SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index N
Transaction Code - N
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 N10B IS-H*MED: Maintain work station org. RN1VWSTR
2 N10C IS-H*MED: Maint. asnmt WrkCntr-TMkr RN1VWSTR
3 N10D IS-H*MED: Maint. plan.object classes RN1VWSTR
4 N10E IS-H*MED: Maint. svc-based resources RN1VWSTR
5 N10F IS-H*MED: Displ. svc-based resources RN1VWSTR
6 N10G IS-H*MED: Display table N1NURSHIFT RN1VWSTR
7 N10H IS-H*MED: Maintain table N1NURSHIFT RN1VWSTR
8 N10I IS-H*MED: Maintain roll assignment RN1VWSTR
9 N10J IS-H*MED: Maintain OR-service split RN1VWSTR
10 N10K IS-H*MED: Display proc. instructions RN1VWSTR
11 N10L IS-H*MED: Maintain proc.instructions RN1VWSTR
12 N10M IS-H*MED: Maintain transfer times RN1VWSTR
13 N10N IS-H*MED: Display transfer times RN1VWSTR
14 N10O IS-H: Maintain Symbols for WP IDs RNCSTABL
15 N10V IS-H: Display Work Env-to-User Asgmt RNCSTABL
16 N10W IS-H: Maintain Work Env-to-User Asgt RNCSTABL
17 N1A0 IS-H*MED: Create position/task SAPL0N1A0
18 N1A1 IS-H*MED: Change position/task SAPL0N1A0
19 N1A2 IS-H*MED: Display position/task SAPL0N1A0
20 N1A3 IS-H*MED: Create collective entry SAPMN1L1
21 N1A4 IS-H*MED: Change collective entry SAPMN1L1
22 N1A5 IS-H*MED: Display collective entry SAPMN1L1
23 N1A6 IS-H*MED: Maintain employees inv. SAPMN1L2
24 N1A7 IS-H*MED: Display employees inv. SAPMN1L2
25 N1AA IS-H*MED: Service Details SAPMN1L2
26 N1AB IS-H*MED: Service Details SAPMN1L2
27 N1AC IS-H*MED: Change service code SAPMN1L1
28 N1AD IS-H*MED: Display service code SAPMN1L1
29 N1AE IS-H*MED: Create Request Category SAPMN1AF
30 N1AEN IS-H*MED: Create Request Category SAPMN1AF
31 N1AF IS-H*MED: Change Request Category SAPMN1AF
32 N1AFN IS-H*MED: Change Request Category SAPMN1AF
33 N1AG IS-H*MED: Display Request Category SAPMN1AF
34 N1AGN IS-H*MED: Display Request Category SAPMN1AF
35 N1AT IS-H*MED: No.range req. categories SAPMSNUM
36 N1AU IS-H*MED: Request Overview SAPMN1PA
37 N1B0 IS-H*MED: Create Visit Sequence SAPL0N1C
38 N1B1 IS-H*MED: Change org.assignment SAPL0N1C
39 N1B2 IS-H*MED: Display org.assignment SAPL0N1C
40 N1B4 IS-H*MED: Create task qualification SAPL0N1B4
41 N1B5 IS-H*MED: Change task qualification SAPL0N1B4
42 N1B6 IS-H*MED: Display task qualification SAPL0N1B4
43 N1B7 IS-H*MED: Maintain nurs.profile SAPMNT31
44 N1B8 IS-H*MED: Display nurs.profile SAPMNT31
45 N1BA IS-H*MED: Create service request SAPMN1PA
46 N1BB IS-H*MED: Change service request SAPMN1PA
47 N1BC IS-H*MED: Display service request SAPMN1PA
48 N1BE IS-H*MED: Enter requests received SAPMN1PA
49 N1C0 IS-H*MED: Create employee position SAPL0N1C1
50 N1C1 IS-H*MED: Change employee position SAPL0N1C1
51 N1C2 IS-H*MED: Display employee position SAPL0N1C1
52 N1C4 IS-H*MED: Maintain mat. consumption SAPMN1L3
53 N1C5 IS-H*MED: Display mat. consumption SAPMN1L3
54 N1COMPCON IS-H: Maintain Component Configurat. SAPLN1COMPCON
55 N1CORD IS-H: Create Clinical Order SAPMN1PA
56 N1COT IS-H: Set Up Clinical Order Types SAPLN1DEFCORDT
57 N1CT IS-H: Define Context Types  
58 N1CUSTIDS IS-H*MED: Customer-Spec. Class Types  
59 N1D1 IS-H*MED: Maint.printer f.each inst. RN1VWSTR
60 N1D2 IS-H*MED: Dsply.printer f.each inst. RN1VWSTR
61 N1DEFVT Prereg.Type Definition - Master Data SAPLN1DEFVT
62 N1DI IS-H*MED: Pat.Transport - Dispatcher SAPMN1PA
63 N1E0 IS-H*MED: Create nursing cycle SAPMN1PA
64 N1E1 IS-H*MED: Change nursing cycle SAPMN1PA
65 N1E2 IS-H*MED: Display nursing cycle SAPMN1PA
66 N1E3 IS-H*MED: Cycle Prioritization RN1VWSTR
67 N1E4 IS-H*MED: Cycle Prioritization RN1VWSTR
68 N1EC IS-H*Med: Extra services  
70 N1G1 IS-H*MED: Menu Service facility mgmt MENUN1G1
71 N1GENPROC IS-H*MED: Generate Procedures RN1GEN_LEI_ICPM
72 N1GS IS-H*MED: Menu care unit mgmt MENUN1GS
73 N1IS1 IS-H*MED: Internet Service SAPMN1PA
74 N1K1 IS-H*MED: Maintain quota planning RN1VWSTR
75 N1K2 IS-H*MED: Display quota planning RN1VWSTR
76 N1K3 IS-H*MED: Display OUs involved RN1VWSTR
77 N1K4 IS-H*MED: Maintain OUs involved RN1VWSTR
78 N1K7 IS-H*MED: Display day sched/svc.quot RN1VWSTR
79 N1K8 IS-H*MED: Display day sched/svc.quot RN1VWSTR
80 N1KA IS-H*MED: Medical Record Management  
81 N1KH IS-H*MED: hsptl structure MENUN1KH
82 N1L1 IS-H*MED: Task by position RN1LPSA
83 N1L2 IS-H*MED: Qualifications by task RN1LAQUA
84 N1L3 IS-H*MED: List task by service RN1LLAUF
85 N1L4 IS-H*MED: Qualifications by person RN1LPQUA
86 N1L5 IS-H*MED: List employee position RN1LMAPL
87 N1L6 IS-H*MED: Requestable org. unit RN1LOEZU
88 N1L7 IS-H*MED: Service range list RN1LLSPK
89 N1L8 IS-H*MED: Qualif.-task-employee RN1QUAM0
90 N1LA IS-H*MED: Material proposal RN1LLEMV
91 N1LP IS-H*MED: Nursing Worklist SAPMN1L4
92 N1LU IS-H*MED: Worklist SAPMN1L4
93 N1LU01 IS-H*MED: Standard Worklist SAPMN1PA
94 N1LU02 IS-H*MED: Worklist Variant Selection SAPMN1PA
95 N1LUT1 IS-H*MED: Worklist w/o init. scrn.  
96 N1LUT2 IS-H*MED: Worklist w/ Initial Screen  
97 N1LUV1 IS-H*MED: Worklist w/o In.Scrn  
98 N1LUV2 IS-H*MED: Work list w/ init. screen  
99 N1M0 IS-H*MED: Maintain subseq.srvc entry SAPMN1L0
100 N1M1 IS-H*MED: Display subseq.srvc entry SAPMN1L0
101 N1M2 IS-H*MED: Maintain subseq.srvc entry RN1SPCTR
102 N1M3 IS-H*MED: Maintain subseq.srvc entry RN1SPCTR
103 N1MA IS-H*MED: Maintain Material Asgnmnt. SAPMN1MLZUO
104 N1MATV IS-H*MED: Maintain mat. consumption SAPMN1MATV
105 N1ME Medication Evaluations RNREPORT
106 N1MEAM IS-H*MED: Maintain Agents RN1ME_MAIN_AGENT
107 N1MEAM1 IS-H*MED: Maintain All Agents RN1ME_MAIN_AGENT1
108 N1MEDSRV IS-H*MED: Med. Service Entry  
109 N1MEFLS Scrap Posting f. Care Unit Store RN1ME_IM_FL_SCRAP
110 N1MEFM Maintain Formulary RN1ME_MAIN_FORMULARY
111 N1MEPI IS-H*MED: Fill List - Pick List RN1ME_IM_PICKLIST
112 N1ME_AHEVT Create Ad Hoc Event  
113 N1ME_CO Create Medication Order SAPMN1PA
114 N1ME_ESTAT IS-H*MED: Maintain Table TN1ESTATUS  
117 N1ME_IMP_AGENT Import External Agent Catalog RN1ME_IMP_BDCC_AGENT
118 N1ME_IMP_BDCC Import External Drug Catalog RN1ME_IMP_BDCC_AGENT
119 N1ME_LTYP IS-H*MED: Maintain Table TN1LINTYP  
120 N1ME_MELOC IS-H*MED: Maintain Table TN1MELOC  
121 N1ME_N1TPOU Template / Group - OU Assignment  
122 N1ME_N1TPUSER Assign Template/Group to User  
123 N1ME_N1TPUSER_ALL Assign Template/Group to User  
124 N1ME_OPRI IS-H*MED: Maintain Table N1MEOPRI  
125 N1ME_OSTAT IS-H*MED: Maintain Table TN1OSTATUS  
126 N1ME_OTYPE IS-H*MED: Maintain Table TN1OTYPE  
127 N1ME_TMPL IS-H*MED:Medication; Create Template  
128 N1ME_TPDIA Templates - Diagnoses Assignment  
129 N1ME_UNIT IS-H*MED: Maintain Table TN1MEUNIT  
130 N1ML IS-H*MED: Medical unit list SAPMNPB1
131 N1MO IS-H*MED Basic Data: Surgery System MENUN1MO
132 N1MP IS-H*MED: Nursing MENUN1MP
133 N1MS IS-H*MED: Basic data srvc processing MENUN1MS
134 N1MZ IS-H*MED: Display Material Assignmnt SAPMN1MLZUO
135 N1N1 IS-H: Display scoring table NASCO RN1VWSTR
136 N1N2 IS-H: Maintain scoring table NASCO RN1VWSTR
137 N1NK IS-H*MED: Number Ranges  
138 N1OT IS-H: Define Object Types  
139 N1P0 IS-H*MED: Maintain service entry SAPLN1P0
140 N1P1 IS-H*MED: Display service entry SAPLN1P0
141 N1P2 IS-H*MED: Maintain service entry SAPLN1P0
142 N1P3 IS-H*MED: Display service entry SAPLN1P0
143 N1P4 IS-H*MED: Specify treatment:Maintain SAPMN1P1
144 N1P5 IS-H*MED: Specify treatment:Display SAPMN1P1
145 N1P6 IS-H*MED: Create req. profile SAPMNT60
146 N1P7 IS-H*MED: Change req. profile SAPMNT60
147 N1P8 IS-H*MED: Display req. profile SAPMNT60
148 N1PA IS-H*MED: Display Nrs.Pln.Prfl.Asnmt SAPL0N1P3
149 N1PATORG IS-H*MED: Call Patient Organizer N1PATORG
150 N1PC IS-H: File transfers PC - SAP RN1PC2R3
151 N1PDN Nummernkreis Geburten / Perinatalmed SAPMNKRS
152 N1PDNK Number Range Interval Births  
153 N1PE IS-H: File Transfer PC --> R3 RN1PR3LD
154 N1PF IS-H*MED: Call nursing plan SAPMN1PA
155 N1PG IS-H*MED: OR Schedule SAPLN1ON
156 N1PH IS-H*MED: Patient History SAPMN1PM
157 N1PK IS-H*MED: Worklist f. Nursing Svcs. RN1PFLKA
158 N1PM PERINAT: Perinatal monitor RN1PERIN
159 N1PN IS-H*MED: OR Planning List SAPLN1ON
161 N1PR IS-H*MED: Maint. Nrs.Pln.Prfl.Asnmt SAPL0N1P3
162 N1PRPH IS-H*MED: PATREG: Verbwt. Pat.Hist. SAPLN1PR_PH
163 N1RADCLEANUP Delete Contents of Radiolog. Table RN1RADCLEANUP
164 N1RB IS-H*MED: Evaluation of visits RNREPORT
165 N1RK IS-H*MED: Patient Transport Service RNREPORT
166 N1RL IS-H*MED: Service management RNREPORT
167 N1RS IS-H*MED: Basic medical data RNREPORT
168 N1S1 IS-H*MED: Display task RN1VWSTR
169 N1S2 IS-H*MED: Maintain task RN1VWSTR
170 N1S3 IS-H*MED: Display position RN1VWSTR
171 N1S4 IS-H*MED: Maintain position RN1VWSTR
172 N1S5 IS-H*MED: Display qualifications RN1VWSTR
173 N1S6 IS-H*MED: Maintain qualifications RN1VWSTR
174 N1S7 IS-H*MED: Display srvc facility type RN1VWSTR
175 N1S8 IS-H*MED: Maintain srvc facil. type RN1VWSTR
176 N1S9 IS-H*MED: Display srvc grouping type RN1VWSTR
177 N1SA IS-H*MED: Maintain RN1VWSTR
178 N1SB IS-H*MED: Display service status RN1VWSTR
179 N1SC IS-H*MED: Maintain service status RN1VWSTR
180 N1SD IS-H*MED: Display srvc task asgnmt RN1VWSTR
181 N1SE IS-H*MED: Maintain srvc task asgnmt RN1VWSTR
182 N1SF IS-H*MED: Display cancel. reasons RN1VWSTR
183 N1SG IS-H*MED: Maintain cancel. reasons RN1VWSTR
184 N1SH IS-H*MED: Display request status RN1VWSTR
185 N1SI IS-H*MED: Maintain request status RN1VWSTR
186 N1SJ IS-H*MED: Display request priority RN1VWSTR
187 N1SK IS-H*MED: Maintain request priority RN1VWSTR
188 N1SL IS-H*MED: Display Req. Type Usage RN1VWSTR
189 N1SM IS-H*MED: Maintain Req. Type Usage RN1VWSTR
190 N1SN IS-H*MED: Display transport types RN1VWSTR
191 N1SO IS-H*MED: Maintain transport types RN1VWSTR
192 N1SP IS-H*MED: Display OU-rel.Customizing RN1VWSTR
193 N1SQ IS-H*MED: Maint. OU-Rel. Customizing RN1VWSTR
194 N1SR IS-H*MED: Display date interpretat'n RN1VWSTR
195 N1SS IS-H*MED: Maint. date interpretat'n RN1VWSTR
196 N1ST IS-H*MED: Display deg. of infection RN1VWSTR
197 N1SU IS-H*MED: Maint. deg. of infection RN1VWSTR
198 N1SV IS-H*MED: Display RN1VWSTR
199 N1SW IS-H*MED: Maintain RN1VWSTR
200 N1SX IS-H*MED: Maintain planned beds RN1VWSTR
202 N1TC_CLEARBUFFER Clear Treatment Authorization Buffer RN1TC_CLEARBUFFER
203 N1TC_DELEGATE Delegate Treatment Authorization SAPLN1TC_DIALOG
204 N1TC_REPORT Evaluation for Treatment Contract RN1TC_REPORTING
205 N1TC_TEST Treatment Contract Test SAPLN1TC_TEST
206 N1TR IS-H*MED: Transport List RN1TRNSP
207 N1TX IS-H*MED: Messages for Closed OU SAPL0N1ABWMSG
208 N1TX1 IS-H*MED: Messages for Closed OU SAPL0N1ABWMSG
209 N1US IS-H*MED: Update Desktop Components RN1UPDATESETUP
210 N1VE IS-H: Set Up Preregistration Types SAPLN1DEFVT
211 N1VK IS-H*MED: Preregistration List SAPLN1VK
212 N1VL Insur.Verification/Extension Request RN1KOSMA
213 N1VM IS-H*MED Pre-registration list SAPLN1VM
214 N1VPP1 IS-H*MED: Display Vital Parameters RN1VWSTR
215 N1VPP2 IS-H*MED: Maintain Vital Parameters RN1VWSTR
216 N1VPPF41 IS-H*MED: Vital Parameters Inp. Help RN1VWSTR
217 N1VPPF42 IS-H*MED: Maint. Vital Par. Inp.Help RN1VWSTR
218 N1VPPOEZ1 IS-H*MED: Display Vit. Par. OU Asmnt RN1VWSTR
219 N1VPPOEZ2 IS-H*MED: Maint.Vital Par. OU-Assnmt RN1VWSTR
220 N1W1 IS-H*MED: Task-rel.employeeSrvcList RN1LAUML
221 N1W2 IS-H*MED: Diagnosis-rel.srvc.eval RN1LLDIA
222 N1W3 IS-H*MED: List Srvc.-patient-employ. RN1LLPAT
223 N1W4 IS-H*MED: Patient-rel.srvc.list RN1LPTLS
224 N1WA IS-H*MED: Waiting list info. funct. RN1LWLAK
225 N1WL IS-H*MED: Follow-up visit list SAPMN1WA
226 N1WR IS-H*MED: Waiting List SAPMN1PW
227 N1WSCONFIG Configure Web Service  
228 N201 IS-H*MED: Create Document SAPMN2EI
229 N202 IS-H*MED: Change Document SAPMN2EI
230 N203 IS-H*MED: Display document SAPMN2EI
231 N204 IS-H*MED: Documents List SAPMN2EI
232 N205 IS-H*MED: Maint. diagn. code control  
233 N206 IS-H*MED: Display diagn.code control  
234 N207 IS-H*MED: Create OU Diag. Hit List SAPMN209
235 N208 IS-H*MED: Maintain OU diagn.hit list SAPMN209
236 N209 IS-H*MED: Display OU diagn. hit list SAPMN209
237 N210 IS-H*MED: Display diagnosis groups SAPMN211
238 N211 IS-H*MED: Maintain diagnosis groups SAPMN211
239 N212 IS-H*MED: Display class. areas asgmt SAPMN213
240 N213 IS-H*MED: Maintain class.areas asgmt SAPMN213
241 N214 IS-H*MED: Displ. nurStd-basCat.asgmt SAPMN215
242 N215 IS-H*MED: Maint. nurStd-basCat.asgmt SAPMN215
243 N216 IS-H*MED: Displ. nurStd-serCat.asgmt SAPMN217
244 N217 IS-H*MED: Maint. nurStd-serCat.asgmt SAPMN217
245 N218 IS-H*MED: Displ.nurStd-classAr.asgmt SAPMN219
246 N219 IS-H*MED: Maint.nurStd-classAr.asgmt SAPMN219
247 N220 IS-H*MED: Displ.basCat-classAr.asgmt SAPMN221
248 N221 IS-H*MED: Maint.basCat-classAr.asgmt SAPMN221
249 N222 IS-H*MED: Maint. diagnos. doc./case SAPMNDIA
250 N223 IS-H*MED: Displ. diagn. doc./case SAPMNDIA
251 N224 IS-H* SAPMN225
252 N225 IS-H*MED: Maint.serCat-classAr.asgmt SAPMN225
253 N2AN Number Range Ext. Data References SAPMSNUM
254 N2APPLOG IS-H*MED: Application Logging RN2_APPLOG
255 N2ASPECT_DEF Definition of Aspects RN2P01_ADMIN
256 N2AZ IS-H*MED: Maint. task - time asgmt  
257 N2BA IS-H*MED: Assign  
259 N2BN IS-H*MED: WCA Number Range Interval SAPMNKRS
260 N2CATC Process Categories RN2_CATEGORY_CUST
261 N2CA_NR Cardiology Number Range  
262 N2COMHIST Transfer History RN2COM_DOCHIST
264 N2COMLOG Communication Log for Admin. RN2COM_LOG
265 N2COM_DOCIN_WS Release Web Svce for Doc. Confim.  
266 N2COM_DOCOUT_LP Create Logic Port for Doc. Dispatch  
267 N2COM_DOCRESPIN_WS Release Webservice for Doc. Dispatch  
268 N2COM_DOCRESPOUT_LP Logical Port for Confirm. Dispatch  
269 N2DG Kerndatensatz Anästhesie kopieren  
270 N2DOKTRANS DocCat definition transport client RN2UTDTM2
271 N2DS_SAPFTP_CUST Customizing for SAPFTP Cardiology  
272 N2DU IS-H*MED: Load and unload docdefs SAPLN2PT
273 N2E0 IS-H*MED: Create docCat-SvcItem asgt SAPMN2G1
274 N2E1 IS-H*MED: Change docCat-SvcItem asgt SAPMN2G1
275 N2E2 IS-H*MED:Display docCat-SvcItem asgt SAPMN2G1
276 N2E3 IS-H*MED: Create docCateg.- OU asgmt SAPMN2F1
277 N2E4 IS-H*MED: Change docCateg.- OU asgmt SAPMN2F1
278 N2E5 IS-H*MED: Display docCategy-OU asgmt SAPMN2F1
279 N2E6 Maintain OU-Related Document Profile  
280 N2E7 Display OU-Related Document Profile  
281 N2E8 Maintain Svce-Related Doc. Profile  
282 N2E9 Display Svce-Related Doc. Profile  
283 N2F4 IS-H*MED: Extern. data module maint. SAPLN2F4
284 N2FD PMD: EDM Maintenance (General)  
285 N2FN Number Range Ext. Data References SAPMSNUM
286 N2G1 IS-H*MED: Menu Service facility mgmt MENUN2G1
287 N2GA Assign Pathway SAPLN2GLASSIGN
288 N2GB Pathway Library SAPLN2GL_PATH_LIBRARY
289 N2GD Treatment Pathway Definition SAPLN2GLDEF
290 N2GL Layout Processing Pathways RN2GL_ADM_LAYOUT
291 N2GL_CAT Edit Categories  
292 N2GM Pathway Monitor RN2GL_START_MONITOR
293 N2GR pathways Evaluations RN2GL_REPORTING
294 N2GU Patient Pathway SAPLN2GLPATHWAY
295 N2HIT Maintain Findings Hit List RN2HIT_LIST_EDIT
296 N2IMG IMG Industry Solution Clin. System RN2_IMG_DIRECT_CALL
297 N2KA PMD: Combobox Catalogs Maintenance  
298 N2KO IS-H*MED: Maint. complications  
299 N2KZ IS-H*MED: Maint. compl.-compl. asgmt  
300 N2L1 IS-H*MED: OU diagnoses hit list RN2LN2HL
301 N2LINKDEF Definition of Link Module  
302 N2LIZENZ License Management RN2_LICENCE_NEW
303 N2MD IS-H*MED: Basic data: medical d MENUN2MD
304 N2ON IS-H*MED: Number range OR SAPMNKRS
305 N2OT IS-H*MED: Maintain OR Departments  
307 N2OX Start OR document RN2OPDOK
308 N2OZ IS-H*MED: Surgery times  
309 N2PC IS-H*MED: admin. docum. templates RN2LN204N
310 N2PRZ IS-H*MED: Maintain Procedure HitList SAPLN2_PRZ_3
311 N2PRZ_BASIS IS-H*MED: SPC Hit List - Global SAPLN2_PRZ_1
312 N2RO IS-H*MED: Surgery System RNREPORT
314 N2RQ Auswertungen Perinatalmedizin RNREPORT
315 N2RR IS-H*MED: Radiologie Evaluations RNREPORT
316 N2RS IS-H*MED: Med.basic data/documentat. RNREPORT
317 N2RW Findings Work Station RN2_RAD_DWS
318 N2S0 IS-H*MED: Create Document Element SAPMN2S1
319 N2S1 IS-H*MED: Change document element SAPMN2S1
320 N2S2 IS-H*MED: Display document element SAPMN2S1
322 N2T5 IS-H*MED: Copy Document Category SAPLN2SYSDEF
323 N2T6 IS-H*MED: Create document category SAPMN2SD
324 N2T7 IS-H*MED: Change document category SAPMN2SD
325 N2T8 IS-H*MED: Display document category SAPMN2SD
326 N2T9 IS-H*MED: Copy Definite Design SAPMN2SD
327 N2TBS Management of Text Modules RN2ADMTBS
328 N2TL IS-H*MED: Param. doc. tool box SAPMN2TL
329 N2TOOL PMD Toolbox (New, Unreleased) SAPMN2TL
330 N2UX Application Server Utility RN2LN205N
331 N2VD00 Progress Entries Number Range SAPMSNUM
332 N2WLD Template Management RN2DWSWL_START_ADMIN
333 N2ZO Time definition  
334 N2ZP Time definition  
335 N2_COM_SCHEMA_DOWNL XML Profile Download for Doc Disp. RN2_COM_DOC_SCHEMA
336 N2_F4_SIMPLETREE_ADM Manage Simple Tree Maintenance RN2_F4SIMPLETREE_ADMIN
337 N2_FORUM Forum RN2_FORUM
338 NA01 IS-H: Create Billing Statistics RNABD000
339 NA02 IS-H: Print Invoice(s) RNADIN03
340 NA03 IS-H: Cancel Invoice(s) RNASTO01
341 NA04 IS-H: Post invoices with calc.block RNAFFI01
342 NA05 IS-H: Invoice List RNLRECH3
343 NA07 IS-H: Bill.status of dischrged cases RNAENT00
344 NA08 IS-H: Billing Statistics by IP Types RNLRECH1
345 NA10 IS-H: Revenue Accrual RNAACP00
346 NA12 IS-H: Invoice statistics by payer RNLRECH2
347 NA17 IS-H: Adjust services to absence RNAABW00
348 NA18 IS-H: Revenue Accrual RNAACP00
349 NA20 IS-H: Create CASE Selection Billing RNASELXX
350 NA21 IS-H: Delete CASE Selection Billing RNASED00
351 NA22 IS-H: Display CASE Selection Billing RNASELLI
352 NA23 IS-H: Edit Billing Document Msgs RNASELM0
353 NA24 IS-H: Copy Case Selection RNASEK00
354 NA25 IS-H: Billing selection via visits RNASEL01
355 NA26 IS-H: Inpatient Test Billing RNAB0000
356 NA30 IS-H: Case Billing SAPMNAF1
357 NA30N IS-H: Case Billing SAPMNAF1
358 NA30OLD IS-H: Case Billing - Old SAPMNAF0
359 NA31 IS-H: Change Billing Block Inpat. RNABILB0
360 NA32 IS-H: Change Billing Block Outpat. RNABILB1
361 NA33 IS-H: Cascade Bill Processing RNA_CASCADE_BILLING
362 NA35 IS-H: Billing Information Case SAPMNAF0
363 NA40 IS-H: Case-Related Invoice Overview SAPMNAF0
364 NA45 IS-H: Case monitor billing RNAFMON1
365 NA46 IS-H: Compensation check BPflV '95 RNLBTAG0
366 NA47 IS-H: Propose charges RNALL001
367 NA48 Compare Charges RNACCOMP
368 NA52 IS-H: Subsequent billing SAPMNNV1
369 NA55 IS-H: Process outpatient flat rates RNAAMB00
370 NA60 IS-H: Export data for IFA billing RNABDT00
371 NA65 IS-H: Log transfer IFA billing RNLBDT01
372 NA66 IS-H: IFA status info transf. cases RNLBDT02
373 NA67 IS-H: KV-Abrechnung RNABDT02
374 NA68 IS-H: KV-Abrechnung zurücksetzen RNABDT02_UNBILL
375 NA70 ÎS-H SG: Estimated Bill RNAEBILL
376 NA82 IS-H AT: Bettenmanagement Auslastung RNABAUSL
377 NA90 IS-H: Create Invoice Selection RNASELR0
378 NA91 IS-H: Change Bill Selection RNASELR1
379 NA92 IS-H: Create Collective Invoice RNASRE00
380 NA93 IS-H: Print Collective Invoice RNASRE01
381 NA94 IS-H: Collective Invoice SAPMNPR0
382 NA95 IS-H: Provisional Invoice RNASTO04
383 NAC3 IS-H AT: Repstrg Datenaustausch P321 RNREPORT
384 NACE WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen SAPLWMCW
385 NACO Conditions for Output Control SAPLWMCW
386 NACP WFMC: Define Conditions  
387 NACQ WFMC: Maintain Condition Tables SAPMV12A
388 NACR WFMC: Maintain Output Condition Rec. SAPMV13B
389 NACS WFMC: Assign Output Type Access Seq.  
390 NACT WFMC: Maintain Condition Types SAPMVNV2
391 NACU WFMC: Customizing Output Types SAPMVNV2
392 NACV WFMC: Partner Definition  
393 NACW WFMC: Maintain Processing Program  
394 NACX WFMC: Access Sequences  
395 NACY WFMC: Field Catalog RVNNACY0
396 NACZ WFMC: Procedure  
397 NAG0 (empty) MENUNAG0
398 NAK0 (empty) MENUNAK0
399 NAL0 IS-H: Basisdaten: Leistungsstammdate MENUNAL0
400 NAPRKEY Print Parameters for Output RSPRKEY
401 NAPX1 IS-H: Wiederkehrer pflegen RNV2000_CALL
402 NAPX2 IS-H: Wiederkehrer anzeigen RNV2000_CALL
403 NAS1 IS-H SG: Create Inpat. Bill RNABSG00
404 NAS2 IS-H AT: Scoring HGR anlegen  
405 NAS3 IS-H AT: Scoring HGR ändern  
406 NAS4 IS-H AT: Scoring HGR anzeigen  
407 NAVCT685B Output Types (Cluster) WFMCVSTART
409 NAWF Start Customizing Control Flow RVNWF001
410 NB20 IS-H: Create Organizational Unit SAPMNB20
411 NB21 IS-H: Change Organizational Unit SAPMNB20
412 NB22 IS-H: Display Organizational Unit SAPMNB20
413 NB23 IS-H: Maintain Org. Unit Hierarchy SAPMNB21
414 NB24 IS-H: Display Org. Unit Hierarchy SAPMNB21
415 NB25 IS-H: Maintain Interd. B.Assgmt. OU SAPMNB22
416 NB26 IS-H: Display Interd. B.Assgmt. OU SAPMNB22
417 NB27 IS-H: Maintain Statistical Beds SAPMNB23
418 NB28 IS-H: Display Statistical Beds SAPMNB23
419 NB29 IS-H: Collective Entry Build. Unit SAPMNB30
420 NB30 IS-H: Maintain Building Units SAPMNB30
421 NB31 IS-H: Change Building Units SAPMNB30
422 NB32 IS-H: Display Building Units SAPMNB30
423 NB33 IS-H: Maintain Bld. Unit Hierarchy SAPMNB32
424 NB34 IS-H: Display Bld. Unit Hierarchy SAPMNB32
425 NB35 IS-H: Maintain Bld. Unit / OU SAPMNB24
426 NB36 IS-H: Display Bld. Unit /OU SAPMNB24
427 NB37 IS-H: Maintain pl. charac. bld. unit SAPMNB33
428 NB38 IS-H: Display Pl.Charac. Bld. Unit SAPMNB33
429 NB39 IS-H: Maintain Equipment Bld. Unit SAPMNB34
430 NB40 IS-H: Display Equipment Bld. Unit SAPMNB34
431 NB41 IS-H: Maintain Door Coordinates RNCSTABL
432 NB42 IS-H: Display Door Coordinates RNCSTABL
433 NB43 IS-H: Release Build. Structure RNPBAU00
434 NB44 IS-H: Set up BU identifier RNBBUM00
435 NB45 IS-H: Maintain Plan. Chars Single BU SAPMNB33
436 NB46 IS-H: Display Plan, Chars Single BU SAPMNB33
437 NB51 IS-H: Delete Org. Structure RNORGL00
438 NB52 IS-H: Set up OU identifiers RNBOUM00
439 NB53 IS-H: Release Org. Structure RNPORG00
440 NBU1 IS-H: Maint. Fixed Vals User Master SAPMNBU1
441 NC10 IS-H Create Message Type Copy RNCUTL06
442 NC11 IS-HCM Change Message Type SAPMNC01
443 NC12 IS-HCM Display Message Type SAPMNC01
444 NC20 IS-H Create Message Segment Copy RNCUTL07
445 NC21 IS-HCM Change Message Segment SAPMNC02
446 NC22 IS-HCM Display Message Segment SAPMNC02
447 NC301KK Create §301 Message for Hlth Insurer RNCTT301_FILEIN
448 NCA6 IS-H AT: Anzeige Punktehistorie SAPMNA40
449 NCEDI IS-H: EDI Workbench SAPLNC13
450 NCH1 IS-HCO CH: Create Case-Based Orders RCHCO005
451 NCH2 IS-H: Bereichsmenü HCO KH-Controllin MENUNCH2
452 NCO1 IS-H: Transfer service to CCenter RNHCO000
453 NCO2 HCO: Create Case-Based Orders RNHCO005
454 NCO3 HCO: Assign Preliminary Costing RNHCO006
455 NCO4 HCO: Status Monitoring Case-Bsd Ord. RNHCO004
456 NCO7 HCO: Case-Based Order Classification RNHCO008
457 NCO8 IS-H: Stat. key figure (nursing) RNHCO009
458 NCO9 IS-H: Stat. Key Figures (Dept.) RNHCO011
459 NCOA IS-H: Asgmt org.unit to cost centers RNCSTABL
460 NCOB IS-H: Asgmt services to act. types RNCSTABL
461 NCOC IS-H: Revenue accrual billing RNCSTABL
462 NCOD IS-H: Stat.ratio-CO stat.ratio asgmt  
463 NCOE IS-H: Assign Svce to Base ObjCosting RNCSTABL
464 NCOF IS-H: Settings RNCSTABL
465 NCOG IS-H: Supported characteristics RNCSTABL
466 NCOH IS-H: Order characteristics RNCSTABL
467 NCOI IS-H: Org.unit-CCtr asgmt f.rev.acct RNCSTABL
468 NCOJ IS-H: Stat. key figures (inter-dept) RNHCO012
469 NCOK IS-HCO: Services to be Transferred RNHCO010
470 NCOL IS-HCO: Transfer Information RNUHCO04
471 NCOM IS-H: Copy NOEK into NO2K RNUNO2K0
472 NCON HCO: Stat. Key Figs (Case-Bsd Ord.) RNHCO013
473 NCOO IS-H: Stat. Key Figs (Case-bsd ord.) RNHCO014
474 NCOP IS-HCO: Maintain Cost Centers-OU RNUHCO06
476 NCOR HCO: Copy Collective Orders RNHCO_COLORD_COPY
477 NCOS HCO: Determine Collective Orders RNHCO_FIND_COLORD_FOR_CASE
478 NCO_COLORD HCO: Define Collective Orders  
479 NCW3 IS-H: EDI Workbench SAPLNC13
480 ND01 IS-H: Create medical record/document SAPMNPA7
481 ND02 IS-H: Maintain record/document list SAPMNPA7
482 ND03 IS-H: Display record/document list SAPMNPA7
483 ND04 IS-H: Collect.entry of returned rec. SAPMNPA7
484 ND05 IS-H: Return medical record/document SAPMNPA7
485 ND06 IS-H: Create Med. Record Reminder RNPKAV03
486 ND07 IS-H: Request med. record/documents SAPMNPA7
487 ND08 IS-H: Borrow single rec./document SAPMNPA7
488 ND09 IS-H: Create record via mvmnt list RNPKAV02
489 ND10 IS-H: Borrow record via mvmnt list RNPKAV07
490 ND11 IS-H: Return Temp. Medical Records RNPKAV06
491 ND12 IS-H: Borrow requested med. record RNPKAV04
492 ND13 IS-H: Collect.Entry for Borrowed Rec SAPMNPA7
493 ND14 IS-H: Transfer Med.Rcrds via BorrLst RNPKAV05
494 ND15 IS-H: Transfer single rec./document SAPMNPA7
495 ND18 IS-H: Evaluate Med. Record Archive RNPKAV01
496 NDRPAT IS-H: Bus. Partner-Patient Rlnshp RNU_PAT2GPA
497 NDV1 Maintain Version Interfaces  
498 NDV2 Maintain System Releases  
499 NDYM IS-H: Screen Modification SAPMNDYM
500 NE10 IS-H: Display Copayment SAPMNEX1