SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index N, page 2
Transaction Code - N
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 NE11 IS-H: Maintain Copayment SAPMNEX1
2 NE15 IS-H: Transfer Copayment RNZUZU00
3 NE16 IS-H: Write off Copayment Requests RNZUZS00
4 NE17 IS-H: Generate copayment RNZUZBI1
5 NE18 IS-H: Post copayment back RNZUZR00
6 NE20 IS-H: Maintain Down Payment SAPMNEX1
7 NE21 IS-H: Display Down Payment SAPMNEX1
8 NE22 IS-H: Down Payment Overview RNAANZ00
9 NE23 IS-H: Down Payment Monitor RNAANZ01
10 NEDI EDI Workbench SAPLNC13
11 NEDIIN IS-H EDI Inbound Worklist RNC301I2
12 NEDIOUT IS-H EDI Outbound Worklist RNC301U2
15 NEFE Statistical Setup: SFIS / Versions RMCFCSCP
16 NEO01 IS-H: Create External Order SAPMNEO01
17 NEO02 IS-H: Maintain External Order SAPMNEO01
18 NEO03 IS-H: Display External Order SAPMNEO01
19 NEO04 IS-H: Ext.Order- Create Order Placer SAPMNEO02
20 NEO05 IS-H: Ext.Order- Change Order Placer SAPMNEO02
21 NEO06 IS-H: Ext.Order-Display Order Placer SAPMNEO02
22 NEOAB IS-H: External Order - Billing RNABEO00
23 NEODR IS-H: External Order - Mass Print RNDREO00
24 NEOST IS-H: Ext.Order - Cancel Billing Doc RNSTEO00
25 NEWTON Mathematical Tests SAPLFF08
26 NEW_SERP Report Tree Maintenance SAPLBMEN
27 NG01 IS-H: Create General Bus. Partner SAPMNG10
28 NG02 IS-H: Change General Bus. Partner SAPMNG10
29 NG03 IS-H: Display General Bus. Partner SAPMNG10
30 NG04 IS-H: Create Bus. Partner Employee SAPMNG10
31 NG05 IS-H: Change Bus. Partner Employee SAPMNG10
32 NG06 IS-H: Display Bus. Partner Employee SAPMNG10
33 NG07 IS-H: Create B.Partner Ins. Provider SAPMNG10
34 NG08 IS-H: Change B.Partner Ins. Provider SAPMNG10
35 NG09 IS-H: Display B.Partner Ins.Provider SAPMNG10
36 NG10 IS-H: Create Bus. Partner Customer SAPMNG10
37 NG11 IS-H: Change Bus. Partner Customer SAPMNG10
38 NG12 IS-H: Display Bus. Partner Customer SAPMNG10
39 NG13 IS-H: Create Bus. Partner Employer SAPMNG10
40 NG14 IS-H: Change Bus. Partner Employer SAPMNG10
41 NG15 IS-H: Display Bus. Partner Employer SAPMNG10
42 NG16 IS-H: Create Bus. Partner Hospital SAPMNG10
43 NG17 IS-H: Change Bus. Partner Hospital SAPMNG10
44 NG18 IS-H: Display Bus. Partner Hospital SAPMNG10
45 NG30 IS-H: Create Bus.Partner RP Employee SAPMNG10
46 NG40 IS-H: Maintain Ins. Prov. Types RNVIEWT2
47 NG41 IS-H: Display Guarantor Types RNVIEWT2
48 NGLM Customizing and Performance Monitor NEWGL_MONITOR
49 NGM0 (empty) MENUNGM0
50 NIAPPS IS-H: Visit Scheduling at Web - Demo SAPMNPB2
51 NK01 IS-H: Maintain IV request (coll.ent) SAPMNPK1
52 NK02 IS-H: Display IV request (coll.ent.) SAPMNPK1
53 NK06 IS-H: Maintain IV Confm.(Coll.Entry) SAPMNPK1
54 NK19 IS-H: Print request for IV - outpt. RNNKOS14
55 NK20 IS-H: Print Insurance Verif. request RNNKOS11
56 NK21 IS-H: Dun Insurance Verification RNNKOS10
57 NK22 IS-H: Generate outpatient ins.verif. RNILKO01
58 NK23 IS-H: Generate IV f. inpatients RNILKO00
59 NK24 IS-H: Monitoring of IV Requests RNNKOS12
60 NK25 IS-H: Monitoring Insurance Verifictn RNNKOS13
61 NK26 IS-H: Extend request for ins.verif. RNNKOS15
62 NK30 IS-H: Maintain Pre-Approved Ins. RNCSTABL
63 NK31 IS-H: Display Pre-Appr.IV Confmtn. RNCSTABL
64 NK35 IS-H: Maintain IV Default Values RNCSTABL
65 NK36 IS-H: Display IV Default Values RNCSTABL
66 NK50 IS-H: Create IV declaration (AT) SAPMNK50
67 NK51 IS-H: Change IV declaration (AT) SAPMNK50
68 NK52 IS-H: Display IV declaration (AT) SAPMNK50
69 NKA1 IS-H*MED: VBUND: Leistungsang. anzei SAPLN1AR_MC
70 NKA2 IS-H*MED: VBUND: Leistungsang. änder SAPLN1AR_MC
71 NKA3 IS-H*MED: VBUND: Leistungsang. anleg SAPLN1AR_MC
72 NKBS Nummernintervalle Bestand xSFGDT  
73 NKBV KV-Abrechnung RNABDT02
74 NKEY Non Key attribute details (Frontend) SAPSXFTH
75 NKM0 IS-H: Menu Catalogs MENUNKM0
76 NKRS IS-H: Number Ranges SAPMNKRS
77 NKRT Nummernintervalle Risikoträger  
78 NKSL Nummernintervalle Simulationslauf  
79 NKVWS1 IS-H: Change PPA Work Station RNV2000_CALL
80 NKVWS2 IS-H: Display PPA Work Station RNV2000_CALL
81 NL01N IS-H: Service Entry for all Cases SAPMNSERV01
82 NL04N IS-H: Service Entry - OU-Related SAPMNSERV01
83 NL10 IS-H: Maintain Service Entry SAPMNL01
84 NL10N IS-H: Case-Related Service Entry SAPMNL01
85 NL11 IS-H: Display service entry SAPMNL01
86 NL11N IS-H: Case-Related Service Display SAPMNL01
87 NL20 IS-H: Maintain prelim. service entry SAPMNL03
88 NL21 IS-H: Display prelim. service entry SAPMNL03
89 NL22 IS-H: Maintain Prelim. Entry by OU SAPMNL03
90 NL23 IS-H: Display Prilim. Entry by OU SAPMNL03
91 NL28 IS-H: Transfer Svces from PE by OU RNAGETVO
92 NL29 IS-H: Transfer srvs from prel. entry RNAGETVE
99 NLKSPI Iterative Plantarifermittlung RNNL_KSPI
100 NLKSS2 Istkostensplittung: Kostenstellen SAPLNLKSS2
101 NLKSS4 Plankostensplittung ausführen SAPMNLKSS4
102 NLPMD Startreport portal PMD transaktion RNNL_PMD_PORTAL
103 NLPROFILE Bearbeiten kostenart profile RNNL_HCO_PROFILE
104 NLSCHEIN_ANDERN Behandlungsscheine ändern SAPMNNLSCHEIN
105 NLSCHEIN_ANZEIGEN Behandlungsscheine anzeigen SAPMNNLSCHEIN
106 NLT_MIGR transaction code for unlinked target NON_LINKED_TARGET
108 NL_NV2000_PORTAL Startreport fur Portal NV2000 RNNL_NV2000_PORTAL
109 NM00 (empty) MENUNM00
110 NM01 (empty) MENUNM01
111 NM02 (empty) MENUNM02
112 NM03 (empty) MENUNM03
113 NM07 (empty) MENUNM07
114 NM10 (empty) MENUNM10
115 NM20 (empty) MENUNM20
116 NM30 IS-H: HCO Int.controlling area menu MENUNM30
117 NM40 IS-H Communication MENUNM40
118 NM44 IS-H: Communication Menu RNCTT100
119 NMA0 (empty) MENUNMA0
120 NMA1 (empty) MENUNMA1
121 NMA4 (empty) MENUNMA4
122 NMAA (empty) MENUNMAA
123 NMAB (empty) MENUNMAB
124 NMAC (empty) MENUNMAC
125 NMAD (empty) MENUNMAD
126 NMAE (empty) MENUNMAE
127 NMC1 (empty) MENUNMC1
128 NMC2 (empty) MENUNMC2
129 NMC3 (empty) MENUNMC3
130 NMC4 (empty) MENUNMC4
131 NMCO1 IS-H MM: Transfer Matl. Consumption RNMCO000
132 NMCO2 IS-H MM: Data Transfer Matl.Consumpt RNIMCONS0
133 NMCOL IS-H MM: List Material Consumptions RNLMCONS0
134 NMG1 IS-H*MED: Menu Service facility mgmt MENUNMG1
135 NMGS (empty) MENUNMGS
136 NMGX IS-H*MED: Menü Leistungsstellenmanag MENUNMGX
137 NMM0 Material Requisition MENUNMM0
138 NMM1 IS-H: Create Material Req. by OU SAPMNM03
139 NMM2 IS-H: Maintain OU-Rel. Material Req. SAPMNM03
140 NMM3 IS-H: Display Material Req. by OU SAPMNM03
141 NMM4 IS-H: Collective Proc. Material Req. RNMMANF0
142 NMM5 IS-H: Create Case-Rel. Material Req. SAPMNM02
143 NMM6 IS-H: Display Case-Rltd Mat. Requis. SAPMNM02
144 NMM7 IS-H: Maintain Case-Rel. Goods Issue SAPMNM02
145 NMM8 IS-H: Display Case-Rltd Goods Issue SAPMNM02
146 NMM9 IS-H: Pick List RNMPICK0
147 NMMC1 IS-H MM: Maintain Matl Consumption RNV2000_CALL
148 NMMC2 IS-H MM: Display Matl Consumption RNV2000_CALL
149 NMMD IS-H*MED: Basic data: medical d MENUNMMD
150 NMMO IS-H*MED Basic Data: Surgery System MENUNMMO
152 NMMS IS-H*MED: Basic data srvc processing MENUNMMS
153 NMND IS-H: Reset Client RNUMNDT0
154 NMO1 (empty) MENUNMO1
155 NMO2 (empty) MENUNMO2
156 NMO3 (empty) MENUNMO3
157 NMO4 (empty) MENUNMO4
158 NMO9 ISH: Customizing patient management MENUNMO9
159 NMOA (empty) MENUNMOA
160 NMOB (empty) MENUNMOB
161 NMOC Custom. Billing Service Entry MENUNMOC
162 NMOE (empty) MENUNMOE
163 NMOF Customizing pat. acctg. srv convers. MENUNMOF
164 NMOG (empty) MENUNMOG
165 NMOH (empty) MENUNMOH
166 NMOI ISH: Custom. Copayment Processing MENUNMOI
167 NMOJ (empty) MENUNMOJ
168 NMOK IS-HCM Customizing communication MENUNMOK
169 NMOL IS-HCO: Settings link to Controlling MENUNMOL
170 NMR0 (empty) MENUNMR0
171 NMS1 Patient accounting MENUNMS1
172 NMS2 Inpatient Management MENUNMS2
173 NMS3 Outpatient Management MENUNMS3
174 NMS4 Nurse Station Management MENUNMS4
175 NMS5 Medical / Nursing Documentation MENUNMS5
176 NMS6 Medical Record Administration MENUNMS6
177 NMS7 Hospital Structure MENUNMS7
178 NMS8 Service Master MENUNMS8
179 NMS9 Business Partners MENUNMS9
180 NMT0 IS-H: Basic data: srv. master data MENUNMT0
181 NN1L Menu Service facility management MENUNN1L
182 NN2L IS-H*MED: Menu Service facility mgmt MENUNN2L
183 NNIH IS-H NL: Customizing Dutch tables MENUNNIH
184 NNL0 IS-H: Additional NL transactions MENUNNL0
187 NNL6 IS-H NL: Anlegen/Anzeigen Scheine RNNLCERT
188 NNLA IS-H NL: Anwesendheitsanpasser RNANLABW
189 NNT1 IS-H NL:  
190 NNT2 IS-H NL: Tabelle NNLTP pflegen  
192 NOM0 (empty) MENUNOM0
193 NOR_GL Norway: G/L Account Line Items RFITEMGL_NO
194 NOR_GLOLD Norway: G/L Account Line Items RFITEMOLDGL_NO
195 NOTES_MIGR Notes migration NOTES_MIGR
197 NOTIF_CREATE_BSP Create CRM Service Procedure (Web)  
198 NP01 IS-H: Create patient master data SAPMNPA2
199 NP02 IS-H: Change patient master data SAPMNPA2
200 NP03 IS-H: Display patient master data SAPMNPA2
201 NP04 IS-H: Maintain risk factors SAPMNPA2
202 NP05 IS-H: Display risk factors SAPMNPA2
203 NP06 IS-H: Merging patients RNJOIN00
204 NP07 IS-H: Find Similar Patients RNUPATCMP
205 NP10 IS-H: Call Case Overview SAPMNPA6
206 NP10D IS-H: Call Case Overview Display SAPMNPA6
207 NP11 IS-H: Create inpatient admiss. data SAPMNPA2
208 NP12 IS-H: Change inpatient admiss. data SAPMNPA2
209 NP13 IS-H: Display inpatient admiss. data SAPMNPA2
210 NP20 IS-H: Maintain delivery data SAPMNPA2
211 NP21 IS-H: Display delivery data SAPMNPA2
212 NP22 IS-H: Maintain newborn admission SAPMNPA2
213 NP23 IS-H: Display newborn admission SAPMNPA2
214 NP24 IS-H: Maintain gen. case/case asgmt SAPMNPA2
215 NP25 IS-H: Display gen. case/case asgmt SAPMNPA2
216 NP26 IS-H: Maintain comp. case/case asgmt SAPMNPA2
217 NP27 IS-H: Display comp. case/case asgmt SAPMNPA2
218 NP28 IS-H: Maintain newb. case/case asgmt SAPMNPA2
219 NP29 IS-H: Display newb. case/case asgmt SAPMNPA2
220 NP30 IS-H: Maintain companion admission SAPMNPA2
221 NP31 IS-H: Display companion admission SAPMNPA2
222 NP32 IS-H: Maintain person assignment SAPMNPA2
223 NP33 IS-H: Display person assignment SAPMNPA2
224 NP36 IS-H: Create surgery (case) SAPMNPA1
225 NP37 IS-H: Create surgery (visit) SAPMNPA1
226 NP38 IS-H: Change surgery SAPMNPA1
227 NP39 IS-H: Display surgery SAPMNPA1
228 NP40 IS-H: Create outpatient case SAPMNPA1
229 NP41 IS-H: Create outpatient visit SAPMNPA1
230 NP42 IS-H: Change outpatient visit SAPMNPA1
231 NP43 IS-H: Display outpatient visit SAPMNPA1
232 NP44 IS-H: Maintain treatment certificate SAPMNPA1
233 NP45 IS-H: Display treatment certificate SAPMNPA1
234 NP46 IS-H: Treatment certificate evaluat. RNLCOT00
235 NP47 IS-H: Maintain Procedures for Case SAPMNP47
236 NP48 IS-H: Display Procedures for Case SAPMNP47
237 NP51 IS-H: Maintain nurs. acuity per case SAPMNFKL
238 NP52 IS-H: Display patient group per case SAPMNFKL
239 NP53 IS-H: Maintain patient group per OU SAPMNFKL
240 NP54 IS-H: Display patient group per OU SAPMNFKL
241 NP55 IS-H: Maintain case classif.per case SAPMNFKL
242 NP56 IS-H: Display case classif. per case SAPMNFKL
243 NP57 IS-H: Maintain case classif. per OU SAPMNFKL
244 NP58 IS-H: Display case classific. per OU SAPMNFKL
245 NP61 IS-H: Maintain Diagn. Doc. by Case SAPMNDIA
246 NP62 IS-H: Display Diagn. Doc. by Case SAPMNDIA
247 NP63 IS-H: Maintain Diagnosis Doc. by OU SAPMNDIA
248 NP64 IS-H: Display Diagnosis Doc. by OU SAPMNDIA
249 NP71 IS-H: Maintain medical grounds SAPMNBEG
250 NP72 IS-H: Display medical grounds SAPMNBEG
251 NP91 IS-H: Create absence SAPMNPA5
252 NP92 IS-H: Change leave of absence SAPMNPA5
253 NP93 IS-H: Display leave of absence SAPMNPA5
254 NP94 IS-H: Generate leave of absence RNABSGEN
255 NP97 IS-H: Create discharge SAPMNPA8
256 NP98 IS-H: Change discharge SAPMNPA8
257 NP99 IS-H: Display discharge SAPMNPA8
258 NPDRG1 IS-H: Display DRG Data SAPMNDRG
259 NPDRG2 IS-H: Maintain DRG Data SAPMNDRG
260 NPDRG3 IS-H: DRG Grouping of Multiple Cases RNUDRG0A
261 NPFA IS-H: Public List RNLPFOR0
262 NPFL IS-H: Religious list RNLPFARR
263 NPLNC01 IS-H: Change Statistical Occ.Chrctst  
264 NPLNC02 IS-H: Display Statist. Occ. Chrctst  
265 NPPR IS-H: Nurs. Acuity Classific. Eval. RNVPPR01
266 NPRT LIS/setup/log RMCSNPRT
267 NPSY IS-H: BFS-Statistik/Psychodaten RNWCHPSYCHO
268 NR00 IS-H: Report selection RNREPO00
269 NR11 IS-H: Care Unit Overview (List) SAPMNPB1
270 NR12 IS-H: Care Unit Overview Graphic SAPMNPB1
271 NR13 IS-H: Occupancy Overview SAPMNPB1
272 NR14 IS-H: Outpatient Clinic Management SAPMNPB2
273 NR16 IS-H: Visit Scheduling SAPMNPB2
274 NR17 IS-H: Move Appointments RNUAPPMV
275 NR19 IS-H: Apptmnt Lists Outp.Clinic.Mgmt RNLAPPDL
276 NR20 Change Planning Object SAPMNPB2
277 NR21 Display Planning Object SAPMNPB2
278 NR22 Maintain Available Time Slots SAPMNPB2
279 NR23 Display Time Slots SAPMNPB2
280 NR24 IS-H: List Planning Objects RNLPOB01
281 NR25 Create Planning Object SAPMNPB2
282 NR26 IS-H: Collective Print of Appts RNPRAMB1
283 NRAM IS-H: Outpatient admission inquiry RNREPORT
284 NRAU IS-H: Inpatient admission inquiry RNREPORT
285 NRBA IS-H: Report Ctrl. Other Basic Data RNREPORT
286 NRBG IS-H: Report Ctrl. Business Partner RNREPORT
287 NRBL IS-H: Report Ctrl. Service Master RNREPORT
288 NRBS IS-H: Report Ctrl. Hospital Struc. RNREPORT
289 NRC3 IS-H Report ctrl data exchange §301 RNREPORT
290 NRCM IS-H: Communication report control RNREPORT
291 NRCPB IS-H: Information Clin.Proc. Builder RNREPORT
292 NRCQ IS-H: Report control monitoring RNREPORT
293 NREDOMA1 Change Renewable Document Management RNV2000_CALL
294 NREDOMA2 Display Renewable Document Mgmt RNV2000_CALL
295 NREN IS-H: Inquiry on discharge RNREPORT
296 NREP IS-H: General report control RNREPORT
297 NRKV Medical records adm. inquiry RNREPORT
298 NRMA IS-H: Outpatient dept. mgmt. inquiry RNREPORT
299 NRMP IS-H: Med.Nur.Evaluations Rep.Contr. RNREPORT
300 NRPA IS-H: Patient accctg report control RNREPORT
301 NRPP IS-H: Nurs. Acuity Classific. Eval. RNVPPR01
302 NRPV IS-H: Patient Mgmt report control RNREPORT
303 NRSM IS-H: Nurse station managem. inquiry RNREPORT
304 NRSS IS-H: Report contr. Other Statistics RNREPORT
305 NRST IS-H: Report contr. govt-mandated st RNREPORT
306 NRVE IS-H: Inquiry on transfer RNREPORT
307 NS01 IS-H: Midnight Census Statistics RNSMNS01
308 NS02 IS-H: Geographics Statistics RNSEZG01
309 NS03 IS-H: S1 Bed Assignment Figures RNSS101
310 NS04 IS-H: S4 Perf. Fig. of Departments RNSS401
311 NS10 IS-H: Data Collection Diagnoses RNSSA9_2004
312 NT01 IS-H: Create Services in Catalog SAPMNT11
313 NT02 IS-H: Change Services in Catalog SAPMNT11
314 NT03 IS-H: Display Services in Catalog SAPMNT11
315 NT07 IS-H: Display Service Catalog RNLLST00
316 NT08 Additional srv data Germany RNCSTABL
317 NT09 IS-H: Planned Values by Service / OU  
318 NT10 ISH: View Maint. Charge Catalog Asgm RNVIEWT1
319 NT11 ISH: View Maint. Charge Asgmt. (No.) RNVIEWT1
320 NT12 IS-H: Assign Services to SurgPrcds RNUNTPZ1
321 NT13 IS-H: Assign SrgPrcds to Services RNUNTPZ2
322 NT32 IS-H: Maintain Service Group SAPMNT31
323 NT33 IS-H: Display Service Group SAPMNT31
324 NT34 IS-H: Maintain Dynamic Srv. Groups  
325 NT42 IS-H*MED: Create Personnel Qualif. SAPL0NT40
326 NT43 IS-H*MED: Change Personnel Qualif. SAPL0NT40
327 NT44 IS-H*MED: Display Personnel Qualif. SAPL0NT40
328 NT45 IS-H*MED: Maintain Material Proposal SAPMNT31
329 NT46 IS-H*MED: Display Material Proposal SAPMNT31
330 NT50 Maintain Billing Types  
331 NT51 Display Billing Types  
332 NT60 IS-H*MED: Create service spectrum SAPL0N1B
333 NT61 IS-H*MED: Change service spectrum SAPL0N1B
334 NT62 IS-H*MED: Display service spectrum SAPL0N1B
335 NT70 IS-H: Maintain service categories RNCSTABL
336 NT75 IS-H: Maintain rules for charge prop RNCSTABL
337 NT76 IS-H: Display rules for comp.prop. RNCSTABL
338 NTP1 IS-H: Maintain model transaction SAPMNTPL
339 NTP2 IS-H: Display model transaction SAPMNTPL
340 NTRB Transport Building Units RNUTRBE0
341 NTRL Transport Service Master RNUTRLK0
342 NTRO Transport Organizational Units RNUTROE0
343 NTWXPD Progress Tracking:Networks REXPDSEL_NTW
344 NV01 IS-H: Create inpatient admission SAPMNPA2
345 NV02 IS-H: Change inpatient admission SAPMNPA2
346 NV03 IS-H: Display inpatient admission SAPMNPA2
347 NV04 IS-H: Create quick inpatient admiss. SAPMNPA2
348 NV05 IS-H: Change quick inpatient admiss. SAPMNPA2
349 NV06 IS-H: Display quick inpatient admis. SAPMNPA2
350 NV07 IS-H: Create emergency inpat. adm. SAPMNPA2
351 NV08 IS-H: Change emergency inpat. adm. SAPMNPA2
352 NV09 IS-H: Display emergency inpat. adm. SAPMNPA2
353 NV10 IS-H: Inpatient companion admission SAPMNPA2
354 NV11 IS-H: Create transfer SAPMNPA3
355 NV12 IS-H: Change transfer SAPMNPA3
356 NV13 IS-H: Display transfer SAPMNPA3
357 NV20 IS-H: Inpatient newborn admission SAPMNPA2
358 NV2000 IS-H: Clinical Process Builder SAPMNPA10
359 NV2000_AMB IS-H: SAP ACM - Complete  
360 NV2000_AMB_BG IS-H: SAP ACM - Workers Comp.Variant  
361 NV2000_AMB_KV IS-H: SAP ACM - PPA Variant  
362 NV2000_AMB_NA IS-H: SAP ACM - Emergency Admission  
363 NV2000_AMB_PV IS-H: Private Insured Variant  
364 NV2000_EMERGENCY IS-H: Emergency Admission  
365 NV2001 IS-H: Clinical Process Builder SAPMNPA10
366 NV2001_AMB IS-H: SAP ACM - Complete  
367 NV2002 IS-H: Clinical Process Builder SAPMNPA10
368 NV2003 IS-H: Clinical Process Builder SAPMNPA10
369 NV2004 IS-H: Clinical Process Builder SAPMNPA10
370 NV2005 IS-H: Clinical Process Builder SAPMNPA10
371 NV2006 IS-H: Clinical Process Builder SAPMNPA10
372 NV2007 IS-H: Clinical Process Builder SAPMNPA10
373 NV2008 IS-H: Clinical Process Builder SAPMNPA10
374 NV22 IS-H: Maintain insurance relatshp SAPMNPA4
375 NV23 IS-H: Display insurance relationship SAPMNPA4
376 NV25 IS-H: Maintain insurance relatshp SAPMNPA4
377 NV26 IS-H: Display insurance relationship SAPMNPA4
378 NV31 IS-H: Maintain insurance relatshp SAPMNPA1
379 NV32 IS-H: Display insurance relationship SAPMNPA1
380 NV33 IS-H: Maintain insurance relatshp SAPMNPA1
381 NV34 IS-H: Display insurance relationship SAPMNPA1
382 NV35 IS-H: Maintain Guarantors SAPMNPA1
383 NV36 IS-H: Display Guarantors SAPMNPA1
384 NV41 IS-H: Create outpatient admission SAPMNPA1
385 NV42 IS-H: Change outpatient admission SAPMNPA1
386 NV43 IS-H: Display outpatient admission SAPMNPA1
387 NV44 IS-H: Create quick outpat. admission SAPMNPA1
388 NV45 IS-H: Change quick outpat. admission SAPMNPA1
389 NV46 IS-H: Display quick outpat.admission SAPMNPA1
390 NV47 IS-H: Create emergency admission SAPMNPA1
391 NV48 IS-H: Change emergency admission SAPMNPA1
392 NV49 IS-H: Display emergency admission SAPMNPA1
393 NV50 IS-H: Outpatient companion admission SAPMNPA1
394 NV60 IS-H: Outpatient newborn admission SAPMNPA1
395 NVT0 IS-H: Display Contract. Categories  
396 NVT1 IS-H: Maintain Contract. Categories  
397 NVT2 IS-H: Contract Scheme - Ins. Provs  
398 NVT3 IS-H SG: External Contract Schemes  
399 NWATA25 IS-H AT: Abr.selektion über Besuche RNWATASEL01
400 NWATA3PR IS-H AT: Auswerten prot. Fälle LR A3 RNWATA3PR
401 NWATAB00 IS-H AT: Abrechnung stat. erstellen RNABAT00
402 NWATADJUST IS-H AT Kostenübernahme angleichen RNWAT_KUE_ADJUST
406 NWATELDAU0 IS-H AT: ELDA - Aufträge erst.(stat) RNWATELDAU0
407 NWATELDAU1 IS-H AT: ELDA - Aufträge erst. (amb) RNWATELDAU1
408 NWATFADR IS-H: Pflege fallbez. Adresse RNWAT_FALL_ADR
409 NWATICD10 IS-H AT: Diagnosen-Kataloge einsp. RNWATICD10
410 NWATISV Intensivdaten bearbeiten RNWATCALLINTENSIV
411 NWATKOS11 IS-H AT:Druck KÜ Verlängerungsanträg RNWATKOS11
412 NWATKOS15 IS-H AT: Kostenübern.-Verlängerung RNWATKOS15
414 NWATKUMA IS-H AT: Kostenübernahme-Mahnung RNWATKOSMA
415 NWATKUVL IS-H AT: Kostenübern.-Verlängerung RNWATKOS15
416 NWATLR01 IS-H AT: Ausführen Leistungsregeln RNWAT_LR01
417 NWATMELBI IS-H AT: MEL-Leistungen einspielen RNWATMELBI
418 NWATMELMAP IS-H AT: MEL LeistgsZuord.einspielen RNWATMELMAP
419 NWATMELZUO IS-H AT: MEL-LeistgsZuordnung einsp. RNWATMELZUO
420 NWATSCO20 IS-H AT: Scoring Leistungen zum Fall RNWATSCO20
421 NWATSCO40 IS-H AT: Scoring Punktehistorie RNWATSCO40
422 NWATSCO50 IS-H AT: Scoring Rückübermittlung RNWATSCO50
424 NWATSCO80 IS-H AT: Scoring - Massenoptimierung RNWATSCO80
425 NWATSCO90 IS-H AT: Scoring - EDI-Messages RNWATSCO90
426 NWATSCOMSG IS-H AT: Scoring - Errors/Warnings RNWATSCOMSG
427 NWATSCOU0 IS-H AT: Scoring - Aufträge erstell. RNWATSCOU0
428 NWATSCOU1 IS-H AT: SCOAD - Aufträge erstellen RNWATSCOU1
429 NWATSCOUD IS-H AT: Scoring - kons.DatenLöschen RNWATSCOUD
430 NWATSTAT IS-H AT: Statistiken stationär RNWATSTATISTIK
431 NWATSTKRL AT: Stern-/Kreuzdiagn.komb. einsp. RNWATSTERNKR_LOAD
432 NWAT_EDIVLU0 IS-H AT: EDIVKA - Aufträge erstellen RNWATEDIVLU0
433 NWAT_EDI_LIST IS-H AT: Evidenzliste Datenaustausch RNWAT_EDI_LIST
434 NWAT_EDI_XML Anzeige der Nachricht mit Stylesheet RNWAT_EDI_SHOW_XML
435 NWAT_EZG IS-H AT: Einzugsgebiete einspielen RNUEZG50
437 NWAT_GIN_VDAS_CHECK Vers.datenabfrage für Familienmitgl. RNWAT_GIN_VDAS_CHECK
439 NWAT_NOIMPL IS-H AT: Funktion noch nicht impl. RNWAT_NOIMPL
440 NWAT_NP53 IS-H AT: Pat.Grp. je OE pflegen SAPMNFKL
441 NWAT_NP54 IS-H AT: Pat.Grp. je OE anzeigen SAPMNFKL
442 NWAT_PLZ IS-H AT: Postleitzahlen einspielen RNUPLZ50
443 NWAT_SCO_HOECHST IS-H AT: Höchstgrenzen einspielen RNWAT_SCO_HOECHST
445 NWBC Launch NWBC  
446 NWCH02 IS-H CH: Assign Post. Code to Region RNCHVSTR
447 NWCH03 IS-H CH: Assign Post. Code to Region RNCHVSTR
448 NWCH04 IS-H CH: Assign Geog. Area to Canton RNCHVSTR
449 NWCH05 IS-H CH: Assign Geog. Area to Canton RNCHVSTR
450 NWCH06 IS-H CH: Canton Tariff RNCHVSTR
451 NWCH07 IS-H CH: Canton tariff RNCHVSTR
452 NWCH08 IS-H CH: Convention RNCHVSTR
453 NWCH09 IS-H CH: Convention RNCHVSTR
454 NWCH10 IS-H CH: Code Group Pension Ins. No. RNCHVSTR
455 NWCH100 IS-H CH: anzeigen RNWCHAUFLIST
456 NWCH101 Honorar für Personalverw. verbuchen RNWCHLOHNVB
457 NWCH102 Honorarinformationen - Arbeitsliste RNWCHHONINFO
458 NWCH103 Hon.abrechn. pro Arzt/pro Abrechnung RNWCHHONARZT
459 NWCH104 Aufstell. in Rechn. gestellte Hon. RNWCHHONZAHL
460 NWCH105 Honorarsummenkarte RNWCHSUMK
461 NWCH106 Debitorenausgleich RNWCHDEBAG
462 NWCH107 IS-H CH: Freigabe/Anz. Codes/Pools RNWCHHONFRG
463 NWCH108 IS-H CH,AT: Pflege Honoraraufteilung RNWCHHONCUST
464 NWCH108_O IS-H CH,AT: Pflege Hon.auft. (alt) RNWCHHONCUST_OLD
465 NWCH109 IS-H CH: Pflege der Limitierung RNWCHLIMCUST
466 NWCH11 IS-H CH: Code Group Pension Ins. No. RNCHVSTR
467 NWCH110 Überleitg. stat. Kennz. SA- Aufträge RNHCO015
468 NWCH111 IS-H CH: Pflege Zuo. Arzt/Limit/Code RNWCHAUFTLIMCUST
469 NWCH112 IS-H CH: Freigabe/Anz. Codes/Pools RNWCHHONFRG_S
470 NWCH113 Pflege d. Erm. d. Aufteilungscodes RNWCHHONCUST_TNWCH103
471 NWCH114 Transaktion für Undo-Report Honorar RNWCHHONUNDO
472 NWCH115 IS-H CH, AT: Bearbeitung von Pools RNWCHHONCUST_POOL
473 NWCH12 IS-H CH: Patient Category RNCHVSTR
474 NWCH13 IS-H CH: Patient Category RNCHVSTR
475 NWCH14 IS-H CH: Patient Type RNCHVSTR
476 NWCH15 IS-H CH: Patient Type RNCHVSTR
477 NWCH16 IS-H CH: Absence Rules RNCHVSTR
478 NWCH17 IS-H CH: Absence Rules RNCHVSTR
479 NWCH18 IS-H CH: Billing Agreements  
480 NWCH19 IS-H CH: Billing Agreements  
481 NWCH20 IS-H CH: Determine Bill. Agreement RNCHVSTR
482 NWCH21 IS-H CH: Determine Bill. Agreement RNCHVSTR
483 NWCH22 IS-H CH: Movement Types RNCHVSTR
484 NWCH23 IS-H CH: Movement Types RNCHVSTR
485 NWCH24 IS-H CH: Patient Classes RNCHVSTR
486 NWCH25 IS-H CH: Patient Classes RNCHVSTR
487 NWCH26 IS-H CH: Service Rule Billability RNCHVSTR
488 NWCH27 IS-H CH: Service Rule Billability RNCHVSTR
489 NWCH28 IS-H CH: Svce Rule for Sve High.Val. RNCHVSTR
490 NWCH29 IS-H CH: Svce Rule for Sve High.Val. RNCHVSTR
491 NWCH30 IS-H CH: Svce Rule for Svce Breakdwn RNCHVSTR
492 NWCH31 IS-H CH: Svce Rule for Svce Breakdwn RNCHVSTR
493 NWCH32 IS-H CH: Service Generation RNCHLGE1
494 NWCH33 IS-H CH: Cancel Service Generation RNCHLGE2
495 NWCH34 IS-H CH: Assign Billing Agreement RNCHABRV
496 NWCH35 IS-H CH: Determine Charge Fact. Val. SAPMSVMA
497 NWCH36 Fallpreispauschale RNWCHFPP
498 NWCH37 IS-H CH: Punktwertwermittlung TARMED  
499 NWCH38 IS-H CH: Abrechnungsarten ermitteln  
500 NWCH70 IS-H CH: Manage Insurance Verif. SAPMNWCH70