SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index M, page 2
Transaction Code - M
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 MC=Q Display exception: EWS/QMIS SAPMMCY1
2 MC=R Maintain exception: EWS/QMIS SAPMMCY1
3 MC=S Display exception: EWS/QMIS SAPMMCY1
4 MC=T Display groups exception: QMIS SAPMMCY1
5 MC=U Change groups exception: QMIS SAPMMCY1
6 MC=V Display exception: QMIS SAPMMCY1
7 MC=W Create job for exception: QMIS SAPMMCY1
8 MC=X Change Jobs: Exceptions QMIS SAPMMCY1
9 MC=Y Display Jobs: Exceptions SIS SAPMMCY1
10 MC=Z Schedule Jobs: Exceptions QMIS SAPMMCY1
11 MC?0 WFIS: Schedule Jobs - Exceptions SAPMMCY1
12 MC?1 WFIS: Create Exception SAPMMCY1
13 MC?2 WFIS: Maintain Exception SAPMMCY1
14 MC?3 WFIS: Display Exception SAPMMCY1
15 MC?4 WFIS: Create Exception Group SAPMMCY1
16 MC?5 WFIS: Change Exception Group SAPMMCY1
17 MC?6 WFIS: Display Exception Group SAPMMCY1
18 MC?7 WFIS: Create Jobs - Exceptions SAPMMCY1
19 MC?8 WFIS: Change Jobs - Exceptions SAPMMCY1
20 MC?9 WFIS: Display Jobs - Exceptions SAPMMCY1
21 MCA1 (empty) MENUMCA1
22 MCA7 INVCO: Execute Evaluation SAPMMCS2
23 MCAA WFIS: Maintain Requirements SAPMMCS1
24 MCAB WFIS: Display Requirements  
25 MCAC WFIS: Maintain Formulas SAPMMCS1
26 MCAD WFIS: Display Formulas  
27 MCAE WFIS: Activate Updating SAPMMC0C
28 MCAF WFIS: Standard Analyses SAPMMCS4
29 MCAG WFIS: Customizing, Standard Analyses SAPMMCSC
30 MCAH WFIS: Organization View - Selection RMCAORG0
31 MCAI WFIS: Process View - Selection RMCAPRO0
32 MCAJ WFIS: Object View - Selection RMCAOBJ0
33 MCAK WFIS: Group View - Selection RMCAGRU0
34 MCAL WFIS: Sample Scenario - Selection RMCAEXP0
35 MCAM WFIS: Append Structure RMCAKOMM
36 MCAN WFIS: Selection Program RMCAEXIT
37 MCAO WIS: Application PM/QM/SM Selection RMCAAPP0
39 MCAQ WIS: Correct Data RMCAADJU
40 MCAR WIS: Transfer Data RMCADATA
41 MCAT WFIS: Display Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
42 MCAU WFIS: Change Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
43 MCAV WFIS: Create Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
44 MCAW WFIS: Display Evaluation SAPMMCS2
45 MCAX WFIS: Change Evaluation SAPMMCS2
46 MCAY WFIS: Create Evaluation SAPMMCS2
47 MCAZ WFIS: Execute Evaluation SAPMMCS2
48 MCB% INVCO: Set up stats. for parm. anal. RMCBPARA
49 MCB& INVCO: Set up statis. for stck/reqt RMCBDISP
50 MCB) INVCO: Long-Term Stock Selection RMCB1200
51 MCB0 Maintaining Transactn Key BW Transf.  
52 MCB1 Inventory Controlling MENUMCB1
53 MCB2 INVCO: Create Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
54 MCB3 INVCO: Change Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
55 MCB4 INVCO: Display Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
56 MCB5 INVCO: Create Evaluation SAPMMCS2
57 MCB6 INVCO: Change Evaluation SAPMMCS2
58 MCB7 INVCO: Display Evaluation SAPMMCS2
59 MCBA INVCO: Plant Analysis Selection RMCB0100
60 MCBC INVCO: Stor. Loc. Analysis Selection RMCB0200
61 MCBE INVCO: Material Analysis Selection RMCB0300
62 MCBG INVCO: MRP Cntrlr Analysis Selection RMCB0400
63 MCBI INVCO: Business Area Anal. Selection RMCB0500
64 MCBK INVCO: MatGrp Analysis Selection RMCB0600
65 MCBM INVCO: Division Analysis Selection RMCB0700
66 MCBO INVCO: Mat.Type Analysis Selection RMCB0800
67 MCBR INVCO: Batch Analysis Selection RMCB0900
68 MCBV INVCO: Parameter Analysis Selection RMCB1000
69 MCBZ INVCO: Stck/Reqt Analysis Selection RMCB1100
70 MCB_ Determine Industry Sector  
71 MCC1 Inventory Controlling MENUMCC1
72 MCC2 Inventory Information System MENUMCC2
73 MCC3 Set Up INVCO Info Structs. from Docs RMCBNEUA
74 MCC4 Set Up INVCO Info Structs.from Stock RMCBNEUB
75 MCD MI:Process Mobile Component MEREPMI_MSD
76 MCD7 PURCHIS: Create Eval. Structure SAPMMCS7
77 MCD8 PURCHIS: Change Eval. Structure SAPMMCS7
78 MCD9 PURCHIS: Display Eval. Structure SAPMMCS7
79 MCDA PURCHIS: Create Evaluation SAPMMCS2
80 MCDB PURCHIS: Change Evaluation SAPMMCS2
81 MCDC PURCHIS: Display Evaluation SAPMMCS2
82 MCDG PURCHIS: Execute Evaluation SAPMMCS2
83 MCE+ PURCHIS: Reporting - Subseq. Settlmt RMCE0900
84 MCE0 Purchasing Information System MENUMCE0
85 MCE1 PURCHIS: PurchGrp Analysis Selection RMCE0100
86 MCE2 PURCHIS: Update Diagnosis Purch.Doc. SAPMMCS3
87 MCE3 PURCHIS: Vendor Analysis Selection RMCE0200
88 MCE5 PURCHIS: MatGrp Analysis Selection RMCE0300
89 MCE7 PURCHIS: Material Analysis Selection RMCE0400
90 MCE8 PURCHIS: Service Analysis Selection RMCE2000
91 MCE9 Purchasing Information System MENUMCE9
92 MCEA PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Vend.Analysis RMCE0600
93 MCEB PURCHIS:Lng-Term Plg Mat.Gr.Analysis RMCE0700
94 MCEC PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Mat. Analysis RMCE0800
95 MCER PURCHIS: Service Purch.Qty-Selection RMCE2000
96 MCES PURCHIS: Service Purch.Val-Selection RMCE2000
97 MCF9 PURCHIS: Quantity Grid - Maintain  
98 MCFA PURCHIS: Grid for Dates - Maintain  
99 MCFB PURCHIS: Display Pattern, QtyRel  
100 MCFC PURCHIS: Display Pattern On Schedule  
101 MCG1 Rough-Cut Planning Profiles MENUMCG1
102 MCG2 Var. standard anal. def. sett. IS-R SAPMMCSC
103 MCG3 Call Self-Defined Analyses: Retail SAPMMCS4
104 MCGC RIS: Season: Mvmts + Stk - Selection RMCW1400
105 MCGD RIS: POS: Sales - Selection RMCW1600
106 MCGE RIS: POS: Matl Aggr. POS - Selection RMCW1700
107 MCGF RIS: POS: Cashier - Selection RMCW1800
108 MCGG RIS: Cust./Material Grp - Selection RMCW1900
109 MCGH RIS: Customer/Material - Selection RMCW2000
110 MCGJ RIS: POS: POS Balancing - Selection RMCW2800
111 MCGK RIS: Matls w/ additionals- Selection RMCW2900
112 MCGL RIS: Sales data: Customers- Sel. RMCW3000
113 MCH+ RIS: Display Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
114 MCH0 Retail Information System MENUMCH0
115 MCH01 Mass Maintenance of Maint. Plans RMCHMPLA
116 MCH02 Log of Mass Changes  
117 MCH03 Delete Variant RMCHVARDEL
118 MCH1 RIS: Execute Evaluation SAPMMCS2
119 MCH2 RIS: Create Evaluation SAPMMCS2
120 MCH3 RIS: Change Evaluation SAPMMCS2
121 MCH4 RIS: Display Evaluation SAPMMCS2
122 MCH6 Update Maintenance: RIS SAPMMC0C
123 MCH7 RIS: Update Diagnosis, SP Change Doc SAPMMCS3
124 MCH8 RIS: Perishables - Selection RMCW2300
125 MCH9 RIS: Inventory Controlling - Stores RMCW2400
126 MCH: RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock - Selection RMCW0300
127 MCHA RIS: Till Receipt/Matl - Selection RMCW2500
128 MCHB RIS: Till Receipt - Selection RMCW2700
129 MCHC Companion sales RMCWAPRI_START
130 MCHD Maintain Dynamic IS Read Rules  
131 MCHG RIS: Purchasing: Mvmt+Stck-Selection RMCW0600
132 MCHP RIS: Material: Mvmt+Stck - Selection RMCW0900
133 MCHS RIS: Promotion - Selection RMCW1000
134 MCHV RIS: Material/Add-On - Selection RMCW1100
135 MCHY RIS: Create Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
136 MCHZ RIS: Change Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
137 MCH_ Activate IS-R Enhancement for RIS  
138 MCI0 Plant Maintenance Information System MENUMCI0
139 MCI1 PMIS: Object Class Analysis RMCI0300
140 MCI2 PMIS: Manufacturer Analysis RMCI0700
141 MCI3 PMIS: Location Analysis RMCI0200
142 MCI4 PMIS: Planner Group Analysis RMCI0600
143 MCI5 PMIS: Object Damage Analysis RMCI0800
144 MCI6 PMIS: Obj.Statistic.Analysis RMCI0500
145 MCI7 PMIS: Breakdown Analysis RMCI0100
146 MCI8 PMIS: Cost Evaluation RMCI0900
147 MCIA PMIS: Customer Notification Analysis RMCI1000
148 MCIS Call Up PM Standard Analyses SAPMMCS4
149 MCIZ PMIS: Vehicle Consumption Analysis RMCI1100
150 MCJ1 PMIS: Create Evaluation SAPMMCS2
151 MCJ2 PMIS: Change Evaluation SAPMMCS2
152 MCJ3 PMIS: Display Evaluation SAPMMCS2
153 MCJ4 PMIS: Execute Evaluation SAPMMCS2
154 MCJ5 PMIS: Create Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
155 MCJ6 PMIS: Change Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
156 MCJ7 PMIS: Display Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
157 MCJB MTTR/MTBR for Equipment RIEQS070
158 MCJC FunctLoc: Mean Time Between Repair RITPS070
160 MCK0 Plant Maintenance Information System MENUMCK0
161 MCK1 Create Hierarchy SAPMMCSH
162 MCK2 Change hierarchy SAPMMCSH
163 MCK3 Display hierarchy SAPMMCSH
164 MCK4 Change SAP OIW Hierarchy SAPMMCSH
165 MCK5 Display SAP OIW Hierarchy SAPMMCSH
166 MCK6 Create Customer OIW Hierarchy SAPMMCSH
167 MCK7 Change Customer OIW Hierarchy SAPMMCSH
168 MCK8 Display Customer OIW Hierarchy SAPMMCSH
169 MCK9 Maintain Customer OIW Info Catalog SAPMMCSH
170 MCKA OIW Metadata RMCROIW0
171 MCKB TIS selection version tree RMCSSLVS
172 MCKC User-spec. TIS select. version tree RMCSSLVS
173 MCKH Selection version tree: Sales RMCSSLVS
174 MCKI Selection version tree: Purchasing RMCSSLVS
175 MCKJ Selection version tree: Stock RMCSSLVS
176 MCKK Selection version tree: Production RMCSSLVS
177 MCKL Selection version tree: Quality RMCSSLVS
178 MCKM Selection version tree: Plant Maint. RMCSSLVS
179 MCKN Selection version tree: Retail RMCSSLVS
180 MCKO Selection version tree: General RMCSSLVS
181 MCKP User-spec. selec. vers. tree: Sales RMCSSLVS
182 MCKQ User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Purchase RMCSSLVS
183 MCKR User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Stock RMCSSLVS
184 MCKS User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Product. RMCSSLVS
185 MCKT User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Quality RMCSSLVS
186 MCKU User-spec. sel. vers. tree: PM RMCSSLVS
187 MCKV User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Retail RMCSSLVS
188 MCKW User-spec. sel. vers. tree: General RMCSSLVS
189 MCKY WFIS: Selection Versions (User-Spec) RMCSSLVS
190 MCKZ WFIS: Selection Versions (General) RMCSSLVS
191 MCL1 WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. Selection RMCB2000
192 MCL5 WMS: Flow of Quantities Selection RMCB2100
193 MCL9 WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selection RMCB2200
194 MCLD WM: Material Flow - Selection RMCB2300
195 MCLH WM: Movement Types - Selection RMCB2400
197 MCM% RIS: Create Selection Version SAPMMCSV
198 MCM+ WFIS: Create Selection Version SAPMMCSV
199 MCM- WFIS: Change Selection Version SAPMMCSV
200 MCM/ WFIS: Display Selection Version SAPMMCSV
201 MCM0 INVCO: Change selection version SAPMMCSV
202 MCM1 SIS: Create selection version SAPMMCSV
203 MCM10 TIS: Create selection version SAPMMCSV
204 MCM11 TIS: Change selection version SAPMMCSV
205 MCM12 TIS: Display selection version SAPMMCSV
206 MCM13 TIS: Selection Version: Schedule Job SAPMMCSV
207 MCM2 SIS: Change selection version SAPMMCSV
208 MCM3 SIS: Display selection version SAPMMCSV
209 MCM4 SIS: Selec. version: Schedule job SAPMMCSV
210 MCM5 PURCHIS: Create selection version SAPMMCSV
211 MCM6 PURCHIS: Change selection version SAPMMCSV
212 MCM7 PURCHIS: Display selection version SAPMMCSV
213 MCM8 PURCHIS: SelectVers: Schedule job SAPMMCSV
214 MCM9 INVCO: Create selection version SAPMMCSV
215 MCM? RIS: Schedule Selection Version SAPMMCSV
216 MCMA INVCO: Display selection version SAPMMCSV
217 MCMB INVCO: SelecVers: Schedule job SAPMMCSV
218 MCMC PPIS: Create selection version SAPMMCSV
219 MCMD PPIS: Change selection version SAPMMCSV
220 MCME PPIS: Display selection version SAPMMCSV
221 MCMF PPIS: SelectVers: Schedule job SAPMMCSV
222 MCMG QMIS: Create selection version SAPMMCSV
223 MCMH QMIS: Change selection version SAPMMCSV
224 MCMI QMIS: Display selection version SAPMMCSV
225 MCMJ QMIS: Selection Version:Schedule Job SAPMMCSV
226 MCMK PMIS: Create selection version SAPMMCSV
227 MCML PMIS: Change selection version SAPMMCSV
228 MCMM PMIS: Display selection verison SAPMMCSV
229 MCMN PMIS: SelectVers: Schedule job SAPMMCSV
230 MCMO Create selection version SAPMMCSV
231 MCMP Change selection version SAPMMCSV
232 MCMQ Display selection version SAPMMCSV
233 MCMR Selection Version: Create Variant SAPMMCSV
234 MCMS Selection Version: Change Variant SAPMMCSV
235 MCMT Selection Version: Display Variant SAPMMCSV
236 MCMV Selection version: Schedule job SAPMMCSV
237 MCMX RIS: Change Selection Version SAPMMCSV
238 MCMY RIS: Display Selection Version SAPMMCSV
239 MCMZ RIS: Selection Version: Schedule Job SAPMMCSV
240 MCNB BW: Initialize Stock Balances RMCBINIT_BW
241 MCNR Number Range Maintenance: MCLIS SAPMSNUM
242 MCO1 RIS: OTB - Selection CALLSTAOTB
243 MCO2 OTB: Copy Planning Type RMCACOP8
244 MCO4 Create OTB Planning CALLOTB
245 MCO5 Change OTB Planning CALLOTB
246 MCO6 Display OTB Planning CALLOTB
247 MCO7 Create OTB Planning CALLOTB
248 MCO8 Change OTB Planning CALLOTB
249 MCO9 Display OTB Planning CALLOTB
250 MCOA QMIS: Cust. analysis, Lot overview RMCQ1100
251 MCOB QMIS: General Results for Customer RMCQ2400
252 MCOC QMIS: Cust. Analysis Quant. Overview RMCQ1100
253 MCOD QMIS: Quantitative Results for Cust. RMCQ2500
254 MCOE QMIS: Customer Analysis Q Score RMCQ1100
255 MCOG QMIS: Customer Analysis Lot Counter RMCQ1100
256 MCOI QMIS: Customer Analysis Quantities RMCQ1100
257 MCOK QMIS: Customer Analysis Expense RMCQ1100
258 MCOM QMIS: Customer Analysis Level/Disp. RMCQ1100
259 MCOMP Compare Material RBDMCOMP
260 MCOMPC Custom. Material Master Comp. Progr.  
261 MCOO QMIS: Customer analysis - insp. lots RMCQ1100
262 MCOP QMIS: Cust. Analysis Item Q Not. RMCQ0800
263 MCOV QMIS: Cust. Anal. Overview Q Not. RMCQ0500
264 MCOX QMIS: Customer Analysis Defects RMCQ1200
265 MCP0 Shop Floor Information System MENUMCP0
266 MCP1 SFIS: Operation Analysis Selection RMCF0200
267 MCP3 SFIS: Material Analysis Selection RMCF0100
268 MCP5 SFIS: Material Analysis Selection RMCF0300
269 MCP6 Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg RMCFSERI
270 MCP7 SFIS: Work Center Analysis Selection RMCF0400
271 MCP8 Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg RMCF2500
272 MCP9 SFIS: Select Run Schedule RMCF0500
273 MCPB Operation analysis: Dates RMCF0200
274 MCPD Production order analysis: Dates RMCF0100
275 MCPE_CUS Commodity Pricing Customizing for MM RCPE_MM_CUS
276 MCPE_DOC Commodity Pricing in MM Documents RCPE_MM_DOC
277 MCPE_FA_ACC_SEQ Access Sequence for Formula Assembly  
278 MCPE_FA_COND_TYPE Condition Types for Formula Assembly  
279 MCPE_FA_CT Cond. Tables for Formula Assembly  
280 MCPE_FA_DET_PROC Det. Procedure for Formula Assembly  
281 MCPE_FA_FC MM Field Catalog  
282 MCPE_FA_GCM Formula Master Data Maintenance  
283 MCPE_FA_MNTGRP_1 CPE: define maint. groups for MM  
284 MCPE_FA_MNTGRP_2 CPE: assign maint. groups for MM  
285 MCPE_FA_PRIORITY Priorities for Formula Assembly (MM)  
286 MCPE_MD Commodity Pricing Master Data for MM RCPE_MM_MD
287 MCPE_RULE CPE Formula Workbench for MM RCPE_MM_RULE
288 MCPE_WB CPE Formula Workbench for MM RCPE_MM_WB
289 MCPF Material analysis: Dates RMCF0300
290 MCPH Work center analysis: Dates RMCF0400
291 MCPI Menu: Production Info System MENUMCPI
292 MCPK Operation analysis: Quantities RMCF0200
293 MCPM Production order anal.: Quantities RMCF0100
294 MCPO Material analysis: Quantities RMCF0300
295 MCPQ Work center analysis: Quantities RMCF0400
296 MCPS Operation analysis: Lead time RMCF0200
297 MCPU Production Order Analysis: Lead Time RMCF0100
298 MCPW Material analysis: Lead time RMCF0300
299 MCPY Work center analysis: Lead time RMCF0400
300 MCQ. SFIS: Kanban analysis selection RMCFPK00
301 MCQA Call Up QM Standard Analyses SAPMMCS4
302 MCR1 SFIS: Create Evaluation SAPMMCS2
303 MCR2 SFIS: Change Evaluation SAPMMCS2
304 MCR3 SFIS: Display Evaluation SAPMMCS2
305 MCR4 SFIS: Execute Evaluation SAPMMCS2
306 MCR7 SFIS: Create Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
307 MCR8 SFIS: Change Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
308 MCR9 SFIS: Display Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
309 MCR: Std Analyses: User Settings, CALL SAPMMCSC
310 MCRA LIS Layout Reports  
311 MCRB LIS: Generate Evaluations RMCSGENA
312 MCRC Charact. Texts for Eval. Structures RMCS802T
313 MCRE Material Usage Analysis: Selection RMCF0600
314 MCRG Change Settings: PPIS RMCFCUST
315 MCRH Display Settings: PPIS RMCFCUST
316 MCRI Product Cost Analysis: Selection RMCF0700
317 MCRJ Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive Mfg RMCF2700
318 MCRK Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive Mfg RMCFSERI
319 MCRM Reporting Point Stats.: Selection RMCF0800
320 MCRO Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mfg RMCF2600
321 MCRP Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mfg RMCFSERI
322 MCRQ Call Standard Analyses: PP-IS SAPMMCS4
323 MCRT LIS Readings for Internal Numbers  
324 MCRU PP-PI: Operation Analysis Selection RMCF0200
325 MCRV PP-PI: Process Order Analysis RMCF0100
326 MCRW PP-PI: Resources Selection RMCF0400
327 MCRX PP-PI: Material Usage Analysis RMCF0600
328 MCRY PP-PI: Product Cost Analysis RMCF0700
329 MCS$ Info Structure Data: Process Archive  
330 MCS% Info Structure Data: Manage Archive  
331 MCS& Info Structure Data: Reload Archive  
332 MCS/ Mass Generation: Info Struct./Update RMCSISGN
333 MCS1 Standard Analyses; General Logistics SAPMMCS4
334 MCS2 Routine LIS Settings  
335 MCS3 Routine SIS Settings  
336 MCS4 Routine INVCO Settings  
337 MCS5 Routine PURCHIS Settings  
338 MCS6 Routine PPIS Settings  
339 MCS7 SIS: Create Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
340 MCS8 SIS: Change Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
341 MCS9 SIS: Display Evalaution Structure SAPMMCS7
342 MCS= Info Structure Data: Create Archive  
343 MCSA SIS: Create Evaluation SAPMMCS2
344 MCSB SIS: Change Evaluation SAPMMCS2
345 MCSC SIS: Display Evaluation SAPMMCS2
346 MCSCHECK Check Utility - Logistic Infosystem RMCSUTIC
347 MCSD Routine PMIS Settings  
348 MCSE Routine QMIS Settings  
349 MCSF Routine RIS Settings  
350 MCSG SIS: Execute Evaluation SAPMMCS2
351 MCSH Call Std. Analyses of Customer Appl. SAPMMCS4
352 MCSI Call Standard Analyses of Sales SAPMMCS4
353 MCSJ Call Standard Analyses of Purchasing SAPMMCS4
354 MCSK Call Standard Analyses of Stocks SAPMMCS4
355 MCSL Call Shop Floor Standard Analyses SAPMMCS4
356 MCSM1 TIS: Create evaluation SAPMMCS2
357 MCSM2 TIS: Change evaluation SAPMMCS2
358 MCSM3 TIS: Display evaluation SAPMMCS2
359 MCSM4 TIS: Execute evaluation SAPMMCS2
360 MCSM5 TIS: Create evaluation structure SAPMMCS7
361 MCSM6 TIS: Change evaluation structure SAPMMCS7
362 MCSM7 TIS: Display evaluation structure SAPMMCS7
363 MCSO Current Settings: TIS  
364 MCSR Standard Analyses External Data SAPMMCS4
365 MCSS Display Log: Gen. Info Structure SAPMMCS3
366 MCST Display Log: Gen. Updating SAPMMCS3
367 MCSV Call View V_TMC6P_D  
368 MCSW Archiving of Selection Versions  
369 MCSX Archive Statistical Data SAPMMCS4
370 MCSY Reset Time Stamp: LIS Generation RMCSCORS
371 MCSZ Convert LIS Statistical Data SAPMMCS4
372 MCT0 Initial SIS Screen MENUMCT0
373 MCT1 Standard SDIS Analyses MENUMCT1
374 MCT2 Initial SIS Screen MENUMCT2
375 MCTA SIS: Customer Analysis - Selection RMCV0100
376 MCTC SIS: Material Analysis - Selection RMCV0200
377 MCTE SIS: Sales Org. Analysis - Selection RMCV0300
378 MCTG SIS: Sales Office Analysis Selection RMCV0600
379 MCTI SIS: Sales Empl. Analysis Selection RMCV0500
380 MCTK SIS: Shipping Pt. Analysis Selection RMCV0400
381 MCTV01 SIS: Sales Activity - Selection RMCV0800
382 MCTV02 SIS: Sales Promotions - Selection RMCV0900
383 MCTV03 SIS: Address List - Selection RMCV1000
384 MCTV04 SIS: Address Counter - Selection RMCV1100
385 MCTV05 SIS: Customer Potential Analysis RMCV1200
386 MCU0 Transportation Info System (TIS) MENUMCU0
387 MCU1 Create LIS Unit RMCSUNIT
388 MCU2 Delete LIS Unit RMCSUDEL
389 MCU3 Call Standard Analyses: Transportatn SAPMMCS4
390 MCUA TIS: Shpt analysis RMCT0100
391 MCUB TIS: Shipment Analysis: Routes RMCT0200
392 MCUC TIS: ShipmentAnaly: MeansOfTransport RMCT0300
393 MCUD TIS: Shipment Analysis: Shipping RMCT0400
394 MCUE TIS: Shipment Analysis: Stages RMCT0500
395 MCUF TIS: Shipment Analysis: Material RMCT0600
396 MCV0 Purchasing Information System MENUMCV0
397 MCV1 QMIS: Vendor analysis - insp. lot RMCQ0100
398 MCV3 QMIS: Material analysis - insp. lot RMCQ0200
399 MCV5 Call Up Price List w.Stepped Display /1SDBF12L/RV14AK05
400 MCV6 Call Up Indiv. Customer Prices List /1SDBF12L/RV14AK07
401 MCV7 Call Up List of Price Groups /1SDBF12L/RV14AK11
402 MCV8 Call Up Material/MatPrcGroup List /1SDBF12L/RV14AK09
403 MCV9 Call Up List of Incomplete Documents RVAUFERR
404 MCVA QMIS: Vendor Analysis Lot Overview RMCQ0100
405 MCVB QMIS: General Results for Vendor RMCQ2200
406 MCVC QMIS: Vendor Analysis - Qty Overview RMCQ0100
407 MCVCHECK01 SIS: Update Group Check RMCVCH01
410 MCVD QMIS: Quant. Results for Vendor RMCQ2300
411 MCVE QMIS: Vendor Analysis Quality Score RMCQ0100
412 MCVG QMIS: Vendor Analysis - Lot Numbers RMCQ0100
413 MCVI QMIS: Vendor Analysis - Quantities RMCQ0100
414 MCVK QMIS: Vendor Analysis - Effort RMCQ0100
415 MCVM QMIS: Vendor Analyis - Level & Disp. RMCQ0100
416 MCVO Vendor Analysis - Lots Overview RMCQ0100
417 MCVP QMIS: vendor analysis items Q notif. RMCQ0700
418 MCVQ Quality Management Info System QMIS MENUMCVQ
419 MCVR SIS: update diagnosis - order SAPMMCS3
420 MCVS TIS: Update Diagnosis: Transportatn SAPMMCS3
421 MCVT SIS: update diagnosis - delivery SAPMMCS3
422 MCVV SIS: update diagnosis - billing doc. SAPMMCS3
423 MCVVK SIS: Updating - Sales Activities SAPMMCS3
424 MCVW INVCO: Update Diagnosis MatDoc SAPMMCS3
425 MCVX QMIS: Vendor analysis defects RMCQ1000
426 MCVY INVCO: Update Diagnosis AcctngDoc SAPMMCS3
427 MCVZ QMIS: Ven. Analysis- Q Not. Overview RMCQ0400
428 MCW1 PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Header RMCE5000
429 MCW2 PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Item RMCE5100
430 MCW3 PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Header RMCE5200
431 MCW4 PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Item RMCE5300
432 MCW5 Payment: Simulate Updating SAPLMCW1_WLF
433 MCW6 LIS Setup for Agency Documents RMCENEUB
434 MCWIS FK Simulation Inventory Document SAPMMCS3
435 MCWRP FK Simulation Invoice Document SAPMMCS3
437 MCW_AA_APP Maintain Analytical Applications  
438 MCW_AA_METH Maint. Methods for Analytical Apps  
439 MCW_AA_QUERY Maint. Queries for Analytical Apps  
440 MCW_AA_TEST Test Remote Execution of Queries MCW_AA_BWACCESS_TEST
441 MCX1 QMIS: Create Evaluation SAPMMCS2
442 MCX2 QMIS: Change Evaluation SAPMMCS2
443 MCX3 QMIS: Display Evaluation SAPMMCS2
444 MCX4 QMIS: Execute Evaluation SAPMMCS2
445 MCX7 QIS: Create Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
446 MCX8 QIS: Change Evaluation Structure SAPMMCS7
447 MCX9 QIS: display evaluation structure SAPMMCS7
448 MCXA QMIS: Material Analysis-Lot Overview RMCQ0200
449 MCXB QMIS: General Results for Material RMCQ2000
450 MCXC QMIS: Matl Analysis - Qty Overview RMCQ0200
451 MCXD QMIS: Quant. Results for Material RMCQ2100
452 MCXE QMIS: Matl Analysis - Quality Score RMCQ0200
453 MCXG QMIS: Matl Analysis - Lot Numbers RMCQ0200
454 MCXI QMIS: Material Analysis - Quantities RMCQ0200
455 MCXK QMIS: Material Analysis - Effort RMCQ0200
456 MCXM QMIS: Matl Analysis - Level & Disp. RMCQ0200
457 MCXP QMIS: Matl. Analysis - Q Notif. Item RMCQ0600
458 MCXV QMIS: mat. analysis overview Q not. RMCQ0300
459 MCXX QMIS: Material analysis defects RMCQ0900
460 MCY1 Create Exception EWS/LIS SAPMMCY1
461 MCY2 Maintain Exception EWS/LIS SAPMMCY1
462 MCY3 Display Exception (EWS/LIS) SAPMMCY1
463 MCY4 Create Group Exception SAPMMCY1
464 MCY5 Change Group Exception SAPMMCY1
465 MCY6 Display Exception SAPMMCY1
466 MCY7 Create Job For Exception SAPMMCY1
467 MCY8 Change Jobs: Exceptions SAPMMCY1
468 MCY9 Display Jobs: Exceptions SAPMMCY1
469 MCYA Delete Jobs: Exceptions SAPMMCY1
470 MCYB Plan Jobs: Exceptions SAPMMCY1
471 MCYG Exception Analysis INVCO SAPMMCY1
472 MCYH Exception Analysis: PURCHIS SAPMMCY1
473 MCYI Exception Analysis: SIS SAPMMCY1
474 MCYJ Exception Analysis: PP-IS SAPMMCY1
475 MCYK Exception Analysis: PM-IS SAPMMCY1
476 MCYL Exception Analysis: QM-IS SAPMMCY1
477 MCYM Exception Analysis: Retail IS SAPMMCY1
478 MCYN Exception Analysis: LIS-General SAPMMCY1
479 MCYO Exception analysis: TIS SAPMMCY1
480 MCYO0 Schedule Jobs: Exceptions: TIS SAPMMCY1
481 MCYO1 Create Exception: EWS/TIS SAPMMCY1
482 MCYO2 Maintain Exception: EWS/TIS SAPMMCY1
483 MCYO3 Display Exception: EWS/TIS SAPMMCY1
484 MCYO4 Create Exception Group: TIS SAPMMCY1
485 MCYO5 Change Exception Group: TIS SAPMMCY1
486 MCYO6 Display Exception: TIS SAPMMCY1
487 MCYO7 Create Job for Exception: TIS SAPMMCY1
488 MCYO8 Change Jobs: Exceptions: TIS SAPMMCY1
489 MCYO9 Display jobs: Exceptions SIS SAPMMCY1
490 MCYY WFIS: Exception Analysis SAPMMCY1
491 MCZ1 Create LIS Inbound Interface SAPMMCSE
492 MCZ2 Change LIS Inbound Interface SAPMMCSE
493 MCZ3 Display LIS Inbound Interface SAPMMCSE
494 MD00 MRP : external procurement MENUMD00
495 MD01 MRP Run SAPMM61X
497 MD02 MRP - Single-item, Multi-level - SAPMM61X
498 MD03 MRP-Individual Planning-Single Level SAPMM61X
499 MD04 Display Stock/Requirements Situation SAPMM61R
500 MD05 Individual Display Of MRP List SAPMM61R