SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index M
Transaction Code - M
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 M-01 Create Vendor  
2 M-02 Create goods vendor  
3 M-03 Create payment recipient  
4 M-04 Create invoicing party  
5 M-05 Create carrier  
6 M-06 Create ordering address  
7 M-07 Create one-time vendor  
8 M-12 Create hierarchy nodes  
9 M-51 Create vendor  
10 M-52 Create goods vendor  
11 M-53 Create payment recipient  
12 M-54 Create invoicing party  
13 M-55 Create carrier  
14 M-56 Create ordering address  
15 M-57 Create one-time vendor  
16 M-62 Create hierarchy nodes  
17 M/03 Create Conditions Table (Purchasing) SAPMV12A
18 M/04 Change Conditions Table (Purchasing) SAPMV12A
19 M/05 Displ. Conditions Table (Purchasing) SAPMV12A
20 M/06 Condition Type: (Purchasing)  
21 M/07 Access: Maintain (Price Purchasing)  
22 M/08 Conditions: Schema for Purchasing  
23 M/10 Condition Type: Services  
24 M/11 Access: Maintain (Price Services)  
25 M/12 Conditions: Schema for Services  
26 M/13 Create Condition Table (Service) SAPMV12A
27 M/14 Change Condition Table (Services) SAPMV12A
28 M/15 Display Condition Table (Services) SAPMV12A
29 M/16 Conditions: Var. Schema for Service  
30 M/25 Condition type: Short txt for cust.  
31 M/32 Maint. Message Determ. Schema: RFQ  
32 M/36 Maintain Message Determ. Schema: PO  
33 M/42 Maintain Message Schema: Del. Sched.  
34 M/48 Maintain Access Sequences: RFQ  
35 M/50 Maintain Access Sequences: PO  
36 M/52 Maint. Access Sequences: Outl. Agmt.  
37 M/54 Maint. Access Sequences: Del. Sched.  
38 M/56 Messages: Create Cond. Table: RFQ SAPMV12A
39 M/57 Messages: Change Condition Table SAPMV12A
40 M/58 Messages: Display CondTab: RFQ SAPMV12A
41 M/59 Messages: Create CondTab: Pur. Order SAPMV12A
42 M/60 Messages: Change CondTab: Pur. Order SAPMV12A
43 M/61 Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order SAPMV12A
44 M/62 Messages: Create CondTab: Del. Schd. SAPMV12A
45 M/63 Messages: Change CondTab: Del. Schd. SAPMV12A
46 M/64 Messages: Disp. CondTab: Del. Sched. SAPMV12A
47 M/65 Messages: Create CondTab: O. Agmt. SAPMV12A
48 M/66 Messages: Change CondTab: O. Agmt. SAPMV12A
49 M/67 Messages: Disp. CondTab: Outl. Agmt. SAPMV12A
50 M/68 Maintain Message Schema: Outl. Agmt.  
51 M/70 Messages: Create CondTab.: Entry Sh. SAPMV12A
52 M/71 Messages: Change CondTab.: Entry Sh. SAPMV12A
53 M/72 Messages: Disp. CondTab.: Entry Sh. SAPMV12A
54 M/73 Maintain Access Sequences: Entry  
55 M/74 Maintain Access Sequences: Entry  
56 M/75 Maintain Messages: Serv. Entry Sheet  
57 M/76 Display Messages: Entry  
58 M/77 Maintain Message Schema: Entry Sheet  
59 M/78 Disp. Message Determ. Schema: Entry  
60 M/N1 Maintain accesses (fr.gds - purch.)  
61 M/N2 Create free goods table SAPMV12A
62 M/N3 Display free goods table SAPMV12A
63 M/N4 Free goods types - purchasing  
64 M/N5 Free goods: Procedure for purchasing  
65 M/N6 Free goods pricing procedure  
66 M703 Output: Create Conditions Table SAPMV12A
67 M704 Output: Change Condition Table SAPMV12A
68 M705 Output: Display Conditions Table SAPMV12A
69 M706 Maintain Output Types: Inv. Mgmt  
70 M708 Output Determination: Procedure  
71 M710 Output Determ.: Access Sequences  
72 M802 Message Requirements (IV)  
73 M804 Message Processing Program (IV)  
74 M806 Message Types (Invoice Verification)  
75 M808 Message Schema (Inv. Verification)  
76 M810 Message Access Sequence (Inv. Ver.)  
77 M811 Create Message Condition Table (IV) SAPMV12A
78 M812 Change Message Condition Table (IV) SAPMV12A
79 M813 Display Message Condition Table (IV) SAPMV12A
80 MAHD1 Load Alternative Historical Data RMAHD001
81 MAHD2 Change Alternative Historical Data RMAHD002
82 MAHD3 Display Alternative Historical Data RMAHD002
83 MAHD4 Delete Alternative Historical Data RMAHD004
84 MAL1 Create material via ALE SAPMMG01
85 MAL2 Change material via ALE SAPMMG01
86 MAP1 Create contact person SAPMF02K
87 MAP2 Change contact person SAPMF02K
88 MAP3 Display contact person SAPMF02K
89 MAPREVACC Mapping Revenue Account  
90 MARCR Process mass alllocation rules GHO_MASS_ALLOCATION_RULES
91 MASS Mass Change SAPMMSDL
92 MASSD Mass Maintenance MASSD_DIALOG
93 MASSOBJ Maintain Mass Maintenance Objects  
94 MASSS2V Copy System Variant as Variant MASSVARCOPY2VAR
95 MASSV2S Copy Variant as System Variant MASSVARCOPY2SYS
96 MASSVAR Display variants  
97 MASSVAR_S Display System Variants  
98 MASS_CHARVAL Mass Maintenance for Characteristics RWMASS_MAINTAIN_CHARVAL
99 MASS_EINE Inforecord Mass Maintenance MASS_EINE_SITE
100 MASS_EKKO PO mass maintenance MASS_EKKO
101 MASS_MARC Logistic/Replenishment Mass Maint. MASS_MARC_SITE
103 MASS_VENDOR Vendor Mass Maintenance MASS_VENDOR_SITE
105 MATGRP01 Create Article Hierarchy SAPMWCDT01
106 MATGRP02 Change Article Hierarchy SAPMWCDT02
107 MATGRP03 Display Article Hierarchy SAPMWCDT03
108 MATGRP04 Delete Article Hierarchy SAPMWCDT04
109 MATGRP05 Activate Article Hierarchy SAPMWCDT05
110 MATGRP06 Article Hierarchy: Copy Nodes SAPMWCDT06
111 MATGRP07 Deactivate Article Hierarchy SAPMWCDT07
112 MATREX Material Stock Treasury Exposure CMM_MAT_STOCK_EXPOSURE_LOAD
114 MA_DD_REPORT Start a Drilldown Report MA_DD_REPORT
116 MA_ST_TH Critical Stock Values - Mass Maint. R_CRM_MAINT_STOCK_THRESHOLDS
117 MA_WM_IDOCMO_P Personalization: IDoc Monitor MA_WM_IDOCMO_P
118 MB00 Inventory Management MENUMB00
119 MB01 Post Goods Receipt for PO SAPMM07M
120 MB02 Change Material Document SAPMM07M
121 MB03 Display Material Document SAPMM07M
122 MB04 Subsequ.Adj.of "Mat.Provided"Consmp. SAPMM07M
123 MB05 Subseq. Adjustmt: Act.Ingredient Mat SAPMM07M
124 MB0A Post Goods Receipt for PO SAPMM07M
125 MB11 Goods Movement SAPMM07M
126 MB1A Goods Withdrawal SAPMM07M
127 MB1B Transfer Posting SAPMM07M
128 MB1C Other Goods Receipts SAPMM07M
129 MB21 Create Reservation SAPMM07R
130 MB22 Change Reservation SAPMM07R
131 MB23 Display Reservation SAPMM07R
132 MB24 Reservation List RM07RESL
133 MB25 Reservation List RM07RESL
134 MB26 Picking list PP_PICK_LIST
135 MB31 Goods Receipt for Production Order SAPMM07M
136 MB51 Material Doc. List RM07DOCS
137 MB52 List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand RM07MLBS
138 MB53 Display Plant Stock Availability RM07MWRKK
139 MB54 Consignment Stocks RM07MKBS
140 MB55 Display Quantity String RM07MMST
141 MB56 Analyze batch where-used list RVBBWULS
142 MB57 Compile Batch Where-Used List RM07MCHW
143 MB58 Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Customer RM07MKON
144 MB59 Material Doc. List RM07DOCS
145 MB5A Evaluate Batch Where-Used Archive  
146 MB5B Stocks for Posting Date RM07MLBD
147 MB5C Pick-Up List RM07MCHS
148 MB5D Delete Docs of Batch Where-Used File  
149 MB5E Create Batch Where-Used Archive  
150 MB5K Stock Consistency Check RM07KO01_ALV
151 MB5L List of Stock Values: Balances RM07MBST
152 MB5M BBD/Prod. Date RM07MMHD
153 MB5OA Display Valuated GR Blocked Stock RM07MOA
154 MB5S Display List of GR/IR Balances RM07MSAL
155 MB5SIT Display Valuated GR Blocked Stock RM07SIT
156 MB5T Stock in transit CC RM07MTRB
157 MB5TD Stock in Transit on Key Date RM07MTRB_DATE
158 MB5U Analyze Conversion Differences RM07AUMD
159 MB5V Manage Batch Where-Used Archive  
160 MB5W List of Stock Values RM07MBST
161 MB90 Output Processing for Mat. Documents MM70AMEA
162 MB9A Analyze archived mat. documents RM07MAAU
163 MBAD Delete Material Documents  
164 MBAL Material Documents: Read Archive  
165 MBAR Archive Material Documents  
166 MBAV Manage Material Document Archive  
167 MBBM Batch Input: Post Material Document RM07MMBL
168 MBBR Batch Input: Create Reservation RM07RRES
169 MBBS Display valuated special stock RM07MBWS
170 MBC1 Create MM Batch Search Strategy SAPMV13H
171 MBC2 Change MM Batch Determ. Strategy SAPMV13H
172 MBC3 Display MM Batch Determ. Strategy SAPMV13H
173 MBGR Displ. Material Docs. by Mvt. Reason RM07MGRU
174 MBLB Stocks at Subcontractor RM07MLBB
175 MBMENUS Process MM-IM Inconsistencies MBMENUS
176 MBN1 Free goods - Create (Purchasing) SAPMV13N
177 MBN2 Free goods - Change (Purchasing) SAPMV13N
178 MBN3 Free goods - Display (Purchasing) SAPMV13N
179 MBNK Number Ranges, Material Document SAPMSNUM
180 MBNL Subsequent Delivery f. Material Doc. SAPMM07M
181 MBOGUI Business Object Maintenance MBO_MAIN
183 MBRL Return Delivery for Matl Document SAPMM07M
184 MBSF Release Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc. SAPMM07M
185 MBSI Find Inventory Sampling RM07SINV
186 MBSL Copy Material Document SAPMM07M
187 MBSM Display Cancelled Material Docs. RM07MSTO
188 MBST Cancel Material Document SAPMM07M
189 MBSU Place in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.Scrn SAPMM07M
190 MBVR Management Program: Reservations RM07RVER
191 MBW1 Special stocks via WWW SAPMMBW1
192 MBWO Error Correction: Subs. Value Calc. RM07MWOFF
193 MBXA Printout of XAB Documents SAPLMBXA
194 MC$0 PURCHIS: PurchGrp PurchVal Selection RMCE0100
195 MC$2 PURCHIS: PurchGrp Freqs. Selection RMCE0100
196 MC$4 PURCHIS: Vendor PurchVal Selection RMCE0200
197 MC$6 PURCHIS: Vendor DelRelblty Selection RMCE0200
198 MC$8 PURCHIS: Vendor QtyRelblty Selection RMCE0200
199 MC$: PURCHIS: Vendor Freqs. Selection RMCE0200
200 MC$< PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchVal Selection RMCE0300
201 MC$> PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchQty Selection RMCE0300
202 MC$A PURCHIS: MatGrp DelRelblty Selection RMCE0300
203 MC$C PURCHIS: MatGrp QtyRelblty Selection RMCE0300
204 MC$E PURCHIS: MatGrp Freq. Selection RMCE0300
205 MC$G PURCHIS: Material PurchVal Selection RMCE0400
206 MC$I PURCHIS: Material PurchQty Selection RMCE0400
207 MC$K PURCHIS: Material DelRelib Selection RMCE0400
208 MC$M PURCHIS: Material QtyRel Selection RMCE0400
209 MC$O PURCHIS: Material Freqs. Selection RMCE0400
210 MC(A SIS: Customer,Inc.Orders - Selection RMCV0100
211 MC(B SIS: Variant Configuration RMCV1300
212 MC(E SIS: Material,Inc.Orders - Selection RMCV0200
213 MC(I SIS: SalesOrg. Inc.Orders Selection RMCV0300
214 MC(M SIS: Sales Office, Inc.Orders Selec. RMCV0600
215 MC(Q SIS: Employee, Inc.Orders Selection RMCV0500
216 MC(U SIS: Shipping Point Deliveries Sel. RMCV0400
217 MC+2 SIS: SalesOrg.Invoiced Sales, Selec. RMCV0300
218 MC+6 SIS: SalesOrg.Credit Memos Selection RMCV0300
219 MC+A SIS: Customer Returns, Selection RMCV0100
220 MC+E SIS: Customer, Sales - Selection RMCV0100
221 MC+I SIS: Customer Credit Memos - Selec. RMCV0100
222 MC+M SIS: Material Returns, Selection RMCV0200
223 MC+Q SIS: Material, Sales - Selection RMCV0200
224 MC+U SIS: Material Credit Memos, Selec. RMCV0200
225 MC+Y SIS: Sales Org. Returns, Selection RMCV0300
226 MC-0 SIS: Shipping Point Returns, Selec. RMCV0400
227 MC-A SIS: Sales Office Returns, Selection RMCV0600
228 MC-E SIS: Sales Office - Sales Selection RMCV0600
229 MC-I SIS: Sales Office Credit Memos Selec RMCV0600
230 MC-M SIS: Employee - Returns, Selection RMCV0500
231 MC-Q SIS: Employee - Sales, Selection RMCV0500
232 MC-U SIS: Employee - Credit Memos, Selec. RMCV0500
233 MC.1 INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection: Stock RMCB0100
234 MC.2 INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss RMCB0100
235 MC.3 INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection,Turnover RMCB0100
236 MC.4 INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection,Coverage RMCB0100
237 MC.5 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection, Stock RMCB0200
238 MC.6 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection: Rec/Iss RMCB0200
239 MC.7 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection,Turnover RMCB0200
240 MC.8 INVCO: SLoc Anal.Selection, Coverage RMCB0200
241 MC.9 INVCO: Material Anal.Selection,Stock RMCB0300
242 MC.A INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss RMCB0300
243 MC.B INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection, Turnover RMCB0300
244 MC.C INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection, Coverage RMCB0300
245 MC.D INVCO: MRP Cntrllr.Anal.Sel. Stock RMCB0400
246 MC.E INVCO: MRP Cntrllr Anal.Sel. Rec/Iss RMCB0400
247 MC.F INVCO: MRP Cntlr Anal.Sel. Turnover RMCB0400
248 MC.G INVCO: MRP Cntlr.Anal.Sel. Coverage RMCB0400
249 MC.H INVCO: Business Area Anal.Sel. Stock RMCB0500
250 MC.I INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss RMCB0500
251 MC.J INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Turnover RMCB0500
252 MC.K INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Coverage RMCB0500
253 MC.L INVCO: Mat.Group Analysis Sel. Stock RMCB0600
254 MC.M INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss RMCB0600
255 MC.N INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Turnover RMCB0600
256 MC.O INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Coverage RMCB0600
257 MC.P INVCO: Division Analysis Sel. Stock RMCB0700
258 MC.Q INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss RMCB0700
259 MC.R INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Turnover RMCB0700
260 MC.S INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Coverage RMCB0700
261 MC.T INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Selection Stock RMCB0800
262 MC.U INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Rec/Issues RMCB0800
263 MC.V INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Turnover RMCB0800
264 MC.W INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Coverage RMCB0800
265 MC/1 Create Exception: EWS/INVCO SAPMMCY1
266 MC/2 Maintain exception: EWS/INVCO SAPMMCY1
267 MC/3 Display exception: EWS/INVCO SAPMMCY1
268 MC/4 Create groups exception: INVCO SAPMMCY1
269 MC/5 Change groups exception: INVCO SAPMMCY1
270 MC/6 Display exception: INVCO SAPMMCY1
271 MC/7 Create job for exception: INVCO SAPMMCY1
272 MC/8 Change jobs exceptions: INVCO SAPMMCY1
273 MC/9 Display jobs exceptions: INVCO SAPMMCY1
274 MC/B Schedule jobs: Exceptions INVCO SAPMMCY1
275 MC/E Create Exception: EWS/PURCHIS SAPMMCY1
276 MC/F Maintain exception: EWS/PURCHIS SAPMMCY1
277 MC/G Display exception: EWS/PURCHIS SAPMMCY1
278 MC/H Create groups exception: PURCHIS SAPMMCY1
279 MC/I Change groups exception: PURCHIS SAPMMCY1
280 MC/J Display exception: PURCHIS SAPMMCY1
281 MC/K Create job for exception: PURCHIS SAPMMCY1
282 MC/L Change jobs exceptions: PURCHIS SAPMMCY1
283 MC/M Display jobs exceptions: PURCHIS SAPMMCY1
284 MC/N Schedule jobs exceptions: PURCHIS SAPMMCY1
285 MC/Q Create exception: EWS/SIS SAPMMCY1
286 MC/R Maintain exception: EWS/SIS SAPMMCY1
287 MC/S Display exception: EWS/SIS SAPMMCY1
288 MC/T Create groups exception: SIS SAPMMCY1
289 MC/U Change groups exception: SIS SAPMMCY1
290 MC/V Display exception: SIS SAPMMCY1
291 MC/W Create job for exception: SIS SAPMMCY1
292 MC/X Change Jobs: Exceptions SIS SAPMMCY1
293 MC/Y Display Jobs: Exceptions SIS SAPMMCY1
294 MC/Z Schedule Jobs: Exceptions SIS SAPMMCY1
295 MC00 Logistics Information System (LIS) MENUMC00
296 MC01 Key Figure Retrieval Via Info Sets SAPMMCL1
297 MC02 Key Fig.Retrieval Using Text Strings SAPMMCL1
298 MC03 Key Fig Retrieval via Classification SAPMMCL1
299 MC04 Create Info Set SAPMMCL1
300 MC05 Change Info Set SAPMMCL1
301 MC06 Display Info Set SAPMMCL1
302 MC07 Create Key Figure SAPMMCL1
303 MC08 Change Key Figure SAPMMCL1
304 MC09 Create Field Catalog SAPMMCL1
305 MC0A Number Range Maintenance: Key Figs. SAPMSNUM
306 MC0C Number Range Maintenance: Info Sets SAPMSNUM
307 MC1! RIS: Maintain Requirements  
308 MC1$ RIS: Display Formulas  
309 MC1% External Data: Maintain Requirements  
310 MC1& External Data: Display Requirements  
311 MC1( External Data: Display Formulas  
312 MC1+ RIS: Display Requirements  
313 MC1/ External Data: Maintain Formulas SAPMMCS1
314 MC10 Perform Analysis SAPMMCS2
315 MC11 Create Evaluation SAPMMCS2
316 MC12 Change Evaluation SAPMMCS2
317 MC13 Display Evaluation SAPMMCS2
318 MC14 TIS: Maintain requirements SAPMMCS1
319 MC15 TIS: Maintain formulas SAPMMCS1
320 MC16 LIS: Delete Evaluation Structure RMCSAUSW
321 MC18 Create Field Catalog SAPMMCS3
322 MC19 Change Field Catalog SAPMMCS3
323 MC1A Maintain Formulas/Requirements SAPMMCS1
324 MC1AT Maintain Formulas/Requirements SAPMMCS1
325 MC1B SIS: Maintain Requirements SAPMMCS1
326 MC1BT TIS: Maintain requirements SAPMMCS1
327 MC1C SIS: Display Requirements  
328 MC1CT TIS: Display requirements  
329 MC1D SIS: Maintain Formulas SAPMMCS1
330 MC1DT TIS: Maintain formulas SAPMMCS1
331 MC1E SIS: Display Formulas  
332 MC1ET TIS: Display formulas  
333 MC1F PURCHIS: Maintain Requirements SAPMMCS1
334 MC1G PURCHIS: Display Requirements  
335 MC1H PURCHIS: Maintain Formulas SAPMMCS1
336 MC1I PURCHIS: Display Formulas  
337 MC1J SFIS: Maintain Requirements SAPMMCS1
338 MC1K SFIS: Display Requirements  
339 MC1L SFIS: Maintain Formulas SAPMMCS1
340 MC1M SFIS: Display Formulas  
341 MC1N INVCO: Maintain Requirements SAPMMCS1
342 MC1O INVCO: Display Requirements  
343 MC1P INVCO: Maintain Formulas SAPMMCS1
344 MC1Q INVCO: Display Formulas SAPMMCS1
345 MC1R Display Formulas/Requirements SAPMMCS1
346 MC1S QMIS: Maintain Requirements SAPMMCS1
347 MC1T QMIS: Display Requirements SAPMMCS1
348 MC1U QMIS: Maintain Formulas SAPMMCS1
349 MC1V QMIS: Display Formulas SAPMMCS1
350 MC1W PMIS: Maintain Requirements SAPMMCS1
351 MC1X PMIS: Display Requirements SAPMMCS1
352 MC1Y PMIS: Maintain Formulas SAPMMCS1
353 MC1Z PMIS: Display Formulas SAPMMCS1
354 MC1§ RIS: Maintain Formulas  
355 MC20 Display Field Catalog SAPMMCS3
356 MC21 Create Info Structure SAPMMCS3
357 MC22 Change Info Structure SAPMMCS3
358 MC23 Display Info Structure SAPMMCS3
359 MC24 Create Update SAPMMCS1
360 MC25 Change Update SAPMMCS1
361 MC26 Display Update SAPMMCS1
362 MC27 Create Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
363 MC28 Change Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
364 MC29 Display Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
365 MC30 Update Log RMCSSH02
366 MC31 Create Planning  
367 MC35 Create Rough-Cut Planning Profile SAPMMCP6
368 MC36 Change Rough-Cut Planning Profile SAPMMCP6
369 MC37 Display Rough-Cut Planning Profile SAPMMCP6
370 MC38 Number range maintenance: MC_ERKO SAPMSNUM
371 MC3V U3 update RMCSV3VB
372 MC40 INVCO: ABC Analysis of Usage Values RMCBAB20
373 MC41 INVCO: ABC Analysis of Reqmt Values RMCBAB25
374 MC42 INVCO: Range of Coverage by Usg.Val. RMCBRW30
375 MC43 INVCO: Range Of Coverage By Reqmts RMCBRW40
376 MC44 INVCO:Analysis of Inventory Turnover RMCBUH30
377 MC45 INVCO: Analysis of Usage Values RMCBVW30
378 MC46 INVCO: Analysis of Slow-Moving Items RMCBLH30
379 MC47 INVCO: Analysis of Reqmt Values RMCBBE30
380 MC48 INVCO: Anal. of Current Stock Values RMCBBW30
381 MC49 INVCO: Mean Stock Values RMCBBW40
382 MC50 INVCO: Analysis of Dead Stock RMCBBS30
383 MC59 Revise Planning Hierarchy SAPMMCP3
384 MC60 Maintain SOP Plant  
385 MC61 Create Planning Hierarchy SAPMMCP3
386 MC62 Change Planning Hierarchy SAPMMCP3
387 MC63 Display Planning Hierarchy SAPMMCP3
388 MC64 Create Event SAPMMCP6
389 MC65 Change Event SAPMMCP6
390 MC66 Display Event SAPMMCP6
391 MC67 screen: genl.plg.hier. SAPMMCP3
392 MC6A Sales and Operations Planning MENUMC6A
393 MC6B Sales and Operations Planning MENUMC6B
394 MC70 Maintain Capacity Planning (SOP)  
395 MC71 Evaluation: Product Group Hierarchy RMCP2L01
396 MC72 Evaluation: Product Group Usage RMCP2L04
397 MC73 Evaluation: Material Usage, Prod.Grp RMCP2L05
398 MC74 Transfer Mat. to Demand Management SAPMMCP6
399 MC75 Transfer PG to Demand Management SAPMMCP6
400 MC76 "Disaggregation: Planning"  
401 MC77 "Disaggregation: Display Planning"  
402 MC78 Copy SOP Version SAPMMCP6
403 MC79 User Settings for SOP SAPL0MP0
404 MC7A Plant Distribution  
405 MC7B Information Structure: Units  
406 MC7C Key Figure Parameters: Info Struct.  
407 MC7D Planning Parameters: LIS  
408 MC7E ALE Configuration for Info Structure SAPLMCP2
409 MC7F Planning Parameters  
410 MC7M Methods maintenance  
411 MC7N Price Band Prices  
412 MC7O Characteristic Fields for Info Str.  
413 MC7P COPA Profile  
414 MC7Q Characteristic Assignment  
415 MC7R Key Figure(s) Assignment  
416 MC80 Delete and activate versions SAPMMCP6
417 MC81 Sales and Operations Planning  
418 MC82 Sales and Operations Planning  
419 MC83 Sales and Operations Planning  
420 MC84 Create Product Group SAPMMCP3
421 MC85 Display Product Group SAPMMCP3
422 MC86 Change Product Groups SAPMMCP3
423 MC87 Sales and Operations Planning  
424 MC88 Sales and Operations Planning  
425 MC89 Sales and Operations Planning  
426 MC8A Create Planning Type SAPMMCP6
427 MC8B Change Planning Type SAPMMCP6
428 MC8C Display Planning Type SAPMMCP6
429 MC8D Mass Processing: Create Planning RMCP6BCH
430 MC8E Mass Processing: Change Planning RMCP6BCH
431 MC8F Delete Entry in Planning File RMCP6BCH
432 MC8G Schedule Mass Processing RMCP6BRU
433 MC8H Maintain User Methods SAPMMCP6
434 MC8I Mass Processing: Check Planning RMCP6TST
435 MC8J Reprocess Mass Processing RMCP6JOB
436 MC8K Copy/Delete Planning Versions RMCP6BRV
437 MC8L Calculate Proportions: SOP  
438 MC8M Read Opening Stocks RMCP6BAB
439 MC8N Delete forecast versions RMCP6PRL
440 MC8O Reset Generation Time Stamp RMCSCORS
441 MC8P Standard SOP: Generate Master Data RMCPSOPP
442 MC8Q Aggregate Copy RMCP6ACO
443 MC8R RESET: Status for Planning Objects RMCP6RES
444 MC8S Transfer Profiles  
445 MC8T Activities  
446 MC8U Calculate Proportional Factors SAPMMCP6
447 MC8V LIS Planning: Copy Versions SAPMMCP6
448 MC8W LIS Planning: Delete Versions SAPMMCP6
449 MC8X SOP: Distribution Scenario - Select RMCP0100
450 MC8Y SOP: Distribution Scenario - Display RMCP0105
451 MC8Z SOP => Key Figure Assignments SAPLMCP2
452 MC90 Dm.Mgmt.: Mat.from any IS SAPMMCP6
453 MC91 Initial Graphic: Product Groups SAPMMCP3
454 MC92 Initial: Product Groups, Hierarchies SAPMMCP3
455 MC93 Create Flexible LIS Planning SAPMMCP6
456 MC94 Change Flexible LIS Planning SAPMMCP6
457 MC95 Display Flexible LIS Planning SAPMMCP6
458 MC96 Maintain Table 440P  
459 MC97 Number Range Maintenance: MC_SAUF SAPMSNUM
460 MC98 Maintain Planning Objects SAPMMCP3
461 MC99 Display Planning Objects SAPMMCP3
462 MC9A Flexible Planning: Gen. Master Data RMCP6FLS
463 MC9B Calc. Proportions as in Pl.Hierarchy RMCP6PAP
464 MC9C Reports for Flexible Planning SAPMMCP6
465 MC9D Maintain Copy Profiles  
466 MC9E Info Structure: Add to General Char. RMCP3INS
467 MC9F Info Structure: Delete All Charact. RMCP3DEL
468 MC9K Maintain Available Capacity SAPMMCP6
469 MC9M Process IDOC Mapping RMCP6MAP
470 MC9V Define MRP Elements in Key Figure  
471 MC:1 Create exception: EWS/RIS SAPMMCY1
472 MC:2 Maintain exception: EWS/RIS SAPMMCY1
473 MC:3 Display exception: EWS/RIS SAPMMCY1
474 MC:4 Create exception group: RIS SAPMMCY1
475 MC:5 Change groups exception: RIS SAPMMCY1
476 MC:6 Display exception: RIS SAPMMCY1
477 MC:7 Create job for exception: RIS SAPMMCY1
478 MC:8 Change jobs exceptions: RIS SAPMMCY1
479 MC:9 Display jobs exceptions: RIS SAPMMCY1
480 MC:B Schedule jobs exceptions: RIS SAPMMCY1
481 MC=1 Create exception: EWS/SFIS SAPMMCY1
482 MC=2 Maintain exception: EWS/SFIS SAPMMCY1
483 MC=3 Display exception: EWS/SFIS SAPMMCY1
484 MC=4 Create groups exception: SFIS SAPMMCY1
485 MC=5 Change groups exception: SFIS SAPMMCY1
486 MC=6 Display exception: SFIS SAPMMCY1
487 MC=7 Create job for exception: SFIS SAPMMCY1
488 MC=8 Change jobs exceptions: SFIS SAPMMCY1
489 MC=9 Display jobs exceptions: SFIS SAPMMCY1
490 MC=B Schedule jobs exceptions: SFIS SAPMMCY1
491 MC=E Create exception: EWS/PMIS SAPMMCY1
492 MC=F Maintain exception: EWS/PMIS SAPMMCY1
493 MC=G Display exception: EWS/PMIS SAPMMCY1
494 MC=H Create groups exception: PMIS SAPMMCY1
495 MC=I Change groups exception: PMIS SAPMMCY1
496 MC=J Display exception: PMIS SAPMMCY1
497 MC=K Create job for exception: PMIS SAPMMCY1
498 MC=L Change jobs exceptions: PMIS SAPMMCY1
499 MC=M Display jobs exceptions: PMIS SAPMMCY1
500 MC=N Schedule jobs exceptions: PMIS SAPMMCY1