SAP ABAP Application Component AP-PRC-CON (Condition Technique)
Basic Data
Application Component PFC0000016  
Application Component ID AP-PRC-CON  
Short Description   Condition Technique  
First Release Date 19991119 
First Release   46A 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPCND/ARCHIVING Archiving for Condition Technique 
/SAPCND/ARCHIVING_C Archiving for Condition Technique for mySAP 
/SAPCND/CONDITION_TECHNIQUE_C Condition technique main package: mySAP compatible part 
/SAPCND/COND_TECHNIQUE_FILTER Structure Package: Condition Technique 
/SAPCND/COND_TECH_FILTER_C Condition technique structure package: mySAP compatible part 
/SAPCND/CONNECT Connection to ABA (BP, Product, MOM, EEW) 
/SAPCND/CONNECT_C Main package connect for mySAP 
/SAPCND/CUSTOMIZING Customizing Objects for Condition Technique 
/SAPCND/CUSTOMIZING_C Customizing Obj. Condition Technique for mySAP 
/SAPCND/CUSTOMIZING_T Tools for Customizing Objects of the Condition Technique 
/SAPCND/DATABASE_ACCESS Database Access for Master Data 
/SAPCND/DATABASE_ACCESS_C Database Access for mySAP 
/SAPCND/DATABASE_ACCESS_H SAP Internal: Database Access for Master Data 
/SAPCND/DD_CUSTOMIZING_C Customizing for the General Data Determination 
/SAPCND/DD_DETERMINATION_C Determination for General Data Determination 
/SAPCND/DD_MAINTENANCE_C Condition Maintenance in General Data Determination 
/SAPCND/DETERMINATION_C Condition Access for mySAP 
/SAPCND/DETERMINATION_T Tools for the Condition Access 
/SAPCND/INFORMATION_FINDING_C mySAP compatible Information determination 
/SAPCND/MAINTENANCE Condition Maintenance 
/SAPCND/MAINTENANCE_C Condition Maintenance for mySAP 
/SAPCND/MAINTENANCE_T Tools of Condition Maintenance 
/SAPCND/SYSTEM_CONFIGURATION SAP Internal: System Configuration for Condition Technique 
/SAPCND/SYSTEM_CONFIGURATION_C System configuration - mySAP part 
/SAPCND/SYSTEM_CONFIGURATION_H SAP Internal: System Configuration for Condition Technique 
/SAPCND/SYSTEM_CONFIGURATION_T System configuration: tools 
/SAPCND/TEST_T Test tools for condition technique 
/SAPCND/TRANSPORT Transport: Objects of All Types 
/SAPCND/TRANSPORT_T Transport of Condition Technique Objects: Tools 
CONDITION_TECHNIQUE Condition Technique Objects Without Namespace 
CONDITION_TECHNIQUE_C Conditions Objects Without Name Range for mySAP 
CONNECT_BUPA_SAPCND Business Partner Specific Impl. for Condition Maintenance 
CONNECT_PRODUCT_SAPCND Product Specific Implementations for Condition Maintenance 
PRC_TEST_APPLICATION Test Application for Pricing & Conditions 
REFERENCE_APPL_COND_TECH Reference Application for Condition Technique 
REFERENCE_CALLER_COND_TECH Reference Task for Condition Technique 
REFERENCE_CALLER_COND_TECH_C Reference Task for Condition Technique for mySAP 
REFERENCE_CALLER_COND_TECH_PCK Reference Implementation: Caller Condition Technique 
REFERENCE_USAGE_COND_TECH Reference Usage of Condition Technique 
REF_CALLER_COND_TECH_PCK_C mySAP compatible main package for reference caller 
Software Component SAP_AP  SAP Application Platform 
SAP Release Created in   20A