SAP ABAP Table - Index W, page 4
Table - W
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 WTAD_SUP_FM Additionals: Vendor-specific Procedure for Additionals TRANSP A
2 WTAK Cumulative values for accounts payable TRANSP A
3 WTAKP Cumulative values for accounts payable (payment proposal) TRANSP A
4 WTAKPN Cumulative values for accounts payable (payment proposal) TRANSP A
5 WTMIGBK Withholding Tax Changeover - Selected Company Codes TRANSP A
6 WTMIGCOUNT Current Number Level of Withholding Tax Conversion Runs TRANSP A
7 WTMIGGJAHR Withholding Tax Changeover: Year-Dependent Document Convers. TRANSP A
8 WTMIGIF Withholding Tax Changeover: Commands Executed by Tool TRANSP A
9 WTMIGJOB Withholding Tax Changeover: Last Job Started TRANSP A
10 WTMIGMATCH Withholding Tax Changeover: Creation of Code -> Type/Code TRANSP A
11 WTMIGMESS Messages Logged for Withholding Tax Changeover TRANSP A
12 WTMIGMESSEXC Withholding Tax Changeover: Alternative Message Types TRANSP C
13 WTMIGRUN Withholding Tax Conversion Run TRANSP A
14 WTMIGSTEP Steps in Conversion Run TRANSP A
15 WTMIGTC Changeover - Assgt of Classic W/Tax Code to Ext.Type/Code TRANSP L
16 WTMIGTEXT Text for Withholding Tax Changeover Run TRANSP A
17 WTMIGTYP W/Tax Changeover: Number of W/Tax Types in Master Record TRANSP A
18 WTMIG_PROT1 Withholding Tax Changeover: Global Log Data TRANSP A
19 WTMIG_PROT2 Withholding Tax Changeover: Detailed Log Data TRANSP A
20 WTMIG_TABKEY Withholding Tax Changeover: Keys of Table Entries Added TRANSP A
21 WTRAD Runtime Measurement: Log: Item Data TRANSP A
22 WTRAH Runtime Measurement: Log: Header Data TRANSP A
23 WTREE Version Management for Reclassification Trees TRANSP A
24 WTYBWC Times of Last BW Extraction TRANSP A
25 WTYBWH Processed Objects TRANSP L
26 WTYMPG Claims that Have Been Successfully Saved TRANSP L
27 WTYSCC_CLAIM_MAP Claim and sales order mapping TRANSP G
28 WTYSCC_CLM_CONT Instance when the Claim can be created from the Order TRANSP G
29 WTYSCC_CLM_CONTT Text table for Claim control TRANSP G
30 WTYSCC_DOCTYPES Document types for Service integration with warranty TRANSP G
31 WTYSCC_DOCTYPEST Text table for document types TRANSP G
32 WTYSCC_FUNC_MAP Function code with Function module mapping for WTYSC TRANSP G
33 WTYSCC_FUNC_MAPT Function code with Function module mapping for WTYSC TRANSP G
34 WTYSCC_LAYOUT Layout mapping to Profile and Document Type TRANSP G
35 WTYSCC_MAPPING Map Claim Control indicators to Order Type TRANSP C
36 WTYSCC_PROFILE User Profile for Service Integration-Warranty Workbench TRANSP G
37 WTYSCC_PROFILET User Profile for Service Integration-Warranty Workbench TRANSP G
38 WTYSCC_STATMAP Claim status mapping TRANSP G
39 WTYSCC_SWITCH Application switch TRANSP C
40 WTYSCC_UPDT_CNTT Text table for Claim update control TRANSP G
41 WTYSCC_UPDT_CONT Update control points for claim update from service order TRANSP G
42 WTYSCC_USER_PROF Mapping Profile with User id TRANSP A
43 WTYSCC_VIEWMAP View mapping to Profile TRANSP G
45 WTYSCC_VIEWTYPET Text table for view Type TRANSP G
46 WTYV_IMRG Measurement Documents for Version of Warranty Claim TRANSP A
47 WTY_ARCH_IDX Index Table for Archiving Warranty Claims TRANSP A
48 WTY_ARCH_IDX_2 Index Table for Archiving Warranty Claims TRANSP A
49 WTY_BP1 Document Type Determination for Warranty TRANSP A
50 WTY_COND_ACCOUNT Auxiliary Account Assignment of Conditions TRANSP A
51 WTY_FIELD_ATTR1 Setting Fields for ALV Warranty Check TRANSP E
52 WTY_OBJNR_INDEX Object Number Index for Warranty Objects TRANSP A
53 WTY_PARTNER_TAB Partner for Warranty Claim TRANSP A
54 WTY_RCLHST Recall Actions TRANSP A
55 WTY_RCLOBJ Objects for Recalls TRANSP A
56 WTY_RELOB_TAB Possible Object Types for the Warranty Claim TRANSP S
57 WTY_RELOB_TAB_TX Descriptions Object Types Warranty Claim TRANSP S
58 WTY_TABLE_ALV Allowed Table WTY for Generic Field Attributes TRANSP S
59 WUSL1 Where-Used List: Entity Table TRANSP S
60 WUSL10 Where-Used List: Dependent Tables TRANSP S
61 WUSL11 Where-Used List: Fields to be Output TRANSP S
62 WUSL2 Where-Used List: Text Table TRANSP S
63 WUSL3 Where-Used List: Transfer Values TRANSP S
64 WUSL4 Where-Used List: Application Assignment TRANSP S
65 WUSL5 Where-Used List: Application Entity Table TRANSP S
66 WUSL5A Where-Used List: Exit Modules for the Applications TRANSP S
67 WUSL5B Where-Used List: Dependent Tables for Primary Selection TRANSP S
68 WUSL6 Where-Used List: Text Tables for the Applications TRANSP S
69 WUSL7 Where-Used List: Fields for Database Access TRANSP S
70 WUSL8 Where-Used List: Table for Key Reassignments TRANSP S
71 WUSL9 Where-Used List: Comparison Fields for Indirect Selection TRANSP S
72 WUSL9B Where-Used List: Determination of Field to be Located TRANSP S
73 WUSLEXIT Where-used list: Possible exit events TRANSP S
74 WVFB DRS Interface, Intermediate Buffer, Order Item FM TRANSP A
75 WVFB2 SRS: received external requirement numbers/phys. inv. nos TRANSP A
76 WVOBJECTTYPES Registry Table for Object Types TRANSP W
77 WVOBJECTTYPES_T Language-Dependent Object Type Data TRANSP W
78 WVOBJTYPES_SCOPE Functional Usage Areas for Object Types TRANSP W
79 WWKK Market-Basket Pricing Document: Header TRANSP A
80 WWKP Market-Basket Pricing Document: Item TRANSP A
81 WWKT Market-Basket Pricing Document: Short Texts TRANSP A
82 WWMI Product catalog TRANSP A
83 WWMIT Prod. catalog texts TRANSP A
84 WWMV Product catalog variant TRANSP A
85 WWVT Product catalog variant text TRANSP A
86 WWWDATA INDX-type table for storing WWW objects TRANSP E
87 WWWFUNC Release table for function modules in WebReporting TRANSP C
88 WWWLANGRES Language resources for ITS objects TRANSP S
89 WWWPARAMS Parameter settings for Web Reporting TRANSP E
90 WWWREPS Release table for reports in WebReporting TRANSP C
91 WYT1 Vendor Subrange TRANSP A
92 WYT1T Vendor Sub-Range Description TRANSP A
93 WYT2 Vendor-dependent char. value conversion TRANSP A
94 WYT2M Vendor-Dependent Characteristic Value Conversion TRANSP A
95 WYT3 Partner Functions TRANSP A
96 WYT4 Operative Control TRANSP A
97 WYT5 Changes to Vendor Master Record TRANSP L
98 WYT6 Characteristics for characteristic value conversion TRANSP A
99 WZRE_C_APPL Application That Uses the Posting Engine TRANSP E
100 WZRE_C_APPLT Application That Uses the Posting Engine TRANSP E
101 WZRE_C_DATA Necessary Data to Create Agency Documents TRANSP C
102 WZRE_C_POSTTYPET External Posting Types TRANSP E
103 WZRE_C_POST_TYPE External Posting Types TRANSP E