SAP ABAP Table - Index E, page 7
Table - E
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 EXP_VERS Export Information for Delivery Systems TRANSP S
2 EXTMAP Mapping Between Enterprise Extensions and SW Components TRANSP S
3 EZUA Types of Device Allocation TRANSP E
4 EZUAT Types of Device Allocation - Texts TRANSP E
5 EZUG Device Allocations for Device (Non-Metering Devices) TRANSP A
6 EZUZ Device Allocations for Register (Metering Devices) TRANSP A
7 EZWG Register Group TRANSP A
8 EZWGEASTI Predefined Register Relationships TRANSP A
9 EZWGEASTIH Header Data for Predefined Register Relationships TRANSP A
10 EZWGEPROFASS Template for Creating and Allocating Profiles TRANSP A
11 EZWG_HEAD Register Group: Header Data TRANSP A