Function Group - K
# Function Group Package Software Component Short Description
1 K23D KIMB    Repostings with reference  
2 K23E KIMB    Selection of COVPs  
3 K23F1 KIMB    Interface for Manual Actual Postings  
4 K23F2 KIMB    Aux.Modules for K23F1: Man. Actual Pstg  
5 K23F3 KIMB    Aux.Modules for Cust. Manual Actual Pstg  
6 K23F4 KIMB    F4 Exits for Manual Actual Postings  
7 K23F5 KIMB     
8 K23F_CUST KIMB    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
9 K23G KIMB SAP_APPL  Service Function Modules  
10 K40C KIMB    CO Actual Postings, Manual  
11 K41C KIMB SAP_APPL  Data Transfer to CO: Posting Engine  
12 K4AL KALC    CO PF4 on Allocation Cycle  
13 K70U KKEK    RK Unit Costing Update (old)  
14 KA01 KPKA    Valuate KALKTAB, Fill Qty Structure  
15 KAAR KBAS_ARCH    CO archiving classes (some of them)  
16 KAB1 KBAS    CO General: Report Functions  
17 KAB2 KBAS    CO Reporting: General Functions  
18 KAB3 KBAS    CO Reporting: Interface Modules  
19 KABA KKS    General CO - Background Processing  
20 KABB KIST    General CO - Post Document  
21 KABC KKS    General Functions for Controlling  
22 KABE KIST    General CO - Create Document  
23 KABL KBAS    CO Interface for Actual Postings in CO  
24 KABM KABC    Report Tools for CO Master Data  
25 KABP KABC    Functions for Process Costing  
26 KABR KBAS    Read CO document via COBK_INDX  
27 KABS KACC    CO Object: Reverse Document  
28 KABX KBAS    General list output  
29 KACB GKNTCORE    Coding Block  
30 KACC GKNT    Coding Block: Add Customer Fields  
31 KACCFIFM KKAL    Services for FI-FM Account Determination  
32 KACD GKNTCORE    Coding Block: Table Maintenance  
33 KACF GKNT    Coding Block Control Tables FI  
34 KACG GKNT    Coding Block: FI/LO Part of KACB  
35 KACI GKNT    Coding Block: Interface Service  
36 KACM GKNT    Coding Block Control Tables MM  
37 KACS GKNT    Coding Block: Maintain Subscreens  
38 KACU KBAS    Popup for defining currency  
39 KADA KADA SAP_APPL  CO Account Determination  
40 KADL KACC    CO Object: General Routines  
41 KADP KAFM    CO down payment update (value type 12)  
42 KADS KBAS    CO General: Lock Database  
43 KADU KBAS    CO: Generate CO documents  
44 KADV KBAS    Versions for transactions in delta vers.  
45 KAE0 KBAS    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
46 KAE1 KBAS    Reports: Report Header Definition  
47 KAE2 KBAS    Help Functions for Line Item Reports  
48 KAE3 KBAS    Performance Measurement and Output  
49 KAE4 KBAS    Go to Original/Following Documents  
50 KAE5 KBAS    Read External Texts (Creditor, Material)  
51 KAE6 KBAS    Release Selection Data  
52 KAEO KBAS    Data for Profitability Segment  
53 KAEP KBAS    Line Item Report Modules  
54 KAEPX KBAS SAP_APPL  Enhancements to Line Item Reporting  
55 KAFD KAUF    Ext. Data Transfer / Orders / Projects  
56 KAFS KAFM    Project Cash Management Services  
57 KAGT KBAS    CO General: Generate Report  
58 KAIA KBAS SAP_APPL  Pre-Check Function for FI-AA  
59 KAIC KACT SAP_APPL  Integration IAA - callback components  
60 KAID KBAS_ERP50    CO Interface: Dialog  
61 KAIF KACC    Check Master Record + Fill COIOB  
62 KAIG KACC    Integration  
63 KAIN KACC    CO Object: Insert Line Item  
64 KAIP KBAS_ERP50    CO Interface: Checks  
65 KAIPCORE KBASCORE    CO Acct Assign. Checks: Core Functions  
66 KAIPTRACE KBAS SAP_APPL  CO Interface: Trace Functions  
67 KAIR KBAS    Co interface for RW document: display  
68 KAIS KBAS_ERP50    CO interface: Services  
69 KAIT KBAS    CO General: Generate Iteration  
70 KAIV KPLA    Activity planning and revaluation  
71 KAL1 KALC    Cycle Maintenance and Overview  
72 KALA KKAL    F4 Help for business transaction  
73 KALC KKAL    CO RecLedger: Conversion Function  
74 KALD KKAL    CO Reconciliation Ledger  
75 KALE KALE    CO Object: ALE connection  
76 KALF KACC    ===> Object CSSL , generated by  
77 KALG KACC    ===> Object COKA , generated by  
78 KALI KBAS    Cost Center/Activity Type Tests/Accesses  
79 KALK KPKA    Distribution of costing data to months  
80 KALL KBAS    CO General: Routines  
81 KALLCORE KBASCORE    CO General: Routines  
82 KALM KKAL    Fill from COBL substructures  
83 KALN KKAL    CO Reconc. Ledger: Follow-up posting  
84 KALO KKAL_ERP50    CO Reconciliation Ledger: Find Account  
85 KALP KKAL    CO Reconcil. Ledger: Through-Posting  
86 KALR KKAL    CO Reconciliation Ledger: Reporting  
87 KALS KKALCORE    F4 help for object class  
88 KALT KALC    Enhanced Cycle Display  
89 KALU KKAL    CO RecLedger: Service Programs  
90 KALV KAMV    List Output for CO Mass Processing  
91 KAL_COEP KKAL SAP_APPL  Service Functions for CO Line Item Proc.  
92 KAMB KABT    Material Document Functions  
93 KAMM KBAS    CO Master Data: Global Functions  
94 KAMS KACC    CO Object: Totals Records Modification  
95 KAN1 KKAN    Diagnosis Tool, AC Interface  
96 KANC KAMV    Call up revaluation  
97 KANI KAMV    Revaluation at Actual Prices  
98 KAOC KAO    Commitments Management - General Tools  
99 KAOI KAO    Commitments Management  
100 KAOP KAPS    Period-End Closing: Projects  
101 KAOQ KAPQ    PS: Commercial Service Routines  
102 KAOR KPKA    Interface Invoicing Plan to Costing  
103 KAOT KPSD    Special data transfer SD -> RW  
104 KAOU KPSD    Update sales order value  
105 KAOV KPSD    Sales order value update  
106 KAOX KAPS    Project-Spec. Part of Results Analysis  
107 KAPL KPLA    General CO - post planned values  
108 KAPP KPLA    General CostAcc: CO Object Planning  
110 KAPR KACC    CO Object: Update COSPP, COSSP  
111 KAPS KBAS    CO Period Lock  
112 KAP_PSR RS_KAP_PSR SAP_BW  Data Handling Project Status Report  
113 KAR1 KBAS    Report Writer Functions  
114 KARC KBAS_ARCH    CO Archiving: Common Functions  
115 KARE KBAS    Resources: Master Records  
116 KARL KBAS_ARCH    Archive/Report Writer Interface  
117 KARO KBAS    Maint.: Resource Prices and Price Calc.  
118 KARP KAPQ    Archiving commercial PS  
119 KARS KACC    CO Object: Read Routines  
120 KARS2 KPLA    CO Object: Read routines f. recipe plan.  
121 KARV KBAS    Co object:read routines with ref.version  
122 KASA KASA    Project Consistency Checks  
123 KASC KASC    Overhead Processor  
124 KASH SARCIS    Display tools for archive  
125 KASS KBAS    CO Object Selection Subscreen  
126 KASS_BTE KBAS SAP_APPL  BTE for KASS Function Group  
127 KASU KASC    Post Overhead  
128 KASV KBAS    Go to Object Master Data Transaction  
129 KAUF KAUF    Maintain Master Data for Internal Orders  
130 KAUP KACC    Post CO Documents  
131 KAUT KACC    CO Object: Utilities  
132 KAV1 KABC    Update Module for Stat. Key Figures  
133 KAVB KACC    Post Index for Open Items  
134 KAVR KACC    General CO: Business Transactions  
135 KAZB KAMV    Main function group CO mass processing  
136 KAZB_BADI KAMV SAP_APPL  BADIs for Function Group KAZB  
137 KAZC KAMV    Box for Overhead Calculation  
138 KAZT KAUC    Maintain Overhead Table  
139 KAZU KAUC    Overhead Rates  
140 KAZZ BK    General Conversion Exits in FI/CO  
141 KBAP KABP    BAPI Budget/Plan  
142 KBAS_XI_PROXY KBAS_XI_PROXY SAP_APPL  Function Group for Service Implement.  
143 KBE0 KBE    Create Internal RW Documents  
144 KBE1 KAUF    Authorization Checks for Orders  
145 KBE2 KBAS    Authorization Concept, Release 4.0  
146 KBER KBAS    CO: Authorization Checks  
147 KBEW KEU0    Budgeting: Application-Dependent  
148 KBLC KBE    ===> Object KBLKPW , generated by  
149 KBLR KBE    KBE Document Entry: Read Components  
150 KBLS KBE    KBE Document Entry: Service Routines  
151 KBLV KBE    KBE Document Entry: Update  
152 KBP3 KABC    CO-ABC: Manual Actual Price  
153 KBPA KABP    Budget/Plan - application-specific  
154 KBPB KABP_ADDON    Budget Entry/Parking  
155 KBPC KABP_ADDON    Budget/plan objects  
156 KBPD KABP    Budget/Plan - archiving reorganization  
158 KBPH FMDK    Budget Erfassung pro BSP-Element  
159 KBPI FMBU    Budgeting: Direct Entry  
160 KBPP KABP    Budget/Plan - Dialog  
161 KBPR KABP    Budget/Plan Data Selection  
162 KBPS KABP    Budget/Plan Service  
163 KBPT KABP    Budget/Plan Checks  
164 KBPV KABP    Budget/Plan Updates  
165 KBPW KABP    Budget/Plan Parking/Workflow  
166 KC01 KS0C    Aut. Gen. of Cost Elements: Default  
167 KCCO KC_NU    Comments in EC-EIS (SAP Office Calls)  
168 KCCT KC_NU    SAP_EIS: Comments  
169 KCD0 BKD    Maintain Data Transfer  
170 KCD2 BKD    Maintain Sender Structure  
171 KCD4 BKD    External Data Transfer: RFC Call Up  
172 KCD41 BKD    External Data Transfer: Search Helps  
173 KCD5 BKD    RFC for External Data Transfer  
174 KCDBN KC_NU    Sender structure package  
175 KCDC KE    EDT: Tools for CO-PA  
176 KCDE KC    Data transfer from PC files  
177 KCDF4 BKD    Data Transfer: Search Helps  
178 KCDH BKD    General modules for data transfer  
179 KCDL BKD    External Data Transfer: Logs  
180 KCDM KC_NU SAP_APPL  SAP-EIS: Data transfer  
181 KCDP KC    Read Excel sheets  
182 KCDR KC_NU    SAP-EIS: Read database  
183 KCDS BKD    Data Transfer: Process  
184 KCDT BKD    External data transfer: types concept  
185 KCDU BKD    External data processing: postprocessing  
186 KCDW BKD    External data transfer: popups  
187 KCDX BKD    Ext. Data Transfer: Export Global Var.  
188 KCDY BKD    External Data Transfer: Standard  
189 KCDZ BKD    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
190 KCD_ALE KCD_ADDON EA-FINSERV  External Data Transfer/IDoc Interface  
191 KCHM KCM    Change Management  
192 KCMV KC_NU    Calculation routines EIS planning  
193 KCOA KBAS    Access for COKA, CSSL, COKL  
194 KCOB KACT    Access for COST, COSL  
195 KCOC KACT    Receiver spec. routines for IAA  
197 KCONS_CUST_CHNL ERP_CUSTOMER_DP_CONSENT SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
198 KCONS_CUST_ORG ERP_CUSTOMER_DP_CONSENT SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
199 KCONS_DETAILS ERP_CUSTOMER_DP_CONSENT SAP_APPL  Consent Data: Consent Data maintenance  
201 KCPL KC_NU    Functions for automatic planning/EIS  
202 KCPM KC_NU    Messages Batch Planning  
203 KCPV KC_NU    Maintenance views EC-BP  
204 KCPY KPKA    Plan Version Copying  
205 KCR01 DI_KCR DI  Cost Resource: Master Data Interface  
206 KCR02 DI_KCR DI  Cost Resource: Activity Allocation  
207 KCR03 DI_KCR DI  Cost Resource: iPPE Adaptor  
208 KCR04 DI_KCR DI  Cost Resource: Framework/Test Environmen  
209 KCR05 DI_KCR DI  Cost Resource: Resource View (Test)  
210 KCR06 DI_KCR DI  Cost Resource: Link View  
211 KCR07 DI_KCR DI  Cost Resource: Cost Center/Act.Type View  
212 KCR08 DI_KCR DI  Cost Resource: Business Process View  
213 KCR09 DI_KCR DI  Cost Res: CC/Act.Ty. View - Time Depend.  
214 KCRP1 KCRP    Navigation tree used in SAPMKES1, -MKCEE  
215 KCRP2 KCRP    Functions used in RP + RD  
216 KCRP3 KCRP    Function in RP  
217 KCRV1 DI_KCR DI  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
218 KCSL KC_NU    Data Slice Interface  
219 KCSM KPLA    CCtr Budgeting - Master Data Management  
220 KCSP KBAS    Function Group: Period Lock  
221 KCTV KPLA    Valuating a Cost Center Formula in Plan  
222 KCUM KC_NU    Conversion 4.0 new fixed fields  
223 KCVU KC_NU    SAP-EIS: Record number allocation  
224 KD01 VSV    Create IDOC Vendor Master  
225 KD02 VSV    Receipt of IDOC for Vendor Master  
226 KD02CORE VSVCORE    Vendor Master IDOC Input  
227 KD03 VSV    Functions for Vendor Master Distrib.  
228 KDIC KAUF    DDIC Accesses  
229 KDUT BF_BANK    Diverse Utilities  
230 KE0C_CCU KE0C SAP_APPL  CO-PA: Conditional Use of Sgmt-Lvl Chars  
231 KE0C_CM KE0C    Customizing Monitor  
232 KE0C_PL_EXIT KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
233 KE0C_PL_PROFIL KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
234 KE0C_PL_REVAL KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
235 KE0C_PL_SZENARIO KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
236 KE0C_PL_VERSI KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
237 KE0C_PL_VFIELD KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
238 KE0C_QUOTEN KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
239 KE0C_TEMP KE0C    CO-PA: Operating Concern Templates  
240 KE0C_TEMP01 KE0C    Templates for Additional Functions  
241 KE0C_TKEFA KE0C SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
242 KE0C_VC_TKEVFG KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
243 KE0C_V_TKECMA KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
244 KE0C_V_TKEICOCMP KE0C SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
245 KE0C_V_TKEPPI KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
246 KE0C_V_TKEVA_ACT KE0C SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
247 KE0C_V_TKEVG2 KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
248 KE0C_V_TKEVG3 KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
249 KE0C_WUL KE0C    CO-PA: Where-Used List  
250 KE1_XI_PROXY KE1_XI_PROXY SAP_APPL  Inbound Processing Profit Center  
251 KEA2 KE    F4 input support  
252 KEA3 KE    Central CO-PA routines  
253 KEA4 KE    Routines for external data transfer  
254 KEA5 KE    CO-PA:Actual Interfaces(Gen. Func. Mods)  
255 KEA6 KE    CO-PA: General modules  
256 KEA7 KE    Check and F4 for Special Characteristics  
257 KEA8 KE0C    Customizing Modules  
258 KEAA KE    Char. deriv. CEEP structure  
259 KEAB KE    CO-PA: Valuation of Actual/Planning Data  
260 KEABC KE    PA Modules for Activity-Based Costing  
261 KEABC_V KE    View Maintenance KEABC  
262 KEAC KE    CO-PA: Product Costing Interface  
263 KEAG KE    CO-PA: generating modules Gen. CEEP  
264 KEAK KE    CO-PA Account Assignments Screen  
265 KEAK_01 KE    Account Assignment CO-PA Entry Aids  
266 KEAK_02 KE SAP_APPL  Manually-Assigned Characteristics  
267 KEAL KE    CO-PA Allocation  
268 KEAR KE    Archiving: CO-PA  
269 KEAT KE    CO-PA: text reads  
270 KEBAPI0017 KE    BAPI CO-PA Operating Concern  
271 KEBAPI1161 KE    BAPI CO-PA Characteristic  
272 KEBAPI1162 KE    BAPI CO-PA User-Defined Characteristic  
273 KEBAPI1164 KE    BAPI CO-PA Hierarchy  
274 KEBAPI1165 KE    BAPI CO-PA Hierarchy: User-Defined  
275 KEBAPI1169 KE SAP_APPL  BAPIs for BO COPAActuals BUS1169  
276 KEBG KE    Utilities report generation  
277 KEBO KE SAP_APPL  CO-PA/BO PCM:PCM Model for CO-PA Tr.Data  
278 KEBR KE    CO-PA: Pop-ups for reports  
279 KEC0 KERS    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
280 KEC1 KE    CO-PA: Pop-ups for the screen definition  
281 KEC1CRMCOPASALES KEC1COPA    CRM 3.0 - CO-PA Sales Document Transport  
282 KEC2 KE    Variable definition  
283 KEC9 KECX    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
284 KECM KECX    CRM/CO-PA/BW Support  
285 KECND KE    Analyze Logical Conditions  
286 KECRM KECRM    Integration CRM / CO-PA  
288 KECRM_PCA_CUST KECRM    Customizing: PCA Integration CRM  
289 KECU KE    Currency translation  
290 KECX KECX    Exit Technique for Making Rel.-Dependent  
291 KED0 KE    Maintain derivation tables  
292 KED1 KE    CO-PA database accesses  
293 KED1_NOACCT KE SAP_APPL  Deactivate Account Number Determination  
294 KED1_READ KE_DB    CO-PA Read Modules  
295 KED1_READ_COST KE_DB    Costing-Based CO-PA, Read Low-Level  
296 KED1_TRAFO KE    CO-PA: Transform CEn Structures  
297 KED1_WRITE KE    Update of Data Basis in CO-PA  
298 KED2 KE    CO-PA period conversions  
299 KED3 KE    Database access: Write plan data  
300 KED4 KE    Selection table manipulation  
301 KED5 KE    Time stamp conversion  
302 KED6 KE    CO-PA: Delete Summarization Data  
303 KED7 KE    CO-PA: Fast roll-up of summariz. levels  
304 KEDA KE    Summarization levels  
305 KEDB KE    Maintain Summarization Levels  
306 KEDC KE    Read Summarization Levels  
307 KEDC_TRACE KE_DB    Read and Write from Trace Information  
308 KEDD KE    Update Summarization Levels  
309 KEDE KE    Delete operating concern  
310 KEDIST KE SAP_APPL  Modules for CO-PA Distribution  
311 KEDR KE    Characteristic derivation  
312 KEDRCOPA KE    CO-PA characteristic derivation  
313 KEDRRFC KE    Derivation Tool: RFC Interfaces  
314 KEDRWUL KE    Derivation: Where-Used List  
315 KEDRX KE    Derivation: Appl.-Specific Functions  
316 KEDR_BAPI KE SAP_APPL  BAPI Derivation  
317 KEDV KE0C    Customizing: Summarization Levels  
318 KED_PACK_1 KE    Packed Storage for Segment Level  
319 KEER KE    PA transfer structure  
320 KEET KE    Modules for checks and reading text  
321 KEEX KE    External Data Transfer CO-PA  
322 KEEXITS KE    Internal Exits  
323 KEEX_BCT KE SAP_APPL  Successor of KEEX_ACT  
324 KEFB KE    Authorizations  
325 KEFH KE    CO-PA: Lists of origins  
326 KEFP KE1    EC-PCA: Authorizations  
327 KEFT KE    Structure of value/characteristic field  
328 KEFU KE    Revaluation functions  
329 KEFV KE    Distribution functions  
330 KEFV_MNT KE SAP_APPL  Distribution Key Maintenance: Framework  
331 KEFV_OBJ KE SAP_APPL  Distribution Key Object Kernel  
332 KEFV_SCR KE SAP_APPL  Distribution Key Maintenance Screens  
333 KEG1 KE    Generation data entry  
334 KEG2 KE SAP_APPL  Generation, view maintenance modules  
335 KEGN KE    Generate text and check programs  
336 KEH1 KE    F4 help for characteristic values  
337 KEHDB KE SAP_APPL  CO-PA Accelerator  
338 KEHI KERS    Extraction of CO-PA Hierarchies  
339 KEI0 CNECP EA-APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
340 KEI1 KE    CO-PA: SD interface for sales orders  
341 KEI2 KE    Structure of transfer log RKERV001  
342 KEI3 KE SAP_APPL  CO-PA-ACT-SD Application Log  
343 KEIB KE    CO-OM/CO-PA Interface  
344 KEII KE    CO-PA: Actual Interfaces  
345 KEII_00 KE    CO-PA: Callup Processing of FI/CO Doc.  
346 KEIO KE    Order settlement to profitab. segment  
347 KEIW CNECP EA-APPL  ECP/PS: External Interface  
348 KEIX CNECP EA-APPL  ECP in Several Plan Versions (API)  
349 KEIY CNECP EA-APPL  ECP in Several Plan Versions (APP)  
350 KEIZ KPKA    Interface Unit Costing PS  
351 KELI KE    Processing and Displaying Line Items  
352 KEM1 KE    Hash Function  
353 KEMC KE    Mass Customizing  
354 KENC KE    CO-PA Realignments: Execute  
355 KEND KE    CO-PA Realignments: Maintain  
356 KEO1 KE    Partitioning by Segment Numbers  
357 KEO_BASICS KEO    Enterprise Organization: Basic Functions  
358 KEO_BUKRS KEO    EntOrg: Detail Screen Company Code  
359 KEO_CHECK1 KBASCORE    Checks Enterprise Organization 1  
360 KEO_CHECK2 KEO    Checks: Groups/Master Data  
361 KEO_CHECK3 KEO    Check Modules for EntOrg Customizing  
362 KEO_COLUMNS KEO    Enterprise Organization: Columns  
363 KEO_CUST KEO    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
364 KEO_DETAILLIST KEO    Enterprise Organization: Detailed List  
365 KEO_DETAIL_ORG KEO    EntOrg: Detail Screen Organizat. Unit  
366 KEO_ENTITY_RULES KEO    Enterprise Organization: Consist.Rules  
367 KEO_FRAMEWORK KEO    Service Modules for HR Framework  
368 KEO_GEN KEO    Generation Modules  
369 KEO_GEN_REL KEO    Create External Assignments  
370 KEO_KOKRS KEO    EntOrg: Controlling Area Detail Screen  
371 KEO_MASTERDATA KEO    EntOrg: Callback from Master Data Maint.  
372 KEO_OVERVIEW KEO    Enterprise Organization: Overview Area  
373 KEO_OVERVIEW_FUNCTION KEO    EO: Function for Generic Overview Object  
374 KEO_SEARCHTOOL KEO    EntOrg: Search Functions  
375 KEO_SERVICES KEO    Enterprise Organization: Service Modules  
376 KEO_STANDARD_TIME_OBJ KEO SAP_APPL  Enterp.Org.: Standard Timeframe Object  
377 KEO_STATUS KEO    Enterprise Organization: Class Status  
378 KEO_VERIFY KEO    EntOrg: Check Modules  
379 KEP1 KE    Interface CO-PA - SOP  
380 KEP2 KE    F4 input aids for planning  
381 KEP3 KE    CO-PA Forecasting  
382 KEP4 KE    Ratios  
383 KEP5 KE    Read and summarize data  
384 KEP6 KE    Top-down  
385 KEP7 KE SAP_APPL  Log: CO-PA Read Interface  
386 KEP8 KE SAP_APPL  Values: CO-PA Key Tables  
387 KEPA KE    CO-PA Planning: Appl. for Planning Proc.  
388 KEPB KE    CO-PA Planning: Appl.-Specific Core  
389 KEPC KE    Transfer commitments SD -> CO-PA  
390 KEPG KE    Automatic Planning Functions  
391 KEPH KE    Planning Scenarios  
392 KEPI KE    Integrated Planning: CO-PA  
393 KEPL KE    Interface CO-PA <-> LIS  
394 KEPLS KE    Services CO-PA Planning  
395 KEPLU0 KE0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
396 KEPLU1 KE    CO Planning Framework Application Log  
397 KEPLU2 KE    Business Logic for CO-PA Plng Surface  
398 KEPLU3 KE    CO-PA Planning Presentation Layer  
399 KEPLU4 KE    CO-PA Planning  
400 KEPLU5 KE    CO-PA Tree Control Framework  
401 KEPLU6 KE    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
402 KEPLU7 KE    CO_PA Planning Methods  
403 KEPLUW KE SAP_APPL  Internet Scenario CO-PA-SPP  
404 KEPLWU KE    CO-PA: Planning Where-Used Lists  
405 KEPP KE    Mass Processing  
407 KEPS KE    CO-PA Plan structure: handling  
408 KEPT KE    Plan Structure Integration  
409 KEPV KE    Maintain Variants  
410 KERA KERS    CO-PA / SAP BW: General Generation  
411 KERB KERS    CO-PA / SAP BW: Generation (DDIC functn)  
412 KERC KERS    CO-PA / SAP BW: Callbacks  
413 KERD KERS    CO-PA/SAP BW: DB Interface Meta Data  
414 KERE KERS    CO-PA/SAP BW: Generated InfoObjects  
415 KERF KERS    CO-PA / SAP BW: Status Administration  
416 KERFC KE    RFC Interface to CO-PA  
417 KERG KERS    CO-PA / SAP BW: Service Functions  
418 KERH KERS    CO-PA / SAP BW: Extraction Control Logic  
419 KERI KERS    CO-PA / SAP BW: Release Differences  
420 KERJ KERS    CO-PA / SAP BW: Read Segmented  
421 KERL KERS    CO-PA / SAP BW: Extended Trace  
422 KERM KERS    Extract Mstr Data in Drilldown Reporting  
423 KERN KERS    Maintain field catalog  
424 KERO KERS    Callbacks for DataSource Generation  
425 KERQ KERS    Seltab/Sftab ==> SELECT Components  
426 KERR KERS    Read Data for CO-PA Extractor  
427 KERS KERS    Interface between CO-PA and BW  
428 KERU KERS    BW Content CO-PA: CEBWKYF <-> BERVA  
429 KERV KERS    CO-PA / SAP BW: "Calculated" chars  
430 KES1 KE    Module for the form/layout definition  
431 KES2 KE    Func. module for working with row/col.st  
432 KES4 KE    RP: Data Level  
433 KES5 KE    RP: Kernel  
434 KES6 KE    RP: Services  
435 KES7 KE    RP: Presentation  
436 KETR KE0C    Transport generated objects  
437 KEV1 KE SAP_APPL  Update actual values  
438 KEV2 KE SAP_APPL  Update plan data  
440 KEVG KEVW    Summ'd OpConcs: Table Maint.(Generated)  
441 KEVH KEVW    Roll-up to summarization operating conc.  
442 KEVP KE SAP_APPL  Virtual Provider: CO-PA  
443 KEVV KE SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
444 KEWUL KE0C    CO-PA Where-Used List  
445 KEWUL_CUS KE0C    CO-PA Customizing Where-Used List  
446 KEX1 KEXX    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
447 KEX2 KEXX    BW/CO-PA Retraction: Function Modules  
448 KEX3 KEXX    BW/CO-PA Retraction: Callup of User Exit  
449 KEX9 KEXX    BW/CO-PA Retraction: Administration  
450 KE_APPL_LOG KE    CO-PA Log Interface  
451 KE_BAPI_COPAPLANNING KE    BAPIs for CO-PA Planning Data  
452 KE_BAPI_COPAQUERY KE_DB    Modules for BOR Object COPAQuery  
453 KE_HDBC KE SAP_APPL  HDB Customizing: CO-PA  
455 KE_RECON KE    F4 help for reconciliation  
456 KE_SM KE SAP_APPL  CO-PA: Schedule Manager  
457 KE_TKEEXCOND01 KE SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
458 KE_TKETE01 KE    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
459 KE_TKETE01_T KE    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
460 KE_TKETE02 KE    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
461 KE_TKE_BUS_TRANS KE SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
462 KE_V_TKECO_ERSCH KE SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
463 KE_V_TKEEXCOND KE SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
464 KE_V_TKEI_COCMP KE SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
465 KE_V_TKETE03 KE    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
466 KE_V_TKEVA01N KE SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
467 KF4S KACT    F4 Modules (Activity Type)  
468 KFPRC KFPR    Checking Routines  
469 KFPRO KFPR    Generic Services  
470 KFPRR KFPR    KFPR Document Entry: Read Modules  
471 KFPRS KFPR    KFPR Document Entry: Service Routines  
472 KFPRV KFPR    KFPR Document Entry: Update  
473 KFPR_SEARCH KFPR    Search Help Exits  
474 KFPSS KFPS    Collective Agreement: Service Routines  
475 KFPSV KFPS    KFPS: Update  
476 KGA1 KALC    Allocations: Cost component structure  
477 KGA2 KALC    Allocation Procedure  
478 KGA3 KALC    Allocations: Generation Based on T811T  
479 KGA4 KALC    PF4 Allocation Lists Processor  
480 KGAA KAFF_ERP50 SAP_APPL  Management of Active Applications  
482 KGAC KALC    CUA User Interface Allocations  
483 KGAD KALC    Allocations: Managing dependent docs  
484 KGAE KALC    Function modules for execution  
485 KGAL KALC    Allocation Processor Maintenance  
486 KGALEXTR KALC    Allocations: Extracts for Results Lists  
487 KGALRFC KALC    RFC Function Module to Create a Cycle  
488 KGALTIME KALC    Allocations: Runtime Analysis Tool  
489 KGAM KALC    Cycle Maintenance: Useful Modules  
490 KGAT KALC    Allocation Processor Texts  
491 KGAU KALC    Allocations Processor Update  
492 KGEX KALC    Initializations when Executing Cycles  
493 KGJH SZC    Conversion exit for the fiscal year  
494 KGR0 KBAS    CO Group Distribution with ALE  
495 KGR1 KBAS    Created by Object ALESETS  
496 KGR2 GBSE    External Access to CO Hierarchies  
497 KGST EWU    EWU - Table Contents - Remote  
498 KIBI KIST    Background for Actual Postings  
499 KIKA KBAS    CO Interface: Validate Cost Element  
500 KIKS KABC    Batch Input to Cost Centers