SAP ABAP Table - Index A
Table - A
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 A000 Condition Table for Pricing $ TRANSP A
2 A001 Not Used in Standard POOL A
3 A002 Country/Customer Classification/Material Classification TRANSP A
4 A003 Tax Classification TRANSP A
5 A004 Material POOL A
6 A005 Customer/Material POOL A
7 A006 Price List Type/Currency/Material POOL A
8 A007 Division/Customer POOL A
9 A008 Plant/Additional selling plant TRANSP A
10 A009 Additional Selling Plant/EAN POOL A
11 A010 Additional Selling Plant/Material POOL A
12 A011 Country/Country of Dest./Customer Classif./Material Classif. TRANSP A
13 A012 Additional Selling Plant/Material Group POOL A
14 A013 Overhead Type TRANSP A
15 A014 Overhead Type/Overhead Key TRANSP A
16 A015 Not Used in Standard POOL A
17 A016 Contract Item POOL A
18 A017 Material Info Record (Plant-Specific) POOL A
19 A018 Material Info Record POOL A
20 A019 Contract Header POOL A
21 A020 Division/Price Group TRANSP A
22 A021 Vendor/Material/Unit of Measure POOL A
23 A022 Material/Unit of Measure POOL A
24 A023 Additional Selling Plant/Material/Unit of Measure POOL A
25 A024 Distribution Channel/Material/Unit of Measure POOL A
26 A025 Info Record for Non-Stock Item (Plant-Specific) POOL A
27 A026 Controlling Area/Cost Center POOL A
28 A027 Controlling Area TRANSP A
29 A028 Info Record for Non-Stock Item POOL A
30 A029 Material Pricing Group TRANSP A
31 A030 Customer/Material Pricing Group POOL A
32 A031 Price Group/Material Pricing Group TRANSP A
33 A032 Price group/Material POOL A
34 A033 Incoterms TRANSP A
35 A034 Incoterms Part 1 + 2 TRANSP A
36 A035 Overhead Type/Plant TRANSP A
37 A036 Overhead Type/Order Type TRANSP A
38 A037 Overhead Type/Order Catg. TRANSP A
39 A038 Overhead Type/Company Code TRANSP A
40 A039 Overhead Type/Business Area TRANSP A
41 A040 Country/State/Customer Classif.1/Material Classification 1 TRANSP A
42 A041 Country/State/County/Customer Classif.2/Material Classif.2 TRANSP A
43 A042 Country/State/City/Customer Classif.3/Material Classif.3 TRANSP A
44 A043 Purchasing Organization/Material Type TRANSP A
45 A044 Vendor POOL A
46 A045 Vendor Condition Group POOL A
47 A046 Material Group Prices POOL A
48 A047 Material Group Prices (Plant-Specific) POOL A
49 A048 Sales conditions sample structure for pricing TRANSP A
50 A049 Market Price for Material POOL A
51 A050 Sales conditions sample structure for pricing TRANSP A
52 A051 Invoicing Party POOL A
53 A052 Invoicing Party (Specific to Info Record) POOL A
54 A053 Taxes Using Jurisdiction Code POOL A
55 A054 Market Price for Material Group POOL A
56 A055 Sales conditions sample structure for pricing TRANSP A
57 A056 Sales conditions sample structure for pricing TRANSP A
58 A057 Variants TRANSP A
59 A058 Controlling Area/Cost Center Type POOL A
60 A059 Controlling Area/Company Code POOL A
61 A060 Controlling Area/Business Area POOL A
62 A061 Controlling Area/Cost Center Type/Cost Center POOL A
63 A062 Controlling Area/Company Code/Cost Center POOL A
64 A063 Controlling Area/Business Area/Cost Center POOL A
65 A064 Customer Hierarchy TRANSP A
66 A065 Customer Hierarchy/Material TRANSP A
67 A066 Info record per order unit TRANSP A
68 A067 Plant Info Record per Order Unit TRANSP A
69 A068 Outline Agreement Item: Plant-Dependent TRANSP A
70 A069 Vendor Subrange TRANSP A
71 A070 EAN per Plant TRANSP A
72 A071 Material per Plant TRANSP A
73 A072 EAN per SOrg/DstCh TRANSP A
74 A073 Material per SOrg/DstCh TRANSP A
75 A074 Plant/Preference Zone/Material TRANSP A
76 A075 Master Conditions for SRV with Material Group TRANSP A
77 A076 Master Conditions for Activities in Contract TRANSP A
78 A077 Cost Split for Activities in Contract TRANSP A
79 A078 Departure Country / Destination Country TRANSP A
80 A079 Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material Group TRANSP A
81 A080 Taxes: Material TRANSP A
82 A081 Contract Conditions at Plant Level TRANSP A
83 A082 Contract Conditions without Plant TRANSP A
84 A083 Vendor Conditions with Plant TRANSP A
85 A084 Vendor Conditions without Plant TRANSP A
86 A085 Metal Prices TRANSP A
87 A086 Taxes: Material, Plant and Origin TRANSP A
88 A087 Taxes: Plant, Account Assignment and Origin TRANSP A
89 A088 Taxes: Material, Plant, Account Assignment and Origin TRANSP A
90 A089 SD Document/Material TRANSP A
91 A090 SD Document/Item/Material TRANSP A
92 A091 Wage Type Surcharge at Plant Level TRANSP A
93 A092 Wage Type Surcharge without Plant TRANSP A
94 A093 Wage Type Surcharge - General TRANSP A
95 A094 Taxes: Material, Plant, Origin and Region TRANSP A
96 A095 Activities + Purchasing Organization TRANSP A
97 A096 Activities for Vendor TRANSP A
98 A097 Activities for Vendor with Plant TRANSP A
99 A098 SD Document/Item/Material Pricing Group TRANSP A
100 A099 SD Document/Item TRANSP A
101 A100 SOrg/DstCh/Material_MainItem/Material TRANSP A
102 A101 SOrg/DstCh/Material-Main Item/Material Pricing Group TRANSP A
103 A102 SOrg/DstCh/Material Pricing Group-Main Item/Material TRANSP A
104 A103 SOrg/DstCh/MaterialPricingGroup-MainItem/MatPricingGroup TRANSP A
105 A104 Service Conditions (Own Estimate) TRANSP A
106 A105 Controlling Area/Company Code/Business Area TRANSP A
107 A106 Price List/Material Group TRANSP A
108 A107 Vendor Hierarchy TRANSP A
109 A108 Vendor Hierarchy / Material TRANSP A
110 A109 Vendor hierarchy: vendor sub-range TRANSP A
111 A110 Sales Organization/Destination Country TRANSP A
112 A112 Service agent TRANSP A
113 A113 Service agent/Dep.cntry/ TRANSP A
114 A114 Tax Exemption: Customer TRANSP A
115 A115 Ser.agnt/Dep.ctry/Dep.PC /Ship-to party TRANSP A
116 A116 Tax Exemption - Customer/Tax Classification 2-Material TRANSP A
117 A117 Tax Exemption - Customer/Material TRANSP A
118 A118 "Empties" Prices (Material-Dependent) TRANSP A
119 A119 Service agent/Dep.ctry/ /Dest. country TRANSP A
120 A120 Overhead Type/Version TRANSP A
121 A121 Legal Control: Values for Calculating Foreign Percentage TRANSP A
122 A122 Surch. type /Profit Center TRANSP A
123 A123 Discount Type/Resp. Cost Center TRANSP A
124 A124 Service agent/Dep.cntry/Dep. PostCode/Tariff zone Dest. loc. TRANSP A
125 A125 Service agent/Tariff zone dep./Tariff zone target TRANSP A
126 A126 Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Freight Class TRANSP A
127 A127 Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Incoterms TRANSP A
128 A128 Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/ShippingMatType TRANSP A
129 A129 Service Agent/TariffZDep/TariffZDest/ShipMatType/VSEGR 1 TRANSP A
130 A130 Service agent/tariff zone dep./tariff zone targ/shipping mat TRANSP A
131 A131 Service Agent/TariffZnDp/TariffZnDest/Packaging Matl/VSEGR1 TRANSP A
132 A132 Price per Cost Center TRANSP A
133 A133 Mixed Taxes, Domestic TRANSP A
134 A134 Vendor TRANSP A
135 A135 Transp. service agent/shipping type/bulk group TRANSP A
136 A136 Price per Controlling Area TRANSP A
137 A137 Price per Country/Region TRANSP A
138 A138 Price per Company Code/Business Area TRANSP A
139 A139 Price per Profit Center TRANSP A
140 A140 Sales Area / Accounting Indicator TRANSP A
141 A141 Dependent on material and receiver profit center TRANSP A
142 A142 Dependent on material TRANSP A
143 A143 Dependent on material group TRANSP A
144 A144 Sales Deal Basic Data TRANSP A
145 A145 Sales Deal - Customer/Material TRANSP A
146 A146 Customer Hierarchy TRANSP A
147 A147 Customer Hierarchy (Sales Deal) TRANSP A
148 A148 Product Hierarchy TRANSP A
149 A149 Customer-dependent data determination TRANSP A
150 A150 Dest. Ctry/Material TRANSP A
151 A151 Dest. Ctry/Comm. code TRANSP A
152 A152 Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Plant/Material/Sales Unit/Customer TRANSP A
153 A153 Sales Org./Distribution Channel/Plant/Sales Unit/Customer TRANSP A
154 A154 SalesOrg./Dist.Channel/PriceList/Material/SalesUnit/Customer TRANSP A
155 A155 Sales Org./Dist. Channel/Price List/Material/Sales Unit TRANSP A
156 A156 Country of Departure/Destination Country/Del. Country TRANSP A
157 A158 PTT Circulation/Publication (CH) TRANSP A
158 A159 Package Type/PType Var./Country Grouping TRANSP A
159 A160 Plant Info Record: Variants TRANSP A
160 A161 Info Record: Variants TRANSP A
161 A162 Trading Contract: Invoice Recipient TRANSP A
162 A163 Number/Material TRANSP A
163 A172 Campaign ID/Material TRANSP A
164 A173 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N TRANSP A
165 A174 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N TRANSP A
166 A175 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area TRANSP A
167 A176 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund TRANSP A
168 A177 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area TRANSP A
169 A178 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/GM_GRANT_N TRANSP A
170 A179 CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/GM_GRANT_N TRANSP A
171 A180 Country/Preference Zone/Cross-Plant Grouping TRANSP A
172 A181 TaxIndPlnt/Tax type TRANSP A
173 A182 Region/PlntRegion/Plant/Tax ind. TRANSP A
174 A184 ACRN ID/Material/Version Number/Priority TRANSP A
175 A185 Order no./Item/Configuration no./Material/Preference zone TRANSP A
176 A190 Condition Table for Pricing A190 TRANSP A
177 A191 Condition Table for Pricing A191 TRANSP A
178 A192 Country/Goods Rec./StCla-Mat TRANSP A
179 A193 Condition Table for Pricing A193 TRANSP A
180 A194 Anwendung/Sparte/Tarif/Version/Status TRANSP A
181 A195 Anwendung/VereinbNr/PVergüter/Version/Status TRANSP A
182 A196 Anwendung/VereinbNr/Sparte/Tarif/Version/Status TRANSP A
183 A197 Anwendung/CACS_COM_C/Ind. Sekt./Version/Status TRANSP A
184 A198 Anwendung/Ind. Sekt./Version/Status TRANSP A
185 A200 IS-PAM: COA Standing: Booking Unit/Content Component/COA UM TRANSP A
186 A201 IS-M: Contract Standing: Booking Unit/Contract UM TRANSP A
187 A202 IS-M: Contract Standing: Content Component/Contract UM TRANSP A
188 A203 IS-M: Contract Standing: Contract Unit of Measure TRANSP A
189 A205 IS-M: Contract Standing: Book.Unit/Cont.Comp./ Contrct Curr. TRANSP A
190 A206 IS-M: Contract Standing: Booking Unit/Contract Currency TRANSP A
191 A207 IS-M: Contract Standing: Content Component/Contract Currency TRANSP A
192 A208 IS-M: Contract Standing: Contract Currency TRANSP A
193 A210 IS-M: Commission/Bonus for Media Sales Agent Contract TRANSP A
194 A211 IS-M: Commission/Bonus - Purchasing Organization CKey fr MA TRANSP A
195 A212 IS-M: DelCtry/BP Tax Classification TRANSP A
196 A215 Contract header conditions at outline level without plant TRANSP A
199 A237 IS-M: SOrg/DstChannel/Division/BookUnit/ProcessType TRANSP A
200 A238 IS-M: Processing Type TRANSP A
201 A239 IS-M: SOrg/DistChann/Division/Rec.Country/Payment Method TRANSP A
202 A240 IS-M: SOrg/DstChann/Division/Box Number TRANSP A
203 A241 IS-M: SOrg/DstChannel/Division/Design Type/Ad Shape TRANSP A
204 A243 IS-M: Booking Unit/AI Category TRANSP A
205 A244 IS-M: SO/DC/Dv/BU/TSlce TRANSP A
206 A245 IS-M: SOrg/DstChannel/Division TRANSP A
207 A250 IS-M: SOrg/DstChann/Division/Service TRANSP A
208 A251 IS-M: SOrg/DChannel/Division/Advertiser TRANSP A
209 A254 Customer or Goods Recipient/Equipment/Material TRANSP A
210 A255 Customer/Loading Cost Relevance TRANSP A
211 A256 Customer/Catalog Group 2/Material TRANSP A
212 A257 Movement Type/Recipient Type TRANSP A
213 A258 Movement Type/Sender Type/Recipient Type TRANSP A
214 A259 Movement Type/Sender Type/Recipient Type/Cross TRANSP A
215 A260 IS-M: DelCtry/TaxC1 TRANSP A
216 A261 IS-M: VAT Country/RecLand/Cust.Tax Classification TRANSP A
217 A262 IS-M: VAT Country/RecCountry/CustTaxCl/TaxClass TRANSP A
218 A263 IS-M: DelCtry/Mat.Tax Class. TRANSP A
219 A264 Customer or Goods Recipient/Document Type TRANSP A
220 A265 Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type/Material Grp/Material TRANSP A
221 A266 Standard Dummy Customer/Material Group/Material Number TRANSP A
222 A267 Customer or Goods Recipient/Equipment Type/Material TRANSP A
223 A268 Owner/administrator TRANSP A
224 A269 Equipment Type/Document Type TRANSP A
225 A270 Euqipment/Document Type TRANSP A
226 A271 Document Category TRANSP A
227 A272 Equipment/Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type TRANSP A
228 A273 Sales org./Distr. chl/Division/Material/Customer/Item TRANSP A
229 A274 Sales org./Distr. chl/Division/Material/Item TRANSP A
230 A275 Material/Agreement Data for ATO/MTS Components TRANSP A
231 A276 Agreement Data and status with agreement search TRANSP A
232 A277 Standard Dummy Customer/Document Type/Material Group TRANSP A
233 A278 ETM Material / Activity Type TRANSP A
234 A279 ETM Goods Recipient/Material/Activity Type TRANSP A
235 A281 Condition Table for Pricing A281 TRANSP A
236 A290 IS-M: Condition Index: Booking Unit TRANSP A
237 A291 Land/SteuKennz. TRANSP A
238 A292 BR: ISS from SD: Ship-to-City TRANSP A
239 A293 Land/StKla2-Kd TRANSP A
240 A2G_ATTR000000 A2G_ATTR000000 TRANSP A
241 A2G_ATTR000000H A2G_ATTR000000H TRANSP A
242 A2G_ATTR000001 A2G_ATTR000001 TRANSP A
243 A2G_ATTR000001H A2G_ATTR000001H TRANSP A
244 A2G_ATTR000003 A2G_ATTR000003 TRANSP A
245 A2G_ATTR000003H A2G_ATTR000003H TRANSP A
246 A300 Statistical Value of Subcontracting Components TRANSP A
247 A301 Info Record Type and Incoterms TRANSP A
248 A302 SD doc./Item/Customer TRANSP A
249 A303 SD doc./Item/Material/CompMat/CompSup/CompType TRANSP A
250 A304 Material with release status TRANSP A
251 A305 Customer/material with release status TRANSP A
252 A306 Price list category/currency/material with release status TRANSP A
253 A307 Customer with Release Status TRANSP A
254 A308 SD doc./Item/Customer/Personnel TRANSP A
255 A309 SD Doc./Customer/Personnel TRANSP A
256 A310 Duty Rate Customs Exemption: Importing Ctry/Code/Material TRANSP A
257 A311 TRANSP A
258 A312 no. TRANSP A
259 A313 SD Doc./Item/Personnel/Sold-to pt/ TRANSP A
260 A315 Cust.Duty Anti-dumping: Import/Code/Orig.ctry/Manu./Exp./Mat TRANSP A
261 A316 Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/Anti-d. Code TRANSP A
262 A317 Anti-dumping Duty Rate: Imp.Cntry/Code Number/Cntry of Orig. TRANSP A
263 A320 Third country Duties: Import ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry TRANSP A
264 A321 Third Country Duty Rate: Import Country/Code TRANSP A
265 A325 Duties Pharma. Products: Import country/Code/CAS/Material TRANSP A
266 A326 Pharm. Products Duty Rate: Import Country/Code/Pharma. Code TRANSP A
267 A330 Preferential Cust.Duties: Imp.ctry/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry/Matl TRANSP A
268 A331 Preference Duty Rate: Import Ctry/Code/Orig.Ctry/Preference TRANSP A
269 A335 Quota Duty Rate: Imp.ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Proc./Mat/Quota TRANSP A
270 A336 Quota Duty Rate: Import Country/Code/Orig.Ctry/Quota Number TRANSP A
271 A337 ContractNr/Plant TRANSP A
272 A338 Purch.doc./Plant TRANSP A
273 A339 ClsGrp TRANSP A
274 A340 Foreign Trade: CAP: Restitution rates TRANSP A
275 A341 Land/StKla3-Kd TRANSP A
276 A342 Land/StKla2-Mat TRANSP A
277 A343 BR: Substituiçao Tributária from SD TRANSP A
278 A344 BR: ICMS base reduction carrier: Land/St. Basis/Belegart TRANSP A
279 A345 Ceiling Duty Rate: Import Country/Orig.Country/Ceiling No. TRANSP A
280 A346 Land/Dyn.Schlüssel1/Dyn.Schlüssel2/Dyn.Schlüssel3/St.-Grp. TRANSP A
281 A347 Land/SF/ST/Schlüssel1/Schlüssel2/Schlüssel3/St.-Grp. TRANSP A
282 A348 Land/SF/ST/XSUBT/Schlüssel1/Schlüssel2/Schlüssel3/St.-Grp. TRANSP A
284 A350 Sales org. TRANSP A
285 A352 ST Code/Post.code/PlntRegion TRANSP A
286 A353 ST Code/Region/PlntRegion TRANSP A
287 A354 Country/Region/PlntRegion TRANSP A
288 A355 Jur. code TRANSP A
289 A356 Country/PlntRegion/ST Code/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat TRANSP A
290 A357 Country/Plant/Ctrl code TRANSP A
291 A358 Country/Plant/Ctrl code/Material TRANSP A
292 A359 Plant/Matl group TRANSP A
293 A360 Location / Service type / Material - Street price TRANSP A
294 A361 LocationID/Material - Street price TRANSP A
295 A362 Country/NBM-NCM Code TRANSP A
296 A363 Plant/Vendor/Material TRANSP A
297 A364 Trading Contract/Vendor/Material TRANSP A
298 A365 Trading Contract/Vendor/Material TRANSP A
299 A366 Trading Contract Number TRANSP A
300 A367 Country/Plant/Region/Material TRANSP A
301 A368 Country/PlntRegion/Region/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat TRANSP A
302 A369 Country/Plant/Ctrl code/TaxCl1Cust TRANSP A
303 A370 Customer/Service TRANSP A
304 A371 Country/Plant/Ctrl code/Ship-to TRANSP A
305 A372 Sales org./Ref.doc./Ref.item TRANSP A
306 A373 Country/Plant/Material TRANSP A
307 A374 Country/Sales org./Region/PlntRegion/TaxCl3Cust/TaxCl.3Mat TRANSP A
308 A375 Country/Sales org./Region/PlntRegion/TaxCl2Cust/TaxCl.2Mat TRANSP A
309 A376 Country/Sales org./Region/PlntRegion/TaxCl4Cust/TaxCl.4Mat TRANSP A
310 A382 Land/Belegart/SF/ST/Schlüssel1/Schlüssel2/Schlüssel3/St.-Grp TRANSP A
311 A383 Category/Partner/Material TRANSP A
312 A384 Category/Material TRANSP A
313 A385 Sales Org./DChann./Division/Material/Status/Proc.Status TRANSP A
314 A386 Sales Org./Dist.Chl./Division/Sold-To Pty TRANSP A
315 A388 Country/Tax Class.-Customer TRANSP A
316 A389 Country/Partner/Tax Class.-Customer TRANSP A
317 A390 Brazil: 100% reversals TRANSP A
318 A392 Land TRANSP A
319 A393 Land/Lieferant TRANSP A
320 A394 Land/Empfänger TRANSP A
321 A395 Arg.: Country/Fisc.Type TRANSP A
322 A396 Arg.: Country/Fisc.Type/Material TRANSP A
323 A397 Arg.: Tax relevant classification TRANSP A
324 A399 Withholding tax code - country-specific TRANSP A
325 A400 IS-H: External Physician Discount § BPflV Per Service (A400) POOL A
326 A401 IS-H: Personal Item Discount §8 BPflV Per Service (A401) POOL A
327 A402 SalesOrg/DistribCh/SDContractNo/Material TRANSP A
328 A403 SalesOrg/DistribCh/SDContractNo/Plant/Material TRANSP A
329 A404 Customer/Material/Plant TRANSP A
330 A405 ContractNr/Well/WC/Material (obsolete -> replaced by A416) TRANSP A
331 A406 Plant/material TRANSP A
332 A407 Route, Loading Point, Discharge Point TRANSP A
333 A408 Carrier TRANSP A
334 A409 Carrier, Bulk Shipment Type, Depart. Point, Dest. Point TRANSP A
335 A410 Customer/ Plant/ Material/ Base Product TRANSP A
336 A411 ContractNr/MP ID/Material (obsolete -> replaced by A438) TRANSP A
337 A412 Vendor/Plant/Material/Base Product TRANSP A
338 A413 Carrier, vehicle type TRANSP A
339 A414 Carrier, Bulk Shipment Type TRANSP A
340 A415 Carrier, Bulk Shipment Type, Destination Tariff Zone TRANSP A
341 A416 PRA Pricing - Contract, Well, Well Completion, Material TRANSP A
342 A417 ContractNr/Material (obsolete -> replaced by A440) TRANSP A
343 A418 Sales org. TRANSP A
344 A419 ED pricing/Origin/Tax Group/Handl.Type/Orig.reg. TRANSP A
345 A420 SalesOrg/DistCh/CustGrp/ProdHier/PricDRC TRANSP A
346 A421 SalesOrg/DistCh/CustGrp/Plant/ProdHier/PricDRC TRANSP A
347 A422 DRC: Sales Area/Material/Wide Area Pricing TRANSP A
348 A423 Customer Specific Tax (FOB) TRANSP A
349 A424 Exception for States (FOB) TRANSP A
350 A425 State Tax FOB TRANSP A
351 A426 State Tax on delivered goods TRANSP A
352 A427 Veh.type TRANSP A
353 A428 SalesOrg/DistChann/CustGrp/DRCMetrInd/ProdHier TRANSP A
354 A429 DRC: Sales Area/Material/State License Fee Zone TRANSP A
355 A430 DRC: Sales Area/Material/DRC Country TRANSP A
356 A431 DRC: Sales Area/Material/DRC Region TRANSP A
357 A432 DRC: Sales Area/Material/DRC Country/DRC Region TRANSP A
358 A433 Customer Specific Tax (FOB) - Federal TRANSP A
359 A434 Incoterms / Material group 2 - Federal TRANSP A
360 A435 Sales org./Distr. chl/Customer/Material/DRM Agr No/DRM Itm TRANSP A
361 A436 Agreement data in combination with Agreement search TRANSP A
362 A437 Material/Customer/Agreement data TRANSP A
363 A438 PRA Pricing - Contract, Measurement Point, Material TRANSP A
364 A439 Material/Agreement data TRANSP A
365 A440 PRA Pricing - Contract, Material TRANSP A
366 A441 CRP Pricing with COND CODE TRANSP A
367 A442 Full Rate Excise Duty Company/Plant/Tax Group TRANSP A
368 A443 Red Rate Exc Duty Comp/Plant/Tax Group/Handling Type TRANSP A
369 A444 Two-step transfer with tracking sign TRANSP A
370 A445 Material TRANSP A
371 A446 IS-M/SD: Network for Postal Shipping TRANSP A
372 A447 IS-M/SD: Settlement Number for Periodical Post TRANSP A
373 A448 IS-M/SD: Promotion Rebate for WBZ Company TRANSP A
374 A449 IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Promotion Rebate TRANSP A
375 A450 IS-PSD: Versandkosten pauschal Ländergruppierung TRANSP A
376 A451 Purchase Price TRANSP A
377 A452 IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Shipping Costs f.Current Delivery Country TRANSP A
378 A453 IS-M/SD: Advance Payment Discount TRANSP A
379 A454 IS-M/SD: Sales Promotion Discount TRANSP A
380 A455 Customer Discount/Title TRANSP A
381 A456 Conditions Per Publication and Price Group TRANSP A
382 A457 Subscription Prices for Edition Condition Grouping TRANSP A
383 A458 IS-M/SD: Employee Renewal Commission TRANSP A
384 A459 IS-M/SD: Employee Up-Front Commission TRANSP A
385 A460 Daily Subscription Prices for Edition Condition Grouping TRANSP A
386 A461 IS-M/SD: Employee Bonus for Sales Promotion TRANSP A
387 A462 IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement - Renewal Commission TRANSP A
388 A463 IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement - Bonus for Up-Front Comm. TRANSP A
389 A464 IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement for Up-Front Commission TRANSP A
390 A465 IS-M/SD: Special Retail Prices for Customer TRANSP A
391 A466 IS-M/SD: Special Retail Prices TRANSP A
392 A467 IS-M/SD: Retail Purchase Prices TRANSP A
393 A468 IS-M/SD: Daily Shipping Costs for Current Delivery Country TRANSP A
394 A469 IS-M/SD: Daily Shipping Costs for Country Grouping TRANSP A
395 A470 IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Normal Items TRANSP A
396 A471 IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Deliverer Sett.for Normal Items: District TRANSP A
397 A472 IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Deliv.Sett.for Normal Items: Delivery Type TRANSP A
398 A473 IS-M/SD: Gen.Settlement for Purchasing Org./Service Company TRANSP A
399 A474 IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Sunday Bonus TRANSP A
400 A475 IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Path Compensation TRANSP A
401 A476 IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Public Holiday Bonus TRANSP A
402 A477 IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Night Work Bonus TRANSP A
403 A478 IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Run Compensation TRANSP A
404 A479 IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Key Bonus TRANSP A
405 A480 IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - District Flat Rate TRANSP A
406 A481 IS-M/SD: Daily Purchase Prices TRANSP A
407 A482 IS-M/SD: SC Commission Settlement - Bonus for Up-Front Comm. TRANSP A
408 A483 IS-M/SD: Payment Method for Employee Bonus for Up-Front Com. TRANSP A
409 A484 IS-M/SD: Employee Commission Deposit TRANSP A
410 A485 IS-M/SD: SC Hand Delivery Settlement - Normal Item TRANSP A
411 A486 IS-M/SD: Lump Sum Del.Type f.SC Hand Del.Sett. - Normal Item TRANSP A
412 A487 IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Bonuses (Inserts/Weight) TRANSP A
413 A488 IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Sunday Bonus TRANSP A
414 A489 IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Path Compensation TRANSP A
415 A490 IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Public Holiday Bonus TRANSP A
416 A491 IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Night Work Bonus TRANSP A
417 A492 IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Run Compensation TRANSP A
418 A493 IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - Key Bonus TRANSP A
419 A494 IS-M/SD: SC Delivery Settlement - District Lump Sum TRANSP A
420 A495 Equipment type/standard dummy customer/document category TRANSP A
421 A496 Postal Charges for Postal Dist.Items (Publication Frequency) TRANSP A
422 A497 Postal Charges (Postal Package Type) TRANSP A
423 A498 Postal Charges (Postal Package Type, Type Variant) TRANSP A
424 A499 Postal Settlement Indicators TRANSP A
425 A5C_ATTR000008 A5C_ATTR000008 TRANSP A
426 A5C_ATTR000008H A5C_ATTR000008H TRANSP A
427 A5C_ATTR000009 A5C_ATTR000009 TRANSP A
428 A5C_ATTR000009H A5C_ATTR000009H TRANSP A
429 A5C_ATTR000011 A5C_ATTR000011 TRANSP A
430 A5C_ATTR000011H A5C_ATTR000011H TRANSP A
431 A5C_ATTR000012 A5C_ATTR000012 TRANSP A
432 A5C_ATTR000012H A5C_ATTR000012H TRANSP A
433 A5C_ATTR000105 Multi-Value Attribute COMT_VARIANT_KEY TRANSP A
434 A5C_ATTR000105H Multi-Value Attribute COMT_VARIANT_KEY TRANSP A
435 A6G_ATTR000012 A6G_ATTR000012 TRANSP A
436 A6G_ATTR000012H A6G_ATTR000012H TRANSP A
437 A6G_ATTR000013 A6G_ATTR000013 TRANSP A
438 A6G_ATTR000013H A6G_ATTR000013H TRANSP A
439 A6H_ATTR000000 A6H_ATTR000000 TRANSP A
440 A6H_ATTR000000H A6H_ATTR000000H TRANSP A
441 A9G_ATTR000001 A9G_ATTR000001 TRANSP A
442 A9G_ATTR000001H A9G_ATTR000001H TRANSP A
443 AAACC_EXCL Exception Table for Account Assignment Settings in FI-AA TRANSP S
444 AAACC_OBJ Account Assignment Settings in Asset Accounting TRANSP C
445 AAACC_OBJ_ERR Types of Error During Check of Acct Assignment in FI-AA TRANSP G
446 AAACD1 Standard Change Documents Table (Not Used) TRANSP C
447 AAACD2 Standard Change Documents Table (Not Used) TRANSP C
448 AAA_KEYS SAP Authorization Assistant - Definition TRANSP C
449 AAA_ROLES SAP Authorization Assistant - Roles Managed by Tool TRANSP C
450 AAA_ROLES2 SAP Authorization Assistant - Roles no longer Managed TRANSP C
451 AAA_USERS SAP Authorization Assistant - Definition TRANSP C
452 AAA_VALUES SAP Authorization Assistant - Values TRANSP C
453 AAB_ID_ACT Activatable IDs for Breakpoints and Assertions: Activation TRANSP L
454 AAB_ID_PROP Directory of Checkpoint Groups TRANSP W
455 AAB_ID_PROPT Directory of Checkpoint Groups: Description TRANSP W
456 AAB_TRANS_LINK AAB: Assignment of Activation IDs to Components TRANSP E
457 AAB_VAR_ID Assignment of Variants to Activation IDs TRANSP W
458 AAB_VAR_PROP Variants for Activation Checkpoint Groups: Attributes TRANSP W
459 AAB_VAR_PROPT Variants for Activation IDs: Description TRANSP W
460 AAF_ROLES SAP Authorization Assistant - User-Specific Favorites TRANSP C
461 AAT_ROLES SAP Authorization Assistant - Definition TRANSP C
462 AAT_USERS SAP Authorization Assistant - Definition TRANSP C
463 AAT_VALUES SAP Authorization Assistant - Values TRANSP C
464 AAUSORG Org. levels for profile generator TRANSP S
465 AAUSVAR Possible authorization fields as variables TRANSP S
466 ABAPDOCUSRCH Search Statistics for ABAP Documentation TRANSP A
467 ABAPDOCUSTATS Access Statistics for ABAP Documentation TRANSP A
468 ABAPDOCU_BUFF Buffer table for formatted content of ABAP Documentation TRANSP A
469 ABAPDOCU_TREE Tree Structure of ABAP Keyword Documentation TRANSP S
470 ABAPHTML System Table for Buffering COntents of ABAP Documentation TRANSP A
471 ABAPTREE Obsolete Table TRANSP S
472 ABAPTREET Obsolete Table TRANSP S
473 ABAP_ONLINE_COM ABAP Online Community: Data exchange TRANSP L
474 ABAP_ONLINE_ROOM ABAP Online Community: Room members TRANSP L
475 ABC_F4TAB CO-ABC: Table for Subdividing F4 Data Elements TRANSP E
477 ABC_FTREET CO-ABC: Texts for Tree Structure TRANSP C
478 ABDBG_ACTIVATION DO NOT CHANGE: ABAP Debugger Table of Waiting Debuggees TRANSP L
479 ABDBG_BPS ABAP Debugger: Breakpoints TRANSP L
480 ABDBG_EXTDBPS ABAP Debugger: External Breakpoints (kernel dependent) TRANSP L
481 ABDBG_INFO ABAP Debugger: Information on Breakpoints TRANSP L
482 ABDBG_LISTENER Waiting Listener Processes for Breakpoint Notification TRANSP L
483 ABDBG_TRACE Debugger Tracing TRANSP L
484 ABDOCMODE Window Setting for ABAP Keyword Documentation TRANSP L
486 ABDOCUSUBJECTS Link Table for ABAP Keyword Documentation TRANSP S
487 ABS_IV_KEYFIG_HD Absolute Key Figures at Header Level TRANSP A
488 ABS_IV_KEYFI_ITM Absolute Key Figures at Item Level TRANSP A
489 ABTREE Former INDX-Type Table of Deleted ABAP Examples TRANSP S
490 ACAC_OBJECTS Manual Accruals: Accrual Objects TRANSP A
491 ACALCFGVARIABLES Text variables in alerting configuration TRANSP S
492 ACALCFGVARIABLET Text variables in alerting configuration TRANSP S
493 ACALERTDIR Alert configuration: alert directory TRANSP L
494 ACALERTDIRT Alert configuration: texttable for directory alerttypes TRANSP L
495 ACALERTFLAGS Flags for Alerts TRANSP E
496 ACALERTREP Alert configuration: alert repository TRANSP E
497 ACALERTREPT Alert configuration: texttable for repository alerttypes TRANSP E
498 ACBESTOFLASTN "Best of last n" rule configuration TRANSP L
499 ACBIMONGUID Table to store max guid TRANSP L