SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index M, page 5
Transaction Code - M
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 MR41 Park Invoice SAPMM08R
2 MR42 Change Parked Invoice SAPMM08R
3 MR43 Display Parked Invoice SAPMM08R
4 MR44 Post Parked Document SAPMM08R
5 MR51 Material Line Items RM08MMAT
6 MR8M Cancel Invoice Document SAPLMR1M
7 MR90 Messages for Invoice Documents MM70AMRA
8 MR91 Messages for Invoice Documents MM70AMRB
9 MRA1 Archive Invoice Documents  
10 MRA2 Delete Archived Invoice Documents  
11 MRA3 Display Archived Invoice Documents RM08RAAU
12 MRA4 Manage Invoice Document Archive  
13 MRBE Valuation MENUMRBE
14 MRBP Invoice Verification in Background RMBABG00
15 MRBR Release Blocked Invoices RM08RELEASE
16 MRBWNEU Recompilation RMCENEUR
17 MRCHVW Batch mgmt with reconciliation VMIRC_MRCHVW
18 MRDC Automatic Delivery Cost Settlement RMMR1MDC
19 MRER Auto. ERS Automotive RMMR1MRR
20 MRF1 Execute FIFO Valuation RMFIFO00
21 MRF2 Diplay Documents (FIFO) RMFIFO39
22 MRF3 FIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract RMFIFO32
23 MRF4 FIFO: Select Materials RMFIFO20
24 MRF5 FIFO: Delete Valuation Data RMFIFO50
25 MRHG Enter Credit Memo SAPMM08R
26 MRHR Enter Invoice SAPMM08R
27 MRIS Settle Invoicing Plan RMMR1MIS
28 MRKO Settle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs. RMVKON00
29 MRL1 Perform LIFO Valuation: Single Matl RMLIFO00
30 MRL2 Perform LIFO Valuation: Pools RMLIFO02
31 MRL3 LIFO Lowest Value Comparison RMLIFO06
32 MRL4 Display LIFO Valuation: Single Matl RMLIFO10
33 MRL5 Display LIFO Valuation: Pools RMLIFO12
34 MRL6 Select Materials RMLIFO20_M
35 MRL7 Display Pool Formation RMLIFO22
36 MRL8 Create Base Layer RMLIFO30
37 MRL9 LIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract RMLIFO32
38 MRLA Check Pool Formation RMLIFO21
39 MRLB Delete Layer RMLIFO50
40 MRLC Transfer Third-Party Data RMLIFO34
41 MRLD Transfer Valuation Prices RMLIFO36
42 MRLE Change Group Structure RMLIFO40
43 MRLF Create Version as Copy RMLIFO38
44 MRLG Aggregate Layer RMLIFO42
45 MRLH Change LIFO/FIFO Valuation Level RMLIFO44
46 MRLI Generate Pools RMLIFO20_P
47 MRLJ LIFO Data Transfer RMLIFO33
48 MRLK LIFO: Adjust Units of Measure RMLIFO28
49 MRLL LIFO: Reassign Material Layer RMLIFO41
50 MRM0 Logistics Invoice Verification MENUMRM0
51 MRM1 Create Message: Invoice Verification SAPMV13B
52 MRM2 Change Message: Invoice Verification SAPMV13B
53 MRM3 Display Message: Inv. Verification SAPMV13B
54 MRM4 Number Ranges, Invoice Verification  
55 MRN0 Deter. Lowest Value: Market Prices RMNIWE00
56 MRN1 Deter. Lowest Value: Rge of Coverage RMNIWE10
57 MRN1_TS Determine Lowest Value: Rge of Cov. RMNIWE10_TS
58 MRN2 Determ. Lowest Value: Mvmt Rate RMNIWE20
59 MRN3 Loss-Free Valuation RMNIWE30
60 MRN8 Lowest Value: Price Variances RMNIWE80
61 MRN9 Balance Sheet Values by Account RMNIWE90
63 MRN9_OLD Balance Sheet Values by Account RMNIWE90
64 MRNB Revaluation RMMR1MRB
65 MRO2 Configuration: IV Lists SAPMV76A
66 MRRL Evaluated Receipt Settlement RMMR1MRS
67 MRRS Evaluated Receipt Settlement RMMR01RS
68 MRTRSC01 RMS-MRTRS : RFC Destination of GR  
69 MRTRSC02 RMS-MRTRS : Master Recipe Generation  
71 MRY0 Coll. Maint. of Phys. Inv. Prices MRY_PIP_MULTICHANGE
72 MRY1 Calculate Average Receipt Price MRY_ARP_CALCULATE
73 MRY2 Transfer Physical Inventory Prices MRY_PIP_REDEFINE
74 MRY3 Display Valuation Alternative MRY_VALUATION_ALTERNATIVE_SHOW
76 MRY_SCMA Execute via Schedule Manager SAPLMYMON
77 MRY_SCMO Analyze via Schedule Manager SAPLMYMON
78 MRY_SLG1 Analyze Application Log SAPLMYMON
79 MR_BEWART Material Reconciliation  
80 MR_FORM Reconciliation: Formula  
81 MR_PARAM Reconciliation: Formula Parameter  
82 MS00 Long-term planning MENUMS00
83 MS01 Long-Term Planning: Total Planning SAPMM61X
84 MS02 Long-term plng: single-itm, mult-lvl SAPMM61X
85 MS03 Long-term plng: singl-itm, singl-lvl SAPMM61X
86 MS04 Planning Scenario: Stock/Reqmts List SAPMM61R
87 MS05 Long-term planning: display MRP list SAPMM61R
88 MS06 Long-term plnng: collective MRP list SAPMM61R
89 MS07 Long-Term Plng: Material Overview SAPMM61R
90 MS08 Reorg.MRP Lists for Long-Term Plnng RMMDKP02
91 MS11 LTP: Create planned order SAPMM61P
92 MS12 LTP: Change planned order SAPMM61P
93 MS13 LTP: Display planned order SAPMM61P
94 MS20 Planning File Entry: Long-Term Plnng SAPMM61R
95 MS21 Planning File Entry: Long-Term Plnng RMDPFE01
96 MS22 Set Up Plg File Entries for Scenario RMMDVL20
97 MS23 Delete Plng File Entries of Scenario RMMDVL10
98 MS29 Calculate Sim. Initial Stock RMMDABLP
99 MS31 Create planning scenario SAPMM61L
100 MS32 Change planning scenario SAPMM61L
101 MS33 Display planning scenario SAPMM61L
102 MS44 Flexible Evaluation Long-Term Plnng SAPMM61M
103 MS47 Evaluation LTP for Product Group SAPMM61M
104 MS50 Make-to-order planning (LTP) SAPMM61X
105 MS51 Project planning (LTP) SAPMM61X
106 MS64 Create Simulation Version RM60SIMU
107 MS65 Requirements Situation SAPMM60X
108 MS66 Copy Simulative Dependent Reqmts RM60CH00
109 MS70 Evaluation Plng Scenario for PURCHIS RMMDEKS1
110 MS71 Copy info structure version to LTP RMMDEKS2
111 MSAB LTP: set up plnng file entries BATCH RMMDBTCH
112 MSAC LTP: delete plnng file entries BATCH RMMDBTCH
113 MSAM_ACTBPRO Activate Business Process for MSAM  
114 MSAM_DESTSD RFC destinations for delta replicat.  
115 MSAM_EQTEMP Template Equipment Profile  
116 MSAM_GENERAL General settings for Data Movement  
117 MSAM_LANG Multi-Language settings for MSAM  
118 MSAM_NOTIF Notification Processing Profile  
119 MSAM_ORDER Order Processing Profile  
120 MSBT Long-term plng:plng background job RMMDBTCH
121 MSC1 Create Batch SAPMM03S
122 MSC1N Create Batch SAPLCHRG
123 MSC2 Change Batch SAPMM03S
124 MSC2N Change Batch SAPLCHRG
125 MSC3 Display Batch SAPMM03S
126 MSC3N Display Batch SAPLCHRG
127 MSC4 Display Batch Changes SAPMM03S
128 MSC4N Display Change Documents for Batch SAPLCHRG
129 MSC5N Mass Processing for Batches RVBBTREE
130 MSC6 Start of MS06 via Report SAPMM61R
131 MSC6N Batch Worklist  
132 MSC7 Start MS07 from Report SAPMM61R
133 MSCUST Maintain Due Date Scenarios RALMFAELLSZ
134 MSDO LTP Evaluation Report RoC Online RMDDSUPPLY02
135 MSDS LTP Evaluation Report Coverages RMMDBTCH
136 MSE7 EKS Simulation: Material Selection RMCE0600
137 MSEX LTP Data Extractor RMMDBTCH
138 MSE_MIGR MSE Migration Tool for R/3 Edition MSE_MIGRATION_TREE
139 MSG_TEST Test Message MSG_TEST
140 MSINA Maintain Backlog Entry in Extract REA_INSTSET_INIT
141 MSJ1 Mass Maintenance in the Background MASSBACK
142 MSK1 Create Vendor Consignment Goods SAPMM03S
143 MSK2 Change Vendor Consignment Goods SAPMM03S
144 MSK3 Display Vendor Consignment Goods SAPMM03S
145 MSK4 Display Vdr Consignment Change Docs SAPMM03S
146 MSK5 Vdr Consignment: Activate Fut. Price RMMMPRZK
147 MSL1 Display Mass Maintenance Logs MASSSLOG
148 MSL2 Delete Mass Maintenance Logs MASSDLOG
149 MSLD Print MRP List; Long-Term Planning RMDLDR01
150 MSRV1 List for Service RMSRVR10
151 MSRV2 Service List for Requisition  
152 MSRV3 Service List for Purchase Order  
153 MSRV4 Service List for RFQ  
154 MSRV5 Service List for Contract  
155 MSRV6 Service List for Entry Sheet  
156 MSR_CRD RRD for Customer Returns SAPLMSR_RRD_DIALOG
157 MSR_INSPV Enter Material Insp. by Vendors SAPLMSR_INSP_UI
158 MSR_INSPWH Enter Material Insp. in Warehouse SAPLMSR_INSP_UI
159 MSR_INSP_DISPLAY Display Inspection Results MSR_INSP_DISPLAY
160 MSR_INSP_SFAC Field Selection Insp. Char. Values  
161 MSR_IRD RRD for Internal Returns SAPLMSR_RRD_DIALOG
162 MSR_PLNCHK Approval check related plants  
163 MSR_RETURNS_REASON MSR: Returns Reason Codes  
164 MSR_RETURNS_REFUND MSR: Returns Refund Codes  
166 MSR_RRCDEF_CRD MSR: View for Returns Refund Code  
167 MSR_RRCDEF_CUS MSR: View for Returns Refund Code  
168 MSR_RRCDEF_IRD MSR: View for Returns Refund Code  
169 MSR_SELECT MSR: Maintain Selection Criteria  
170 MSR_SFAC Field Selection MSR  
171 MSR_SNUM Maintain the number range for MSR_ID  
172 MSR_TRC_C Tracking of Customer Returns SAPLMSR_TRC_UI
173 MSR_TRC_I Tracking of Supplier Returns SAPLMSR_TRC_UI
174 MSR_TVAK_CMR MSR: TVAK Credit Memo Request  
175 MSR_TVAK_RO MSR: TVAK Returns Order  
176 MSR_TVLK Def. Billing Type for IC Returns  
177 MSR_UGROUP Assign User to User Group  
178 MSR_VRM_GR Receive Replacement from Vendor SAPLMSR_REP_DIALOG_GR
179 MSR_VRM_LFU LFU for Replacement from Vendor SAPLMSR_REP_DIALOG_LFU
180 MST0 Mass changes MENUMST0
181 MSTRVAR Transport Variants  
182 MSTRVAR_S Transport System Variants  
183 MSW1 Reset Warnings (in the Foreground) MASSMSBK
184 MSW2 Reset Warnings (in the Background)  
185 MTBEC1 Customizing  
186 MU01 Mass Upload Download GHO_NETOBJ_CREATE_MASSDATA
187 MUSS _ SAPMA999
188 MVD_CUST Cutosmizing: Material Versions LS1A  
189 MWB Start DMC Interface DMCGUI0
190 MWB1 Creating Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation SAPMVBWB
191 MWB2 Changing Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation SAPMVBWB
192 MWB3 Displaying Prop/Prod Unit Valuation SAPMVBWB
193 MWBC Consistency Chck f. Prop./Prod. Unit RVBWSUOM
194 MWBDISP MWB: Display Transaction DMCGUI0
195 MWBE Purchase order history corr. PUR RVBWSCPO
196 MWBIU MWB: Integrated Upgrade DMC_IU
197 MWBIU_EXT MWB: Upgrade Buffer Administration DMC_IU_UPGRADE_ADMIN
198 MWBK Actv. ingr. management corr. factor RVBWSCOR
199 MWBMON MWB: Transfer Monitor DMC_MONITOR
200 MWBQ Purchase order history corr. QM RVBWSCQM
203 MWCH Change Procurement IAC SAPMMWCH
204 MW_CHECK Status of the Update/Upgrade GN_UPGRADE_STATUS
205 MW_MODE Middleware Stop GN_SNOOZE_MODE
206 MY01 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
207 MY03 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
208 MY04 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
209 MY05 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
210 MY06 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
211 MY07 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
212 MY08 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
213 MY09 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
214 MY10 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
215 MY11 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
216 MY12 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
217 MY13 C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc. SDCLMC00
218 MYB3 Bus. Volume Comparison Type Purchas.  
219 MYB4 Bus.Vol. Tolerance Group Purchasing  
220 MYB5 User Settings, Subsequent Settlement  
221 M_LA Purchasing: Condition List SAPMV14A
222 M_LB Change Condition List SAPMV14A
223 M_LC Display Condition List SAPMV14A
224 M_LD Execute Condition List SAPMV14A
225 M_LQH Define Liquidity Item Hierarchies START_LQH_MAINTAIN_UI