SAP ABAP Application Component AP-PPE (Integrated Product and Process Engineering)
Basic Data
Application Component KPE0000001  
Application Component ID AP-PPE  
Short Description   Integrated Product and Process Engineering  
First Release Date 20020725 
First Release   620 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CPPEACT ACT-Specific iPPE Objects 
CPPEACT0C Customizing for iPPE Process Structure 
CPPEARCH iPPE Archiving 
CPPEARCH_ACT Archiving functionality of process structures 
CPPEARCH_CMP Archiving Functions of Product Structure 
CPPEARCH_FLO Archiving of factory layouts 
CPPEARCH_SERVICES General Services for Archiving 
CPPEARCH_UI Interfaces and Reports for iPPE Archiving 
CPPEBAL BAL-Specific iPPE Objects 
CPPEBAPI Business Engineering for iPPE 
CPPEBORGEN iPPE: BOR Object/WF Connection GEN Node 
CPPECCO iPPE Extractor for SEM Connection 
CPPECDD Change Document Display 
CPPECHK Consistency Check of Production Version 
CPPECHK0C Customizing for Consistency Check Using Production Version 
CPPECHR Characteristics in iPPE 
CPPECLS CLS-Specific iPPE Objects 
CPPECMP CMP-Specific iPPE Objects (Including COL Application) 
CPPECMP0C Customizing for the Product Structure in iPPE 
CPPECMP_APPL Application Logic of Application Object CMP 
CPPECMP_REP Application Logic for CMP Reporting 
CPPECON iPPE Application Object CON - Solution Concepts 
CPPEDBGEN iPPE: Database Layer GEN Node 
CPPEDMU Digital Mock Up (DMU) 
CPPEDOC DOC-Specific iPPE Objects 
CPPEECM Change Management in iPPE 
CPPEENG0C Customizing the iPPE-Engine 
CPPEENG_BAPI Portion of the iPPE Engine for iPPE BAPIs 
CPPEENV Decoupling of iPPE Environment 
CPPEEXPL Explosion Functions for iPPE 
CPPEEXPLACT Process Structure Explosion 
CPPEEXPLFLO Line Structure Explosion 
CPPEFILT Filter Setting and Storage in iPPE 
CPPEFILT0C Customizing for Filter 
CPPEFLO iPPE - Factory Layout Share 
CPPEFLO0C Customizing for iPPE Factory Layout 
CPPEFOC iPPE Objects in the Focus Application 
CPPEFOC0C Customizing for Focus in iPPE 
CPPEFOC_APPL Focus Application in iPPE 
CPPEGEN iPPE: Application Object GEN (Engineering Node) 
CPPEGUI General Interface Elements for iPPE Engine 
CPPEGUI0C Customizing General Parts of the iPPE Interface 
CPPEHDR Access Object for iPPE 
CPPEHDR0C Package for iPPE Header Customizing 
CPPEHIGEN iPPE: (B)APIs for the GEN Node 
CPPEHIPDV iPPE: API for Accessing iPPE Production Versions 
CPPELIGEN iPPE: Processing Unit GEN Node 
CPPELUI iPPE: Interface for Maintaining Production Versions 
CPPELUI0C iPPE: Customizing for iPPE Workbench Express 
CPPELUIUSR iPPE: User Assignment to Profiles in iPPE Workbench Express 
CPPEMAT MAT Specific iPPE Objects 
CPPEOM Dependency Editor 
CPPEOM0C Customizing for Dependency Editor 
CPPERES RES-Specific iPPE Objects 
CPPERES0C Customizing for Appication Object 'RES' 
CPPERPP RPP-Specific iPPE Objects 
CPPERPP0C Customizing for Reporting Points (RPP) in iPPE 
CPPESACT Connection of the Process Structure to Status Management 
CPPESCMPV Status of iPPE CMP Variant 
CPPESET SET Documentation for iPPE Model 
CPPESGEN Status Management for the Generic Engineering Node 
CPPESORT Definition and Default Implementation for Sort Orders 
CPPESTATUS Status of Cross-Application Object Data 
CPPESTATUS_0C Language-Dependent Customizing Tables for Status Engine 
CPPESTATUS_GUI GUI for Status-Engine 
CPPESTRUCT iPPE Structure Operations 
CPPESTRUCT0C Customizing for Structure Operations 
CPPETST Test Application for iPPE Engine 
CPPEVS Variance Scheme in iPPE 
CPPEVS0C Customizing for Variance Scheme 
CPPEWB Application-Specific Parts of the iPPE Workbench 
CPPEWBGEN iPPE: Workbench Section of GEN Node 
CPPEWEB Web Accesses to PPE 
CPPE_APPLICATION_0C Customizing Tables for iPPE Application Objects 
CPPE_ENGINE_0C Customizing Table of the iPPE Engine 
CPPE_GLOBAL iPPE Main Package 
CPPE_GUI_ENGINE_0C Customizing Table of the iPPE GUI Engine 
CPPE_IMG_0C Package for IMG Objects 
EA-IPPE iPPE Structure Package 
IPPE_ACH Application Component Hierarchy 
IPPE_PLT Structure Package: iPPE Parts in Platform 
Software Component EA-IPPE  SAP iPPE 
SAP Release Created in   110