Function Group - K
# Function Group Package Software Component Short Description
1 KYGR KC_NU    Call graphics from report portfolio  
2 KYLI KC    FBs for LIS-Connection  
3 KYP1 KC_NU    Info System SAP-EIS/CO-PA  
4 KYP1_UC KC SAP_APPL  Reporting RK-C/RK-E (Unicode-enabled)  
5 KYP2 KE    Export-Import Memory  
6 KYP2_NU KCDD_NU SAP_APPL  Export, Import, Memory (Non-Unicode)  
7 KYP3 KE    Info System RKD  
8 KYP4 KC_NU    Maintain report data  
9 KYP4_UC KE SAP_APPL  Unicode Check for Functions from KYP4  
10 KYP5 KC_NU    Drill-down hierarchy communication  
11 KYP6 KC_NU    Printing with MS Word for Windows  
12 KYP7 KC_NU    Printing with MS Word for Windows  
13 KYP8 KC_NU    Reorganization within reporting  
14 KYP9 KC_NU    Drill down: Change in PRINT  
15 KYPC KCDD_NU    Control Interface for Drilldown Reportg  
16 KYPC_HTML KCDD    HTML Template Maintenance  
17 KYPC_LAYOUT KCDD    Maint. Modules for Drilldown Rep. Layout  
18 KYPE KC_NU    RFC interface for EC-EIS  
19 KYPE2_WAO WAO_EXECUTIVE_INFO_SYSTEM    Flow-Logic Drilldown Reporting Interface  
20 KYPE_46C_WAO WAO_46C_EXECUTIVE_INFO_SYSTEM SAP_WAO  MiniApp Interface for EC-EIS as of 46C  
21 KYPF KC_NU    Traces FM's for inSight interface  
22 KYPG KC_NU    Functions in SAPMKCBG  
23 KYPG_CONV KCDD SAP_APPL  Conversion Exits for Drilldown Reporting  
24 KYPM KC    Performance monitor  
25 KYPR KC_NU    Presentation for SAP-EIS  
26 KYPR1 KE SAP_APPL  F4 Function Modules  
27 KYPW KC    RKD Currency functions  
28 KYPW1 KC_NU SAP_APPL  Currency Functions of RKD - NU  
29 KYRE KC_NU    Display report parameters  
30 KYRE_1 KE SAP_APPL  Display report parameters  
31 KYS8 KC_NU    Changes to SEIG, PRINT, ZWERT...  
33 KYSY KC_NU    Global functions  
34 KYUM KC    Conversion modules  
35 KYVA KC    Variants in drilldown reporting  
36 KY_REPORT_POPUPS KCDD_NU    Popups for Settings in Report  
37 KY_WHERE_USED KCDD    Where-Used Lists  
38 K_23F_CUST KIMB    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
39 K_CEL_ASEG_GET KBAS    Selection of A Segment of Cost Element  
40 K_CMPERS K_CM_PERS    Framework: Personalization  
41 K_CMPERS_VIEW K_CM_PERS    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
42 K_COITEM_DELETE KBAS_ARCH    Delete CO line items  
43 K_CONF_IFCO KIMB SAP_APPL  Confirmation Interface for Controlling  
44 K_CRMCO_IS_CRM CRMCO_IS    Non-Generic Part of CRM Cost Connection  
45 K_CRMCO_IS_CSCEN CRMCO_IS PI  Extended Service Process Analysis  
46 K_CRMCO_IS_GEN1 CRMCO_IS    Selection Module Info System Generic  
47 K_RTOHC_CUSTOM KASC_RTOHC SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
48 K_RTOHC_DOC KASC_RTOHC SAP_APPL  Realtime overhead document functions  
49 K_RTOHC_MAINT KASC_RTOHC SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
50 K_RTOHC_UPD KASC_RTOHC SAP_APPL  Update function for RTOHC reversals  
51 K_RTOHC_UTIL KASC_RTOHC SAP_APPL  Utility functions: realtime overhead  
52 K_SVD_MAINT KSVD SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
53 K_SVD_UTIL KSVD SAP_APPL  Utility functions: special valuation dt.  
54 K_VERSN_F4 KBAS    Input Help for Version Maintenance