SAP ABAP Table - Index J, page 6
Table - J
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 J_7LE07T REA Partner Master Record: Content Ident.Key, Short Text TRANSP C
2 J_7LE08 REA Partner Master Record: Month-Quarter Assignment TRANSP C
3 J_7LE09 REA Partner Master: Document Types TRANSP C
4 J_7LE09T REA Partner Master: Document Types Short Text TRANSP C
5 J_7LE10 REA Partner Master: Document Types Periodicity TRANSP C
6 J_7LE11 REA Partner Master: Selection Groups for Consecutive Docs TRANSP C
7 J_7LE11T REA Partner Master: Selection Grps for Consec.Docs Short Txt TRANSP C
8 J_7LE12 REA Partner Master: Consecutive Doc.-to-Selection Grp Asgmt TRANSP C
9 J_7LE13 REA Partner Master: Trade Levels TRANSP C
10 J_7LE13T REA Partner Master: Trade Levels - Short Text TRANSP C
11 J_7LE14 REA Partner Master: Trade Level Proportion (price list vers) TRANSP C
12 J_7LE15 REA Partner Master: Formulas for Fee Calculation TRANSP C
13 J_7LE15T REA Partner Master Record: Formulas - Short Texts TRANSP C
14 J_7LE16 REA Partner Master Record: Packaging Category - Fraction TRANSP C
15 J_7LE16T REA Partner Master Rec.: Packag. Ctgry Fraction, Short Text TRANSP C
16 J_7LE17 REA Partner Master: Price Formulas TRANSP C
17 J_7LE17T REA Partner Master: Formulas Short Text TRANSP C
18 J_7LL01 REA: Lock Management for Accruals Corrections TRANSP L
19 J_7LM01 REA Article Master: General Data TRANSP A
20 J_7LM02 REA Article Master: Company Code TRANSP A
21 J_7LM03 REA Article Master: Sales Units TRANSP A
22 J_7LM04 REA Article Master: Packaging Assignments TRANSP A
23 J_7LM05 REA Article Master: Recycling Partner Assignment TRANSP A
24 J_7LM06 REA Article Master: Bills of Material TRANSP A
25 J_7LM07 REA Article Master: General Referencing TRANSP A
26 J_7LM08 REA Article Master: Referencing Company Codes/Countries TRANSP A
27 J_7LM09 REA Article Master: R.Partner-Depend.Data Assign.Packaging TRANSP A
28 J_7LM10 REA Article Master: Filters for Regional Processing TRANSP A
29 J_7LM11 REA Article Master: Declaration Key TRANSP A
30 J_7LMS01 REA Declaration System Lock Table TRANSP A
31 J_7LP01 REA Price List: Versions TRANSP A
32 J_7LP02 REA Price List: Items TRANSP A
33 J_7LP03 REA Price List: Conditions TRANSP A
34 J_7LS01 REA Fractions: Internal Fractions TRANSP C
35 J_7LS01T REA Internal Fractions: Short Text TRANSP C
36 J_7LS02 REA Fractions: Partner Fractions TRANSP C
37 J_7LS02T REA Partner Fractions: Short Text TRANSP C
38 J_7LS03 REA Mat.Types: Internal/Recycling Partner Material Types TRANSP C
39 J_7LS990 Pseudo Info Structure Similar to S990 for Extern.Data w/o SD TRANSP A
40 J_7LSADR Address Management: Company Data TRANSP A
41 J_7LSMODILOG REA: Original Log of Customer Modifications to Dev.Env. Obj. TRANSP W
42 J_7LV01 REA Packaging Master Data: General Data TRANSP A
43 J_7LV01T REA Packaging Master: Short Texts TRANSP A
44 J_7LV02 REA Packaging Master Data: Fraction Assignment (Weight) TRANSP A
45 J_7LV03 REA Packaging Master Data: Recycling Partner Assignment TRANSP A
46 J_7LV04 REA Packaging Groups: General Data TRANSP A
47 J_7LV04T REA Packaging Groups: Short Text TRANSP C
48 J_7LV05 REA Packaging Master Data: Packaging/Packaging Group Assign. TRANSP A
49 J_7LV06 REA Packaging Master Data: Bills of Material TRANSP A
50 J_7LV07 REA Packaging Groups: Recycling Partner-Dep. Packaging Data TRANSP A
51 J_7LV08 REA Packag. Mast. Data: Re.Partner-Dep. Data Asgmt Fraction TRANSP A
52 J_7LV1A REA Document: Consecutive Document Types for Main Doc. Type TRANSP A
53 J_7LV1B REA Document: Consolidated Documents TRANSP A
54 J_7LV1F REA Document: Characteristics/Grouping from MM TRANSP A
55 J_7LV1H REA Document: Trade Levels TRANSP A
56 J_7LV1K REA Document: Header Data TRANSP A
57 J_7LV1M REA Document: Quantity Flow on Article Level TRANSP A
58 J_7LV1P REA Document: Item Data TRANSP A
59 J_7LV1S REA Document: Selection Criteria Log TRANSP A
60 J_7LV2K REA Assortment Declaration Declar. Objects: Header TRANSP A
61 J_7LV2P REA Assortment Declaration Declar. Objects: Line Items TRANSP A
62 J_7LVBRK NON-SD Interface: Billing: Header Data TRANSP A
63 J_7LVBRPOS NON-SD Interface: Billing: Item Data TRANSP A
64 J_7L_F01 Header Table for Configuring Favorite Management TRANSP S
65 J_7L_F01T Language-Dependent Short Texts for Favorite Application TRANSP S
66 J_7L_F02 Field Catalog for Favorite Management TRANSP S
67 J_7L_F10 Favorite Management: Header Table TRANSP A
68 J_7L_F11 Favorites Management: Menu Entries TRANSP A
69 J_7L_F12 Favorites Management: Entries TRANSP A
70 J_7L_F13 Favorites Management: User Referencing TRANSP C
71 J_CLUSTR01 VMC-Testobjekt CLUSTER S
72 J_KR_T059C Types of Recipient: Vendors per Withholding Tax Type(Korea) TRANSP C
73 J_POOL01 VMC-Testobjekt POOL S
74 J_POOL_F01 VMC-Testobjekt POOL S
75 J_POOL_G01 VMC-Testobjekt POOL S
76 J_POOL_S01 VMC-Testobjekt POOL S
77 J_TRANS01 VMC-Testobjekt TRANSP S
80 J_TRANS_GEN01 VMC-Testobjekt TRANSP S
82 J_VE_INCWT Maintain Withholding Tax Payment Details TRANSP A