SAP ABAP Table - Index D, page 2
Table - D
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 DDXTF_1 Nametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
2 DDXTF_2 Nametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
3 DDXTF_3 Nametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
4 DDXTF_CONV_UC Nametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
5 DDXTF_SAV Nametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
6 DDXTF_SHD Nametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
7 DDXTF_STD Nametab Feldstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
8 DDXTT Nametab header structure for delayed writing TRANSP W
9 DDXTT_1 Nametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
10 DDXTT_2 Nametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
11 DDXTT_3 Nametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
12 DDXTT_CONV_UC Nametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
13 DDXTT_SAV Nametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
14 DDXTT_SHD Nametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
15 DDXTT_STD Nametab Headerstruktur für verzögertes Schreiben TRANSP W
16 DDYTF Substitution Nametab (Shadow-Shadow-Nametab for DDXTF) TRANSP W
17 DDYTF_CONV_UC Used during UCMIG within DMO of SUM TRANSP W
18 DDYTT Substitution Nametab (Shadow-Shadow-Nametab for DDXTT) TRANSP W
19 DDYTT_CONV_UC Used during UCMIG within DMO of SUM TRANSP W
20 DEABP Table: Customer Change Header Data for BB Amounts TRANSP A
21 DEABPS Customer change table: Logical view of BB amounts TRANSP A
22 DEA_INFO Pharma: DEA Information TRANSP A
23 DEA_INFOH Pharma: DEA Information TRANSP A
25 DEB_USR Table for Debugging Information for CUA TRANSP L
29 DEFSCOPE_DMLH Definition Scope TRANSP A
30 DEFTAX_ITEM Data for Deferred Taxes TRANSP A
31 DELCONCO Delivery Confirmation: Basis of Logistic Matching - Item TRANSP A
32 DELCONHD Delivery Confirmation: Basis of Logistic.Match. - Header TRANSP A
33 DELCONJITCO Delivery Confirmation: Result of Logistics Matching - Item TRANSP A
34 DELCONJITIT Delivery Confirmation: Result of Log. Matching - Comp. Group TRANSP A
35 DELCONRF Delivery Confirmation: Basis of Log. Matching - Ref. Number TRANSP A
36 DELDYNPS List of Table Screens TRANSP L
37 DELIVERY Replication Table TRANSP A
38 DELM SAPfind: delimiter & special character TRANSP G
39 DELREPS Reports Designated for Deletion TRANSP S
40 DELWBCROSS Find Type Group Deletion TRANSP S
41 DEMOTREE Demonstration Hierarchy TRANSP S
42 DEMOTREET Demonstration Hierarchy: Texts TRANSP S
43 DEMO_BLOB_TABLE Table with a BLOB Column TRANSP A
44 DEMO_CLOB_TABLE Table with a CLOB Column TRANSP A
45 DEMO_CR_CARS Rental Car Table TRANSP A
47 DEMO_CR_RESERVTN Rental Car Reservations TRANSP A
48 DEMO_EXPRESSIONS Database Table for Expression Examples TRANSP A
50 DEMO_JOIN1 Database Table for Join Demo TRANSP A
51 DEMO_JOIN2 Database Table for Join Demo TRANSP A
52 DEMO_JOIN3 Database Table for Join Demo TRANSP A
53 DEMO_JOIN4 Database Table for Join Demo TRANSP A
56 DEMO_SCUSTOM Create Control Table Flight Customers TRANSP A
57 DEMO_UPDATE Database Table for UPDATE Example TRANSP A
58 DESTLOG Logging Destinations TRANSP L
59 DEVACCESS Table for development user TRANSP S
60 DEVC_APP Development Class Within the Application Hierarchy TRANSP L
61 DEVC_APX Changes Within the Translation Hierarchy (DEVC_APP) TRANSP L
64 DF03L Events TRANSP W
65 DF03T Event descriptions TRANSP W
66 DF04L Software Modules/Functions TRANSP W
67 DF04T Function description TRANSP W
68 DF06L Information flow TRANSP W
69 DF06T Information Flow Names TRANSP W
70 DF07L Object Types TRANSP W
71 DF07T Object Type Names TRANSP W
72 DF08L ALE Messages TRANSP W
73 DF08T Message Names TRANSP W
74 DF10L ALE Message Flows TRANSP W
75 DF10T Message Flow Names TRANSP W
76 DF11L Scenario Processes TRANSP W
77 DF11T Scenario Names TRANSP W
78 DF12L Organizational Units TRANSP W
79 DF12T Organization Unit Names TRANSP W
80 DF13L Enterprise areas TRANSP W
81 DF13T Enterprise Area Names TRANSP W
82 DF14A Application Components: Data for SAP Applications TRANSP W
83 DF14L Application Components TRANSP W
84 DF14T Business Application Component Names TRANSP W
85 DF15L Communication relationships TRANSP W
86 DF15T Communications Flow Names TRANSP W
87 DF16L Groups TRANSP W
88 DF16T Group names TRANSP W
89 DF17L Any BE object with no specific attributes TRANSP S
90 DF17T Event descriptions TRANSP W
91 DF18L Collaborative Business Scenario TRANSP W
92 DF18T Collaborative Business Scenario: Description TRANSP W
93 DF30S Object Relationships TRANSP W
94 DF31S Component dependencies TRANSP W
95 DF32S Assignment of IMG chapters to functions TRANSP W
96 DF33S Customizing assignment to modeling TRANSP W
97 DF34S Documentation assignments TRANSP S
98 DF35S Assignment of Customizing to modeling objects TRANSP W
99 DF36S Deselected assignments of Customizing to modeling objects TRANSP W
100 DF40D Diagam Management Information TRANSP W
101 DF41S Nodes TRANSP W
102 DF42S Links TRANSP W
103 DF43S Link points TRANSP W
104 DF50D Variant diagram radio button TRANSP W
105 DF50L Variants TRANSP W
106 DF50O Variant objects TRANSP W
107 DF50T Variant descriptions TRANSP W
108 DF52A Filter Action Log TRANSP W
109 DF52L Filter TRANSP W
110 DF52T Filter names TRANSP W
111 DF53S Active variant on variant node TRANSP W
112 DF54S Active nodes for a variant TRANSP W
113 DF55L Variants TRANSP W
114 DF55T Variant name TRANSP W
115 DF62S ID mapping table LM/BE TRANSP S
116 DF63S Business Browser Web Server TRANSP C
118 DFAXD Fax information extendable sample SAP-WB TRANSP E
119 DFBNT Business Navigator WEB Textpool TRANSP S
120 DFBUFF01 Cache for Assignment Object Data TRANSP E
121 DFBUFF01T Cache for Texts for Assignment Objects TRANSP E
122 DFBUFF02 Cache table for the Solution Builder Link TRANSP S
123 DFBUFFGEN Cache for Assignment Object Attributes (Generic) TRANSP E
124 DFBUFFLSGEN Assignment Object Attrib. Cache in Log. Syst. (generic) TRANSP E
125 DFDOC Links from R/3 Reference Model objects to mail folder TRANSP L
126 DFIT_BC_CHECK Business Configuration Check TRANSP W
127 DFIT_BC_CHECKT Business Configuration Check Description TRANSP W
128 DFIT_BC_UNIT Assignment Check Units to Business Configuration Check TRANSP W
129 DFIT_CHECK_UNIT Definition of a Check Unit TRANSP W
130 DFIT_CHECK_UNITT Description of a Check Unit TRANSP W
131 DFIT_UNIT_INCL Included Check Units TRANSP W
132 DFIT_UNIT_PARAM Parameters for Check Units TRANSP W
133 DFK006B Note to Payee - Texts TRANSP A
134 DFK006E Note to Payee - Accounts TRANSP A
135 DFKCRPO Clarification Worklist Credit TRANSP A
136 DFKK1099 1099 Statutory Reporting Data TRANSP A
137 DFKKARREPCONTST ARGENTINA: Legal report sales tax control table TRANSP A
138 DFKKAVK Payment Advice: Header Data TRANSP A
139 DFKKAVP Payment Advice: Items TRANSP A
140 DFKKAVST Control Table for Payment Advice Note Transfer TRANSP A
141 DFKKAWM Foreign Trade Reporting: Report File TRANSP A
143 DFKKBICL FI-CA Batch Input - Error Change Logs TRANSP A
144 DFKKBLTO Boleto (help table for lock object EFKKNR_BOLETO) TRANSP A
145 DFKKBOH Boleto: Header data TRANSP A
146 DFKKBOL Bollo: Italy TRANSP A
147 DFKKBOLXT Boleto (Help table for lock object EFKKNR_BOLEXT TRANSP A
148 DFKKBOL_BANKID Boleto: Bank ID Determination Results TRANSP A
149 DFKKBOP Boleto: Item Data TRANSP A
150 DFKKBPCL Business Partner Duplicates: Predecessor - Successor TRANSP A
151 DFKKBPCL_ACT Business Partner Duplicates: Status of Activities TRANSP A
152 DFKKBPCL_CLAR Business Partner Duplicates: Clarification Cases TRANSP A
153 DFKKBPCL_IMP Import Data of Business Partner Duplicates TRANSP A
154 DFKKBPCL_IMPI Import of Master Data Combinations of BP Duplicates TRANSP A
155 DFKKBPTAXNUM Tax Numbers for Business Partner TRANSP A
156 DFKKBRLEVYCODE Brazil: Levy Code for Barcode Payment Method TRANSP C
157 DFKKBRLEVYREC Levy Way: Data from Payment Lot for Levy Way report (Brazil) TRANSP A
158 DFKKBRLEVYTXT Brazil : Barcode Levy Code Description for Different Banks. TRANSP C
159 DFKKBRPAYORD_REV Records payment order reversals TRANSP A
160 DFKKBRPOPNOT Balance Reporting: Noticed Contract Account Document Items TRANSP A
161 DFKKBRPOPSAL Balance Reporting: Business Partner Balances TRANSP A
162 DFKKBRPOPSALHD Balance reporting: Businesspartner balances header TRANSP A
163 DFKKBRSEQ Brazil : Control of DME file Sequence Number TRANSP C
164 DFKKCASEITEMS Item List in Cases, Lines TRANSP A
165 DFKKCASEITEMSH Item List in Cases, Header Data TRANSP A
166 DFKKCASHFC Interim Table for Cash Management and Forecast Data TRANSP A
167 DFKKCCUPDATE Item Lists to Which Changes Were Made TRANSP A
168 DFKKCDLOTS Lot Management for Cash Desk (Data only Temporary ca. 2 Yrs) TRANSP A
169 DFKKCDREF Cash Desk Document References TRANSP A
171 DFKKCFCVS Clarification Cases from Payment Transfer - Ext. Pymt Coll. TRANSP A
172 DFKKCFDUNTEL Telephone List for Dunning TRANSP A
173 DFKKCFNR Clarification Cases from NOC Returns Lot TRANSP A
174 DFKKCFPAYRUN Clarif. Worklist: Payt Program TRANSP A
175 DFKKCFPAYRUN2 Calrification Worklist: Payment Program (New Version) TRANSP A
176 DFKKCFRLS Clarification Cases: Returns Lots TRANSP A
177 DFKKCFZST Clarification Cases from Payment Lot TRANSP A
178 DFKKCIBW FICA: Extraction of Cleared Items TRANSP A
179 DFKKCIBW_STAT CIBW Extraction - Status Table TRANSP A
180 DFKKCJC Cash Desk Closing Data TRANSP A
181 DFKKCJF Transfer Accepted Payments TRANSP A
182 DFKKCJK Data for Change Amounts at Cash Desk - Different Currency TRANSP A
183 DFKKCJM Cash Journal Master Data TRANSP C
184 DFKKCJMT Text Table for Cash Journal Master Data TRANSP C
185 DFKKCJT Transaction Data for Cash Journal TRANSP A
186 DFKKCLMEM Management Table for Buffered Open Item Processing TRANSP A
187 DFKKCMF Manually Entered Checks Lot: Reconciliation Key TRANSP A
188 DFKKCMK Manually Issued Checks Lot: Header Data TRANSP A
189 DFKKCMP Manually Issued Checks Lot: Item Data TRANSP A
190 DFKKCMP2P Manually Issued Checks Lot: Two Party Checks Data TRANSP S
191 DFKKCMPE Manually Entered Checks Lot: Error Messages TRANSP A
192 DFKKCMS Credit Management: Master Data Replication TRANSP A
193 DFKKCOD Correspondence - Correspondence Data TRANSP A
194 DFKKCODCLUST Correspondence - Correspondence Cluster Data TRANSP A
195 DFKKCOH Correspondence - Correspondence Header TRANSP A
196 DFKKCOHARC SAP ArchiveLink - Object Identifiers TRANSP A
197 DFKKCOHI Correspondence - Correspondence History TRANSP A
198 DFKKCOHINCORR Correspondence - Data for Inbound Correspondence TRANSP A
199 DFKKCOH_ARC FI-CA Correspondence - Correspondence Header TRANSP A
200 DFKKCOLFILE_H_W Subm. of Receivable for Collection: Header Data Buffer TRANSP L
201 DFKKCOLFILE_P_W Subm. of Receivable for Collection: Item Buffer TRANSP L
202 DFKKCOLFILE_T_W Subm. of Receivable for Collection: Trailer Data Buffer TRANSP L
203 DFKKCOLI_LOG Collection Agency Information File: Communication Log TRANSP A
204 DFKKCOLL Admin. Data for Sumbission of Receivables for Coll. Agency TRANSP A
205 DFKKCOLLH Management Data for Submission to Coll. Agency (History) TRANSP A
206 DFKKCOLLHBW_ST Collection Agency Extraction - Status Table TRANSP A
207 DFKKCOLLHBW_TMP Collection Agency Extraction - Blocked Interval TRANSP L
208 DFKKCOLLH_I_W Buffer: Collection Agency Information File (Header Data) TRANSP L
209 DFKKCOLLP_IM_W Buffer: Coll. Agency Info File (Item Master Data Change) TRANSP L
210 DFKKCOLLP_IP_W Buffer: Collection Agency Info File (Item for Payments) TRANSP L
211 DFKKCOLLP_IR_W Buffer: Collection Agency Info File (Item for Callback) TRANSP L
212 DFKKCOLLT_I_W Buffer: Collection Agency Information File (Footer) TRANSP L
213 DFKKCOLL_CH Collection: Changes to Business Partner Master Data TRANSP A
214 DFKKCOL_LOG Collections Agency File: Settlement Log (Payments) TRANSP A
215 DFKKCOMA Correspondence Dunning TRANSP A
216 DFKKCOMAKT Correspondence Dunning Activities TRANSP A
217 DFKKCOP Correspondence - Document Part List TRANSP A
218 DFKKCOPA Log Table for COPA Transfer TRANSP A
219 DFKKCORRLOG Log Table for Correction Reports TRANSP A
220 DFKKCORRRFDT Cluster Table for Correspondence Data TRANSP C
221 DFKKCR Repository For Checks TRANSP A
222 DFKKCR2P Check Repository: Additional Payees TRANSP A
223 DFKKCRADD CR: Additional Information for Payment Medium TRANSP A
224 DFKKCRCASH CR: Cashed Checks Not Yet Entered in Register TRANSP A
225 DFKKCRCL Table for Checks To Be Clarified TRANSP A
226 DFKKCRCL_DOCS Table for Checks To Be Clarified TRANSP A
227 DFKKCRDEL CR: Deleted Payment Medium / Basic Data TRANSP A
228 DFKKCRDEL2P CR: Deleted Payment Medium / Payee Data TRANSP A
229 DFKKCRDELADD CR: Deleted Payment Medium / Additional Data TRANSP A
230 DFKKCRDELD2 Check Register: Deleted Payment Media/Partial Encashments TRANSP A
231 DFKKCRDOC2 Check Management: Partial Encashments TRANSP A
232 DFKKCRF Record of Creditworthiness: Fixed Interest Periods, Releases TRANSP A
233 DFKKCRH Creditworthiness Record: Total of one Year TRANSP A
234 DFKKCROWN CR: Information on Issued Check Forms TRANSP A
235 DFKKCRP Creditworthiness Record: Generating Actions TRANSP A
236 DFKKCRST Control Table for Check Register Transfer TRANSP A
237 DFKKCUST_SHORT Data Extract: Customizing TRANSP A
238 DFKKCVS Convenience Stores: Data for Convenience Store Document TRANSP A
239 DFKKDDA Debit Memo Notification (England) TRANSP A
240 DFKKDISPA FICA-DM: Amounts Changes to Dispute Cases TRANSP A
241 DFKKDISPP FICA-DM: Key for Assigned Payments (Always Empty!) TRANSP L
242 DFKKDOUBTD_RET_W Buffer: Printout for Ind.Val.Ad - Return Values (User Event) TRANSP L
243 DFKKDOUBTD_W Buffer: Create Printout for Receivables Adjustment TRANSP L
244 DFKKDT Accounting Data (INDX Structure) TRANSP C
245 DFKKENQ Temporary Lock Entries for Mass Activities TRANSP L
246 DFKKESR POR Payment Supplement TRANSP A
247 DFKKEWUDOCCRIT Euro: Critical Documents in Conversion TRANSP A
248 DFKKEXTCON Control Table: Official Number Parallel Processing TRANSP A
249 DFKKEXTDOC Official Document Number with Attributes TRANSP A
250 DFKKEXTDOC2 Encryption of Official Document Numbers TRANSP A
251 DFKKEXTTMP Temporary Entries for Official Document Number TRANSP A
252 DFKKFMBGAINFO Tax Information for Public-Owned Commercial Operations TRANSP A
253 DFKKFWBEW Management Data for Foreign Currency Valuations TRANSP A
254 DFKKFWKORR Cumulation Table for Adjustment and Inverse Postings TRANSP A
255 DFKKFWTRIG Trigger Table for Inverse Postings TRANSP A
256 DFKKGLPOST Lock Table for General Ledger Postings TRANSP S
257 DFKKGP_SHORT Data Extract: BP Data TRANSP A
258 DFKKHUREPDS Recording Data for Domestic Sales Hungary TRANSP A
259 DFKKIA FI-CA: Database table for FKKIA - intrst supp TRANSP A
260 DFKKIAPT Interest Calculation: Log for Interest Run TRANSP A
261 DFKKIH FI-CA: Table with Interest History TRANSP A
262 DFKKINVBILL_A Additional Items of Billing Document TRANSP A
263 DFKKINVBILL_H Billing Document Header TRANSP A
264 DFKKINVBILL_I Billing Document Items TRANSP A
265 DFKKINVBILL_T Tax Items of Billing Document TRANSP A
266 DFKKINVDOC_C Invoicing Document: Charges and Discounts TRANSP A
267 DFKKINVDOC_CH Invoicing Document: Charges and Discounts History Record TRANSP A
268 DFKKINVDOC_H Invoicing Document Header TRANSP A
269 DFKKINVDOC_I Items of Invoicing Document TRANSP A
270 DFKKINVDOC_P Invoicing: Posting Document Reference Table TRANSP A
271 DFKKINVDOC_S Source Document for Invoicing/Reversal History TRANSP A
272 DFKKINV_BWTRIG BW: Group Extraction Order for Invoicing Documents/FIKEY TRANSP A
273 DFKKINV_BWTRIGH BI: History Record for Extraction of Invoicing Documents TRANSP A
274 DFKKINV_BWTRIGS BW: Individual Extraction Order for Invoicing Documents TRANSP A
275 DFKKINV_TRIG Invoicing Order TRANSP A
276 DFKKIPBW_HEAD Installment Plan Header Data for Business Warehouse TRANSP A
277 DFKKIPBW_ITEM Installment Plan Items for Business Warehouse TRANSP A
278 DFKKIPBW_ORIG Installment Plan Original Items for Business Warehouse TRANSP A
279 DFKKIP_GRP Payment Specification: Header Data TRANSP A
280 DFKKIP_GRPH Payment Specification: Payment Data (History) TRANSP A
281 DFKKIP_ITM Payment Specification: Related Items TRANSP A
282 DFKKIP_ITMH Payment Specification: Deletions Not Yet Confirmed TRANSP A
283 DFKKIP_ITMV Payment Specification: Preselected Items TRANSP A
284 DFKKIP_NUM Payment Specification (for Lock Object EFKKNUMKR_IP) TRANSP A
285 DFKKITVATM VAT monthly report for Italy: hystory table TRANSP A
286 DFKKITVATQ VAT quarterly report for Italy: hystory table TRANSP A
287 DFKKKO Header Data in Open Item Accounting Document TRANSP A
288 DFKKKOAR Reversal Data for Reversal after Archiving TRANSP A
289 DFKKKO_SHORT Header Data for Contract Accounting Document - Extracts TRANSP A
290 DFKKKO_WF Header Data for Contract Accting Doc. (Workflow Parameters) TRANSP A
291 DFKKLOCKS FI-CA: Business Locks TRANSP A
292 DFKKLOCKSH Business Lock Histories TRANSP A
293 DFKKMACFCSMK FICA Dunning - Blocked Accounts TRANSP A
294 DFKKMDC_BP Request for Business Partner Changes TRANSP A
295 DFKKMDUGP Master Data Lot: Items of the Groups of a Lot TRANSP A
296 DFKKMDUGPP Master Data Lot: Subitems of Group Item TRANSP A
297 DFKKMDUK Master Data Lot: Header Data TRANSP A
298 DFKKMKO Header data for sample contract accounting document TRANSP A
299 DFKKMOP Items in contract account document TRANSP A
300 DFKKMOPK Items in contract account document TRANSP A
301 DFKKMOPW Items in contract account document TRANSP A
302 DFKKNRK NOC Returns Lot: Header Data TRANSP A
303 DFKKNRP NOC Returns Lot: Item Data TRANSP A
304 DFKKNRPE NOC Returns Lot: Error Messages for Items TRANSP A
305 DFKKOBJRL Object Relations between FI-CA Documents TRANSP A
306 DFKKOBL Liab. for Credit Segment of Business Partner and Credit Data TRANSP A
307 DFKKOBLC Control Data for Credit Liability in DFKKOBL TRANSP A
308 DFKKOBLID Partner Messages for SAP Credit Management Update TRANSP A
309 DFKKOP Items in contract account document TRANSP A
310 DFKKOPBEW FI-CA Foreign Currency Valuation TRANSP A
312 DFKKOPBW_STAT OIBW Extraction - Status Table TRANSP A
313 DFKKOPC Card Data Supplement for Business Partner Item TRANSP A
314 DFKKOPCOLL Collection: Log of Receivables Submitted TRANSP A
315 DFKKOPEW Business Partner Items: Amounts Before Euro Conversion TRANSP A
316 DFKKOPK Items in contract account document TRANSP A
317 DFKKOPKC Card Data Appendix for FICA Document TRANSP A
318 DFKKOPKEW G/L Account Items: Amounts Before Euro Conversion TRANSP A
319 DFKKOPKX Items for Contract Accounting Document (Enhancement) TRANSP A
320 DFKKOPK_SHORT Offsetting Items for FI-CA Document - Extracts TRANSP A
322 DFKKOPL Locks for Open Items (Change Document Interface) TRANSP L
323 DFKKOPVZ Agreed Payment Amounts TRANSP A
324 DFKKOPW Items in contract account document TRANSP A
325 DFKKOP_SHORT Partner Items for FI-CA Document - Extracts TRANSP A
326 DFKKORDER Requests: Header Data TRANSP A
327 DFKKORDERAPPROVE Requests to be Approved TRANSP A
328 DFKKORDERASSIGN Assignment of ORDNR for General Requests (General Object) TRANSP A
330 DFKKORDERCLST Names of Request Classes TRANSP S
331 DFKKORDERDUE Requests: Due Dates TRANSP A
332 DFKKORDERHIST Requests: Document History TRANSP A
333 DFKKORDERLOCKS Requests: Processing Locks TRANSP A
334 DFKKORDERLOCKS_S Request Templates: Processing Locks TRANSP A
336 DFKKORDERPOS_S Request Templates: Items TRANSP A
337 DFKKORDERRANGE Assigning Number Ranges to Request Categories TRANSP C
338 DFKKORDERRANGE_S Assign Number Ranges to Request Templates TRANSP C
339 DFKKORDERTYP Request Category TRANSP C
340 DFKKORDERTYPT Names of Request Types TRANSP C
341 DFKKORDERVTREF Assign VTREF to ORDNR for General Requests TRANSP A
342 DFKKORDER_S Request Templates: Header Data TRANSP A
343 DFKKORDOPHIST Standing Requests: Document History TRANSP A
344 DFKKORDTYP Request Category TRANSP C
345 DFKKORDTYPT Names of Request Types TRANSP C
346 DFKKPAE Payment Notification (Aux. Table EFKKNUMKR_PA) TRANSP A
347 DFKKPAH Payment Notification TRANSP A
348 DFKKPC_LOGF Payment Cards: Settlement Log (Data Medium) TRANSP A
349 DFKKPC_LOGH Payment Cards: Billing Log (Header Data) TRANSP A
350 DFKKPC_LOGI Payment Cards: Billing Log (Paid Items) TRANSP A
351 DFKKPC_LOGP Payment Cards: Billing Log (Payments) TRANSP A
352 DFKKPNBKA Prenotification data (latest) TRANSP A
353 DFKKPNBKC Prenotification file creation run: administration data TRANSP A
354 DFKKPNBKH Prenotification data (history) TRANSP A
355 DFKKPOE Payment Order (Help Table Lock Object EFKKNUMKR_PO) TRANSP A
356 DFKKPOH Payment Order: Header Data TRANSP A
357 DFKKPOP Payment Order: Item Data TRANSP A
358 DFKKPPROPEXC Exceptions for Due Date Determination and Last Payments TRANSP A
359 DFKKPRND SEPA: Direct Debit Pre-Notification (FI-CA) Deleted Items TRANSP A
360 DFKKPRNH SEPA: Direct Debit Pre-Notifications (FI-CA) TRANSP A
361 DFKKPTSAFTDEF Portugal: SAF-T Definition TRANSP E
363 DFKKQSR Individual Records for Withholding Tax Report TRANSP A
364 DFKKRA Clearing/Reversal History (Document Header Level) < 4.62 TRANSP A
365 DFKKRAP Clearing/Reversal History (Line Item Level) < 4.62 TRANSP A
366 DFKKRAPT Clearing/Reversal History (Line Item Level) TRANSP A
367 DFKKRAT Partial Clearing Reset TRANSP A
368 DFKKRD FI-CA: Table for Management of Rounding Amounts TRANSP A
369 DFKKRDI Revenue Distribution TRANSP A
370 DFKKREP01 Data for Sales Lists (Belgium) TRANSP A
371 DFKKREP02 Data for Sales Lists (Belgium) TRANSP A
372 DFKKREP03 Payment History: Posting Totals for Debit Entries TRANSP A
373 DFKKREP04 Payment History: Open Items at End of Period TRANSP A
374 DFKKREP05 Payment History: Reversals and Write-Offs TRANSP A
375 DFKKREP06 Tax Report Data (Invoicing Time or Triggered) TRANSP A
376 DFKKREP06_S Tax Report Data - Shadow Table for Posting Date TRANSP A
377 DFKKREP07 Tax Report Data (Clearing Time) TRANSP A
378 DFKKREP07_T Tax Report Data (Additional Data for Transfer Posting) TRANSP A
379 DFKKREPAK Recording Header TRANSP C
380 DFKKREPAP Recording Record TRANSP A
381 DFKKREPMH Notification Header TRANSP A
383 DFKKREPPROG Generated Comparing Subroutines for DDIC Structures TRANSP L
384 DFKKREPT Receipt Documents TRANSP A
385 DFKKREPTCL Clearing Information for Receipt Documents TRANSP A
387 DFKKREPZM Recording Data for EC Sales List TRANSP A
388 DFKKRES Reserve Postings TRANSP A
389 DFKKREV06 Report for Tax on Sales/Purchases (bill. time or triggered) TRANSP A
390 DFKKREV07 Report on Tax on Sales/Purchases (clearing time) TRANSP A
391 DFKKRF Returns Lot: Reconciliation Key TRANSP A
392 DFKKRH Returns History TRANSP A
393 DFKKRK Returns lot: Header data TRANSP A
394 DFKKRP Returns lot: Data for payment TRANSP A
395 DFKKRP3 Returns: Manual Posting Specifications TRANSP A
396 DFKKRP3H Returns: History for Manual Posting Items TRANSP L
397 DFKKRPE Returns lot: Error message for returns item TRANSP A
398 DFKKRPL Link from Mass Run Interval for Application Log TRANSP L
399 DFKKSAFTBP SAF-T Business Partner TRANSP A
400 DFKKSAFTINV_EXT SAF-T customer extension TRANSP C
401 DFKKSAFTINV_H SAF-T Source Document: Header TRANSP A
402 DFKKSAFTINV_I SAF-T Source Document: Item TRANSP A
403 DFKKSAFTINV_RULE SAF-T source document extraction rule TRANSP C
404 DFKKSTAT Table for Temporary Statistics Data, for Mass Activities TRANSP L
405 DFKKSUM Posting totals from FI-CA TRANSP A
406 DFKKSUMC Control details for posting totals TRANSP A
407 DFKKSUMCB Control details for posting totals per company code TRANSP A
408 DFKKSUMCBD Control Information for Posting Totals - Alt. Posting Date TRANSP A
409 DFKKSUMG Control Information for G/L Corrections TRANSP A
410 DFKKSUMOLD Totals Records Without Account Assignment Changes TRANSP A
411 DFKKSUMR Control details for posting total adjustments TRANSP A
412 DFKKTAXEX Table of FI-CA Tax Exemptions TRANSP A
413 DFKKTAX_EXEMPT Table of FI-CA Tax Exemptions TRANSP A
414 DFKKTHI Transfer Records for Invoice Issue by Third Party TRANSP A
415 DFKKTHI_HIST2 Reversal: Historic Entries DFKKTHI (No Tax Posting) TRANSP A
416 DFKKTHI_SUM Aggregated Transfer Records for Invoicing TRANSP A
417 DFKKTHP Transfer Records for Billing on Behalf of 3rd Party TRANSP A
418 DFKKTRACEK FKKTRACE: Header for a Trace Run TRANSP L
421 DFKKUMBINDX Cluster for Variant Storage in Transaction FPU2 TRANSP A
422 DFKKUR Update Run: Run Data TRANSP A
423 DFKKURE Update Run: Defective Data Records TRANSP A
424 DFKKVBUND History: Trading Partners (VBUND) for Business Partner TRANSP A
425 DFKKVBUNDH History: VBUND Adjustment Postings TRANSP A
426 DFKKVBUND_REV VBUND Adjustments for Revenues and Expenses TRANSP A
427 DFKKWEBP EBPP: Payment Data for Payments via Web TRANSP A
428 DFKKWOH Write-Off History TRANSP A
429 DFKKWOHTMP Temporary Write-Off History TRANSP A
430 DFKKWO_PROT Line Items Written Off from Mass Run TRANSP A
431 DFKKWRTOFF_WF FI-CA Data for Write-Off in Workflow TRANSP A
432 DFKKZA Repayment Request TRANSP A
433 DFKKZAE Block Table for Disbursement of Repayment Requests TRANSP A
434 DFKKZAR Repayment Request (History of Reversal Postings) TRANSP A
435 DFKKZAX Repayment Request (Address Data for Check) TRANSP A
436 DFKKZF Payment lot: Reconciliation key TRANSP A
437 DFKKZK Payment lot: Header data TRANSP A
438 DFKKZN Payment Lot: Notes for Clarification TRANSP A
439 DFKKZP Payment lot: Data for payment TRANSP A
440 DFKKZPE Payment lot: Error message for payment item TRANSP A
441 DFKKZPT Payment Lot: Data for Partial Clearing of a Payment TRANSP A
442 DFKKZP_ARCIND Link between Document Number and Archived Payment Lot TRANSP A
443 DFKKZR Payment form TRANSP A
444 DFKKZRH Payment document (help table for lock object EFKKNUMKR_PF) TRANSP A
445 DFKKZR_RES Reserved Payment Form Numbers TRANSP A
446 DFKKZS Payment lot: Further selections TRANSP A
447 DFKKZV Payment Lot: Enhancement of Note to Payee TRANSP A
448 DFKKZW Doubtful/Individual Val. Adjust. for Receivables - Trigger TRANSP A
449 DFKKZW2 Doubtful/Indiv. Val. Adjustments for Receivables - Tfr Pstg TRANSP A
450 DFKKZWH Doubtful/Ind.Val.Adj.Receivables - History TRANSP A
451 DFKKZWPT Log Table for Mass Activ. for Tfr Posting of Dbt Rec/IVAs TRANSP A
452 DFKK_BALANOTE Balance Confirmation - Check Table TRANSP A
453 DFKK_BL_BP Locked Business Partners from GTS TRANSP A
455 DFKK_CUST_EXTR FI-CA Partner - Extracts TRANSP A
456 DFKK_DOC_EXTR FI-CA Documents - Extracts TRANSP A
457 DFKK_EMBARGO Embargo Countries from GTS TRANSP A
458 DFKK_EMBARGO2 Embargo Countries From - To from GTS TRANSP A
459 DFKK_GP_EXTR FI-CA Partner - Extracts TRANSP A
460 DFKK_HBALANOTE Balance Confirmation - Run Table TRANSP A
461 DFKK_PT_NUMST obsolete Digital Signature PT: Document Number From TRANSP A
462 DFKK_PT_NUM_RULE Registration Table for Numbering/Reporting Rule in Portugal TRANSP C
463 DFKK_PT_ODNGAP Gaps of Official Document Numbers TRANSP A
464 DFKK_RECLASS OI - Reclassifications TRANSP A
465 DFKK_SELP_GRP FI-CA Selections - Results Groups TRANSP A
466 DFKK_SELP_HIST FI-CA Selection - Result Records - History TRANSP A
467 DFKK_SELP_RES FI-CA Selections - Result Records TRANSP A
468 DFKK_SELP_TXT FI-CA Selection - Result Records - Long Text TRANSP A
469 DFKK_SEPA_IDS SEPA: Short Key for Mandate Reference TRANSP A
470 DFKK_TRIGGER_CL Outbound Interface: Trigger Table of Cleared Items TRANSP A
471 DFKK_TRIGGER_OP Outbound Interface: Trigger Table for Business Partner TRANSP A
472 DFKK_TRIGGER_PAY Outbound Interface: Trigger Table for Payment Information TRANSP A
473 DFKK_TRIGGER_RCL Outbound Interface: Trigger Table for Reopened Items TRANSP A
474 DFK_JC_CNTR Container for Related Jobs TRANSP L
475 DFK_JC_CNTR_MSG Messages for Background Processing TRANSP L
476 DFK_JC_CNTR_PROD Production Table TRANSP L
477 DFK_JC_JOBINFO Individual Job Overview TRANSP L
478 DFK_JC_VERB Available verbs for the Job Commander TRANSP S
479 DFK_NORM_BP Normalized Data for Duplicate Search for Business Partner TRANSP A
480 DFMCAALOT Write-Off of Documents with Approval TRANSP A
481 DFMCADLOT Document Resubmission TRANSP A
482 DFMCAILOT PSCD: Approval List Installment Plans TRANSP A
483 DFMCAINV Invoice in IS-PS-CA: Header Data TRANSP A
485 DFMCA_BRF050 Parameter List of Expressions Accessing Context TRANSP C
486 DFMCA_BRF060 Parameter of Context Information TRANSP C
487 DFMCA_BRF070 Parameter of Context Information TRANSP C
488 DFMCA_BRF100 Parameters for Additional Items TRANSP C
489 DFMCA_BRF101 Parameters for Additional Items TRANSP C
490 DFMCA_BRF110 Text Name and Text ID for Additional Item TRANSP C
491 DFMCA_BRF111 Text Name and Text ID for Additional Item TRANSP C
492 DFMCA_BRF120 Text Name and Text ID for Additional Item TRANSP C
493 DFMCA_BRF130 BRF: Line category for FMCA_BRF130 TRANSP C
494 DFMCA_BRF140 Table for Reserved Structure IDs TRANSP C
495 DFMCA_BRF150 Text Parameters for Billing Line TRANSP C
496 DFMCA_BRF160 Period Request TRANSP C
497 DFMCA_BRF170 BRF: Progressive Calculation TRANSP C
498 DFMCA_BRF173 BRF: Assignment of Messages to Subactions TRANSP C
499 DFMCA_BRF174 BRF: Message Variables (for Messages in Subactions) TRANSP C
500 DFMCA_BRF175 BRF: Literal as Message Variable (for Subactions) TRANSP C