SAP ABAP Application Component AP (Application Platform)
Basic Data
Application Component ABA0000311  
Application Component ID AP  
Short Description   Application Platform  
First Release Date 20040616 
First Release   700 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
AP-BE Billing Engine  AEC0000371 
AP-CFG Product Configurator  V150000021 
AP-CFG-CBA cBASE / Configuration Store  V130000011 
AP-CFG-IAD IPC Adapter  V150000032 
AP-CFG-LL Low Level Configuration  V130000012 
AP-CFG-PME Product Modelling  ABC0000091 
AP-CME Classification System (New)  S6D0000006 
AP-CME-CHR Attribute  S6D0000007 
AP-CME-DTY Data Type  S6D0000008 
AP-CME-SCO Definition Scope  S6D0000009 
AP-LIM AP-LIM Logistics Inventory Management Engine  /LIME/V110000001 
AP-MD Master Data  ABA0000312 
AP-MD-BF Basic Functions  PAB0000026 
AP-MD-BF-SYN Master Data Synchronization  PAB0000028 
AP-MD-BF-TFW Templates  PAB0000027 
AP-MD-BP SAP Business Partner  I290007530 
AP-MD-BP-BP Data  I290007531 
AP-MD-BP-GRH Account Hierarchy  ABA0000281 
AP-MD-BP-RS Relationships  I290007532 
AP-MD-BP-UI Dialog SAP-GUI  ABA0000241 
AP-MD-BP-XTN Generated Enhancements (Easy Enhancement Workbench)  PAB0000023 
AP-MD-IBA Installed Base  V130000002 
AP-MD-IL Relationships Between Objects with GUID Identification  S6D0000005 
AP-MD-IL-XTN Generated Enhancements (Easy Enhancement Workbench)  PAB0000024 
AP-MD-PCA Payment Cards  ABA0000002 
AP-MD-PRO Central Part of Product Master  A4C0000261 
AP-MD-PRO-BF Basic functions  PLC0000003 
AP-MD-PRO-BF-ARC Archiving  S6D0000004 
AP-MD-PRO-CAT Hierarchies and Categories  PLC0000002 
AP-MD-PRO-OBJ Objects  PLC0000004 
AP-MD-PRO-SET Set Types and Attributes  PLC0000001 
AP-MD-PRO-TFW Templates  PAB0000025 
AP-MD-PRO-UI Dialog SAP-GUI  S6D0000002 
AP-PPE Integrated Product and Process Engineering  KPE0000001 
AP-PRC Pricing & Condition Technique  V150000002 
AP-PRC-CON Condition Technique  PFC0000016 
AP-PRC-FG Free goods  PIC0000075 
AP-PRC-PR Pricing  PFC0000020 
AP-PRC-PRS Product Substitution  A4C0000230 
AP-RC-BOF Business Object Processing Framework  /BOBF/BTD0000062 
AP-RC-BOF-CFN Business Object Processing Framework Configuration  /BOBF/BTD0000064 
AP-RC-BOF-RNT Business Object Processing Framework Runtime  /BOBF/BTD0000063 
AP-RC-BOF-TST Business Object Processing Framework Tests  /BOBF/BTD0000065 
AP-TTE Transaction Tax Engine  AEC0000481 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
AP_AKH ACH for Application Platform 
AP_SICF SICF Nodes/Directory Structure for AP 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in   700