SAP ABAP Table DFKKSUMC (Control details for posting totals)
FI-CA (Software Component) FI-CA
   FI-CA (Application Component) Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
     FKKB (Package) Contract A/R & A/P: Central Objects
Basic Data
Table Category TRANSP    Transparent table 
Transparent table DFKKSUMC   Table Relationship Diagram
Short Description Control details for posting totals    
Delivery and Maintenance
Delivery Class A   Application Table (Master- and Transaction Data) 
Data Browser/Table View Maintenance     Display/Maintenance Allowed with Restrictions 
Field Key Data Element Domain Data
Length Decimal
Short Description Check
1 MANDT MANDT MANDT CLNT 3   0   Client *
2 FIKEY FIKEY_KK FIKEY_KK CHAR 12   0   Reconciliation Key for General Ledger  
3 FIKST FIKST_KK FIKST_KK CHAR 1   0   Status of Summary Records for Reconciliation Key  
4 SUMSZ SUMSZ_KK INT4 INT4 10   0   Number of Summary Records for Reconciliation Key  
5 CPUDT CPUDT_KK DATUM DATS 8   0   Date of entry (CPU date)  
6 XERRO XERRO_KK XFELD CHAR 1   0   Table DFKKSUM Not Completely Updated  
7 KORLV KORLV_KK NUM02 NUMC 2   0   Highest assigned correction level  
8 UEBIS UEBIS_KK DATUM DATS 8   0   Posting Date Up To Which Data Was Transferred To G/L  
9 UEKLV UEKLV_KK NUM02 NUMC 2   0   Transferred Up To Correction Level  
10 XUEVO XUEVO_KK XFELD CHAR 1   0   Transfer all data to general ledger  
11 XCLOS XCLOS_KK XFELD CHAR 1   0   No Further Postings Allowed  
12 RESOB RESOB_KK RESOB_KK CHAR 3   0   Object for Which the Reconciliation Key is Reserved  
13 RESKY RESKY_KK CHAR30 CHAR 30   0   Object for Which the Reconciliation Key is Reserved  
14 XARCH XARCH_KK XFELD CHAR 1   0   Documents Already Archived  
15 ERNAM USNAM_KK USNAM CHAR 12   0   Name of the User who Created the Reconciliation Key  
16 CLDAT CLDAT_KK DATUM DATS 8   0   Date on which the Reconciliation Key was Closed  
17 CLTIM CLTIM_KK UZEIT TIMS 6   0   Time at which the Reconciliation Key was Closed  
18 CLNAM CLNAM_KK UNAME CHAR 12   0   User who Closed the Reconciliation Key  
19 UECPU UECPU_KK DATUM DATS 8   0   CPU date of the last transfer run  
20 BLCNT BLCNT_KK NUM07 NUMC 7   0   Counter for documents transferred to G/L  
21 COCNT COCNT_KK NUM07 NUMC 7   0   Number of Accounting Calls for CO-PA  
22 XUECOPA XUECOPA_KK XUECOPA_KK CHAR 1   0   Data Transferred to Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)  
23 XMISS XMISS_KK XFELD CHAR 1   0   Not all documents are contained in the totals  
24 COMPLETE COMPLETE_KK COMPLETE_KK CHAR 1   0   Status Of Detail Structures For Reconciliation Key  
25 XEXTKONT XEXTKONT_KK BOOLE CHAR 1   0   Adjustments Allowed When Transferring To General Ledger  
26 XKORR XKORR_KK XFELD CHAR 1   0   Reconciliation Key Corrected with RFKKGL20  
27 UEBPANR RKEOBJNR RKEOBJNR NUMC 10   0   Profitability Segment Number (CO-PA)  
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