View - E
# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 EDSVASREPCHAP DSVAS: Lock object for a report chapter   DSVASREPCHAP 
2 EDSVASREPDEF DSVAS: Lock object for report type   DSVASREPDEF 
4 EDSVASREPODOC Lock for documents used in generating reports   DSVASREPODOCHEAD 
6 EDSVASSESSDEFGEN DSVAS: Lock for session definition (general part)   DSVASSESSDEFGEN 
9 EDSVASVERSCOPY DSVAS: Lock objects for object versioning   DSVASVERSIONCOPY 
10 EDSVRS EDI: Lock object for table EDSVRS (segments)   EDSVRS 
11 EDSWPREPAVAILAB DSWP: Lock for SID and Instno (System Availability)   DSWPREPAVAILAB 
12 EDSWPTIMESTAMPS Service Content Update Timestamp   DSWPTIMESTAMPS 
13 EDTCTID Lock Object of the Downtime Category   DTCTID 
14 EDTCTTX Lock Object of the Texts for the Downtime Category   DTCTTX 
15 EDTEFW Lock Object of the Downtime   DTEFW 
16 EDTELID Lock Object of the Downtime Element   DTELID 
17 EDTELTX Lock Object of the Texts for the Downtime Elements   DTELTX 
18 EDTSCHEMA Lock Object of the Downtime Schema   DTSCHEMA 
19 EDVDARL For Locking VDARL when Deleting Master Data   VDARL 
20 EDVIEW Lock object for views of logical message for IDoc type   EDVIEW 
21 EDWINACTIV Lock during activation   DWINACTIV 
22 EDX_B_NAME_V EDX: DB Search Screen for Biller Name D EDX_INBOUND 
23 EDX_C_NAME_V EDX: DB Search Screen for Customer Name D EDX_INBOUND 
24 EDX_KUN_INB_V EDX: DB Search Mask for Customer Name (Incoming Messages) D KNA1 
25 EDX_KUN_OUTB_V EDX: DB Search Mask for Customer Name (Outgoing Messages) D KNA1 
26 EDX_LIF_INB_V EDX: DB Search Mask for Biller Name (Incoming Messages) D LFA1 
27 EDX_LIF_OUTB_V EDX: DB Search Mask for Biller Name (Outgoing Messages) D LFA1 
28 EDX_OUTBOUND EDX: Lock Objects for Outbound Messages   EDX_OUTBOUND 
29 EDX_PARK EDX: Lock Objects for Received Messages   EDX_PARK 
30 EDX_TRANS_NAME_V EDX: DB-Suchmaske für die Transformationen P O2XSLTTEXT 
35 EEAMSCVBATTRMAND EAMS VB: Attribute Manager Display Fields table   EAMS_CVBATTRMAND 
38 EEBPJA_EX Global allotted-locks   EBPJA 
39 EEDM_OFFSET_VIEW Search Help View for EDM Day Offset H EEDMDAYOFFSET 
40 EEDX_KEYPP Locks for Parallel Processing via KEYPP / DOC_TYP   EDX_KEYPP_ENQ 
41 EEJBTAUSVE Lock Object Disbursement Procedure   JBTAUSVER 
42 EEM07CE Exclusive Block of Valuation Type for Batch   EM07C 
43 EEM07CS Shared Block of Valuation Type for Batch   EM07C 
44 EEM07ME Exclusive Block for Usability Check   EM07M 
45 EEM07MS Shared Block for Usability Check   EM07M 
46 EEM07WE Exclusive Block of Material Values for Goods Movements   EM07W 
47 EEM07WS Shared Block of Material Values for Goods Movements   EM07W 
50 EEQUIPKPI Lock Object to lock table EQUIPKPI   EQUIPKPI 
51 EERKOPO Lock Object for Security Rights   TERTVWERKO 
52 EESH_LOGSYS Lock the source system (for replication)   ESH_LOGSYS 
53 EEUDB Gen. lock object for maintaining DE objects   EUDB 
54 EEV03VE Block for availability check   EV03V 
56 EEWA_BULKY Bulk Refuse Object   KNA1 
57 EEWA_CAPAB Disconnection Object for Day Capacity   EEWA_CAPAB_HEAD 
58 EEWA_EL_SAMPLE Disconnection Object for Samples   EWA_EL_SAMPLE 
59 EEWA_EL_WDPLANT Disconnection Objects for Waste Disposal Facility   EWA_EL_WDPLANT 
60 EEWA_EL_WDPPROC Procedures Within Facility   EWA_EL_WDPPROC 
63 EEWA_EL_WDPPROTY Lock for Procedure Category   EWA_EL_WDPPROTY 
64 EEWA_WA_PCKGDSR Disconnection Object for General Cargo Entry   EWA_WA_PCKGDSREG 
67 EEWUARCHIV EMU conversion: Manage critical archiving objects   EWUARCHIV 
68 EEWUARCHIV_40 EMU conversion: Manage critical archiving objects   EWUARCHIV 
69 EEWUCLSTAT EMU Cnv: Status Table for Conversion with Clusters   EWUCLSTAT 
70 EEWUCLU Synchronization to Obtain Unique Key RELID for Each CLuster   EWUCLU 
71 EEWUPGSTAT EMU conversion: Program status management   EWUPGSTAT 
72 EEXCP Individual Voided Documents   IDCN_EXCP 
73 EE_PKEN Blocking Object for Secondary Key of Table PKHD   PKEN 
74 EFAGL_COFI_COBK Transfer CO Documents to FI: Lock CO Document Exclusively   COBK 
75 EFAGL_FCVDELTA Lock Against Parallel RXF Adjustment Postings   FAGL_FCV_E_DELTA 
76 EFAGL_MIG_DS Lock: Subsequent Implementation of Document Splitting   FAGL_MIGDS_STATE 
77 EFAGL_OPITEM Lock Migration Plan Open Items   FAGL_MIG_OPITEMS 
78 EFAGL_RPACK Lock Reorganization Pack   FAGL_RPACK 
79 EFAGL_RPACK_ACT Lock for Activation of a Reorganization Package   FAGL_RPACK_LIST 
80 EFAGL_RPITEM Lock Migration Plan Residual Items   FAGL_MIG_RPITEMS 
81 EFAGL_RSNAPSHOT Lock During Creation of a Snapshot for Reorganization   FAGL_RSNAPSHOT 
82 EFAGL_R_APAR Lock on Generation of APAR Object List   FAGL_R_APAR 
83 EFAGL_R_JOB Reorganization: Lock on Object List for Processing Runs   FAGL_R_PL_DERH 
84 EFAGL_R_OBJ_TYPE Object Types in Reoganization Plan   FAGL_R_S_ENQUEUE 
85 EFAGL_R_OI_TRACK Lock on Activation of Inclusion Function for Open Items   FAGL_R_OI_TRACK0 
86 EFAGL_R_PLAN Reorganization Plan   FAGL_R_S_ENQUEUE 
87 EFAGL_R_PROCESS Process Steps in the Reorganization (FAGL_R_ACTIVITY)   FAGL_R_S_ENQUEUE 
88 EFAGL_R_USER Object Owner in a Reorganization Plan   FAGL_R_S_ENQUEUE 
89 EFAVIK Payment Advice   AVIK 
90 EFBCJ_LOCK Lock Cash Journal   TCJ_C_JOURNALS 
91 EFBKPF Accounting Document   BKPF 
92 EFBNKA Bank Master Record   BNKA 
93 EFBSEGC Payment card data in document line   BSEGC 
94 EFBVOR Intercompany Processing   BVOR 
95 EFCCENQ Payment cards: Block last digit   CCENQ 
96 EFCJ_LOCK Cash journal lock object   TCJ_BALANCE 
97 EFCOM_CR_REQUEST Lock Object for Change Request   FCOMT_CR_REQUEST 
98 EFCORRC FI-CA Correspondence   FKKCOCCV 
99 EFDFPAYG Payment date: Grouping   DFPAYG 
100 EFDFPAYV Payment Medium: Selection Variants   DFPAYV 
101 EFDFPM_NUMB Sequential Number Assignment   DFPM_NUMB 
102 EFDKUSER Block Maintenance for User Actions in Internet Applications   FDKUSER 
103 EFDM_CONT_MIRROR Locking a Contact Person Using the External Key   FDM_CONT_ENQUEUE 
104 EFDM_CUST_MIRROR Locking a Customer Using the External Key   FDM_CUST_ENQUEUE 
105 EFDM_INVOICE_MEM Lock for Provision of Invoice Information   FDM_LOCK_INVOICE_MEM 
106 EFDM_INV_MEM Lock on Parallel FI Processes   FDM_INV_MEM_OBS 
107 EFDM_POST_MIRROR Transfer/Posting of Document Data in Substitute System   FDM_LOCK_MIRROR 
108 EFDM_STAT_MIRROR Set Up of a Substitute System   FDM_STAT_MIRROR 
109 EFDPAYC FI-CA payment program   DPAYC 
110 EFDPAYN FICA Lock Object - Sequential Number Assignment   DPAYN 
111 EFDT_AP_ID FDT: Generic Lock Object for FDT Objects   FDT_ENQUEUE_ID 
112 EFDT_BRS BRFplus: Locking for the Remote Deployment   FDT_BRS_CC_0000 
113 EFDT_DSM_0000 Lock object for table FDT_BRS_DSM_0000   FDT_BRS_DSM_0000 
114 EFDT_DSM_EXIT Lock object for deployment exit usage (FDT_BRS_DSM_0030)   FDT_BRS_DSM_0030 
115 EFDT_GENERATION FDT: Generic Lock Object for Function Generation   FDT_GEN_ENQUEUE 
116 EFDT_ID FDT: Generic Lock Object for FDT Objects   FDT_ENQUEUE 
117 EFDT_JOB FDT: Generic Lock Object for FDT Background Tasks   FDT_ENQUEUE_JOB 
118 EFDT_PROCESSING FDT: Generic Lock Object for Function Processing   FDT_PROC_ENQUEUE 
119 EFDT_Q FDT: Lock Object for Import Queue   FDT_Q_ENQUEUE 
120 EFDT_TC_DEF BRFplus: Simulation Test Cases   FDT_TC_DEF 
121 EFDT_VARIANTS FDT Lock Object for Variants   FDT_VARIANTS 
122 EFEBKPF External Acocunting Document   EBKPF 
123 EFEBPPNO Lock Object for a Counter Object   EBPPNO 
124 EFEB_IMP_SOURCE Lock Against Multiple Reading of a Source Directory   FEB_IMP_SOURCE 
125 EFEPXX Line Items: Display in Excel   T021Z 
126 EFFDES Cash Management and Forecast: Record Changes, Archiving   FDES 
127 EFFDESDIST Cash Management and Forecast: Record Changes, Archiving   FDESDIST 
128 EFFE Selection variants for effectivity V CABNT 
129 EFGVTRANSLADMLNG View for Print Workbench Language Settings C EFGTRANSLADMLANG 
131 EFG_T002 DB View: Language Maint. D T002 
132 EFIAE Blocking object for accounting unit (DARWIN-real estate)   VIAK03 
133 EFIAE04 Block entry for maintenance of settlement variants   VIAK04 
134 EFIAE05 Block recipient key for accounting unit maintenance   VIAK05 
135 EFIAOLKEYDE RE: REsearch - Lock Object For Local Request ID   RFVIAOLKEYDE 
136 EFIAOLKEYSU RE: REsearch - Lock Object For Local Offer ID   RFVIAOLKEYSU 
137 EFIBL_RPCODE Repetitive Codes: Maintenance of Master Data and Default Val   FIBL_RPCODE 
138 EFIBWRB Block object for real estate application (Table VIMI11)   VIMI11 
139 EFIHEIZ Heating system including accompanying objects   VIAK08 
140 EFIINDXART Maintenance and deletion of index data   T094P 
141 EFIKOKO Block object for condition header in DARWIN Real Estate   VIKOKO 
142 EFILA_ITEM Lock for Contract Item in Lease Accounting   LAE_CRM_ITEMS 
143 EFILA_PROCESSING Locks the Creation of Processes for Processing Control   TFILA_GF_021 
144 EFILA_RE_PRG Refinancing Program Locks   FILA_RE_PRG 
145 EFILA_RE_RET Refinancing Return Processing Locks   FILA_RE_LNK 
146 EFILA_RE_SEL Tranche Locks   TFILA_RE_TNR 
147 EFILA_RE_TR Tranche Locks   FILA_RE_TR_H 
148 EFILTER_PKT Packaging Synchronization   SXMS_PACKCOUNT 
149 EFIMEHK Rental unit-Block table field STECHEM   VIMI01 
150 EFIMIAB Accounting units block object   VIAK02 
151 EFIMIEV Collective lease-out lock table   VISVENQ 
152 EFIMIVE Lock Object for Lease-Out   VIMVENQ 
154 EFIRENEWAL RE: Lock Object for Renewal Data   VIRN01 
155 EFIRSDATES Lock Object for Resubmission Dates   VIRS03 
156 EFIRSRULES Lock Object for Resubmission Rules   VIRS01 
157 EFISIMZAHL Maintain simulation number for index data maintenance   T094A 
158 EFITEILNME Participation ID and participating rental units   VIAK23 
159 EFIUMLA Block VIMI08 (apportionment units)   VIMI08 
160 EFIUMSA Block object for sales reports (VIMI07)   VIMI07 
161 EFIVIAR01 RE: Lock Object for VIAR01 (Offer Objects)   VIAR01 
162 EFIVIAR02 RE: Lock Object for VIAR02 (Rental Requests)   VIAR02 
163 EFIVIAR03 RE: Lock Object for REsearch Partner   VIAR03 
164 EFIVIAR05 REsearch: Lock Object for Table VIAR05   VIAR05 
165 EFIVIMI16 RE: Lock object for VIMI16 (adjustment records)   VIMI16 
166 EFIVIMI17 RE: Lock object for VIMI17 (adjustment run header)   VIMI17 
167 EFIVIMIME RE: Lock Object on MIME Object   VIMIMEHEAD 
168 EFIVIMIMEHD RE: MIME Handler Lock Object (Shell via BDS)   RFVIMIMEHD 
169 EFIVIOB42 Lock Table for VIOB42 (Object in Portfolio)   VIOB42 
170 EFKKAKTIV Mass Activity Runs in Contract A/R + A/P   RFDT 
171 EFKKAV Lock on Payment Advice Note   DFKKAVK 
172 EFKKAV_I Lock Object for Payment Advice Transfer   DFKKAVST 
173 EFKKAWM Lock Object for Foreign Trade Reporting - Lock GUIDNR   DFKKAWM 
174 EFKKBRINSEQ FI-CA : Lock Object for Sequence Number table FKKBRINSEQ   FKKBRINSEQ 
175 EFKKBRSEQ FI-CA : Lock Object for Sequence Number table DFKKBRSEQ   DFKKBRSEQ 
176 EFKKBSTMV Lock object for transferring electronic acct statement   FKKBSTMV 
177 EFKKBUE Block object for document transfer program   FKKBUE 
178 EFKKCA Lock Object for Check Assignment with Payment Run/DPAYCHKH   DPAYCHKH 
179 EFKKCLEBR Broker Lock for Clearing   FKKCLEBR 
180 EFKKCLEDRI Lock on Company Code For Transfer Posting Deferred Revenues   FKKCLEDRI 
181 EFKKCLEGP Block on business partner during clearing   FKKCLEGP 
182 EFKKCLEGPI Block on business partner during clearing   FKKCLEGPI 
183 EFKKCLEVK Block on FI-CA account during clearing   FKKCLEVK 
184 EFKKCLEVKI Block on FI-CA account interval during mass processing   FKKCLEVKI 
185 EFKKCLEZW2I Lock object for authorizations (trigger creation)   FKKCLEZW2I 
186 EFKKCLEZWFI Lock on Company Code For Transfer Posting Adjusted Documents   FKKCLEZWFI 
187 EFKKCM Block Object for Transferring Manually Issued Checks   FKKCMST 
188 EFKKCMK Block Manually Created Checks Lot   DFKKCMK 
189 EFKKCMP Block Manually Created Checks Lot: Item   DFKKCMP 
190 EFKKCMST Block Object Error Data - Transfer of Manually Issued Checks   FKKCMST 
191 EFKKCOLLHBW_TMP Collection Agency Extraction - Status Table   DFKKCOLLHBW_TMP 
192 EFKKCOMA Lock Object: Correspondence Dunning   DFKKCOMA 
193 EFKKCORRV FI-CA correspondence - lock correspondence printing   FKKCORRV 
194 EFKKCR Lock Object for Check Repository / DFKKCR   DFKKCR 
195 EFKKCRCL Block Item Clarification Table for Cashed Checks   DFKKCRCL 
196 EFKKCRDOC Block Object for Check Management (Document)/FKKCRDOC   FKKCRDOC 
197 EFKKCRST Block Object for Payment Lot Transfer   DFKKCRST 
198 EFKKCVS Lock Object for CVS Payments   DFKKCVS 
199 EFKKDDA Lock Object for Debit Memo Notification   DFKKDDA 
200 EFKKDICOPY FI-CA: Enqueue object for copying interval distribution   FKKDIHDTMP 
201 EFKKDICRE FI-CA: Enqueue object for creating interval distribution   FKKDIHDR 
202 EFKKENH Lock Object for Expected Customer Enhancements   TFKENH 
203 EFKKESR POR Data Lock Object   DFKKESR 
204 EFKKFIKEY Block object for reconciliation key in Financial Accounting   DFKKSUMC 
205 EFKKFIKEYS Block object for reconciliation key in Financial Accounting   DFKKSUMC 
206 EFKKGENGP Generic Lock on Business Partner   FKKGENGP 
207 EFKKGENGPI Generic Lock on Business Partner Interval   FKKGENGPI 
208 EFKKGENREP6 FI-CA: Lock Object Generic Tax Reporting (Rep.Tab.)   DFKKREP06 
209 EFKKGENREP7 FI-CA: Lock Object Generic Tax Reporting (Trigger Tab.)   DFKKREP07 
210 EFKKGLKOR Lock Object for G/L Correction in FI-CA   DFKKSUMG 
211 EFKKGLPOST Lock Object for Postings in General Ledger   DFKKGLPOST 
212 EFKKIP Payment Specification Lock   DFKKIP_GRP 
213 EFKKIPBW_HEAD Installment Plan Extraction   DFKKIPBW_HEAD 
214 EFKKLOCK Lock Object for Business Locks   DFKKLOCKS 
215 EFKKLOCKS Locks in business lock table   DFKKLOCKS 
216 EFKKMAHNV Block object for automatic dunning in contract accts rec/pay   FKKMAHNV 
218 EFKKMDUK Master Data Update: Lock Header of Master Data Lot   DFKKMDUK 
219 EFKKNRK NOC Returns Lot: Lock Header   DFKKNRK 
220 EFKKNRRANGE Lock Object for Document Number Ranges   FKKNRRANGE 
221 EFKKNR_BOLETO FI-CA: number range for internal Boleto   DFKKBLTO 
222 EFKKNR_BOLEXT FI-CA: number range for external Boleto   DFKKBOLXT 
223 EFKKNUMKR Block object for number range   FKKNUMKR 
224 EFKKNUMKR_IP FI-CA: Number Ranges for Payment Specifications   DFKKIP_NUM 
225 EFKKNUMKR_PA FI-CA: Number Ranges for Payment Notifications   DFKKPAE 
226 EFKKNUMKR_PF FI-CA: Number ranges for payment doc   DFKKZRH 
227 EFKKNUMKR_PO FI-CA: Number Ranges for Payment Orders   DFKKPOE 
228 EFKKNUMKR_REPT FI-CA: Number Range for Receipt Number   DFKKREPTNRKR 
229 EFKKOITR Lock Object Outbound Interface   DFKK_TRIGGER_OP 
230 EFKKOP03 Interval of OI Report   FKK_MAD_OP03_ENQ 
231 EFKKOPBEL Block object for document in contract accts rec/pay.   DFKKKO 
232 EFKKOPVZ FI-CA: Lock on Agreed Payment Amounts   DFKKOPVZ 
233 EFKKORDER Lock Object for Requests   DFKKORDER 
234 EFKKPNBKA FI-CA: Lock Object prenotification table DFKKPNBKA   DFKKPNBKA 
235 EFKKPNBKC FI-CA: Lock Object administration table DFKKPNBKC   DFKKPNBKC 
236 EFKKPNBKH FI-CA: Lock Object prenotification table DFKKPNBKH   DFKKPNBKH 
237 EFKKPOH Lock Object for Payment Order   DFKKPOH 
238 EFKKPRNH Lock Object for Debit Memo Notification   DFKKPRNH 
239 EFKKPTNUMRULE Digital Signature Portugal: Lock Numbering DFKK_PT_NUM_RULE   DFKK_PT_NUM_RULE 
240 EFKKRK Block on returns lot   DFKKRK 
241 EFKKRL Block object for returns lot transfer   FKKRLST 
242 EFKKRP Block object FI-CA - returns items   DFKKRP 
243 EFKKSELP Lock on Selection Result   DFKK_SELP_RES 
244 EFKKSELP_GRP FI-CA Selections - Group   DFKK_SELP_GRP 
245 EFKKSNS Check Number Lot: Lock Object for a Lot   DPAYCHKNUM 
246 EFKKSNSNUM Check Number Lot: Lock on Individual Numbers   DPAYCHKNUMP 
247 EFKKSUMKOR Block object for totals adjustment in FI-CA   DFKKSUMR 
248 EFKKTAX_EXEMPT Obsolete: FI-CA Tax Exemptions   DFKKTAX_EXEMPT 
249 EFKKUNAME Lock Object Internal Note to Payee for DME   TFK042U 
250 EFKKURE FI-CA: Lock on Error Records of Update Run   DFKKURE 
251 EFKKVKONT Contract Account   FKKVK 
252 EFKKZA Lock for payment of refund requests   DFKKZAE 
253 EFKKZAR Lock object for a refund request   DFKKZA 
254 EFKKZE Block Object for Payment Lot Transfer   FKKZEST 
255 EFKKZK Block on payment lot   DFKKZK 
256 EFKKZP Item in payment lot   DFKKZP 
257 EFKK_006E Selection Proposals for Bank Account   DFK006E 
258 EFKK_BPCL Business Partner Duplicates   DFKKBPCL_IMP 
259 EFKK_BPCL_ACT Business Partner Duplicates Activities   DFKKBPCL_ACT 
260 EFKK_DOC_EXTR FI-CA Documents - Extracts   DFKK_DOC_EXTR 
261 EFKK_NR_GROUP Lock Object for Unique Determ. of Parallel No.Range in FICA   FKK_ENQ_NR_GROUP 
262 EFKK_RECLASS Blocks for Reclassification Table   DFKK_RECLASS 
263 EFKK_SEPA_IDS Lock on Short Key for Mandate Reference   DFKK_SEPA_IDS 
264 EFKMDMY FI: Account Assignment Models   KMKPF 
265 EFKNB1A Customer Clearing   KNB1 
266 EFKNB1AS Customer Clearing   KNB1 
267 EFKNB1I Calculation of Interest on Customers   KNB1 
268 EFKNKA Credit Control Data   KNKA 
269 EFLFB1A Vendor Clearing   LFB1 
270 EFLFB1AS Vendor Clearing   LFB1 
271 EFLFB1I Calculation of Interest on Vendors   LFB1 
272 EFLQSUM_FC Liquidity Calculation: Forecast   FLQFC_LOCK 
273 EFLQ_COMPANY Liquidity Calculation: Lock Flow Data by Company Code   FLQCOMPANY 
274 EFMACTPOS FIFM: Lock Object for List of Active Internal Items   FMACTPOS 
275 EFMAHNV Automatic Dunning   MAHNV 
276 EFMALLOC Distribution relations for CBA distribution   FM01 
278 EFMBS_BO Budget structure: Budget objects   FMBS_S_BO_LOCK 
279 EFMBS_PO Budget structure: Posting objects   FMBS_S_PO_LOCK 
280 EFMBUCC_RULE Lock object for Consistency check rule   BUCC_RULE 
281 EFMBUDTXT Lock Object : Budget Text   FMKU_S_BUDTXT 
282 EFMBUKF Lock Object : Key Figure   BUKF_KF 
283 EFMCCFLOT Lock for Commitment Carry Forward Lot   FMCCF_S_LOTHD 
284 EFMCE_COBJ Cover Eligibility: cover groups   FMCE_S_CGOBJECT_KEY 
285 EFMCFBAPP ISPS: Budget Closing Operations: Manual Approval   FMCFBAPP 
286 EFMCFSB TR-FM: FYC Carry-Forward Rules (Whole FM Area)   IFM_FMCFSB_ENQ 
287 EFMCI FM: Commitment Items   FMCI 
288 EFMCJ Lock Object for Table FMCJ   FMCJ 
289 EFMD1_F15 F15 Interface   FMD1_F15 
290 EFMDECKUNG FM account assignment for cover eligibility   FMDECKHK 
291 EFMED Lock for FM budgeting entry documents   FMED_S_DOCID 
292 EFMEUFFNS Financing Source   FMEUFFNS 
293 EFMEUFOPH Expenditure Certification: Operation   FMEUFOPH 
294 EFMEUFRUN Certification Run   FMEUFRUN 
295 EFMFCPO Lock Object for Summarization Item Individual Maintenance   FMFCPO 
296 EFMFCTR FM: Funds Center   FMFCTR 
298 EFMFGF2FOOT Facts II Bulk file footnote table   FMFGF2FOOT 
299 EFMFGF2MAF Lock object for MAF table   FMFGF2MAF 
300 EFMFGRCNRULE Reconciliation Rule lock object   FMFGRCNRULE 
301 EFMFGRCNSLICE Reconciliation Slice lock   FMFGRCNSLICE 
302 EFMFGRCN_SAV Reconciliation report saved data   FMFGRCN_SAV 
303 EFMFINCODE FIFM: Lock for Financing Code   FMFINCODE 
304 EFMFIPEX Lock Object to Lock Commitment Item   FMFIPEX 
305 EFMFIPGR FIFM: Block Commitment Item Group   FMFIPGR 
306 EFMFMPP Enqueue FMPP work items   FMPP_ALV_REF 
307 EFMFPO Lock Object for Commitment Item   FMFPO 
308 EFMFUSE FIFM: Application of Funds Lock   FMFUSE 
309 EFMFXPO Lock Object for Commitment Item, User Key   IFMFIPEXKY 
310 EFMHD FM held documents   FMHED_S_DOCID 
311 EFMHICTR FIFM: Lock for Funds Center Hierarchy (via FM Area)   FM01 
312 EFMHIEIDS Hierarchy Nodes   FMHIEIDS 
314 EFMHIPOS FIFM: Lock on Item Hierarchy   FMHIPOS 
315 EFMHIPP FM: Chart of Commitment Items vs. FM Area/Fiscal Year   FMHIPP 
316 EFMHISV FM: Funds Center/Hierarchy Variant   FMHISV 
317 EFMMEASURE Enqueue Measure   FMMEASURE 
318 EFMPG FM: Commitment Item in FM Area/Fiscal Year   FMPG 
319 EFMPP FM: Commitment Item in Chart of Commitment Items   FMPP 
320 EFMRB_FMRBT RIB Ledger (Value Locks for Totals Records)   FMRB_S_RIB_LOCK_OBJECT 
321 EFMRB_ROBJ Revenue Increasing the Budget: RIB Object   FMRB_S_ROBJECT_KEY 
322 EFMRO Lock recurring obligation schedule   FMROHDR 
323 EFMSHERLOCK Lock for Clarification Cases   FMSHERLOCK 
324 EFMSNRULE FM account assignment for collective budget administration   FMSNRULE 
325 EFMSPLIT_RULE Distribution Rule for Rule-Based Account Distributions   FMSPLIT_RULE 
326 EFMUDRULE FM account assignment for revenues increasing the budget   FMUDRULE 
327 EFM_FMARC_P FM Initial Archiving Run; Parallel Processing Using Submit   FMARCPRO 
328 EFM_FYC_CHAIN Account Assignment-Specific Lock for Chain Carryforward   IFM_DIMENSIONS 
329 EFM_S200 Locking object for FM payment program   T001 
330 EFM_S200P Parallel Processing via Submit   FMS200D 
331 EFM_S200_NEW Lock RFFMS200 After FM Area (new S200)   FM01 
332 EFM_S300 Locking object for RFFMS300   T001 
333 EFOBJ_OBJECT Locks Access to FIN Object Through Object ID   FOBJ_S_OBJ_LOCK 
334 EFODNADJ Lock for ODN adjustment program   NRIV 
337 EFPAYR Lock Object for Writing to and Changing Pmnt Tr.Med. File   PAYR 
338 EFPAYRQ Lock object table PAYRQ (payment requests)   PAYRQ 
339 EFPB_EXP_CUST Lock Object Planning Scenarios FPB_EXP_SCEN   FPB_EXP_SCEN 
340 EFPB_EXP_STAT Locking on status table   FPB_EXP_STAT 
341 EFPB_EXT_STAT Locking on status table   FPB_EXP_STAT 
344 EFPB_VAR_RULES Lock Object for FPB_VAR_RULES (Rules Variance   FPB_VAR_RULES 
345 EFPCARD Payment cards: card type (issuing institution)   TB033 
346 EFPCEC Maintain Prenumbered Checks   PCEC 
347 EFPFORM Form Objects: Form for Lock Object   FPCONTEXT 
348 EFPGEN Lock Object for Generating Form Objects   FPCONTEXTI 
350 EFPINTERFACE Form Objects: Interface for Lock Object   FPINTERFACE 
351 EFPLAYOUTT Form Objects: Layout Lock Object   FPLAYOUTT 
352 EFPLNRPS Lock Invoicing/Billing Plan PS   FPLA 
353 EFPNBK Prenotification   PNHD 
354 EFPNUMBER Lock Object for Assigning Numbers for Form Objects   FPNUMBERLEVEL 
355 EFPP_RUNS Definition of Parallel Runs   FPP_RUNS 
356 EFPRL_ITEM Payment release: Lock item on PRL   FPRL_ITEM 
357 EFPRL_LIST Payment release: Lock list   FPRL_HEADER 
358 EFREGUH Lock Object for Automatic Payments   REGUH 
359 EFREGUT Lock object for changes to table REGUT   REGUT 
360 EFREGUV Automatic Payments   REGUV 
361 EFRMLC09 RMS-FRM: Lock Object for General Environment Parameters   FRMLC09 
362 EFRMLT20 RMS-FRM: Lock Object for LoM<->BOM Relationship   FRMLT20 
363 EFSANS1 In order to block the address table SANS1   SANS1 
364 EFSKA1 G/L Account Master Record (General)   SKA1 
365 EFSKAT G/L Account Master Record Texts   SKAT 
366 EFSKB1 G/L Account Master Record in Company Code   SKB1 
367 EFSKB1A G/L Account Clearing   SKB1 
368 EFSKB1AS G/L Account Clearing   SKB1 
369 EFSKM1 Sample Account   SKM1 
370 EFT001EX Excluding Block For Company Code   T001 
371 EFT001SH Divided Block For Company Code   T001 
372 EFT011 Balance Sheet/P+L   T011 
373 EFT011_XBRL Financial Statement Version from XBRL Taxonomy   T011_XBRL 
374 EFTGCD_VER_H GCD Revision Data   TGCD_VER 
376 EFTIA01 Block object for customizing settlement variants   TIA01 
377 EFTIK01 Block object for real est. service charges condition types   TIK01 
378 EFTIK02 Block object in Customizing TIK02   TIK02 
379 EFTIK03 Block object condition categ. for condition types   TIK03 
380 EFTIV20 Representative List of Rents   TIV20 
381 EFTR01 Administration Information for Reorganization (RFDT)   TR01 
382 EFTWRCONT Block control table securities interface   FTWRCONT 
383 EFUNREQ Lock function entry for PP/PS   FUNREQ 
384 EFVANPSP Adjustment blocks for certtain condition types   VIMI56 
385 EFVDAKTE Block object for table VDAKTE Filed document management   VDAKTE 
387 EFVDBEPP Lock on Planned Records   VDBEPP 
388 EFVDBLKO Blocking entries for creditworthiness check in DARWIN-Loans   VDBLKO 
389 EFVDHINT Block object for VDHINT (Loan interested parties)   VDHINT 
390 EFVDHOBJ Block Object for Loans - Collateral Object   VDHOBJ 
391 EFVDHOBJBL FVVD: Collateral value   VDHOBJBL 
392 EFVDLV Block object table VDLV   VDLV 
393 EFVDSDV4 Authorization object table VDSDV4   VDSDV4 
394 EFVDSDV5 Block object table VDSDV5   VDSDV5 
395 EFVDUNTR Block object for table VDUNTR Filed documents   VDUNTR 
396 EFVDZUSP Block object for subsidies   VZZUSP 
397 EFVIANP Block object for rent adjustment (Table VIMI16)   VIMI16 
398 EFVIAR01 Lock Object for viar02   VIAR02 
399 EFVIAR04 Lock Object For viar04   VIAR04 
400 EFVIBEBE Block object correction items   VIBEBE 
401 EFVIBEPP Block object for real estate flow data (VIBEPP)   VIBEPP 
402 EFVIBSEG Lock document segment lines   BSEG 
403 EFVIBSID Lock open items of customer   BSID 
404 EFVICN01 Lock Object for Real Estate Contract   VICN01 
405 EFVICNSCS Real Estate Contract: Service Charge Settlement   VICNSCS 
406 EFVIGB Block object for land register   VIGBUCH 
407 EFVIGE Block object for buildings and accompanying tables   VIOB03 
408 EFVIGR Block object for properties   VIOB02 
409 EFVIGU Block object for rent expert opinion   VIMI41 
410 EFVIME Block object for the rental unit and dependent tables   VIMI01 
411 EFVIMI03 Block object for occupancy type history of a rental unit   VIMI03 
412 EFVIMI18 Block object rent adjustment history VIMI18   VIMI18 
413 EFVIMI26 Lock Object VIMI26 Notice Given on Lease-Out   VIMI26 
414 EFVIMI27 Block object for modernization measures   VIMI27 
415 EFVIMI28 Block object sales history   VIMI28 
416 EFVIMI33 Lock Object Lease-Out - Offer   VIMI33 
417 EFVIRAUM Block object rooms   REFVIRAUM 
418 EFVIUMSJ Sales per Year / Percent for a Sales-Based Lease-Out   VIMI23 
419 EFVIUMSM Sales Reports for a Sales-Based Lease-Out   VIMI25 
420 EFVIUMSP Sales / Percent for Sales-Based Lease-Out   VIMI24 
421 EFVIVB Block object comparative accommodation VIMI20   VIMI15 
422 EFVIVG Block object for comparative apartments VIOB18 and VIMI19   VIOB18 
423 EFVIVZ Block object RU allocation - Comparative accommod.(VIMI21)   VIMI21 
424 EFVIWB01 Sperre für Wirtschaftlichkeitsberechnung   VIWB01 
425 EFVIWE Business entity lock object   VIOB01 
426 EFVIWEGE Block object for business entities, building number field   VIOB01 
427 EFVIWEGR Block object for business entities, property number field   VIOB01 
428 EFVIWEME Block object for business entities, building number field   VIOB01 
429 EFVIWIRT Cost efficiency analysis   VIWIRT 
430 EFVIWIV1 Simplified cost efficiency analysis   VIWIV1 
431 EFVIZA01 Lock object for meter   VIZA01 
432 EFVVIVW01 Block object for adminstration contract   VIVW01 
433 EFVVIVW08 Block object for events for administration contract   VIVW08 
434 EFVVNOPT Lock object for transfer table option rates   VVNOPT 
435 EFVWSICH Block object for additional collat.securities   VIMI32 
436 EFVZKNB1 Block BI-collector VZKNB1   VZKNB1 
437 EFVZWDVL Block TZW02 (Contract type plus work area)   TZW02 
438 EFWANLA Securities class data   VWPANLA 
439 EFWBEST Cross-deposit per ID number   VWPBUKR 
440 EFZKOPO Block object for condition items (VZZKOPO)   VZZKOPO 
441 EFZNB_KEY Payment Postprocessing Activity   VDZNB_HEAD 
442 EFZVORG In order to block TZVORG (Activity / Date / Number)   TZVORG 
443 EF_FBICRC001A ICR: Lock Records for Process 001   FBICRC001A 
444 EF_FBICRC001T ICR 001: Totals table   FBICRC001T 
445 EF_FBICRC002A ICR: Lock Records for Process 002   FBICRC002A 
446 EF_FBICRC002T ICR 002: Totals table   FBICRC002T 
447 EF_FBICRC003A ICR: Lock Records for Process 003   FBICRC003A 
448 EF_FBICRC003T ICR 003: Totals table   FBICRC003T 
449 EF_FBICRC01040 IC Reconciliation: Lock Status Table   FBICRC01040 
450 EF_FBICRC01045 IC Reconciliation: Lock Company Pair   FBICRC01045 
451 EF_ICRCS ICRC: Pairs of Companies to be Reconciled   ICRCS 
452 EF_OID_FIEB For Objects Using OID as Lock Argument   FIEB_OID_LOCK 
453 EG807HE Rollup - Exclusive Lock   T807H 
454 EG821SE Distribution Key - Exclusive Lock   T821S 
455 EGBRULE Boolean Rule: Exclusive lock   GB90 
456 EGBRULS Boolean Rule: Shared Lock   GB90 
457 EGBRULUSEE Rule usage: Exclusive Lock   GB905 
458 EGBSUBE Substitution: Exclusive Lock   GB92 
459 EGBSUBS Substitution: Shared Lock   GB92 
460 EGBSUBUSEE Substitution Usage: Exclusive Lock   GB925 
461 EGBTRDIR Lock for Name of Generated ABAP (Validation, Substitution)   TRDIR 
462 EGBVALE Validation: Exclusive Lock   GB93 
463 EGBVALS Validation: Shared lock   GB93 
464 EGBVALUSEE Validation Usage: Exclusive Lock   GB935 
465 EGCAA GBC: Relationships   GCAA 
466 EGCAB GBC: Worklist   GCAB 
467 EGCAC GBC: Connection Log   GCAC 
468 EGCCA GBC: Object Relationships   GCCA 
469 EGCCB GBC: Field Allocation   GCCB 
470 EGCCC GBC: Steps   GCCC 
471 EGCCD GBC: Tasks   GCCD 
472 EGCCE GBC: Value Conversion   GCCE 
473 EGCCF GBC: Parameters/Attributes   GCCF 
474 EGCCG GBC: Structures   GCCG 
475 EGCCH GBC: Methods / Attribute Properties   GCCH 
476 EGCCI GBC: Container for Parameter   GCCI 
477 EGCCJ GBC: Default Values   GCCJ 
478 EGCCK GBC: Container for Attributes   GCCK 
479 EGENIL_COMP_ENH genIL Component Enhancement   GIL_ENH_COMP 
480 EGENIL_WB_EX Lock object for Sample Wordbook table   GENIL_WB_EX 
482 EGEOLOC Lock for the GEOLOC Table   GEOLOC 
483 EGEOMAP0 Geomapper0 (grid squares) table lock object   GEOMAPPER0 
484 EGEOOBJR Object reference lock object   GEOOBJR 
485 EGFAGLFLEXBWENQ New GL: Structure for Exclusive Lock for BW Extraction   FAGLFLEXBWENQ 
486 EGFAGLSKFE Lock Object for Statistical Key Figures in General Ledger   FAGLSKF_ENQUEUE 
487 EGFGLFLEXE Lock object for flexible general ledger   FAGLFLEXKEY 
488 EGFILCE FI-LC: Lock object for table FILCT   FILCE 
489 EGFMBDE FM budgeting totals lock   FMBD_S_TOTALS_LOCK 
490 EGFMFLEXE Lock object for flexible general ledger   FMGLFLEXKEY 
491 EGGCAEE FI-SL: Lock object for clearing differences   GLXCOMP 
492 EGGLFLEXE Lock object for flexible general ledger   GLFLEXKEY 
493 EGGLPCTE EC-PCA: Lock object for Table GLPCT   IGLPCT 
494 EGGLREFE Lock Object for Table GLREF   GLREFINT 
495 EGGLREFS Lock Object for Table GLREF (shared) - Allocation   GLREFINT 
496 EGGLT0E Lock Records in Table GLT0   GLT0 
497 EGGLT1E Lock Records in Table GLT1 (Exclusive)   GLT1 
498 EGGLT2E Lock Records in Table GLT2 (Exclusive)   GLT2 
499 EGGLT3E Lock Records in Table GLT3   GLT3 
500 EGGLTO1E FI-GLX: Lock Records in Table GLTO1   GLTO1