT IS-M/SD: Status Table for Order Finalization Deadline TRANSP A
118 JVTANZAUS IS-M: Ad Mixes for Carrying Issues TRANSP A
119 JVTANZZUS IS-M: Ad Mix for Carrying Issues TRANSP A
120 JVTASTAT01 IS-M/SD: Supplements to Shipping Status TRANSP A
121 JVTBEZART IS-M: Carrier Route - Specialization of Types TRANSP A
122 JVTBEZGP IS-M/SD: Delivery Round - Business Partner TRANSP A
123 JVTBEZHPVA IS-M/SD: Main Edition in Carrier Route TRANSP A
124 JVTBEZIRK IS-M: Carrier Route (Generalization) TRANSP A
125 JVTBEZPOT IS-M: Carrier Route, Time-Dependent Planned Circulation TRANSP A
126 JVTBEZRND IS-M/SD: Delivery Round TRANSP A
127 JVTBLGAUS IS-M/SD: Insert Mixes for Carrying Issues TRANSP A
128 JVTBLGZUS IS-M/SD: Insert Combination for Carrying Issue TRANSP A
129 JVTBRGLART IS-M/SD: Postal Packing Rule Type TRANSP C
130 JVTBUND IS-M/SD: Newspaper Pack for Postal Shipping TRANSP A
131 JVTBZRDNR IS-M: SDoc.Printing No.for Delivery Exception per Del.Round TRANSP A
132 JVTDPAMPROT IS-M/SD: Log Data for DPAG Order Management TRANSP A
133 JVTDSPTR IS-M/SD: Planning trigger TRANSP A
134 JVTFAHRM IS-M: Driver Notification (Shipping Documents) TRANSP A
135 JVTFEHLER IS-M: Distribution Error Message TRANSP A
136 JVTFRGLART IS-M/SD: Determination of Postal Packing Rule TRANSP A
138 JVTGEOPOT IS-M: Geographical Unit, Time-Dependent Planned Circulation TRANSP A
139 JVTLFBARGP IS-M/SD: Delivery Viability Sets for Researcher TRANSP A
140 JVTLFNG IS-M/SD: Delivery/Home Delivery TRANSP A
141 JVTLFSTAT IS-M/SD: Daily Delivery Statistics TRANSP A
142 JVTLFZUO IS-M/SD: Assignment of Delivery to Schedule Line TRANSP A
143 JVTLIEFBAR IS-M/SD: Delivery/Home Delivery/Pickup Viability Sets TRANSP A
146 JVTMCI_ITEM IS-M: TMCI Household Addresses for AI Schedule Lines TRANSP A
147 JVTMCI_MERGEINFO IS-M: Explode TMCI AI Schedule Lines in M/SD Structures TRANSP A
148 JVTMCI_MERGE_RES TMCI Merge Result: Merge Result for Ship-To Address TRANSP A
150 JVTMCP_ITEM IS-M: TMCP Structures (CRoute/GUnit) TRANSP A
151 JVTMCP_MERGE_RES IS-M: TMCP Merge Result for Ship-To Party Address TRANSP A
153 JVTMCP_SCHEDULE IS-M: TMCP Household Addresses for Structures TRANSP A
154 JVTMC_HH_SUSPEND IS-M: TMC - Explicit Exclusion of Households TRANSP A
156 JVTNCT1 IS-M/SD: Tab.1 in Coll.Netchange File (Change Numbers) TRANSP A
157 JVTNCT2 IS-M/SD: Tab.2 in Coll.Netchange File (Change No.-Trig.Asgt) TRANSP A
158 JVTNCT3 IS-M/SD: Tab.3 of Coll.Netch.File (ChNo.-OrItem-Tr.-Asgt) TRANSP A
159 JVTNCT4 IS-M/SD: Tab.4 for Netchange (ChNo.Planng View)-see JKVDIS TRANSP A
160 JVTNCT5 IS-M/SD: Tab.5 in Collective Netchange File (Sch.Line ChNo.) TRANSP A
161 JVTNOTADM IS-M/SD: Administrative Data on Carrier Change Notification TRANSP A
162 JVTNOTICE IS-M/SD: Carrier Change Notifications TRANSP A
163 JVTO1 JV Summary Table with Objects TRANSP A
164 JVTO2 JV Billing FI-SL Summary Table TRANSP A
165 JVTORDERCH IS-M/SD: Order Change Types for Carrier Notification TRANSP A
166 JVTORDERTX IS-M/SD: Order Change Types for Carrier Notification TRANSP G
168 JVTPACKGROUP IS-M: Common Odd Bundle Group TRANSP A
169 JVTPACKGROUPFILT IS-M: Common Odd Bundle Group (Allowed Plants/Del. Types) TRANSP A
170 JVTPACKGROUPPROD IS-M: Common Odd Bundle Group (Products Contained) TRANSP A
172 JVTPHCONTRACT IS-M/SD: Phase Shipping - Contracts Assigned Explicitly TRANSP A
173 JVTPHDATE IS-M/SD: Phase Shipping - Dates Per Media Issue TRANSP A
174 JVTPHGEO IS-M/SD: Phase Shipping - Geo.Units TRANSP A
175 JVTPHISSUE IS-M/SD: Phase Shipping - Media Issues TRANSP A
176 JVTPHMODELL IS-M/SD: Phase Shipping - Model TRANSP A
177 JVTPHPROMOTION IS-M: Assignment of Phase Model to Retail Promotion TRANSP A
179 JVTPOTNOTICE IS-M/SD: Potential Carrier Change Notifications TRANSP A
180 JVTPRDGR01 IS-M/SD: Elements of Production Group TRANSP A
181 JVTPRDGR02 IS-M/SD: Elements of a Production Group TRANSP A
182 JVTPRDGR03 IS-M/SD: Fixed Elements of a Production Group TRANSP A
183 JVTPROD IS-M/SD: Production Units TRANSP A
184 JVTPRODGRP IS-M/SD: Repetition Grouping for Production TRANSP A
185 JVTPSCHEME IS-M/SD: Production Procedure TRANSP A
186 JVTPSEQ IS-M/SD: Production Sequence for Postal Shipping (CH) TRANSP A
187 JVTPSHFIND IS-M/SD: Production Procedure Determination TRANSP C
188 JVTPSQ IS-M/SD: Production Sequence TRANSP A
189 JVTPSQ0001 IS-M/SD: Production Sequence - Elements: Publication/Edition TRANSP A
190 JVTPSQ0002 IS-M/SD: Production Sequence - Elements: Publ./Edit./Insert TRANSP A
191 JVTPSQSORT IS-M/SD: Sequence of Production Sequences TRANSP A
192 JVTPSTFEHL IS-M/SD: Postal Units not Delivered TRANSP A
193 JVTREFPVA IS-M/SD: Reference Edition for Edition, Media Product or AI TRANSP A
194 JVTRUNDE IS-M/SD: Round (Delivery Round) TRANSP C
195 JVTSDHDORDER IS-M: M/SD Home Delivery Data for SD Orders TRANSP A
196 JVTSDHDPLAN IS-M: Planning Record for M/SD Home Delivery of SD Orders TRANSP A
197 JVTSDHDPLANPOS IS-M: Planning Item for M/SD Home Delivery of SD Orders TRANSP A
198 JVTSDHDPLANZUO IS-M: Assgt of Planning Item (M/SD Home Del.) to SD Orders TRANSP A
199 JVTSDPACKFUNC IS-M: Function Modules for SD Packaging TRANSP G
200 JVTSFANN00 IS-M/SD: Search Sequence for Order Deadline TRANSP S
201 JVTSIANZUO IS-M: Assignment of Insert Mix to AI Orders TRANSP A
202 JVTSIBLMNG IS-M: Worklist for Quantity Correction to AI Insertion TRANSP A
203 JVTSIBLZUO IS-M: Assignment of Insert Mix to AI Orders TRANSP A
204 JVTSIRHMNG IS-M: Worklist for Quantity Correction to Ad Insert TMC TRANSP A
205 JVTSIRHZUO IS-M: Assignment of Delivery to AI Sched.Line - Delta Cov. TRANSP A
206 JVTSIVTMNG IS-M: Worklist for Quantity Correction to AI Distribution TRANSP A
207 JVTSIVTZUO IS-M: Assignment of Delivery to AI Schedule Line for Dist. TRANSP A
208 JVTVARLART IS-M/SD: Assgmt of Shipping Schedule Variant to Deliv.Types TRANSP A
209 JVTVARTIME IS-M/SD: Time Slice Variant TRANSP A
210 JVTVARZPVA IS-M/SD: Assignment of Edition to Shipping Schedule Variant TRANSP A
211 JVTVERPLAN IS-M/SD: Shipping Schedule TRANSP A
212 JVTVERTAG IS-M: Shipping Schedule - Assignment to Weekday TRANSP A
213 JVTVERVARI IS-M/SD: Variant for Shipping Schedule TRANSP A
214 JVTVERZPLZ IS-M/SD: Assignment of Shipping Schedule to PCode Area TRANSP A
215 JVTVGRPDAT IS-M/SD: Shipping Date for a Shipping Group TRANSP A
216 JVTVSPDIR IS-M/SD: Shipping Document Directory TRANSP A
217 JVTVSPTXT Shipping Document Printing of User-Defined Texts TRANSP A
218 JVTZAEM1 IS-M/SD: Carrier Change Notification - Order Change TRANSP A
219 JVTZAEM2 Sales Order Header Data TRANSP A
220 JVTZAEM3 IS-M/SD: Carrier Change Notification - Pre-Fetch Messages TRANSP A
221 JVTZAEM4 IS-M/SD: Carrier Change Notification - Excl.Orders TRANSP A
222 JVTZUOBUND IS-M/SD: Assgmt of Postal Newspaper Pack to Order (Sch.Line) TRANSP A
223 JVTZUOBUNDAV IS-M/SD: Postal Newspaper Pack - Shipping Order Assignment TRANSP A
224 JVTZUOGBND IS-M/SD: Assignment of Container to Drop-Off TRANSP A
225 JVTZUOPROD IS-M/SD: Assignment of Production Units to Drop-Offs TRANSP A
226 JVTZUOZEBU IS-M/SD: Assignments in ZEBU Tree TRANSP A
227 JVTZUSTM IS-M/SD: Carrier Notification (Shipping Documents) TRANSP A
228 JWAKTDRER IS-M/SD: Publications for Sales Promotion TRANSP A
229 JWAUART IS-M/SD: Campaign Framework Proposal for Sales Document Type TRANSP A
230 JWBASI IS-M/SD: Campaign Framework TRANSP A
231 JWEVENT IS-M/SD: Events for Campaign Framework Proposal TRANSP A
232 JWPROV IS-M/SD: Allowed Commission Recipients for Camp.Framework TRANSP A
234 JWTRAE IS-M/SD: Allowed Advertising Media for Campaign Framework TRANSP A
235 JWTWEKO IS-M/SD: Sales Activity for Business Partner TRANSP A
236 JYTDYNM IS-M/SD: Settings for Screen Field Modification TRANSP C
237 JYTGOLIV IS-M/SD: Data on Going Live TRANSP A
238 JYTLFGARC IS-M/SD: Archiving Status of Delivery TRANSP A
239 JYTREORG IS-M/SD: Reorganization Periods and Areas TRANSP A
240 JYTSTREORG IS-M/SD: Reorganization Status TRANSP A
241 JYTTRGWAER IS-M: Trigger Entries for Currency Changes TRANSP A
242 JYVSDPLANT IS-M: Controls for BOM Creation TRANSP S
243 JYXPRA Transport Control TRANSP C
244 J_11042S_US Authority for Exemption/Reason for Exemption (US) TRANSP C
245 J_1A030IF Account Determination for Inflation Revaluation Postings TRANSP C
246 J_1A101 Historical data for the daily reports TRANSP A
247 J_1A102 Independent vendors with no CUIT or Social Security TRANSP A
248 J_1AAA1 Definition of revaluation TRANSP C
249 J_1AAA2 Revaluation Key TRANSP C
250 J_1AAA2M Methods fore period control of transactions TRANSP C
251 J_1AAA2MT Period control methods description TRANSP C
252 J_1AAA2T Inflation Adjustment AA - Revaluation Key Text TRANSP C
253 J_1AAA5 Transaction types excluded from revaluation TRANSP C
254 J_1AAA5A Transaction Types exluded from RV-adjustment TRANSP C
255 J_1AACFOP Assignment of Argentinian Tax Codes for Foreign Nationals TRANSP C
256 J_1AACT Activity code for social security withholding TRANSP C
257 J_1AACTT Texts for activity codes for social security withholding TRANSP C
258 J_1AAFORMP Assignment of document Form to movement reason AA waybills TRANSP C
259 J_1AAOLDTA Inflation Adjustment AA - Historic transact. period Balances TRANSP A
260 J_1AAT089 Revaluation area assignment TRANSP C
261 J_1AAWAYBL Way Bills for asset movements TRANSP A
262 J_1ACAE Argentina electronic invoice CAE track table TRANSP A
263 J_1ACFOP Codes for foreign natural or legal persons with no ID TRANSP C
264 J_1ACFOPT Texts for codes for foreign natural or legal persons TRANSP C
265 J_1ACHRDET Determination of capital letter TRANSP C
266 J_1ACITI C.I.T.I. codes TRANSP C
267 J_1ACITIT Texts for C.I.T.I. codes TRANSP C
268 J_1ACI_LIMIT Limits for Credit invoice TRANSP C
269 J_1ACI_MSG_RATES Assignment of output messages to Installment rate TRANSP C
270 J_1ACMCD Customs codes TRANSP C
271 J_1ACMCDT Texts for customs codes TRANSP C
272 J_1ACNTFLD List of All Country-Specific Fields in Tables TRANSP S
273 J_1ACON AR: Contingency Maintained at Company and Branch Level TRANSP C
274 J_1ACONTINGENCY AR: Argentina electronic invoice Contingency track table TRANSP A
275 J_1ACTYP C.I.T.I. transaction type TRANSP C
276 J_1ACTYPT C.I.T.I. transaction type TRANSP C
277 J_1ADISDOC Configuration of automatic generation of discount documents TRANSP C
278 J_1ADOCCL2 Texts for official document class in Argentina TRANSP C
279 J_1ADOCCLS Official document class for Argentina TRANSP C
280 J_1ADRVER Versions of VAT daily report TRANSP C
281 J_1ADRVERT Texts for versions of VAT daily report TRANSP C
282 J_1ADTFS Document type field status TRANSP C
283 J_1ADTYP Distribution Types for Gross Income Tax TRANSP C
284 J_1ADTYPT Texts for distribution types for Gross Income Tax TRANSP C
285 J_1AFILE_LOG Log of Processing of Taxpayers File TRANSP A
286 J_1AFILE_LOGN Log of Processing of Taxpayers File TRANSP A
287 J_1AFITP Tax Types TRANSP C
288 J_1AFITPT Texts for Fiscal Types TRANSP C
289 J_1AFITPV Tax Type: Possible Entries TRANSP C
290 J_1AFITPVT Tax Type: Texts for Possible Entries TRANSP C
291 J_1AFRID Tax Code for Foreign Nationals TRANSP C
292 J_1AGICD Activity codes for gross income tax declaration TRANSP C
293 J_1AGICDU Text table for Gross Income Tax activity codes TRANSP C
294 J_1AGILTS Gross Income Tax Layouts TRANSP C
295 J_1AGIPER Gross income tax percentages TRANSP C
296 J_1AIFSKVZ Inflation Revaluation G/L Account - Transaction Figures TRANSP A
297 J_1AIMMLOG Replacement Cost Valuation : Logging Table TRANSP L
298 J_1AINFINV Inflation: Invoices for Replacement Value Determination TRANSP A
299 J_1AINFMBW Material Master - Inflation TRANSP A
300 J_1AINFMET Inflation Methods TRANSP C
301 J_1AINFMTX Inflation Methods: Description TRANSP C
302 J_1AINFMTY Inflation: Relevant Movement Types TRANSP C
303 J_1AINFPCL FI Inflation adjustment: Process control TRANSP A
304 J_1AINFSKS Inflation Keys - G/L Account TRANSP C
305 J_1AINFSKT Text Table: Inflation Keys - G/L Account TRANSP C
306 J_1AINFT01 Inflation: Index Definition TRANSP C
307 J_1AINFT02 Text for table J_1INFT01 TRANSP C
308 J_1AINFT03 Inflation: definitive index ( values ) TRANSP C
309 J_1AINFT04 Time base definition TRANSP C
310 J_1AINFT05 Name table for table J_1AINFT04 TRANSP C
311 J_1AINFT06 Time base and exposure to inflation values TRANSP C
312 J_1AINFT08 Composed index TRANSP C
313 J_1AINFT09 Date lock table for inflation indexes TRANSP C
314 J_1AINFT12 Posting variant definition TRANSP C
315 J_1AINFT13 Name table for table j_1ainft12 TRANSP C
316 J_1AINFT14 Valid posting dates TRANSP C
317 J_1AINFT15 Inflation: index version ( reference table ) TRANSP C
318 J_1AINFT16 Warehouse report ( data of previous fiscal years ) TRANSP A
319 J_1AINFT20 Inflation: Index Definition TRANSP C
320 J_1AINFT21 Text for Table J_1INFT01 TRANSP C
321 J_1AINFT22 Index Versions TRANSP C
322 J_1AINFT23 Inflation: Index Versions (Reference Table) TRANSP C
323 J_1AINFT24 Index Values TRANSP C
324 J_1AINFT25 Composite Indexes TRANSP C
325 J_1AINFT26 Date Lock Table for Inflation Indexes TRANSP A
326 J_1AINFW_FILES Foreign Currency Inflation Adjustment: File Management TRANSP L
327 J_1AMACOF Gross Income Tax coefficients TRANSP C
328 J_1AMINFCL Material Inflation Class TRANSP C
329 J_1AMINFCT Material inflation class texts TRANSP C
330 J_1ANUGR1T Texts for numbering group for official documents TRANSP C
331 J_1ANUGR3T Texts for numbering groups for withh. cert. numbering TRANSP C
332 J_1ANUMGR1 Numbering group for official documents TRANSP C
333 J_1ANUMGR3 Numbering groups for withholding certificate numbering TRANSP C
334 J_1AOFNR1 Number determination for official documents TRANSP C
335 J_1AOFNR3 Exception table for deal type determ.(export/domestic) TRANSP C
336 J_1AOFNR4 SD Billing Type Parameters per country TRANSP C
337 J_1AOFTP Official document type TRANSP C
338 J_1AOFTPT Texts for official document types TRANSP C
339 J_1AOIFWVL Open item foreign currency valuation: temp. storage TRANSP L
340 J_1AOTDET Determination of off. document type in Argentina TRANSP C
341 J_1AOTDETR Determination of off. document type TRANSP C
342 J_1AOUM Define Official unit of measure TRANSP C
343 J_1APACD Printing Authorization Code TRANSP C
344 J_1APACK1 Printing Authorization Code for Vendors TRANSP A
345 J_1APAYMN Determine AFIP Payment Means TRANSP C
346 J_1APROLOG Log table for Inflation Adjustment Programs TRANSP A
347 J_1APRTCH2 Capital letters - texts TRANSP C
348 J_1APRTCHR Printing characters for Argentina TRANSP C
349 J_1ARFZ Definition of reasons for zero VAT TRANSP C
350 J_1ARFZT Texts for reasons for zero VAT TRANSP C
351 J_1ARZTX Reason for zero VAT per tax code TRANSP C
352 J_1AR_BUTYPE Maintain Business Types for Monotributo vendors TRANSP C
353 J_1AR_DTYPE ARG - Gross Income Perception Customer Data TRANSP A
354 J_1AR_GRIDT AR : Applicable Distribution types for Res 177 TRANSP C
355 J_1AR_MTYPE AR Monotributo Vendor Data TRANSP A
356 J_1AR_SUSS_EMP Argentina :Employee Status TRANSP A
357 J_1AR_TPLIST Information to Update Taxpayer List TRANSP A
358 J_1ASKB1 G/L accounts for gross income in argentina TRANSP C
359 J_1ASKCLS Account class TRANSP C
360 J_1ASKCLST Account class text table TRANSP C
361 J_1ASNR Branch number TRANSP C
362 J_1ASNRDT1 Branch Determination for Deliveries TRANSP C
363 J_1ASNRDT2 Branch determination for material movements TRANSP C
364 J_1ASNRT Texts for subsidiary numbers TRANSP C
365 J_1AT001TC Tax Category Data per Company Code TRANSP C
366 J_1AT001TG Tax Category Data per Company Code TRANSP C
367 J_1ATAXID Tax Class TRANSP C
368 J_1ATAXP_EARNS Earning Status TRANSP C
369 J_1ATAXP_EARNSN Earning Status TRANSP C
370 J_1ATAXP_EARN_ST Table Type for Cross Table for Mapping Taxpayers File TRANSP C
371 J_1ATAXP_MAP_ST Cross Table for Mapping Taxpayers File TRANSP C
372 J_1ATAXP_T_TYPE Tax Type Values TRANSP C
373 J_1ATIDSW Correspondence for types of ID for Selfwithholding reportc TRANSP C
374 J_1ATODC Type of identification TRANSP C
375 J_1ATODCT Texts for types of identification TRANSP C
376 J_1ATPKOF Assignment of official code to processing key TRANSP C
377 J_1ATXMIN Minimum amount per tax processing key TRANSP C
378 J_1ATXOFF Official Codes per tax TRANSP C
379 J_1ATXREL Tax relevant classification TRANSP C
380 J_1ATXRELT Texts for tax relevant classification TRANSP C
381 J_1AWITH Withholding transaction data TRANSP A
382 J_1AWITNR Number determination for withholding certificates TRANSP C
383 J_1AWTH_TAX_CNTY Conditions per Country Code for Applying WithholdingTax TRANSP C
384 J_1AWTH_TAX_COMP Conditions per Company Code for Applying WithholdingTax TRANSP C
385 J_1AWTH_TAX_DOC Conditions per Document Type for Applying WithholdingTax TRANSP C
386 J_1AWTH_TAX_PSTK Conditions per Posting Key for Applying WithholdingTax TRANSP C
387 J_1AWTH_TAX_TAXT Conditions per Tax Type for Applying WithholdingTax TRANSP C
388 J_1AWTH_TXCNTYN Conditions per Country Code for Applying WithholdingTax TRANSP C
389 J_1AWTH_TXCOMPN Conditions per Company Code for Applying WithholdingTax TRANSP C
390 J_1AZFSCHL Allocation Key: Branch - Company Code TRANSP C
391 J_1AZFSCHT Text Table: Allocation Key: Branch - Company Code TRANSP C
392 J_1A_CTYCODE Maintain AFIP Country Codes TRANSP C
393 J_1A_CURCODE Maintain AFIP Currency Codes TRANSP C
394 J_1A_REJCD_DESCT CAE Rejection codes description from AFIP for AEI TRANSP C
395 J_1A_REJCODE Maintain AFIP Return Codes and Descriptions TRANSP C
396 J_1A_RFC_DEST AR: Maintain Settings for Web Services TRANSP C
397 J_1A_UOMCODE Maintain AFIP code for Unit of Measure TRANSP C
398 J_1A_VATCODE Maintain AFIP VAT Details TRANSP C
399 J_1A_WS_BRANCH AR:WS Branch determination(Shipping Point) TRANSP C
400 J_1A_WS_COND_MAP AR WS: Mapping of pricing conditions with material code TRANSP C
401 J_1A_WS_DATA_MAP AR WS RG2904: Array Item Data mapping TRANSP C
402 J_1A_WS_REJ AFIP Response Rejection Codes for Argentina e-invoice CAE TRANSP A
403 J_1A_WS_REQ_ARCH AR WS: Request XML data sent to AFIP TRANSP A
404 J_1A_WS_RSP_ARCH AR WS: Response XML data received from AFIP TRANSP A
405 J_1A_WS_TKN_SIGN AR: WS table to store Token and Sign TRANSP A
406 J_1BAA Nota Fiscal type TRANSP C
407 J_1BAAT Nota Fiscal type text TRANSP C
408 J_1BAB Reference type TRANSP S
409 J_1BABT Reference type text TRANSP S
410 J_1BAC Partner type TRANSP S
411 J_1BAD Partner function ID TRANSP S
412 J_1BADT Partner function description TRANSP S
413 J_1BAE Field groups TRANSP S
414 J_1BAEH Field group (Header) TRANSP S
415 J_1BAEHT Field groups header description TRANSP S
416 J_1BAEIT Field group (Item) TRANSP S
417 J_1BAEITT Field groups item description TRANSP S
418 J_1BAET Field groups description TRANSP S
420 J_1BAGN CFOP with Version Number TRANSP C
421 J_1BAGNT CFOP with Versions: Description TRANSP C
422 J_1BAGT CFOP description TRANSP C
424 J_1BAIT NCM Code Description TRANSP C
425 J_1BAJ Tax types TRANSP C
426 J_1BAJT Tax types - Description TRANSP C
427 J_1BAK Field assignment TRANSP S
428 J_1BAKH Assignment of Field to Field Group (Header) TRANSP S
429 J_1BAKIT Assignment of Field to Field Group (Item) TRANSP S
430 J_1BAL Screen control group assignment TRANSP C
431 J_1BAM Screen control groups TRANSP S
432 J_1BAMDATASEL Field Selection at Master Data TRANSP C
433 J_1BAMH Screen Control for Fields (Header) TRANSP E
434 J_1BAMHT Screen control groups header description TRANSP E
435 J_1BAMIT Screen Control for Fields (Item) TRANSP E
436 J_1BAMITT Screen control groups item description TRANSP E
437 J_1BAMT Screen control groups description TRANSP S
438 J_1BAN Status control TRANSP S
439 J_1BAO CFOP determination for incoming movements and their return TRANSP C
440 J_1BAON CFOP Determination Incoming and their Returns (versioned) TRANSP C
441 J_1BAOX CFOP det. for incoming mov. and their return (exceptions) TRANSP C
442 J_1BAP CFOP determination for outgoing movements and their return TRANSP C
443 J_1BAPN CFOP Determination Outgoing and their Returns (versioned) TRANSP C
444 J_1BAPX CFOP det. for outgoing mov. and their return (exceptions) TRANSP C
445 J_1BAQ Form TRANSP C
446 J_1BAQT Form description TRANSP C
447 J_1BAR Sub-object for number Nota Fiscal TRANSP C
448 J_1BART Sub-object for number Nota Fiscal Description TRANSP C
449 J_1BAS Tax situation IPI TRANSP C
450 J_1BAST Tax situation IPI - Description TRANSP C
452 J_1BATL1T Tax Law ICMS - Texts TRANSP C
454 J_1BATL2T Tax Law IPI - Texts TRANSP C
455 J_1BATL3 Tax Laws ISS TRANSP C
456 J_1BATL3T Tax Laws ISS - Texts TRANSP C
458 J_1BATL4T Tax Laws COFINS - Texts TRANSP C
459 J_1BATL5 Tax Laws PIS TRANSP C
460 J_1BATL5T Tax Laws PIS - Texts TRANSP C
461 J_1BB2 Nota Fiscal print configuration TRANSP C
462 J_1BB2DYNAMIC Nota Fiscal Print Configuration dependent on dynamic key TRANSP C
463 J_1BBRANCH Business Place TRANSP C
464 J_1BBRANCH_FS Branch with local calendar information TRANSP C
465 J_1BBRANCH_HOLI Special local holidays for the branch are maintained in this TRANSP C
466 J_1BBRANCH_HOLIT Special local holidays for the branch are maintained here TRANSP C
467 J_1BCBTAXPROC Calculation Procedures for Condition Based Tax Calculation TRANSP C
468 J_1BCFOPVER CFOP Version Numbers TRANSP C
469 J_1BCFOPVERT CFOP Version Text Table TRANSP C
470 J_1BCFOP_XREG Regions with CFOP extension TRANSP C
471 J_1BCFOP_XREGN Regions with differing CFOP version and extension TRANSP C
472 J_1BCONDMAP Internal Codes for Tax Conditions TRANSP E
473 J_1BCONDMAPT Description of Internal Codes for Tax Conditions TRANSP E
474 J_1BCONDTAXACT Activate Condition-Based Tax Calculation TRANSP C
475 J_1BCTE_D_DOCREF Reference to the NF-e being transported TRANSP A
476 J_1BCTE_D_REF Reference to the NF-e being transported TRANSP A
477 J_1BCTE_D_RES Information about resource TRANSP A
478 J_1BCTE_PAR_MAP CT-e: Mapping to NF-e Partner Function TRANSP C
479 J_1BDF_STAT_TAX Set Tax Type as Statistical for Specific Scenarios TRANSP C
480 J_1BDOCTYPES Nota Fiscal Document Types TRANSP S
481 J_1BDOCTYPEST Description of Nota Fiscal Document Types TRANSP S
482 J_1BECD_CUST01 ECD: Government Entity Codes TRANSP C
483 J_1BECD_CUST02 ECD: Qualification Codes of Person Responsible TRANSP C
484 J_1BECD_CUST02T Texts for Qualification Codes of Person Responsible TRANSP C
485 J_1BECD_CUST03 ECD Person Responsible TRANSP C
486 J_1BECD_CUST05 ECD Register Category TRANSP C
487 J_1BECD_CUST06 ECD Intercompany Data TRANSP C
488 J_1BECD_CUST07 Inter-Company Relationship Codes TRANSP C
489 J_1BECD_CUST07T Texts for Inter-Company Relationship Codes TRANSP C
490 J_1BECD_CUST08 Subledgers TRANSP C
491 J_1BECD_CUST08T Texts for Purpose of Subledger TRANSP C
492 J_1BECD_CUST09 Accounts for Summary Postings from Subledgers TRANSP C
493 J_1BECD_HISTORY Electronic-Accounting-File History TRANSP A
494 J_1BEFD_BADI BAdIs available for Ato Cotepe 82 TRANSP S
495 J_1BEFD_COUNTRY BCB Country Code for Brazil TRANSP C
496 J_1BEFD_IDX Obsolete:J_1BEFD_INDX -Serialization of the obj. in Ato Cot TRANSP A
497 J_1BEFD_INDX J_1BEFD_INDX - Serialization of the obj. in Ato Cotepe 82 TRANSP L
498 J_1BEFD_LOG Electronic fiscal file log TRANSP A
499 J_1BE_SNDR_DTL Maintain Sender Data for Withholding Tax Reporting TRANSP C
500 J_1BFIFOIN Incoming FIFO relevant Consignment movements (BRAZIL) TRANSP A