SAP ABAP Application Component AP-MD (Master Data)
Basic Data
Application Component ABA0000312  
Application Component ID AP-MD  
Short Description   Master Data  
First Release Date 20040616 
First Release   700 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
AP-MD-BF Basic Functions  PAB0000026 
AP-MD-BF-SYN Master Data Synchronization  PAB0000028 
AP-MD-BF-TFW Templates  PAB0000027 
AP-MD-BP SAP Business Partner  I290007530 
AP-MD-BP-BP Data  I290007531 
AP-MD-BP-GRH Account Hierarchy  ABA0000281 
AP-MD-BP-RS Relationships  I290007532 
AP-MD-BP-UI Dialog SAP-GUI  ABA0000241 
AP-MD-BP-XTN Generated Enhancements (Easy Enhancement Workbench)  PAB0000023 
AP-MD-IBA Installed Base  V130000002 
AP-MD-IL Relationships Between Objects with GUID Identification  S6D0000005 
AP-MD-IL-XTN Generated Enhancements (Easy Enhancement Workbench)  PAB0000024 
AP-MD-PCA Payment Cards  ABA0000002 
AP-MD-PRO Central Part of Product Master  A4C0000261 
AP-MD-PRO-BF Basic functions  PLC0000003 
AP-MD-PRO-BF-ARC Archiving  S6D0000004 
AP-MD-PRO-CAT Hierarchies and Categories  PLC0000002 
AP-MD-PRO-OBJ Objects  PLC0000004 
AP-MD-PRO-SET Set Types and Attributes  PLC0000001 
AP-MD-PRO-TFW Templates  PAB0000025 
AP-MD-PRO-UI Dialog SAP-GUI  S6D0000002 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
BUPA_TAXC_IPI SAP-Geschäftspartner: IPI segment tax classification 
COM_WB_TOOLS Abstract Service Classes for BUS_LOCATOR WB Implementation 
MD_AKH ACH for Master Data Management (No BP or PRO) 
Software Component SAP_ABA  Cross-Application Component 
SAP Release Created in   700