SAP ABAP Application Component AP-CFG-CBA (cBASE / Configuration Store)
Basic Data
Application Component V130000011  
Application Component ID AP-CFG-CBA  
Short Description   cBASE / Configuration Store  
First Release Date 20041118 
First Release   700 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CBASE Main Package for cBase 
CBASE_GEN Main Package for cBase (General Part) 
CUIB CU: Interface IBase - Configuration 
CUIB_GEN CU: Interface IBase - Configuration (General Part) 
CUX CU: External Communication with Configuration 
CUX_GEN CU: External Communication with Config. (General Part) 
IBRT IB: Runtime Accesses to Configuration Storage 
IBRT_GEN CU: Runtime Access for Configuration (General Part) 
Software Component SAP_AP  SAP Application Platform 
SAP Release Created in   100